[16:37] <@Chris|Amber> -- NEW DAY --
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> -- Girls' Dorm --
[16:38] <Sierra> *wakes up*
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: *wakes up*
[16:38] <Sierra> *yawns*
[16:38] <Lilie> *wakes up*
[16:38] == neko-naito [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: So, girls.
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: Who's ready to win this challenge? ^^
[16:38] <Lilie> ?
[16:38] <+Terry|> (How will he stuff it up this week I wonder.)
[16:38] <Sierra> Mody's elimination reminds me soooo much of Courtney's demise in the Christmas episode of Season Two.
[16:38] <Sierra> :3
[16:38] <Lilie> I am!
[16:38] <Sierra> I am!
[16:39] <Sierra> The boys are nothing but a bunch of Goofy Goobers anyways.
[16:39] <Lilie> Let's go!!
[16:39] <Sierra> (CONF) 10 down, 5 more to go!
[16:39] <Sierra> *11
[16:40] <LandryC> (xD)
[16:40] <Lilie> (conf) yeah! I am so winning this time!
[16:41] <Lilie> So...
[16:41] <Lilie> Wanna make a female alliance?
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> A girls' alliance?
[16:42] <Sierra> (CONF) I always felt attraction to Mody, but it was only a Tyler towards Lindsay kind of thing, as I have someone else in my life, just like Tyler had Eva. Evler was pretty mega n00bish though. D:
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: Sounds... *looks at Sierra, bites lip*
[16:42] <Lilie> I mean... So we don't feel guilty for being all friends and stuff...
[16:43] <Lilie> Since were all friends with the guys.
[16:44] <Lilie> Well?
[16:44] <Lilie> Sound good?
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: uhhh...
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: I'm sure we could work something out. :D
[16:45] <@Chris|Amber> -- Guys' Dorm --
[16:45] <+Alec|> Morning guys :D
[16:45] <+Patrick||> *wakes up, adjusts hat* Morning, Alec. Morning, terry. Morning, Mod- Oh. :|
[16:45] <+Alec|> (Conf) Last week was not my best. I had a lousy challenge entry, everyone thinks I'm a kiss-up even though I was only trying to be nice to Chris, my buddy Mody left, and now Amber's mad at me because I was confused about the vote. I'd better have a good week
[16:45] <+Terry|> *wakes up* Morning guys. ;)
[16:45] <+Patrick||> Well, at least we have our closet space back.
[16:45] <Lilie> (conf) but if Patrick and I are in the final four with amber and Sierra... Bye bye Amber.
[16:45] <+Alec|> Man, crazy elimination
[16:46] <+Terry|> Yeah poor old Mody. 3:
[16:46] <+Terry|> He shall be missed......moving on.
[16:46] <+Alec|> I'm going to miss Mody. Even though he tried to force me to wear those clothes
[16:46] <+Patrick||> Really... Amber pulled that thing out her... uh... pants pocket?
[16:46] <+Alec|> You know, I think I'll wear them today
[16:46] * Alec| puts on Mody's designed clothes
[16:46] <+Alec|> Can't forget Sergio's scarf
[16:46] <+Patrick||> Well, whatever floats your boat.
[16:46] * Alec| puts on Sergio's scarf with the clothes
[16:47] <+Patrick||> Sorry if I feel distracted... I'm just worried about Lilie. :/
[16:47] <+Terry|> (Conf) Whats next Stefani's bra?
[16:47] <+Patrick||> I haven't seen her in like, 4 hours.
[16:47] <+Alec|> I get it Patrick. :(
[16:47] <+Alec|> I miss Stefani so much...
[16:47] <+Terry|> I miss Samantha. :(
[16:47] <+Terry|> Why you guys gotta bring me down!?
[16:48] <+Patrick||> I mean, what happens if she forgets to drink her moring coffee? The caffine drop could hurt her! :(
[16:48] <+Terry|> More like kill her.
[16:48] <+Alec|> Sorry Terry. Instead of wallowing in our self-pity, let's try and make the best of it :)
[16:48] <+Terry|> Yeah!
[16:48] <+Alec|> All of them just want to see us do well ^_^
[16:48] <+Patrick||> Yeah!
[16:48] <+Terry|> We still have our man hood!
[16:48] <+Terry|> :3
[16:48] <+Patrick||> Let's make our girls proud!
[16:48] <+Alec|> Well...
[16:48] <Lilie> (conf) drinking my coffee... Like a boss! -takes sip of cup.-
[16:48] <+Alec|> Define "manhood"
[16:49] <+Alec|> Because I have a tendency to be kinda feminine ^^;
[16:49] <+Alec|> But that's why ya love me :D
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: (conf) *shaking head* We don't love him. :s
[16:50] <+Alec|> (Conf) They love me so much :D
[16:50] <Zac757> (Ryan, where is Sierra?)
[16:50] <@Chris|Amber> (I don't know.)
[16:50] == Amber| [~Amber|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:50] <Rocks> (Not here, right now.)
[16:50] <LandryC> (Sierra will be back)
[16:50] <Lilie> (brb'd I think)
[16:50] <Amber|> (Alright, Ryan, I'm here.
[16:51] <Amber|> )*
[16:51] <LandryC> (yay)
[16:51] == WebkinzMania [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:51] <+Terry|> (Hiya.)
[16:51] <Lilie> (tulle. Pm)
[16:51] <Amber|> (kk)
[16:51] == Chris|Amber has changed nick to ChrisMcLean
[16:51] <Rocks> (CD-TDA could take "Sierra" while Bigez is gone.)
[16:51] <LandryC> (Ryan did a great Amber @Tulle)
[16:51] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Ryan should take over for now)
[16:51] <@ChrisMcLean> -- ROOM 305 (The remaining contestants have eaten their breakfast; it is now time for the challenge) --
[16:51] == ChrisMcLean has changed nick to Chris|Sierra
[16:51] <+Terry|> Alright so whats this week challenge?
[16:51] <LandryC> (I would do Sierra but I'm not in RP)
[16:51] * Alec| stands next to Amber
[16:51] == Zac757 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:52] <+Alec|> So...
[16:52] <+Patrick||> Haven't we been in this room before?
[16:52] <Lilie> -eating a bagel-
[16:52] <+Alec|> Crazy elimination last time...
[16:52] <@Chris|Sierra> S: *hyper grunts* I can't wait for today's challenge!
[16:52] <+Terry|> All the rooms look the same. >>.<
[16:52] <+Patrick||> Granted, they alll look the same, but...
[16:52] <+Patrick||> Yeah.
[16:52] <@CD-TDA> (Hyper grunts?)
[16:52] <LandryC> (wow)
[16:52] <Lilie> Lol. You guys make me so happy.
[16:52] <+TDAwesome15> (:|)
[16:52] <@Chris|Sierra> S: And with dumb, mean-meanie Mody out of the way, we should have time to enjoy ourselves. >.>
[16:52] <+Patrick||> Hey... where's Lilie?
[16:52] <Lilie> We're all... Friends...
[16:52] <+Terry|> Maybe Chris final ran out of ways to make teenagers lives a living hell.
[16:53] <+Terry|> Lilie's in a good mood. O.o
[16:53] <LandryC> (*finally)
[16:53] <Amber|> (Voice, please)
[16:53] <Lilie> Especially those who didn't vote me out during HEALTH.
[16:53] <+Alec|> Amber, I hope that you get how hard that was for me. And everyone was telling me something different. I just didn't know what to do
[16:53] <+Patrick||> Woah... we just made this episode TV14. :|
[16:53] <@Chris|Sierra> (The grunts that she made when she arrived to the show. [*hyper grunts* Anybody got a paper bag I can breath into?])
[16:53] <Lilie> >~>
[16:53] <Amber|> Oh, really? -_- @Alec
[16:53] <WebkinzMania> (op me and voice amber)
[16:53] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Amber|] by CD-TDA
[16:53] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o WebkinzMania] by Chris|Sierra
[16:53] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o WebkinzMania] by CD-TDA
[16:53] <Rocks> (Let's see what TD101 rip-off we did this week? XD)
[16:53] <LandryC> (hyperventalates would have sounded better)
[16:53] <+Alec|> This game messes with my head Amber! I can't please everyone :'(
[16:53] <+Alec|> And I'm so used to being able to do that
[16:54] <+Terry|> Well maybe if you pleased yourself more often....>.>
[16:54] * Patrick|| moves over to Lilie.
[16:54] <+Amber|> Mmmhmmm.
[16:54] <+Amber|> Right.
[16:54] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *walks into Room 305*
[16:54] <+Terry|> (Conf) Okay that sounded wrong. >.<
[16:54] <+Patrick||> You look awesome today!
[16:54] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Lookin' good, contestants!
[16:54] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: How are we all on this fine, lovely day? ^^
[16:54] <@CD-TDA> (Pedophile. >:()
[16:54] <Lilie> Oh hi Patrick. Thank you.
