[16:32] <@Chris|Amber> -- NEW DAY (everyone is eating in the cafeteria) --
[16:32] <@Sierra> Well, I'll be a sonofagun, we're in the final four!
[16:33] * Terry| eats next to Patrick.
[16:33] <@Chris|Amber> A: And I'm ready to take you to the final two. ;) @Sierra
[16:33] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Well unless something changes, this is probably my last day. Alec and Lilie were gone just like that. *Sigh* Lilie...
[16:33] <@Chris|Amber> A: Together, the both of us can dominate this game.
[16:33] <+Patrick|> Hey there Terry
[16:33] <@Sierra> It's gonna be a party! Just like Izzy and Noah had in the final two.
[16:33] <@Sierra> :3
[16:33] <@Chris|Amber> A: We can be the first people in the final two that are the same gender!
[16:33] <@Chris|Amber> A: I mean, how exciting is THAT?
[16:33] <+Patrick|> Uh, we're still in the game...
[16:33] <@JustAnotherOP> (None.)
[16:34] <@Sierra> (CONF): Girls will always dominate Total Drama, it's a simple fact, besides, we're left with lovesick boy and Ratman!
[16:34] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) Sierra and I have undoubtedly become best friends during our time here. I mean, really, since the first episode, we've been tight.
[16:34] <@Sierra> *looks at Terry* :$
[16:34] <+Terry|> :$
[16:34] <@Chris|Amber> A: *narrows eyes at Terry*
[16:34] == Zac757 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[16:34] <@Sierra> (CONF): Alright, so last episode might not have been orthodox.... but it felt soooo good. :3
[16:34] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) Except, there's that whole thing where she has a boyfriend.
[16:35] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) I mean, Terry's going to throw a wrench in our plans, and Sierra's going to start oogling over him more than paying attention to me.
[16:35] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) That's why I think that having a boyfriend is useless. I mean, it'll defeat the whole strategy purpose! I would never-
[16:35] <@Chris|Amber> (conf) *Chris pops head into Amber's confessional* C: *holds up a picture of Daniel smugly*
[16:36] <@Sierra> (CONF): The last thing I want is to start oogling over Terry more than paying attention to Amber. :s
[16:36] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) *blushes*
[16:36] <@JustAnotherOP> (Confessional mania much? -w-)
[16:36] <LandryC> (Ikr -w-)
[16:36] <@JustAnotherOP> (I like it. :D)
[16:36] == bridgette_dj10 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:36] <+Patrick|> (Conf) The other three know each other so well. I'm just kinda there...
[16:36] <@Sierra> (Samantha was eliminated like fifth so STFU-Oh.)
[16:36] <LandryC> (same :D @CD)
[16:36] <+Terry|> (Conf): Sierra and I kissed last episode and I don't know what to do. I mean what would Samantha think? And Alex......Not to mention Trixie, Juilanna, Stefani, Lilie, among others. ;)
[16:37] <+Terry|> (*Alexis)
[16:37] <@Sierra> (CONF): I hope Mode and Chris aren't jealous. D:
[16:37] <@Sierra> *Mody
[16:37] <@Chris|Amber> A: *eating breakfast*
[16:37] <+Patrick|> So...
[16:37] <+Terry|> (Since when does Amber hate Terry? >.>)
[16:37] <@Chris|Amber> (She doesn't.)
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> (I never said she did. o.O)
[16:38] <@Sierra> *eats aqua toast*
[16:38] <@Sierra> Eatin aqua toast in the final four!
[16:38] <@Chris|Amber> (She's just jealous that Sierra's paying more attention to Terry than to her.)
[16:38] <@Sierra> :D
[16:38] <+Terry|> (KK.)
[16:38] <+Terry|> So......
[16:38] <+Patrick|> Anyone miss Lilie or Alec?
[16:38] <+Terry|> Things get pretyy quiet when there are only four of us. :s
[16:38] <+Patrick|> Especially Lilie?
[16:39] <@Chris|Amber> A: I know, right? o.O
[16:39] <@Sierra> Yeah...
[16:39] <@Chris|Amber> C: QUIET?!
[16:39] <@Sierra> Hey Chris!!!
[16:39] <@Sierra> :D
[16:39] <+Patrick|> Sorry Chris, I don't have anyone left to really talk to
[16:39] <@Chris|Amber> C: There will be no quiet when Chris McLean's here!
[16:39] <@Sierra> Ooooooooooooooh.
[16:39] <+Terry|> (Conf): Hey Chris? Maybe she can't be loyal to one man.....
[16:39] == Dakotacoons [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:40] <@Sierra> Is today's challenge field trip?! Can we go see "Hung Under: Part II"? :D
[16:40] <@Chris|Amber> C: Follow me to Room 320!
[16:40] <+Terry|> Nice!
[16:40] <TDAddict> (We should have a field trip :@)
[16:40] <@Chris|Amber> C: No. >.> @Sierra
[16:40] <+Terry|> But Hung Under? D:
[16:40] <@Sierra> Hmph.
[16:40] <@Sierra> :c
[16:40] <LandryC> (xD)
[16:40] <@Chris|Amber> C: *room 320*
[16:40] * Terry| goes to room 320.
[16:40] <@Chris|Amber> C: Today's challenge is...
[16:40] * Patrick| looks around
[16:40] <@Chris|Amber> C: METALWORK!! ^^
[16:40] <@Sierra> *follows Terry*
[16:40] <+Patrick|> Metalwork? Isn't that just woodshop with metal?
[16:41] <@Sierra> Mental work? We're all very smart.
[16:41] <@Sierra> D:<
[16:41] <+Terry|> Isn't that woodshoop with meta--
[16:41] <@Chris|Amber> C: I've grown pretty tired of doing stuff around this show. I mean, come on; I have to memorize lines, say lines, and cook for you dweebs.
