[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> -- RECAP --
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Last time on Total Drama School!
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: We watched Amber and Patrick battle it out for the million dollar grand prize.
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: And, in the end, it was Patrick that was victorious.
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: As our seventeen contestants headed home - or should I say, fifteen - the producers and I realized that four seasons was not enough.
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Total Drama has faced bankruptcy, lawsuits, explosions, death, storms, and a visit from animal control!
[13:44] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: We're the toughest show out there, and we're staying on air for at least one more season!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: But, unfortunately, we forgot to add a sneaky loophole in the contracts of the season four contestants. :s
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: So, now, we gotta find a bunch of brand-new teenagers to compete in season five!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Eighty-eight contestants will audition, and seventy-four will go home empty-handed!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Find out which sixteen will win the grand opportunity, right here, on Total!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Drama!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: SCHOOL!!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> -- START --
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Yo! We're coming at you live from Chris McLean High School, inside the gymnasium!
[13:45] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Eighty-eight teenagers are all lined up outside the hallway, munching at our bread and admiring my pictures.
[13:46] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Here with me, anxious to judge the auditions-
[13:46] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: We aren't anxious.
[13:46] <@Patrick|> Can I have some bread?
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Amber and Patrick, the two finalists of season four!
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: They're here by choice.
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Amber: No, we aren't. You forced us.
[13:47] <@Patrick|> I don't want to be here
[13:47] <@Patrick|> I have money to spend...
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: *tosses a piece of bread to Patrick*  :D
[13:47] <@Patrick|> Yay :D
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: *sits down in between Amber and Patrick at the judging table*
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Chris: Let the auditions begin!
[13:47] <@Chris|Amber> Intern: CONTESTANT 001 -- MARY SUE.
[13:48] <@Chris|Amber> Mary-Sue: *enters perfectly* :)
[13:48] <@Patrick|> Hi Mary-Sue. Do you live on a farm?
[13:48] <@Chris|Amber> Mary-Sue: Nope. ^^
[13:48] <@Chris|Amber> Mary-Sue: I live in a house. :)
[13:48] <@Patrick|> Because it sounds like the kind of name a farmer would give his daughter, or pig...
[13:48] == Kgman04 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[13:48] <@Chris|Amber> Mary-Sue: It's perfect. ^^
[13:48] <Kgman04> OMG, I AM SO SORRY. :|
[13:48] <@Patrick|> No offense :D
[13:48] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Kgman04] by Chris|Amber
[13:48] == Kgman04 has changed nick to Chris-
[13:48] == Chris|Amber has changed nick to Amber-
[13:49] <@Patrick|> So how are you today Mary-Sue?
[13:49] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: Perfect. :D
[13:49] <@Patrick|> Really...
[13:49] <@Chris-> :|
[13:49] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: I baked you all some perfect muffins here.
[13:49] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: *hands a perfect muffin to Amber*
[13:49] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[13:49] <@Amber-> Amber: Uhhh...
[13:49] <@Patrick|> Yay muffins :D
[13:49] <@Amber-> Amber: Thanks.
[13:49] <@Patrick|> So... how's the weather?
[13:49] <@Chris-> What..... what are IN those muffins?
[13:49] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: Sunshine and rainbows!! ^^
[13:50] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: And PIXIE DUST. :D
[13:50] <@Amber-> Amber: *slides muffin to Patrick* :s
[13:50] * Patrick| pushes away the muffin
[13:50] <@Amber-> Amber: I've suddenly lost my appetite.
[13:50] <@Patrick|> You know what Pixie dust is slang for?
[13:50] <@Chris-> (xD)
[13:50] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: *covers Patrick's mouth*
[13:50] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: AHAHAHA. :D
[13:50] <@Patrick|> :|
[13:50] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: You just HAVE to eat the muffins. You'll be just like me. :D
[13:50] <@Patrick|> Iwasbeingsarcastic (muffled)
[13:51] <@Chris-> Oh my. :|
[13:51] * Patrick| pushes away her hand
[13:51] <@Chris-> Uhhhhhh.
[13:51] <@Patrick|> Not going to lie. I have a feeling that you're the omen
[13:51] * Chris- gets his walkie-talkie.
[13:51] <@Chris-> Security?
[13:51] <@Chris-> Yeah, we're done with this one.
[13:51] <@Amber-> Security: *escorts Mary-Sue out*
[13:51] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: NOOO!!!
[13:51] <@Chris-> o-o
[13:51] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: IT WAS THE PERFECT AUDITION!!
[13:51] <@Amber-> Mary-Sue: I WAS PERFECT!! :@
[13:52] <@Patrick|> We're going to send you to a perfect spongey room! :D
[13:52] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- SYK.
[13:52] <+Francois|> (xDDDDDDDDD)
[13:52] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: Hey, dudes! My name is Syk! It kind of sounds like "sick", which is pretty sick, huh? Yeah, man. I really like waffles. Do you guys like waffles? They're good. I like how they're shaped like prisms. Wait, I don't think they're shaped like prisms. Silly me. Bwahahaha! What's a prism, anyways? It sounds like a funny word. Speaking of funny words, I like the word "doodle." It's hilarious, man. Doodle doodle dup. I had a p
[13:52] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[13:52] <@Chris-> :|
[13:52] <@Amber-> Amber: *awkward cough*
[13:52] <@Patrick|> :D
[13:52] <@Patrick|> Doodle is a pretty funny word
[13:52] <@Amber-> Amber: Patrick. :@
[13:52] <@Patrick|> Doodle doodle doodle doodle
[13:52] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: I know, right?
[13:52] <@Amber-> Amber: Don't encourage him.
[13:52] <@Amber-> Amber: >>>
[13:52] <@Patrick|> Sorry :|
[13:53] <@Chris-> So, Syk. Are you excited to be here?
[13:53] <@Amber-> Amber: Clearly, the guy has issues.
[13:53] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: You see, I said doodle for fifteen minutes straight yesterday.
[13:53] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: Yeah, totally!
[13:53] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[13:53] <@Patrick|> He's syked
[13:53] <@Chris-> -_-
[13:53] <@Amber-> Amber: *sips pop*
[13:53] <@Patrick|> *Boom boom ching*
[13:53] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: Totally sounds like "toad-ally", and I like toads a lot. They're cooler than frogs. Because toads are brown, and frogs aren't.
[13:53] <@Amber-> Amber: ...
[13:53] <@Amber-> Amber: Chris. :s
[13:53] <@Chris-> :|
[13:53] <@Chris-> Well, Syk.
[13:53] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: And toads have warts all over their body just like me!
[13:54] <@Chris-> It's....
[13:54] <@Patrick|> :|
[13:54] <@Chris-> :|
[13:54] <@Amber-> Amber: I did not sign up for this. -_-'
[13:54] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: Huh? Whadda ya want, McLean?
