[16:33] <@Chris|Dirk> -- START --
[16:34] <@Chris|Dirk> *walks into the cafeteria*
[16:34] * Frankie|| walks into the cafeteria and sets down his orange juice.
[16:34] * Dianne| walks into the cafeteria.
[16:34] * Elliot| walks to his team's table.
[16:34] <@Chris|Dirk> *smirks*
[16:34] <@Chris|Dirk> Hey, Frankie!
[16:34] * Ross| walks in
[16:34] <@Chris|Dirk> What's up, uh, bro?
[16:35] * Jackson|| walks into the cafeteria.
[16:35] * Grove| walks into cafeteria
[16:35] * Sydney|Reddy walks into cafeteria
[16:35] <+Frankie||> Good, yo. ;)
[16:35] <+Ross|> (No recap? :|)
[16:35] * Nina| sits down next to Candy and Gini.
[16:35] <@Jackson||> (WINK.)
[16:35] <+Dianne|> (Shush)
[16:35] * Elliot| sits down next to the girls.
[16:35] <+Sydney|Reddy> (If I d/c, there's a big storm where i am :-|)
[16:35] <+Gini|> Candy, Nina!
[16:35] <+Candy|> (^ @whoever Ross is)
[16:35] <+Nina|> Hi Gini. :)
[16:35] <+Gini|> Let's have a girls slumber party today!
[16:35] <+Frankie||> Dirk, you mind watching my juice.
[16:35] <+Dianne|> (Recaps are for girly men and Ryan)
[16:35] <+Frankie||> :p
[16:35] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:35] <+Gini|> *skips into the cafeteria*
[16:35] <@Chris|Dirk> Sure.
[16:35] * Dianne| sits next to Ross.
[16:35] * Elliot| sits by Elliot and Dirk.
[16:35] <+Frankie||> KK, thanks, dawg.
[16:35] <+Elliot|> *jackson
[16:35] <+Dianne|> So how are you today?......@Ross
[16:35] * Frankie|| runs to the showers real quick.
[16:35] <+Sydney|Reddy> Sydney: *eats food quietly*
[16:35] <+Ross|> Eh, usual.
[16:35] <@Jackson||> Hey, Elliot.
[16:35] <+Elliot|> (CONF) Man, I don't like the other guys on my team. They're both so strategic and handsome, and...
[16:36] <+Elliot|> Hey, Jackson...
[16:36] * Frankie|| starts rapping nonsence
[16:36] <+Dianne|> So uhhhhh I was thinking that you and I should allign? :) @Ross
[16:36] <+Elliot|> Um, what's up? ;) @Jackson
[16:36] <+Frankie||> Yo, yo, I feel-- *toots a bit*
[16:36] <+Frankie||> Awww. :(
[16:36] <+Ross|> (conf) I don't like losing. And if that treehugger thinks he can keep us at the bottom, he's got another thing coming. -_-
[16:36] <@Chris|Dirk> *hands Frankie his orange juice*
[16:36] <@Chris|Dirk> There you go.
[16:36] <@Chris|Dirk> Drink up. ;)
[16:36] <@Chris|Dirk> *walks away*
[16:36] <+Gini|> *Braids Candy's hair*
[16:36] <+Dianne|> ....
[16:36] <+Frankie||> *drinks the whole cup*
[16:36] <+Sydney|Reddy> Sydney: (conf) Today is SO boring....
[16:36] <@Jackson||> Just eating some breakfast.
[16:36] <+Nina|> *looks at Frankie* Eww.\
[16:36] <+Frankie||> Wow, this is...
[16:36] <+Grove|> *looks at food* Don't they have any nonmeat herwe?
[16:36] <+Frankie||> O.o *toots a bit*
[16:36] * Elliot| eats his food slowly.
[16:36] <+Dianne|> (CONF) Dirk is up to something and I'm gonna find out what's up
[16:37] <+Gini|> HI ELLIOT!!!!!!!!
[16:37] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:37] * Dianne| moves next to Frankie.