[16:41] <+Terry|> Curse you Parick!
[16:41] <+Patrick|> Great minds think alike?
[16:41] <@Chris|Amber> C: I mean, I can't take this anymore. It's too much hard work.
[16:41] <LandryC> (Wow :3)
[16:41] == Dakotacoons [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:41] <@Sierra> The viewship ratings have gone down to like, 2.3 by the finale of season three too.
[16:41] <@Sierra> D:
[16:41] <+Terry|> Poor Chirs, having to work to earn money. >.<
[16:41] <@Sierra> *viewership
[16:41] <@Sierra> *2.3 million
[16:41] <@Chris|Amber> C: So, I've called up a friend-scientist of mine, errr...Doctor...Goober...Vander...Slib...and, uhhh, he's assured us that the mechanics that we will use for today's challenge are TOTALLY SAFE.
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> C: And I did NOT buy the parts off iBay. ^^
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> C: Anyhoo, you guys will be using the mechanics over in that box, to make me a ROBOT!!
[16:42] <@Sierra> I bought Gwen's diary on iBay!
[16:42] <@Sierra> :D
[16:42] <@Sierra> Robot?
[16:42] <+Patrick|> How are we supposed to know how to build a robot?
[16:42] <+Terry|> Robot?
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> C: A robot that will help me in some weird way.
[16:42] <+Terry|> I always wanted a Robot friend.
[16:42] <@Chris|Amber> C: Maybe he'll cook, maybe he'll clean, maybe you can think of something more inventive.
[16:42] <@Sierra> Like the ones in eRobot?
[16:42] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Well I don't know how, but I need to win this challenge
[16:42] <@JustAnotherOP> (I'M A GOOD DOG. I JUST WANNA GO HOME. :()
[16:43] <+Terry|> (Anywho.....)
[16:43] <+Patrick|> Chris, can the robot do more than one thing? Or do we need one thing specifically?
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> C: One thing specifically.
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> C: It can only be made out of metal and the robotic parts.
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> C: Nothing else is acceptable!
[16:44] <+Terry|> Oh boy!
[16:44] <+Terry|> Robot party! : D
[16:44] <@Sierra> Can we make our robots look like old contestants? I wanna make one of Cody. :3
[16:44] <@Chris|Amber> C:, no.
[16:44] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Well I took Tech Ed a long time ago in Middle School. Maybe I picked something up
[16:44] <@Sierra> D:
[16:44] <@Sierra> Well...
[16:44] <@Sierra> I'll think of something.
[16:45] <+Terry|> (Conf): Cody, Mody, Chris and Me? That girls worse than me in the love department! o.o
[16:45] <@Chris|Amber> A: Can we work together?
[16:45] == Bbhinton15- [46802b16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:45] == Bbhinton15- has changed nick to Bbhinton15
[16:45] <@Chris|Amber> C: Not during the building.
[16:45] <@Chris|Amber> C: But, if you're brainstorming, sure!
[16:46] <@Chris|Amber> A: Great! :D
[16:46] <@Sierra> Can I work with you hotstuff? :3
[16:46] <@Chris|Amber> A: *grabs Sierra* Let's go brainstorm!
[16:46] <@Sierra> I wasn't talking about Terry.
[16:46] <@Sierra> :$
[16:46] <@Sierra> Totally!
[16:46] <@Sierra> :D
[16:46] <@Sierra> @Amber
[16:46] <+Terry|> (Conf): .......>.>
[16:46] <+Patrick|> Terry? Guy team-up?
[16:46] <@Sierra> Hmmm... *in brainstorm mode*
[16:47] <+Terry|> I'll fly solo, I'm use to being......ALL BY MYSELF! :'(
[16:47] <@Sierra> Perhaps we could make Chris a robot that can... fly? :D
[16:47] <+Patrick|> ...Alright then
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> Good one.
[16:47] <+Terry|> Lawl see ya later.
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> Hm...
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> What else?
[16:47] <@Sierra> Hmm...
[16:47] <+Patrick|> So we can start building yet?
[16:47] * Terry| begins to write ideas down.
[16:47] <@Sierra> One that can... wash his hair? :|
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> :p
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> :o*
[16:47] <@Chris|Amber> I've got a great idea!
[16:47] <@Sierra> What?!
[16:47] <@Sierra> :o
[16:48] <@Chris|Amber> A robot that can style his hair the way he wants it!
[16:48] <@Chris|Amber> A: I bet it takes hours for him to do it in the morning!
[16:48] <@Sierra> :o
[16:48] <@Sierra> OMG!
[16:48] <@Sierra> That sounds awesome!
[16:48] <@Chris|Amber> I know!! ^^
[16:48] <@Sierra> Thanks, Amber! Great idea!
[16:48] <@Sierra> :D
[16:48] == Zac757 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:48] <@Chris|Amber> A: I kno-wait, what?
[16:48] * Sierra hugs Amber and runs off to gather parts.
[16:48] <@Chris|Amber> A: O.o
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) That idea...
[16:49] <@Sierra> See you at the judging girlfriend!
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) It was mine.
[16:49] <@Sierra> :D
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) It was supposed to be...
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) For me. o.O
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) *scoff* She stole it. :|
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: You, too! :D
[16:49] * Patrick| starts looking through a manual
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[16:49] <+Terry|> (Conf): Girlfriend!? Great who's next Patrick!? :@
[16:49] <@Chris|Amber> A: Well, I guess I could make a robot that...hosts the show?