[13:54] <@Chris-> It's been nice talking to you.
[13:54] <@Amber-> Amber: He did all the talking.
[13:54] <@Chris-> Well, more like, it's been nice listening to you talk to us
[13:54] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: That's cool.
[13:54] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- TIANNA
[13:54] <+Tianna> -.-
[13:54] <+Linkette|Syk> Syk: NUUUUUU!
[13:54] <+Tianna> Ugh.
[13:54] <@Patrick|> Hi Tianna
[13:54] <@Amber-> Amber: Hey.
[13:55] <+Tianna> Hi. >->
[13:55] <@Chris-> Hello, Tianna.
[13:55] <@Chris-> Well, aren't YOU just a bucket full of happiness? >.>
[13:55] <+Tianna> I've been sitting out there with those freaks for, like, ever. I'm so better then this. -.-
[13:55] <@Amber-> Amber: It's great to see that we've finally gotten to our batch of down-to-earth contestants.
[13:55] <+Tianna> Listen, I don't care.
[13:55] <+Tianna> I really don't
[13:55] <@Patrick|> So why are you here?
[13:56] <+Tianna> My daddy is taking me and my friend to the mall
[13:56] <@Patrick|> ...And?
[13:56] <+Tianna> But I have to wait, like, another hour because she has "chores" and "responsiblites" or something.
[13:56] <+Tianna> And I have nothing else to do. =\
[13:56] <@Amber-> Amber:, you don't actually want to get into season five? :|
[13:56] <+Tianna> No. Not really. =|
[13:56] <@Patrick|> So you decided to audition for a reality show that you don't want to compete in. Because you're waiting an hour...
[13:56] <@Amber-> Amber: o.O
[13:56] <@Chris-> Bummer. Well, see ya! *gets his walkie-talkie*
[13:56] <+Tianna> I just want to go to the mall.
[13:57] <@Patrick|> Yeah have fun at Spencer's
[13:57] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- CHEVAL
[13:57] * Cheval|Jane walks in, carrying a pig in one hand and a chicken in another hand, riding on a horse, being followed by a cow on a leash.
[13:57] <@Chris-> :|
[13:57] <@Amber-> Amber: *spits out pop all over Chris*
[13:57] <@Patrick|> Is your name Mary-Sue?
[13:57] <+Cheval|Jane> Cheval: Hey y'all, I'm Cheval.
[13:57] <@Chris-> :-O
[13:57] <@Chris-> MY HAIR.
[13:57] * Cheval|Jane hold up pig.
[13:57] <+Cheval|Jane> And this is Betsy.
[13:57] * Chris- ducks underneath the table to fix his hair.
[13:57] <@Amber-> Amber: Betsy?
[13:57] <@Patrick|> Cheval. See that sounds like less of a redneck name...
[13:57] * Cheval|Jane holds up the chicken.
[13:57] == Tianna has changed nick to Mackenzie
[13:57] <+Cheval|Jane> And this is Chuck.
[13:57] <@Patrick|> Um, hi Chuck
[13:58] * Cheval|Jane gts off of the horse.
[13:58] <+Cheval|Jane> And this is Sid.
[13:58] <@Amber-> Amber: Are you auditioning for the show, or are your pets?
[13:58] * Cheval|Jane pulls up the cow.
[13:58] <+Cheval|Jane> Oh.
[13:58] <+Cheval|Jane> Is this a mutliple choice question?
[13:58] <@Patrick|> It smells like... I think you know
[13:58] * Chris- gets back up.
[13:58] <@Amber-> ...
[13:58] <@Chris-> :|
[13:58] == Linkette|Syk has changed nick to Linkette
[13:58] * Cheval|Jane 's pig runs over and jumps on Chris.
[13:58] <@Amber-> Amber: :o
[13:59] * Patrick| jumps on the pig
[13:59] <+Cheval|Jane> Betsy likes you! :)
[13:59] <@Patrick|> Mud wrestling with a pig...
[13:59] <@Chris-> Cheval, I can't tell if you're doing this on purpose, or you're just that clueless. o.O
[13:59] * Cheval|Jane 's cow sits on Amber.
[13:59] <@Amber-> Amber: Agggh!!
[13:59] <@Chris-> :|
[13:59] <+Cheval|Jane> Aww. Sheila.
[13:59] <@Amber-> Amber: *falls off chair*
[13:59] <@Patrick|> Get this crazy lady out of here
[13:59] <@Chris-> Okay, that's our cue to move on.
[13:59] <@Amber-> Amber: Ow. :'(
[13:59] <+Cheval|Jane> Don't go number 2 in public!
[13:59] <@Chris-> Thanks for auditioning, Cheval.
[13:59] <@Amber-> (Cheval is a man.)
[13:59] <@Amber-> (:|)
[13:59] <@Chris-> Along with your...
[13:59] <@Patrick|> Wait, which one's Sheila? My mind hurts...
[13:59] <@Chris-> Mini-farm parade.
[13:59] <@Chris-> :|
[14:00] <+Cheval|Jane> Why thank you!
[14:00] <@Patrick|> You're... welcome
[14:00] * Cheval|Jane walks away.
[14:00] == Cheval|Jane has changed nick to Jane|
[14:00] <@Chris-> Mhm.
[14:00] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- GREGORY
[14:00] <@Chris-> (Lag. -.-)
[14:00] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: I am Gregory Gagrin Czechekofev, I am Russian figure skater. :D
[14:00] <@Amber-> Amber: Ooh. :$
[14:00] <@Amber-> Amber: He's cute.
[14:00] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: I show you my figure skating, yes?
[14:00] <@Amber-> Amber: Suuure. ^^
[14:00] <@Patrick|> Not from the Czech Republic, like your name indicates?
[14:01] <@Chris-> :|
[14:01] <@Chris-> Figure-skating?
[14:01] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: -rips off clothing to show figure skating outfit underneath-
[14:01] <@Amber-> Amber: Chris. Let him show us. :@
[14:01] <@Amber-> Amber: O_O""
[14:01] <@Patrick|> Hm, anyone else think that that's a fake accent? :|
[14:01] <@Chris-> But.... you're a dude.
[14:01] <@Amber-> Amber: *giggles* :$
[14:01] <@Chris-> And this is a polished wooden floor. >.>
[14:01] <@Patrick|> Amber? *Snaps fingers in front of her*
[14:01] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: -skates anyways-
[14:01] <@Amber-> Amber: HUH? YES, DANIEL. O.O'
[14:01] <@Chris-> :|
[14:01] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: I wish to want to be on show for money for outfits, yes?
[14:02] * Chris- drinks some of Amber's pop and spits it all over her.
[14:02] <@Chris-> WAKE UP.
[14:02] <@Amber-> Amber: Hey!! :@
[14:02] <@Chris-> Well, Gregory.
