[18:44] <DakotaMilton> (Billion...?)
[18:44] <Sam|Chef> BILLION? :|
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *Jury sits at one of the tables in the mess hall, Brick and Anne Maria sit across from them*
[18:44] <SilentB> da foooq.
[18:44] <DakotaMilton> (Isn't that a little much for a reality show?)
[18:44] <Mike|> *sits*
[18:44] <Mike|> :|
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Don't you mean million?
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Or...
[18:44] <SilentB> (your mom is too much for a reality show)
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Thousand...
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Arent you a little much for a reality show? >.>)
[18:44] <SilentB> (AHAHAHAHA)
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Or...
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Tril-
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> I can't remember which is which.
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[18:44] <SilentB> (your mom cant remember which is which)
[18:44] <SilentB> (AHAHAHAHA)
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, jury, its time to interrogate the final two :) Who wants to go first?
[18:44] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (OHF stop srsly)
[18:44] <Mike|> me!!
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> (OHF, just go. >.>)
[18:44] <SilentB> (k)
[18:45] *** B| has left #dramatizing
[18:45] <[Cameron]> (...)
[18:45] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (...)
[18:45] <Mike|> (...)
[18:45] <Staci> (PJPJ)
[18:45] *** Mike| is now known as Mike|B
[18:45] *** Nalyd-ChrisBrick is now known as ChrisBrickB
[18:45] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (Sha....)
[18:45] <Anne_MaScotta> (Lol.)
[18:45] <ChrisBrickB> (oh)
[18:45] <[Cameron]> (he beat you. >->)
[18:45] <ChrisBrickB> (kk)
[18:45] *** ChrisBrickB is now known as ChrisBrick
[18:45] *** B| has joined #dramatizing
[18:45] <SilentB> jk.
[18:45] <ChrisBrick> (no)
[18:45] <SilentB> (sorry, though. I'll stop)
[18:45] *** Mike|B is now known as Mike|
[18:45] <ChrisBrick> (kk)
[18:45] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Jury... who wants to go first? ;)
[18:45] <Mike|> I will!!
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> (Go in order of elimination. >_>)
[18:46] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Mike, first one out, what would you like to say to the final two?
[18:46] <[Cameron]> (LOL HI)
[18:46] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (so mike)
[18:46] <[Cameron]> (Wait I was second.)
[18:46] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (oops)
[18:46] <[Cameron]> (Hm. :|)
[18:46] <Mike|> (no make Cameron go first and I got out 6th use that one)
[18:46] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (oh yeah)
[18:46] <[Cameron]> (No make Jax)
[18:46] <DakotaMilton> (...)
[18:46] <DakotaMilton> (w...)
[18:46] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *sits very straight cause he wants proper posture*
[18:46] <DakotaMilton> (MIKE JUST GO)
[18:46] <[Cameron]> (^)
[18:46] <Mike|> (FINE)
[18:46] <ChrisBrick> (MIKE, GO)
[18:46] <Mike|> So.
[18:46] <Mike|> Like.
[18:46] <Mike|> Brick.
[18:46] <Mike|> :|
[18:46] <Mike|> Ummmm....
[18:46] <Anne_MaScotta> *sits, shaving her legs*
[18:47] <[Cameron]> (lol wtf)
[18:47] *** Mike| is now known as Mike|Zoey
[18:47] <Mike|Zoey> (anyway)
[18:47] <ChrisBrick> (lol we forgot Zoey awk)
[18:47] <Mike|Zoey> Brick, what do you consider your highest..
[18:47] <Mike|Zoey> value?
[18:47] <Mike|Zoey> ._.
[18:47] <SilentB> (lol)
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> Who's this clown?
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[18:47] <[Cameron]> (who cares about Zoey >:c)
[18:48] *** Anne_MaScotta sets mode +v on B|
[18:48] *** Anne_MaScotta is now known as Anne_MaScottay
[18:48] *** Anne_MaScottay is now known as Anne_MaScottey
[18:48] <Anne_MaScottey> (There.)
[18:48] <ChrisBrick> Brick: I think my greatest quality is my natural leadership. I was able to lead my troops all the way to the final four without a single betrayal, sir.
[18:48] <[Cameron]> (We have a Zoey...)
[18:48] <ChrisBrick> (lol he's a dork)
[18:48] <Mike|Zoey> Hmm....
[18:48] <Mike|Zoey> Wait.
[18:48] <Anne_MaScottey> (I wanna do something funny. :@)
[18:48] <Mike|Zoey> You had an alliance?!
[18:48] <Mike|Zoey> That wouldn't be what got me out, would it?!
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> Yes it is, no one likes you that much. >_>
[18:49] <Anne_MaScottey> Z: Haha Mike calm down everything's fine. :)
[18:49] <Mike|Zoey> *shoots Sam in the face*
[18:49] <Mike|Zoey> (loljk)
[18:49] * Sam|Chef is dead
[18:49] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (xDD)
[18:49] <ChrisBrick> Brick: No. Everyone voted for you. You did nothing. You were the weakest link and you sucked. Therefore I told everyone to vote you out.
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> (No your not, you just killed Sam.)
[18:49] <[Cameron]> (weakest link ahaha)
[18:49] <Anne_MaScottey> (Brick's such an ass. xD)
[18:49] <ChrisBrick> (Chris likes that @ TDF)
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> (*you)
[18:49] <[Cameron]> (like that one show)
[18:49] <DakotaMilton> (... why are you using pink?)
[18:50] <Mike|Zoey> ._. Ummm, dude, not the best way to get a vote for me...
[18:50] <Mike|Zoey> *gasps*
[18:50] <Anne_MaScottey> (There. :@)
[18:50] *** Mike|Zoey is now known as Takeshi|
[18:50] <Anne_MaScottey> (Here.)
[18:50] <ChrisBrick> (I cant read that)
[18:50] <DakotaMilton> (... why are you using red?)
[18:50] <Takeshi|> Ah, yes.
[18:50] <[Cameron]> (WHO IS ZOEY I AM SO CONFUSED)
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> (Of course Chris would like it, he is a sick freak)
[18:50] <SilentB> I'll go next.
[18:50] <Takeshi|> And do you know the art of the cherry blossom?
[18:50] <Takeshi|> @Brick
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> (JAX. @CAMERON)
[18:50] <[Cameron]> (It's elimination order that's awkward. @B)
[18:50] <Anne_MaScottey> AM: Wait, where's my question?
[18:50] <Anne_MaScottey> :@
[18:50] <SilentB> May I go next?
[18:51] <SilentB> lemme goo nexxxxt.
[18:51] <Takeshi|> It's coming, miss. @AM
[18:51] <[Cameron]> (@TDF, UM, SIR, HI. BIGEZ HAS IT TOO.)
[18:51] <Takeshi|> ma'am*
[18:51] <ChrisBrick> Brick: I took a brief class about japanese fighting styles at boot camp. Though I can't say that I can perform it.
[18:51] <ChrisBrick> (Also hurry up sir)
[18:51] <Takeshi|> (fine)
[18:51] <Takeshi|> Interesting
[18:51] <ChrisBrick> (Can someone go to the TDIFF chat? Toad told me he wanted to vote there ._.)
[18:51] <Sam|Chef> (......IDK, this is a mess. >_>)
[18:51] <[Cameron]> (do I just ask one person or can I ask both? btw)
[18:51] <Takeshi|> Now, you.
[18:51] <Takeshi|> @AM
[18:51] <ChrisBrick> (whatever you want @ Cameron)
[18:51] <Takeshi|> You simply got in my way at the animal challenge...
[18:51] <Takeshi|> @AM
[18:51] <ChrisBrick> (JUST BE QUICKER THAN JAX -.-)
[18:52] <[Cameron]> (How's the weather @Bigez)
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> Scuse me?
[18:52] <Takeshi|> (THIS IS MY MOMENT TO SHINE :D)
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[18:52] <Takeshi|> I...
[18:52] <Takeshi|> *sighs*
[18:52] <[Cameron]> (Do I go now? like oh my god. Jax. hurry up, fatty.)
[18:52] <ChrisBrick> (no it isnt. you lost. this is AM and Brick's moment. so hurry)
[18:52] <Staci> (Nalyd, nvm)
[18:52] <Takeshi|> What can you do with one of these?
[18:52] <Takeshi|> *hands AM a cherry blossom*
[18:52] <SilentB> (When da hell do I go)
[18:52] <ChrisBrick> (oh, hey Toad! xD)
[18:52] <Staci> (Hey. xD)
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> I...
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> I don't...
[18:52] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *gasps* :o
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> Can we move on
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> *?