[16:50] <@Sierra> :D *walks past Terry* Oh... hey. :) :$
[16:50] <+Terry|> I say the robot would have more of a heart than Chris. >.> @Amber
[16:50] <+Terry|> Hiya Sierra. :s
[16:50] <+Patrick|> (I'll make one that comes up with good challenge ideas)
[16:50] <+Patrick|> (Loljk)
[16:50] <LandryC> (x3)
[16:50] <@JustAnotherOP> (... xDDD)
[16:50] <@Chris|Amber> (I'm going to slap you. >.>)
[16:50] <@Sierra> (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[16:51] <+Terry|> (LOL! @TC)
[16:51] <bridgette_dj10> (so much parenthesized text X_X)
[16:51] <@Sierra> *gathers parts*
[16:51] <@Sierra> Man! This is sooo epic!
[16:51] <LandryC> (no physical violence in Total Drama >.> @Ryan)
[16:51] <@JustAnotherOP> (Is Patrick TC? o.o")
[16:51] * Patrick| starts getting parts
[16:51] <@Chris|Amber> (Yes. @CD)
[16:51] <+Patrick|> (Yep)
[16:51] * Terry| also starts to get parts.
[16:51] <+Terry|> Lets do this! :@
[16:51] * Patrick| connects some wires
[16:52] <+Patrick|> Man, I hope that I don't do something wrong here
[16:52] * Terry| starts to build his robot?
[16:52] <@Chris|Amber> C: .......I'm calling time in two minutes. ;)
[16:52] <@Sierra> Does anyone have a-
[16:52] <@Sierra> OMG!
[16:52] <@Sierra> :o
[16:53] <+Terry|> O.O
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> C: Hurry up! >: D
[16:53] <+Patrick|> (Conf) I was putting the robot together, and then it hit me
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> (We gon' have two episodes, I've decided.)
[16:53] <@Sierra> *works faster*
[16:53] <+Patrick|> (Conf) I got the perfect robot idea
[16:53] * Terry| starts connecting wires!
[16:53] <+Terry|> (o.o)
[16:53] <TDAddict> (YES! :D)
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> (By the end of the day.)
[16:53] <@JustAnotherOP> (Ew.)
[16:53] <+Terry|> (Wow final two.)
[16:53] <@Sierra> (But then I'm going to miss two weeks. D: )
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> (We're going to have a final two.)
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> (Just sayin'.)
[16:53] <@Chris|Amber> (Sorry, Bigez. We'll see if we can postpone the special.)
[16:53] <+Terry|> (It won't matter if Sierra gets the boot. ;))
[16:53] * Patrick| looks at manual as he puts parts together
[16:54] <@Sierra> (Shaddup TDF. -.-)
[16:54] <+Terry|> (loljking.)
[16:54] <@Chris|Amber> A: *brings robot over to Sierra*
[16:54] <@Chris|Amber> A: So, my robot hosts the show. ^^
[16:54] <@Sierra> *installs a hair drier in her robot*
[16:54] <+Terry|> The left wire goes to the right wire! Gren wire goes to red wire *gets shocked* Maybe not. x.x
[16:54] <@Sierra> Oh, awesome!
[16:54] <@Chris|Amber> A: Of course, it's got a few glitches. :| *hand of robot explodes*
[16:54] <@Sierra> :D
[16:54] <@Sierra> :
[16:54] <@Sierra> *:
[16:54] <@Sierra> **:
[16:54] <@Sierra> (...)
[16:54] <@Sierra> ***:|
[16:54] * Patrick| installs an arm
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: You know, the idea I...presented to you...that was...that was a nice idea, right?
[16:55] <LandryC> (...)
[16:55] <+Patrick|> Getting pretty close
[16:55] <@Sierra> Yes it was!!
[16:55] <@Sierra> :D
[16:55] * Terry| buts on a head.
[16:55] <@Sierra> I'm finishing up now!
[16:55] <@Sierra> :D
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: You think...maybe...that idea was good for someone else?
[16:55] <+Terry|> :'(
[16:55] * Sierra builds arms and legs.
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> >.>
[16:55] <@Sierra> Hm...
[16:55] <+Terry|> It's like the son I've never wanted. :(
[16:55] <@Sierra> I'm gonna say...
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: *puts arm back on robot*
[16:55] <@Sierra> No. :p
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: :D
[16:55] <@Chris|Amber> A: Great. :D
[16:55] <@Sierra> Good luck!
[16:55] <@Sierra> :D
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: You, too, best friend. :D
[16:56] <@Sierra> Oooh.
[16:56] <+Patrick|> So how's everyone's robot coming along?
[16:56] <TDAddict> (Sierra is Lindsay now >~>)
[16:56] <@Sierra> That box over there has lots of metal parts.
[16:56] <@Sierra> *runs off through a box and searches through it*
[16:56] <+Terry|> (Except more of a w**re @TDAddict.)
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: *sigh* Yeah, I guess so. *sits down at table*
[16:56] <@Sierra> *to
[16:56] <TDAddict> (Yeah)
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: *looks back at Sierra and bites lip*
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: Uhhh, Sierra...
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: W...
[16:56] <+Terry|> (Cody, Mody, Chris, Terry and Amber. >.>)
[16:56] <+Patrick|> (Conf) If I manage to win this challenge, the whole game changes. I have to do it
[16:56] <@Chris|Amber> A: *looks at Sierra's robot*
[16:56] <@Sierra> *only barely hears Amber*
[16:57] <@Chris|Amber> A: *stomach growls*
[16:57] <@Sierra> ... Oh... Yup?
[16:57] <@Chris|Amber> A: (conf) I knew I shouldn't have done it. And I felt, horrible, but......
[16:57] * Terry| begins to but the finishing touches on the robot.
[16:57] <Dakotacoons> (Sierras more of a slore than Trixie)
[16:57] <@Chris|Amber> A: *grabs Sierra's robot and puts her robot in its place*
[16:57] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[16:57] <@Sierra> *continues to search through the box.*
[16:57] * Patrick| puts together a wire and the robot lights up
[16:57] <+Patrick|> :o I actually did it
[16:57] <@Sierra> *walks back*
[16:57] <@Chris|Amber> A: So...find anything? :|
[16:58] <@Sierra> (Wait, why did Amber's stomach growl? That makes no logical sense.)
