[17:29] <@DirkHoffman> -- START --
[17:29] <@Chrelliotber> *Wakes up*
[17:29] <@Jackson||> *wakes up, crawls out of bed*
[17:29] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: *over the intercom* Good morning, final five!
[17:29] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Welcome to the almost-semi-finals!
[17:29] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: This episode is sure to be...
[17:30] <@Chrelliotber> *an explosion occurs*
[17:30] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Shocking!! :D
[17:30] <@Candy|> ._.
[17:30] <@Jackson||> What was that?
[17:30] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: As of this moment on, there is now no fun and games! :@
[17:30] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Dicky Daris, the recap host, is shooting a brand-new reality show on another cruiseship, called "Small Sister"!
[17:30] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: It's not pretty, and it's totally a Total Drama-rip off!
[17:31] <@Jackson||> (Not funny.)
[17:31] <WebkinzMania> (:|)
[17:31] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: We've got to stop Richard before he films the first episode of his show.
[17:31] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: So... *takes out a crate of bombs* we're gonna participate in an old, pirate-style showdown!
[17:31] <@Chrelliotber> E: Yarrrrgh! A swapple of booty!
[17:31] <@Chrelliotber> That's me as a pirate.
[17:31] <@Jackson||> Pirates?
[17:32] <@|Scythe> Ooooo, doing something illegal that can potentially endanger multiple lives?
[17:32] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: You will be split up into three groups; Candy and Dirk, Elliot and Scythe, and-
[17:32] <@|Scythe> I like.
[17:32] <@Candy|> ...NO.
[17:32] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Oh. Hehe, looks like I miscounted.
[17:32] <@Jackson||> (Remember how these challenges were supposed to be cruise themed?)
[17:32] <WebkinzMania> (xDDDD)
[17:32] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Jackson is on his own.
[17:32] <@Candy|> I REFUSE. >->
[17:32] <@Jackson||> I am?
[17:32] <@Jackson||> o_o
[17:32] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: We have to bomb that ship, people!!
[17:32] <@Candy|> I WANT NEW DIRK INSTEAD.
[17:32] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Each team will be given five sets of bombs. In each set are seventeen bombs.
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:33] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Because it's the fifth season and we're having seventeen of you. LOL.
[17:33] <@Jackson||> That's... a lot of bombs.
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> episoes*
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> episodes**
[17:33] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Anyways.
[17:34] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: The team that manages to bomb the cruise the most wins immunity!!
[17:34] <@|Scythe> (Conf) Anyone else notice how I'm always forcibly paired up with the Star Journey freak?
[17:34] * Candy| latches onto Scythe
[17:34] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: And I'm also counting who uses the best strategy!
[17:34] * Candy| hisses at Dirk.
[17:34] <@Candy|> >->
[17:34] <@Jackson||> (Isn't it supposed to be sudden-death?)
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> *shudders*
[17:34] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: The one who doesn't is AUTOMATICALLY ELIMINATED.
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> *moans* ._.
[17:34] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: GOOD LUCK. :D
[17:34] <@|Scythe> But we're in pairs.
[17:34] <@Jackson||> Then what's the point of immunity?
[17:34] <@Candy|> .....
[17:34] <@Chrelliotber> E: ...(smiles at Scythe* :)
[17:34] <@Candy|> *raises hand*
[17:34] <@|Scythe> Does that mean two people will be elimated?
[17:34] <@Jackson||> (One, ONE, I'm totally being eliminated this time.)
[17:35] <@Jackson||> (>->)
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: I know. @Scythe
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: I'm just counting on Jackson to lose. XDDDDD
[17:35] <@Candy|> Can I throw my bombs at Old-Dirk instead?
[17:35] <@|Scythe> Ah.
[17:35] <@|Scythe> Understandable.
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: But, in the event that he doesn't, we will have a pirate-style duel to the death!!
[17:35] <@Jackson||> I still don't think that this is a fair challenge.
[17:35] <@DirkHoffman> To the death? o_o
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Get to work, people! *ends intercom*
[17:35] <@Jackson||> o_o
[17:35] <@DirkHoffman> Crap. ._.
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> C: No, to the show. Yes to the death. >~>
[17:35] <@|Scythe> Sounds fun.
[17:35] <@Chrelliotber> *shoe
[17:35] <@DirkHoffman> Let's get to work, Candy.