[16:37] <+Frankie||> Awww, I feel sick, yo. :(
[16:37] <+Nina|> (CONF) Frankie is gross.
[16:37] <+Dianne|> So Frankie what's going on?
[16:37] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *enters the cafeteria*
[16:37] <+Sydney|Reddy> Sydney: Finally
[16:37] <+Gini|> (Candy?)
[16:37] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Bonjour!
[16:37] <+Dianne|> Here we go again
[16:37] <+Frankie||> Nothing, but I had lots of energy today. But, this dawg is real tired right now. :(
[16:37] <@Chris|Dirk> C: No, we're not going to France.
[16:37] <+Candy|> (Sorry, was away-ish. Dx)
[16:37] <+Frankie||> @Dianne
[16:38] <+Sydney|Reddy> Sydney: Je'mapelle (spelling:/) bored
[16:38] <@Chris|Dirk> C: We tried that in the third season and it ended with a lot of slapping.
[16:38] <+Nina|> The only language I speak, is ghetto. @Chris
[16:38] <+Dianne|> .....Really you were perfectly fine yesterday :| @Frankie
[16:38] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Now, we all know that nobody can stand rough water.
[16:38] <+Ross|> Probably the food getting to him.
[16:38] <+Dianne|> (CONF) Dirk made Frankie sick!
[16:38] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Especially if you're on lifeboats.
[16:38] <+Elliot|> Hi, Chris. :s
[16:39] == Mygeto [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:39] <+Dianne|> I don't like where this is going
[16:39] == CD-TDA [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:39] <+Sydney|Reddy> (guys, i gtg)
[16:39] <@Chris|Dirk> C: So, for today's challenge, both teams will be positioned on their own seperate lifeboat. In order to win, you must bump the most players off the opposing team's boat.
[16:39] <+Sydney|Reddy> (srry :/)
[16:39] <+Frankie||> *starts tooting repeatedly* Uhm, excuse me, dawg. :}
[16:39] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o CD-TDA] by Chris|Dirk
[16:39] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Mygeto] by Chris|Dirk
[16:39] <+Frankie||> * :|
[16:39] == Sydney|Reddy [98a06080@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[16:39] <+Gini|> Fun!
[16:39] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:39] <+Dianne|> (And there goes Sydney -w-)
[16:39] <@Chris|Dirk> (Someone take Sydney.)
[16:39] <PrincessVikota> (I'll take Syndey if you want me to)
[16:39] <+Grove|> Really? Is that safe?
[16:39] <@Chris|Dirk> (Sure.)
[16:40] <+Elliot|> (CONF) Gini is creepy. Not just her obsession with me.
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Uhhh...
[16:40] == PrincessVikota has changed nick to Syndey|
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Sure. @Grove
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: We've stocked the water with live jellyfish.
[16:40] <+Elliot|> Oh, no.
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: They'll be sure to electrocute you if you happen to land in the water.
[16:40] <+Dianne|> Safety isn't exactly in Chris's vocabulary
[16:40] <@Jackson||> (There's the bad part.)
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: I guess you could say it'll be a...
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: SHOCKING challenge. ;)
[16:40] <+Dianne|> Lame
[16:40] <+Grove|> -_-
[16:40] <+Elliot|> :s
[16:40] <Syndey|> Boring >.>
[16:40] <+Frankie||> ... That was just lame, dawg. :}
[16:40] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Shut up! :@
[16:40] <+Frankie||> * :|
[16:41] <@Chris|Dirk> C: My puns are awesome.
[16:41] <+Nina|> A pun. Shocking.
[16:41] <@Chris|Dirk> C: ANYYYYHOO...
[16:41] <+Elliot|> (CONF) No they aren't.
[16:41] <+Dianne|> Yeah like a rootcanal -_- @Chris
[16:41] <+Nina|> (CONF)Puns are lame.
[16:41] <@Chris|Dirk> C: You will be given one hour to knock all of the contestants off the boat. [10 minutes RST]
[16:41] <+Elliot|> All right.