[16:54] <+Alec|> Excellent of course :D
[16:54] <+Patrick||> Decent.
[16:54] <Lilie> :)
[16:54] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *puts out hand* Nyeh; zip it, I don't care.
[16:54] <+Alec|> :(
[16:54] <Lilie> Great Chris!
[16:54] <+Terry|> Knew it was to good to be true.
[16:55] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Today's challenge is going to have you...
[16:55] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Uhhh...hmm...what's an interesting verb I can use here?
[16:55] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Dead. ^^
[16:55] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: More than likely.
[16:55] <+Patrick||> :|
[16:55] <+Amber|> ...
[16:55] <+Alec|> Ummm, dead?
[16:55] <+Alec|> That doesn't sound happy
[16:55] <+Amber|> Again?
[16:55] <+Terry|> Whats new.
[16:55] <Lilie> We're doing biology?
[16:55] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: If you all DO manage to survive, we can have an elimination. I'm sure.
[16:55] <+Patrick||> Dead's not a ver-*shuts up*
[16:55] <+Amber|> I'm used to that now. :s
[16:55] <+Alec|> O.O
[16:56] <Lilie> So... Disecting stuff?
[16:56] <+Alec|> Chris, I'm easily frightened. My doctor said if there was any teenager in good health to have a random heart attack, it would be me
[16:56] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Anyways, the first part of the challenge requires you to write about the deadliest adventure you can think of!
[16:56] <Lilie> Eh?
[16:56] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: That's what we all do in....ENGLISH CLASS. ^^
[16:56] <+Terry|> O.o
[16:56] <Lilie> (I'm on a iPad...)
[16:56] <+Amber|> :|
[16:56] <+Alec|> Hm, writing?
[16:56] <+Amber|> This should be interesting.
[16:56] <+Patrick||> I'm totally basing mine off of Journey Time! ^.^
[16:56] <Lilie> Oh ****! I failed English!
[16:56] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: You have four minutes!
[16:56] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Let's go, let's go!
[16:56] <+Amber|> I happen to be top of my class in English.
[16:57] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: I just need a deadly setting and an adventure!
[16:57] <Lilie> Uh...
[16:57] <+Alec|> Got it
[16:57] <+Amber|> Well, at least I think so, this girl thinks otherwise.
[16:57] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Come on, people, we're not in Owen's house; let's move!!
[16:57] <LandryC> (this should be fun :3)
[16:57] <+Patrick||> I got it!
[16:57] <+Patrick||> (Do we blurt, or can we wait?)
[16:57] <+Alec|> I've got a decent storyline idea
[16:57] <Lilie> (conf) owen's house during bean night eh,,,
[16:57] == Zac757 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:57] <@Chris|Sierra> (Wait. @Patrik)
[16:58] <Lilie> I'm done.
[16:58] <@Chris|Sierra> (Wait. @Patrick*)
[16:58] <+Patrick||> (Conf) Is it just me, or is Lilie acting a bit... cold...?
[16:58] <Lilie> ( no seriously XD )
[16:59] == DiedsenBoy [~DiedsenBo@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:59] <Lilie> ( conf). I love friends who don't vote me off... Unlike Alec and Terry back there... During idk... HEALTH...
[16:59] <Lilie> Ugh....
[16:59] == Bbhinton15 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *watches as two interns wheel in a large desk*
[17:00] <+Patrick||> (Nooooooo! BB! :'()
[17:00] <LandryC> (BB left :/)
[17:00] <Sasquatchanakwa> (I think Alec might be actually getting the boot tonight :|)
[17:00] <+Terry|> Whats the desk for?
[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *the interns put a cup of freshly-brewed coffee on it and an apple*
[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *a stack of papers is put on the desk*
[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *sits down on the chair and puts his feet up onto the desk, drinking the coffee*
[17:00] <+Patrick||> Lilie.... whatever you do, don't fall for the coffee! :|
[17:00] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: How "English teacher-y" do I look? ;)
[17:00] <+Patrick||> It's a trap!
[17:01] <DiedsenBoy> (Hi my friends!)
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: :|
[17:01] <+Terry|> Not very.
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: No...
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: No, it isn't. :|
[17:01] <Lilie> More beautiful than my evil teacher ms. Gravers.
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Terry!
[17:01] <Lilie> No pun on the graves
[17:01] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Give me your adventure, bro.
[17:01] == Bbhinton15 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:02] <+Alec|> Good luck Terry :)
[17:02] <+Terry|> Two friends named John and Bob venture through a forest where evil pirates robots and mutants roam free and seek to destroy all living things in the forest, now they must escape the forest before they die! :@
[17:02] <Rocks> (BB!)
[17:02] <Lilie> It'll probably be able Samantha and ratman>_>
[17:02] <+Terry|> Oh and they have a talking dog to mix it up a bit.
[17:03] <Lilie> ( i hate iPad for rp...)
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> ...
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> Cool. :3
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> Sierra!
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> you're up next.
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> S:
[17:03] <+Amber|> Cute, I guess.
[17:03] <+TDAwesome15> (Terry lost. -w-)
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> S: A visit...*
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> S: Back to Total Drama Island! :o
[17:03] <+Terry|> (I'm not very creative sue me.)
[17:03] <LandryC> (*is thinking about Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure mixed with Scooby-Doo* -w-)
[17:03] <@Chris|Sierra> S: The contestants have to venture through the creepy forests...
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> S: And find an evil leprochaun with a hidden message and a box of voodoo doll's heads. :o
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *eye-twitch*
[17:04] <Lilie> ... Uh... Sierra... Don
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Patrick!
[17:04] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: You're next, dude!
[17:04] <+Terry|> :'(
[17:04] <Lilie> Don't give Chris ideas...
[17:04] * Amber| weakly claps.
[17:04] <+Terry|> This is evil man!
[17:04] <+Amber|> Uhh, okay?
[17:05] <Lilie> Babe! You're up! Go get em tiger!
[17:05] <+Alec|> Go on Patrick. Don't be shy. I'm sure you did great :)
[17:05] == Lee44 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:05] <+Patrick||> All right...
[17:05] <+Terry|> (Conf): I always liked to run away from home a lot so my parents told me a Leprechaun lived in the bush across the road from my house to keep me inside, it worked like a charm but it also scared me for life. 3:
[17:06] <+Patrick||> It's about these kids in a factory, and they get programmed into a virtual world.
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> Cool!
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> Lilie!
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> You're up next!
[17:06] <Lilie> (I'm typing up mine on a iPad. UNO moment.. Stupid auto correct.)
[17:06] <Dakotacoons> (Code Lyoko?)
[17:06] <+Amber|> (Fail, Crash.)
[17:06] <+Amber|> (That is so Code Lyoko.)
[17:06] <+Amber|> (xD)
[17:06] <+Patrick||> (Sue me. It's a decent show. -.-)
[17:06] <LandryC> (I loved Code Lyoko :3)
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> Too bad, so sad; we'll skip Lilie. This has gotta be fast!
[17:06] <@Chris|Sierra> Amber!
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> You're up!
[17:07] <Lilie> It's about going to a dinner at Owens house and during the night. They had beans.
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> ...yeah, cool.
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> Amber!
[17:07] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Bbhinton15] by CD-TDA
[17:07] <@Chris|Sierra> Amber, Amber, Amber; hurry up, hurry up. ^^
[17:07] <+Amber|> My story is about this woman who escapes from a mental hospital and terrorizes a couple of students.
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Sweet!
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Alec, you're last!
[17:08] <+Alec|> "Ziggy stood petrified at the rocky edge of the volcano. One jump could kill him instantly, leaving him fried in the boiling pit of lava. He knew what he had to do though.
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Your story?
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> ...
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Ehhh.
[17:08] <Lilie> ( I'm on a iPad you dimwit. I'm sorry and I will get upset if you don't give me a chance. That's all. )
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Okay, then!
[17:08] <+Alec|> . There was a time bomb carefully lodged at a compartment in the rocks. He'd only have one chance with his grappling hook, or he awaited certain death. Still, the existence of the entire island rested in his scrawny hands. Below the lava were spikes, as if burning to death wasn't quite enough.
[17:08] <Lilie> ... Wow...
[17:08] <+Alec|> (Sorry, couldn't fit it all in one line)
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> :|
[17:08] <Lilie> O.o
[17:08] <+Amber|> :|
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Riiight.
[17:08] <+Terry|> Moving on!
[17:08] <LandryC> (I like Alec's story)
[17:08] <+Terry|> >.<
[17:08] == CD-TDA has changed nick to BestSinceSlicedB
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> Here we go!
[17:08] <Lilie> That's... Wow...
[17:08] <@Chris|Sierra> In my opinion...
[17:08] == BestSinceSlicedB has changed nick to SlicedBreadNo2
[17:09] <@Chris|Sierra> Lilie's story was the scariest.
[17:09] <Lilie> I know right?
[17:09] <@Bbhinton15> (Crapola. I gotta go. -w- Byeeee. :3)
[17:09] <+Terry|> (bYe.)
