[16:43] <@Chrelliot> ----START----
[16:43] * DirkHoffman dives into the pool.
[16:43] <+Gini|> *is curling Candy's hair*
[16:43] * DirkHoffman gets out and dries self off.
[16:43] * Sydney| sits next to Frankie awkwardly.
[16:43] <@Chrelliot> E: Heh!
[16:43] <@Chrelliot> Hey, Dirk.
[16:44] <@Chrelliot> Look!
[16:44] * Frankie-Renrut sees Sydney
[16:44] * Ross| is playing video games as usal
[16:44] <@Frankie-Renrut> Yo, what up?
[16:44] <@DirkHoffman> What? -.-
[16:44] <+Gini|> Betty likes your hair Candy!
[16:44] <@Chrelliot> *canonballs in the water, splashing Dirk with water*
[16:44] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:44] <@Chrelliot> Haha! Cool right?
[16:44] <@DirkHoffman> Argh!
[16:44] <+Candy|> :3 @Gini
[16:44] <@Frankie-Renrut> (CONF) Frankie: I get that I been getting a lot a hate as of late, but maybe it's not too late, I could still do great.
[16:44] <+Sydney|> Umm... I just wanted to say sorry for losing us the challenge.
[16:44] <+Candy|> (Ew, I still hate this color)
[16:44] <+Sydney|> (Eww.)
[16:44] <@Frankie-Renrut> It's alright, don't worry bout it.
[16:44] * Jackson|| sits by the pool.
[16:44] <+Sydney|> Thanks.
[16:45] <+Gini|> *looks at Jackson, then at Candy)
[16:45] <+Gini|> *
[16:45] <@Chrelliot> (CONF) Dirk is soooo awesome. If me, him, and Scythe stick together, who know what we can achieve?... *holds up a picture of Scythe* Who knows what WE can achieve? ;)
[16:45] <+Gini|> (CONF) I think Candy is having boy problems.
[16:45] <+Gini|> (CONF) Tee-Hee!
[16:46] <@Frankie-Renrut> (CONF) Frankie: Everyone thinks I'm a joke, but I'm not bout to choke, I'm like a bear that got poked, when I splash you'll be soaked!
[16:46] <+Ross|> (conf) Gini was probably the craziest wife ever. Then again the only other one I had was on Mims 3
[16:46] <+Sydney|> (CONF) I knew I was close to being eliminated last episode. So if I didn't patch things up with Frankie, I'd probably be gone this episode.
[16:46] <@Chrelliot> (I use that color! D:<)
[16:46] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *swims in pool*
[16:46] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) *rolls eyes* I seriously cannot take this any longer. I mean, I've been on this stupid show for, what, a week now? I haven't complained once! *looks around* Okay, maybe I've complained a little, but can you blame me? Living with these freaks is torture.
[16:46] <+Candy|> (BRB)
[16:46] <+Gini|> *walks over to Elliot*
[16:47] <@Frankie-Renrut> (Not sure if Heather or Dirk...)
[16:47] <+Gini|> Hi Elliot!
[16:47] == Totoro| [~Totoro|@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[16:47] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:47] <@Chrelliot> *sigh* Hi Gini. >.>
[16:47] <@DirkHoffman> (Your character is legit fat. @Nalyd)
[16:47] <+Gini|> Wanna watch me try to crash the boat? :D
[16:47] <@DirkHoffman> (Like, really, he needs to go on Jenny Craig or some s**t.)
[16:47] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:47] <@Frankie-Renrut> (Your character is man Heather. @ Ryan)
[16:47] == Dakotacoons [~androirc@unaffiliated/dakotacoons] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:47] <@DirkHoffman> (He's hot. :@)
[16:47] == Sydney| was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by Jackson|| [Sydney|]
[16:47] == Sydney| [~chatzilla@unaffiliated/dakotacoons] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:47] <@DirkHoffman> (...)
[16:47] <@Chrelliot> You do that.
[16:47] <@Chrelliot> >.>
[16:47] <@DirkHoffman> (._.)
[16:47] <@Chrelliot> @Gini
[16:47] <@Jackson||> (D:<)
[16:47] == Sydney| [~chatzilla@unaffiliated/dakotacoons] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[16:48] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Dakotacoons] by Jackson||
[16:48] <+Candy|> (WB Dako)
[16:48] <@Chrelliot> C: Ahem! *on lundspeaker*
[16:48] <@Chrelliot> *loudspeaker
[16:48] <+Ross|> O_o
[16:48] <+Gini|> *skips off to try and crash the boat*
[16:48] <+Candy|> (Lundspeaker?)
[16:48] <+Ross|> *looks up*
[16:48] <+Dakotacoons> :s
[16:48] <@Chrelliot> (STFU.)
[16:48] <@Frankie-Renrut> *looks up at lundspeaker* What up?
[16:48] <+Candy|> (:c)
[16:48] <@Chrelliot> C: Hello contestants? How are we all today?
[16:49] <+Gini|> Betty is just dandy!
[16:49] <+Dakotacoons> *listens to the lundspeaker*
[16:49] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:49] <+Dakotacoons> Ugh.
[16:49] <@Chrelliot> (EVERYONE SHUT UP. :@)
[16:49] <@DirkHoffman> Betty isn't a contestant, Gini.
[16:49] <@Jackson||> (Dako, change yo' nick.)
[16:49] <@Chrelliot> (DIRK SHUT UP. :@)
[16:49] <+Ross|> (Dako change nick)
[16:49] <+Candy|> Don't insult Betty. D: @Dirky
[16:49] == Dakotacoons has changed nick to Sydney|
[16:49] <@Chrelliot> (candy SHUT UP. :@)
[16:49] <+Candy|> (:c)
[16:49] <@Chrelliot> C: Now.
[16:49] <@Chrelliot> C: I have to tell you all.
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> C: That we are going to land at...
[16:50] <@DirkHoffman> C: We've landed on Boney Island, the setting for today's survival challenge.
[16:50] <+Sydney|> (CONF) I will win this challenge.
[16:50] <@DirkHoffman> (Awk.)
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> (Ryan, are you f**king me?)
[16:50] <@DirkHoffman> (I'm sorry; this needs to be quick. >.>)
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> (I was going to joke around and say they are going to Malibu.)
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> (:@)
[16:50] == Jones143 [443ce23a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:50] <@DirkHoffman> (Just speed it up...)
[16:50] <+Ross|> (O_o)
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> C: Malibu!
[16:50] <@Chrelliot> C: :D
[16:50] <@Jackson||> Malibu?
[16:50] <+Ross|> (who you be)
[16:50] <@Frankie-Renrut> A NEWCOMER APPEARS
[16:51] <+Gini|> Like my headless dolls?
[16:51] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:51] <+Sydney|> Malibu?
[16:51] <+Ross|> Malibu?
[16:51] <@|Scythe> I just can't contain my joy...