[16:41] <Syndey|> Alright
[16:42] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And, if you don't manage to knock all the contestants off, the team with the most amount of teammates in the water will lose.
[16:42] <+Dianne|> Naturally
[16:42] <+Elliot|> Sure.
[16:42] <+Nina|> (CONF) Mah weave will keep me afloat.
[16:42] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:42] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *two interns on lifeboats park themselves near the boat and get off*
[16:42] <+Ross|> I've played RPG games less pointless than this. >.>
[16:42] <@Chris|Dirk> What are RPG games, nerdo? <.<
[16:42] <+Nina|> *gets on the lifeboat*
[16:42] <+Elliot|> (CONF) That reminds me of that Dragon Ballz X episode when-- (turns to static)
[16:42] <+Ross|> Roleplaying Games :@
[16:42] <+Gini|> *holds hands with Candy*
[16:42] <@Chris|Dirk> Pffft.
[16:42] <+Elliot|> Ooh, sweet! @Ross
[16:42] <+Frankie||> Hmm... Ugh, I am not in the best mood right now, dawg. :$
[16:42] <+Ross|> Now go play with your little floaty boats
[16:43] <+Elliot|> I love RPGs!
[16:43] <@Chris|Dirk> What lifeless loser would actually roleplay?!?
[16:43] <+Elliot|> My favorite is RuinEscape!
[16:43] <+Elliot|> LARPing is super fun too. :D :D
[16:43] <+Dianne|> Okay team let's win this game
[16:43] <Syndey|> Alright!
[16:43] * Elliot| stands there awkwardly.
[16:43] <+Ross|> ([19:42] <Chris|Dirk> What lifeless loser would actually roleplay?!? -- Lulz)
[16:43] <+Grove|> I like FarmTown.
[16:44] * Elliot| jumps onto the boat.
[16:44] <+Dianne|> Come on Frankie you can do this
[16:44] <+Gini|> (Where is Candy?)
[16:44] <+Candy|> (BRB-ness still. =|. My mother/sister/F***ING EVERYONE is bothering me.)
[16:44] * Frankie|| jupms into the Killer Sailors's boat.
[16:44] <+Nina|> (brb. Gini is taking over for a sec.)
[16:44] <Syndey|> (Candy|)
[16:44] <+Dianne|> (Eating candy :p @Gini)
[16:44] <@Jackson||> Come on guys, we can do this! *gets into the Captains' boat*
[16:44] * Ross| jumps onto the boat
[16:44] <+Elliot|> Yeah!
[16:44] <@Chris|Dirk> C: You can split up with your team to devise a strategy. [#screamingcaptains ; #killersailors]
[16:44] <+Candy|> (YOU DO NOT NEED TO PING ME)
[16:44] <@Chris|Dirk> *jumps onto Screaming Captains' boat*
[16:44] * Dianne| jumps onto the boat.
[16:44] <+Grove|> *gets on boat*
[16:44] <+Gini|> Screaming Captains link isint working
[16:44] * Syndey| goes on the boat
[16:44] <@Chris|Dirk> [ #screamingcaptains ]
[16:44] <@Chris|Dirk> [ #killersailors ]
[16:45] <Syndey|> (I'm the only one there @Ryan)
[16:45] <@Chris|Dirk> (Uhhh, just wait, then. XD)
[16:45] <+Elliot|> (Sydney is spelled wrong. xD)
[16:45] <+Ross|> (conf) I've got okay balance. Tried out the U Fit thing with the balance board. Sure I did alright, but I kinda broke the board. :|
[16:45] <Syndey|> (SHUT UP! :'()
[16:45] <neko-naito> (Sydney, go to #killersailors])
[16:45] == Syndey| has changed nick to Sydney
[16:45] == Sydney has changed nick to Sydney|
[16:46] <Sydney|> (sorry :( )
[16:46] <Sydney|> (I am, Neko)
[16:46] <Sydney|> (no one is there)
[16:46] <+Nina|> (back.)
