[00:44] <Samtastic450> i need to ask something
[00:49] <Kgman04> kk.
[00:50] <Samtastic450> I know its a very n00bish thing to say
[00:50] <Samtastic450> but
[00:50] <Samtastic450> I want to join council
[00:51] <Kgman04> Uhhhh...
[00:51] <Kgman04> Why?
[00:51] <Samtastic450> For reasons ive stated before
[00:51] <Samtastic450> Plus
[00:52] <Samtastic450> Today when BB gave me Op
[00:52] <Samtastic450> i all of a sudden felt responsible
[00:52] <Samtastic450> I felt like it was right
[00:52] <Kgman04> o.o
[00:53] <Samtastic450> I feel like i could contribute alot
[00:53] <Samtastic450> if i had the chance
[00:53] <Samtastic450> i know i do have the chance now
[00:53] <Samtastic450> but
[00:53] <Samtastic450> idk
[00:53] <Samtastic450> I was actually gonna ask if i could be Upgraded in my ranking as a user
[00:53] <Samtastic450> but
[00:53] <Samtastic450> Idk
[00:54] <Samtastic450> I just feel like i belong there
[00:54] <Kgman04> IDK, you'd have to ask the others.
[00:54] <Samtastic450> Webkinz and Freehugs hate my guts
[00:54] <Samtastic450> Ryan never answers
[00:54] <Samtastic450> and Nayld is never here
[00:54] <Kgman04> Nalyd's always ehre. o.o
[00:54] <Kgman04> *here
[00:55] <Samtastic450> and hes upset with me for reasons i dont know
[00:55] <Samtastic450> oh yeah
[00:55] <Samtastic450> Im upset with him
[00:56] <Samtastic450> i know u cant just put me in like that
[00:56] <Samtastic450> but
[00:57] <Samtastic450> come on
[00:57] <Samtastic450> Im always here
[00:57] <Samtastic450> on the IRC and am almost always available
[00:57] <Kgman04> I don't think I can. :-/
[00:57] <Samtastic450> I tend to argue my point and often try to fix things
[00:57] <Samtastic450> I just want u to tell the others
[00:58] <Kgman04> It's for admins and rollbacks, and if we just let users in, it'd seem like our power doesn't mean anything.
[00:58] <Samtastic450> It says CERTAIN USERS may be able to join
[00:58] <Kgman04> It does? :|
[00:58] <Samtastic450> it used to
[00:58] <Samtastic450> idk if it still does
[00:59] <Samtastic450> let me check
[00:59] <Kgman04> IDK, we'd have to agree, and since you said they don't really like you.......... :s
[00:59] <Samtastic450> This council will consist of the President, Vice President, any other admins, and rollbacks, unless they have a very, very good reason for not wanting to join. Rollbacks can also join the council, if they wish to. If all goes smoothly, we may invite some trusted users without power to join. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please ask on this forum’s talk page.
[00:59] <Samtastic450> oh yeah
[00:59] <Samtastic450> TRUSTED USERS
[00:59] <Samtastic450> and when i brought it up last time
[00:59] <Samtastic450> Mr. Pres told me it hasnt been going smoothly
[00:59] <Kgman04> It kind of hasn't.
[00:59] <Samtastic450> well why not?
[01:00] <Kgman04> No one stays focused in ocuncil, and usually only about four people show up.
[01:00] <Samtastic450> Maybe u need someone who will be there and will actually pay attention
[01:01] <Kgman04> No, we need the others to actually participate
[01:01] <Kgman04> We can't let more people join when half of the original people aren't there.
[01:01] <Samtastic450> then get rid of those others and add ppl that will actually show up
[01:02] <Kgman04> We can't just DEMOTE four rollbacks and an admin. :|
[01:02] <Samtastic450> Demote? is that like a part of a television set?
[01:02] <Kgman04> No, demote means to take away someone's power.
[01:03] <Samtastic450> [01:02] -RuneScript- *** [ URBAN ]: Definitions: 2 | "Demote" 1. (n) Someone who receives constant bad beats after another.
[01:03] <Kgman04> :|
[01:03] <Kgman04> That's a noun.
[01:03] <Kgman04> Demote is a verb.
[01:03] <Samtastic450> ...
[01:03] <Samtastic450> then dont
[01:04] <Kgman04> Then, we can't get rid of them.
[01:04] <Samtastic450> im just asking that im ready tp join anytime u guys need anyone. And by the sounds of it, u need all the help u can get
[01:04] <Samtastic450> wait
[01:04] <Samtastic450> that didnt comeout right
[01:04] <Samtastic450> im just saying that im ready to join anytime u guys need anyone. And by the sounds of it, u need all the help u can get.
[01:04] <Samtastic450> ;)
[01:04] <Kgman04> No, we just need the others to participate, I don't think we need anyone else.
[01:05] <Kgman04> Everyone is active except for one person.
[01:05] <Kgman04> BUt they still don't show up.
[01:05] <Kgman04> *But
[01:07] <Samtastic450> Answer this. Do you think i wont be a good addition to the council?
[01:07] <Kgman04> No, you WOULD be, it's just, we don't need much.
[01:08] <Samtastic450> Also, if you are a regular user don't, blirt out the council room's name, as it is a private channel. Also, if you do not come with permission and you are not in council, you will get an IRC ban.
[01:08] <Kgman04> No, you WOULD be, it's just, we don't need much help.*
[01:08] <Samtastic450> I thought regular users arent in it
[01:08] <Kgman04> They aren't./
[01:08] <Kgman04> THey try to sneak into council.
[01:08] <Samtastic450> ahh
[01:08] <Samtastic450> well like i said
[01:09] <Samtastic450> i feel as if im ready for any thing
[01:09] <Samtastic450> just idk......mention it......
[01:10] <Samtastic450> Before, i used to think that Admins were just people who liked to show off their power.
[01:10] <Samtastic450> Now i know that theres more to it than just dealing with crap that ppl give them
[01:10] <Samtastic450> Its stressfull
[01:10] <Samtastic450> Its annoying at times
[01:10] <Kgman04> It is, a lot.
[01:10] <Samtastic450> Its ahrd
[01:11] <Kgman04> YES, someone understands.
[01:11] <Samtastic450> and it took me all this time to realize it
[01:11] <Samtastic450> when BB gave me Op
[01:11] <Samtastic450> i felt i had to make sure nothing bad happened.
[01:12] <Samtastic450> I tried to help everyone, while still having fun with them
[01:12] <Samtastic450> I felt like if anything happened, it would be my fault
[01:13] <Samtastic450> I tried so hard to keep things in order when in fact, nothing was really happening.
[01:13] <Samtastic450> I tried, but it was just a temporary thing
[01:13] <Kgman04> That's how we always feel, because pretty much anything can happan.
[01:13] <Samtastic450> No real power
[01:14] <Samtastic450> I know.
[01:14] <Samtastic450> Ive seen the crap you guys have had to deal with
[01:14] <Samtastic450> I feel like i want a piece of that crap though
[01:14] <Samtastic450> xD
[01:14] <Kgman04> :p
[01:15] <Samtastic450> I wanna help out in anyway i could
[01:15] <Samtastic450> And i know there are boundaries
[01:16] <Samtastic450> Just know that i understand everything and i know what it feels like. somewhat
[01:16] <Kgman04> Hmm
[01:16] <Samtastic450> Im ready for anything u want to throw at me
[01:17] <Samtastic450> Mention it to the others please?
[01:17] <Kgman04> kk.
[01:18] <Samtastic450> Mention everything i said
[01:18] <Samtastic450> O.o