[16:51] <@Chrelliot> C: jk we're going to Boney Island. *Troll face*
[16:51] <@DirkHoffman> (HURRY THE F**K UP.)
[16:51] <+Sydney|> Gross. All of those wannabe girly girls.
[16:51] <+Sydney|> Oh.
[16:51] <@Chrelliot> C: Anyway, when we get there it's a survival challenge.
[16:51] <@DirkHoffman> (THAT IS YOUR MOTIVE, SIR.)
[16:52] == DirkHoffman was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by Chrelliot [DirkHoffman]
[16:52] == DirkHoffman [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:52] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o DirkHoffman] by ChanServ
[16:52] <@DirkHoffman> (...)
[16:52] <+Sydney|> Perfect.
[16:52] <@Chrelliot> C: Now1
[16:52] <@Chrelliot> C: You're challenge is.
[16:52] <@|Scythe> (Calm your boobs, bro.)
[16:52] <+Candy|> (*Your)
[16:52] <tdwp82> (Hmph i would love to play)
[16:52] <+Sydney|> (your)
[16:52] <@DirkHoffman> (Awk. You can't.)
[16:52] <+Sydney|> (quiet.)
[16:52] <@Chrelliot> C: You have to say on Boney Island for one night.
[16:52] <@Chrelliot> *stay
[16:52] <+Sydney|> Easy enough.
[16:52] <+Ross|> What's the catch? >.>
[16:52] <+Gini|> Sounds like fun!
[16:52] <+Sydney|> JINX.
[16:52] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:53] <@Jackson||> (I was gonna say stuff like that, but they stole my words. :c)
[16:53] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Thats it, yo? :|
[16:53] <@Chrelliot> C: The person with the strongest survivial skills wins, which is why I predict Ross to get eaten five seconds in.
[16:53] <@Jackson||> (Pwnd.)
[16:53] <+Ross|> O_o
[16:53] <+Ross|> :@
[16:53] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: A real challenge would be staying on yo momma for a night.
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> (Awk. It's not easy. It's a haunted island with saber-toothed beavers. I'm pretty sure that would be the catch, sir.)
[16:53] <@Chrelliot> C: ...
[16:53] <@Chrelliot> C: Guys.
[16:53] <@Chrelliot> C: Honestly.
[16:53] <@Chrelliot> C: How have you not voted off Frankie yet? :|
[16:53] <+Sydney|> (stop saying awk. Awk.)
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> I...
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> I don't know. :|
[16:53] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Beats me, dawg.
[16:54] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: BUT I'M IN IT TO WIN IT :@
[16:54] <+Sydney|> IDK.
[16:54] <+Candy|> (Awk only works when I say it. @RyRy)
[16:54] <@|Scythe> Don't ask me. I've voted him off in every ceremony I've ben in.
[16:54] <@Frankie-Renrut> (That awkward moment when Frankie isnt voted out xD)
[16:54] <@|Scythe> *been
[16:54] <@Chrelliot> C: Anyways, the cruise has landed, everyone get off my boat.
[16:54] * Jackson|| leaves the boat.
[16:54] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Wait, for reals? :|
[16:54] <@DirkHoffman> *steps off boat*
[16:54] <@Chrelliot> E: Oh boy, survival!
[16:54] <+Gini|> *gets off the boat*
[16:54] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *walking off boat* You guys dont like me? :|
[16:55] <@Chrelliot> C: *pushes Elliot off*
[16:55] <+Ross|> *gets off boat*
[16:55] <+Sydney|> *gets off*
[16:55] <+Candy|> *gets off boat*
[16:55] <@Chrelliot> C: Lawl!
[16:56] <@Chrelliot> C: xD
[16:56] <+Gini|> Candy! Let's go Camping together! Tee-hee!
[16:56] <@Chrelliot> C: You have to find your own food.
[16:56] <@|Scythe> *Gets off boat*
[16:56] <@Chrelliot> @Frankie
[16:56] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Challenge excepted, yo.
[16:56] <@Chrelliot> C: Alright!
[16:57] <+Sydney|> If I get attacked, my boxing training will help me defend myself.
[16:57] == tdwp82 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:57] <@Jackson||> (Can we move on?)
[16:58] <@Chrelliot> Alright.
[16:58] <@Chrelliot> Survive blah blah blah.
[16:58] <@Chrelliot> No teams blah blah blah.
[16:59] <@Frankie-Renrut> (How many people are left? Topic says 10)
[17:00] <@Jackson||> (9. @Nalyd)
[17:00] <+Ross|> (change topic)
[17:00] <+Candy|> (9 @Nally)
[17:00] <@Chrelliot> On your own blah blah blah blah blah.
[17:00] <+Candy|> D:
[17:00] <@Chrelliot> Get moving! :D
[17:00] <@Chrelliot> Oh yeah.
[17:00] * Sydney| walks away.
[17:00] <@Jackson||> On our own?
[17:00] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Hey guys, who wants to work with The Frankster? ;)
[17:00] <+Gini|> I wanna go camping with candycane! Tee-Hee!
[17:00] <@Chrelliot> And anyone who decides to group up or go together gets an automatic 0.
[17:01] <@Frankie-Renrut> ...Thats cold bro. :|
[17:01] <+Ross|> Ugh.
[17:01] * |Scythe walks into the wilderness.
[17:01] <+Gini|> Candy, wanna go together?
[17:01] <+Ross|> (conf) Least I won't have to put of with some annoying freak out there...
[17:01] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) I can do this by myself. I'm a thinker. ;)
[17:01] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:01] <+Candy|> We'd get a 0, though. D: @Gini
[17:01] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *walks with swagga into the woods*
[17:01] <@Chrelliot> C: Gini, do you honestly want a 0? -_-
[17:01] <@DirkHoffman> *walks by Candy and Gini(
[17:01] <+Gini|> No.
[17:01] <@DirkHoffman> *walks by Candy and Gini**
[17:01] <@Frankie-Renrut> (So are we not allowed to interact with each other? :| )
[17:01] <@DirkHoffman> You know, it's really sad that you guys have to split apart. :-/
[17:02] <@DirkHoffman> I mean, come on.
[17:02] * Sydney| is in the forest.
[17:02] <@Chrelliot> E: I'll use basic memory from Canoes Don't Quit!
[17:02] <@DirkHoffman> What's more important?
[17:02] <@Chrelliot> E: :D
[17:02] <@DirkHoffman> A stupid game, or your friendship?
[17:02] <@Frankie-Renrut> (So are we not allowed to interact with each other? :|)
[17:02] <@DirkHoffman> :)
[17:02] <@Chrelliot> In fact, I have the entire map memorized.
[17:02] <@Chrelliot> ;)
[17:02] <+Gini|> friendship definitly. Tee-Hee!
[17:02] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *look at Dirk* o.O
[17:02] <@Chrelliot> (No. @Franie)
[17:02] <+Candy|> Friendship. :D.
