[16:32] <Chris|Heath|Geof> --- NEW DAY ---

[16:32] <ChefHatchet|> (Does that mean Chef will be involved a lot? :D)

[16:32] <Chris|Heath|Geof> --- Adventurers: All in Plane ---

[16:32] <Beth|Harold> *Yawns*

[16:32] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *wakes up*

[16:33] <Zach|Duncan> *wakes up*

[16:33] <Cody|DJ> (Back)

[16:33] <Tyler|> *Wakes up*

[16:33] <Noah> (Which team talks)

[16:33] <Sadie|Maria> S: *wakes up*

[16:33] <Trent9> *Wakes up*

[16:33] <Beth|Harold> Good morning, good morning, to you! :D

[16:33] <Cody|DJ> *wakes up*

[16:33] <Izzy|> Izzy: *wakes up* MWHAHAHAHA! Hey guys, oh it's a bird. Hi bird!

[16:33] <Zach|Duncan> Maybe I should aplogize for my acttions...

[16:33] <Cody|DJ> Good morning, Beth :)

[16:33] <Izzy|> Bird: *gets sucked into plane propeller*

[16:33] <Zach|Duncan> I'll make it a breif team meeting

[16:33] <Noah> (Guys, r we all talking?)

[16:33] <Izzy|> Izzy: Um.....

[16:33] <Tyler|> morning Lindsay

[16:33] <Sadie|Maria> S: Morning Katie! :)

[16:33] <Izzy|> Izzy: Hi Noah1

[16:33] <Trent9> Trent: Hey Linds!

[16:33] <Cody|DJ> *gets out of bed*

[16:33] <Noah> Hey Izzy

[16:33] <Tyler|> Hey Trent

[16:33] <Beth|Harold> I just love flying up in the air? Right

[16:33] <Izzy|> Izzy: How ya doing, huh?

[16:34] <Izzy|> (oh)

[16:34] <Beth|Harold> *Right Harold?

[16:34] <Tyler|> (Lindsay you there?)

[16:34] <Trent9> (Theres no screaming adventrurs...)

[16:34] <Zach|Duncan> Hi. I would like to call me team for a meeting first....

[16:34] <Beth|Harold> Yeah, you sure are an air-head Beth. :)

[16:34] <Beth|Harold> :o

[16:34] <Beth|Harold> :(

[16:34] <Zach|Duncan> It's only 5 minutes

[16:34] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *through intercom* Good morning, victi-uhhh, contestants! Welcome to your new home!

[16:34] <Beth|Harold> I mean, your full of air. :)

[16:35] <Chris|Heath|Geof> We've already been here before. Duh.

[16:35] <Cody|DJ> We live in a plane?

[16:35] <Beth|Harold> I mean- nevermind...

[16:35] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *through intercom* *long sigh* Yes, yes. I SUPPOSE I don't need to do any introductions. Meet me in the kitchen!

[16:35] <Tyler|> (Lindsay is inactive)

[16:35] <Noah> Oh great, the host is coming up with new kinds of torture, I can't wait! (CONF)

[16:35] <Lindsay-> (sorry)

[16:35] <Zach|Duncan> *too Team* I would like to apolgize to my team for my actions yesterday.

[16:35] <Katie> *wakes up and runs to the kitchen happily*

[16:35] <Beth|Harold> *walks to the mess hall*

[16:35] <ChefHatchet|> *smashing a squirrel* -.-'

[16:35] <Izzy|> Izzy: Ooh, yay food. *runs like roadrunner*

[16:35] <Cody|DJ> I accept your apology

[16:35] <Zach|Duncan> I acted - Ugh!

[16:35] <Noah> *walks to mess hall*

[16:35] <Trent9> *walks to Kitchen* Hey Linds.

[16:35] <Zach|Duncan> :D

[16:35] <Lindsay-> *wakes and goes to kitchen*

[16:35] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *walks to kitchen* Hello, adventurers! And Harold. :)

[16:35] <Zach|Duncan> Thank DJ

[16:35] <Sadie|Maria> S: *goes to kitchen*

[16:35] <Lindsay-> Hi!

[16:35] <Izzy|> Izzy: (CONF) I hold the record for the running the fastest

[16:35] <Tyler|> *goes to kitchen

[16:35] <Noah> It stinks in here, Chris

[16:36] <Trent9> How are you?

[16:36] <Cody|DJ> Yeah, it does...

[16:36] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Does anybody have any idea where we're landing?

[16:36] <Noah> Did Chef fart or something?

[16:36] <ChefHatchet|> -.-'

[16:36] <Zach|Duncan> Germany?

[16:36] <Cody|DJ> A dumpster?

[16:36] <Izzy|> Izzy: New York!

[16:36] <Lindsay-> Good.

[16:36] <ChefHatchet|> *throws a squirrel at Noah*

[16:36] <Beth|Harold> I'm an adventurer! I'll have you know i'm up to level 432 in Dungeons and DRagons!

[16:36] <Izzy|> Izzy: Statue of Liberty!

