[17:19] <Richard|Heather> -- START --
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (Please, no one try kicking me... I'm going to try and get this entire transcript onto the Setup wiki.)
[17:19] <Richard|Heather> Welcome back to our second Airport-Math, people! We're still desperately waiting for this plane, but...we're enjoying ourselves doing so!
[17:19] <Courtney|DJ> ..
[17:19] <Courtney|DJ> This isn't enjoying!
[17:19] <Courtney|DJ> I'm having a horrible time.
[17:19] <Courtney|DJ> I'm so calling my lawyers about this plane.
[17:19] <Richard|Heather> -_-
[17:20] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: This sucks, Chris :/
[17:20] <Tyler|C5> ....
[17:20] <Courtney|DJ> I agree with Miss-Boyfriend Stealer.
[17:20] <Courtney|DJ> This DOES suck.
[17:20] <Courtney|DJ> Not literally, however.
[17:20] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Oh go call your lawyer -.-
[17:20] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *has her arms folded, currently*
[17:20] <Bridgette|Zeke> Chris ain't here, eh. O.o
[17:20] <Courtney|DJ> I'll do just that!
[17:20] <Richard|Heather> *groans*
[17:20] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *waves at Beth* :)
[17:20] <Richard|Heather> You can't all be happy?!
[17:20] <Tyler|C5> Im almost always happy! :)
[17:21] <Richard|Heather> Besides you.
[17:21] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *notices Harold, but keeps her arms folded*
[17:21] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: :(
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> Ugh.
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> THIS IS BORING.
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> :@
[17:21] <Richard|Heather> Now, we'll start by asking our non-returning competitors how they're doing!
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> SOMEONE DO SOMETHING.
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> FInally.
[17:21] <Justin|Eva> -.-
[17:21] <Richard|Heather> Bridgette!
[17:21] <Richard|Heather> What's up with you?
[17:21] <Bridgette|Zeke> ...
[17:21] <Bridgette|Zeke> Bored.
[17:21] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Amen.
[17:21] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Holla.
[17:21] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (XD)
[17:22] <Harold|Gwen> (XDDDD)
[17:22] <Owen|Cody> I am not bored. There's a buffet over there!
[17:22] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (IDK why... I just wanted to say that. XD)
[17:22] <Owen|Cody> Owen:*
[17:22] <Richard|Heather> Good for you, Owen.
[17:22] <Richard|Heather> Courtney.
[17:22] <Courtney|DJ> Apparently, the lawsuit that I said I was filing got lost by my lawyers. This is an outrage, really! I mean, I've been waiting for this plane for days now, and my elimination in the second season was completely unfair! :@
[17:22] <Richard|Heather> What's the new news-
[17:22] <Richard|Heather> :|
[17:22] <Owen|Cody> (Owen runs to the buffet again and takes some beef) Yuummm, beef! :D
[17:22] <Richard|Heather> Riiight.
[17:22] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *rolls eyes*
[17:22] <Courtney|DJ> Don't roll your eyes at me, you -
[17:22] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *groans a little*
[17:22] <Courtney|DJ> Nerdling!
[17:22] <Owen|Cody> (Black: Owen, Blue: Cody)
[17:22] <Tyler|C5> Snap
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> (pulls a DS from his pants)
[17:23] <Courtney|DJ> I wouldn't be trying to act all cool after you broke Beth's heart by kissing...
[17:23] <Courtney|DJ> *gag* Heather!
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> (digs for a game)
[17:23] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *smiles*
[17:23] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: You know whats worse than sititng in a crappy airport? Sitting in a crappy airport for a fail talk show -.-
[17:23] <Richard|Heather> And...
[17:23] <Richard|Heather> We move on...
[17:23] <Tyler|C5> But Courtney arent you friends with Heather?
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> (picks Mario 64)
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> >.>
[17:23] <Courtney|DJ> Whatever.
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> Is that the only game I packed?
[17:23] <Bridgette|Zeke> I'm good friends with Heather. :)
[17:23] <Justin|Eva> J: Nerds playing with videogames. *rolls eyes*
[17:23] <Courtney|DJ> I may friends with her, but it was low to kiss Harold!