[17:02] <@|Scythe> (Conf) Finally, a challenge where I don't have to deal with those nuisances.
[17:02] <@DirkHoffman> I would suggest going together. I mean, Chris would NEVER find out.
[17:02] <+Candy|> But I don't want to lose, either. :c
[17:02] <@Jackson||> Well, guess I better get going.
[17:02] <@Frankie-Renrut> (CONF) Frankie: Yo, is he doin' what I think he be doin'? :| That's messed up.
[17:03] <@DirkHoffman> It's not like he's rigged the woods with security cameras or anything. *laughs*
[17:03] * Jackson|| starts walking to the forest.
[17:03] <+Gini|> Ill only take a 0 if Candy will too. Tee-Hee!
[17:03] <+Candy|> But.....he sees everything. D:
[17:03] <@Chrelliot> *camera follows Dirk*
[17:03] <+Candy|> (CONF) EVERYTHINGGGGGG.
[17:03] <+Sydney|> (ugh. I gtg.)
[17:03] <+Candy|> (Bye Dako!)
[17:03] <@DirkHoffman> *awkwardly pushes camera out of the way* :|
[17:03] <+Sydney|> (someone take over)
[17:03] <@|Scythe> All right, so I need the basic materials.
[17:03] <@|Scythe> Food, water, and shelter.
[17:03] == Sydney| [~androirc@unaffiliated/dakotacoons] has quit [Quit: PEACE OUT SUCKAZ!]
[17:03] <+Gini|> (Sydney gets eaten by a beaver)
[17:03] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *walks further into woods*
[17:04] <+Gini|> What do we do Candycane?! Tee-Hee!
[17:04] <+Ross|> *walks into woods*
[17:04] * Jackson|| keeps walking, hoping to find a clearing.
[17:04] <@Frankie-Renrut> *looks up into a tree* IS THAT A PINEAPPLE, YO?! O_O
[17:04] <+Candy|> I don't know. D: @Gini
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> (K, Syndey's out or something. She got stuck in the woods.)
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> *sigh*
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> Well, it's your choice.
[17:04] * Frankie-Renrut grabs tree branches, attempting to climb
[17:04] <@Chrelliot> *comes up in a helicopter*
[17:04] * Frankie-Renrut falls and hits his groin on a branch
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> If you're just going to throw away your friendship for one challenge, then...
[17:04] <@Frankie-Renrut> x_x
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> Maybe...
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> It isn't that strong. D:
[17:04] <@|Scythe> There should be some berries around here or something.
[17:04] <+Ross|> (someone take oer Syd)
[17:04] <+Candy|> DDD:
[17:04] <@Chrelliot> C: Did I forget to mention that the island is fully of Wolly Beavers and symhalian geese?
[17:04] <@DirkHoffman> Maybe you guys aren't REALLY best friends.
[17:05] <@DirkHoffman> *shrugs, walks off*
[17:05] <@Chrelliot> C: ;)
[17:05] <+Candy|> B-but...we are. D:
[17:05] <+Gini|> What!? Candycane is my bestest friend!
[17:05] <@Frankie-Renrut> (For the love of God, if they fall for Dirk they are the stupidest characters ever, FOR REAL. My god, that is the lamest manipulation I've ever seen >.>)
[17:05] <@Frankie-Renrut> (rawr :@)
[17:05] <@Chrelliot> C: Good luck not getting eaten! Specially you Ross.
[17:05] <@DirkHoffman> (They are the stupidest characters ever...)
[17:05] <@DirkHoffman> (:|)
[17:05] <+Gini|> (CONF) Why would Dirk say that? Tee-Hee!
[17:05] <+Candy|> (Well, she is supposed to be dumb. -w-)
[17:05] <+Ross|> >.>
[17:05] <@Frankie-Renrut> (Well that explains it)
[17:05] <+Ross|> @Chris
[17:05] * Jackson|| continues wakling around.
[17:05] <@Jackson||> (*walking)
[17:05] <@DirkHoffman> (And I'm pretty sure that's not lame manipulation. They're his friends and they may geniunely think that he cares for the wellbeing of their friendship.)
[17:05] <+Ross|> */me is in the woods
[17:06] <+Candy|> (Fail ^)
[17:06] * Ross| is in the woods
[17:06] <@Chrelliot> E: *Begins to gather wood* My wood will last till the morning at the least! :D
[17:06] <@DirkHoffman> (I'm sorry not everyone can just blindside their blonde ally without any thought.)
[17:06] <@Frankie-Renrut> (I just feel like they'd realize they'd still be friends after the challenge :p)
[17:06] <@|Scythe> Okay, no luck on the berries...
[17:06] <+Ross|> Let's see.
[17:06] <+Gini|> Betty says we should.........
[17:06] * Jackson|| finally approaches a small clearing, then smiles a little.
[17:07] <@Jackson||> I guess I could set up a shelter here.
[17:07] <+Gini|> Betty why arent you talking to me?!
[17:07] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> *bumps into Scythe*
[17:07] <@|Scythe> Maybe shelter, and then firewood.
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> Howdy, neighbor!
[17:07] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Hm... Gotta make fire dawg :|
[17:07] <@|Scythe> Uh, hi...
[17:07] <+Candy|> RAWRRR, GINISAUR.
[17:07] <+Candy|> I'm not sure what to do. D:
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> *stands awkwardly in front of Scythe*
[17:07] <+Gini|> Me neither.
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> :|
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> Uh...
[17:07] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> You know.
[17:07] <+Candy|> We're not even in the woods yet. ;-;
[17:07] <@|Scythe> *Turns away*
[17:07] <@|Scythe> I'm a bit busy, how about you go hang out with Gini or something.
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> The woods here has...
[17:07] <+Gini|> Well, it's only one challenge.
[17:07] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *rubs some sticks together* Why they keep breaking? :@
[17:07] * Jackson|| gathers wood, and starts putting together a small, slightly unstable hut.
[17:07] <@Chrelliot> grass. :$
[17:08] <@Chrelliot> *gathers sticks in dismay*
[17:08] * DirkHoffman walks into a deserted area of the forest and grabs two sticks.
[17:08] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:08] <+Ross|> *goes into forest for fire wood*
[17:08] <+Candy|> Yeah, but it's getting to be, like, less people. D:
[17:08] * DirkHoffman bites his lip and rubs sticks together.
[17:08] * Jackson|| finishes the shelter, hoping it can last.
[17:09] * Frankie-Renrut gives up on fire
[17:09] <@Chrelliot> E: *Giggles to himself*
[17:09] * Frankie-Renrut finds some leaves, covers himself in them
[17:09] <@Frankie-Renrut> Well, I guess I got a bed :|
[17:09] <@Chrelliot> Luckily I know where the Boney cave is.