[17:36] == NekoBeShowering has changed nick to RoxieHart
[17:36] <@Chrelliotber> E: Uh... Scythe.
[17:36] <@Candy|> HISSSSSSS.
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> You're looking at the MASTER of strategy. ;)
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> All I need to do is FOCUS.
[17:36] <TotalDramaNaruto> (dude seriously, WTF)]
[17:36] <@Jackson||> (I am so confused, I don't have any idea what to do.)
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> And we can win. :3
[17:36] <@|Scythe> *Facepalms*
[17:36] <@Jackson||> (o_o)
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> *clears throat* I SAID, FOCUS.
[17:36] <@Chrelliotber> I could like... makes a sling shot esque thingy.
[17:36] * Candy| grabs on to Scythe and Jackson
[17:36] <@|Scythe> Let's get this over with. @Elliot
[17:36] <@Chrelliotber> That'd be... cool right?
[17:36] <@Chrelliotber> :)
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> If you keep blabbering, I'm not going to be able to win this for us. -_-
[17:36] <@Candy|> Destroy him. >->
[17:36] <@Jackson||> o.o
[17:36] <@|Scythe> Sure, sure. @Elliot
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> UGH. *grabs five crates and walks off*
[17:37] * Candy| follows
[17:37] <@|Scythe> (Conf) I really love how I was previously the first of the Killer Sailors to be voted off, and now I'm the last one remaining. *Blurred out middle finger* Suck it, teamie.
[17:37] <@Chrelliotber> I'd just need rubber bands and staples.
[17:37] <@|Scythe> We're talking bombs here, Elliot.
[17:37] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: *walks to contestants* You will each be given three cannons.
[17:37] <@|Scythe> Staples aren't going to be enough.
[17:38] <@Jackson||> Oh, a cannon makes it much easier.
[17:38] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Well, each team.
[17:38] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Oh, and.
[17:38] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: *lays a bottle of water near each team*
[17:38] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Some of my uncle's mystical sea-water for good luck. ^^;
[17:39] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: Use them wisely.
[17:39] <@|Scythe> ...
[17:39] <@Jackson||> *aims his cannon at Richard's cruise, then loads it*
[17:39] * Candy| casually loads the cannon and aims towards Dirk.
[17:39] <@|Scythe> Chris gets weirder by the day.
[17:39] <@Candy|> -w-
[17:39] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) I seriously can't think with Candy's nonstop chattering. In order for me to be able to strategize, I need total silence, but she is literally the most annoying person in the world. UGH. All she'll talk about are her shoes, and her clothes, and that stuck up little b---
[17:39] <@Chrelliotber> E: Cool, I've learned how to work a cannon at
[17:39] <@Chrelliotber> :D
[17:39] <@Jackson||> Woah, Candy, you shouldn't do that.
[17:39] <@DirkHoffman> D: O_O
[17:39] <@Candy|> Do what?
[17:39] <@Jackson||> Fire at Dirk.
[17:39] * Candy| awkwardly laughs
[17:39] <@|Scythe> :|
[17:39] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:39] <@|Scythe> I'm not even going to ask> @Elliot
[17:39] <@Candy|> ...Right. -w-
[17:39] <@|Scythe> *.
[17:39] <@Chrelliotber> Sorry.
[17:39] <@Chrelliotber> :$
[17:39] <@Candy|> Sorry. :D.
[17:40] <@Chrelliotber> Let's get started though!
[17:40] <@Chrelliotber> Maybe we could even...
[17:40] <@Jackson||> As long as you don't hurt any of the others here.
[17:40] * Candy| moves the cannon towards the ship.
[17:40] <@Jackson||> *fires his first shot*
[17:40] <@Chrelliotber> Add some explosions of our own?
[17:40] <@Candy|> >->
[17:40] <@Chrelliotber> ;)
[17:40] <@Chrelliotber> *explosives
[17:40] <@|Scythe> ...
[17:40] <@Jackson||> I think that was a hit.
[17:40] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:40] <@DirkHoffman> D: Come on...
[17:40] <@DirkHoffman> Strategy, strategy, strategy... :(
[17:40] <@|Scythe> Okay, one: that didn't even make sense.
[17:40] <@Candy|> You're lucky you got paired up with New-Betty, New-Gini. :C
[17:40] <@|Scythe> And two: gross.
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> I got it!!
[17:41] <@Chrelliotber> No, no, no!