[14:02] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: -blows kisses- I am thanking you very much! :)
[14:02] <@Amber-> Amber: *holds up a 10* Great job!! I loved it!
[14:02] <@Chris-> Besides the sequins, there's nothing I like about you.
[14:02] <@Amber-> Amber: We should totally let him in. ;)
[14:02] <@Amber-> Amber: :o
[14:02] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: D:
[14:02] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: But... But... I am Russian figure skater, yes?
[14:03] <@Chris-> -_-
[14:03] <+Isalin|Gregory> Gregory: -begins to sob uncontrollably-
[14:03] * Chris- gets his walkie-talkie.
[14:03] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- ISALIN
[14:03] == Isalin|Gregory has changed nick to Isalin|
[14:03] <+Isalin|> Yes. :)
[14:03] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:03] <@Amber-> Amber: Hi. :D
[14:03] <+Isalin|> Yes.
[14:03] <@Amber-> Amber: You must be Isalin.
[14:03] <+Isalin|> :D
[14:03] <@Patrick|> Hello...
[14:03] <+Isalin|> Yes.
[14:03] <@Amber-> Amber: you only say "yes"? :|
[14:04] <+Isalin|> No. :)
[14:04] <@Patrick|> Yes or no?
[14:04] <@Amber-> Amber: Oh. Okay...
[14:04] <+Francois|> (lawl)
[14:04] <+Isalin|> Yes? :s @Patrick
[14:04] <+Isalin|> No?
[14:04] <@Patrick|> What's 2+2?
[14:04] <@Chris-> :|
[14:04] <+Isalin|> Yes? D:
[14:04] <@Chris-> :|
[14:04] <@Patrick|> Get her out of here
[14:04] <+Isalin|> No!
[14:04] <@Chris-> Wait.
[14:04] <+Isalin|> Yes?
[14:04] <@Chris-> Let's have fun with this. ;)
[14:05] <@Patrick|> Fine...
[14:05] <+Isalin|> Yes... :|
[14:05] <@Chris-> Do you like Amber or Patrick better? :D
[14:05] <+Isalin|> Yes.
[14:05] <@Patrick|> If yes is no, and no is yes, what is maybe?
[14:05] <@Amber-> Amber: Yes?
[14:05] <+Isalin|> No? :| @Pat
[14:05] <@Amber-> Amber: No. :|
[14:05] <@Chris-> No? :|
[14:05] <@Amber-> Amber: Yes.
[14:05] <+Isalin|> Yes? :s
[14:05] <@Amber-> Amber: No, you said yes!
[14:06] <+Isalin|> YES?! :'(
[14:06] <+Isalin|> NO?!
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: NO!! :@
[14:06] <@Patrick|> Do you speak English?
[14:06] <@Chris-> I thought she said yes because Patrick said it meant no. o.O
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: YES!!
[14:06] <+Isalin|> No!
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: She did!
[14:06] <+Isalin|> Yes!
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: Yes!!
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: It was a yes. -_-
[14:06] <@Patrick|> Que?
[14:06] <+Isalin|> No?!
[14:06] <@Amber-> Amber: Who? :|
[14:06] <@Chris-> 42, blue, rectangle! :@
[14:06] == TDFan1000 [~TDFan1000@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[14:06] * Chris- gets his walkie-talkie.
[14:06] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- LAMBERT
[14:06] <@Patrick|> Anyone speak any languages besides french or english? :|
[14:06] <@Chris-> We're done here.
[14:06] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- LAMBERT
[14:06] <+Isalin|> NO!!!!!!
[14:06] <+Isalin|> :'(
[14:06] == Isalin| has changed nick to neko-naito
[14:06] <TDFan1000> (WTF!?)
[14:06] <@Patrick|> Ok then...
[14:07] <+Mackenzie> (Hai TDF)
[14:07] <@Amber-> (TDF, YOU'RE LAMBERT.)
[14:07] <TDFan1000> (WHY DID IT START SO EARLY!?!? :'()
[14:07] <+Linkette> (Huh?)
[14:07] <@Amber-> (AMBER'S STALKER.)
[14:07] <@Amber-> (GO.)
[14:07] <@Amber-> (GO.)
[14:07] <@Amber-> (GO.)
[14:07] <@Chris-> (DON'T ASK, JUST RP. :@)
[14:07] <@Darren|> (GO.)
[14:07] == TDFan1000 has changed nick to Lambert|
[14:07] <@Amber-> Amber: *sips soda*
[14:07] * Chris- ducks before Amber spits it out.
[14:07] <+neko-naito> (*pop)
[14:07] <@Amber-> Amber: *swallows* <.<
[14:07] <@Chris-> (lol twss)
[14:07] <+William|Rex> (Give TDF voice)
[14:07] <@Amber-> Amber: *drinks more pop*
[14:07] <@Darren|> (ANY TIME NOW TDF. :@)
[14:07] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Lambert|] by Darren|
[14:08] <+Lambert|> Hi Amber and everyone else. :3
[14:08] <@Amber-> Amber: *mouth is full of soda*
[14:08] <+Lambert|> (IDK Whats going on give me a break! :@)
[14:08] <@Chris-> Sup.
[14:08] <@Chris-> ...
[14:08] <+neko-naito> (He DID just get here. :p)
[14:08] <@Patrick|> So... hi Lambert
[14:08] <+Jane|> (Collect her pop in a plastic bag. :))
[14:09] <@Patrick|> Is your last name Adam? :|
[14:09] <+William|Rex> (Be all stalker-ish towards Amber :p @TDF)
[14:09] <+Mackenzie> (..worst time to go AFK....)
[14:09] <+Linkette> (^)
[14:09] <+Francois|> (can I just do Lambert?)
[14:09] <+Lambert|> (^)
[14:09] <@Patrick|> So... this guy's not talking
[14:09] <@Amber-> (yes.)
[14:09] <+neko-naito> (Lawl. xD)
[14:09] <+Lambert|> (Someone fill me in PM.)
[14:09] == Francois| has changed nick to Lambert|Francois
[14:10] <@Patrick|> He's just staring at Amber
[14:10] <@Patrick|> Awkwardly...
[14:10] * Amber- spits out pop and starts choking on it.
[14:10] <@Amber-> Shut up, Pat!
[14:10] <+Lambert|Francois> (go back and let me enter again)
[14:10] <@Amber-> >.>
[14:10] <@Chris-> ...........................
[14:10] <@Chris-> Mhm.
[14:10] <@Chris-> (Am I lagging, or is there just an awkward pause?)
[14:10] <+William|Rex> (I already told you =| @TDF)
[14:10] <@Darren|> (Pause.)
[14:10] == Chris- [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 3.6.18/20110614230723]]
[14:10] <+Lambert|Francois> (AW, HELL NAW!)