[16:58] <@Sierra> Yup!
[16:58] <LandryC> (...)
[16:58] <+Terry|> (Shes hungry. :|)
[16:58] <@Chris|Amber> (I dunno. GTFO of my house.)
[16:58] <@Sierra> I found a wrench!
[16:58] <LandryC> (:p)
[16:58] <@Sierra> That'll really screw the bolts in good!
[16:58] <@Chris|Amber> A: Cool. So, I'll just let you get back to your robot-building, th-
[16:58] * Terry| laughs
[16:58] <@Chris|Amber> C: TIME!! ^^
[16:58] <@Sierra> Aww.
[16:58] <@Sierra> :c
[16:58] <@Chris|Amber> C: Guys, present your robots to me! Terry, you're up first!
[16:58] <@Sierra> Well.
[16:58] <@Sierra> It's still good.
[16:58] <+Terry|> Okay here we go!
[16:58] <@Sierra> Good luck Amber!
[16:59] <@Sierra> :D
[16:59] <+Patrick|> Good luck
[16:59] <@Chris|Amber> A: :D
[16:59] <@Chris|Amber> A: You, too...Sierra. :-/
[16:59] <@Sierra> Goo.... Terry... :$
[16:59] <@JustAnotherOP> (ANTAGONIST!!!)
[16:59] <TDAddict> (Goo :P)
[16:59] == JustAnotherOP has changed nick to CD-TDA
[16:59] <+Terry|> So my robot has an IQ OF 300! Amazing right!?
[16:59] <@Chris|Amber> C: *sigh*
[16:59] <@Chris|Amber> C: That's 300 more points than YOUR IQ.
[16:59] <@Chris|Amber> C: What does it even do? -_-'
[17:00] * Patrick| chuckles
[17:00] <+Terry|> It can pay your taxes and do your homework among other things!
[17:00] <+Terry|> Only one problem.....
[17:00] == bridgette_dj10 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:00] <+Patrick|> (Brb)
[17:00] <+Terry|> It is so intelligent it might see that it is superior to its human creators and being to over throw the human race. :s
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: :|
[17:01] <+Terry|> But there is only like a 75% chance of that happening.
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: Uhhh...right.
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: S-Sierra...
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: You're up next.
[17:01] <@Sierra> Oh boy!!
[17:01] <@Sierra> :D
[17:01] <@Sierra> Well Chris...
[17:01] <@Sierra> I give you...
[17:01] <@Sierra> "The Hairdo 3000"!
[17:01] <@Sierra> It does your hair!
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: :o
[17:01] <@Sierra> Any hairstyle you want!
[17:01] <@Sierra> :D
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: Great idea, Sierra!
[17:01] <@Chris|Amber> C: TURN IT ON. ^^
[17:01] <@Sierra> Definetely. :p
[17:01] <@Sierra> KK!
[17:01] <@Sierra> :D
[17:02] <+Patrick|> (Back)
[17:02] <LandryC> (Wb)
[17:02] <@Sierra> *turns it on*
[17:02] <@Sierra> Hm...
[17:02] <@Sierra> It's not working...
[17:02] <@Chris|Amber> C: Well, hurry up!
[17:02] <@Sierra> Maybe I shoul- *robot explodes*
[17:02] <@Chris|Amber> C: I can't wait any longer to see i-:|:|:|"""
[17:02] <@Sierra> O_O
[17:02] <+Terry|> O.o
[17:02] <@Chris|Amber> C: O.O
[17:02] <@Sierra> WHAT THE HECK?!
[17:02] <@Chris|Amber> C: *starts laughing*
[17:02] <+Terry|> My robot pal is in the lead alright. ;)
[17:02] <LandryC> (O.o)
[17:02] <@Chris|Amber> C: AHAHAHA!
[17:02] <@Sierra> But...
[17:03] <@Sierra> But...
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> C: IT EXPLODED. XDDDDD
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:03] <@Sierra> I worked so hard on it!
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:03] <@Sierra> D:
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[17:03] <@CD-TDA> (Amber. F**k. You. :'()
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra, um...
[17:03] <@Sierra> Amber, what could have gone wrong?
[17:03] <@Sierra> D:
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: HOW hard did you work on it...
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: Exactly? D:
[17:03] <Copper5> (Amber, vote yourself out over guilt!)
[17:03] <@Sierra> Really, really, hard.
[17:03] <@Sierra> :(
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: It couldn't have been that hard.
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> A: could it have? D:
[17:03] <@CD-TDA> (TWSS!! ^^)
[17:03] <@Sierra> Let me tell you something Amber, it was mega uber super hard.
[17:03] <@Sierra> D:
[17:03] <@Chris|Amber> C: Okay, we get it; it's hard.
[17:04] <@Chris|Amber> C: Patrick, you're up!
[17:04] <+Patrick|> Ok Chris
[17:04] <TDAddict> (:|"""""""""""""")
[17:04] <LandryC> xD @Ryan)
[17:04] <+Patrick|> My robot is a waiter that not only serves your coffee, but makes it too
[17:04] <@Chris|Amber> C: :D
[17:04] <LandryC> *(xD @Ryan)
[17:04] <@Chris|Amber> C: Wow. I like the sound of that!!
[17:04] <+Patrick|> Right there in front of you. And perfectly
[17:04] <+Patrick|> Her name is Lilie :)
[17:04] <+Terry|> Someone is missin Lilie. :s
[17:04] <@Sierra> R.I.P. Lilie.