[16:46] <@Jackson||> ( #KillerSailors] Try that.)
[16:46] <+Dianne|> (CONF) Ross is such an over grown walrus sometimes -_- but I'll need his vote if we lose :)
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk> TIME!!
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk> Get back to your boats, people!
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk> (Chris said that.)
[16:50] * Elliot| gets into his boat.
[16:50] <@Jackson||> *gets back into the boat*
[16:50] * Ross| gets in and stands in the middle of the lifeboat
[16:50] * Sydney| jumps on her team's boat
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk> *hops into the boat and smirks*
[16:50] * Dianne| gets ready.
[16:50] <+Gini|> *gets on her boat*
[16:50] <+Candy|> *climbs into boat* :B
[16:50] * Frankie|| gets on the boat; and mimics his lyrics*
[16:50] <+Dianne|> You're going down Dork!
[16:50] <+Candy|> (GAWD, I AM FAILING WITH COLOR TODAY -_____-)
[16:50] <+Dianne|> @Dirk
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk> Very original, Dianne.
[16:51] <@Chris|Dirk> You should start writing comics.
[16:51] <@Chris|Dirk> *eyeroll*
[16:51] <+Elliot|> Oohhhhh!
[16:51] <@Chris|Dirk> *eye-twitch*
[16:51] <+Gini|> Betty will destroy you guys! @ Sailors
[16:51] <+Grove|> *gets in boat*
[16:51] <+Dianne|> Hey I saw your dad's last movie it's a shame he only got a bit part in a B-movie
[16:51] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:51] <+Frankie||> Dang, Dirk be twitching... hard. :|
[16:51] <@Chris|Dirk> (conf) If we lose, I am SO not going home. Those losers better win it for us or else I am going to seriously flip.
[16:52] <+Dianne|> So I guess the great Drake Hoffman is not so great afterall
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk> You didn't even know who he was. -_-'
[16:52] <+Elliot|> :s
[16:52] <+Ross|> Emphasis on "was". -w-
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk> Chris: So, the rules are.
[16:52] <+Dianne|> Well I know him now and I'm laughing at his lack of real acting talent
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk> Chris: If you're hit at least five times, you have to fall into the water.
[16:52] <+Nina|> Shut yo' face, white girl @Dianne
[16:53] <@Chris|Dirk> Chris: Killer Sailors, you have a disadvantage, obviously.
[16:53] <+Elliot|> Nina, what... er, ethnicity are you anyways? :|
[16:53] <+Frankie||> I gotz Gini, yo! :D
[16:53] <@Chris|Dirk> Chris: Not because you guys are short a player, but...
[16:53] <@Chris|Dirk> Chris: Because you all suck.
[16:53] <+Gini|> Bring it!
[16:53] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:53] <Sydney|> (CONF) What is Dianne saying? :|
[16:53] <+Frankie||> Hey. :@ That hurt, dawg. :(
[16:53] <+Frankie||> @Chris
[16:53] <+Nina|> I am yo' worst enemy. That's mah ethnicity.
[16:53] <+Dianne|> Why don't you and you're 99 cent store weave just go drown @Nina
[16:53] <+Nina|> Aww heck nah.
[16:53] * Dianne| moves away from Nina.
[16:54] <+Elliot|> (CONF) Nina is a good teammember, but she's acting like a LeShawna clone... :|
[16:54] <@Jackson||> (*Leshawna)
[16:54] <+Elliot|> (No. xDD)
[16:54] <+Ross|> (It's LeShawna in RP)
[16:54] <@Jackson||> (Nope.)
[16:54] <+Dianne|> Okay team let's win this challenge
[16:54] <@Chris|Dirk> (Nope, it's Leshawna.)
[16:54] <+Dianne|> Rememer our plan
[16:54] <@Chris|Dirk> (We changed it.)