[17:09] <LandryC> (bye)
[17:09] <+Amber|> (Bye.)
[17:09] == Bbhinton15 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:09] <+Amber|> Hey, what about mine? :s
[17:09] <+Alec|> Wait, wasn't it about danger level and not scare level?
[17:09] <+Terry|> So Lilie wins immunity? o.o
[17:10] <+Alec|> Or did I misunderstand? :|
[17:10] == neko-naito has changed nick to SlicedBreadNo123
[17:10] <Lilie> It's Owen... Plus beans... Who would want to be there?
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> Nope!
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> It isn't over yet!
[17:10] <+Patrick||> Uh, oh.
[17:10] <Lilie> It's an adventure trying to escape it.
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> While Lilie's story WAS the scariest and the most DANGEROUS...
[17:10] <+Terry|> Oh great. >.<
[17:10] <+Patrick||> This can't be good. :|
[17:10] <Lilie> Oh no...
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> It actually WASN'T the most dangerous.
[17:10] <+Amber|> ...?
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> That's the thing.
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> Owen's family is SCARY when they eat.
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> But, TERRY!!
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> Bro, yours has got it goin' on!
[17:10] <@Chris|Sierra> Lilie, 2nd place...
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> Amber, a definite 3rd...
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> Sierra, way to go, 4th...
[17:11] <+Amber|> Ugh. >_>
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> Alec, 5th, yours was boring...
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> Patrick, 6th.
[17:11] == Chris|Sierra changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (6): Alec, Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra, Terry // Stories: Terry, Lilie, Amber, Sierra, Alec, Patrick
[17:11] == Chris|Sierra changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (6): Alec, Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra, Terry // Stories: Terry, Lilie, Amber, Sierra, Alec, Patrick
[17:11] <+Alec|> It was? :o
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> Now.
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> In a twist...
[17:11] <+Terry|> I came first!
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> We will be RE-ENACTING Terry's story. ^^
[17:11] <+Alec|> Sorry but... I thought it was pretty good
[17:11] <DiedsenBoy> (Cool episode, I love it!)
[17:11] <+Terry|> o.o
[17:11] == SlicedBreadNo123 has changed nick to DwightEisenhower
[17:11] <LandryC> (I knew it :/)
[17:11] <+Amber|> Good for you, then. @Terry
[17:11] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Again, Alec's been cheated out of a challenge >~>)
[17:11] <@Chris|Sierra> You will each be placed a mile away from each other.
[17:12] <Lilie> Oh no...
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Terry, you will be placed closest to the starting line.
[17:12] <@SlicedBreadNo2> (DAMNIT, ALEC'S PWND. :@)
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Then Lilie.
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Then Amber.
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Then Sierra.
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Then Alec.
[17:12] <+Terry|> Yeah advantage!
[17:12] <+Patrick||> Oh, boy.
[17:12] <+Alec|> (Not one to complain, but I kinda agree...)
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> Then, Patrick, the furthest from the starting line.
[17:12] <@Chris|Sierra> As you read your tale, Terry, our unpaid interns already setup a mock-version of your story in the gymnasium!
[17:12] <Lilie> (hey. I need someone to cover. I got to afk. Gotta go home.)
[17:12] <LandryC> (agreed as well, not complaining btw)
[17:12] <+Patrick||> I guess those Bird Scout meetings when I was 9 will come in handy. Maybe.
[17:13] <+Terry|> o.o
[17:13] <Lilie> (Dakota?)
[17:13] <@Chris|Sierra> Whoever makes it to the end of the line wins!
[17:13] <@Chris|Sierra> (No powerplaying.)
[17:13] <+Terry|> (KK.)
[17:13] <+Amber|> So, we just run?
[17:13] <+Patrick||> (Conf) See, I never learned anything except starting fires and tying knots. Those won't help.
[17:13] <@Chris|Sierra> Everyone, venture onwards to the gym!
[17:13] <@Chris|Sierra> *starts walking*
[17:13] <Lilie> (Dakotacoons.)
[17:13] * Terry| goes to the gym
[17:13] <+Amber|> *walks*
[17:13] * Alec| walks toward gym, still a little irritated
[17:13] * Patrick|| walks to gym.
[17:13] <@Chris|Sierra> *before we enter the gym* Alright. It's time to take your positions.
[17:13] <Lilie> -walking-
[17:14] <@Chris|Sierra> The gym door is the starting line.
[17:14] <@Chris|Sierra> Terry, you will be closest to the door.
[17:14] <+Terry|> Yeah!
[17:14] <@Chris|Sierra> Lilie, you will be positioned a mile away from him.
[17:14] <Lilie> ( someone play lilie. Preferring Dakota.)
[17:14] <Lilie> K.
[17:14] <@Chris|Sierra> This isn't the biggest school in the world, so...
[17:14] <@WebkinzMania> ([19:57] <Chris|Sierra> Chris: Come on, people, we're not in Owen's house; let's move!! )
[17:14] <@Chris|Sierra> Some of you guys will find yourselves on flights of stairs or enterances to different rooms.
[17:15] <@WebkinzMania> (xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> *everyone is positioned*
[17:15] <@SlicedBreadNo2> (Hai DJ_Fan.)
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> Once you enter the gymnasium...
[17:15] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-v TDAwesome15] by SlicedBreadNo2
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> You will have to face evil pirate robots!
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> Mutants!
[17:15] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Lilie] by SlicedBreadNo2
[17:15] <DJ_Fan> (Hello, take it to PM, do not want to disturb RP xD)
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> And you must escape from the forest!
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> Before they KILL you. >:(
[17:15] <+Terry|> Right on!
[17:15] == Sierra [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:15] <@Chris|Sierra> Haha, legit, though, you might die. :)
[17:15] <Sierra> (Extremely sorry. :-/)
[17:15] <+Terry|> The best challenge yet!
[17:15] == Chris|Sierra has changed nick to ChrisMcLean
[17:15] <+Alec|> Evil pirate robots? O.O
[17:15] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Sierra] by ChrisMcLean
[17:15] <+Amber|> (Hai, Biggie.)
[17:16] <+Terry|> And mutants. ;)
[17:16] <@Sierra> :p
[17:16] <+Lilie> (need a cover for lilie. I gtg. Bbl.)
[17:16] <+Terry|> (Someone fill Bigez in.)
[17:16] <+Alec|> Now I'm kind of glad that my entry didn't win. Would've scared me too much O.O
[17:16] <Rocks> (I get it.)
[17:16] <+Alec|> Not that this isn't scary, because it's terrifying :'(
[17:16] <Rocks> (@Zach)
[17:16] <LandryC> (we're re-enacting Terry's story @Bigez)
[17:16] == ChrisMcLean has changed nick to Chris|Lilie
[17:17] <@Chris|Lilie> Alright!
[17:17] <@Chris|Lilie> EVERYBODY READY?
[17:17] <+Lilie> Kk. Bbl
[17:17] == Lilie [4239d551@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[17:17] <+Alec|> Umm, yes?
[17:17] <Rocks> (Hai Bigez.)
[17:17] <+Amber|> I guess so. :|
[17:17] <@Sierra> I... guess...
[17:17] <@Chris|Lilie> On your marks!
[17:17] <@Chris|Lilie> Get set!
[17:18] == Chris|Lilie has changed nick to Chris|Sierra
[17:18] == Poli [6c1c99b0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:18] <@Sierra> (Ryan's gonna play Sierra since I'm so lost. xD)
[17:18] * Alec| runs
[17:18] <+Patrick||> *starts at the driveway to the school* Aw, come one! :@
[17:18] * Terry| starts to run
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> (I'll PM you when you can cross the finish line.
[17:18] == Sierra has changed nick to Lilie
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> )
[17:18] <@Chris|Sierra> (I'll PM you when you can cross the finish line.)*
[17:18] <+Alec|> I gotta get out of here! :'(
[17:18] <+Patrick||> *runs frantically*
[17:18] <+Amber|> *runs*
[17:18] <+Terry|> *is in the lead*
[17:18] <+Alec|> (Conf) I was thinking that maybe I was so scared, that I'd go faster than usual
[17:18] <LandryC> (Biggie check your PM)
[17:18] <+Alec|> Gotta go gotta go gotta gooooo
[17:19] == SlicedBreadNo2 has changed nick to CD-TDA
[17:19] * Terry| runs a little faster
[17:19] <@Chris|Sierra> *a cardboard mutant pops up in front of Amber*
[17:19] <+Terry|> Come on for the win! :@
[17:19] <+Patrick||> (Conf) See, I can run, but there's no way I can beat everyone else. My goal? Don't come in last.
[17:19] <+Alec|> It's dark and scary and it smells like death! :'(
[17:19] <@Lilie> *runs*
[17:19] <+Amber|> :o
[17:19] <+Amber|> *punches it*
[17:19] <@Chris|Sierra> Gah!! >.>"
[17:19] * Patrick|| reaches the front door of the school.