[17:09] <@Chrelliot> >: D
[17:09] <+Gini|> (XD, Candy and Gini spend the whole challenge debating what to do)
[17:09] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) The challenge said to survive. *throws sticks away* I didn't neccessarily HAVE to use the sticks. ._.
[17:09] <+Ross|> *makes a fire*
[17:09] <@DirkHoffman> D:
[17:09] <+Candy|> (IKR @Copper)
[17:09] <@Chrelliot> *sneaks off to the cave*
[17:09] * DirkHoffman throws sticks on the ground and walks off.
[17:09] <+Ross|> Now food.
[17:09] <@|Scythe> (Conf) I'm pleasantly surprised that I know so much stuff on camping. I guess that one night when Survivalist was the only thing on helped me in the long run. Go figure.
[17:09] <@Jackson||> Now, fire is a very important priority.
[17:09] <+Ross|> *rustling in bush*
[17:09] <+Ross|> Hm?
[17:10] * Jackson|| starts gathering wood for a fire, making sure they are usable.
[17:10] <+Candy|> (RYAN IS BEING MEAN TO ME IN PM. ;-;)
[17:10] <+Gini|> Well, Do you think that we might go home if we dont win? Tee-Hee!
[17:10] <+Candy|> Maybeeee. D:
[17:10] <@DirkHoffman> (STFU, I'm only pointing out your large calves.)
[17:10] <@|Scythe> (Notify the authorities.)
[17:10] <@Chrelliot> *runs into cave*
[17:10] <@|Scythe> All right, now shelter.
[17:11] <@Chrelliot> I'm nice and toasty in here. :3
[17:11] <+Ross|> *looks in the bush to see a Wooly Beaver*
[17:11] <+Ross|> What the...
[17:11] <@Chrelliot> RAWR! :@
[17:11] * Jackson|| sits down and starts trying to make a fire.
[17:11] == Chrelliot has changed nick to ChrelliotVER
[17:11] * Frankie-Renrut hears somebody shout
[17:11] == ChrelliotVER has changed nick to Chrelliotver
[17:11] <+Ross|> Uh...shoo beaver...or whatever you are...
[17:11] <@Frankie-Renrut> The heck? o.o
[17:11] <@Jackson||> Let's hope watching those survival shows actually helped.
[17:11] <@Chrelliotver> B: *bites Ross*
[17:11] <@Chrelliotver> *in the butt
[17:12] * Frankie-Renrut buries himself in a pile of leaves
[17:12] <+Ross|> Augh! *backs away*
[17:12] <@Chrelliotver> *dives at Ross*
[17:12] <+Candy|> There's, like, spiders out there. They might eat us. ._. @Gini
[17:12] <+Ross|> *FINDS A BROKEN BRANCH*
[17:12] <@Chrelliotver> RAWR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 :@
[17:12] <+Ross|> BACK!:@
[17:12] * DirkHoffman crawls into a bush and reaches hand out to grab a huckleberry.
[17:12] <+Candy|> 'Cause if we die we've lost an important part of our life. D:
[17:12] <@Chrelliotver> *whimpers* :c
[17:12] <@DirkHoffman> Hey, ow!! *scratches self*
[17:12] <@DirkHoffman> -.-
[17:12] <+Ross|> *tries to hit the beaver with the branch*
[17:12] <+Candy|> (Huckleberry is a weird word)
[17:12] <@Chrelliotver> *licks Ross's hand*
[17:12] <@Chrelliotver> c:
[17:12] <+Gini|> Agreed, Im gonna set up my camp here!
[17:12] <+Ross|> Sick. >.>
[17:13] <@|Scythe> *Idealy watches Ross get mauled by a beaver*
[17:13] * Frankie-Renrut starts to itch o.o
[17:13] <+Ross|> Nice...beaver.../
[17:13] <+Candy|> It's the beach, though. We can't get anything from here. D:
[17:13] <@Chrelliotver> *pants* :D
[17:13] <@Frankie-Renrut> Is this poison ivy leaves? o.o
[17:13] <+Candy|> Except sand.
[17:13] <+Candy|> And that's, like, dirt. D:
[17:13] * Jackson|| keeps trying to unsuccessfully make fire.
[17:13] <@Chrelliotver> *playfully tackles Ross* c:
[17:13] <+Candy|> And dirt is dirty.
[17:13] <@Jackson||> Come on, come on.
[17:13] <@Chrelliotver> (lol nice beaver.)
[17:13] <+Candy|> And dirty isn't good for this outfit. D:
[17:13] <+Ross|> Uhm...fetch? *throws stick*
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> *retrieves the stick*
[17:14] * Frankie-Renrut jumps up and runs
[17:14] <@Frankie-Renrut> POISON IVY D:
[17:14] <+Gini|> Wait! Candycane I know what to do!
[17:14] <+Candy|> What? :D.
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> Rrr? o.o
[17:14] <+Gini|> We can go into the woods! and set up are camps right next to each other!
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> *walks away and comes back with a fish*
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> ?
[17:14] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:14] <+Ross|> O_o
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> o.o
[17:14] <+Ross|> Guess it's useful for something. That's probably it though...
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> c:
[17:14] <@Chrelliotver> ... :c
[17:15] <+Candy|> Hmmm.....IDK. D: @Ginisaur
[17:15] <@Chrelliotver> *whimpers*
[17:15] <@|Scythe> *Is still looking for shelter*
[17:15] <@|Scythe> *Bumps in to a tree*
[17:15] * DirkHoffman brings a bucket of huckleberries back to his camp.
[17:15] <@DirkHoffman> ._.
[17:15] <@Chrelliotver> c:
[17:15] <@Jackson||> This is much harder than it looks on TV.
[17:15] <+Gini|> (Xd, Gini and Candy should win this challenge)
[17:15] <@|Scythe> I guess a tree's as good as shelter can be here.
[17:15] * DirkHoffman sets it down and eats one, then spits it out.
[17:15] <@Frankie-Renrut> So itchy!
[17:15] <+Candy|> There's dirt there, too! And buggies! TOOMANYEVILCREATURES.
[17:15] <@DirkHoffman> Gross.
[17:15] * Frankie-Renrut rips off pants and shirt, jumps into a river
[17:15] * DirkHoffman hears a wolf howl.
[17:15] <@Chrelliotver> *falls asleep in Ross' lap*
[17:15] <@Frankie-Renrut> Aaaah :) ... this doesnt help at all! :@ *grabs clothes and runs*
[17:16] <+Gini|> Candycane! Betty hears a wolf!
[17:16] * DirkHoffman scaredly crawls into tent and wraps self in sleeping bag.
[17:16] <+Candy|> It's getting dark out, too. D:
[17:16] <@DirkHoffman> :(
[17:16] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:16] <+Candy|> ._.
[17:16] == Chrelliotver has changed nick to Chrelliotverse
[17:16] <@Chrelliotverse> KAWKAW!
