[12:21] <TDIFan13> 1. What is your character's name?
[12:21] <Francisco97> Frank
[12:21] <Francisco97> Is like my name but in english
[12:21] <Francisco97> because i'm mexican
[12:21] <TDIFan13> Oh.
[12:21] <TDIFan13> 2. What are your character's pros?
[12:21] <TDIFan13> What is
[12:21] <TDIFan13> Good about him?
[12:21] <TDIFan13> From the list?
[12:22] <Francisco97> Well is good in being a person funny and saying good jokes
[12:22] <TDIFan13> So...Humorous?
[12:22] <TDIFan13> And, is he smart?
[12:22] <Francisco97> yes, is like funy but not a dork
[12:22] <TDIFan13> So, humorous and intelligent, alright.
[12:23] <TDIFan13> So...
[12:24] <TDIFan13> Fransisco.
[12:24] <TDIFan13> What are his cons?
[12:24] <Francisco97> My Cons are I can be humorous and intelligent, so my intelligent is going to win this game, and I don't care if anyone lost, Me is me (vain) and because i'm vain in this game i took serious this game
[12:25] <TDIFan13> Ah.
[12:25] <TDIFan13> So, you are vain and always serious?
[12:25] <Francisco97> Yes
[12:25] <TDIFan13> Yet, humorous and intelligent. :)
[12:25] <TDIFan13> Okay.
[12:25] <Francisco97> I'm vain but not so much
[12:25] <TDIFan13> 4. Why do you think your character deserves to be in TDR?
[12:27] <Francisco97> First because I NEVER be in this game, and you have to give a chance to new people, and because I'm not going to do cheat, I'm going to be like friendly, but I'm to do a surprise to all the old and new people of this show (I'm going to be like Alejandro) but I'm going to start friendly and humorous
[12:27] <TDIFan13> Hmmm...
[12:27] <TDIFan13> Sounds good.
[12:27] <TDIFan13> 5. Do you plan to be an antagonist, protagonist, or anti-hero during your time on the show?
[12:29] <TDIFan13> A good guy?
[12:29] <TDIFan13> Bad guy?
[12:29] <TDIFan13> Okay guy?
[12:29] <Freehugs41> Heather = Antagonist, Duncan = Anti-hero, Owen = Protagonist
[12:29] <Freehugs41> does that help?
[12:30] <Francisco97> Obviously, you are the protagonist, Well, when the things are like normal, I'm going to be like a normal character like Cody and Beth (not a big threat), but when it comes difficult I'm going to be like an antagonist, but If i come to the final I can be an Anti-hero if they want me to voted-off
[12:30] <TDIFan13> Ah.
[12:30] <TDIFan13> So, you're going to develop your character.
[12:30] <TDIFan13> Good.
[12:31] <TDIFan13> 6. Your final question; have you been involved in Total Drama Roleplay before? I.E: have you watched the show, or been a previous competitor or character?
[12:31] <Francisco97> Yeah,obviously my character have different emotions
[12:31] <Francisco97> Well, I NEVER been in this show but I see many episodes of season 2 in the Wikia of TDR
[12:31] <TDIFan13> Oh.
[12:32] <TDIFan13> Well, that's good.
[12:32] <TDIFan13> Okay, Fransisco.
[12:32] <TDIFan13> Thanks.
[12:32] <TDIFan13> You did a great job.
[12:32] <Francisco97> In which day you're going to said the results?
[12:33] <Freehugs41> I'd say around a week
[12:33] <Bbhinton15> It shouldn't take too long, so, yeah, a week. :|
[12:33] <Francisco97> Okay, thanks for your attention
[12:33] <Francisco97> Have a nice day
[12:33] <TDIFan13> You're welcome.
[12:33] <TDIFan13> :)
[12:33] <TDIFan13> Same.
[12:34] <TDIFan13> To you.
[12:34] <TDIFan13> Bye.
[12:34] <Francisco97> bye
[12:34] *** Francisco97 has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)