[17:41] <@|Scythe> @Elliot
[17:41] <@Jackson||> Candy, I don't have a partner.
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> *puts helmet onto Candy*
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> *gives her one set of cannons*
[17:41] <@Chrelliotber> I meant that I brought bottle rockets with me when I came.
[17:41] <@Candy|> New-Gini! Betty is right there
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> Okay, get into the cannon.
[17:41] <@Chrelliotber> Maybe we could attach them?
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> :D
[17:41] * Candy| laughs
[17:41] <@Candy|> ...>->
[17:41] <@Jackson||> Dirk, you can't fire her at the other cruise.
[17:41] <@Jackson||> o_o
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> Why not?
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> <.<
[17:41] <@|Scythe> Sure, that's totally what you meant.
[17:41] <@Jackson||> Because... because... you'd lose the challenge.
[17:41] * Candy| readjusts the cannon towards Dirk.
[17:42] <@|Scythe> And attacthing them may actually be a great idea.
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> No, I wouldn't. She has a set attached to her.
[17:42] * Candy| reloads cannon.
[17:42] <@Jackson||> Candy... what did I tell you about firing the cannon at Dirk?
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> If I fire her there, she'll explode with the rest of the cannonballs, and I'll win.
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> I'm not one to casually use innuendo
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> Uhhh...
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> Nevermind. :|
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> But I'll go get them!
[17:42] <@Candy|> ...sorry, New_Ginisaur.
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> *runs to his room*
[17:42] * Candy| grumbles and puts it back
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> *takes them out*
[17:42] <@Jackson||> *re-aims his cannon at a different spot on the other ship, around the center of it, and fires*
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> Alright!
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> ...
[17:42] <@|Scythe> *Gets cannon ready*
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> Rocket power!
[17:42] <@Chrelliotber> Tehehe.
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> *starts firing cannonballs*
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> *runs back to Scythe*
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> Let's get these babies out of the box.
[17:43] * Candy| grumbles more and hands cannonballs to Dirk
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> Not like.
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> *accidentally knocks over Jackson's bottle of water*
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> Whoops.
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> Our babies.
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> I'll get it.
[17:43] <@|Scythe> ...
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> Hehe... :$
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> *stands up, slips, topples over the cruise*
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> O_O""
[17:43] <@Candy|> FINALLY.
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> *grabs onto Jackson and pulls him down*
[17:43] <@Chrelliotber> *opens box awkwardly*
[17:43] <@DirkHoffman> AAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!
[17:43] <@Jackson||> Woah!
[17:43] <@Candy|> EHUUDSHEIHFEIDUS
[17:43] <@Jackson||> *falls*
[17:43] <@Candy|> NEW-GINI
[17:43] <@|Scythe> One more awkward moment like that, and I'm slapping you. @Elliot
[17:44] <@Candy|> Betty, come help me. D:
[17:44] <@|Scythe> Anyway, hurry up.
[17:44] <@Jackson||> *lands in the water*
[17:44] <@DirkHoffman> *falls in the water and starts a slap-fight with Jackson* :-@
[17:44] <@Chrelliotber> *uses duct tape to attach the bottle rocket*
[17:44] <@Jackson||> Dirk, what are you doing?
[17:44] <@Chrelliotber> You launch them, while I attach them!
[17:44] <@|Scythe> All right, aim for the hull.
[17:44] * Candy| tries to multi-task in between firing and watching new-gini and old-dirk
[17:44] <@Jackson||> :|
[17:44] <@DirkHoffman> I...
[17:44] <@DirkHoffman> I don't know. :@
[17:44] <@|Scythe> Got it.
[17:45] <@|Scythe> *Aims for hull of the hip, and fires*
[17:45] <@Jackson||> Maybe we should try to focus on getting back on the ship?
[17:45] <@Candy|> Betty, you work on saving them, I'll work on firing. C:
[17:45] <@|Scythe> **ship
[17:45] <@DirkHoffman> Sure.
[17:45] <@Candy|> 'Kayyy? :D.
[17:45] * DirkHoffman spits out water.
[17:45] <@Candy|> kayyy.
[17:45] <RoxieHart> (Betty's gonna be eliminated a la Mr. Coconut one day.)
[17:45] <@Jackson||> So... any ideas? o_o
[17:45] * Candy| sets off the last round of coconuts.