[17:16] <@Chrelliotverse> :@
[17:16] <@Chrelliotverse> *flies above Dirk*
[17:16] <@|Scythe> (What dat?)
[17:16] * DirkHoffman screams. :'(
[17:16] <+Candy|> I don't want to die. I'm too pretty. ;-; And Candy-ish.
[17:16] <@Chrelliotverse> (Stymphalian Goose)
[17:16] * Frankie-Renrut runs around screaming
[17:16] * DirkHoffman runs out of his tent shouting.
[17:16] <+Gini|> Candycane! Dirky is screaming!
[17:16] * Jackson|| gets a small flame.
[17:17] <@Jackson||> :o
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> *swoops down and captures Frankie*
[17:17] <+Candy|> DDDDDDD: @Gini
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> KAW KAW!
[17:17] <@Jackson||> Finally! :D
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> KAKAW!
[17:17] * DirkHoffman trips on a rock and falls into a large rosebush.
[17:17] <@DirkHoffman> Ow, ow, ow, ow!!
[17:17] <@|Scythe> *Hears giant goose squack*
[17:17] <+Candy|> I hope everyone's alright. D
[17:17] * Jackson|| starts tending to the fire.
[17:17] <@|Scythe> I guess a tree won' be the best idea. :|
[17:17] <@|Scythe> *won'
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> *Puts down his GS and looks up*
[17:17] <@|Scythe> ***won't
[17:17] * Frankie-Renrut puts pants back on, continues running around screaming
[17:17] <+Gini|> It's so dark now. Tee-Hee!
[17:17] <+Candy|> (I think I might have to get off because my step-dad is getting mad at me. -___-)
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> E: My, what a loud rupturious sound*
[17:17] <@Frankie-Renrut> Why did I cover myself in poison ivy?! :'(
[17:17] <@Chrelliotverse> E: My, what a loud rupturious sound.
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> ----TIS MORNING*
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> ----TIS MORNING----
[17:18] * DirkHoffman wakes up in the rosebush.
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> E: *wakes up*
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> *yawns*
[17:18] <+Ross|> *wakes up on top of the beaver*
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> O_O
[17:18] * DirkHoffman groans and rubs eyes.
[17:18] <+Ross|> Mmm...
[17:18] <@DirkHoffman> :o
[17:18] <+Candy|> *still on the beach with Gini*
[17:18] <@DirkHoffman> Chris!!
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> I'M NAKED! :-O
[17:18] * DirkHoffman gets out of rosebush.
[17:18] <@|Scythe> *Wakes up*
[17:18] * Jackson|| wakes up.
[17:18] * Chrelliotverse looks at his naked self.
[17:18] * DirkHoffman starts to run back to the cruise.
[17:18] <@Jackson||> Can't believe that shelter held...
[17:18] * Frankie-Renrut is in fetal position crying
[17:18] <@Frankie-Renrut> So cold :'(
[17:18] * Jackson|| thinks.
[17:18] <@Jackson||> Oh right, the cruise!
[17:18] <+Gini|> Well, If we decide to go, we probably get hurt. Tee-Hee!
[17:18] <@Chrelliotverse> *see's a bear with his clothes*
[17:19] * Jackson|| starts running back.
[17:19] <+Ross|> (xDDD
[17:19] <@Chrelliotverse> Gimme me clothes bear! :@
[17:19] <+Ross|> *)
[17:19] <+Candy|> The woods still are dangerous. :c
[17:19] <@Chrelliotverse> N: c:
[17:19] * DirkHoffman pants and keeps running.
[17:19] <@Chrelliotverse> *jumps onto the bear and gets viciously mauled*
[17:19] * Frankie-Renrut sees Elliot run by
[17:19] <@Frankie-Renrut> o.o
[17:19] <@Chrelliotverse> AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
[17:19] * DirkHoffman runs back to shore and trips on the dock.
[17:19] <+Gini|> But there is nothing to build a shelter with here! Tee-Hee!
[17:19] <@Frankie-Renrut> Thats messed up yo :|
[17:19] * DirkHoffman lands on Chris.
[17:19] <@DirkHoffman> Ow. ._.
[17:19] <@DirkHoffman> Crap!
[17:20] * Frankie-Renrut sees everyone running, follows them
[17:20] <@DirkHoffman> I think I broke my...
[17:20] <@DirkHoffman> Uhhh...
[17:20] == Chrelliotverse [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:20] <@|Scythe> (Conf) I spent most of the night looking for shelter, I should have just looked for the softest pile of grass. *Facepalm*
[17:20] <@DirkHoffman> Heart.
[17:20] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:20] * Jackson|| keeps running.
[17:20] <+Ross|> (O_O)
[17:20] <+Gini|> Look Candycane! it's Chris! Tee-Hee!
[17:20] <@Jackson||> I think I'm almost there.
[17:20] <+Ross|> (We just lost a host, contestant, and my pet!)
[17:20] <+Candy|> We have sand. But that get's in your nails. :c Gini, I don't know what we're supposed to do. D:
[17:20] * Frankie-Renrut continues running back to dock
[17:20] <@Frankie-Renrut> DON'T LEAVE WITHOUT ME :@
[17:21] * Jackson|| finally exits the forest.
[17:21] <@Jackson||> Yes! :D
[17:21] <+Candy|> o hai Jackson. :D.
[17:21] <+Ross|> *runs off on beavwer's back*
[17:21] <@Jackson||> Hey, Candy.
[17:21] * Frankie-Renrut gets to dock
[17:21] <@Frankie-Renrut> Yo, can we leave now? :|
[17:21] <+Gini|> Jackson, What should we do!?
[17:21] * Ross| gets to dock
[17:21] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:21] <@|Scythe> *Walks out of forest while rubbing eyes*
[17:21] <@|Scythe> So, now what?
[17:21] <+Ross|> Hey guys.
[17:21] <+Candy|> Wait...why is everyone on the dock?
[17:21] <@Jackson||> Wait for Chris, maybe, to give us instructions?
[17:22] <@DirkHoffman> Wow. So, you guys did bunk together. That is so brave. @Candy and Gini
[17:22] <+Candy|> HAI SCYTHSICLE!
[17:22] <+Candy|> :3
[17:22] * Jackson|| looks back at the forest.
[17:22] <@DirkHoffman> I mean, I wish I could take a risk like that for the sake of my friendship with someone.
[17:22] <@Jackson||> That forest is harsh.
[17:22] <@|Scythe> Hey there, Candy...
[17:22] <+Gini|> huh, I guess we did! Tee-Hee!
[17:22] <@DirkHoffman> You guys REALLY are BFFs.
[17:23] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee! We did it Candycane!
[17:23] <+Candy|> YAYYYY! GINISAURRRR! We survived the wild. :D. (Like bosses.)