[14:10] <+Mackenzie> (..lagging, I- =|)
[14:10] <@Darren|> (-_-(
[14:10] <@Darren|> (-_-)*
[14:10] <@Amber-> (Just keep going, Lambert. :s)
[14:10] <+Lambert|Francois> (K)
[14:10] <+William|Rex> (OMG Ryan take over as Chris)
[14:10] <+Lambert|Francois> So, Amber, how come you moved when you were six?
[14:11] == Chris- [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[14:11] <+Lambert|Francois> It made it very hard to find you again. :-@
[14:11] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Chris-] by Amber-
[14:11] <@Amber-> Excuse me?
[14:11] <@Amber-> How did you know me when I was six?
[14:11] <@Amber-> :|
[14:11] <@Chris-> .... :|
[14:11] <+Lambert|Francois> I...didn't. >.>
[14:11] <@Patrick|> :|
[14:11] <+Lambert|Francois> Haha.
[14:11] <+Lambert|Francois> Anyway.
[14:11] <@Amber-> o_o
[14:11] <@Chris-> I...
[14:12] <@Patrick|> Methinks that it's time to get this guy locked up...
[14:12] == BarBar [~BarBar@] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[14:12] <+Lambert|Francois> No, no, it's fine, haha! :D
[14:12] <+Lambert|> (Someone take over all my characters I'm busy.)
[14:12] <+Lambert|Francois> :o AMBER, YOU DYED YOUR HAIR?!!
[14:12] == Lambert| has changed nick to TDF|Busy
[14:12] <@Amber-> o.o
[14:12] <@Amber-> UHHHHHH
[14:12] <Reddy> (BRB)
[14:12] <@Amber-> SECURITY.
[14:12] <@Chris-> O_O
[14:12] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-v TDF|Busy] by Darren|
[14:12] * Chris- gets his walkie-talkie.
[14:12] <@Chris-> Yeah, you're done, hun.
[14:12] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- JANE
[14:12] <@Patrick|> Wow, I didn't even notice that she dyed it
[14:13] <@Patrick|> Well... hi Jane
[14:13] * Jane| walks in, wearing only a towel.
[14:13] <+Jane|> Hey.
[14:13] <+Lambert|Francois> NO! NO! AMBER, MARRY ME! :'(
[14:13] <@Patrick|> Oh God
[14:13] <@Chris-> O_O
[14:13] * Chris- pants.
[14:13] <@Chris-> ...
[14:13] <+Jane|> What are you staring at? I am in love with nature and I just like to keep it natural, y'know?
[14:13] <@Amber-> Amber: You're wearing sixty-dollar makeup. :|
[14:14] <+Jane|> Well...Umm...
[14:14] <@Chris-> You...
[14:14] <+Jane|> LOVE.
[14:14] <+Jane|> PEACE.
[14:14] <@Chris-> You wouldn't mind putting something on, would you?
[14:14] <+Jane|> Umm. Nah.
[14:14] <+Jane|> I am in love with nature and I just like to keep it natural, y'know?
[14:14] <@Patrick|> Love and peace are all good. But don't you think that you'd fit better into a nude colony than a reality show?
[14:14] <+Jane|> Well I would get ratings. ;)
[14:15] <@Chris-> Not with THOSE legs. >.>
[14:15] <+Jane|> :|
[14:15] <@Patrick|> We'd have to censor it all though so...
[14:15] <@Amber-> Amber: Chris! :@
[14:15] <+Jane|> Boy.
[14:15] <@Chris-> It's the truth. :@
[14:15] <+Jane|> Is it hot in here or is it just me?
[14:15] <@Chris-> No, it's hot in here.
[14:15] <@Patrick|> Nah, probably me ;)
[14:15] <@Chris-> Get out.
[14:15] <@Chris-> >.>
[14:15] <+Jane|> ...can I take my towel off now?
[14:16] <+Jane|> :)
[14:16] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- INAFETS
[14:16] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- INAFETS
[14:16] == Lambert|Francois has changed nick to Francois|
[14:16] == Chris- has changed nick to Chris|Stefani
[14:16] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:16] <+William|Rex> (Lulz Patrick got all hot and bothered)
[14:16] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: HII! ^_^
[14:16] <@Amber-> Amber: Stefani? :|
[14:16] <+Mackenzie> (I'm going to be away for, like, 5-10 mintues.)
[14:16] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: Hi, guys! ^_^
[14:16] <@Patrick|> Stefani, why are you here?
[14:16] <@Amber-> Amber: What happened to our next contestant?
[14:16] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: :|
[14:16] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: I AM the next contestant, silly.
[14:16] <+Mackenzie> (Is that okay or would I be late? o.o)
[14:16] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: I'm trying out again!
[14:17] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: .... You.... can't. :|
[14:17] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: :o
[14:17] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: But, why? :(
[14:17] <@Amber-> Amber: Yeah. We're picking new contestants, Stef.
[14:17] <@Patrick|> Nice seeing you though, Stef
[14:17] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: :(
[14:17] <+Mackenzie> (Okay, I'm going to go with it's okay...)
[14:17] <@Patrick|> How's Alec doing?
[14:17] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: He doesn't like being naked anymore.
[14:17] <@Patrick|> Oh...
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: Oooh, I have an idea!!
[14:18] <@Patrick|> Well that's... a shame
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: I can like, stay with you guys, right?
[14:18] == Darren| has changed nick to Darren|Carl
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: StaY?
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Um, well.... :|
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: You mean...
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: JUDGE?
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: Yeah, that word. :D
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: *hops in Chris' lap*
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: Oh, please. Only cheap, overrated shows like "Canadian Idolize" have four judges.
[14:18] == Jane| has changed nick to Dakotacoons
[14:18] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: :|
[14:18] <Reddy> bk
[14:18] <@Amber-> Amber: But...I guess you could join. :|
[14:19] <@Patrick|> If she joins, can I leave?
[14:19] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Stefani, I really don't think--
[14:19] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: *handcuffs her and Chris' legs together*
[14:19] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: :|
[14:19] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- LINKETTE
[14:19] <+Mackenzie> (Okay, back. :3)
[14:19] <+Linkette> Linkette: Did you know that Madio is the number-one best game on the planet?
[14:20] <@Amber-> Amber: ...excuse me?
[14:20] <+Linkette> Did you know that?
[14:20] <@Patrick|> Is Linkette your real name?
[14:20] <@Patrick|> Or are you just one of those creepy fangirls?
[14:20] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: You sound like my computer. *gigglesnort*
[14:20] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:20] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Ew. o.o
[14:20] <@Amber-> Amber: -.-
[14:20] <+Linkette> Not really.
[14:21] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: Awwwwwwwww. :(
[14:21] <+Linkette> So, who wants to hear more about video games? Video games have one "s" in them!
[14:21] <@Patrick|> Alec is scrawny and awkward-looking
[14:21] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Not really--
[14:21] <+Linkette> Hahahaha. I memorized that.