[18:52] <Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[18:52] <ChrisBrick> Chris: YES>
[18:53] <[Cameron]> (^ yes, please)
[18:53] <Takeshi|> *hands the same cherry blossom to Brick
[18:53] <Anne_MaScottey> S: I'm next!
[18:53] <Takeshi|> and you?
[18:53] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Cameron, your turn, bubble butt.
[18:53] <Takeshi|> (NO)
[18:53] <DakotaMilton> (...)
[18:53] <Anne_MaScottey> S: What?!
[18:53] <[Cameron]> (NO, YOU'RE NOT.)
[18:53] <DakotaMilton> (It's... elimination...)
[18:53] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *eats it*
[18:53] <[Cameron]> Hello! (:
[18:53] <DakotaMilton> (Order. :|)
[18:53] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (ugh. -_-)
[18:53] <Takeshi|> (FINE)
[18:53] <ChrisBrick> Brick: Hi, soldier.
[18:53] <Takeshi|> *walks away*
[18:53] <SilentB> (Guys. Just listen to Chris. Jeez, it doesn't matter who goes. -.-)
[18:53] <[Cameron]> I didn't get to know either of you. I'm not really even that sure what your names are.
[18:53] <Anne_MaScottey> (Yeah, but Scott is a pompus asshole.)
[18:53] *** Takeshi| is now known as Mike|
[18:53] <[Cameron]> Either way, I'll make my question simple.
[18:53] <ChrisBrick> Brick: I'm Brick, and she's Annie Marie. :)
[18:54] <Anne_MaScottey> Anne Maria, uni-Brick.
[18:54] <Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[18:54] <[Cameron]> What's your favorite nature documentary ^-^?
[18:54] <ChrisBrick> Brick: ... No, your name is Annie Marie. :|
[18:54] <[Cameron]> Greetings Annie Marie C:
[18:54] <DakotaMilton> (If you just thought of that on the spot, that's extremely clever. @Bigez)
[18:54] <ChrisBrick> Brick: Nature documentaries are for weaklings. I go out and experience nature like a real man.
[18:54] <DakotaMilton> (Not even kidding.)
[18:55] <ChrisBrick> (He's had it planned for months @ Ryan)
[18:55] <[Cameron]> I haven't ever gone outside. :o
[18:55] <[Cameron]> Sounds exciting c:
[18:55] <Mike|> ( -- Listen to this when the winner is about to be revealed. It'll be epic. :3)
[18:55] <[Cameron]> Annie?
[18:55] <Anne_MaScottey> Documentary? Like animal world?
[18:55] <Anne_MaScottey> :|
[18:55] <SilentB> Can I
[18:55] <[Cameron]> Yeah :D
[18:55] <SilentB> ask?
[18:55] <SilentB> ..
[18:55] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Cameron, ya good, bra?
[18:55] *** Jo| has joined #dramatizing
[18:55] <[Cameron]> My mom only let's me watch documentaries
[18:55] *** Anne_MaScottey has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[18:55] <Jo|> (Oh shit. I forgot. XD)
[18:55] <Dawn|Jo|Light> (aw)
[18:55] <[Cameron]> (Bigez needs to answer)
[18:55] <[Cameron]> (B-
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> (........)
[18:55] <SilentB> (OOO BAD WORD)
[18:55] <ChrisBrick> (ONE SEC. STAY CALM.)
[18:55] <Jo|> (COME AT ME.)
[18:55] <[Cameron]> (oh you know. always cool to leave.)
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> (THIS IS WHY BIGEZ SHOULD NOT RUN DR. >_>)
[18:56] *** Anne_Maria has joined #dramatizing
[18:56] *** ChanServ sets mode +o on Anne_Maria
[18:56] <Anne_Maria> (Stupid backspace. >.>)
[18:56] <[Cameron]> (anyways, Bigez needs to answer. I could've been quick >->)
[18:56] *** Anne_Maria is now known as Anne_MaScottey
[18:56] <[Cameron]> (fatty)
[18:56] <DakotaMilton> (lol @TDF)
[18:56] <Anne_MaScottey> AM: Uh...
[18:56] *** Dawn|Jo|Light is now known as Dawn|Lightning
[18:56] <Jo|> (Whut be going on.?)
[18:56] <[Cameron]> (you wanna type slower)
[18:56] <Anne_MaScottey> Why would I watch TV when I could be out tanning and starin' at them bangin' beach boys.
[18:56] <SilentB> (your mom)
[18:56] <Anne_MaScottey> *?
[18:56] <Anne_MaScottey> (h)
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> So I gues...
[18:57] <[Cameron]> hmmm. you're a very interesting specimen
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> *guess
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> One about...
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> I dunno, bears?
[18:57] <[Cameron]> Do you happen to be part orangutan? c:
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> :|
[18:57] <ChrisBrick> Chris: OKay. Zoey, you suck, but you get to ask a question too I guess...
[18:57] * [Cameron] plucks hair.
[18:57] <SilentB> I want to ask.
[18:57] <SilentB> Boii.
[18:57] <[Cameron]> I'll go examine this later.
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> I don't like fruit much.
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> @Cameron
[18:57] * [Cameron] rolls off or something idk
[18:57] <Anne_MaScottey> Z: Haha my turn. :)
[18:57] <SilentB> K my turn
[18:57] <SilentB> no
[18:57] <SilentB> >.>
[18:57] <SilentB> fine.
[18:57] <[Cameron]> (RAWN STAWP)
[18:57] <SilentB> :@
[18:58] <Sam|Chef> (I don't think one of B's personality traits is to be annoying as hell? Is it? Did CDTDA make another personality change?)
[18:58] <ChrisBrick> (TDF I love you.)
[18:58] <[Cameron]> (it's someone else. awkkk.)
[18:58] <Dawn|Lightning> (xDDDDD)
[18:58] <Anne_MaScottey> Z: Okay, so Anne Maria and Brick, do you feel that you made it this far by making friends?
[18:58] <Anne_MaScottey> :)
[18:59] <ChrisBrick> Brick: No. I made it far by leading my teammates and encouraging them to do their best. Did I make friends? No. I made men. *looks at Sam*
[18:59] <[Cameron]> (also, it's hard to play me because I was played so OOC everytime someone else played me D:)
[18:59] <Anne_MaScottey> AM: I don't need friends, I just have my stunning good looks. ;)
[18:59] <ChrisBrick> (...)
[18:59] <Dawn|Lightning> (....)
[18:59] <[Cameron]> (that's...not even clever...)
[18:59] <Sam|Chef> IKR? :D @AM
[18:59] <ChrisBrick> (NOBODY THINKS THAT IS FUNNY -.-)
[18:59] <Anne_MaScottey> (OHF, seriously, stop.)
[18:59] <Dawn|Lightning> (what's wrong with him?)
[18:59] <SilentB> (Alright @Bigez)
[18:59] <Anne_MaScottey> Z: Haha, glad to hear, it's just going to be hard to choose. :)
[18:59] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, B. Your turn.
[19:00] <ChrisBrick> (now is when he stops talking?)
[19:00] <SilentB> Thank you, Chris
[19:00] <SilentB> I have a riddle for both of you...
[19:00] <SilentB> You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to the City of Liars always speaks lies, while the door that leads to the City of Truth always speaks the truth. You want to go to the City of Truth. What question do you ask to determine whi
[19:01] <SilentB> *truth
[19:01] <ChrisBrick> (cut off after determine whi)
[19:01] <SilentB> So yeah.
[19:01] <Anne_MaScottey> I choose... The one on the lefT?
[19:01] <Anne_MaScottey> *left
[19:01] <Anne_MaScottey> :|
[19:01] <Dawn|Lightning> (Labriyth)
[19:01] <SilentB> Correct.
[19:01] <SilentB> :D
[19:01] <Dawn|Lightning> (much()
[19:01] <ChrisBrick> Brick: I ask no question. I open the door and if its wrong I open the other one. Duh.
[19:02] <SilentB> Hm... that's also a good answer...
[19:02] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Thank you B for proving you are a waste of air. Staci, your turn homegirl.
[19:02] <SilentB> No prob.
[19:02] <Staci> All right, hehe.
[19:02] <Staci> So, everyone, I was just, like, curious. Yah.
[19:02] * Sam|Chef Chef: Walks in wearin a tuxedo for no reason.
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> (I imagine B speaking in a very monotone, wise black guy accent.)
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> (Like Morgan Freeman.)
[19:02] <Staci> For Brick, do you have a, uh, "special someone"?
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> Heeeey. ;)
[19:02] <Staci> Yah. A special someone. Brick?