[16:54] <+Elliot|> (Sadly, Ryan changed all the LeShawnas to Leshawnas on the wiki :|)
[16:55] <@Jackson||> (KG's fault. @Toad)
[16:55] <Sydney|> (I need to be voiced :p)
[16:55] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Sydney|] by Jackson||
[16:55] <+Nina|> (KK.)
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Alright!!
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk> C: READY!!
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk> C: SET!!!!
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk> C: ANNNNNNNND..........
[16:56] <+Sydney|> Just say "go" already!
[16:56] <+Elliot|> Go.
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk> C: GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:56] <+Gini|> *bumps Grove*
[16:56] <+Nina|> *bumps Grove*
[16:56] * Frankie|| stumbles a bit but catches his fall and smacks Gini.
[16:56] <@Jackson||> *bumps Grove*
[16:56] <+Candy|> *bumps Grove* :B
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk> D: *bumps Grove*
[16:56] <+Elliot|> *bumps Grove*
[16:56] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:56] <+Grove|> Take this pretty boy!!! :@ *bumps Dirk*
[16:56] <+Ross|> *bumps Jackson*
[16:56] <+Sydney|> *bumps Candy*
[16:56] <+Dianne|> *bumps Dirk*
[16:56] <+Elliot|> *bumps Grove*
[16:56] <+Candy|> Ow D:
[16:57] <+Ross|> *bumps Nine*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Gini*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Grove's out!!
[16:57] <+Ross|> *Nina
[16:57] <+Nina|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <@Jackson||> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Grove|> (did I just get bump raped?)
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross(
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:57] <+Ross|> *bumps Jackson*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Gini|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:57] <+Candy|> *bumps Ross* :D.
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Elliot*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> D: *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Elliot*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Sydney|> *bumps Nina*
[16:57] <+Ross|> (Ross was out like....10 hits ago xD)
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Ross*
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <+Candy|> *bumps Sydney*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <+Gini|> *bumps Sydney*
[16:57] <+Ross|> *falls into water*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> D: *bumps Sydney*
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <+Nina|> *bumps dianne*
[16:57] <@Jackson||> *bumps Sydney*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Dirk*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> *falls off*?
[16:57] <@Mygeto> (I was reading those as "humps" for a while...)
[16:57] <+Sydney|> *bumps Candy*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> *bumps Syd*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> (I think I'm done now.)
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *moves away from Nina*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk> *falls into the water*
[16:57] <+Sydney|> *falls off*
[16:57] <+Nina|> *bumps dianne*
[16:57] <+Frankie||> *bumps Jackson*
[16:57] <+Elliot|> (O_o @Mygeto)
[16:57] <neko-naito> (That'd be awkward.)
[16:57] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Sydney*
[16:58] * Sydney| falls into the water
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Sydney*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Elliot*
[16:58] <+Gini|> (Only Dianne is left)
[16:58] <@Jackson||> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Candy|> *pumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> Oh, no, you di'int!
[16:58] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:58] <+Ross|> (This challenge is extremely messed up :p)
[16:58] <+Nina|> *bumps dianne*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Gini|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Dianne|> *bumps Eliot8
[16:58] <+Candy|> *bumps Dianne* :D.
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Gini*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Gini*
[16:58] <+Dianne|> **
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Nina|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Gini*
[16:58] <@Jackson||> *bumps Frankie* (He's apparantly still in.)
[16:58] <+Dianne|> *bumps Elliot*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Gini*
[16:58] <+Gini|> *falls off*
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (I think you're dead now, Dianne.)
[16:58] <+Candy|> (Ryan, you totally forgot about Frankie again)
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Dianne*
[16:58] <+Dianne|> *bumps Nina*
[16:58] <+Nina|> (Dianne is out.)
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (And I think Gini's dead.)
[16:58] <+Candy|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Nina*
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (And, like, yeah.)
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (:|)
[16:58] <+Dianne|> *falls into the water*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (Not dead-dead.)
[16:58] <+Nina|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Nina*
[16:58] <+Frankie||> *bumps Nina*
[16:58] <@Jackson||> *bumps Frankie again*
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk> (Challenge dead.)