[16:36] <Trent9> Good night sleep?

[16:36] <Noah> AAAHH!!! (trips)

[16:36] <Zach|Duncan> No one cares

[16:36] <Sadie|Maria> S: Are we going to China?

[16:36] <Katie> Ireland

[16:36] <Izzy|> Izzy: Yay!

[16:36] <Beth|Harold> Canada?

[16:36] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *mumbles* Can you guys get any stupider?

[16:36] <Cody|DJ> Yes

[16:36] <Izzy|> Izzy: I was born in New York!

[16:36] <WatcherTDF1000> (ireland yeah)

[16:36] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: No, not Canada! Mexico!

[16:36] <Noah> How about we go to Antarctica

[16:36] <Cody|DJ> :|

[16:36] <Beth|Harold> Mehico!

[16:36] <Izzy|> Izzy: Ooh Mexico! I was buried there once

[16:36] <Beth|Harold> :D

[16:36] <Lindsay-> I think so.

[16:36] <Noah> (CONF) Where they can get frozen so they shut up

[16:36] <Tyler|> Awsome I know a bit of Spanish!

[16:36] <Zach|Duncan> Crap! I don't know any spanish!

[16:36] <Trent9> Have any good dreams?

[16:36] <Zach|Duncan> :@

[16:37] <Cody|DJ> Well, they have good food, I could live there

[16:37] <Beth|Harold> Harold: Mexico, awesome! It's gonna be like a big vacation for us, Beth! We can tan in the sun, enjoy the great palm trees...

[16:37] <Cody|DJ> Mexico will give us pollutants :o

[16:37] <Katie> (CONF)The alliance is good the four of us are strong

[16:37] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *laughs maniacally* Vacation?! *snorts* Does ANYONE remember why we're here?

[16:37] <Noah> Who knows how to speak Spanish

[16:37] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Heather: Because we're forced to be...?

[16:37] <Cody|DJ> To win the moolah!

[16:37] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: That, and the fact that you're supposed to be winning a million bucks!

[16:37] <Sadie|Maria> S: I'm not so good with foreign languages

[16:37] <Trent9> (conf) Theres four people in my alliance?

[16:37] <Noah> We're eating tacos in this challenge?

[16:37] <Noah> Right?

[16:37] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Ugh, this feels more and more like jail every day.

[16:37] <ChefHatchet|> No, I wouldn't make tacos. -.-'

[16:37] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Nah, it's nothing like jail. Jails don't make you climb the "Nevado de Toluca" Mountain!

[16:37] <Zach|Duncan> (Conf) The truth is, I hate Noah and his stu

[16:38] <Cody|DJ> (Conf) This season will be mine! I just need to get an alliance...

[16:38] <Noah> Good thing too, Chef

[16:38] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Nah, it's nothing like jail. Jails don't make you climb the "Nevado de Toluca" Mountain!

[16:38] <Trent9> (Conf) Mexico has Mountrains?

[16:38] <Noah> (CONF) I'm surprised Duncan actually escaped from jail

[16:38] <Beth|Harold> (CONF) I'll have you know I spent four months at MexiCAN Steve's Burrito camp. We learned the basics of the Mexican Tango.

[16:38] <Izzy|> Izzy: Explosivo como México. Nachos! Burritos! Boom boom! Ooh, un esqueleto. Hey parece que el tío George!

[16:38] <Zach|Duncan> (Conf) I'm gonna burn our alliance down when I burn his books

[16:38] <Cody|DJ> I'm afraid of heights :(

[16:38] <Lindsay-> What's Neve Do Mountain?

[16:38] <Sadie|Maria> S: Yeah what is that?

[16:38] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *mumbles* Moron.

[16:38] <Beth|Harold> Beth: *gasp* What's that?!

[16:38] <Noah> (CONF) When I'm through with him, he'll be begging to get back to his cell

[16:38] <Tyler|> (Conf) My alliance seems to be doing quite well at this time

[16:39] <Beth|Harold> Harold: Nevado de Toluca is a large stratovolcano in central Mexico, located about 80 kilometres west of Mexico City near the city of Toluca.

[16:39] <Izzy|> Izzy: Oh yeah, this was just like when I climbed Mount Izzalina!

[16:39] <Chris|Heath|Geof> And in human, that would be...?

[16:39] <Zach|Duncan> (conf) I'm gonna apolgize to the team when we land so THEY CAN HEAR ME!

[16:39] <Noah> (CONF) Harold reminds me of that annoying smart kid in movies that you just wanna smack everytime you see him

[16:39] <Beth|Harold> It's a big mountain!

[16:39] <Beth|Harold> :}|

[16:39] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Precisely. Which is why you'll be climbing it. Who will win? Who will lose? And who will survive?!

[16:39] <Beth|Harold> *:|

[16:39] <Katie> Me encanta mexico

[16:39] <Cody|DJ> :|

[16:39] <Trent9> I'll survive...I hope.

[16:39] <Noah> I know who won't survive

[16:39] <Lindsay-> (conf) Everyone is using such big words! It really makes my head hurt!