[14:21] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: :|
[14:21] <+Linkette> That's not all! There's more!
[14:21] <@Amber-> Amber: Stefani, you live in the same city as Alec; you see him EVERY DAY, so why are you still obsessing over him? :@
[14:21] <@Patrick|> Ok Linkette. It was nice hearing your... video game knowledge
[14:21] <+Linkette> I know! Heeheehee.
[14:21] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: :@
[14:22] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: Talk to the foot.
[14:22] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani: *lifts foot*
[14:22] <+Linkette> Can I be a contestant? Please please please please please please?
[14:22] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Okey-dokey. :|
[14:22] <+Linkette> Hey, foot!
[14:22] <@Amber-> Amber: i--
[14:22] <@Amber-> Amber: Alright, then.
[14:22] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: We'll see you later, Linkette.
[14:22] <+Linkette> All right! See ya at the first episode!
[14:22] <+Linkette> Zelda ROCKS!!
[14:22] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: These people just get weirder and weirder. >.>
[14:22] <+Linkette> :(
[14:22] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- "GNARL"Y CARL
[14:22] <@Darren|Carl> Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's great to be here guys. This is only the second day I've been out in the air for a while. :)
[14:22] <@Darren|Carl> Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's great to be here guys. This is only the second day I've been out in the air for a while. :)*
[14:22] <@Darren|Carl> Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. It's great to be here guys. This is only the second day I've been out in the air for a while. :)***
[14:23] == Linkette has changed nick to Toadeh
[14:23] <@Amber-> Amber: Out in the air? What, were you, like, trapped in a prison? XDD
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> Hahahahhaa.
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> It's funny actually.
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> I liked this girl down the street, Amy Warner.
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> She wasn't into me.
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> But I was.
[14:23] <@Darren|Carl> And so.
[14:24] <@Patrick|> I don't like where this is going...
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> I wanted her so bad.
[14:24] <@Amber-> Amber: Me, neither. @Patrick
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> So I sytarted cutting her hair off and keeping it in a jar.
[14:24] <@Amber-> Amber: O_O""
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> And then I collected her fingernails.
[14:24] <@Amber-> Amber: *vomits in mouth a little*
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> I started to inhale them every night, and it gave me a feeling of pure imagination.
[14:24] <@Patrick|> O.O
[14:24] <+William|Rex> (Wow this dude makes Sierra look normal =|)
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> So I started to take her clothing.
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> And shoes.
[14:24] <@Darren|Carl> And socks.
[14:25] <@Darren|Carl> And pan-
[14:25] <@Patrick|> Ok get this guy needs to get out
[14:25] * Amber- vomits on Chris.
[14:25] <@Patrick|> Like... now
[14:25] <@Darren|Carl> *police enter*
[14:25] <@Darren|Carl> There he is!
[14:25] <@Amber-> :o
[14:25] <@Darren|Carl> P: There he is!
[14:25] <@Amber-> The RCMP's here?
[14:25] <@Darren|Carl> C: Hahahaha, gotta run guys.
[14:25] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:26] <@Patrick|> I am never going to forget what I just heard...
[14:26] <@Darren|Carl> C: See ya when the next season starts. I hope to collect your hair too Amber.
[14:26] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- MACKENZIE
[14:26] <@Darren|Carl> C: *darts down the hall with the police chasing after him*
[14:26] <@Darren|Carl> HAHAHAHAHAHA.
[14:26] <+Mackenzie> Hi. :3
[14:26] <@Amber-> Amber: Hi, there, Mackenzie. ^^
[14:27] <@Amber-> Amber: What's up?
[14:27] <@Patrick|> Hey Mackenzie
[14:27] == TranscripterDude [44f84abc@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[14:27] <+Mackenzie> You can also call me Miss Toronto, Miss Ontario, Miss Alaska, *counts on fingers*, Miss Tennessee, Miss New York, and Miss a lot of other things. :3
[14:27] == neko-naito [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[14:27] <+Mackenzie> Soon to be Miss America. :D
[14:27] <@Amber-> Amber: Oh...
[14:27] <@Patrick|> Ooh, you're pretty...
[14:27] <@Amber-> Amber: And, these are official titles?
[14:28] <+Mackenzie> Haha thanks. ^-^
[14:28] <+Mackenzie> And yes, they are :D
[14:28] <+Mackenzie> I won them after I got all that plastic surgery. :3
[14:28] <+Mackenzie> Soooo worth it. :D
[14:28] <@Amber-> Amber: So, you're a pageant queen?
[14:28] <+Mackenzie> Mhm. ^-^
[14:28] <+Francois|> (I think you forgot Miss Insane)
[14:29] <+William|Rex> (Lulz)
[14:29] <+Mackenzie> (xDDDD)
[14:29] <@Patrick|> I think that she should be in the season
[14:29] <+Mackenzie> Aw, thank you! :3
[14:29] <+Mackenzie> I'll be sure to mention you when I win Miss Universe. :D
[14:29] <@Amber-> Amber: Patrick. We do not let someone's looks get in the way of our opinion.
[14:29] <@Patrick|> We need... personality
[14:30] <+Mackenzie> Just like all the other guys who hit on me! :D
[14:30] <@Patrick|> Big... personality
[14:30] <@Amber-> Amber: ...can we have Gregory make the cut? ^^
[14:30] <@Patrick|> No. :@
[14:30] <@Amber-> Amber: :c
[14:30] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- BRENDON
[14:30] <+Mackenzie> I think figure skaters are bad. :c They waste water with their skates that we could be giving to the children in Africa D:
[14:31] <@Patrick|> I. KNOW. RIGHT?
[14:31] <+Mackenzie> So. I'll go now. ^-^
[14:31] <+Mackenzie> BYEEEE :D
[14:31] <+William|Rex> (Ale's good actress :3)
[14:31] <@Patrick|> Wait, isn't she getting in? D:
[14:31] == Mackenzie has changed nick to Ursla
[14:31] <+William|Rex> (*a good)
[14:31] <@Amber-> B: *chews on a straw*
[14:31] <+Ursla> (lolthatwasakward. No one said anything an I'm all "......sooooo.")
[14:31] <@Amber-> B: *whistles*
[14:31] <@Amber-> B: This straw ain't as good as the straws in The South.
[14:32] <+William|Rex> (*gives Ale a cookie*)
[14:32] <@Amber-> Amber: *reads page* According to your biography, you were born in Boston.
[14:33] <@Amber-> B: Boston creams ain't as good as the Boston creams in The South.
[14:33] <@Patrick|> Um...
[14:33] == CD-TDA [57dcfd77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[14:33] <@Amber-> B: Your "Ums" ain't as classy as they are in The South.
[14:34] <@Amber-> B: The South is The Southiest.