[17:45] <@Candy|> *cannonballs
[17:45] <@DirkHoffman> (...)
[17:45] <@Candy|> (Damn you Neko)
[17:46] <@|Scythe> (Neko, you genious.)
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Hmmm.
[17:46] <@Chrelliotber> *attaches rockets to bomb*
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Well, it looks like Candy's all done firing.
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Candy!!
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Wanna help us up?!
[17:46] <@Candy|> I'll help New-Gini
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Or, rather, me.
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Maybe.
[17:46] <@Jackson||> Candy, please, help us both.
[17:46] <@Candy|> New-Betty, you can help Dirk
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> Jackson.
[17:46] <@DirkHoffman> I thought you didn't like me. :|
[17:46] <@|Scythe> *Fires cannonball towards other ship's navigational center*
[17:46] <RoxieHart> (Thank you.)
[17:47] <@Jackson||> I don't.
[17:47] == WebkinzMania [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[17:47] * Candy| goes to go search for one of those red-white-thing-ys.....I figure you know what I'm talking about, sooo.
[17:47] <@Jackson||> I was just mad at you.
[17:47] <@DirkHoffman> So.
[17:47] <@DirkHoffman> Why would you help someone you don't like?
[17:47] * Candy| searches around
[17:47] <@Chrelliotber> I think we make a great team.
[17:47] <@Chrelliotber> :)
[17:47] <@Jackson||> I care about other people.
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> ...
[17:48] <@|Scythe> Yeah, sure.
[17:48] <@Candy|> OHH!
[17:48] <@Candy|> FOUND ONE. :D.
[17:48] <@|Scythe> Now hurry up and ready the last cannonball.
[17:48] <@Chrelliotber> *attaches more rockets* :$
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> You would actually save my life after I lied to you and pretended to be your friened?
[17:48] * Candy| hurries back
[17:48] * Candy| throws the Lifesaver to Jackson
[17:48] <@Jackson||> Yes.
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> Wow.
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> That's...
[17:48] <@DirkHoffman> Kind of...nice.
[17:48] <@Chrelliotber> C: Challenge ova!
[17:48] <@Jackson||> *grabs the lifesaver, gives it to Dirk*
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> *grabs onto Jackson*
[17:49] <@|Scythe> *Fires last cannonball at ship's engines*
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> *the two land onto the cruise*
[17:49] <@Chrelliotber> C: And I'm kind of peeved to say.
[17:49] <@Candy|> ...No, Gini, that was meant for you.
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> *Richard's ship explodes*
[17:49] <@Chrelliotber> But Elliot and Scythe win.
[17:49] <@Candy|> -__-
[17:49] <@Jackson||> Yes, Candy, I know it was meant for me.
[17:49] <@Chrelliotber> Yeeees!
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> *crawls onto the cruise and coughs*
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Seriously?
[17:49] <@Chrelliotber> E: *hugs Scythe*
[17:49] <@|Scythe> I'm can't believe I'm saying this, but great job Elliot.
[17:49] <@|Scythe> *Pushes Elliot*
[17:49] <@|Scythe> No hugs, though.
[17:50] <@Chrelliotber> Hehe. :p
[17:50] * Candy| hugs New-Dirky.
[17:50] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: And, unfortunately.
[17:50] <@DirkHoffman> So...
[17:50] <@DirkHoffman> Who's going to be eliminated? :
[17:50] <@DirkHoffman> Who's going to be eliminated? :s**
[17:50] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: It is my great displeasure to announce.
[17:50] <@Candy|> At least you're not going to leave. :D.
[17:50] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: That Jackson has been eliminated from the season, due to the fact that Candy did manage to fire all her sets.
[17:50] <@Candy|> ....DDDDD:
[17:50] <RoxieHart> (NO.)
[17:50] <@DirkHoffman> ._.
[17:50] <@Jackson||> Yeah, I kinda saw it coming.
[17:50] <@Chrelliotber> Chris: And Jackson didn't. :c
[17:50] <RoxieHart> (HE WAS MY FAVORITE.)
[17:51] <@Chrelliotber> *
[17:51] * Candy| attack-huggles
[17:51] <@Candy|> OMGDON'T GO ;__;
[17:51] <@Jackson||> Candy, I have to.
[17:51] <@|Scythe> You played a good game, man. @Jackson
[17:51] <@Jackson||> 5th place isn't bad at all.