[16:40] <Zach|Duncan> I need a TEAM MEETING.

[16:40] <Cody|DJ> Alright! This will be easy as soon as I get my pickaxe from my pants...

[16:40] <Izzy|> Izzy: Do we have to precisely get our team up to the top? *SILENCE* Boom boom!

[16:40] <Beth|Harold> By my calculations, we have an 84.6 percentage of dieing.

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *laughs hesitantly* Oh-ho-ho! Harold, you're so funny!

[16:40] <Zach|Duncan> To say something

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Okay, get ready, as I'll pull this lever here in a second, and you fourteen will fall from the Drop of Shame down onto a safe landing mat at the bottom of the mountain!

[16:40] <Cody|DJ> :|

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Wait!

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *pulls lever* Bye! :D

[16:40] <Izzy|> Izzy: YAY!

[16:40] <Trent9> and a 26 percent of what?

[16:40] <Lindsay-> What?

[16:40] <Izzy|> Izzy: WOO HOO!

[16:40] <Cody|DJ> *falls screaming like a girl*

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *falls* Ahhhhhhhhhh!

[16:40] <Trent9> Ahhhhhhhhhh!

[16:40] <Zach|Duncan> AH!

[16:40] <Izzy|> Izzy: Izzy like nachos and falling!

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Ahhhhhhhhhh!

[16:40] *** Traveler3 has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:40] <Sadie|Maria> S: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

[16:40] <Tyler|> What should we do Heather?


[16:40] <Noah> Like I need a meeting with him (CONF)

[16:40] <Cody|DJ> *falls, faints in mid-air*

[16:40] <Katie> *falls yelling*YAY

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

[16:40] <Zach|Duncan> AHHHHHH

[16:40] <Beth|Harold> Chris my legs aren't the kind for running as I could pop my shin out.

[16:40] <Trent9> *hits the gorund fase first*

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *lands on the mat*

[16:40] <Izzy|> Izzy: Hi guys, Heather! Watch out for the bird!

[16:40] <Chris|Heath|Geof> EWWW



[16:40] <Cody|DJ> *lands on mat*

[16:41] <Noah> This is torture!!!!

[16:41] <Izzy|> Izzy: Hey Mat, long time no see

[16:41] <Katie> (CONF)I am starting to grow my own attitude. Bye Bye Sadie

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *parachutes down* Your task? To make it to the top of the mountain first. Whichever team manages to make it to the top of the mountain wins immunity.

[16:41] <Zach|Duncan> (everyone in the Survivors, join TDWIKI-SURVIVORS)

[16:41] * Beth|Harold breaths heavy.

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: *parachutes down* Your task? To make it to the top of the mountain first. Whichever team manages to make it to the top of the mountain wins immunity.

[16:41] <Izzy|> Izzy: I was kidnapped on this mat

[16:41] <Lindsay-> *Falls on mat face-first*

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (Side-note; NO godplaying. Godplaying will be detected, and if you godplay, we won't count it.)

[16:41] <Noah> (HOW)

[16:41] <Sadie|Maria> S: *hits the mat hard*

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (Side-note; NO godplaying. Godplaying will be detected, and if you godplay, we won't count it.)

[16:41] <Zach|Duncan> *lands on harold

[16:41] <Noah> *lands on matt*

[16:41] <Beth|Harold> OUCH!

[16:41] <Sadie|Maria> S: Ow! that like actually hurt

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Heather: So, when can we start? >.>

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Hmmm...let me think about that...NOW! *blows horn*

[16:41] <Izzy|> Izzy: Come on team!

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Okay, let's go!

[16:41] <Cody|DJ> *hits the ground next to the mat*

[16:41] <Trent9> *Runs for the mountain* Come on guys!

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Come on, team!

[16:41] <Cody|DJ> Be right back

[16:41] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Move, move, move!

[16:42] <Noah> *fast walks to mountain*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *starts running*

[16:42] <Katie> *begins to climb*Thank you me for wearing tennis shoes

[16:42] <Trent9> *Trips on a rock*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *follows behind Heather*

[16:42] <Tyler|> *Runs up the mountain*

[16:42] <Lindsay-> *Runs to mountain*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (conf) Dude...that was heavy. I mean, I didn't even know if I could run that fast, man!

[16:42] *** WebkinzMania has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:42] <Sadie|Maria> S: *follows Heather*

[16:42] <Noah> *keeps up with his team*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *trips*

[16:42] <Zach|Duncan> *runs up the mountian

[16:42] <Izzy|> Izzy: *runs up mountain*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ow!!!

[16:42] *** Harold|Nalyd has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Augh.

[16:42] <Trent9> *gets up and starts to climb*

[16:42] <Tyler|> EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ow....

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> My funny bone!

[16:42] <Harold|Nalyd> Did somebody order a Harold? ;)

[16:42] <Zach|Duncan> *grab ledge

[16:42] *** Beth|Harold is now known as Beth

[16:42] <WebkinzMania> (Hey all, who'S Noah?)