[17:19] <+Amber|> Move! :@
[17:19] <@Lilie> (Ryan, I think I can play Sierra. :p)
[17:19] <+Amber|> *runs away*
[17:19] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Oh, cardboard won't work.
[17:19] * Alec| runs as fast as he can
[17:19] <@Lilie> (I've gotta the swing of it.)
[17:19] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Looks like we'll have to unleash some REAL mutants!
[17:19] * Terry| keeps running really fast.
[17:19] == Lilie has changed nick to Sierra
[17:20] <+Terry|> REAL MUTANTS!
[17:20] <+Terry|> O.o
[17:20] <+Alec|> Mutants? :'(
[17:20] * Patrick|| opens door and runs to the cafeteria.
[17:20] <+Terry|> Dreams do come true! :3
[17:20] <@Sierra> Mutants? Are there cute ones? :3
[17:20] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: Or, electronic ones! *brings out a box of the electronic rats from "Almost Maimed" and opens the box on the gym floor*
[17:20] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:20] <@Sierra> Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
[17:20] * Patrick|| notices a pot of mystery meat cooking on the stove.
[17:20] <+Alec|> The rats aren't THAT bad, they didn't bother me before
[17:20] * Sierra jumps into Terry's arms.
[17:20] <+Alec|> At least until I got bitten...
[17:20] <+Terry|> (conf) Suprise Sierra would be into mutants, considering she likes Chris. >.>
[17:21] <+Terry|> Sierra. O.o
[17:21] <+Patrick||> (Conf) Don't ask me why I thought that it'd be useful.
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (Remember, guys; you're heading to the other side of the gym.)
[17:21] <+Terry|> Get off of me!
[17:21] <@Sierra> ... Wha... what?
[17:21] <@Sierra> D:
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (That may seem simple, but...)
[17:21] <@Sierra> You don't want me on you?
[17:21] <+Amber|> Uhh, those things can't really kill us, right? :|
[17:21] <@Sierra> D:
[17:21] * Alec| runs faster
[17:21] * Patrick|| carries pot of mystery meat and climbs up stairs to get to the gym.
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (This is a BIG gym. Big enough that it takes up about 35% of the school.)
[17:21] <+Terry|> Can't you just run next to me! D:
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (And it's dark.)
[17:21] <@Sierra> I guess. :-/
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (You can't see, and there are obstacles everywhere.)
[17:21] <@Sierra> Hey guys!
[17:21] * Amber| runs.
[17:21] <LandryC> (suspenceful)
[17:21] <+Terry|> (Conf) Awkward. :/
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (It basically looks like a creepy forest.)
[17:21] <@Chris|Sierra> (With evil pirate robots and mutants.)
[17:21] * Terry| keeps running
[17:21] <+Alec|> This sucks :'(
[17:22] <@Sierra> Aqua Toast will save us! D:<
[17:22] <@Chris|Sierra> Chris: *chuckles* Man, I LOVE English class. ^^
[17:22] * Sierra throws aqua toast around the gym.
[17:22] <+Alec|> OH MY GOSH IT'S A PIRATE
[17:22] <+Alec|> Wait no
[17:22] * Terry| is in the lead.
[17:22] <+Alec|> That's a tree
[17:22] * Patrick|| is about 2 classrooms until entering the gym.
[17:22] <+Amber|> It's not moving. @Sierra
[17:22] * Alec| keeps running, breathing a sigh of relief
[17:22] <+Patrick||> *1
[17:22] * Terry| runs a little faster
[17:22] <+Alec|> OH MY GOSH IT'S A MUTANT
[17:22] * Amber| runs faster.
[17:22] <+Alec|> Wait no
[17:22] <@Sierra> The electric rats will implode if they touch it... hopefully.
[17:22] == Chris|Sierra has changed nick to ChrisMcLean
[17:22] <+Alec|> That's another tree
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean> Rat: *drops from the gym floor into Lilie's mouth*
[17:22] * Patrick|| runs into the gym, but stops after entering.
[17:23] <+Alec|> I need to calm down
[17:23] <+Patrick||> Why is it so dark in here?!
[17:23] == ChrisMcLean has changed nick to Chris|Lilie
[17:23] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Eek!
[17:23] * Terry| runs even faster
[17:23] <+Terry|> No one better catch up with me!
[17:23] <+Patrick||> Lilie? Was that you?
[17:23] <+Alec|> Why me?!
[17:23] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Aggggggggggh!
[17:23] * Sierra does cartwheels.
[17:23] * Alec| runs faster
[17:23] <@Sierra> Yah!
[17:23] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I'm going to vomit!
[17:23] <@Sierra> Eeeegad!
[17:23] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *vomits out coffee*
[17:23] <+Alec|> Darkness is shrouding me...
[17:23] * Patrick|| slowly shuffles across the gym floor.
[17:23] <+Alec|> Think happy
[17:23] <+Terry|> So far not a mutant and or robot pirate in shight. ;)
[17:24] * Sierra runs past Terry.
[17:24] * Alec| hears a noise and runs way faster
[17:24] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Remember when I said you guys might die? :-/
[17:24] <@Sierra> Hate to see you go!
[17:24] * Patrick|| samples the mystery meat, but spits it out.
[17:24] <@Sierra> >:3
[17:24] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *posinous leaves pop up from the gym floor*
[17:24] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:24] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Yeah, I meant it.
[17:24] <+Amber|> No, I don't. She said hopefully. @Chris
[17:24] <+Alec|> AHHHHHHHHHHHH
[17:24] <+Amber|> :|
[17:24] <+Alec|> :'(
[17:24] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:24] <+Terry|> YIKES. O.O
[17:24] <+Amber|> Run! :o
[17:24] * Sierra stops before running into the leaves.
[17:24] * Terry| jumps on Sierra.
[17:24] * Alec| tramples leaves as he runs
[17:24] <+Terry|> ;)
[17:24] <@Sierra> >.>
[17:24] * Amber| jumps on Terry.
[17:24] <+Alec|> Please don't die Alec
[17:24] <@Chris|Lilie> (LOL I actually love this episode. It's insane, but still relevant to English class. :p)
[17:24] <@Sierra> And I'm the-
[17:24] <@Sierra> OOOF. X_X
[17:24] <+Terry|> Ouch.
[17:25] * Patrick|| reaches the cardboard cutout that Amber broke.
[17:25] <+Alec|> Oh my gosh, I see people
[17:25] <LandryC> (Agreed Ryan :D)
[17:25] <+Patrick||> Woah!
[17:25] <+Alec|> I must be getting a little closer!
[17:25] * Terry| shakes amber
[17:25] <@Sierra> Guys.
[17:25] <+Patrick||> That's all Chris had?
[17:25] <@Chris|Lilie> (I'll PM all of you guys when it's time to cross the line.)
[17:25] <@Sierra> I think I know how to win this challenge.
[17:25] <+Terry|> Mind getting off me!? :@
[17:25] <@Sierra> We have to link up together!
[17:25] * Patrick|| runs with pot of meat now.
[17:25] <@Chris|Lilie> Rat: *crawls up onto Patrick*
[17:25] <+Alec|> Hey guys, look out! Mutants!
[17:25] <+Patrick||> Gah!
[17:25] <@Sierra> *sees rat*
[17:25] <+Alec|> Wait sorry, those are more trees!
[17:25] <@Sierra> Scratch that.
[17:25] <@Sierra> RUN!!!
[17:25] <+Patrick||> *swings pot at rat*
[17:25] * Sierra darts off.
[17:26] * Alec| tramples more plants
[17:26] * Terry| jumps off Sierra and runs.
[17:26] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Something missing here that was in your story, Terry? ;)
[17:26] * Amber| jumps on Alec's head.
[17:26] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Liiiiiiiiiiike.....
[17:26] <+Alec|> I hope that they aren't poisoning me :'(
[17:26] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: EVIL PIRATE ROBOTS? ^^
[17:26] <+Alec|> AHHH
[17:26] * Patrick|| shakes rat off.
[17:26] <+Alec|> Oh hi Amber ^_^
[17:26] <+Terry|> Yeah.
[17:26] <+Terry|> 3:
[17:26] * Alec| keeps running
[17:26] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *robots come out*
[17:26] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:26] * Patrick|| runs.
[17:26] <+Alec|> So do you forgive me yet?
[17:26] <@Sierra> Guys!!!
[17:26] <+Terry|> PIRATE ROBOTS!
[17:26] <+Amber|> Don't get any ideas, you have Stefani. >_>
[17:26] <+Terry|> Yikes!
[17:26] <@Sierra> We just need to STUMP the robots!
[17:26] <+Terry|> I know how!
[17:26] <+Alec|> And I'm very happy with her!
[17:26] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *a robot slashes at Amber's jeans, ripping them off*
[17:26] <+Terry|> Hey robots!
[17:26] <+Terry|> ......