[17:51] <@Chrelliotber> C: Atleast we don't have to do a sudden death challenge, I usually come up with that stuff as we go along. :|
[17:51] <@DirkHoffman> Um...
[17:51] <@DirkHoffman> So.
[17:51] <@DirkHoffman> Does this mean we're friends? @Jackson
[17:51] <@DirkHoffman> ._.
[17:52] <@Candy|> How come it's always Gini who leaves?
[17:52] <@Jackson||> Dirk, what you did was bad, I'm not quite ready to forgive you, yet.
[17:52] <@Candy|> :C
[17:52] <@Chrelliotber> E: Awww, by Jackson. D:
[17:52] <@Chrelliotber> *bye
[17:52] <@Jackson||> But I don't dislike you, either.
[17:52] <Copper5> (Jackson and Candy need to get together!)
[17:52] == WebkinzMania [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:52] <@Candy|> I'm gonna miss you, ex-hubby. D:
[17:52] <@Chrelliotber> C: Jackson reminds me of Patrick.
[17:52] <@DirkHoffman> Alright. So, I don't have to, like, talk to you nicely and stuff, right? Because, that is EXHAUSTING. ._.
[17:52] <@Jackson||> Yeah, you don't.
[17:52] <@Chrelliotber> C: He made it far without really doing anything.
[17:53] <@Jackson||> And I'm gonna miss you guys, too.
[17:53] <@Jackson||> But it wont be long, we'll see eachother again.
[17:53] <@Chrelliotber> E: Does this mean I get to be new Gini?
[17:53] <@Chrelliotber> :D
[17:53] <@Candy|> No, Elliot
[17:53] * Candy| shoves him away
[17:53] <@Chrelliotber> Oh...
[17:53] <@Candy|> >->
[17:53] <@Chrelliotber> :(
[17:54] <@Chrelliotber> *sighs*
[17:54] <@Chrelliotber> :-/
[17:54] <@Chrelliotber> *Walks off feeling lonely and dejected*
[17:54] <@Chrelliotber> C: Well folks.
[17:54] <@|Scythe> *Has actual remorse for Elliot*
[17:54] * Candy| quickly kisses Jackson
[17:54] <@Candy|> I'm gonna go now. ._.
[17:54] <@Candy|> kbai
[17:54] <@Jackson||> o.o
[17:55] <@DirkHoffman> Wow.
[17:55] <@DirkHoffman> That was almost touching.
[17:55] <@Chrelliotber> C: Guys...
[17:55] * DirkHoffman inches closer to Scythe.
[17:55] <@DirkHoffman> :D
[17:55] <@Chrelliotber> C: It's a 22 minute show.
[17:55] <@Chrelliotber> :s
[17:55] <@Jackson||> ... Candy?
[17:55] <@Chrelliotber> C: Well then.
[17:55] <@|Scythe> *Stares Dirk down*
[17:55] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:55] <@Candy|> *whispers* DIRK, GET AWAY FROM NEW-DIRK. >->
[17:55] <@DirkHoffman> *backs away slowly*
[17:55] <@Candy|> Yes? ._.
[17:56] <@Chrelliotber> C: Well then.
[17:56] <@Jackson||> I think I'm gonna miss you the most.
[17:56] <@Candy|> :B
[17:56] <RoxieHart> (AWWWWWWWW)
[17:56] <@DirkHoffman> (Blow him a kiss!!)
[17:56] <@DirkHoffman> (:O)
[17:56] <@Chrelliotber> C: I guess were left with dumb, dork, death, and ****.
[17:56] <@Candy|> BYEEEEE JACKSON!
[17:56] <@Chrelliotber> (Can that actually be a part of the episode? :|)
[17:56] <@Jackson||> Bye. *waves*
[17:56] <@DirkHoffman> (Yes.)
[17:56] <@Chrelliotber> (It's so brilliantly clever.)
[17:57] <@Candy|> (It should be because that's clever @bigez_
[17:57] <@DirkHoffman> (I know, right?()
[17:57] <@DirkHoffman> (End it.)
[17:57] <@Candy|> *)
[17:57] <@Chrelliotber> C: Come back next time for another thrilling episode of...
[17:57] <@Chrelliotber> TOTAL.
[17:57] <@Chrelliotber> DRAMA.
[17:57] <@Chrelliotber> CRUISE!
[17:57] <@Chrelliotber> --END--

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