[17:23] <@Jackson||> (Ryan, maybe take over for Chris a bit? :|)
[17:23] <+Gini|> *hugs Candycane*
[17:23] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: *looks at Dirk* Wow, dude :|
[17:23] <+Candy|> Well, we didn't go into the forest, but close enough! ^-^
[17:23] <@DirkHoffman> What? @Frankie
[17:23] <+Gini|> *pulls Scythe into the hug*
[17:23] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: You're just so... Hang on
[17:23] <@|Scythe> *Reluctantly joins hug*
[17:23] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Gotta think of some words that rhyme
[17:23] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Gimme a sec, yo
[17:23] <@DirkHoffman> *eyeroll*
[17:23] <+Candy|> ^-^
[17:23] == DirkHoffman has changed nick to Chris|Dirk
[17:24] <+Candy|> *forces Dirky into huggle*
[17:24] <@Chris|Dirk> (Alright, so, who broke the rules and grouped together?)
[17:24] <@Jackson||> (Candy, Gini...)
[17:24] <+Ross|> (Gini and Candy i think)
[17:24] <@Chris|Dirk> D: *hugs* :D
[17:24] <+Candy|> (CONF) We're, like, the three musketeers. Except there's four of us.
[17:24] <@Jackson||> (I think there was one other, not sure.)
[17:24] <@Chris|Dirk> (Elliot, too?)
[17:24] <+Ross|> Is Dirk being...nice?
[17:24] <@Chris|Dirk> (Or, what?)
[17:24] <+Candy|> (Gini and Candy stayed on the beach the entire time debating if they were going to break the rules or not)
[17:24] <+Candy|> (-w-)
[17:25] <@Chris|Dirk> (and then they did.)
[17:25] <@Frankie-Renrut> (CONF) Frankie: Alright, gotta put my suspicions aside. Everyone hates me, I'm nervous inside. Gotta be too nice and get on their side. :|
[17:25] <@Chris|Dirk> (awk.)
[17:25] <+Ross|> (no)]
[17:25] <@Jackson||> (Well, if Elliot grouped with somebody, somebody else would get a 0 too.)
[17:25] <+Candy|> (AWK ONLY WORKS WHEN I SAY IT)
[17:25] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Okay, guys!
[17:26] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Nice work out there. You all get my congrats.
[17:26] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Dirk, what I wanted to say was, you're a lot nicer than I thought you'd be, I got mad respect for you.
[17:26] <@Jackson||> Thanks, Chris. :D
[17:26] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Except for Candy and Gini, who cheated, and are now out of the race for immunity. :D
[17:26] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Right. @Frankie
[17:26] <+Candy|> .....D:
[17:26] <@Chris|Dirk> D: :o
[17:26] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Awww. :(
[17:26] <+Gini|> We didnt cheat! Tee-Hee!
[17:26] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Dang yo :|
[17:27] <+Ross|> They didn't even do the challenge.
[17:27] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Thats colder than an ice cube down your shirt
[17:27] <+Candy|> Yeah! We never made a decision! D:
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Oh.
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Well, you still didn't do the challenge.
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Apparently.
[17:27] <+Gini|> Dirky say something!
[17:27] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:27] <+Candy|> ....Well, like, yeah, but, like, we were going to. :c
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Huh? Oh, what?
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Uhhh...
[17:27] <@Chris|Dirk> D: They should be allowed... :|
[17:28] <@Chris|Dirk> D: To, uhhh, have immunity.
[17:28] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Dirk-dawg's right.
[17:28] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Dirk is now out of the race for immunity for questioning my authority. :3
[17:28] <@Frankie-Renrut> Nevermind
[17:28] <@Frankie-Renrut> :|
[17:28] <@Chris|Dirk> D: (conf) ... ****.
[17:28] <@Jackson||> ... o.o
[17:28] <+Candy|> ._.
[17:28] <+Candy|> DDDDD:
[17:28] <+Ross|> Something up with Dirk?
[17:29] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: he aint normally this nice? :|
[17:29] <+Candy|> What are you talking about? Dirky is ALWAYS nice. ^-^
[17:29] <@Chris|Dirk> D: -_-'
[17:29] == WaterLover [4a643833@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:29] <+Candy|> (CONF) At least if we lose we lose together. :3
[17:29] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Man. I am just SO glad that I stuck up for you two. It doesn't even MATTER that I'm now up for elimination. ALL I WANT TO DO IS MAKE YOU TWO HAPPY. -.-
[17:29] <@Jackson||> Dirk, you seem a little mad...
[17:29] <+Candy|> Awww! Dirky, that's so sweet! :D.
[17:30] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Uhhh, right.
[17:30] <+Gini|> Dirky! Your such a good friend!
[17:30] <+Ross|> If he's so nice
[17:30] <+Candy|> Nina insulted me. Then lied to me and told me my hair was frizzy >~<
[17:30] <+Gini|> Even more than betty!
[17:30] <+Gini|> Tee-Gee!
[17:30] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Anyways.
[17:30] <+Candy|> It's not Frizzy. D: I use Pantene!
[17:30] <@Chris|Dirk> C: I think that, out of the remaining candidates...
[17:30] <+Candy|> (*frizzy)
[17:30] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Elliot is definitely the winner of this challenge. :D
[17:31] <@Jackson||> Elliot?
[17:31] <+Candy|> Well, yay Elliphant! ^-^
[17:31] <@|Scythe> (Is Sydney like, dead?)
[17:31] <@Jackson||> Where is he, anyway?
[17:31] <+Gini|> Yay! Elliot!
[17:31] <@Jackson||> o.O
[17:31] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:31] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Elliot won? :|
[17:31] <+Ross|> How did elliot won?\
[17:31] <@Chris|Dirk> C: He survived the best. ^^
[17:31] <+Ross|> And I won a beaver...apparently...
[17:31] <@Frankie-Renrut> Frankie: Man, I covered myself in poison ivy, if that aint surviving, I dont know what is :@
[17:31] <@Chris|Dirk> D: He can barely survive on the CRUISE.
[17:31] <+Ross|> *Woolly
[17:31] <+Candy|> (CONF) I don't get why people always put down Dirky! He's so nice! Like, what do they *not* see in him? :c
[17:31] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Very funny. <.<
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Wait...
[17:32] <WaterLover> Im allowed to play next season or wtv?
[17:32] <+Ross|> (sush)
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Where's Sydney? *screen flashes to Sydney, who is still stuck under a rock*
[17:32] <+Candy|> (Eve, talk in parentheses)
[17:32] <@Jackson||> Do you want me to try and find her?
[17:32] <WaterLover> (sorry, but am I?)
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Nah.
[17:32] <+Candy|> (xDDDDDD. Someone forgot to play her.)
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: I didn't like her, anyway.
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Let's just say...
[17:32] <+Candy|> (Eve, there isn't a next one, so no, I guess.)
[17:32] <@Jackson||> But, she might be hurt.
[17:32] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:32] <@Chris|Dirk> C: She's been eliminated. :D
[17:32] <+Ross|> SO we leave her?