[17:26] <@WebkinzMania> (:|)
[17:26] <+Amber|> :-O
[17:26] <LandryC> (GTG)
[17:27] <TDAwesome15> (Ryan would. :|)
[17:27] <+Terry|> I think I see a Lemon tree over there!
[17:27] <LandryC> (:|)
[17:27] <@Chris|Lilie> (UM, I'M PRETTY SURE AMBER WEARS UNDERWEAR. :|)
[17:27] <+Patrick||> *chants* cardboard.... rats... door... say it with me... cardboard... rats... door.
[17:27] <@Chris|Lilie> (You can decide on the color. :s)
[17:27] <@Sierra> Robots, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? :@
[17:27] <+Amber|> (She is wearing underwear, people.)
[17:27] <LandryC> (let's all hope she does)
[17:27] <+Terry|> Whats the matter you want to get scury? ;)
[17:27] <+Alec|> Terry how are you so calm?!
[17:27] <@Sierra> *scurvy
[17:27] <+Terry|> *scurvy
[17:27] * Patrick|| reaches leaves.
[17:27] <Sasquatchanakwa> (What disturbs me is that she's on Alec's head)
[17:27] <LandryC> (yep)
[17:27] <@Chris|Lilie> (:|)
[17:27] <@Chris|Lilie> (Whoops. :$)
[17:27] <LandryC> (k laterz)
[17:28] * Patrick|| shuffles feet to realize that the ealier contestants left a path.
[17:28] <TDAwesome15> (...)
[17:28] == LandryC [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:28] <+Alec|> Amber, don't you get any ideas. You have Daniel <.<
[17:28] <+Patrick||> *earlier
[17:28] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:28] * Alec| runs faster
[17:28] <@Sierra> Time to kick some ro-butt! Hahaha, I'm Season four's Owen. :3
[17:28] * Terry| keeps running
[17:28] * Amber| jumps off Alec's head and runs.
[17:28] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *speeds past Amber and Alec* JUST DRANK SO MUCH COFFEE.
[17:28] * Patrick|| slowly shuffles through leaves.
[17:28] * Terry| runs a little faster
[17:28] * Alec| runs next to Amber
[17:28] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: WHY IS EVERYTHING YELLOW?
[17:28] <+Alec|> Don't worry, she'll crash soon
[17:28] <+Terry|> I am going to win this!
[17:28] <+Terry|> :@
[17:28] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: COFFEE, COFFEE, COFFEE.
[17:28] * Amber| runs past Alec.
[17:28] <+Alec|> Coffee can't give you that big of a lead
[17:28] <+Amber|> Who gave her coffee? :|
[17:28] * Sierra jumps on top of the robots' heads making herself going farther.
[17:29] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *speeds back and hits the stage*
[17:29] <@Sierra> (No two episodes? D:)
[17:29] <+Patrick||> (CRASH soon. ;))
[17:29] <@Sierra> (No two episodes? D: )
[17:29] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *blacks out* x_X
[17:29] * Alec| runs past Lilie
[17:29] <+Alec|> Told you
[17:29] * Amber| runs past Lilie.
[17:29] * Amber| runs up next to Alec.
[17:29] * Sierra runs up to Amber.
[17:29] * Terry| runs a lot faster
[17:29] <@Sierra> Amber!
[17:29] * Patrick|| makes it across leaves, now runs.
[17:29] <+Amber|> Wha?
[17:29] <+Terry|> No one is beating me this time! :@
[17:29] <+Alec|> Sierra and Terry are here too!
[17:29] <+Amber|> :|
[17:29] <+Terry|> (conf) Feel the burn
[17:29] <@Sierra> If we both get past the finish line first, we will both win!
[17:29] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: There's one more thing missing from Terry's story.
[17:29] <+Terry|> (I am ahead of you all. >.>)
[17:29] <+Amber|> Then let's try. @Sierra
[17:29] <+Alec|> What now?!
[17:29] <+Terry|> John and Bob? o.o
[17:30] * Sierra links arms with Amber.
[17:30] <@WebkinzMania> O.O
[17:30] <@Sierra> Let's go!
[17:30] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The two friends, JOHN AND BOB. ^^
[17:30] <@WebkinzMania> JORGE POSADA MIGHT RETIRE!
[17:30] <+Alec|> Aw come on. Don't leave me to die!
[17:30] * Terry| keeps running
[17:30] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *two corpses appear(
[17:30] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *two corpses appear*
[17:30] <@WebkinzMania> (Whoops! :|)
[17:30] <+Terry|> o.o
[17:30] <+Amber|> :|
[17:30] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *they follow the contestants*
[17:30] * Sierra runs up to Terry.
[17:30] == WebkinzMania was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by WebkinzMania [WebkinzMania]
[17:30] <+Terry|> ZOMBIES!?
[17:30] == WebkinzMania [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:30] <@Sierra> Girls pwn!
[17:30] <+Patrick||> Wait... didn't Terry mention robots...? *reaches robot, still holding Amber's pants.
[17:30] <@Sierra> :3
[17:30] <+Alec|> AHHHHH :'(
[17:30] * Terry| runs faster. >.<
[17:30] <+Amber|> (CONF) How much does this show earn? :|
[17:30] * Alec| runs away from zombies
[17:30] <@Sierra> Amber, use all your power!
[17:30] * Patrick|| is picked up.
[17:30] <+Amber|> Right!
[17:30] <+Patrick||> Gah! D:
[17:30] <+Alec|> I'm not supposed to die yet. I'm too lovable!
[17:30] * Amber| runs with Sierra.
[17:31] <@Chris|Lilie> Patrick: *an evil pirate robot attacks Patrick*
[17:31] * Sierra runs with Amber.
[17:31] * Terry| runs faster!
[17:31] <+Patrick||> Gah! D:
[17:31] == Copper5 [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:31] * Sierra runs at Powerpuff speed.
[17:31] <Sasquatchanakwa> (I dun get it, every time a new obstacle comes, Terry's all *runs faster* HOW FAST CAN HE RUN?!?!?!)
[17:31] * Alec| tries to catch up to Sierra and Amber
[17:31] * Terry| runs as fast as he can!
[17:31] <+Alec|> I'm running out of energy...
[17:31] * Patrick|| blindly throws contents of pot on robot.
[17:31] <Dakotacoons> (Terry is Godplaying... >.>)
[17:31] <+Amber|> Hurry, Sierra!
[17:31] <@Chris|Lilie> Robot: *starts sizzling*
[17:31] <Sasquatchanakwa> (I agree)
[17:31] * Patrick|| misses, though.
[17:31] <+Terry|> (No he isn't. :|)
[17:31] <@Sierra> I need coffee!
[17:31] <+Terry|> (The zombies are behind us. :|)
[17:31] * Sierra runs as fast as she can.
[17:32] <@Chris|Lilie> Robot: *explodes; a part hits Amber on the head, knocking her out*
[17:32] <+Amber|> No, you'll crash like Lilie! @Sierra
[17:32] <Dakotacoons> (Runs faster. Runs a lot faster. Runs as fast as he can?)
[17:32] <@Sierra> AMBER!!!
[17:32] * Patrick|| drops pot.
[17:32] <@Sierra> D:
[17:32] <+Amber|> Oof. x_x
[17:32] <+Terry|> (He's just running.)
[17:32] * Amber| falls on the ground.
[17:32] * Patrick|| takes a breath, than continues running.
[17:32] <+Alec|> Amber! O.O
[17:32] <Dakotacoons> (Oh. I forgot Runs a lot faster!)
[17:32] <+Alec|> Are you ok?!
[17:32] * Sierra looks back as she keeps running.
[17:32] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Yeah, but constantly getting faster?)
[17:32] <+Alec|> Gah, I should probably keep running but...
[17:32] * Amber| is out cold.
[17:32] * Alec| stops to help Amber
[17:32] <+Alec|> Amber wake up!
[17:32] * Patrick|| reaches Amber.
[17:32] <@Chris|Lilie> (If Terry was powerplaying, I would've caught it by now. I think he's doing fine.)
[17:32] <+Terry|> (Just a little fast not that much. o.o)
[17:32] <Dakotacoons> ([20:32] * Patrick|| drops pot. XD)
[17:32] <+Terry|> (See?)
[17:32] <+Patrick||> Woah... what happened to her?
[17:33] * Terry| runs
[17:33] <+Alec|> Come on. Can you hear me?!
[17:33] <Rocks> (Don't worry guys, Terry can win with whatever skill he has up.)
[17:33] <@Sierra> Terry, why are you always trying to beat me?
[17:33] <@Sierra> D:
[17:33] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: WHAT HAPPENED TO HER? <.<
[17:33] <@Sierra> You always seem jealous of me or something.
[17:33] <@Sierra> D:
[17:33] <+Terry|> I never won immunity and I want to win it. D:
[17:33] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *storms to Patrick* What happened to ME, your own girlfriend?! :@
[17:33] <+Patrick||> Alec... should we carry her with us?
[17:33] <+Alec|> Should I give her CPR?!