[17:04] <@Sierra> D:
[17:04] <+Terry|> o.o
[17:04] <@Chris|Amber> C: ... -_-'
[17:05] <@Chris|Amber> C: Patrick, you just lost a point for the name. -_-'
[17:05] <+Patrick|> I meant Christine
[17:05] <@CD-TDA> (Patrick's character s likable. :B)
[17:05] <@Chris|Amber> C: Oh, okay :D
[17:05] <LandryC> (somebody's kinda love struck :c)
[17:05] <+Patrick|> :D
[17:05] <@Chris|Amber> C: Well, let's see the robot in action!
[17:05] <+Terry|> See thats why you don't have a name super intelligent Robot I created. :3
[17:05] <@Sierra> (Unlike Samantha's.)
[17:05] * Patrick| turns on robot
[17:05] <+Patrick|> *Robot goes through coffee-making process and serves it*
[17:05] <+Patrick|> So how does it taste? *Crosses fingers*
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> Mmm.
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> C: Delicious!! ^^
[17:06] <@CD-TDA> ([21:05] * Patrick| turns on robot -- Lol. :|)
[17:06] <+Patrick|> Yes!
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> C: Amber, you're up.
[17:06] <@Sierra> Goooooo Amber!!
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> A: *stares at Chris in fright*
[17:06] <@Sierra> :D
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> A: :-/
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra, you really shouldn't be cheering me on.
[17:06] <LandryC> (hahaha :| @CD)
[17:06] <@Sierra> But...
[17:06] <@Sierra> Why?
[17:06] <@Sierra> :
[17:06] <@CD-TDA> (IKR? :|)
[17:06] <@Sierra> *:|
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> A: Oh.
[17:06] <@Sierra> I like to cheer!
[17:06] <@Chris|Amber> A: Um, b-because...
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:07] <@Sierra> Especially for my best friend!
[17:07] <@Sierra> :D
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> C: Amber, your robot?
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: Can I whisper what it does to you?
[17:07] <@Sierra> (Sierra is making Amber for so s***ty. xD)
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> C: No...
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> C: Why don't you say it out loud? o.O
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: Um...
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: My...
[17:07] <+Terry|> Yeah we are all friends here?
[17:07] <+Terry|> :3
[17:07] <@Chris|Amber> A: My robot is...
[17:08] <@Sierra> Whispers aren't fun, letting everbody know is a ton! :D
[17:08] <@CD-TDA> (Well, here comes the revelation. :|)
[17:08] <@Sierra> Yes, best friend who would never betray me? :)
[17:09] <@CD-TDA> (A collective silence fills the room... xD)
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: My robot's called the Hairstylist 3000, it does your hair, adds hairspray, makes it perfect, makes you look good, it's a great robot, nice guy, really kind, just like Sierra, and I feel awful, because this isn't mine, it was my idea, but I took it from Sierra, and she deserves to win, and I hope I can make it up to her, because now her robot is mine, and my robot is hers, and she doesn't deserve this, and -
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> *turns on machine and it speeds over to Chris and does his hair* - and there it is. :'(
[17:09] <@Sierra> O_O''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra!
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: I am SO sorry!!
[17:09] <@Sierra> :-O
[17:09] <@Sierra> AMBER!
[17:09] <@Sierra> But.................
[17:09] <@Sierra> WHAT?
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: Forgive me!
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: Please, I -
[17:09] <@Sierra> I thought I trusted you!!!
[17:09] <@Chris|Amber> A: It was my idea!!
[17:10] <@Sierra> We were-
[17:10] <@Chris|Amber> A: So, I just... :(
[17:10] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Maybe the robot will give Chris a bad haircut and I'll still have a chance
[17:10] <@Sierra> Then why would you tell me to make it?
[17:10] <@Sierra> Why?!
[17:10] <@Chris|Amber> A: I didn't. D:
[17:10] <@Chris|Amber> A: And I'm sorry!!
[17:10] <@CD-TDA> (FLIP HER OFF, SIERRA. :@)
[17:10] <@Sierra> But...
[17:10] <+Terry|> (GO TO TERRY! :@)
[17:10] <@Sierra> Well.
[17:10] <@Sierra> It's just not okay amber.
[17:10] <+Terry|> (Conf) Intense. D:
[17:10] <@Sierra> *Amber
[17:10] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:10] <@Sierra> It's not.
[17:10] <@Chris|Amber> A: Will you forgive me?
[17:10] <@CD-TDA> (*goes all Josh* CATFIGHT, CATFIGHT.)
[17:10] <@Sierra> I've been working so hard in this game.
[17:10] <@Sierra> And now you do this to me?!
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra, please! I'll give you my immunity!
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> C: Who says you win immunity? o.O
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> C: PATRICK WINS!! ^^
[17:11] <LandryC> (*rings the bell*)
[17:11] <+Terry|> (again seriously? >.>)
[17:11] <+Patrick|> YES!
[17:11] <@Sierra> What have I done to you besides shown you helpfulness and companionship!
[17:11] <TDAddict> (YES! :D)
[17:11] <@Sierra> It's just......
[17:11] <LandryC> (*floored*)
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> A: *sigh* I know, I know, I'm going home. I don't blame you if you vote me off.
[17:11] <@Sierra> It's not okay Amber.
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> C: Who says it's a vote? o.O
[17:11] <+Terry|> (Crap, I'm done for. o.o)
[17:11] <+Patrick|> (Conf) I actually pulled it off. I need to try and win this for Lilie)
[17:11] <+Terry|> (O.O)
[17:11] <@Sierra> And I don't think-
[17:11] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:11] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:11] <TDAddict> (O.O)
[17:11] <@CD-TDA> (lolpwnd:|)
[17:11] <+Patrick|> :o
[17:11] <+Terry|> WHAT!?
[17:11] <LandryC> (sudden death again? O.O)
[17:11] <@CD-TDA> (WTF.)