[19:03] <ChrisBrick> Brick: Yes. My commanding officer Lt. Dan. He's the specialest someone in my life... I'M DOING THIS FOR YOU, LT. DAN.
[19:03] <Sam|Chef> (xDD)
[19:04] <Anne_MaScottey> I guess I'd have to say my special someone is...
[19:04] <Sam|Chef> :o
[19:04] <Sam|Chef> ;)
[19:04] <ChrisBrick> Brick: He molded me into the man I am today :'( I'd take a bullet for that man! In fact, I did. *stands up*
[19:04] <Staci> Well, yah, all right.
[19:04] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *shows everyone bullet wound in his buttocks*
[19:04] <Mike|> :o
[19:04] <Staci> That's, uh, okay.
[19:04] <Sam|Chef> (The first part of that is so suggestive.)
[19:04] <ChrisBrick> Chris: WTF BRICK.
[19:04] <Staci> So sad.
[19:04] <Staci> So, yah. Anne?
[19:04] <Mike|> *is looking at AM and doesn't even notice Brick8
[19:04] <Mike|> **
[19:04] <Anne_MaScottey> My dog Friedrich Wolff
[19:04] <Anne_MaScottey> :B
[19:05] <Mike|> ...
[19:05] <Mike|> >:c
[19:05] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *pulls pants up, sits down* :|
[19:05] <ChrisBrick> Chris: Dawn, you're next!
[19:05] <SilentB> Dawwwn.
[19:05] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:05] <Staci> ....
[19:05] <SilentB> whoo dawn.
[19:05] <SilentB> Go gurl.
[19:05] <Staci> Disappointing, guys. Disappointing. :|
[19:05] <Dawn|Lightning> ok
[19:05] <Dawn|Lightning> As you know, I read auras
[19:06] <ChrisBrick> Brick: *smiles and nods*
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> Dammit, I can't compete with a dog, even they have a better personality then me. :'(
[19:06] <ChrisBrick> (brickxDawn foeva)
[19:06] <Dawn|Lightning> so, I want to see your aura reading potential
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> *DARN IT
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> (>_>)
[19:06] <ChrisBrick> Chris; *puts hand on Sam's shoulder* It's alright, ma boi.
[19:06] <SilentB> Can I be a volunteer.
[19:06] <Anne_MaScottey> The only thing I'd read is a book, and I can't even read.
[20:06] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:06] <+Dawn|Lightning> Anne Maria, Brick, plz read my aura and tell me something about my self, something no one knows
[20:06] <+B|> I'm sure they can read my aura.
[20:06] <+B|> no me.
[20:07] <+B|> okaaaay.
[20:07] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: I can't read either! :o *looks at Anne maria* Are we brothers? :|
[20:07] <+Sam|Chef> Oh well, I can always move in with you Dad! :D @Chris
[20:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Why are you so stupid? -.-
[20:07] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm a girl... ._.
[20:07] <+Dawn|Lightning> Anne Maria, you go first
[20:07] <+[Cameron]> Or, possibly, orangutan.
[20:07] <+Sam|Chef> We can call our house "The Cribe", where every day is May 4th! :D
[20:07] <@Anne_MaScottey> Your aura has... sunshines?
[20:07] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:07] * [Cameron] coughs
[20:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> -_- Come on, really try
[20:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> look deep within me
[20:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> :3
[20:08] <DakotaMilton> (...)
[20:08] <DakotaMilton> (This is a PG show...)
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> I see.
[20:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> (xDDD)
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:08] <DakotaMilton> (You are aware of that, right...?)
[20:08] <@ChrisBrick> (xD)
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> I see the world within...
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> O.O
[20:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> (yes)
[20:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> *sees a glimpse of her past*
[20:09] <+Dawn|Lightning> ( I have to make that up or...)
[20:09] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *watches, puzzled*
[20:09] <+Sam|Chef> (No, Bigez does. >_>)
[20:09] <@ChrisBrick> (^)
[20:09] <@Anne_MaScottey> AM in grade school: *walks awkwardly* :$
[20:09] <+B|> (I'm watching Iron Man)
[20:09] <+B|> (totallynotrandom)
[20:09] <+Sam|Chef> ......*looks at his watch now* Flash backs usaully take only a few seconds, hurry up! D:
[20:09] <+Mike|> (shut up @Sam)
[20:10] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: SHUT UP SAM. I mean.. son.
[20:10] <@Anne_MaScottey> Snoody girl from Anne Maria's school: Hey, Anne Maria. Or should I say, Tan Maria? xDDD
[20:10] <+Sam|Chef> (......You suck Jax, you have no right to talk.)
[20:10] <@ChrisBrick> (play nice.)
[20:10] <+Sam|Chef> (NEVER. :@)
[20:10] <@Anne_MaScottey> Other snoody girl: She thinks she's so cool because she's tan. xD
[20:10] <+Sam|Chef> (He ruined my nick! :'()
[20:10] <@ChrisBrick> (what is this i dont even)
[20:10] <@Anne_MaScottey> AM: Stop... making... fun of me. :c
[20:10] <+Dawn|Lightning> (so can everyonesee this?that'd be awesome)
[20:10] <+Staci> *mhm)
[20:10] <@Anne_MaScottey> *glimpse ends*
[20:10] <+Staci> * (
[20:10] <@Anne_MaScottey> ... :|
[20:11] <+Dawn|Lightning> *holds AM*
[20:11] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... My turn?
[20:11] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm finished... reading. :(
[20:11] <+Dawn|Lightning> Are you ok?
[20:11] <@ChrisBrick> (are they reading Dawn or themselves? ._.)
[20:11] <+Dawn|Lightning> (me....)
[20:11] <+Sam|Chef> (IDK anymore.)
[20:11] <@Anne_MaScottey> Yeah... I'm cool. :'( *make up runs down Anne Maria's eyes*
[20:11] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Can I try? :D
[20:11] <+Dawn|Lightning> Brick your turn
[20:11] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *stares at Dawn* :|
[20:12] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *locks eyes with Dawn and stares* :|
[20:12] <+Dawn|Lightning> :|
[20:12] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ...Wow...
[20:12] <+Dawn|Lightning> Well...?
[20:12] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: You have really nice eyes :|
[20:12] <+Dawn|Lightning> Look deep in side
[20:12] <+Dawn|Lightning> Um, thanks.
[20:12] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Do I win? :)
[20:12] <+Dawn|Lightning> anything else?
[20:13] <+Dawn|Lightning> *sighs* ok, I'm done. *sits down*
[20:13] <+Sam|Chef> I should get the million, my daddy hosts the show. 3:
[20:13] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Um.. And you seem to have a really clean skin. So thats nice too.
[20:13] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, the moment (Nalyd) I have been waiting for all season... DAKOTA!
[20:13] <DakotaMilton> (kk)
[20:13] <@ChrisBrick> (That awkward moment when Dakota is followed by Scott xD)
[20:13] <DakotaMilton> *stands in front of the paparazzi posing*
[20:13] <DakotaMilton> *walks over to Anne Maria and Brick*
[20:13] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *sits*
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> *giggles* Sorry, I was just busy with my photo-op. :3
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> Being famous is so difficult.
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> It's even more challenging when you're filthy rich. ;)
[20:14] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Tell me about it.
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> What are you guys going to do with the money if you win?
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> And before you answer.
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> I don't want to hear any garbage like...
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> *scoff*
[20:14] <DakotaMilton> "Curing world hunger" or "donating to charity."
[20:15] <DakotaMilton> They're already spoiled ENOUGH.
[20:15] <@ChrisBrick> (Ryan I love you xD0
[20:15] <@Anne_MaScottey> Hmmm...
[20:15] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: I'd buy some boots. :)
[20:15] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:15] <DakotaMilton> I love boots. :D
[20:15] <+Sam|Chef> *poses on a tiger skin rug for the paparzzi* I'm wearing my leopard skin today. ;)
[20:15] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm gonna through the most bangin' Jersey style party evah.
[20:15] <@Anne_MaScottey> >: D
[20:15] <@Anne_MaScottey> *throw
[20:15] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Ya good, Dakota?
[20:16] <+[Cameron]> (I pictured that and it was kind of disturbing @TDF)
[20:16] <+Sam|Chef> ;)
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> Well, none of you really said anything about me...
[20:16] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Why would we spend the money on you? :|
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> And that kind of hurt. I mean, don't you guys know who I am? :|
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> Anyways, the answer that best satisfies is me is Brick's.
[20:16] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: You're probably the weakest person here. And you're really spoiled.