[16:42] <Izzy|> Izzy: Here's a harness! Put it on! I'LL DRAG YOU UP!

[16:42] <Noah> KOOPS

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Come on, team!

[16:42] <Zach|Duncan> Alright!

[16:42] <Katie> *climbs up the mountain next to DJ

[16:42] <Lindsay-> *Starts to climb*

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> We're racing up a mountain, not having a tea party!!!!!!

[16:42] <Chris|Heath|Geof> :@

[16:42] <Harold|Nalyd> (somebody update me? :s)

[16:43] <Zach|Duncan> *puts on harness*

[16:43] <Noah> *grabs ledge and starts climbing*

[16:43] <Chris|Heath|Geof> We're racing up a mountain, not having a tea party!!!!!

[16:43] <Trent9> *climbs up next to DJ and Katie*

[16:43] <Izzy|> Izzy: *starts pulling*

[16:43] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *begins climbing* (XD)

[16:43] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Let's move!

[16:43] <Sadie|Maria> S: *starts to climb*

[16:43] <Trent9> Hey guys!

[16:43] <Noah> *climbs*

[16:43] *** WebkinzMania is now known as Noah|WM

[16:43] <Lindsay-> This is torture for my nails!

[16:43] <Noah|WM> (begins to climb)

[16:43] <Zach|Duncan> *climbs up with Izzy

[16:43] <Izzy|> Izzy: Thank god Owen isn't here! He's 298 pounds of flab!

[16:43] <Beth> Well you know what Heather, I could really go for one right now. :@

[16:43] <Zach|Duncan> Izzy, Keep moving!

[16:43] <Noah> (Well I'm done :()

[16:43] <Izzy|> Izzy: *starts climbing faster* Yay!

[16:43] <Trent9> *Climbs faster*

[16:43] <Noah|WM> I hate this. -.-\

[16:43] <Noah|WM> (g2g soon)

[16:43] <Izzy|> Izzy: I can see my house!

[16:43] <Katie> *climbs atleast to 50 feet from top*

[16:43] <Trent9> Its on, Izzy!

[16:43] <Zach|Duncan> *climbs faster*

[16:43] <Tyler|> *follows Heather*

[16:43] <Noah|WM> (sweats)

[16:43] <Noah> (Then I'll be Noah again :))

[16:43] <Lindsay-> *Climbs as fast as she can*

[16:43] <Zach|Duncan> Com'n!

[16:43] <Noah|WM> Ugh.

[16:43] <Sadie|Maria> S: *climbs faster*

[16:44] <Lindsay-> Why can't I go faster?

[16:44] <Trent9> Come on Katie,

[16:44] <Beth> I can see my Mexico from here! :D

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> Oh no!

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Come on!!

[16:44] <Tyler|> *piggybacks Lindsay*

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> FALLING ROCKS

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> :o

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Tyler!!

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Y-

[16:44] <Noah|WM> (CONF): Good thing there's no LeShawna

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> O.O

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Aaaaaah!

[16:44] <Izzy|> Izzy: *climbs* AAH! BOULDERS!

[16:44] <Trent9> Thats MY girl!

[16:44] <Beth> Rocks! :o

[16:44] <Lindsay-> Uh oh....

[16:44] <Katie> *climbs faster so she can see the top*

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> Izzy, Keep ON CLIMBING!

[16:44] <Trent9> *Jumps on top of Tyler and Lindsay*

[16:44] <Tyler|> *Vatches Heather*

[16:44] <Izzy|> Izzy: *team falls* *Izzy catches onto a branch* *they are hanging*

[16:44] <Lindsay-> AAH!

[16:44] <Tyler|> *Catches

[16:44] <Beth> *gets hit with a rock and a burrito*

[16:44] <Izzy|> Izzy: So......

[16:44] <Beth> OW!

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> *climbs on to a ledge

[16:44] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (conf) Okay, Tyler is SERIOUSLY annoying. Why would he piggyback Lindsay, thus causing Trent to jump on him? I smell sabotage. :@

[16:44] <Zach|Duncan> Com'n Izzy!

[16:45] <Beth> Beans can really pack a punch. :(

[16:45] <Trent9> *Hits Tyler and Lindsay*

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *runs*

[16:45] <Zach|Duncan> I got you!

[16:45] * Noah|WM gets off branch and continues to climb

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Ahhhhhhhhh!

[16:45] <Trent9> She's mine!

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: Okay, come on! *keeps on climbing*

[16:45] <Sadie|Maria> S: *climbs on to a ledge*

[16:45] <Tyler|> OW!

[16:45] <Tyler|> Tretn stop

[16:45] <Zach|Duncan> !*pulls up izzy and keeps climbing*

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: (CONF) I think I'm leading our team to victory!

[16:45] <Tyler|> *Trent

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Whoo-hoo!

[16:45] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *continues climbing, wheezing* I wasn't designed for this :'(

[16:45] <Lindsay-> Oww...