[17:23] <Owen|Cody> (Cody looks...) :|
[17:23] <Courtney|DJ> I mean, who would want to kiss him?!
[17:24] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: Beth does, right Beth?
[17:24] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *looks to her left*
[17:24] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: I agree with the jealous psycho. -.-
[17:24] <Bridgette|Zeke> Rejected. :|
[17:24] <Richard|Heather> Eva!
[17:24] <Tyler|C5> Eva and I kiss alot :)
[17:24] <Justin|Eva> E: ?
[17:24] <Richard|Heather> What's up with you?!
[17:24] <Owen|Cody> Eva!
[17:24] <Justin|Eva> E: Just sitting here. BORED> >.>
[17:24] <Owen|Cody> Want some cake?!*
[17:24] <Justin|Eva> E: No. -.-'
[17:24] <Richard|Heather> And Ezekiel...
[17:24] <Owen|Cody> :o
[17:25] <Richard|Heather> How's it goin', man?!
[17:25] <Bridgette|Zeke> I'm doing good, eh. But I really want to go and see Sugarcubes.
[17:25] <Justin|Eva> E: *growls at Owen*
[17:25] <Justin|Eva> E: Don't test me.
[17:25] <Justin|Eva> J: I'd listen to her. o_o'
[17:25] <Owen|Cody> :s
[17:25] <Owen|Cody> (runs behind Gwen)
[17:25] <Richard|Heather> What about you, Justin? What's new...*scoff* Besides that plastic surgeoned face of yours? ;)
[17:25] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: *snickers*
[17:25] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (ooooooh! Burn. :p)
[17:25] <Owen|Cody> (plays DS) :D I got Peach, one of the ladies. ;)
[17:25] <Justin|Eva> J: Dude, it was your surgeon, so stop talkin'.
[17:25] <Tyler|C5> Justins not that bad....
[17:26] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (oooooooooooooooooh!!! BIGGER burn! :p)
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> He's hot as a hot dog... in the buffet! :D
[17:26] <Richard|Heather> And finally, we move on to last season's winner, Owen!
[17:26] <Richard|Heather> How's it goin', Owen?!
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> (GOOF!)
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> AWESOME! :D
[17:26] <Richard|Heather> (...yes. :|)
[17:26] <Justin|Eva> (HAH! THAT RHYMES!)
[17:26] <Bridgette|Zeke> (I thought Beth won.)
[17:26] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Beth won, genius -.-
[17:26] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Hey!
[17:26] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> I won that season!
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> I got cake and chicken
[17:26] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> :(
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And bacon
[17:26] <Richard|Heather> (It was a goof, you n00blets. <.<)
[17:26] <Justin|Eva> J: He has a thing for Owen. Eww.
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And cereal
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And potatos
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And pizza
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And fruit
[17:26] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: You earned it, Bethy! :D
[17:26] <Bridgette|Zeke> (Stop being so goofy.)
[17:26] <Owen|Cody> And... (gets cut off by Richard)
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> Yeeeah
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> Right
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> So
[17:27] <Justin|Eva> E: *under breath* Fatty.
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> Now, we move onto our new eliminated competitors!
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> Because the last eliminated competitors, Gwen, Beth, and Tyler, are really boring...
[17:27] <Bridgette|Zeke> (Who 'dat?)
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> We'll just skip to them!
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> Now, let me recap
[17:27] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> :s
[17:27] <Justin|Eva> E: HAH.
[17:27] <Tyler|C5> :(
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> I - *ringtone goes off*
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> :|
[17:27] <Richard|Heather> What's that?
[17:28] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> A ringtone, dude. :|
[17:28] <Justin|Eva> J: >.>
[17:28] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: Sorry *on phone* Steve, babe, you gotten me that gig yet? (h)
[17:28] <Owen|Cody> (you skipped Cody I believe :S)
[17:28] <Richard|Heather> o.o
[17:28] <Justin|Eva> J: Someone has some BAD choice in ringtones.
[17:28] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (@Harold)
[17:28] <Bridgette|Zeke> That's a funny jingle you got, Richie. :)
[17:28] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Whats with the nerd?
[17:28] <Justin|Eva> J: I mean, c'mon, get something to dance to. >.<
[17:28] <Richard|Heather> *taps foot* A-hem...Harold....
