[15:10] <Reddy> You're one to talk
[15:10] <Reddy> But whatever
[15:10] <Reddy> Im not scared of yuou
[15:10] <Reddy> I dont give a fuck about your opinion of me
[15:10] <TDIFan13> Good.
[15:11] <TDIFan13> I'm not afraid of you, either.
[15:11] <TDIFan13> Or your little wiki.
[15:11] <Reddy> you're just a miniscule existence in my life
[15:11] <TDIFan13> Miniscule?
[15:11] <TDIFan13> Big word for you.
[15:11] <TDIFan13> I'm impressed.
[15:11] <Reddy> Oh
[15:11] <Reddy> Look whose immature
[15:11] <Reddy> insulting one's intelligence yet again
[15:11] <TDIFan13> who's*
[15:11] <TDIFan13> Whatever.
[15:11] <Reddy> Oh, so smart
[15:12] <TDIFan13> You can have fun with your twelve-ish users while the Total Drama Wiki has fun with its...
[15:12] <TDIFan13> What is it? Millions?
[15:12] <Reddy> Millions that have no life
[15:12] <Reddy> You're just a big bully
[15:12] <TDIFan13> Oh, yeah, because writing fanfictions is so productive.
[15:12] <Reddy> You're so insecure you have to defend a website
[15:12] <Reddy> Because making a wiki for a kids show is so productive
[15:12] <TDIFan13> "Big bully"? What is this, second grade?
[15:13] <Reddy> writing is an actual profession, braniac
[15:13] <TDIFan13> And by the way, I'm not the one that started all of this.
[15:13] <TDIFan13> You insulted the wiki.
[15:13] <TDIFan13> See, at first, it was just between me and you.
[15:13] <Reddy> And hot dog I'm glad I did!
[15:13] <Reddy> Cuz i dont like any of you!
[15:13] <TDIFan13> But as soon as you brought the other users into it, I had to put my foot down.
[15:13] <Reddy> Oh, good for you
[15:13] <TDIFan13> [15:13] <Reddy> writing is an actual profession, braniac
[15:13] <TDIFan13> And, sweetie, if you think any of your users are going to become actual writers someday, I'd keep dreaming.
[15:13] <Reddy> You've demonstrated the cult that is the TDWiki
[15:14] <TDIFan13> You know, I've tried to play nice and I've apologized for a lot of the shit that I've done.
[15:14] <Reddy> And so have I
[15:14] <TDIFan13> But it's become evident to me that the FF users have nothing better to do than to talk about how I got banned.
[15:14] <Reddy> Yet it appears
[15:14] <Reddy> It hasnt helped much
[15:14] <TDIFan13> Oh, and by the way, I was the one that reported Michael.
[15:14] <TDIFan13> Happy birthday.
[15:14] <TDIFan13> Now you know.
[15:14] <Reddy> Oh, IDGAF
[15:14] <Reddy> I just said I did so people would shut the fuck up
[15:15] <TDIFan13> Your users are still talking about it like there's no end to this conflict.
[15:15] <Reddy> There isnt
[15:15] <TDIFan13> Honestly, it's over. I left. Why do you keep starting shit?
[15:15] <Reddy> because you guys wont stop trying to pitch yourselves in
[15:15] <Reddy> You get banned on our wiki
[15:15] <Reddy> it becomes a TDWiki vs. TDIFF ideal
[15:16] <TDIFan13> Because that ban was ridiculous.
[15:16] <TDIFan13> Maybe I did deserve to be banned, but two weeks is stupid and bias.
[15:16] <Reddy> and what do you do?
[15:16] <Reddy> go send people to talk about it
[15:16] <TDIFan13> Clearly, Gideon has nothing better to do than to ban teenagers over the internet.
[15:16] <Reddy> instead of sending someone to ACT upon it
[15:16] <TDIFan13> What a productive use of a fifty-year-old's life.
[15:16] <TDIFan13> And by the way, I didn't send anyone there.
[15:16] <TDIFan13> They chose to talk about it by choice.
[15:17] <Reddy> Then tell your users not to
[15:17] <Reddy> everyone. million.
[15:17] <TDIFan13> I don't have to tell them anything.
[15:17] <Reddy> Then the conflict goes on
[15:18] <TDIFan13> Why don't you tell them? Unlike your wiki, our users actually listen to people that aren't admins.
[15:18] <Reddy> Likie we can control theire actions!?
[15:18] <TDIFan13> ... what?
[15:19] <Reddy> We can control who they listen to?!
[15:19] <Reddy> -_-\
[15:19] <TDIFan13> I guess not.
[15:19] <TDIFan13> But anyways.
[15:20] <TDIFan13> I certainly am not telling the users of this wiki to not stand up for something that they believe in.
[15:20] <TDIFan13> Just like I stood up for the numerous gay people that may have seen Michael's comment and got...
[15:20] <TDIFan13> Banned for it.
[15:20] <Reddy> you act as if you go there
[15:21] <TDIFan13> ummm I do?
[15:21] <Reddy> Not very much
[15:21] <TDIFan13> Haha seeing as I've kind of been writing there since 2010
[15:21] <TDIFan13> 2009*, sorry
[15:21] <Reddy> Ooooh, good for you\
[15:21] <TDIFan13> By the way, I asked Gideon to delete my fanfictions but for some reason, they're still there.
[15:22] <TDIFan13> I'm moving them to a better wiki.
[15:22] <TDIFan13> Ours.
[15:22] <Reddy> .........
[15:22] <Reddy> Fuck you, goodbye.
[15:22] <TDIFan13> <3
[15:22] <TDIFan13> Love ya.
[15:22] <TDIFan13> Seeya.