[17:33] <+Candy|> ._.
[17:33] <+Gini|> :O
[17:33] <+Ross|> Works for me.
[17:33] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Not from the challenge. From the competition. :3
[17:33] <+Candy|> I never really knew her, but she had pretty hair. D:
[17:33] <WaterLover> (B-but Ive never played :()
[17:33] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:33] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Cool. I didn't really like her, anyway. *shrugs*
[17:33] <@|Scythe> Seems fair enough.
[17:33] <@Jackson||> Chris, she really might be hurt.
[17:33] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And not ONLY that.
[17:33] <@Jackson||> We're just gonna leave her?
[17:33] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:33] <@Chris|Dirk> C: But, tonight!
[17:33] <@Chris|Dirk> C: We will ALSO be voting someone off!
[17:33] <+Candy|> DDD:
[17:33] <+Gini|> Oh noes!
[17:34] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:34] <@CountdownChamp> (Insert gasp here.)
[17:34] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Darn shame. *tsk*
[17:34] <+Candy|> (I still read that as "D:"
[17:34] <+Candy|> *)
[17:34] <@|Scythe> (Same.)
[17:34] <@Jackson||> We're really just gonna leave her like that? Really?
[17:35] <+Candy|> Has point ^ D:
[17:35] <@Frankie-Renrut> Whoa o.o
[17:35] <+Ross|> Someone has to get her.
[17:35] <@|Scythe> Calm down, I'm sure Little Miss Kickboxing can find her own way out.
[17:35] <+Ross|> O_O
[17:35] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *cough, glares at Jackson* Remember what happened when the LAST person questioned my authority? *turns over to a sulking Dirk*
[17:36] <@Jackson||> Well, he was only out of the running for immunity, and Elliot has already won that.
[17:36] <@Chris|Dirk> C: <.<
[17:37] <@Jackson||> I still don't get why we're just gonna leave an actualy human being out in the woods like that, when she could really be hurt.
[17:37] <+Candy|> (We still don't have anyone to play Sydney, lool.)
[17:37] <+Ross|> (someon be Syd)
[17:38] <@Chris|Dirk> (Um, just leave her there...)
[17:38] <@Chris|Dirk> (We don't need her to come back.)
[17:38] <+Ross|> (no)
[17:38] <@Chris|Dirk> (Yes.)
[17:38] <+Ross|> (ok)
[17:38] <+Ross|> (sorry)
[17:38] <+Ross|> (O_O)
[17:39] <WaterLover> (XD)
[17:39] <@Chris|Dirk> C: So!
[17:39] <+Ross|Syd> (so is she eliminated?)
[17:39] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Cast in your votes! :3
[17:39] <@Chris|Dirk> (Yes.)
[17:39] <@Jackson||> (Confessional?)
[17:39] <@Chris|Dirk> (mhm.)
[17:39] <+Ross|> (kk)
[17:40] <+Ross|> (who's immune?)
[17:40] <+Gini|> (Title = Revenge of Boney island)
[17:40] <@Chris|Dirk> (Elliot.)
[17:40] <+Ross|> (ok)
[17:40] <WaterLover> ("Candy" reply to my pm)
[17:40] == Carlos [4ad41b65@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:40] <+Ross|> (O_o)
[17:41] <+Candy|> (O HAI ROCKS)
[17:41] <+Ross|> (oh)
[17:41] <WaterLover> (Candy,reply to my pm)
[17:41] <Carlos> (Is this a fake roleplay or what? Lulz.)
[17:41] <+Candy|> (Real; Ryan fixed his computer)
[17:42] <Carlos> (Damn you, Ryan. :'( )
[17:42] <WaterLover> (Candy, are you Zoe or Neko?
[17:43] <@Frankie-Renrut> (xD)
[17:43] <+Candy|> (EVE, IT'S ME. -___-. Duh.)
[17:43] <@Frankie-Renrut> (Are we expected to be doing another episode tonight?)
[17:43] <@Chris|Dirk> (We don't have enough time.)
[17:43] == tdwp82 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:44] <WaterLover> (Hi)
[17:44] <tdwp82> (HAI)
[17:44] <tdwp82> (*hai)
[17:44] <+Candy|> (F***, Ryan, have people voted yet?)
[17:44] <+Ross|> (dear god)
[17:44] <+Candy|> (Taking f***ing forever.)
[17:44] <Carlos> (Alright. By the way, welcome back Ryan since I haven't seen you in like 10 days. ._.)
[17:45] <+Gini|> (Any time now...........)
[17:45] <+Candy|> (OMFGHURRYUP)
[17:45] <+Candy|> (I will ping-spam.)
[17:45] <@Frankie-Renrut> (that awkward moment when nobody knows anything ._.)
[17:45] <+Ross|> (sorry...I was in the confessional for a LONG time....)
[17:45] <Jones143> (whats taking so long)
[17:46] <@Chris|Dirk> (alright.)
[17:46] <@Chris|Dirk> Alright!
[17:46] <@Chris|Dirk> Brochures this evening go to....
[17:46] <@Chris|Dirk> ELLIOT!!
[17:46] <WaterLover> (Im leaving now, bye) ( The wiki btw) ( not quitting, just leaving)
[17:46] <@Frankie-Renrut> (k.)
[17:46] <@Chris|Dirk> CANDY!!
[17:46] <+Candy|> (I don't get it, are we supposed to be on the dock or at the place.)
[17:46] <WaterLover> (Bye)
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> GINI!!
[17:47] <+Candy|> YAYYY!
[17:47] <+Gini|> Yay!
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> (:|)
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> JACKSON!!
[17:47] <+Candy|> GINI. ^-^
[17:47] <Jones143> (WHAT!)
[17:47] == WaterLover [4a643833@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[17:47] <+Gini|> *huggles her friends!*
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> SCYTHE!!
[17:47] <+Candy|> (lol, they did nothing and they still made it. (H))
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> And...
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> FRANKIE!!
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> Dirk, Ross.
[17:47] <+Candy|> SCYTHESCILE!
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> This is the final brochure of the evening.
[17:47] <@Frankie-Renrut> o.o
[17:47] <@Frankie-Renrut> For real yo?
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> And.
[17:47] <+Gini|> Dirky!
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> It goes to...
[17:47] <+Ross|> O_O
[17:47] <@Jackson||> o.O
[17:47] <Jones143> (ROSS!!!)
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> .....
[17:47] <+Candy|> And Jackson! :D
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> ....
[17:47] <Carlos> (Frankie's in? :|)
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> ...
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> ..
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> .
[17:47] <+Ross|> *crosses fingers*'
[17:47] <+Gini|> D:
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> !!
[17:47] <+Candy|> (Color fail)
[17:47] * Candy| huggles Jackson ^-^
[17:47] <@Chris|Dirk> DIRK!