[20:16] <@Anne_MaScottey> Yeah, I don't like you.
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> No offense, Anne...
[20:16] <@Anne_MaScottey> At all.
[20:16] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> Uhhh...
[20:16] <+Mike|> Anne Maria might've invited you to her party.
[20:16] <+Mike|> ._.
[20:16] <+Mike|> @Dakota
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> What's your name, again? o_o\
[20:16] <DakotaMilton> Oh, it doesn't matter. :D
[20:16] * DakotaMilton sits back down.
[20:17] <@Anne_MaScottey> S: My turn!
[20:17] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: NO.
[20:17] <@Anne_MaScottey> S: Finally, someone with SMARTS.
[20:17] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Just no -.-
[20:17] <@Anne_MaScottey> S: What?!
[20:17] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Chef, please take him out of here.
[20:17] <@Anne_MaScottey> S: :@
[20:17] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: We have a chef? :|
[20:17] <+Sam|Chef> I'm gonna have some fun with this one. ;)
[20:17] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Ew Sam you're creepy. CHEF GET IN HERE.
[20:18] * Sam|Chef grabs Scott and takes him back to his private cabin.
[20:18] <+Sam|Chef> Heheh.
[20:18] <@ChrisBrick> (SAM NO)
[20:18] <+Sam|Chef> (IT IS CHEF. BROWN IS CHEF. :@)
[20:18] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Jo, you're turn to go!
[20:18] <@ChrisBrick> (SO IS SAM)
[20:18] <@ChrisBrick> your*
[20:18] <@ChrisBrick> (dafuq)
[20:18] <+Dawn|Lightning> (Jo!)
[20:18] <+Sam|Chef> (SAM IS YELLOW AND BROWN. :@)
[20:19] <Jo|> Oh me?
[20:19] <Jo|> Pondering thought here.
[20:19] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: No the other Jo.
[20:19] <Jo|> Okay. My question.
[20:19] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Yes you -.-
[20:19] <Jo|> Wait, before that.
[20:19] <DakotaMilton> (Sam looks plain brown on Webchat. @TDF)
[20:19] <Jo|> I wanted to state, your both low lifes who managed to sneak to the final 2.
[20:19] <+Sam|Chef> (Ah.)
[20:19] <DakotaMilton> (at least I think.)
[20:19] <Jo|> Now that that's settled?
[20:19] <+[Cameron]> (Cameron is Brown :C)
[20:19] <Jo|> IOkay.
[20:19] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Am not :(
[20:20] <+Sam|Chef> (No, he isn't. @Ale)
[20:20] <+B|> (I gotta go)
[20:20] <Jo|> In three words, state how great I am. *nudge*
[20:20] <+B|> (:s
[20:20] <+Sam|Chef> (NO)
[20:20] <+[Cameron]> (I DID IT IN MY AUDITION)
[20:20] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:20] <+Sam|Chef> (DDD:)
[20:20] <@ChrisBrick> (B, send a vote to me)
[20:20] <@Anne_MaScottey> Jo is great.
[20:20] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:20] <+B|> (Alright)
[20:20] == B| [18bc484d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #dramatizing []
[20:20] <Jo|> ( >->. )
[20:21] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... I DONT KNOW. *derp face* :(
[20:21] <+Sam|Chef> ....WAKA WAKA! :D
[20:21] <Jo|> Intresting. Now continue on your show.
[20:21] <+Mike|> (You skipped Mike's second turn. :()
[20:21] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Lightning, your turn.
[20:21] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-yeah!
[20:22] <+Dawn|Lightning> Ok, um....
[20:22] <@Anne_MaScottey> S: *runs out in his underwear* Go away, Chef. I don't want to be on your mantle. D:<
[20:22] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: ...
[20:22] <+Dawn|Lightning> I wanna see which on of you have skills.
[20:22] <@ChrisBrick> Brick/; I can show you my butt bullet again :|
[20:22] <@ChrisBrick> :*
[20:22] <+Dawn|Lightning> So, *holds football* tackle me
[20:22] <+Sam|Chef> GET BACK HERE
[20:22] <+Sam|Chef> :@
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> I did gymnastics!
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:23] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... okay
[20:23] <+Dawn|Lightning> Person to tackle me gets my sha-vote
[20:23] <+Sam|Chef> -sigh-.......They always run. -_-
[20:23] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *charges at Lightning*
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs up and pauses in front of Lightning*
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> *bites lightning arm*
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> *Lightning's
[20:23] <+Dawn|Lightning> sha-ow!
[20:23] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *tackles Lightning* Did I win? :|
[20:23] <+Dawn|Lightning> *throws her off*
[20:23] <+Dawn|Lightning> *throws him off*
[20:23] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:23] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-nope
[20:24] <+Dawn|Lightning> come on
[20:24] <+Dawn|Lightning> *runs at them*
[20:24] <@Anne_MaScottey> *charges at Lightning*
[20:24] <+Dawn|Lightning> *steps to side*
[20:24] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *runs after Lightning* Come back here!
[20:24] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:24] <@Anne_MaScottey> I know what to do...
[20:24] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs off-screen*
[20:25] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *dives at Lightning* D:<
[20:25] <@Anne_MaScottey> *returns surprisingly fast*
[20:25] <@Anne_MaScottey> Oh, Lightning!
[20:25] <+Dawn|Lightning> *runs at him*
[20:25] <@Anne_MaScottey> *holds up protein packets*
[20:25] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-huh?
[20:25] <@ChrisBrick> (Lightning, check your PM)
[20:25] <@Anne_MaScottey> If you let me tackle you, you get a treat.
[20:25] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[20:25] <+Sam|Chef> (.....HURRY IT UP. :|)
[20:25] <@ChrisBrick> (^)
[20:25] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-yeah!
[20:26] <+Dawn|Lightning> Wait, no!
[20:26] <@Anne_MaScottey> *tackles Lightning and hands him a treat*
[20:26] <+Dawn|Lightning> Ugh. Ooh! *eats it*
[20:26] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: :(
[20:26] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright. Now last and formerly least... SAM!
[20:26] <@Anne_MaScottey> Hey Sam!
[20:26] <+Sam|Chef> :D
[20:26] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *salutes Sam*
[20:26] <+Sam|Chef> Hello final two. :D
[20:27] <+Sam|Chef> Well where do I begin....
[20:27] <+Sam|Chef> My question is.......
[20:28] <+Staci> (....)
[20:28] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Too late.
[20:28] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Well, that was a fun and exciting question and answer session
[20:28] <+Sam|Chef> Good, I got nothing anyway
[20:28] <+Sam|Chef> >_>
[20:28] * DakotaMilton claps. :3
[20:28] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, jury members, time to vote for who you want to win... THE TRILLION DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE.
[20:28] <@ChrisBrick> (Vote to me in PM)
[20:28] <@Anne_MaScottey> When do I get my money?
[20:28] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:28] <DakotaMilton> (lol Dakota's only friend is Sam)
[20:28] <+Sam|Chef> (Lawl, BFFs. ;3)
[20:29] <+Mike|> *walks to AM*
[20:29] <+Mike|> You think you're gonna win?
[20:29] <+Staci> Yah, this is intense.
[20:29] <+Sam|Chef> MIKE SHUT UP
[20:29] <+Sam|Chef> :@
[20:29] <@Anne_MaScottey> Pssh, yeah.
[20:29] <+Staci> I'm sweating. Wait, but I don't sweat. Hehe.
[20:29] <+Staci> I sweat out lemonade ;)
[20:30] <+Mike|> In case you don't..
[20:30] <+Mike|> You'll still have me.
[20:30] <+Mike|> :D
[20:30] <+Mike|> @AM
[20:30] <@Anne_MaScottey> (Are the votes in yet? :@)
[20:30] <@Anne_MaScottey> Uh...
[20:30] <@Anne_MaScottey> What's your name again?
[20:30] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:30] <+Mike|> Well.
[20:30] <+Mike|> Some call me..
[20:30] <+[Cameron]> (WHY DOES NO ONE REMIND ME TO VOTE)
[20:30] <@ChrisBrick> I need votes from Scott and Zoey.
[20:30] <+Mike|> *gapss*
[20:30] == Mike| has changed nick to Rodney|
[20:30] <+[Cameron]> (ugh annoying)
[20:30] <+Rodney|> Rodney.
[20:30] <+Rodney|> ;)
[20:30] <+Rodney|> @AM
[20:30] <+[Cameron]> (AND ALE. @Nally)
[20:30] <@Anne_MaScottey> Ooooh, there you are.