[16:45] <Beth> Enough of this!

[16:45] <Zach|Duncan> I can see the finish!

[16:45] * Noah|WM runs more

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: I can see Chris and the finish line!

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Okay, that's it!

[16:45] <Katie> *doged large rock*Holy @#$%&

[16:45] <Trent9> 8slips and falls down the mountain on top of Tyler*

[16:45] <Katie> Sorry

[16:45] <Noah|WM> Hurry up all.

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *pushes a rock down on the killer Survivors

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: *climbs* Rattlesnake!

[16:45] <Noah|WM> -.-

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Good luck dodging that!!!

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> :D

[16:45] <Noah|WM> O.O

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: I love Rattlesnake-uh

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *keeps running*

[16:45] <Beth> Were not ferrets! Were teenagers!

[16:45] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Ahhahaha!

[16:45] <Izzy|> Izzy: *falls* Hey!

[16:45] <Tyler|> Gets back up and climbs up again

[16:45] <Noah|WM> (walks around it)

[16:45] <Lindsay-> *Jumps off of Tyler* It's okay...I can do it...I hope.

[16:45] <Izzy|> *team falls*

[16:46] <Sadie|Maria> *starts running*

[16:46] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: Hand hand... foot foot...

[16:46] <Trent9> Wait, Lindsay,

[16:46] <Izzy|> *lands at bottom*

[16:46] <Katie> *hits a peak and lays down as rock passes over her*

[16:46] <Trent9> *climbs up next to her*

[16:46] <Beth> Eye eye... ball ball...

[16:46] <Harold|Nalyd> (CONF) Harold: i learned quite a bit at climbing Steve's mountain ADVENTURER camp ;)

[16:46] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *reaches the top*

[16:46] <Lindsay-> Yeah?

[16:46] *** Duncan|Zach has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:46] <Izzy|> Izzy: CHEATING! Katie! She's stuck up there!

[16:46] <Tyler|> *Gets closer to the top*

[16:46] *** reddy has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:46] <Trent9> I...I...think I love you.

[16:46] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Come on!

[16:46] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Let's --

[16:46] <Duncan|Zach> *climbs up*

[16:46] * Noah|WM is really close to the top

[16:46] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Let's go!

[16:46] <Trent9> *Kisses Lindsay*

[16:46] *** Cody|DJ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

[16:46] <ChefHatchet|> (:|)

[16:46] <Izzy|> Izzy: Oh no, the harness broke. Where's the rest of the team?

[16:46] <Beth> (Aw man Nalyd, when you were gone I already did a Steve Camp joke :p)

[16:46] <Chris|Heath|Geof> *reaches the top*

[16:46] <Noah|WM> Trent. -.-

[16:46] <Duncan|Zach> A little more!

[16:46] <Sadie|Maria> S: *gets closer to top*

[16:46] <Harold|Nalyd> (XD)

[16:46] <Lindsay-> *gasps*

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> I don't know Izzy

[16:47] <Katie> **gets up and climbs to top*

[16:47] <Noah|WM> Hurry up you giant n00b.

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> And by my calculations........................................................

[16:47] <Katie> Phew

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> Com'n!

[16:47] <Tyler|> *Reaches the top*

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> LEt's GO

[16:47] <Izzy|> Izzy: Noah!

[16:47] <Trent9> So you like me back?

[16:47] <Sadie|Maria> S: I'm nearly there

[16:47] * Noah|WM climbs to te top

[16:47] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *continues climbing* If I die, tell beth I love her :'(

[16:47] <Izzy|> Izzy: *climbs again*

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> The Screaming Explorers win immunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[16:47] <Noah|WM> Never Harold

[16:47] <Sadie|Maria> *reaches top*

[16:47] <Noah|WM> Why?

[16:47] <Izzy|> Izzy: No!

[16:47] <Lindsay-> I...

[16:47] <Noah|WM> (:|)

[16:47] <Katie> Phew that was close

[16:47] <Tyler|> YES!

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> *manages to reach the finish

[16:47] <ChefHatchet|> (That was it? o.O)

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> What?!

[16:47] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *reaches a ledge, rests* :'(

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (:|)

[16:47] <Katie> Crap

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (I guess. o.o)_

[16:47] <Noah|WM> (that was awfully fast :S)

[16:47] <Lindsay-> *Reaches finish*

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> Harold did reach finish!

[16:47] <Beth> If I die, tell Harold to not date Lindsay! :@

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> :@

[16:47] <Beth> If I die, tell Harold to not date Lindsay! :@

[16:47] <Duncan|Zach> didn't*

[16:47] <ChefHatchet|> (That wass so darn fast. :|)

[16:47] <Katie> bes two out of three

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (I know.)

[16:47] <Chris|Heath|Geof> (:|)

[16:47] <Trent9> *Climbs up to Lindsay*

[16:48] <Sadie|Maria> S: I'm so tired, I ...

[16:48] <ChefHatchet|> (Should I play Cody since Calvin d/c'ed)

[16:48] <Trent9> Do you like me still?