[16:58] <+Frankie||> Whoops. xD
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:58] <+Elliot|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:58] <+Candy|> *Bumps Frankie yet again*
[16:59] <+Dianne|> (Elliot was hit more then five times btw)
[16:59] <+Nina|> *bumps Frankie*
[16:59] <+Gini|> (Ross, Grove, Gini, Dirk, Sydney, and Ross are out)
[16:59] <+Frankie||> *Falls off*
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (Alright, Elliot's out.)
[16:59] * Elliot| falls off.
[16:59] <+Frankie||> AHH!
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (So, who's still in/)
[16:59] <+Nina|> (Me.)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (So, who's still in?)*
[16:59] <+Frankie||> (No one.)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (...)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (o.o)
[16:59] <+Dianne|> Frankie no!
[16:59] <@Jackson||> (Candy, Jackson, and Nina.)
[16:59] <+Elliot|> (Nina)
[16:59] <+Candy|> (No one on the Killer Sailors)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (Wait. Are any of the-)
[16:59] <+Gini|> (Candy, Elliot, and Jackson?)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (...)
[16:59] <+Elliot|> (I'm out)
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> (Oh, that was fast. XD)
[16:59] <+Frankie||> IKR?
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk> SCREAMING CAPTAINS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:59] <+Dianne|> (Elliot lost @Gini)
[16:59] <+Elliot|> :D
[16:59] <@Jackson||> YES! :D
[16:59] <+Frankie||> ( IKR? :|)*
[16:59] <+Ross|> (Did you really think that'd be slow? :p @Ryan)
[16:59] <+Candy|> YAY!
[16:59] * Candy| huggles Ginisaur and Jackson
[16:59] <+Dianne|> Ugh.......
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> *emerges from under the ocean and spits out water*
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> >.>
[17:00] <+Nina|> Nice.
[17:00] <+Sydney|> we lost, again!
[17:00] <+Ross|> Ugh...
[17:00] <+Dianne|> (CONF) :|
[17:00] <+Frankie||> Man, we lost. :(
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Killer Sailors.
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> C: What can I say?
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> C: This wasn't EXACTLY surprising.
[17:00] <+Candy|> (CONF) I'm nearly sad I didn't, like, fall in. :c I've always wanted a pet jellyfish. I would name him Squishy. And he would be mine. <3
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Before you vote someone off, remember this:
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk> C: It is a million bucks.
[17:00] <+Elliot|> (XDDDDDDDD @Ale)
[17:01] <+Grove|> (conf) WHAT JUST HAPPENED?
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk> C: It is a competition.
[17:01] * Elliot| intrudes Grove's conf
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk> C: So, I'd suggest voting out your strongest, smartest, or hottest player.
[17:01] <+Nina|> OK! @Gini I'll bump up y'alls weaves.
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Because those are all HUGE advantages.
[17:01] <+Dianne|> So I guess Sydney is out
[17:01] <+Gini|> Cool!
[17:01] <+Elliot|> (Reddy's coming back to RP)
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Send your votes to the confessional, folks!
[17:01] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:02] <+Candy|> Hahaha, fun! @Ginisaur
[17:02] <+Sydney|> (CONF) Dianne is so out
[17:02] == Reddy [98a06080@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:02] <Reddy> (I'm back...)
[17:02] <+Elliot|> (Guys, Reddy's here)
[17:02] <+Gini|> We can have it in my room!
[17:02] <+Nina|> (I'll brb after this episode.)
[17:02] <+Nina|> Yay! *runs to Gini's room*
[17:02] <Reddy> (whose playing sydney?)
[17:02] <+Dianne|> (So are we sending votes to the confessional or Chris?)
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk> To.
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk> The CONFESSIONAL.
[17:02] <+Gini|> *goes to Her room*
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk> C: We've done this seven times now. >.>
[17:02] <Reddy> (....?)
[17:03] <+Candy|> *follows Gini* :D! ADVENTUREEE!