[20:31] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[20:31] <+Sam|Chef> D:
[20:31] <+Sam|Chef> FINE
[20:31] * Rodney| makes out with AM
[20:32] <+Staci> (....)
[20:32] == Temtem [485938fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dramatizing
[20:32] <+Staci> (wut just happened?)
[20:33] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Time to read the votes...
[20:33] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: One vote for AM...
[20:33] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: One vote... for Brick.
[20:33] <@ChrisBrick> (fast forward cause the vote is actually 6-5 :|)
[20:33] <+Sam|Chef> Daddddddd.............
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Five votes for Anne Maria. Five votes for Brick. One vote left.
[20:34] <+Sam|Chef> Could I announce the winner, since I should be learning the family business! :D
[20:34] <DakotaMilton> Go, Brick!!
[20:34] <@Anne_MaScottey> Just give it to me already.
[20:34] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: f**k you Sam.
[20:34] <+Staci> Yah! Brick!
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: *pulls out final vote*
[20:34] <+Rodney|> :o
[20:34] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:34] <+Sam|Chef> f**k you means I love you. :D
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *looks nervous* :|
[20:34] <+Rodney|> *holds AM*
[20:34] <@Anne_MaScottey> *sweats sexily*
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: The winner...
[20:34] <@Anne_MaScottey> *licks lips*
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Of this jury vote...
[20:34] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:34] <@Anne_MaScottey> *twiddles thumbs*
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris:... *opens vote*
[20:34] <+Rodney|> :o
[20:34] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: BRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:34] <+Staci> :-O
[20:35] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: O_O EEEE! :D
[20:35] <+Rodney|> D:
[20:35] <+Sam|Chef> :O
[20:35] <DakotaMilton> YAY!!!!!
[20:35] <+Staci> ZOMFGYES
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:35] <+Staci> OMG BRICK YAH
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> I WIN THE MILLION, IT'S MINE.
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> D:<
[20:35] <Jo|> *flipped hair* I would have won.
[20:35] <@ChrisBrick> (HAW. I FINALLY WON. I FIIIIINNALLY F**KING WON. :@)
[20:35] <+Rodney|> :@
[20:35] <+Dawn|Lightning> Aw
[20:35] <+Rodney|> @Chris
[20:35] <Jo|> I would have one. You know that.
[20:35] <+Sam|Chef> (And Bigez lost......again. ;3)
[20:35] <+Staci> Eheheh. I didn't try my hardest, yah.
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> Whoever didn't vote for me is dead.
[20:35] <@Anne_MaScottey> D:<
[20:35] <DakotaMilton> :|
[20:35] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: WAIT >.>
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> What?
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: I didn't say that Brick won the quadrillion dollar grand prize -.-
[20:36] <+Rodney|> ( @Oat)
[20:36] <DakotaMilton> WHAT? :@
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: He just won the jury vote ;)
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... No :'(
[20:36] <+Sam|Chef> O.O
[20:36] <+Rodney|> There's a part 2?
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> What?
[20:36] <+Rodney|> :|
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: THAT'S RIGHT!
[20:36] <+Sam|Chef> So Anne Maria won? :o
[20:36] <+Staci> Oh, god.
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: It's time.. FOR YOUR CHALLENGE.
[20:36] <@Anne_MaScottey> ... Of course. -_-'
[20:36] <+Sam|Chef> A final two challenge? :D
[20:36] <+Sam|Chef> Teehee. ;3
[20:36] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... :'(
[20:37] <+Rodney|> (make it quick. I have to leave rather soon. )
[20:37] <+Rodney|> GO ANNE MARIA!
[20:37] <+Dawn|Lightning> WHAT?!
[20:37] <+Rodney|> :D
[20:37] <+Rodney|> DO IT FOR BOTH OF US!
[20:37] <+Rodney|> YOU CAN DO IT!
[20:37] <+Rodney|> GOOOOOO!
[20:37] <+Dawn|Lightning> sHA-WHAT?
[20:37] <+Dawn|Lightning> *caps
[20:37] <@Anne_MaScottey> so what's the challenge?
[20:37] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:38] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: The final two must shimmy up poles to reach a flag at the top. Watch out for flying animals. ;) Then, the final two must carry 50 pound eggs across a balance beam over a cliff. Below you will be toxic waste that will kill you if you fall in.
[20:38] <+Dawn|Lightning> ......
[20:38] <+Sam|Chef> ....THIS SHOW WILL NEVER END
[20:38] <+Sam|Chef> :'(
[20:38] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Then you must race back here. First one back wins the $1,000,000,000,000,000,000 prize!!!
[20:38] <@Anne_MaScottey> Is that legal?
[20:38] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:38] <DakotaMilton> Eeeeeeeee!
[20:38] <+Dawn|Lightning> (wtf? S1 final challenge much?)
[20:38] <DakotaMilton> I get more TV time!!
[20:38] * DakotaMilton poses in front of the camera.
[20:39] <@ChrisBrick> (my other idea that was better apparently was stolen from DR -._
[20:39] <@ChrisBrick> )*
[20:39] <@Anne_MaScottey> *RP
[20:39] <+Sam|Chef> (OMG)
[20:39] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: For winning the jury vote, Brick may skip the first part.
[20:39] <+Sam|Chef> (WHO CARES.)
[20:39] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *pelvic thrust*
[20:39] <DakotaMilton> (I DO.)
[20:39] <@Anne_MaScottey> Argh!
[20:39] <@Anne_MaScottey> D:<
[20:39] <+Sam|Chef> (-_-)
[20:39] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Any questions?
[20:39] <@Anne_MaScottey> *raises hand*
[20:40] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Are you stupid? -.- Its so easy... Yes? -_-
[20:40] <@Anne_MaScottey> ... When do I get my money?
[20:40] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:40] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: ... GO.
[20:40] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *runs out of mess hall, slamming doors open*
[20:40] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs to the flag pole*
[20:40] <+Rodney|> *runs with AM*
[20:40] <+Rodney|> Go, sugarbear!
[20:40] <DakotaMilton> *runs with Brick*
[20:41] <@Anne_MaScottey> *tries climbing up*
[20:41] <DakotaMilton> Hurry up; you don't want her to beat you! :@
[20:41] <@Anne_MaScottey> Someone help me, this flag pole is too slippery. :@
[20:41] <+Sam|Chef> Ill help you! :D
[20:41] <+Rodney|> Slow down; isn't it in your code of conduct to let the maiden in distress win? Or something? :@ @Brick
[20:41] <DakotaMilton> Come on, Brick; Spray Head is gonna win. :@
[20:41] <+Sam|Chef> Unlike that Rodney jerk! :@
[20:41] <@Anne_MaScottey> Use your video game skills!
[20:41] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *keeps running*
[20:41] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *runs past poles*
[20:41] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets to balance beam* Oh boy...
[20:41] <Jo|> Haha, watch these pathetic losers scramble for the money.]
[20:42] <+Staci> Come on, Brick! :-O
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> ... wat.
[20:42] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *picks up egg* ... :|
[20:42] <+Rodney|> Y'know what
[20:42] <+Rodney|> *begins to climb up pole*
[20:42] <+Rodney|> *pushes AM up*
[20:42] * Sam|Chef pushes Anne Maria up.
[20:42] <@Anne_MaScottey> Yay.
[20:42] <+Sam|Chef> NO
[20:42] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> (You need to climb the pole. :@)
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> (WTF? :@)
[20:42] <+Sam|Chef> THAT WAS MY IDEA
[20:42] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: You MAY help the final two ;)
[20:42] <+Dawn|Lightning> Come on AM!
[20:42] <@ChrisBrick> (He gets to skip part one for winning the jury vote)
[20:42] * DakotaMilton runs over to Brick.
[20:42] <Jo|> Chris.
[20:42] <Jo|> May I help them NOT them?
[20:42] <@Anne_MaScottey> *climbs up higher*
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> (oh, kk)
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> Okay, Brick.
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> *pants*
[20:42] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *begins walking across beam* :|
[20:42] <Jo|> I mean..
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> You have a LOT of people that are relying on you.
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> Think about...
[20:42] <Jo|> May I not help them?
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> Your mom, and...
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> Uhhh....
[20:42] <DakotaMilton> Hmm...
[20:42] <+Rodney|> *pushes AM to the top*
[20:42] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Dakota.... would you.. would you sing with me? :|
[20:43] <+Rodney|> Let's go!
[20:43] <+Rodney|> :@
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm at the top!........ WHAT THE HECK IS THAT? :|
[20:43] <+Sam|Chef> Chef: Why the heck do I have no part in this episode? >_>
[20:43] <DakotaMilton> SING with you? :@
[20:43] <DakotaMilton> Why would I do that?