[14:34] <@Amber-> Amber: Once again, you aren't even FROM the South. According to your bio, you never even visited-
[14:34] <@Amber-> B: The bio-grafees aren't as good-
[14:34] <@Amber-> Amber: the ones from The South. :s
[14:34] <@Amber-> Amber: We know. :|
[14:35] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:35] <@Darren|Carl> (Lag or quiet?)
[14:35] <@Patrick|> Ok this is a weird conversation...
[14:35] <+Francois|> (quiet)
[14:36] <@Patrick|> Can we just move on?
[14:36] <+William|Rex> (Awk. actually @Darren)
[14:36] <+William|Rex> (Is Kg even active? =|)
[14:36] <+Francois|> (Chris hasn't talked in a while. :|)
[14:36] == Darren|Carl has changed nick to Darren|
[14:36] <+Ursla> (Yeah...)
[14:36] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (Kg's gone then? :/)
[14:37] <+Francois|> (IDK)
[14:37] <+William|Rex> (Who's next?)
[14:37] <+Ursla> (It's in, like, a random order)
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <+Toadeh> (Are the contestants making appearances? Because IDK whether to stay)
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <+Francois|> (let's get something moving)
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:37] <+Ursla> (I think they show their "auditions" or whatever except not with the actors...)
[14:37] <@Amber-> B: The South. :|
[14:38] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (Why's Ryan reppeating this? xD)
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: The.
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: s.
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: o.
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: u.
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: t.
[14:38] <@Amber-> B: h.
[14:38] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT --
[14:38] <+William|Rex> (=|)
[14:38] <@Amber-> Intern: DARREN
[14:38] <@Darren|> Uh, I really think it's unecessary to announce my name. They already know it, since I signed it like, 80 times on waivers. Pretty sad actually. Shows what this show knows about safety. Chris is just out to kill us anyway. Aint that right, Mr. McLean?
[14:39] <@Amber-> Amber: :s
[14:39] == Autumn [ad32a139@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[14:39] <@Amber-> Amber: Are you going to whine? I've had a rough day.
[14:39] <+William|Rex> (We need a Chris btw =|)
[14:39] <@Patrick|> He kinda has a point...
[14:39] <@Darren|> Good to see your giving me a puss face and complaining about my whining. Wanna know what happened yesterday? My dog got hit by a car. The whole have of his body separated. My dog was the only person in my life I cared for.
[14:40] <@Darren|> So keep up the sour look Amber.
[14:40] <@Darren|> Keep it up.
[14:40] <@Patrick|> Oh... I'm sorry
[14:40] <+Toadeh> (What's going on? :p)
[14:40] <@Amber-> Amber: >.>
[14:40] <@Darren|> Sorry? I was sorry when I accidentally had my dad's arm ripped off. Instead, he told me he didn't want me around anymore.
[14:40] <@Darren|> So yeah.
[14:40] <@Amber-> Amber: Well, I am very sorry for your lo-
[14:40] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (Kg desappeared :/)
[14:40] <@Patrick|> Oh God...
[14:40] <@Amber-> Amber: :|
[14:41] <+Ursla> (BRB
[14:41] <@Darren|> Now you are looking serious.
[14:41] <@Darren|> I looked serious when I accidentally gashed my mom's head open when I dropped her statue on her head.
[14:41] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (Ale, did you notice your name's Ursla instead of Ursula? Just saying)
[14:41] <@Darren|> I looked serious.
[14:41] <@Darren|> So go ahead.
[14:41] <@Darren|> Keep on looking serious.
[14:42] <@Patrick|> ...
[14:42] <@Darren|> Keep on gashing a serious look into my head.
[14:42] <Autumn> (...)
[14:42] <@Darren|> Being awkward now?
[14:42] <+Ursla> (Back.)
[14:42] <@Amber-> Amber: Holy f-
[14:42] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- URSULA
[14:42] <@Darren|> It was awkward when I walk in on my brother-
[14:42] <@Darren|> Urgh.
[14:42] <@Patrick|> OK STOP
[14:42] <Autumn> (rly?)
[14:42] == Ursla has changed nick to Ursula
[14:42] <@Patrick|> NEXT CONTESTANT
[14:42] == Ursula has changed nick to Ursula|
[14:42] <+Ursula|> Hi :D
[14:43] <@Patrick|> Hi Ursula. You aren't a sea witch are you?
[14:43] <@Amber-> Amber: It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, huh, Patrick? ;)
[14:43] <+Ursula|> ..........
[14:43] <+Ursula|> Are you calling me fat?
[14:43] <+Ursula|> D:
[14:43] <@Amber-> o.o
[14:43] <@Amber-> What?
[14:43] <@Amber-> No!!
[14:43] <+Ursula|> That is, like, so mean!
[14:43] <@Amber-> I didn't mean you!
[14:43] <+Ursula|> Really!
[14:43] <@Amber-> I was talking about our last contestant!
[14:43] <@Patrick|> No. Haven't you seen the Little Mermaid?
[14:43] <+Ursula|> Why would you do that? D:
[14:43] <@Amber-> I-I didn't!
[14:43] <@Amber-> I'm so sorry!
[14:43] <+Ursula|> And now you're saying I'm an octopus?!?!
[14:43] <@Amber-> You're not -
[14:43] <@Amber-> O_O
[14:43] <+Ursula|> What is wrong with you! :@
[14:43] <@Amber-> Patrick! How could yo?!
[14:43] <@Patrick|> Oh you have seen it. I didn't mean... :'(
[14:44] <+Ursula|> I am, like, otally normal!
[14:44] <+William|Rex> (I like Ursula :p)
[14:44] <+Ursula|> Like, really!~
[14:44] <+Ursula|> You people are SO mean.
[14:44] <@Patrick|> It was supposed to be a pun :'(
[14:44] <@Patrick|> You look, more like Ariel!
[14:44] <+Ursula|> Oh, great, you're making puns about me now? :c
[14:44] <@Amber-> Amber: I agree!
[14:44] <@Amber-> Amber: O_O
[14:44] <@Amber-> Amber: No!!
[14:44] <@Patrick|> A BEAUTIFUL FISH
[14:44] <@Amber-> Amber: No, we're not trying to do that; we're just trying to pick up a bunch of weirdos for season five!
[14:44] <+Ursula|> Oh. My. God. Have never been so insulted ever.
[14:44] <+Ursula|> IT'S STILL A FISH, PATRICK.
[14:44] <+Ursula|> IT'S STILL A FISH.
[14:44] <+Ursula|> ;-;
[14:45] <@Amber-> :'(
[14:45] <@Patrick|> You weren't more insulted when we called you a fat sea-witch?
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: We're sorry. :'(
[14:45] <+Ursula|> THANKS FOR REMINDING ME! :@
[14:45] <@Patrick|> Dang, what do you want? :'(
[14:45] <@Patrick|> SORRY
[14:45] <+Ursula|> YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO CLASS.