[17:03] <+Elliot|> (PM the conf.)
[17:03] <Reddy> (whose playing sydney? xD)
[17:03] <@Chris|Dirk> (Mikey.)
[17:03] <+Dianne|> (I did @Elliot)
[17:03] <@Chris|Dirk> (You can take over if you'd like, Reddy.)
[17:04] <@Jackson||> (Oh yeah, Reddy, your teaem lost.)
[17:04] <Reddy> (if i make it to that, anyway)
[17:04] * Frankie|| sits on the balcony, lying on the floor; writing some rap lyrics down
[17:04] <@Chris|Dirk> (Ross, Sydney, please vote.)
[17:04] <+Ross|> (I did >.>)
[17:04] <Reddy> (ill wait til next ep)
[17:04] * Dianne| writes down things in her notebook)
[17:04] <@Chris|Dirk> (Because the votes will be all screwed up. :@)
[17:04] <+Dianne|> *.
[17:04] <@Chris|Dirk> (ROSS AND SYDNEY, PLEASE VOTE.)
[17:04] <+Elliot|> (Ugh.)
[17:05] <+Sydney|> (CONF) I vote for...
[17:05] <+Ross|> (CHECK YOU F**KING PM, RYAN :@)
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> (I SAID.)
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> (VOTE IN THE CONFESSIONAL.)
[17:05] <+Elliot|> (PM THE CONFESSIONAL.)
[17:05] <+Dianne|> (PM Confessional @Sydney and Ross)
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> (IT IS NOT THAT DIFFICULT.)
[17:05] <+Sydney|> (I'm confused :|)
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> (KK, we're disregarding your votes.?)
[17:05] <+Ross|> (conf) *votes Grove*
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> ............
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> -_-
[17:05] <+Nina|> :|
[17:05] <@Chris|Dirk> C: FINE. WHATEVER.
[17:06] <+Ross|> (WHAT? -_-)
[17:06] <+Sydney|> (CONF) I vote for Dianne
[17:06] <+Frankie||> (TDA15, wtf? xD)
[17:06] <@CD-TDA> (lolololololol. xD)
[17:06] <+Dianne|> (Go to the user trey and PM the dude who's nick is COnfessional)
[17:06] <+Sydney|> (happy?)
[17:06] <+Grove|> (O_o)
[17:06] <@Mygeto> (Lulz.)
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[17:06] <@Mygeto> (Wrong confessional.)
[17:06] <neko-naito> (.-.)
[17:06] <+Dianne|> (*Confessional)
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And...
[17:06] <+Grove|> (you PM Confessional)
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Brochures go to...
[17:06] <+Ross|> (In case you haven't noticed, I wasn't here for the majority of the episodes. >.>)
[17:06] <+Elliot|> (I was. ;))
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: ...
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: FRANKIE!!
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: ROSS!!
[17:06] <+Frankie||> *catches his brochure* This is tight. :D
[17:06] <+Dianne|> :O
[17:06] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And...Sydney!
[17:07] <+Dianne|> *Gasps*
[17:07] <+Elliot|> (A double elimination?)
[17:07] <+Grove|> Uh-oooh
[17:07] <+Dianne|> Oh no :/
[17:07] <+Elliot|> (Wait, never mind xD)
[17:07] <+Dianne|> Wait who voted for me? :@
[17:07] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And, the final brochure of the evening...
[17:07] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Goes to...
[17:07] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *dramatic music*
[17:07] <+Grove|> *crosses fingers*
[17:08] <+Elliot|> (...)
[17:08] <+Dianne|> *clenches notebook*
[17:08] <@Jackson||> (Get on with it. :@)
[17:08] <+Sydney|> Where's that music coming from?
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk> C: .........
[17:08] <+Dianne|> *Notices a sterio by Chris*
[17:08] <+Dianne|> There @Sydney
[17:08] <+Candy|> (*stereo)
[17:08] <+Dianne|> (Ty)
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk> C: DIANNE!!