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> *sees an eagle-bear-squirrel thingy on the top*
[20:43] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *keeps going* BECAUSE I NEED SUPPORT :'(
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> Of course.
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> -_-'
[20:43] * DakotaMilton sighs.
[20:43] <+Sam|Chef> Chef: ....
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> *is pecked upon*
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> Hey!
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:43] <DakotaMilton> What's the point of even helping you if you don't consider me your friend? D:
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> No one.
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> Touches.
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> The.
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> POOF.
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:43] <@Anne_MaScottey> *sprays eagle in the eyes*
[20:43] <+Sam|Chef> Chef:.......*watches Dakota and Brick*
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> *with hairspray
[20:44] <+Sam|Chef> Chef:.....Friendship is magic. :'(
[20:44] <+Rodney|> HURRY UP! D: @AM
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> *grabs the flag*
[20:44] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: You ARE my friend! :( Youre... you're more than my friend :$ *continues moving across*
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> I've got it!
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> :D
[20:44] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:44] <DakotaMilton> Really? :D
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> *falls down*
[20:44] <DakotaMilton> Eeeeeeee!
[20:44] <DakotaMilton> Okay!!
[20:44] <+Rodney|> *picks up AM*
[20:44] * DakotaMilton jumps onto the balance beam and starts making her way across with Brick.
[20:44] <+Rodney|> *runs holding her to the balance beam*
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> Thanks bubbie.
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[20:44] <+Dawn|Lightning> Anne Maria go!
[20:44] <+Dawn|Lightning> :c
[20:44] <+Rodney|> np sugarboo
[20:44] <+Rodney|> :3
[20:44] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: NO GET OFF FATTY YOU'RE SHAKING IT :'9
[20:44] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: NO GET OFF FATTY YOU'RE SHAKING IT :'(
[20:44] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: NO GET OFF FATTY YOU'RE SHAKING IT :'(
[20:44] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs towards the balance beam*
[20:44] <DakotaMilton> Ahhhh!!
[20:45] <+Staci> Oh my god, they DO have special someones, yah!
[20:45] <DakotaMilton> *runs off the balance beam to Anne Maria*
[20:45] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sam stop being ash-idiot!
[20:45] <+Rodney|> *throws AM onto the balance beam*
[20:45] <+Rodney|> *picks up an egg*
[20:45] <DakotaMilton> *takes out compact and starts checking herself out*
[20:45] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *almost across beam*
[20:45] <+Rodney|> *throws the egg at AM*
[20:45] <+Sam|Chef> What did I do?
[20:45] <+Rodney|> ._
[20:45] <+Sam|Chef> :'(
[20:45] <+Rodney|> ._.*
[20:45] <DakotaMilton> Ooh, my hair is a mess. D:
[20:45] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *to Dakota* I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING :(
[20:45] <@Anne_MaScottey> *is hit in the face with the egg*
[20:45] <@Anne_MaScottey> Ouch.
[20:45] <@Anne_MaScottey> x_x
[20:45] <DakotaMilton> What??
[20:45] <+Dawn|Lightning> Oh....he was talkin to Dakota
[20:45] <+Rodney|> Are you okay?!
[20:45] <@Anne_MaScottey> Yeah, I'm fine, just let me do this. >.>
[20:45] <+Rodney|> Okay.
[20:45] <+Rodney|> Go!!
[20:45] <+Rodney|> :D
[20:45] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets to end of balance beam, wait for Dakota*
[20:46] <@Anne_MaScottey> Hey, Dakota.
[20:46] <@Anne_MaScottey> Looking for these? ;)
[20:46] <@Anne_MaScottey> *holds up hair berrets*
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> Hey!!
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> Those are mine.
[20:46] <+Rodney|> (I really have to go
[20:46] <+Rodney|> bye)
[20:46] <@ChrisBrick> (bye)
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> I've been missing those since the first episode.
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> You TOTALLY stole them from me. :@
[20:46] == Rodney| [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[20:46] <+[Cameron]> (barrettes, sir.)
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> Give them BACK!
[20:46] * DakotaMilton slap-fights with Anne Maria.
[20:46] <@Anne_MaScottey> Welp, fetch. >.> *throws berrets off the ballance beam*
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:46] <DakotaMilton> NOOOOOOOOOOO!
[20:46] <+[Cameron]> (YOU'RE PLAYING A FEMALE; AT LEAST TRY >->)
[20:46] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *to Dakota* I need to talk to you please.
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> One sec, Brick!!
[20:47] <+Dawn|Lightning> Anne Maria, plz forget your petty rivalr with Dakota that you have to get back at the snooty girls in your past. You have a challenge to do.
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> *starts running onto the balance beam after the barrettes*
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> I need to be BEAUTIFUL!
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> *accidentally slips on balance beam and falls off the edge into the toxic waste*
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> O.O
[20:47] <@ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: Before going for the prize, I... I needed to follow my heart...
[20:47] <@Anne_MaScottey> O_O'
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> *emerges as a hideous, large, green-haired creature*
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> *gasps, horrified* I'm more orange than Anne Maria!
[20:47] <+Dawn|Lightning> (NO!)
[20:47] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: O_O
[20:47] <+Dawn|Lightning> (NO!!!!)
[20:47] <@ChrisBrick> (NO RYAN. WHYYYYYYYYY)
[20:47] <+Dawn|Lightning> (HELL BNO!)
[20:47] <Jo|> Haha, she's even uglier than usual.
[20:47] <DakotaMilton> AHHHHHHHHHHH. :'(
[20:47] <@ChrisBrick> (NO NO NO THIS AINT RIGHT :'()
[20:47] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:47] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm gonna...
[20:47] <+Dawn|Lightning> (F**K NO!)
[20:47] <+Staci> (WHY.)
[20:47] <@Anne_MaScottey> Go win my million.
[20:47] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:48] == Temtem [485938fa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #dramatizing []
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> YOU ARE GONNA PAY. >.> @Anne Maria
[20:48] <+Sam|Chef> Wow.
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs across ballance beam*
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> *smacks her with freakishly large claws*
[20:48] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *still waiting for Dakota*
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> *grabs Brick and starts running with him*
[20:48] <+Sam|Chef> Dakota is hot......
[20:48] <+Sam|Chef> ;)
[20:48] == Dawn|Lightning has changed nick to Dawn|Lightning|m
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> We are gonna BEAT that tanned freak NOW. :@
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> *falls into the toxic waste as well*
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> O.O
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:48] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *being carried* I need to tell you something!
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> What?!?!?!
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> *emerges from the toxic waste pal*
[20:48] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: DAW F**K :@
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> *pale
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:48] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: I... I like you!
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> NOW YOU'RE GONNA GET IT.
[20:48] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:48] <+Dawn|Lightning|m> (waity, screw that)
[20:48] <DakotaMilton> I like you, too. *keeps running*
[20:49] == Dawn|Lightning|m has changed nick to Dawn|Lightning
[20:49] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: *slams face into ground*
[20:49] <DakotaMilton> That's why I voted for you!
[20:49] <DakotaMilton> Duh.
[20:49] <+Sam|Chef> (Wow, when did the TD writers take over DR?)
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> *climbs up onto the ledge*
[20:49] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: No, I mean I have romantic feelings for you in a very non-comrade like way :|
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> I'm winning the money.
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:49] <DakotaMilton> ... o-oh. :|
[20:49] <DakotaMilton> Wow... :$
[20:49] <DakotaMilton> I never thought of us... like that. :3
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> Aw forget it.
[20:49] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: You're just one of the most incredible people I've ever met and you've got the most beautiful eyes...
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> *kicks rock*
[20:49] <@Anne_MaScottey> I've had enough of this game.
[20:50] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: And the way you're always reading auras... I... I think I love you, Dawn :)
[20:50] <DakotaMilton> Really? :D
[20:50] <DakotaMilton> Awwwwwwwww.
[20:50] <@Anne_MaScottey> Brick can just go win that stupid million. :(
[20:50] * DakotaMilton keeps running to the end.
[20:50] <Jo|> *picked up rock, and threw it at brick*
[20:50] <+Dawn|Lightning> ...
[20:50] <DakotaMilton> WHAT?
[20:50] <Jo|> BOO.
[20:50] <+Dawn|Lightning> What?
[20:50] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: ... xD
[20:50] <Jo|> You are all dumb.
[20:50] <+[Cameron]> Interesting.
[20:50] <+Sam|Chef> No Anne Maria.
[20:50] <+Dawn|Lightning> Um\
[20:50] <+Sam|Chef> You got to win.