[17:28] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Hmm... *looks at Harold* :|
[17:28] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *on phone* No, I will not be in a film with Jessica Sampson -.-
[17:28] <Owen|Cody> A hot chick?
[17:28] <Richard|Heather> *taps foot impatiently*
[17:28] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Sampson? :|
[17:28] <Owen|Cody> (grabs phone from Harold) :D
[17:28] <Justin|Eva> E: Sampson?|
[17:28] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *on phone* I gotta go Steve. Some loser needs me :/ *hangs up* Yes, Richard? -.-
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> (HA!)
[17:29] <Owen|Cody> *on phone* I'll be here all night!
[17:29] <Richard|Heather> What's with the uh, phone?
[17:29] <Richard|Heather> >.>
[17:29] <Tyler|C5> (XD)
[17:29] <TDFan1000> (XDDDDD Harold is win)
[17:29] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: I've got a new agent. He's helping me be a big celebrity (h)
[17:29] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: By the way, Beth, babe
[17:29] <Courtney|DJ> *snort* That requires a lot of work. xD
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> O.O
[17:29] <Justin|Eva> J: Bigger than me!? :@
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> What? :|
[17:29] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: I got you the Bieber Brothers from Montant tickets you had your eyes on ;)
[17:29] <Owen|Cody> Is the agent a hot chick?!
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> O.O"""""
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! :d
[17:29] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: It's Steve :|
[17:29] <Tyler|C5> Can we move along Ricard
[17:29] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: I knew you'd like 'em ;)
[17:29] <Justin|Eva> (LMFAO! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:29] <Owen|Cody> O.O
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> *jumps up and down like a fangirl* :d
[17:30] <Richard|Heather> Okay, fine.
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> (barfs in local garbage can)
[17:30] <Richard|Heather> Moving on...
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> Cody
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> No... that's where the buffet is. :'(
[17:30] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Ew, the Bieber Brothers. More like the Bieber Sisters -.-
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> *stops barfing* From a trash can?
[17:30] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> :o
[17:30] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> :(
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> *nods*
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> (:|)
[17:30] <Justin|Eva> (I ate the cake. :()
[17:30] <Owen|Cody> *barfs again*
[17:30] <Richard|Heather> In our sixth episode of Total Drama World, there was a thrilling challenge where the competing losers had to make a device that they could travel across the ocean with!
[17:30] <Bridgette|Zeke> (Oh no!)
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> In the end, the Screaming Explorers lost.
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> No big shocker.
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> And Cody was betrayed by his alliance!
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> Any input on that, Code?
[17:31] <Owen|Cody> Mhm.
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> ...
[17:31] <Richard|Heather> That means...any comments?
[17:31] <Owen|Cody> Heather just couldn't stand my looks. ;)
[17:31] <Courtney|DJ> What looks?
[17:31] <Justin|Eva> J: *snickers*
[17:31] <Owen|Cody> She probably thought I was too good for her.
[17:31] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: *cough* Yeah, that's it :/
[17:31] <Owen|Cody> :)
[17:32] <Bridgette|Zeke> :|
[17:32] <Owen|Cody> *gets Princess Daisy* Another hot babe! ;)
[17:32] <Justin|Eva> E: *grunts*
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> -- BRB --
[17:32] <Owen|Cody> *whispers to Beth* Freak...
[17:32] <Bridgette|Zeke> Something wrong, Eva?
[17:32] <Tyler|C5> Dont worry Eva your the hottest girl here!
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Don't say that. D:
[17:32] <Justin|Eva> E: :o
[17:32] <Richard|Heather> In our seventh episode, Heather, Duncan, and Izzy went MAD for a case of gold! It was for the challenge, and...well, because of a topless girl, the Screaming Explorers won the challenge, and DJ, our lovable friend, was sent home.
[17:32] <Justin|Eva> E: :)
[17:32] <Richard|Heather> Any input, Deej?
[17:33] <Justin|Eva> E: ;)
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> Awww, I don't know, man.
[17:33] <Owen|Cody> And Heather went... topless. ;)
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> I think it was great participatin' and all.
[17:33] <Justin|Eva> J: That was an extremely unattractive episode. -.-
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> Everyone else deserves it more than I do.