[17:11] <@CD-TDA> (WTF.)
[17:11] <@CD-TDA> (WTF.)
[17:11] <@Sierra> WHAT?!?!?!?!
[17:11] <@Chris|Amber> A: :-O
[17:11] <+Terry|> (HOLY S**T.)
[17:11] <@Sierra> BUT...
[17:11] <@Sierra> NO!!!
[17:11] <TDAddict> (Amber is quitting >->)
[17:11] <+Terry|> SIERRA NO!
[17:11] <@Sierra> AMBER.
[17:11] <+Terry|> SHE CAN'T BE!
[17:11] <LandryC> (WTF!)
[17:12] <+Terry|> D:
[17:12] <@CD-TDA> (WHAT THE F**K?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!)
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:12] <+Terry|> (GUYS THIS IS NOT COOL! :@)
[17:12] <Dakotacoons> (YES.)
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> A: I... :s
[17:12] <Copper5> (AMBER YOU SLORE!!!)
[17:12] <Dakotacoons> (AMAZING.)
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> A: Wait!
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra, please!!
[17:12] <@CD-TDA> (AMBER, F**K OFF.)
[17:12] <+Terry|> Sierra no don't leave!
[17:12] <@CD-TDA> (>->)
[17:12] <@Sierra> Cause now I have no chance at the million.
[17:12] <@Sierra> :'(
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> A: Don't do this. D:
[17:12] <+Patrick|> Geez
[17:12] <+Terry|> Sierra wait!
[17:12] <+Terry|> Please! D:
[17:12] <LandryC> (Amber sucks! :@)
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> C: I'll see you at the elimination ceremony, where Sierra will be properly bid farewell!
[17:12] <@Sierra> Oh, Terry. :(
[17:12] <@Sierra> ...
[17:12] <@Chris|Amber> C: *walks out of Room 320*
[17:12] <+Terry|> Oh Sierra. :'(
[17:13] <@Sierra> *walks away in silence.*
[17:13] <@CD-TDA> (Okay. Now it's just way too obvious. :| Amber's gonna quit.)
[17:13] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:13] <+Patrick|> Well... that was dramatic
[17:13] <Copper5> (Shes, a disgrace to the name Amber)
[17:13] <+Terry|> Sierra! :'(
[17:13] <+Patrick|> Anyone want coffee?
[17:13] <+Terry|> Amber how could you!? :@
[17:13] <LandryC> (Patrick is trying to be Lilie xD)
[17:16] <@Chris|Amber> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[17:16] <TDAddict> (Amber's gonna quit, its way too obvious)
[17:16] * Sierra is at the eliminatin in a bad mood.
[17:16] <+Terry|> Sierra can't be gone! :'(
[17:16] <@Chris|Amber> C: Sierra.
[17:16] <+Terry|> I...I.....:'(
[17:16] <@Chris|Amber> C: You've been a memorable competitor here on TDS.
[17:16] <@Sierra> :-/
[17:17] <+Patrick|> Amber, we've never really talked, but you might want to take this time to make up for your mistake
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> C: But, unfortunately, I think it's time to go. :(
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[17:17] <@Sierra> Can... I say final words?
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> C: But.
[17:17] <@Sierra> :(
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> C: First.
[17:17] <@Sierra> But?
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> C: You have the opportunity to say goodbye to your friends. And Amber.
[17:17] <@Sierra> Well...
[17:17] <TDAddict> (HAW)
[17:17] <@CD-TDA> (Amber gon' quit.)
[17:17] <@Sierra> Terry...
[17:17] <TDAddict> (IKR @CD)
[17:17] <+Terry|> Yes? 3:
[17:17] <Copper5> (Amber step down!)
[17:17] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[17:18] <@WebkinzMania> (I misread that as strip)
[17:18] <Dakotacoons> (Amber better not quit.)
[17:18] <+Terry|> (Tulle would freak. ;s)
[17:18] <@Sierra> I never thought of you as a boyfriend, and I'm sorry if the kiss took you off guard... friends? :3
[17:18] <+Terry|> (OMG THEY DON'T GET TOGETHER!? :@)
[17:18] <@Chris|Amber> (WHAT? They're going to be FRIENDS?)
[17:18] <@Chris|Amber> (WTF.)
[17:18] <@Chris|Amber> (WTF.)
[17:18] <@Chris|Amber> (GET OFF THE SHOW.)
[17:18] <@Chris|Amber> (GET OFF THE SHOW RIGHT NOW.)
[17:18] <+Terry|> Right friends.......good friends.......*hugs Sierra*
[17:18] <@Sierra> *hugs Terry*
[17:18] <@Sierra> :3
[17:18] <@Sierra> Oh...
[17:18] <+Terry|> :s
[17:18] <@Sierra> Who am I kidding?
[17:18] <@Sierra> :3
[17:19] * Sierra kisses Terry.
[17:19] <@Chris|Amber> (:o)
[17:19] <@Chris|Amber> (:D)
[17:19] <+Patrick|> Awwwwww :3
[17:19] * Terry| is kissed
[17:19] <Dakotacoons> (Terry is too lame to have a relationship.)
[17:19] <@Sierra> (IF YOU ALL WOULD FRICKIN WAIT. :@)
[17:19] <@CD-TDA> (NAW. >:()
[17:19] <LandryC> (D'awwwwww :3)
[17:19] <+Terry|> Now thats what I'm talking about. (H)
[17:19] <Dakotacoons> (Vomits.)
[17:19] * Sierra passionately kisses Terry.
[17:19] <@CD-TDA> (Proclaim your love for Samantha, TDF. :-@)
[17:19] * Terry| passionately kisses Sierra.
[17:19] <@Sierra> So...
[17:19] <Dakotacoons> (eww.)