[20:50] <Jo|> This isn't some soap opera.
[20:50] <DakotaMilton> MY NAME IS DAKOTA. >.>
[20:50] <+Sam|Chef> You just got to. D:
[20:50] <@Anne_MaScottey> Why should I care?
[20:50] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ...You're Dakota? :|
[20:50] <+Dawn|Lightning> Did I hear that right?
[20:50] <@Anne_MaScottey> Nobody cares about me...
[20:50] <DakotaMilton> :@
[20:50] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Oh, I thought you were Dawn. Sorry. you're gross. :|
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> Because.........I care about you.
[20:51] <+Dawn|Lightning> (conf) He thought I was a giant monster?
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> I've always have! :'(
[20:51] * DakotaMilton kicks Brick to the ground and starts running after Chris, infuriated.
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> Really?
[20:51] <DakotaMilton> THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. :@
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:51] <DakotaMilton> YOU MADE ME A MONSTER.
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> Yes and I still do!
[20:51] <DakotaMilton> I'LL DESTROY YOU
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> :'(
[20:51] <+[Cameron]> (conf) teenagers are interesting :D
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:51] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Ow. :(
[20:51] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets up, starts running to finish line*
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> Maybe it's time for me to win the million... for someone besides myself.
[20:51] <+[Cameron]> (conf) I've never been up to any so closely o3o
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:51] <DakotaMilton> >:C
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> I may be unattractive, I may have the personality of the rock, but nobody is perfect! D:
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs towards to finish line with Brick.
[20:51] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs towards to finish line with Brick.**
[20:51] <+Dawn|Lightning> (conf) Sha-wow. She is so not hot any more
[20:51] <+Sam|Chef> YES!
[20:51] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *pushes Sam down as he runs*
[20:52] <+Sam|Chef> *falls*
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> Hey!
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:52] <+Sam|Chef> .....See you next FALL!
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> *trips Brick*
[20:52] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *grabs AM's leg* :@
[20:52] <+Sam|Chef> Huh huh.....I think I broke my pelvis.
[20:52] <@ChrisBrick> brick: I'M NOT GOING DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT.
[20:52] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *pulls AM's hair*
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> Be that as it may...
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> I still have a secret weapon!
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:52] <@Anne_MaScottey> *pulls out proglade razor*
[20:52] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: SO do I :@
[20:53] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *pulls out handgun* :@
[20:53] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Oh... too far? :|
[20:53] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:53] <@Anne_MaScottey> ._.'
[20:53] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *puts gun away* Sorry :| I guess I... JUMPED THE GUN. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH.
[20:53] <@Anne_MaScottey> Well uh...
[20:53] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: ...
[20:53] <@Anne_MaScottey> *kicks Brick in the kiwis and starts running*
[20:53] <+Dawn|Lightning> ...
[20:53] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: NO :'( THIS IS NOT HOW WE WILL END IT
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *limps past AM*
[20:54] <+Sam|Chef> THIS GAME WE HAVE PLAYED!
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> chris: It's gonne ba close one! :o
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> be a*
[20:54] <@Anne_MaScottey> This game we have played!
[20:54] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[20:54] <+Sam|Chef> (lawl, Bigez sucks)
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *goes back to running*
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Am is in the lead, now Brick!
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, AM, NOW BRICK AGAIN! O.O
[20:54] <@Anne_MaScottey> *runs towards the finish line*
[20:54] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: It's gonna be a photo finish!
[20:55] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: *dives for finish line* D:<
[20:55] <@Anne_MaScottey> WAIT A SECOND!
[20:55] <@ChrisBrick> Chris:... WHAT..
[20:55] <@Anne_MaScottey> *guy emerges from the woods*
[20:55] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Who are YOU?! :'(
[20:55] <@ChrisBrick> :@*
[20:55] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: I'm from the enviormental safety program.
[20:55] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: And this is a disatrous wasteland!
[20:55] <+Dawn|Lightning> .....
[20:55] <+Dawn|Lightning> Uh oh
[20:55] <@Anne_MaScottey> *disastrous
[20:55] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: No s**t sherlock.
[20:56] <+Dawn|Lightning> I'm sorry Chris
[20:56] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: You'r going to be locked up for a long time McLean...
[20:56] <+Sam|Chef> NP
[20:56] <+Sam|Chef> *NO
[20:56] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: What?! NO
[20:56] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: ... Unless you can pay the fee.
[20:56] * DakotaMilton walks over to the officer as a deformed mutant.
[20:56] <DakotaMilton> Hi. :3
[20:56] <+[Cameron]> I watch environmental shows!
[20:56] <DakotaMilton> You're cute. :3
[20:56] <DakotaMilton> What's your name? ^^
[20:56] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: I can! *runs to trailer, returns* Here's a million dollars, RIGHT HERE. Take it, take all of it! I'm sorry!
[20:56] <+[Cameron]> It's actually not all too bad here :B No one's dead yet!
[20:57] <DakotaMilton> :o
[20:57] <+Sam|Chef> :O
[20:57] * Staci hides.
[20:57] <+Dawn|Lightning> :|
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: ... I think that covers the charges.
[20:57] <+Sam|Chef> My family remains in tack! :3
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> ;)
[20:57] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-what?
[20:57] <+[Cameron]> Hm. :|
[20:57] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Awesome! Thanks dude.
[20:57] <+Dawn|Lightning> *walks to officer*
[20:57] <+Dawn|Lightning> What?!
[20:57] <+[Cameron]> It's likely that the best choice would've been to ask how much you needed to pay first.
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> Officer: Someday I'll get you McLean.
[20:57] <+[Cameron]> -w-
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> Someday.
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:57] <+Dawn|Lightning> You can't just let this maniac go free!
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> *walks off*
[20:57] <+Sam|Chef> .....Hey Officer wait!
[20:57] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: You say that every Tuesday ;)
[20:57] <@Anne_MaScottey> Oh yeah.
[20:58] <+Dawn|Lightning> NOOO!
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> And who the HECK is that? *point to Dakota*
[20:58] <+Sam|Chef> You could be the antagonist of our new Spin off show!
[20:58] <DakotaMilton> ::o
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> She looks like Frankenstein.
[20:58] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: *turns around, AM and Brick are both on other side of finish line* ... Did you two finish while I wasnt looking? :|... :| Uh oh.
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> xD
[20:58] <DakotaMilton> But... but... D:
[20:58] <+Sam|Chef> Chris and Son! D:
[20:58] <DakotaMilton> I'M BEAUTIFUL.
[20:58] * DakotaMilton starts crying monster-tears.
[20:58] <+Dawn|Lightning> Yet another example of why Chris should be in jaiL!
[20:58] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: We've been standing here for like a WHOLE MINUTE. Who won?!
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> Uh...
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> So who wins?
[20:58] <@Anne_MaScottey> :|
[20:58] <+Dawn|Lightning> That's why I called you here!
[20:58] <+Staci> Yah, I win.
[20:59] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Well, I guess it's a tie
[20:59] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: ... :|
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> There's no prize?
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[20:59] <DakotaMilton> (oh god. REALLY.)
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> *pushes Brick over finish line*
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> There.
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> He wins.
[20:59] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[20:59] <DakotaMilton> (I hate tie-)
[20:59] <DakotaMilton> (YAAAAAYYYYY)
[20:59] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: No, dont worry. Theres an official tiebreaker.
[20:59] <+Dawn|Lightning> (S2?)
[20:59] <+Staci> (^)
[20:59] <+Dawn|Lightning> (I swear to god)
[20:59] <+Dawn|Lightning> (-_-)
[21:00] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: *reading rulebook* In the event of a tie between the finalists, you do it all over. So yeah. Pick teams, we're starting over.
[21:00] <+Sam|Chef> (Ugh, wasn't one season bad enough?)
[21:00] <Jo|> What?
[21:00] <@ChrisBrick> (Yes S2, deal with it >.>)
[21:00] <+Sam|Chef> ......:o
[21:00] <+Dawn|Lightning> (TDDDD! much?)
[21:00] <Jo|> I HAVE TO SPEND ANOTHER EPISODE WITH... HIM? *points at Sam*
[21:00] <+Sam|Chef> But I don't want to do it again. D:
[21:00] <@ChrisBrick> (No not at all >.>)
[21:00] <+Dawn|Lightning> (TDDDDI)
[21:00] <Jo|> i mean season.
[21:00] <+Sam|Chef> NO
[21:00] <@Anne_MaScottey> Not another season.
[21:00] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[21:00] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: QUIET DOWN PEOPLE >.>
[21:00] <+Staci> Oh, no...