[17:33] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I just hit my head on the stage and blacked out!
[17:33] <+Terry|> I just want to win for a change. 3:
[17:33] <@Sierra> ... Well maybe I could help you.
[17:33] <@Sierra> :)
[17:33] <+Alec|> Stef will never forgive me :'(
[17:33] <+Terry|> Weally? :3
[17:33] * Sierra slows down a bit.
[17:33] <+Patrick||> Forgive you?
[17:33] <+Patrick||> For what?
[17:33] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *jumps on Patrick* Hmph. :D
[17:33] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Now, let's go!
[17:33] <+Alec|> AMBER!
[17:34] <+Alec|> WAKE UP!!!
[17:34] <+Patrick||> Nevermind.
[17:34] <+Patrick||> Alec, you stay with Amber... Lilie wants me to go.
[17:34] <+Alec|> Go ahead
[17:34] <+Terry|> Sierra no don't loose the challenge because of me! I want to win fair and square. D:
[17:34] <+Patrick||> *runs with Liie*
[17:34] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Coffee, coffee, coffe-
[17:34] <+Patrick||> *Lilie*
[17:34] <+Alec|> I have to do something...
[17:34] * Alec| picks up Amber and runs
[17:34] <@Chris|Lilie> *falls off Patrick and hits head on ground, blacking out next to Amber*
[17:34] <@Chris|Lilie> x_X
[17:34] <@Sierra> Hmm...
[17:34] <+Alec|> Man I hope nothing tries to kill us
[17:34] <+Terry|> (Alec can pick up Amber? xD
[17:34] <+Patrick||> Lilie! D:
[17:34] * Terry| runs a little more
[17:34] <+Alec|> I can't hold her for much longer :'(
[17:34] <@Sierra> Maybe we could win together Terry!
[17:35] * Patrick|| stops running.
[17:35] <+Terry|> Yeah!
[17:35] <@Sierra> link arms!
[17:35] * Sierra links arms with Terry.
[17:35] * Terry| links arms with Sierra
[17:35] <+Terry|> Lets do this!
[17:35] <+Patrick||> Alec.... I'll help you.... together, we can carry both of them!
[17:35] * Alec| stops for a second
[17:35] <@Sierra> Yes!
[17:35] <+Alec|> Ok Pat, let's try our best
[17:35] * Sierra continues to run.
[17:35] * Terry| keeps on running!
[17:35] <@Sierra> I feel bad for amber.
[17:35] <@Sierra> D:
[17:35] <@Sierra> *Amber
[17:35] <@Sierra> But I'll win it for her!
[17:35] * Sierra runs with Terry.
[17:35] * Patrick|| props himself to hold Amber and Lilie.
[17:35] <+Amber|> (CONF) You know, the butterfly didn't hurt my leg that bad. I think the cow has a blueberry milkshake. *passes out in the confessional*
[17:36] <+Terry|> Don't worry she will be fine, she has Alec, Patrick and Lile back there with her.
[17:36] * Alec| feels Amber's pulse
[17:36] <@Sierra> I'll save her some aqua toast.
[17:36] <@Sierra> :3
[17:36] <+Alec|> She seems to be breathing ok...
[17:36] * Sierra runs further with Terry.
[17:36] <+Patrick||> Yep.
[17:36] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *a ring of fire surrounds Patrick, Amber, Alec, and Lilie*
[17:36] * Terry| continues to run with Sierra
[17:36] <+Patrick||> Woah!
[17:36] <+Alec|> Oh man, WHY ME?!
[17:36] <@Sierra> Woah!
[17:37] <@Sierra> There's fire back there!
[17:37] <+Patrick||> Any way we can put this out? D:
[17:37] <+Alec|> Um...
[17:37] * Patrick|| chokes from the smoke.
[17:37] <@Sierra> That's an advantage.
[17:37] <@Sierra> :p
[17:37] <+Terry|> Yikes. Chris was lying about the death part. o.o
[17:37] <+Alec|> Patrick, don't faint!
[17:37] <+Alec|> I'll be the only one :'(
[17:37] * Sierra finishes with Terry.
[17:37] <@Chris|Lilie> Finish Line: *is visible*
[17:37] <@Sierra> Yes!!!
[17:37] <@Sierra> :D
[17:37] <+Patrick||> I'm... *wheeze* good.
[17:37] * Alec| crosses the line with Amber
[17:37] * Terry| finishes with SIerra
[17:37] <+Terry|> We did!
[17:37] <@Sierra> We did it!
[17:37] <@Sierra> We did it!!!
[17:37] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: SIERRA WINS!!
[17:37] <+Terry|> *high fives Sierra!*
[17:37] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ......and TERRY?
[17:37] <@Sierra> :D-
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Oh, and Terry.
[17:38] <@Sierra> Yes!
[17:38] <+Terry|> ^____^
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Way to cheat, you two.
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: -.-'
[17:38] <@Sierra> We won!!!
[17:38] <@Sierra> :D
[17:38] <+Alec|> AMBER. Can you hear me yet?
[17:38] <@Sierra> This is...
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Welllllllll.....
[17:38] * Patrick|| throws dirt at the fire to smother it.
[17:38] <+Terry|> Yeah we did!
[17:38] <@Sierra> This is...
[17:38] <@Sierra> This is....
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Let's make this interesting, shall we? :)
[17:38] * Sierra kisses Terry.
[17:38] <+Terry|> Awesome?
[17:38] <+Amber|> *wakes up*
[17:38] <+Alec|> O.O
[17:38] <+Amber|> Uuuugh.
[17:38] <+Amber|> Where am I? x_x
[17:38] <+Patrick||> Amber! You're up.
[17:38] <+Alec|> Amber! :D
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: BECAUSE your good friends Sierra and Terry decided that it would be clever to make two people win...
[17:38] * Terry| is kissed.
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: How great would they feel if TWO PEOPLE GOT ELIMINATED tonight?
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> "_
[17:38] <+Patrick||> Don't worry about it... help us put out this fire!
[17:38] <+Alec|> O.O
[17:38] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: :)
[17:38] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:38] <+Alec|> TWO PEOPLE?!
[17:38] <+Amber|> Mom. :| You've gotten so short... and manly. @Alec
[17:38] <+Terry|> (Did she kiss him on the lips? o.o)
[17:39] <@Sierra> TWO PEOPLE?
[17:39] <@Sierra> (Yes.)
[17:39] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: That's right!
[17:39] <+Alec|> Uh Amber, it's me Alec
[17:39] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: IT'S A DOUBLE-ELIMINATION!!
[17:39] <TDAwesome15> (I saw a double elim coming :p)
[17:39] <@Sierra> (Nobody even made a big deal of it though. xD)
[17:39] <+Terry|> Gee Sierra thanks. o.o
[17:39] <+Amber|> Huh?
[17:39] <+Amber|> :|
[17:39] <+Amber|> Oh, sorry.
[17:39] <@Sierra> Oh... uh... no problem. :) :$
[17:39] <+Alec|> Amber, I'll tell you all about it in a second
[17:39] <+Terry|> (Conf) Did she just kiss me on the lips. :|
[17:39] <Rocks> (............... Huh, it's anyones game.)
[17:39] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Ew. Sierra and Terry. *barfs a bit*
[17:39] <@Sierra> (CONF) Did I just kiss him on the lips? :
[17:39] <@Sierra> (CONF) Did I just kiss him on the lips? :|*
[17:39] <+Alec|> (Conf) Sierra and Terry? Wow, I guess it was bound to happen eventually
[17:40] <+Alec|> So Chris, how is this double elimination going to happen?
[17:40] <+Terry|> (Dude love triangle!? o.o)
[17:40] <+Patrick||> Chris! Can you put out this fire!
[17:40] <+Patrick||> *pants*
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> :|
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> Ehhh... :s
[17:40] <+Terry|> (Or it could be love tenis, Terry is the ball and Samantha and Sierra are the players. D:)
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> *grabs a bucket of water and throws it at Amber*
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> WHOOPS. ^^
[17:40] <+Amber|> (CONF) Sierra and Terry? Well, I thought he was into Samantha.
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> My aim is TERRIBLE. ;)
[17:40] <+Amber|> Hey! I'm awake! :@
[17:40] * Patrick|| collapses.
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> *grabs another bucket of water and throws it on Patrick*
[17:40] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Tonight..
[17:40] <+Patrick||> *shudders*
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Vote one person off!
[17:41] <@Sierra> One?
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The contestant with the most votes is going home first!
[17:41] <TDAwesome15> (Samantha was terrib;e for Terry anyway -w-)
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The contestant with the second-most votes is going home second!!
[17:41] <+Terry|> (Dude I didn't know Sierra was even kissing him!)
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: So.
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: VOTE SOMEONE OFF. ^^
[17:41] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Srsly, do it.
[17:42] <+Alec|> Can't we have two votes?