[17:33] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Heather would go topless. She's such a little - *is interrupted*
[17:33] <Owen|Cody> Izzy was hot running around. And Heather looked good. ;)
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> And, well...
[17:33] <Bridgette|Zeke> I bet Richard loved taht episode. ;)
[17:33] <Owen|Cody> *frees Peach from a cage* :D
[17:33] <Bridgette|Zeke> *that
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> I felt sad being voted off, but at least I've got a thousand bucks, right?
[17:33] <Courtney|DJ> ^.^
[17:34] <Owen|Cody> That's cool DJ. :p
[17:34] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: Deej, haven't you spent any of that yet?
[17:34] <Justin|Eva> E: You DO have 1000 bucks. Unitl I steal it.:|
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> No.
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> I'll use it wisely for you and me.
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> :)
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> Aww, that's so sweet. I wonder how I ever hated you. It's GWEN I should be hating on!
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> Boyfriend-stealer!
[17:34] <Justin|Eva> E: *hides her knife and gloves*}
[17:34] <Owen|Cody> Courtney
[17:34] <Justin|Eva> E: Pipe down, Type-A! :@
[17:34] <Courtney|DJ> You wanna go, Evasauras?!
[17:34] <Owen|Cody> I am always available. ;)
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> E: BRING IT! :@
[17:35] <Tyler|C5> dont get Courtney mad
[17:35] <Courtney|DJ> Aaaargh! *picks up a chair and throws it at Eva's head*
[17:35] <Owen|Cody> :s
[17:35] <Richard|Heather> :|
[17:35] <Tyler|C5> I still owe her a PDA
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> E: *cracks knuckl-- O.O
[17:35] <Bridgette|Zeke> Uh-oh. :|
[17:35] <Owen|Cody> Cat fight. ;)
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> E: *chair hits head, chair bends in half, Eva is left unharmed*
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> E: ;)
[17:35] <Owen|Cody> GO COURTNEY! :D
[17:35] <Tyler|C5> Calm down guys
[17:35] <Richard|Heather> In our eighth episode, the participants jumped off the Big Ben clock tower!
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> (Godplay coty. xDDDDD)
[17:35] <Justin|Eva> *city
[17:35] <Richard|Heather> Sadie was voted off, however.
[17:36] <Richard|Heather> Which made the episode sadder.
[17:36] <Richard|Heather> Didn't it, Sadie?
[17:36] <Sadie> It totally did
[17:36] <Owen|Cody> Sadie
[17:36] <Sadie> I was so sad to leave Katie
[17:36] <Courtney|DJ> Ugh, here we go. -_-
[17:36] <Owen|Cody> Where's the mall?
[17:36] <Owen|Cody> I want to spend time with Lindsay. ;)
[17:36] <Tyler|C5> Uh, Lindsay hates you
[17:36] <Richard|Heather> Now, Sadie, your friend Katie has turned a bit...evil...
[17:37] <Richard|Heather> She's really let the competition get to her head.
[17:37] <Sadie> Yeah, she has a little
[17:37] <Richard|Heather> Although you guys are still friends, what do you want to advise Katie to do?
[17:37] <Owen|Cody> She got it inside the box. Now, she got to walk outside of the box. :p
[17:37] <Sadie> I advise her to stay friendsly
[17:37] <Owen|Cody> (XD)
[17:37] <Sadie> and only vote out the people who are mean
[17:37] <Sadie> (friendly)
[17:37] <Harold|Gwen> Gwen: *cough* Heather
[17:38] <Tyler|C5> Gwen Heathers your friend I though
[17:38] <Bridgette|Zeke> Totally, Gwen.
[17:38] <Tyler|C5> *thought
[17:38] <Owen|Cody> But Heather is a hot chick.
[17:38] <Richard|Heather> Now, in our ninth episode, a fan-favorite, the Luscious LeShawna, returned to the competiton! And after the hot modelling challenge, Harold was voted off because of an immunity idol!
[17:38] <Owen|Cody> But not as hot as Lindsya.
[17:38] <Richard|Heather> Harold, any comments?
