[20:44] <Beth> Alright.
[20:44] <Beth> *walks up to Alejandro* Hi. :)
[20:44] <Koops> Hello, my sweet
[20:45] <Beth> :o
[20:45] <Koops> *kisses Beth's hand*
[20:45] <Beth> Uhm... :$
[20:45] <Koops> I see you're looking ravishing
[20:45] <Beth> :$
[20:45] <Beth> *giggles*
[20:45] <Beth> *snort* Well, thank you. :$
[20:45] <Koops> And thank you for showing up with that beautiful face of yours
[20:48] <Lindsay> Hiiiiii. :)
[20:49] <Koops> That's the most beautiful bandana I've seen any girl wear
[20:49] <Lindsay> Oh... Thank you. :) I love red. :d
[20:49] <Koops> I love red too, in fact, take my shirt, its red
[20:50] <Lindsay> No, silly, that's.... maroon. :$
[20:50] <Koops> Well, I apologize
[20:50] <Lindsay> For what? O.o
[20:51] <Koops> It doesn't matter, as long as you're warm is what matters to me
[20:51] <Lindsay> Warm? :| What do you mean?
[20:54] <LeShawna> *sitting down, texting*
[20:54] <Koops> Hello there, that's a great cellphone for a great girl
[20:54] <LeShawna> *doesn't look up* Thanks...
[20:55] <Koops> I don't care what Heather says, your hair is marvelous
[20:56] <LeShawna> *smirks and looks up* Thanks. It is a bit of work in the morning... but apparently worth it ;)
[20:57] <Koops> Its very worth it, you do have a great taste in hairstyle
[20:58] <LeShawna> Please, this nasty old weave? Nothing like your long black hair... *gets lost in staring at his hair* (XD)
[20:58] <Koops> But LeShawna, my hair is nothing, you're hair is what symbolizes your beauty
[21:01] <Heather-> *files nails*
[21:01] <Koops> I began looking int oyour precious eyes a LONG time ago
[21:01] <Koops> *into
[21:01] <Heather-> ...
[21:01] <Heather-> I'm sorry, are you talking to me? -.-'
[21:02] <Koops> There's no other woman whose more beautiful than you
[21:02] <Heather-> I'm assuming you are, so...don't. :)
[21:02] <Heather-> Look, Ale-whatever. I'm not interested in...whatever. There's something up with you. >.<
[21:03] <Koops> But I can't stop looking at you. You're a goddess.
[21:03] <Heather-> And YOU'RE getting on my last nerve. *breaks nail-file*
[21:03] <Heather-> So, why don't you go run off and talk with your little team?
[21:03] <Koops> My nerve is starting to break, my heart is starting to beat faster, I just can't stop looking at you.
[21:03] <Koops> *nerves
[21:04] <Heather-> Well, *nervous chuckle*, I -
[21:04] <Heather-> Ugh, just, go!
[21:04] <Koops> Teams are nothing
[21:04] <Koops> Just an excuse for us to be separated
[21:04] <Heather-> ...*blushes a bit*
[21:04] <Koops> We were meant for each other
[21:04] <Heather-> You know...
[21:04] <Heather-> I...
[21:04] <Heather-> Ugh. -.-'
[21:05] <Koops> *kisses Heathers hand*
[21:05] <TDIFan13> *snatches it back*