[17:08] * Sydney| looks at the stereo
[17:08] <+Dianne|> :O
[17:08] <+Dianne|> :O
[17:08] <+Grove|> O_O
[17:08] <+Dianne|> :O
[17:08] <@Jackson||> :o
[17:08] <+Sydney|> Grove? :|
[17:08] <+Dianne|> Oh my gosh! ^^
[17:08] <+Grove|> What? O_o
[17:08] <+Nina|> '(TC is going to kill a baby.)
[17:08] <+Grove|> Why me!
[17:08] <+Dianne|> *Takes the brochure from Chris*
[17:08] <+Frankie||> Bye, Grove. *mimics his singing*
[17:09] <Reddy> (Uh.............)
[17:09] <+Grove|> I don't sing.
[17:09] <+Sydney|> later Grove :(
[17:09] * Dianne| hugs Chris then gets creeped out and takes her seat.
[17:09] <+Dianne|> Bye Grove
[17:09] <neko-naito> (Lance is the only one who sings, b**ch. :@)
[17:09] <+Dianne|> I'll.....miss you
[17:09] <+Grove|> Alright I guess. See ya!
[17:09] <+Ross|> (Frankie does. @Neko)
[17:09] <+Frankie||> (Neko, shush, yo. :@)
[17:09] <+Grove|> I'm sorry Mother Nature!
[17:09] <+Ross|> (Get your facts straight. >.>)
[17:09] <Reddy> (what is this, vote-everyone-off-when-they're-not-here season?)
[17:09] <@Jackson||> Bye, Grove.
[17:09] <+Grove|> I've failed!
[17:09] <neko-naito> (He raps, that's a difference.)
[17:09] <+Dianne|> Grove wait!
[17:09] <neko-naito> (IFKR?! @Reddy)
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk> (Um...)
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk> (That kind of happened to Lance last episode.)
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk> (And, like, you voted for him.)
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk> (awk.)
[17:10] <+Nina|> (No. This is the maybe-the-actors-should-come-for-once season.)
[17:10] <+Candy|> (xDDDD.)
[17:10] <neko-naito> (I was on vacation with no internet. -_-)
[17:10] <+Elliot|> (I've been a sub like every episode. :p)
[17:10] <+Dianne|> I was bored one day so I made you a freindship bracelet @Grove
[17:10] <+Grove|> QWht Dianne?
[17:10] <+Grove|> Really?
[17:10] <+Grove|> Thanks?
[17:10] <Reddy> (there goes sydneyxgrove <.<)
[17:10] <+Grove|> :)
[17:10] <+Dianne|> You're a smart and nice guy and I'm sorry to see you leave
[17:11] <+Dianne|> :)
[17:11] <+Grove|> Well by guys
[17:11] <+Elliot|> (kiss him. @reddy)
[17:11] <Reddy> (ugh, gtg again)
[17:11] == Reddy [98a06080@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[17:11] <+Grove|> *Kisses Dianne on cheeck and gerts on helicopter*
[17:11] <+Dianne|> *Blushes*
[17:11] <+Sydney|> Grove, no!
[17:11] <+Dianne|> Bye Grove I'll never forget you
[17:12] <+Grove|> Bye! *helicopter flies off*
[17:12] <+Elliot|> (conf) GROVE, YES! ZOMG CRACK PAIRINGS FTW!!
[17:12] <+Nina|> (CONF) Gross.
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *eyeroll, pushes Grove off the ship*
[17:12] <+Dianne|> I'm sad now :(
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk> (There is no helicopter. :@)
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk> (There was one in the first episode.)
[17:12] * Dianne| leaves the elimination room.
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk> (And now it's gone. :@)
[17:12] <+Grove|> (oh..)
[17:12] <+Sydney|> (CONF) *looks at her nails* Dianne is too OOC for Grove
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Errr....
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Yeah. -.-
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Well, anyhoo!
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk> C: We'll seeya next time, right here, on Total Drama Cruise!!
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk> -- END --

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