[21:00] <+Sam|Chef> I WANT TO HOST PAPA! D: @Chris
[21:00] <+Staci> I mean, yah!
[21:00] <+Dawn|Lightning> So there's another season? yeah!
[21:00] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: AM, you're the girl here. You may choose first. Choose a boy to be on your team.
[21:01] <+Sam|Chef> :D
[21:01] <+[Cameron]> (conf) I actually enjoy competition c:
[21:01] <@Anne_MaScottey> ...
[21:01] <@Anne_MaScottey> Sam.
[21:01] <@Anne_MaScottey> :B
[21:01] <+[Cameron]> (conf) Sure, I'm only there for maybe three seconds, but I compete! :D
[21:01] <Jo|> Haha. It'd be unwise to pick the people who got out first. *cough and look at Cameron*
[21:01] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Brick, choose a girl.
[21:01] <+Sam|Chef> ;)
[21:01] <DakotaMilton> :(
[21:01] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Dawn!
[21:01] <+Staci> D:
[21:01] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: AM, a girl now.
[21:01] <DakotaMilton> ...
[21:01] <+Sam|Chef> (Conf): I guess I can host after I am eliminated next season. D:
[21:01] <@Anne_MaScottey> Ehhh, Jo, I guess.
[21:02] <+Dawn|Lightning> Yay!
[21:02] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> O.O
[21:02] <+Dawn|Lightning> @Brick
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> AHHHH!
[21:02] <Jo|> Intresting. A wise choice.
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> D:
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> JO!
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> Why is nobody picking me? :@
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> :'(
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> I am the STAR of this show.
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> I may be... hideous...
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> But...
[21:02] <Jo|> Do you not realize, you should be voting who lasted longer?
[21:02] <+Staci> Cause you're ugly, Dakota. Yah.
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> I'm still famous, right?
[21:02] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Now I choose a boy. I'll pick... Mike.
[21:02] <+[Cameron]> Actually, according to rating, Chris is :B
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> RIGHT?? *looks at paparazzi*
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> *the paparazzi runs away*
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> :c
[21:02] <@Anne_MaScottey> I choose Lightning.
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> Yes! No Mike!
[21:02] <+Staci> ;)))
[21:02] <+Staci> @Brick
[21:02] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Dakota.
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> Sha Bam! Lightning is back!
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> :D
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> What?!?!?!
[21:02] <+Staci> Whaaa?
[21:02] <DakotaMilton> Ugh. >.>
[21:02] <+Sam|Chef> Or should I say, Lightning strikes again! :D
[21:03] <@Anne_MaScottey> Ehhhh, Zoey. >.>
[21:03] <+[Cameron]> I see what you did, hurhur. :B
[21:03] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Am pick a girl
[21:03] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: Um... B.
[21:03] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-yeah!
[21:03] <@Anne_MaScottey> Z: Yay, I love friends.
[21:03] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[21:03] <+Dawn|Lightning> (late sorry :()
[21:03] <+[Cameron]> (I LOVE CATS.)
[21:03] <Jo|> Mm. Powerhouse team.
[21:03] <+[Cameron]> (:c)
[21:03] <Jo|> Me, Lightning', Tan-can, and Tubby.
[21:03] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: AM, a boy?
[21:03] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Scott or Cameron :p
[21:03] <+Sam|Chef> Who is Cameron? :|
[21:04] <+Staci> All right, guys, way to be cool, and pick me last. Yah.
[21:04] <+[Cameron]> Greetings!
[21:04] <@Anne_MaScottey> I don't even know Cameron, but he's gotta be bettah than Scott.
[21:04] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[21:04] <+Sam|Chef> :D
[21:04] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: I guess I get Staci
[21:04] <+[Cameron]> I wasn't picked last for once :o OH JOYOUS DAY!
[21:04] * [Cameron] tries to jump and falls over
[21:04] <+[Cameron]> :c
[21:04] <+Sam|Chef> (I don't like this idea of the same competiors. >_>)
[21:04] <+Staci> All right, hehe.
[21:04] <+Staci> (Same. @Sam)
[21:04] <DakotaMilton> (Naw, it's a'ight.)
[21:04] <DakotaMilton> (This should be fun.)
[21:04] <+Sam|Chef> (This season better be good. :@)
[21:04] <+[Cameron]> (I don't like the idea of your birth @TDF)
[21:05] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: And by default, Scott goes to Am's team
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> Crap!
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> :@
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> Wait.
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> .......FML
[21:05] * DakotaMilton snickers.
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> -_-
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> Do we get to name our teams?
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> :3
[21:05] == ChrisBrick changed the topic of #dramatizing to: #dramatizing New Teams: AM, Sam, Jo, Lightning, Zoey, Cameron, Scott | Brick, Dawn, Mike, Dakota, B, Staci
[21:05] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Yeah, sure
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> OH
[21:05] <@Anne_MaScottey> Then we shall be...
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> TEAM DAD WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?
[21:05] <DakotaMilton> (Can't we say Brick won in order to make things less... stupid? :C)
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> :D
[21:05] <DakotaMilton> (Or Anne Maria?)
[21:05] <+Dawn|Lightning> Team Lightning!
[21:05] <+[Cameron]> I would like to be named Team Asterocampa Celtis!
[21:05] <+Sam|Chef> 3: Why? :(
[21:05] <DakotaMilton> (WE SHOULD HAVE A WINNER :'()
[21:05] <+[Cameron]> It's the scientific name for butterfly :D
[21:06] <DakotaMilton> (and oh god I hate my teammates.)
[21:06] <+Staci> Let's be Team Shadeflower :D
[21:06] <+Staci> Yah. After me.
[21:06] <+Dawn|Lightning> Like like Team Aura
[21:06] <@Anne_MaScottey> The Tanned Traumatizers is our name!
[21:06] <@Anne_MaScottey> :D
[21:06] <+Sam|Chef> Team Dad Why Don't you love Me! D:
[21:06] <+Dawn|Lightning> :|
[21:06] <+Dawn|Lightning> Sha-wha?
[21:06] <+Staci> Team Loose Peanuts?
[21:06] <@ChrisBrick> Brick: We will be the Screaming Soldiers! :D (loljk) The Marching Magnets :)
[21:06] <DakotaMilton> ... >.>
[21:06] <+[Cameron]> Magnets don't march.
[21:07] <DakotaMilton> That name is lame. :@
[21:07] == ChrisBrick changed the topic of #dramatizing to: #dramatizing New Teams: Tanned Traumatizers - AM, Sam, Jo, Lightning, Zoey, Cameron, Scott | Marching Magnets - Brick, Dawn, Mike, Dakota, B, Staci
[21:07] <+Staci> What kind of names are those?
[21:07] <+Staci> Weak. Yah.
[21:07] <+[Cameron]> Actually, marching is exclusive to only band geeks and ants.
[21:07] <@Anne_MaScottey> So, we're not going to be here... Right?
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Well, I guess that about wraps things up here... Oh, wait
[21:07] <@Anne_MaScottey> >.>
[21:07] <+Staci> I mean, I'm trying to honor my great grandfather Pete
[21:07] <+Staci> who invented magnets
[21:07] <+Staci> but still.
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: It would appear Chef rewatched the tape
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Turns out Brick crossed the finish line first
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: Meh, can't go back and change the past :p
[21:07] <Jo|> Tanned Traumatizers? DO I LOOK LIKE I TAN?
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: WE'LL SEE YOU NEXT SEASON
[21:07] <+Sam|Chef> Gettin' paid to watch tapes. ;)
[21:07] <@ChrisBrick> Chris: ON TOTAL. DRAMA. DRAMATIZING!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:08] <+Sam|Chef> The good kind of tapes. ;)
[21:08] <@ChrisBrick> -- end --
[21:08] <+[Cameron]> (sex tapes.)
[21:08] <+Staci> KTHXBAI
[21:08] <+Staci> :B
[21:08] <@ChrisBrick> ...Chef what a creepy way to end the season xD
[21:08] <Jo|> KTHXBAI
[21:08] <+Sam|Chef> BYE
[21:08] <@ChrisBrick> I WON
[21:08] == Staci [47ce6a2e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:08] <@ChrisBrick> I WON
[21:08] <@ChrisBrick> I WON I WON I WON
[21:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> C: Oh yeah, and there are two new competitors next season. :|
[21:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> ...
[21:08] <+Sam|Chef> No s**t
[21:08] <+Dawn|Lightning> no
[21:08] == [Cameron] has changed nick to Ale-Alejandro
[21:08] <@Anne_MaScottey> C: *cough*