[17:42] <@Chris|Lilie> No. -.-
[17:42] == Chris|Lilie changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (6): Alec, Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra, Terry
[17:42] == Copper5 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:44] <Copper5> ...
[17:44] <Rocks> (Hey.)
[17:44] <+Alec|> (Conf) I'm so nervous about this one. There might be a 3-way tie
[17:45] * Sierra sits at the detention room awkwardly. :$
[17:45] <+Terry|> (conf) I'm so confused. :'(
[17:45] <Copper5> (who won the challenge?)
[17:45] <@Sierra> (Sierra and Terry)
[17:45] <Rocks> (Hmm..... F4 is going to be soon. o.o)
[17:45] == misstditylerfan [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:45] <+Terry|> (Terry also got a bonus prize but whatever.)
[17:46] <@Sierra> (Samantha had her chance with Terry, but she'd rather end the play. D:<)
[17:46] <+Terry|> (Love triangle. ;))
[17:46] <@Chris|Lilie> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[17:46] <@Sierra> :$
[17:46] <+Amber|> (CONF) So, Sierra and Terry? Never really saw that coming.
[17:46] <@Sierra> My lips taste like Garlic Bread.
[17:46] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: so.
[17:46] <@Sierra> :$
[17:46] * Amber| holds Sierra's hand.
[17:46] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: How this works is....
[17:46] * Terry| sits next to Patrick,
[17:47] <+Alec|> Man I hope I don't leave. But I might...
[17:47] * Sierra holds Amber's hand.
[17:47] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The contestant with the MOST votes goes home first.
[17:47] <+Terry|> Yeah. :s
[17:47] <@Sierra> I want you to stay.
[17:47] <@Sierra> :(
[17:47] * Patrick|| notices that Terry sat down next to him.
[17:47] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Then, the contestant with the second-most amount of votes will go home second.
[17:47] <+Terry|> Good look bro.
[17:47] <+Amber|> I want you to stay too, but I'd rather go before you. @Sierra
[17:47] <+Amber|> :p
[17:47] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Report cards go to...
[17:47] <@Sierra> D'awwww.
[17:47] <@Sierra> :#
[17:47] <@Sierra> *:3
[17:47] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Sierra and Terry, the happiest new couple of the season!
[17:47] <@Sierra> Eeeee- >.>
[17:47] <+Terry|> :$
[17:47] <+Alec|> Good job you two :)
[17:47] * Sierra receives report card. :$
[17:47] <+Terry|> Thank yo. :|
[17:47] <+Amber|> Never saw that coming.
[17:48] <+Amber|> I thought you were into Samantha? @Terry
[17:48] <+Terry|> *you
[17:48] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Amber, comin' out on top once again!
[17:48] <@Sierra> Yay!!!
[17:48] <@Sierra> :D
[17:48] <@CD-TDA> (TWSS.)
[17:48] <+Alec|> Oh no...
[17:48] <+Terry|> Can we save this for next episode? :|
[17:48] * Sierra hugs Amber.
[17:48] <+Amber|> Really? :|
[17:48] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Patrick.
[17:48] <+Alec|> Well I'm gone
[17:48] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: I hope you know.
[17:48] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: You upset a lot of people with what you pulled last episode.
[17:48] <+Patrick||> *sighs* Figures.
[17:48] * Terry| puts hand on Patricks shoulder.
[17:48] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Alec...dude, the suck-up attempt? That stays in people's heads forever. Not a good image to maintain.
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: And, Lilie...
[17:49] <+Alec|> It was just a compliment <.<
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: EEEEEEEEEEE
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I'M SAFE
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *jumps off bench and grabs report card and starts kissing it*
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: PATRICK, I'M GOING TO MISS YOU. :(
[17:49] <WebkinzMania> (O.O)
[17:49] <+Alec|> Uh what?
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *snatches it back from Lilie*
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: SETTLE DOWN, YOU AREN'T SAFE YET. <.<m
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: SETTLE DOWN, YOU AREN'T SAFE YET. <.<*
[17:49] <+Patrick||> Wait...
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Oh. :(
[17:49] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *walks back to bench*
[17:50] <+Patrick||> That was pretty... nonchalant... Lil. :|
[17:50] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *pouts*
[17:50] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The first person...
[17:50] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Going home tonight is............
[17:50] <@Sierra> :o
[17:50] <+Terry|> :s
[17:50] <+Amber|> :|
[17:50] <@Sierra> ((h))
[17:50] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ....
[17:50] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Lilian.
[17:51] <+Terry|> (;))
[17:51] <WebkinzMania> (Lilie)
[17:51] <@Sierra> :-O
[17:51] <+Amber|> :-O
[17:51] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: :-O
[17:51] <@Sierra> Lilie?!?!
[17:51] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris:'re safe for now.
[17:51] <+Patrick||> What!?
[17:51] * Terry| puts hand on Patricks shoulder.
[17:51] <@Sierra> Phew!
[17:51] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Alec, you're going home!!
[17:51] <+Terry|> Sorry bro. D:
[17:51] <@Sierra> D:
[17:51] <@Sierra> Alec! D:
[17:51] <TDAwesome15> (WHAT O.O)
[17:51] <+Alec|> Haha
[17:51] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:51] <+Terry|> ALEC? O.O
[17:51] <@Sierra> Alec?
[17:51] <+Terry|> DUDE NO!
[17:51] <@Sierra> D:
[17:51] <+Alec|> I'm honestly shocked
[17:51] <TDAwesome15> (ALEC NEEDED TO WIN >.>)
[17:51] <WebkinzMania> (WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?!)
[17:51] <@Chris|Lilie> (Patrick hasn't been eliminated.)
[17:51] <@Sierra> But he was so awesome!!!
[17:51] <Sasquatchanakwa> (I blame CD-TDA)
[17:51] <@Sierra> D:
[17:51] <+Alec|> Ya know Chris, I had one heck of a run
[17:51] <+Terry|> Alec dude no!
[17:52] <+Patrick||> (Seriously, Alec should've stayed.)
[17:52] <+Amber|> I'm so sorry, Alec.
[17:52] <+Terry|> I will kiss you. :(
[17:52] <@Sierra> :
[17:52] <+Terry|> **miss
[17:52] <DwightEisenhower> (Agreed. :c)
[17:52] <WebkinzMania> (agreed. sorry. :()
[17:52] <+Alec|> Hah, not exactly sure how that happened
[17:52] <@Sierra> *:
[17:52] <+Terry|> *miss
[17:52] <Sasquatchanakwa> (:|"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""")
[17:52] <+Terry|> *miss
[17:52] <@Sierra> **:|
[17:52] <+Terry|> *miss
[17:52] <+Terry|> *miss
[17:52] <+Terry|> *miss
[17:52] <+Alec|> (xDDDDDDD)
[17:52] <+Patrick||> *whispers*Alec... I have the feeling that I'll be joining you. :/
[17:52] <+Terry|> (OMG. -___________________________________-)
[17:52] <@Sierra> (CONF) Uh..... Maybe Terry and ALEC are meant to be. :$
[17:52] == Chris|Lilie changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (5): Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra, Terry
[17:52] * Alec| hugs everyone
[17:52] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Alec, dude.
[17:52] <@Sierra> Bye Alec!
[17:52] <@Sierra> :(
[17:52] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: I think I'm going to miss you, too.
[17:52] <+Terry|> Miss you buddy. :(
[17:52] <+Amber|> (CONF) Terry really needs to think about what he says first. :p
[17:52] <Sasquatchanakwa> (I blame CD for this, just sayin')
[17:53] <WebkinzMania> (^)
[17:53] <TDAwesome15> (Same)
[17:53] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: You may now walk to the Bus of Losers and wait for the next person to join you.
[17:53] <@CD-TDA> (Well, sorry. -.-)
[17:53] <+Alec|> Nothing better about this game than all the friends I made
[17:53] <+Alec|> And don't worry. I don't blame any of you :D
[17:53] <+Amber|> *hugs Alec*
[17:53] <+Amber|> I'm so sorry.
[17:53] <+Amber|> I really did like you. :p
[17:53] <+Patrick||> Way to leave with your head up high, Alec. :)
[17:53] <+Alec|> Amber, we had a pretty good love-hate relationship. But you came out on top. Good job ;)
[17:53] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: But you voted him off. >.> @Amber
[17:53] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: You mean anti-hero. :@
[17:53] <WebkinzMania> (:-O_
[17:53] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Pffft, you're just like Samantha!
[17:53] <+Terry|> Dude, you have to be the nicest person I ever met, we will all miss you! Now go to Stefani she is waiting for you!
[17:53] <+Amber|> Hey, I am not! :@
[17:53] <+Amber|> Samantha has no heart.
[17:53] <+Amber|> I do!
[17:54] <+Alec|> Yeah she is. And I can't wait to see her :D
[17:54] <+Terry|> Samanatha....:s
[17:54] <+Amber|> Samantha wouldn't have hugged anyone.