[17:38] <Courtney|DJ> He deserved to go. What, with his nerdiness. -_-
[17:38] <Justin|Eva> (J: conf, which is in the airport bathroom) I don't care for this game; I've got a butt modeling shoot in three days and I do NOT wanna miss it because our pornstar-in-the-making wants to host the crappiest aftermath ever. -.-"
[17:38] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *on phone* Yeah one second *puts phone down* You want an autograph?
[17:38] <Richard|Heather> NO.
[17:38] <Richard|Heather> -.-'
[17:39] <Owen|Cody> If you have a fangirl, I want one! :D
[17:39] <Richard|Heather> After the modelling challenge, you were voted off.
[17:39] <Richard|Heather> Any comments!
[17:39] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: Anyway, not a lot of comments...
[17:39] <Richard|Heather> >.>
[17:39] <Justin|Eva> (XD)
[17:39] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: No *ring tone* One sec, Rick
[17:39] <Richard|Heather> *smacks phone out of Harold's hands*
[17:39] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: *answers phone* Talk to me, babe. ... You lost all our money?! How?! ... Illegal chicken race gambling? *hangs up* I'm ruined! :'(
[17:40] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> -- BACK --
[17:40] <Justin|Eva> E: Hey, Michael J. Fox, pay attention to Rick. -.-'
[17:40] <Richard|Heather> -_-
[17:40] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> O.o
[17:40] <Courtney|DJ> Since when were you not ruined?
[17:40] <Bridgette|Zeke> I don't get it. :|
[17:40] <Richard|Heather> Oh-kay!
[17:40] <Harold|Gwen> Harold: :'( This is worse than the time I got arrested after I met Lady Gaga and got arrested after I p-p-p-p-poked her face :'(
[17:40] <Owen|Cody> *stops playing with DS* BABE?! :D
[17:40] <Owen|Cody> LADY GAGA?! :D
[17:40] <Tyler|C5> XD
[17:40] <Sadie> (XDDDDDD)
[17:40] <Harold|Gwen> (g2g)
[17:40] <Richard|Heather> Well!
[17:40] <Harold|Gwen> (i'm staying logged in thouhg)
[17:40] <Richard|Heather> That wraps that up!
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> (I can be Harold)
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> (Oh, kk)
[17:41] <Richard|Heather> We're done with our second airport-math!
[17:41] <Justin|Eva> J: Finally.
[17:41] <Richard|Heather> Any last comments before we finish off?
[17:41] <Justin|Eva> J: *walks out*
[17:41] <Tyler|C5> That was fast!
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> (wow O.o)
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> Yes! :D
[17:41] <Justin|Eva> E: *grabs camera*
[17:41] <Bridgette|Zeke> When is that plane getting here!? :-@
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> I have something to say!
[17:41] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> Uh-oh. :|
[17:41] <ChrisMcLean|Beth> O.O
[17:41] <Richard|Heather> :|
[17:41] <Richard|Heather> Riiight.
[17:41] <Bridgette|Zeke> :|
[17:41] <Owen|Cody> I want to poke Lady Gaga. She's hawt.
[17:41] <Richard|Heather> And that's the end of that!
[17:42] <Owen|Cody> Hawter that Courtney. ;)
[17:42] <Justin|Eva> (O.O)
[17:42] <Owen|Cody> than*
[17:42] <Richard|Heather> Join us next time in the next aftermath!
[17:42] <Richard|Heather> -- END --

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Pre-merge Off the Deep End | All or NUT-thing | Forbidden Talent | Hide and Shriek | Silent Night, Lunar Fright | She, Robot? | Chickens or the Egg | Whatever Floats Your Boat | Swallow Your Pride
Post-merge Despicable He | Pedal to the Metal | Fashionleasta | Fight Liar with Fire | This Ain't The End
Aftermaths and specials Season Six Recap
Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains transcripts
Pre-merge Welcome to Camp Suckiness... Again! | Here Today, Gun Tomorrow | Pukelear Warfare | Hole in Two | Shark Fail | Alexis & Alex's Eggcellent Adventure | TARget Outta Here!
Post-merge Trustin' You Ain't Easy | Ice-Capades | Beauties and the Bear | Live and Let Dare | The Very Last Episode, Really This Time!
Aftermaths and specials Season Seven Recap