[17:19] <@Sierra> Maybe more than friends?
[17:19] <@Sierra> :3
[17:20] <+Terry|> Okay. ;)
[17:20] <@Sierra> *kisses Terry again*
[17:20] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:20] <@Sierra> <3
[17:20] <+Terry|> Thats some good stuff.
[17:20] <+Patrick|> *To Amber* They are pretty good together
[17:20] <@Chris|Amber> A: Patrick. :(
[17:20] <Dakotacoons> (JUST LEAVE.)
[17:20] <TDAddict> (Oh God! *vomits again*)
[17:20] * Sierra ruffles Terry's hair and goes onto Patrick.
[17:20] <@Chris|Amber> A: I don't know what to do. :s
[17:20] <+Terry|> Don't worry babe I'll win it for both of us. ;3
[17:20] <TDAddict> (Amber quitting is too obvious)
[17:20] <@Sierra> (Chill Dako. :@)
[17:20] <TDAddict> (Just sayin')
[17:21] <@Sierra> Well...
[17:21] <@Sierra> Patrick.
[17:21] <+Patrick|> Well that's up to you
[17:21] <+Patrick|> Sierra, it was great meeting you :)
[17:21] <@Sierra> Although we were never great friends, we went through all these crazy shenanigans that I'll never forget. :3
[17:21] * Sierra hugs Patrick.
[17:21] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:21] <@Chris|Amber> A: :s
[17:21] <+Terry|> (Conf): Yeah I guess me and Sierra are offically now, me and Sam weren't ment to be. Besides I imagine being with Sam is like being bad at never get off first base. -_-
[17:22] <@Chris|Amber> (LOL.)
[17:22] <@CD-TDA> (Not funny. >->)
[17:22] * Patrick| hugs Sierra back
[17:22] <+Patrick|> Don't lay one on me like Terry over there ;)
[17:22] <TDAddict> (ITS HILARIOUS)
[17:22] <@Sierra> And now how could I forget...... CHRIS!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE IT SELF!!! :3 You're only second to Terry of my favorite people ever.
[17:22] <@Sierra> :3
[17:22] <@Chris|Amber> (You know what would actually be kinda funny?)
[17:22] <@Sierra> And lastly...
[17:22] <@Chris|Amber> (If Sam wanted Terry back in the special. XDDDDDD)
[17:22] <@Sierra> Amber...
[17:22] <@Sierra> Well.
[17:22] <@Chris|Amber> (I would laugh so hard. :p)
[17:22] <@Sierra> Amber.
[17:22] <@Chris|Amber> A: :-/
[17:23] <LandryC> (Terry's too good for Sam)
[17:23] <TDAddict> (If Amber quits, I'mma be mad)
[17:23] <@Sierra> I don't think I can forgive you at this point, you ruined my chances at winning when I gave you my trust. :s
[17:23] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:23] <@Chris|Amber> A: I'm...
[17:23] <@Chris|Amber> A: I don't know what to say.
[17:23] <@Sierra> I don't think anything can help that anymore...
[17:23] <+Patrick|> (Wow, sounds familiar)
[17:23] <@Sierra> Well.
[17:23] <@Sierra> Everyone.
[17:23] <@Sierra> It's been a good run...
[17:23] <+Terry|> DON'T LEAVE! D:
[17:23] <@Sierra> Group hug?
[17:23] <@Sierra> :c
[17:23] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sure. :)
[17:23] <@WebkinzMania> (QUIT TERRY :@)
[17:23] <+Patrick|> Yeah...
[17:24] <+Terry|> Or we could make out its your call? :(
[17:24] <@Sierra> Uh... Yeah... :s
[17:24] <@Chris|Amber> A: *goes to hug Sierra*
[17:24] * Patrick| gets into the group hug
[17:24] <@Sierra> *stops Amber* 4 person group hug? :s
[17:24] <@Chris|Amber> :|
[17:24] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:24] <@Chris|Amber> A: Ouch. :-/
[17:24] * Terry| hugs Sierra.
[17:24] <+Terry|> A hug is as good.
[17:24] <+Terry|> :3
[17:24] <@Sierra> Get in here Chris!
[17:24] <@Sierra> :D
[17:24] <@Sierra> Well...
[17:24] == Kgman04 [4a586c2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:24] <+Terry|> Come on McLean! ^__^
[17:24] <@Chris|Amber> C: *hugs Sierra*
[17:25] <+Terry|> That a boy.
[17:25] <@Sierra> I'll miss this school. :(
[17:25] <@Sierra> Well... bye now.... :'(
[17:25] <@Sierra> *begins to walk of-
[17:25] <@CD-TDA> (-_-)
[17:25] <@Sierra> *begins to walk of-
[17:25] <TDAddict> (If she quits...)
[17:25] <@Chris|Amber> A: *hands Sierra a picture of Cody* You forgot that. D:
[17:25] <@Chris|Amber> A: Bye. :(
[17:25] <@Sierra> Oh...
[17:25] <@Sierra> Yeah...
[17:25] <@CD-TDA> (WTF. :|)
[17:25] <@Sierra> Thanks.
[17:25] <@Chris|Amber> A: WAIT.
[17:25] <Kgman04> (Sierra got 4th? lolol for parallelism)
[17:25] <@Chris|Amber> A: *hands Sierra a picture of Chris* You forgot that, too.
[17:25] <@Sierra> WHAT?! :@
[17:26] <@Sierra> Yeah, thanks. -_-
[17:26] <@Chris|Amber> A: Bye. :-/
[17:26] <@Sierra> *begins to walk off, again*
[17:26] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:26] <+Patrick|> Say hi to Lilie for me Sierra :)
[17:26] * Terry| pats Ambers back.