[16:48] <Noah|WM> BRB

[16:48] <Duncan|Zach> *rest.

[16:48] <Katie> (Best two out of three?)

[16:48] <Tyler|> Trent Im sorry

[16:48] <Sadie|Maria> S: *falls down*

[16:48] <Lindsay-> I..Just....

[16:48] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Killer Survivors.

[16:48] <Tyler|> We still cool

[16:48] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Vote someone off tonight.

[16:48] <Lindsay-> Yes.

[16:48] <Trent9> Yeah, we are.

[16:48] <Duncan|Zach> Izzy, Do you accept my apoligy?

[16:48] <Noah> We lost?

[16:48] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *still climbing* Somebody kill me - We won? :o

[16:48] <Izzy|> I guess,

[16:48] <Trent9> You serious?

[16:48] <Tyler|> thanks man sorry

[16:48] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Wait.

[16:48] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: In our last season, we let the winning team choose which contestant from the other team had potential to win immunity! So, this season, you'll be doing the same!

[16:48] <Beth> :@

[16:48] <Izzy|> Izzy: Um,

[16:49] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: Pick me! :o

[16:49] <Chris|Heath|Geof> The Screaming Explorers, choose someone who may win immunity.

[16:49] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: Please :(

[16:49] <ChefHatchet|> (I can play Cody, right? :))

[16:49] <Trent9> *holds Linsay's hand*

[16:49] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Noah!

[16:49] <Trent9> Lindsay*

[16:49] <Chris|Heath|Geof> We choose Noah!

[16:49] <Beth> Can't we just send Heather home? :(

[16:49] <Noah> Oh Sweet!!!

[16:49] <Noah|WM> Okay. -.-

[16:49] <Harold|Nalyd> (oh, wrong team XD)

[16:49] <Lindsay-> wha?

[16:49] <Beth> Or Chef? :(

[16:49] <Noah> I can taste victory before I even climbed!

[16:49] <ChefHatchet|> :@

[16:49] *** Zach|Duncan has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

[16:49] <Noah|WM> (Noah, I am back)

[16:49] <ChefHatchet|> (:|)

[16:49] <Beth> No offense Melvin.

[16:49] <Lindsay-> Okay.

[16:50] <Katie> CAN WE JUST VOTE

[16:50] <Katie> Sorry =D

[16:50] <Tyler|> (Conf) I hope I didnt ruin things between Trent and Lindsay

[16:50] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Coolio. Noah, come with me. The rest of you have time to chit-chat and discuss alliances while Noah and I leave to feast on some nachos, and discuss immunity/

[16:50] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Chris: Coolio. Noah, come with me. The rest of you have time to chit-chat and discuss alliances while Noah and I leave to feast on some nachos, and discuss immunity.

[16:50] <Trent9> (Conf) If that Tyler kid comes near Lindsay again, then...

[16:51] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: Hey, beth, about yesterday...

[16:51] <Beth> Yes?

[16:51] <Beth> :)

[16:51] <Duncan|Zach> Team...

[16:51] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: That Heather kiss...

[16:51] *** Duncan|Zach has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)

[16:51] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: I didn't do it

[16:51] <Tyler|> *knocks on Trent's door*

[16:51] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: I swear

[16:52] *** Duncan|Zach has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:52] <Lindsay-> (conf) Wow, today was really hard for me. I had to decide if I liked Trent or not, AND had to decide whether to paint my nails pink or purple.

[16:52] <Duncan|Zach> Team... I'm sorry about yesterday.

[16:52] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: She sabotaged me :(

[16:52] <Trent9> Whos there?

[16:52] <Beth> I know that. :)

[16:52] <Tyler|> Me Tyler, I kneed to talk to you

[16:52] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: So... We're cool?

[16:52] <Tyler|> 8need

[16:52] <Tyler|> *need

[16:52] <Trent9> Come in,

[16:52] *** reddy has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)

[16:52] <Tyler|> *comes in

[16:53] <Trent9> Talk...

[16:53] <Chris|Heath|Geof> We're back!

[16:53] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Killer Survivors, vote someone off.

[16:53] <Tyler|> Do you think Im trying to take Lindsay from you?

[16:53] <Noah|WM> (walks back smiling)

[16:53] <Beth> Of course, just don't let me see you near Heather again or i'll rip ever freckle off your face. :)

[16:53] <Beth> *every

[16:53] <Tyler|> cause im not

[16:53] <Trent9> It really seems like it...

[16:53] <Tyler|> I have a girl friend

[16:53] <Trent9> Then why were you acting all flirty around her?

[16:53] <Trent9> Huh?

[16:53] <Tyler|> I was just trying to help her

[16:53] <Harold|Nalyd> BRb

[16:53] <Trent9> Help her how?

[16:54] <Tyler|> because shes one of my best friends

[16:54] <Noah|WM> conf: My choice was so easy.

[16:54] <Tyler|> in the challange

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Guys

[16:54] <Trent9> You can't help a already beautiful girl.