[17:47] <+Ross|> O_O
[17:47] <+Candy|> YAYYYY DIRKY!
[17:48] <+Gini|> Yaysies!
[17:48] <Jones143> (MMM)
[17:48] <+Ross|> Crap! :@
[17:48] * Candy| huggles Dirky instead. :D.
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> *grins*
[17:48] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> Well.
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> I guess that means it's time to go, Frankie.
[17:48] <Carlos> (Who is playing Ross again?)
[17:48] <+Ross|> O_o
[17:48] <+Ross|> (TDN)
[17:48] == Frankie-Nalyd [4a4c4deb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:48] <Frankie-Nalyd> (d/ced)
[17:48] <@Jackson||> Chris, you gave Frankie a brochure.
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> I did?
[17:48] <Carlos> (Oh. :s)
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> Oh, whoops!
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> That brochure was supposed to go to Ross! :D
[17:48] <Frankie-Nalyd> What happened?
[17:48] <+Ross|> O_O
[17:48] <+Candy|> ._.
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> FRANKIE is the one that's going home.
[17:48] <Carlos> (Lolfail.)
[17:48] <@Jackson||> o-o
[17:48] <+Ross|> Yes!
[17:48] <Frankie-Nalyd> ...ARE YOU KIDDING ME YO?! >:O
[17:48] <@Chris|Dirk> (It was on purpose. >.>)
[17:48] <+Candy|> Bye Frankie. D:
[17:49] <Frankie-Nalyd> (Its official, I've been AFK for all my eliminations >.>)
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Finally.
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: I mean, come on, we all saw it coming.
[17:49] <+Gini|> Bye Frankie!
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Eventually, he would have to leave. :|
[17:49] <@|Scythe> Very true. @Dirk
[17:49] <+Candy|> Dirky, that's mean! Be nice to him. D:
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: It's true.
[17:49] <Frankie-Nalyd> *smirks* Aight, Dirk, you got me good.
[17:49] <+Candy|> He just got kicked off. :c
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: And I don't HAVE to be nice to anyone.
[17:49] <+Ross|> See ya Frank
[17:49] <Frankie-Nalyd> Watch out for Dirk guys.
[17:49] <+Candy|> Yes you do!
[17:49] <+Gini|> Frankie was one of Betty's best friends!
[17:49] <+Candy|> Being mean isn't nice! D;
[17:49] <+Candy|> *D:
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Yeah...
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: That would...
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Be the idea.
[17:49] <@Chris|Dirk> D: ._.
[17:50] <Frankie-Nalyd> Guys, if I can just say one thing... I know I was never too popular with you guys
[17:50] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:50] <+Candy|> :c
[17:50] <Frankie-Nalyd> But I just wanted to say, you know, I'll never forget this
[17:50] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Frankie. Despite it all... *puts hand on Frankie's back*
[17:50] <@Chris|Dirk> C: I hated you.
[17:50] <Frankie-Nalyd> Also, anybody who is up against Dirk in the finals will get my vote
[17:50] * Candy| huggles Frankie
[17:50] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Like, almost as much as I hate Elliot.
[17:50] <+Candy|> I don't know who you are, but bye! D:
[17:50] <@Chris|Dirk> C: But I really do hate you.
[17:50] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: *hugs Chris* Stay strong, bro.
[17:50] <@Chris|Dirk> C: :|
[17:50] <+Gini|> *joins in huggle*
[17:50] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: *participates in a complicated handshake with Chris*
[17:51] <@|Scythe> (Hey, Nalyd was present for his elimination for once.)
[17:51] <+Gini|> Betty will miss you most of all!
[17:51] <Frankie-Nalyd> (I missed them announcing it xD)
[17:51] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:51] <Frankie-Nalyd> (I was AFK for like 10 seconds)
[17:51] <@|Scythe> (Oh, yeah.)
[17:51] <+Candy|> Byeeeeeee! :c
[17:51] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: So, where do I go? :|
[17:51] <@Jackson||> (You were still here, though, I guess.)
[17:51] <+Gini|> :c
[17:51] <Frankie-Nalyd> (Y U GUYS RUIN THIS FOR ME? :@)
[17:51] <Frankie-Nalyd> (Let me be AFK for it :'()
[17:51] <+Gini|> Im to sad to Tee-Hee!
[17:51] <+Candy|> *nudge* Dirky, say bye. And mean it. 'Cause you want to leave on a good note, righttttt? ^-^
[17:52] <@|Scythe> (Conf) Both Sydney and Frankie gone on the same day. It's like all of my headaches are just vanishing.
[17:52] == Frankie-Renrut [4a4c4deb@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[17:52] <+Ross|> (actually, he said I left but then said that the brochure he gave to frank was for me)
[17:52] <+Ross|> (o_o)
[17:52] <+Ross|> (fAIL)
[17:52] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: Dirk, dont even say nuttin' to me. You make me sick, dawg. >.>
[17:52] <+Candy|> (No, he's right there. ^)
[17:52] <+Ross|> (oh)
[17:52] <tdwp82> (Candy + Dirk?)
[17:52] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: And guys, I'd like to just admit something before I leave
[17:52] <+Candy|> (No, she's starting to hate him. And she's tech. married. -w-)
[17:53] <@Chris|Dirk> D: Riiight.
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: I've been hiding something from you guys this whole time...
[17:53] <tdwp82> (Oh yeah)
[17:53] <+Ross|> O_O
[17:53] <+Gini|> Your a girl!
[17:53] <+Candy|> *continues to poke Dirky*
[17:53] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:53] <+Ross|> nother confession...
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: I didnt want anybody to know this
[17:53] <+Ross|> Just like Sergio
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: But... I gotta say
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: I love...
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: I love.......
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: Dr. Dre.
[17:53] <@Chris|Dirk> C: *kicks Frankie off of the boat*
[17:53] <+Candy|> (RYAN IS STILL BEING MEAN TO ME IN PM ;-;)
[17:53] <@Jackson||> Dr. Dre? :|
[17:53] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: *falling off* Just gonna stand there and watch me burn ._.
[17:53] <+Ross|> O_o
[17:53] <tdwp82> (I thought she was dating Jackson)
[17:54] <+Candy|> ...that's that guy with the soda, right?
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: And that's a cool mill vanished from Frankie's grasp!
[17:54] <Frankie-Nalyd> Frankie: *SPLASH* Dang, you got my bling wet!
[17:54] <+Candy|> Sounds like a soda. I think it's a soda. -w-
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Of course, he never ACTUALLY had it in his arms.
[17:54] <+Gini|> I love that soda! Tee-Hee!
[17:54] <+Candy|> BYE FRANKIE!
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Find out who gets eliminated next time, right here...
[17:54] <tdwp82> (Isn't she)
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: On Total!
[17:54] <+Candy|> I know, right? @Gini
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: Drama!
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> C: CRUISE!!
[17:54] <@Chris|Dirk> -- END --

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