[17:26] <@Chris|Amber> A: WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:26] <@Sierra> OMG WHAT DO YOU WANT?! :@
[17:26] <@Chris|Amber> A: I QUIT.
[17:26] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:26] <@Chris|Amber> A: I quit for Sierra!!
[17:26] <+Terry|> (NO.)
[17:26] <@CD-TDA> (-_____________________________-)
[17:26] <TDAddict> (NO! :@)
[17:26] <@Sierra> WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?
[17:26] <@Sierra> O_O
[17:26] <Dakotacoons> (NO.)
[17:26] <@Sierra> BUT..
[17:26] <TDAddict> (-_____________________________________________________-)
[17:26] <+Terry|> (PLEASE DON'T.)
[17:26] <Copper5> (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
[17:26] <+Patrick|> (Aw dang it. Poor Tulle)
[17:26] <@Sierra> BUT.....
[17:26] <@CD-TDA> (-_____________________________-)
[17:26] <+Terry|> (PLEASE DON'T.)
[17:26] <@CD-TDA> (-_____________________________-)
[17:26] <@Sierra> BUT!!!!
[17:26] <LandryC> (O.O)
[17:26] <+Terry|> (PEASE DON'T.)
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: Sierra, forgive me!!
[17:27] <TDAddict> (-_____________________________________________________-)
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: I'll quit for you!!
[17:27] <@Sierra> Amber.
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: I feel horrible!
[17:27] <@Sierra> :o
[17:27] <@Sierra> You...
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: I'll never get over myself if you leave like this. :(
[17:27] <TDAddict> (No! :@)
[17:27] <@Sierra> You would do that? :(
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: yes!
[17:27] <+Terry|> (TERRY WILL QUIT TO IF SHE DOES.)
[17:27] <TDAddict> (No! :@)
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: Of course I would!
[17:27] <TDAddict> (No! :@)
[17:27] <TDAddict> (No! :@)
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: You're my best friend!
[17:27] <@Sierra> You know what Amber?
[17:27] <@CD-TDA> (QUIT, TDF.)
[17:27] <LandryC> (*in a sing-song voice* Tulle is gonna kill Ryan :p)
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: What? :(
[17:27] <@Sierra> That's all I needed.
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: :|
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: is?
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: You don't want me to quit? D:
[17:27] <@Sierra> And that makes up for it all.
[17:27] <@Chris|Amber> A: :(
[17:27] <Dakotacoons> (good.p
[17:27] <+Terry|> (Phew.)
[17:27] <@Sierra> Amber.
[17:28] <@Sierra> You can't quit.
[17:28] <+Terry|> (I knew that would happen. (H))
[17:28] <TDAddict> (Thank God -_-)
[17:28] <@Chris|Amber> (Srsly.)
[17:28] <TDAddict> (I just didn't want her to quit, is all)
[17:28] <@Sierra> You're the greatest person I met on this show... besides Terry of course. :)
[17:28] <+Patrick|> (Haha, you fooled me)
[17:28] <@Sierra> And...
[17:28] <+Patrick|> Um, I'm here too...
[17:28] <@Sierra> You have so much potential.
[17:28] <+Terry|> Thanks babe. ;)
[17:28] <@Sierra> Amber.
[17:28] <@Chris|Amber> :(
[17:28] <@Sierra> You still have a strong chance at winning.
[17:28] <@Chris|Amber> A: I'm...I'm going to miss you, Sierra.
[17:29] <@Sierra> Don't give that up now.
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: *sigh* Okay.
[17:29] <LandryC> (awwwww so Amber does have a heart :3)
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: Friends? :(
[17:29] <@Sierra> I'll miss you too, best friend. :D
[17:29] <@Sierra> Friends!
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: Thanks, best friend. :)
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: *hugs Sierra*
[17:29] <@Sierra> Let's kiss on it-Hug on it. :|
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: *hugs Sierra*
[17:29] <TDAddict> (:|)
[17:29] <@Sierra> *hugs Amber*
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> A: Bye, Sierra!! D:
[17:29] <TDAddict> (Two eps, right?)
[17:29] <+Terry|> (Yep.)
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> (Not anymore.)
[17:29] <+Terry|> (o.o)
[17:29] <@Chris|Amber> C: And that wraps that up!!
[17:30] <@WebkinzMania> (:-O)
[17:30] <@Sierra> Well, I know it's a half hour show... And now I'm glad I'm on good terms with everyone. :)
[17:30] <+Terry|> (Why not? -_-)
[17:30] <TDAddict> (:@)
[17:30] <@Sierra> I wish you all the best!
[17:30] <@Sierra> :D
[17:30] <+Terry|> :'(
[17:30] <+Patrick|> Bye Sierra!
[17:30] <+Terry|> (Another episode come on!)
[17:30] <@Sierra> *kisses Terry one last time*
[17:30] <@Sierra> :3
[17:30] <@Chris|Amber> C: Join us next time and watch our final three compete in the semi-finals...
[17:30] <+Terry|> Yes!
[17:30] <+Terry|> Bonus!
[17:30] <@Chris|Amber> C: Amber, the backstabbing-yet-somehow-still-lovable strategist!
[17:30] <Bbhinton15> (When did Ryan allow people overuse parentheses during RP episodes? O.o I thought we were supposed to be quiet. xD)
[17:30] <@Chris|Amber> C: Patrick, the humorous-and-kind-and-also-kind-of-strategic friend!
[17:30] <@Chris|Amber> C: And the other kid. :)
[17:31] <+Terry|> Hey!
[17:31] <@Chris|Amber> C: JOIN US NEXT TIME, RIGHT HERE.
[17:31] <@Chris|Amber> C: ON TOTAL!
[17:31] <@Chris|Amber> C: DRAMA!
[17:31] <@Sierra> SCHOOL!!!
[17:31] <@Chris|Amber> -- END --

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