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: NO!!
[14:45] <+Ursula|> SERIOUSLY. NO. CLASS.
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: Ursula!!
[14:45] <@Patrick|> But. But. But...
[14:45] <+Ursula|> I don't even know annymore.
[14:45] <+Ursula|> I really do-
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: We AREN'T
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: TRYING
[14:45] <+Ursula|> SO YOU'RE CALLING ME WEIRD?
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: TO INSULT ANY--
[14:45] <+Ursula|> YOU ARE SO RUDE!
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: NOT YOU.
[14:45] <+Ursula|> I AM NOT WEIRD!
[14:45] <@Amber-> Amber: EVERYONE ELSE.
[14:46] <+Ursula|> I AM NOT A FISH.
[14:46] <+Ursula|> I AM NOT AN EVIL SEA WITCH
[14:46] <+Ursula|> I AM NORMAL ;-;
[14:46] <+Francois|> (sure about that?)
[14:46] <@Patrick|> Yes
[14:46] <+Ursula|> So you're EXCLUDING me?
[14:46] <@Patrick|> Normal
[14:46] <+Ursula|> Oh.
[14:46] <+Ursula|> My.
[14:46] <+Ursula|> God.
[14:46] <@Amber-> Amber: Yes, but for a GOOD reason!!
[14:46] * Patrick| twitches
[14:46] <+Ursula|> YOU are so mean!
[14:46] <+Ursula|> You are keeping me out, away from everyone else!
[14:46] <+William|Rex> (I'm loving this :B)
[14:46] <@Patrick|> Do you want to be in Season 5?
[14:46] <+Ursula|> That is seriously terrible!
[14:47] <+Ursula|> OH, SO NOW YOU'RE THREATNING ME?
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: Look, maybe you should just...leave through that door.
[14:47] <+Ursula|> ARE YOU USING THAT AS BLACK-
[14:47] <+Ursula|> :O
[14:47] <+Ursula|> I. NEVER.
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: If you need help...
[14:47] <+Ursula|> Okay.
[14:47] <+Ursula|> I AM DONE.
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: Squeezing through...
[14:47] <+Toadeh> (:p
[14:47] <+Ursula|> DONEDONEDONEDONE
[14:47] <+Ursula|> GOODBYE.
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: I mean, it's kind of a tiny door. :|
[14:47] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (lolkk)
[14:47] * Ursula| walks out.
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: And you're kind of, erm...
[14:47] <@Patrick|> I...
[14:47] <@Patrick|> I don't even know
[14:47] <@Amber-> Amber: *awkward cough* :s
[14:47] <+Ursula|> >->
[14:47] <@Amber-> Intern: NEXT CONTESTANT -- FRANCOIS
[14:48] <+Francois|> Oh, goodbye everyone! :D
[14:48] <+Rebecca|Lucy> (I was hoping was me T.T)
[14:48] <Reddy> (how many contestants left? O.o)
[14:48] <@Patrick|> Goodbye?
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: Um.
[14:48] <+Francois|> Oh, look, is that *looks at brochure* lady liberty?
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: I think you mean "hello".
[14:48] <+William|Rex> (Idk O.o @Reddy)
[14:48] * Francois| points at Amber
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: No, we're in Canada.
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: And--
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: Hey!! :@
[14:48] <@Darren|> (6. @Reddy)
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: I'm not that big!
[14:48] <Reddy> (6? ._.)
[14:48] <@Amber-> Amber: And Lady Liberty sure as heck isn't that small!!
[14:48] <+Francois|> Big? Oh, so you ice skate! :D
[14:48] <@Patrick|> Are you from another country, Francois?
[14:49] <+Francois|> France is, ah, cool. :)
[14:49] <+Francois|> @Pat
[14:49] <@Amber-> Penelope: *enters*
[14:49] <@Amber-> Amber: Um, Penelope...
[14:49] <@Amber-> Amber: You have to wait.
[14:49] <+Francois|> (who is penelope?)
[14:49] <@Amber-> Amber: Until Francois is done his audition.
[14:49] <@Amber-> Penelope: Do you not know who I am?
[14:50] <@Amber-> Amber: Yes, you're the next contestant. :|
[14:50] <+Francois|> Oooh, is this another foe to join us? :)
[14:50] <@Amber-> Penelope: Who is this man?
[14:50] <@Amber-> Penelope: Why is he here?
[14:50] * Francois| sticks out foot
[14:50] <@Amber-> Penelope: Why is your foot out?
[14:50] <+Francois|> Hello, foe!
[14:50] <+Francois|> :)
[14:50] <+Toadeh> :p
[14:50] <@Amber-> Penelope: When are we starting?
[14:51] <@Patrick|> I'm confused :"
[14:51] <@Patrick|> * :|
[14:51] <+William|Rex> ((*:p) @Toad)
[14:51] <+Francois|> How is your night? @Penelop
[14:51] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: Hey guys :DDD
[14:51] <@Amber-> Amber: Uhhhh, you guys REALLY have to wait your turn.
[14:51] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: I'm ready for my audition :)
[14:51] <+Francois|> Oh, but I am not done, yes?
[14:51] <@Amber-> Penelope: So am I. :@
[14:51] <@Patrick|> But it's Francois' turn
[14:51] <+Francois|> I want to see the olympics! :D
[14:52] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: Who's this guy?
[14:52] <@Darren|> C: *runs through and jumps out the window, half naked*
[14:52] <@Amber-> Amber: O_O"
[14:52] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Lucy: Is there any sweet? :)
[14:52] <+Francois|> This is custom here?
[14:52] * William|Rex enter.
[14:52] <@Amber-> Amber: Lucy?
[14:52] * Francois| takes off shirt
[14:52] <@Amber-> Amber: William? Rex?
[14:52] <@Darren|> (Too many people entering. :|)
[14:52] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Lucy: I'm here to my sweets
[14:52] <+William|Rex> Rex: Hello my name is Rex and I'm what you're looking for since I have great analizing skills plus I have watched Total Drama School and I have correctly calculated the entire elimination order from Alejandro all the way to Patrick plus I knew Mody would debut half way through. :)
[14:52] <@Amber-> Sniper: *enters* (H)
[14:52] <+William|Rex> William: Hello
[14:52] <+Francois|> Hello, foes! :D
[14:53] <@Amber-> Amber: How is that possible?!
[14:53] <+Francois|> How is your nights?
[14:53] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: Anyone wants to hear I sing?
[14:53] <@Patrick|> What's going on? :'(
[14:53] <+William|Rex> William: we were told to enter now
[14:53] <@Patrick|> Who told you to enter?!
[14:53] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Lucy: I'm only searching for my sweets T.T
[14:53] <+William|Rex> William: Some intern
[14:53] <@Amber-> Amber: Patrick, I'm scared!! :'(
[14:54] * Darren| jumps back in the room, circling Amber and Patrick, mumbling.