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Remember that just because Noah came with me

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> It doesn't mean he

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> It doesn't mean he's immune

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> You can still vote him off

[16:54] <Chris|Heath|Geof> :|

[16:54] <Noah|WM> Yeah team. Vote me off. -.-

[16:54] <Trent9> Anything else to say?

[16:54] <Noah|WM> I did nothing anyways. -.-

[16:55] *** Duncan|Zach2 has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:55] <Trent9> Chicken.

[16:55] <Noah|WM> Me?

[16:55] <Trent9> No,

[16:55] <Trent9> TYler.

[16:55] <Noah|WM> Yeah right

[16:55] <Noah|WM> -.-

[16:55] <Harold|Nalyd> (back)

[16:55] <Lindsay-> *Is painting nails pink*

[16:55] <Trent9> What?

[16:56] <Noah|WM> (is the votes in?)

[16:56] <Trent9> (Were supposed to vote??)

[16:56] <Noah|WM> . . .

[16:56] <Noah|WM> (yes)

[16:56] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Okay.

[16:56] <Trent9> (PM it to Chirs?)

[16:56] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Yes

[16:56] <Noah|WM> (mhm)

[16:56] <Duncan|Zach2> (BR)

[16:56] <Duncan|Zach2> (BRB)

[16:57] <Chris|Heath|Geof> -------- BOARDING CEREMONY ---------

[16:57] <Tyler|> No Trent I hope you can forgive me

[16:57] <Tyler|> *leaves in tears*

[16:57] *** Watcher has joined #TDWIKI-RP

[16:57] <Duncan|Zach2> *Nervous*

[16:57] <Trent9> What man cries?

[16:57] <Katie> A sensitive man

[16:57] <Noah|WM> Oh Chris. ;)

[16:57] <Noah|WM> Can I use my immunity idol for myself right now? :)

[16:57] <Chris|Heath|Geof> okay!!

[16:57] <Trent9> Sorry Katie.

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Right now?!?!?!

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Sure!@

[16:58] <Lindsay-> *Finishes painting nails and sees Tyler crying* Tyler?

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Sure!

[16:58] <Duncan|Zach2> D:

[16:58] <Noah|WM> Thank you.

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Noah won an immunity idol

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> And he's using it against himself

[16:58] <Noah|WM> You all wasted your votes. ;)

[16:58] *** Duncan|Zach has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Which cancels out all votes against him!

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> :D

[16:58] <Harold|Nalyd> (you use it FOR yourself -.-)

[16:58] <Noah|WM> :D

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> For.

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Right.

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> That.

[16:58] <Tyler|> Hi Linds

[16:58] <Beth> Hand them out Chris, I have a loving Burger King Dinner planned with Harold. :)

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...

[16:58] <Tyler|> Trent is mad at me...

[16:58] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *is sitting by ceremony, waiting for Beth* :)

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Passports go to...

[16:58] <Lindsay-> Why?

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> NOAH!

[16:58] <Noah|WM> :)

[16:58] * Noah|WM takes the passport

[16:58] <Duncan|Zach2> *crosses fingers*

[16:58] <Chris|Heath|Geof> DJ!

[16:58] <Tyler|> cause he thinks I like you

[16:59] <Duncan|Zach2> :(

[16:59] <Tyler|> in that way..

[16:59] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Duncan!!

[16:59] <Duncan|Zach2> :o

[16:59] <Duncan|Zach2> *catches it*

[16:59] <Lindsay-> Well, you don't right? Maybe I should talk to him...

[16:59] <Trent9> *Is nervous*

[16:59] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...

[16:59] <Tyler|> okay thanks

[16:59] <Noah|WM> CONF: The person I voted for has to be eliminated.:)

[16:59] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Eeryone else but Izzy, Beth, and Trent!

[16:59] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Everyone*

[16:59] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...

[16:59] * Katie hugs the passport

[16:59] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) Dang!

[16:59] <Tyler|> (Conf) Lindsay is such a good friend to me

[17:00] <Trent9> Oh crap.

[17:00] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *is sure beth gets the next one* :)

[17:00] <Duncan|Zach2> (I hope Izzy and Trent stays...

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ..................

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Izzy!

[17:00] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) I hope Izzy and Trent Stay...*

[17:00] <Beth> :(

[17:00] <Trent9> Conf) What did I do wrong? :(

[17:00] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *is sure beth gets the last one* :|

[17:00] <Noah|WM> CONF: I hate Izzy, but she has to stay. She actually helped us this week. :s

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> The final passport.

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Of the Evening.

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Goes to..........................................................

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> .............

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ............

[17:00] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: O.O

[17:00] <Trent9> *hugs Beth*

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...........

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ..........

[17:00] <Beth> :(

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> .........

[17:00] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ........

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> .......

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ......

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> .....

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ....

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ...

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> ..

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> .

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> I'm sorry, Trent.

[17:01] <Beth> :(

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> Sorry that you'll have to see Beth go!!! :DDDDDDDD

[17:01] <Duncan|Zach2> :o

[17:01] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: NO!

