[17:13] <NalydRenrut> 1. What is your character's name?
[17:13] <Koops> JW
[17:13] <TDIFan13> ...
[17:13] <NalydRenrut> 2. What are your character's pros?
[17:13] <Koops> Humorous and Devious
[17:13] <TDIFan13> 3. What are your character's cons?
[17:13] <Koops> Jerk and Over Competitive
[17:13] <TDIFan13> 4. Why do you think your character deserves to be in TDR?
[17:14] <Koops> Because I got lots of tricks up my sleeve that I want to pull out
[17:14] <TDIFan13> 5. Will you try to start up a relationship during your time in the series?
[17:14] <Koops> Maybe..
[17:14] <TDIFan13> 6. If you could give your character a stereotype, what would it be?
[17:14] <Koops> The Mysterious Comedian
[17:14] <TDIFan13> 7. Do you plan to be an antagonist, protagonist, or anti-hero during your time on the show?
[17:14] <Koops> Antagonist!
[17:14] <TDIFan13> 8. What does your character look like? Describe their hair, what they're wearing (shirt[s], pants, skirt, shoes, accessories)?
[17:15] <Koops> Lemme see, he would brown hair
[17:15] <Koops> *thinks of shirt*
[17:15] <Koops> A leftover prop as pants
[17:16] <Koops> a green and black shirt
[17:16] <Koops> red sandals
[17:16] <Koops> and a buff
[17:16] <Koops> with a necklace golden
[17:16] <TDIFan13> That all?
[17:16] <Koops> Yep for clothing
[17:17] <TDIFan13> Right. 9. If you are chosen for Total Drama Roleplay's fourth season, do you promise to update your character's page at least every five episodes?
[17:17] <Koops> If I'll try to remember counts as a yes then yes
[17:17] <TDIFan13> 10. Your final question; have you been involved in Total Drama Roleplay before? I.E: have you watched the show, or been a previous competitor or character?
[17:18] <Koops> I watched a few of S2 and the first of S3 and was a bit of Noah for Ep3 of S3
[17:18] <NalydRenrut> Optional Question: Can you describe your character's background/life outside of the game?
[17:19] <Kgman04_> Extra credit points! :)
[17:19] <Koops> If I answer I'm the big winner XD
[17:20] <Koops> Well, he was very funny all his life and loved to tell jokes, but he was picked on, so he bribed stronger kids with jokes to beat them up. He continued these acts throughout school. He's very smart and got high grades and outside of school, he opened up a comedy club for
[17:20] <Koops> ..
[17:21] <Koops> extra money where he told lots of jokes
[17:21] <Koops> However, the club isnt doing well, so he hopes he wins the money for himself and for the club to become more popular
[17:21] <Koops> THat's his BG in a nutshell :P
[17:21] <Koops> And JW stands for Joey Wiz
[17:22] <Koops> ...
[17:22] <NalydRenrut> that all?
[17:22] <Koops> thats all folks
[17:23] <Bbhinton15> *hums the Looney Tunes ending theme*
[17:23] <Koops> XD
[17:23] <NalydRenrut> okay
[17:23] <NalydRenrut> thanks
[17:23] <NalydRenrut> you can go
[17:23] <Koops> YW
[17:23] *** Koops has left #TDR