[14:54] <+William|Rex> *William: Some interm
[14:54] <@Amber-> Intern: *is run over by Cheval's cow and dies*
[14:54] <+Francois|> Am I in Bray-zayl or *looks at brochure* Cah-nah-dah?
[14:54] == Darren| has changed nick to Carl|
[14:54] <+William|Rex> *interm
[14:54] * Ursula| squeezes back through door
[14:54] * Carl| jumps back in the room, circling Amber and Patrick, mumbling.*
[14:54] <+William|Rex> **intern
[14:54] <@Amber-> Amber: What is going on?! :|
[14:54] * Ursula| walks up to Amber and Patrick
[14:54] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Lucy: Is there any candy, Amber?
[14:54] <@Carl|> I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright.
[14:54] <@Carl|> I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright.
[14:54] <@Carl|> I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright.
[14:54] <@Carl|> :)
[14:54] <@Carl|> :)
[14:54] <@Carl|> :)
[14:54] <@Amber-> Amber: :'(
[14:54] <+Ursula|> I am still not a fish. ;-;
[14:54] <@Carl|> HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
[14:54] <+Ursula|> I am a person
[14:54] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: Can I sing Saturday????
[14:54] == Reddy [98a06080@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[14:54] <+Ursula|> And I am going to be on this season
[14:54] <+Ursula|> Because I am amazing.
[14:54] <@Carl|> :)
[14:54] <+Ursula|> That's why.
[14:54] <+William|Rex> William: Anyways I don't watch television nor do I know what it is
[14:55] <@Amber-> Amber: ALRIGHT. EVERYONE. THAT IS ENOUGH. *picks up a large chair and hurls it across the room* EVERYONE. OUT. NOW.
[14:55] <+Francois|> What is this television?
[14:55] * Carl| paces over to Amber with scissors.
[14:55] <+Ursula|> D:
[14:55] <+Francois|> Is it like iPod?
[14:55] <@Carl|> NOT YET, I NEED YOUR HAIR.
[14:55] <@Carl|> :D
[14:55] <@Amber-> Amber: I SAID.
[14:55] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Lucy: My candies? T.T
[14:55] <@Amber-> Amber: ENOUGH.
[14:55] <@Amber-> Amber: EVERYONE GET OUT. >.>
[14:55] <+Francois|> Out?
[14:55] <@Patrick|> Yeah I'm with Amber
[14:55] <@Patrick|> Please just leave
[14:55] * Francois| starts walking toward Amber
[14:55] <@Carl|> *cuts a piece of Amber's hair and storms out*
[14:55] <+Rebecca|Lucy> Rebecca: What?
[14:55] <+Francois|> This is out?
[14:55] <+Ursula|> YOU ARE EVIL. ;-;
[14:55] <@Patrick|> This whole day was failure :|
[14:55] * Ursula| runs away
[14:56] <+Francois|> Why are the foes leaving?
[14:56] <@Amber-> Amber: I SAID OUT.
[14:56] <@Amber-> Amber: EVERYONE. >.>
[14:56] == Chris|Stefani [] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[14:56] <+Francois|> AHH!
[14:56] * Francois| runs away
[14:56] <+William|Rex> Rex: Clearly both of you aren't smart enough to handle my intellect. >.> @Amber and Patrick
[14:56] <@Amber-> Amber: CLEARLY, YOU NEED TO SCRAM.
[14:56] <@Amber-> Amber: *sigh* -.-
[14:56] <@Amber-> Amber: Chris, we're ending auditions.
[14:56] <@Amber-> Chris: My thoughts exactly.
[14:56] * William|Rex run out together.
[14:56] <@Amber-> Chris: Eighty-eight people auditioned.
[14:56] <@Amber-> Chris: So, I guess that ends that!
[14:57] <@Amber-> Amber: Well, who made the cut? :|
[14:57] <@Amber-> Chris: Hmmmmmmm...
[14:57] <@Amber-> Chris: I would say contestant #30, #16, #14, #69...
[14:57] <@Amber-> Chris: Let's just read out their names!
[14:57] <@Amber-> Chris: BERNIE
[14:58] <+Toadeh> (:p)
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: CANDY
[14:58] <+Dakotacoons> (#69! XD)
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: DIANNE
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: DIRK
[14:58] <+Francois|> (:'()
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: ELLIOT
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: FRANKIE
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: GINI
[14:58] <+Dakotacoons> (:'()
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: GROVE
[14:58] <+Toadeh> (:D)
[14:58] == William|Rex has changed nick to LandryC
[14:58] <+Ursula|> (:3)
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: JACKSON
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: LAINEY
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: LANCE
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: NINA
[14:58] <+LandryC> (:B)
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: ROSS
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: SCYTHE
[14:58] == Rebecca|Lucy has changed nick to LucyHeartfiliaS2
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: SYDNEY
[14:58] == neko-naito [442aa938@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[14:58] == neko-naito [442aa938@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[14:58] <@Amber-> Chris: AND VICKI!!
[14:59] * Francois| peeks head back in room
[14:59] == LandryC has changed nick to Rex|
[14:59] <+Francois|> Can foes join me to *looks at brochure* mall?
[14:59] <@Amber-> Chris: Those sixteen are the teens who will triumph in Total Drama's fifth season!
[14:59] <@Amber-> Chris: Amber, Patrick, Stefani, it's time to go home.
[14:59] <@Amber-> Chris: For... *wipes a tear away* the last time. :'(
[14:59] <@Amber-> Stefani: Woo-hoo, yeah!! ^^
[14:59] <@Amber-> Stefani: *runs off*
[14:59] <@Amber-> Amber: Well, it's been fun, guys. ^^
[14:59] <@Amber-> Amber: Seeya. :D
[15:00] <@Patrick|> Man I'm going to miss the competition...
[15:00] <@Amber-> Amber: *walks off*
[15:00] <+Rex|> *runs back into the room* I predict that Dianne will be an immediate problem around the merge :)
[15:00] == Toadeh has changed nick to Frankie|
[15:00] <@Patrick|> Maybe in another season. Bye Stef. Bye Amber :)
[15:00] * Rex| walks out.
[15:00] == Rex| has changed nick to LandryC
[15:00] <@Amber-> Chris: And that ends that!!
[15:00] == Frankie| has changed nick to Toadeh
[15:00] == Ursula| has changed nick to QueenAle
[15:00] <@Amber-> Chris: Season four is done, and we've gotten rid of those old, lame-o contestant!
[15:00] <@Patrick|> Hey! D:
[15:00] <@Amber-> Chris: Which goofy teen will get out first in season five?
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: FIND
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: OUT
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: NEXT
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: SEASON
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: ON
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: TOTAL!!
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: DRAMA!!!
[15:01] <@Amber-> Chris: CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:01] <@Amber-> -- END --

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