[17:54] <@Chris|Lilie> (This is a significant couples' episode. The first eliminatee is Alec, who will join his girlfriend at Detention Hall. The bottom two is a couple. And the winners of the challenge are a couple.)
[17:54] <+Alec|> Chris does this have to be a double elimination? None of these guys deserve to leave
[17:54] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: I'm sorry, Alec. :(
[17:54] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: But you're too nice and you need to go before you make me vomit. :(
[17:54] <+Terry|> (WE AREN'T A OFFICAL COUPLE YET! >.<)
[17:54] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Yes, it does have to be a double. :(
[17:54] <+Alec|> I understand. I get that a lot :D
[17:54] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Make him vomit >.>)
[17:54] <+Amber|> Chris, shut up. -_-
[17:54] * Alec| walks off
[17:54] <@Sierra> (Can we have a detention hall episode like playa des losers?!)
[17:55] <+Alec|> I'm really going to miss you guys
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Patrick, Lilie...
[17:55] <DwightEisenhower> (Yet.)
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: One of you has spent their last night here.
[17:55] <@Sierra> :o
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Patrick... :(
[17:55] <+Terry|> Come on Pat.....
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: If you go...I just want to let you know that I'm going to miss you.
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I know I'm really hyper and you probably don't see much of the emotional me...
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: But... :(
[17:55] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I'll always consider you the best thing about this show.
[17:55] <@Sierra> Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
[17:56] <@Sierra> :3
[17:56] <+Terry|> Thats sweet. 3:
[17:56] <+Patrick||> Lil.... I love you more than my hat.
[17:56] <+Patrick||> And that's a lot.
[17:56] <+Terry|> Wow. o.o
[17:56] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I love you more than coffee! :'(
[17:56] <+Amber|> :|
[17:56] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *hugs*
[17:56] <+Amber|> Wow, that is serious.
[17:56] <@Sierra> These two should have dysfunctional kids and then be on Duper Nanny!
[17:56] <@Sierra> :D
[17:56] <+Terry|> (Conf) The dude kept the hat on when it was on fire so you know thats a lot.
[17:56] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: I KNOW, RIGHT? @Sierra
[17:56] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: The contestant going home is...
[17:56] <+Patrick||> So regardless... *gives her the singed remains of his first hat*
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ...........................
[17:57] <+Patrick||> Keep it. :)
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ..........................
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: .........................
[17:57] <+Terry|> :s
[17:57] <WebkinzMania> (Listen to meh PM. :@)
[17:57] <misstditylerfan> (HURRY UP)
[17:57] <+Amber|> Hurry up!
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *sniffles*
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ........................
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: .......................
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ..................
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ...........
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ...
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: ..
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: .
[17:57] <TDAwesome15> (Not this again >.>)
[17:57] <@Sierra> :o
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *sigh*
[17:57] <WebkinzMania> (Do it. :@)
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *puts two report cards on each competitor's lap*
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *sniffles&
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *sniffles*
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: *flips them over*
[17:57] <Rocks> (...... O_O)
[17:57] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: :o
[17:58] <@Sierra> :o
[17:58] <+Terry|> ;s
[17:58] <+Amber|> :-O
[17:58] <+Terry|> *:s
[17:58] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Oh, no. Are you saying..............?
[17:58] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Yes!! YES, I AM.
[17:58] <@Sierra> ......
[17:58] <+Patrick||> :|
[17:58] <@Sierra> I'm confused.
[17:58] <+Amber|> ...
[17:58] <@Sierra> :|
[17:58] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Well, Patrick. :-/
[17:58] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I'm going to miss you.
[17:58] <+Patrick||> Well... I guess that's it. :/
[17:58] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I guess it is. :-/
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: One final hug?
[17:59] == misstditylerfan [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:59] <@Sierra> (Who is going home?! :@)
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *wraps arms around Patrick, crying*
[17:59] <+Terry|> (So much drama. :|)
[17:59] <+Patrick||> Hugs aren't enough.
[17:59] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Patrick, duh)
[17:59] <+Amber|> (Ryan, the suspence is killing me, hurry up. >_>)
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: :)
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *kisses Patrick*
[17:59] <Rocks> (Lilie left. Right?)
[17:59] <+Patrick||> *kisses back*
[17:59] <@Sierra> (Who is going home?! -.-')
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *passionately*
[17:59] <DwightEisenhower> (Patrick!)
[17:59] <DwightEisenhower> (:@)
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Well.........
[17:59] <+Terry|> Well that might just be the second hottest kiss today. :|
[17:59] <@Sierra> Do I see tongue?
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: It's time for you to go home.........
[17:59] <@Sierra> :o
[17:59] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Patrick.
[18:00] <+Terry|> O.O
[18:00] <@Sierra> :-O
[18:00] <+Terry|> Dude no!
[18:00] <+Amber|> :|
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Say goodbye to Lilie. Because she's going home now. :(
[18:00] <@Sierra> O.O
[18:00] <+Amber|> :-O
[18:00] <@Sierra> WHAT?!?!
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: :'(
[18:00] <+Amber|> :-O
[18:00] <+Amber|> WHAT!?!?!?!?
[18:00] <WebkinzMania> (O.O)
[18:00] <+Patrick||> :'(
[18:00] <@Sierra> LILIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[18:00] <+Terry|> Sorry bro.
[18:00] <WebkinzMania> (WOAH!)
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *gets up*
[18:00] <Rocks> (I told you. ;))
[18:00] <+Amber|> THAT WASN'T THE PLAN!!!!!! :(
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Well...
[18:00] <@Sierra> NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:00] <+Terry|> (SO MUCH DRAMA!)
[18:00] * Sierra hugs Lilie.
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Goodbye, Total Drama School.
[18:00] <+Amber|> LILIE!!! NOO!!!
[18:00] <@Sierra> You CAN'T GO!
[18:00] <+Amber|> THAT WASN'T THE PLAN!!
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I loved.
[18:00] <+Patrick||> The plan?
[18:00] <+Terry|> (Harold rocks.)
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I lied. About not being in Coffaholics Anonymous.
[18:00] <@Sierra> :'(
[18:00] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: And, best of all...
[18:01] <+Terry|> We all knew that was true. :s
[18:01] <+Patrick||> At this point, I'd rather have gone then her! :'(
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: I met all of you. :(
[18:01] <+Amber|> Well, I didn't vote you Patrick, but Terry did. @Patrick
[18:01] <@Sierra> Group hug?
[18:01] <@Sierra> :)
[18:01] <+Terry|> o.o
[18:01] <+Amber|> I just told him to vote off however.
[18:01] <+Amber|> I think he did.
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: And I'll miss all of you. :(
[18:01] <@Sierra> Group hug?!?
[18:01] <+Amber|> I don't know.
[18:01] <@Sierra> :)
[18:01] <+Terry|> (I didn't vote Patrick I voted Lilie. o.o)
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Except fat, stupid Terry. -_-
[18:01] <+Amber|> Maybe Alec did.
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *hugs Amber(
[18:01] <+Amber|> (I know, TDF. xD)
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *hugs Amber*
[18:01] <@Sierra> Group frickin hug?! D:
[18:01] <+Amber|> (Amber doesn't know)
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *hugs Sierra*
[18:01] <@Sierra> :(
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> So much for our girls' alliance!
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: Bye!
[18:01] <@Sierra> Yup.
[18:01] <+Alec|> (Nah I didn't vote Patrick)
[18:01] <@Sierra> D:
[18:01] * Amber| joins in thee group hug)
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *takes one final sip of coffee*
[18:01] <+Terry|> I'll miss you to Lilie!
[18:01] == Mikeyy [] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[18:01] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: O.O
[18:01] <+Amber|> Lilie, I'm so sorry! :(
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
[18:02] <Dakotacoons> (Trixie joins the group hug... :|)
[18:02] <@Sierra> I think of you ever time I'm caffrunk.
[18:02] <@Sierra> D:
[18:02] <@Sierra> *I'll
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Lilie: *speeds out of the gym*
[18:02] <@Sierra> ... :(
[18:02] <+Terry|> What a gal.
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: :|
[18:02] <+Patrick||> I'll miss you... coffee bean... :'(
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Alrightie then!
[18:02] <@Sierra> Well.
[18:02] <DiedsenBoy> (Hi?)
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: And that leaves us down to four!
[18:02] <@Sierra> Final 4! :( :)
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Two hunky dudes!
[18:02] <+Amber|> Where did she go?
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Two hot girls!
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Who will win?
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Who will lose?
[18:02] <TDAwesome15> (Amber ain't hot :/)
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: Find out in the next episode of....................................
[18:02] <Sasquatchanakwa> (Terry ain't hunky)
[18:02] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: TOTAL!
[18:03] <+Amber|> (She is too. >_> @TDA15)
[18:03] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: DRAMA!
[18:03] <+Terry|> (HE SO IS!)
[18:03] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: SCHOOL!
[18:03] <@Sierra> I still taste garlic.
[18:03] <@Chris|Lilie> Chris: -- END --

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