[17:01] <Chris|Heath|Geof> YOU'RE OUT!

[17:01] <Beth> :'(

[17:01] <Lindsay-> YES!

[17:01] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: :(

[17:01] <Trent9> Beth's out?

[17:01] <Lindsay-> No!

[17:01] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) Yes and No!

[17:01] <Beth> Harold! :'(

[17:01] <Noah|WM> Good bye Beth. :)

[17:01] <Lindsay-> I mean...

[17:01] <Cody|Chef> (CONF) Even I didn't see that coming. :|

[17:01] <Katie> (CONF)And the dominos begin to fall

[17:01] <Duncan|Zach2> BEth... Wait.

[17:01] <Izzy|> Izzy: Bye Beth!

[17:01] <Noah|WM> You are a useless pig worth nothing anymore.

[17:01] <Trent9> Bye Beth!

[17:01] <Trent9> I'm sorry :(

[17:01] <Sadie|Maria> Bye Beth :(

[17:01] <Noah|WM> Harold will probably fail without you

[17:01] <Lindsay-> Bye Beth!

[17:01] <Duncan|Zach2> I'll like to say I'm sorry for the way I've been mean to you last two seasons.

[17:02] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *runs over to Beth, hugs her* :'(

[17:02] <Duncan|Zach2> Bye Beth.

[17:02] <Izzy|> Izzy: Aw, bye Beth!

[17:02] <Tyler|> See ya bud

[17:02] <Beth> Harold listen!

[17:02] * Noah|WM rolls eyes.

[17:02] <Beth> Chris, chill yo' grill!

[17:02] <Beth> :@

[17:02] <Trent9> I still have some left over Beth bars!

[17:02] <Beth> Harold, i'm sorry. :(

[17:02] <Duncan|Zach2> Beth, I made a beth bar with marshmellow instead of peanut butter

[17:02] <Duncan|Zach2> *gives one*

[17:02] <Duncan|Zach2> Like it?

[17:03] <Noah|WM> It's a Duncan Bar. Woo. -.-

[17:03] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: I can't go on without Beth :(

[17:03] <Noah> XD

[17:03] <Beth> I know you were being friendly to LeShawna and Lindsay... but I just didn't want you to leave me. :(

[17:03] <Duncan|Zach2> -.-"

[17:03] <Beth> I love it! :D

[17:03] <Noah|WM> So, are you both giving up?

[17:03] <Duncan|Zach2> :D

[17:03] <Duncan|Zach2> Beth, Hope you have fun...

[17:03] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) I've been nice for a episode except for harold.

[17:03] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: I can't keep going without you, Beth :(

[17:03] <Beth> Bye Harold!

[17:03] <Beth> :(

[17:03] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) But HAROLD is a exception

[17:03] <Beth> Harold, don't worry about me. :)

[17:04] <Chris|Heath|Geof> -- NEW DAY ---

[17:04] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: I'm not. I'm worried about me! :(

[17:04] <Duncan|Zach2> (conf) Ugh! GET IT OVER WITH)

[17:04] <Izzy|> Izzy: Okay, just leave already!

[17:04] <Harold|Nalyd> (D:)

[17:04] <Harold|Nalyd> (D: )

[17:04] <Trent9> *Goes to lindsay's room and Knocks* You there?

[17:04] <Izzy|> Izzy: MORNING EVERYONE!

[17:04] *** Watcher000 has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)

[17:04] * Noah|WM wakes up

[17:04] <WatcherTDF1000> (can someone play Dj)

[17:04] <Lindsay-> *opens door*

[17:04] <Noah|WM> (BRB)

[17:04] <Cody|Chef> Cody: *wakes up, yawns*

[17:04] <Duncan|Zach2> *wakes up and walks to kitchen* Morning.

[17:04] <Beth> Goodbye everyone!

[17:04] <Lindsay-> Hi!

[17:04] *** Traveler3 has quit (Quit: Java user signed off)

[17:04] <Trent9> What did trent tell you?

[17:04] <Cody|Chef> Chef: Morning, jailbird. :@

[17:04] <Duncan|Zach2> (Bigez, be DJ

[17:04] <Trent9> I mean tyler.

[17:04] <Beth> *jumps out the window forgetting her parachute)

[17:04] <Chris|Heath|Geof> o.o

[17:04] <Cody|Chef> Chef: *throws a bunch of slop at Duncan's plate*

[17:04] <Beth> O.O

[17:04] <Lindsay-> He said that you thought...

[17:04] <Cody|Chef> (O.O)

[17:05] <Beth> AHH!!!

[17:05] <Sadie|Maria> S: Morning Katie!

[17:05] <Duncan|Zach2> Chef.

[17:05] <Katie> *wakes up and hugs a teddy bear*

[17:05] <Chris|Heath|Geof> -- NEW DAY ---

[17:05] <Harold|Nalyd> Harold: *cries*

[17:05] <Lindsay-> He liked me. He really doesn't...

[17:05] <Duncan|Zach2> GEt edible food

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