[18:31] <HIZZFNHOUSE> ---------------------------------------- MESS HALL (START) ----------------------------------------
[18:31] * Lightning| does push-ups.
[18:31] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: *sprays her hair like in le theme song*
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *does push ups with Lightning*
[18:32] *** Rosamarianna has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
[18:32] *** Jo| has joined #dramatizing
[18:32] <Lightning|> Man, you're gettin' the hang of it!
[18:32] *** Rosalita is now known as Rosamarianna
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: I unintentionally stared at Lightning's butt for like five minutes.
[18:32] * Sam|Chef plays video games. (What did you expect?)
[18:32] <Lightning|> Someday, you might be as good as Lightning.
[18:32] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: What is this? A gym to you too? o_o
[18:32] <Anne_MaScotta> *two
[18:32] <Jo|> (kick oatmeal plz)
[18:32] *** PWL-Visiting has joined #dramatizing
[18:32] <Lightning|> (conf) *shakes head*
[18:32] *** HIZZFNHOUSE sets mode +v on Jo|
[18:32] <Jaxswim> (BOLD >-> @Ryan)
[18:32] *** Oatmeal- has been kicked by Anne_MaScotta (Oatmeal-)
[18:32] *** Anne_MaScotta sets mode +v on Lightning|
[18:32] <Jo|> (what did I miss? XD )
[18:32] <Sam|Chef> Who needs to be fit when you have technology? :D
[18:32] *** Jaxswim is now known as Intern
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Gotta stay in shape, Anne Maria. The teams are all tied up and we need the edge.
[18:32] <Jo|> Only fat people say that Chubby.
[18:32] <Lightning|> ([16:31] <FedoraKid> Even Roleplay is an epic fail compared to Countdown. -- Can I cut Fedora?)
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Oh Sam, how I've missed you. *hugs Sam*
[18:32] *** Pokemonwelove has joined #dramatizing
[18:32] <Sam|Chef> ....:(
[18:32] *** PWL-Visiting has quit (Client Quit)
[18:33] <TotalDramaNaruto> (o_O)
[18:33] <Sam|Chef> D:
[18:33] <Anne_MaScotta> S: *walks by*
[18:33] <Jo|> *patted Sam's head* It's okay. One of these days you'll eat my dust. :D
[18:33] <Jo|> Oh wait. That's today.
[18:33] <Sam|Chef> (I find it funny how Brick is nice to Sam and Chris is mean to him.
[18:33] <Sam|Chef> :( @Jo
[18:33] <Anne_MaScotta> S: Ready to lose another member, Maggots? Or should I say, morons? xD (Yes, this is something Scott would say.)
[18:33] <Sam|Chef> (^^^)
[18:34] <Sam|Chef> ....
[18:34] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: That wasn't clever at all. :|
[18:34] <Sam|Chef> I'm scared. D:
[18:34] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: (CONF) A rock has more smarts than Scott. >.>
[18:34] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *walks in* Morning final six!
[18:34] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *salutes* Morning, Chris McLean, sir!
[18:34] <Sam|Chef> Morning Mr.McLean. :D
[18:34] <Anne_MaScotta> S: Soon to be final ONE standing right here, McLean.
[18:35] <Anne_MaScotta> >>
[18:35] <Jo|> Uh. Keep trying. *patted Scott's shoulder*
[18:35] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Your unibrow makes you different than me and I hate that about you. @ Brick
[18:35] <Sam|Chef> (Damn, you are NAILING him. @Bigez)
[18:35] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> ;)
[18:35] <HIZZFNHOUSE> (That was unintentionally suggestive. @TDF)
[18:35] <Lightning|> Sha-bam!
[18:35] <TDAwesome15> ([19:35] <Sam|Chef> (Damn, you are NAILING him. @Bigez) -- Giggity)
[18:35] <Lightning|> Let's start already, McLean; I'm ready to win!
[18:35] <Lightning|> I'm ready to win!
[18:35] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, before we get to the challenge, I have an announcement! :D
[18:35] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Can this week's challenge be something more... beatuy-esque? I think it's obvious who would win. ;)
[18:36] <Lightning|> SHA-BAM.
[18:36] <Lightning|> An announcement!
[18:36] <Jo|> Mmm?
[18:36] <TotalDramaNaruto> (merge? returner?)
[18:36] * Lightning| accidentally punches Scott.
[18:36] *** Pokemonwelove has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[18:36] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: As you know, there are only six of you left
[18:36] <Sam|Chef> What about Chef, I'm sure he would like to feel included. 3:
[18:36] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: And we've been running low on budget so this is the final episode. First person to say "Dibs" wins the million dollars. GO!
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Duh, we can all cou-
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> DIBS!
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> :d
[18:36] <Jo|> dibs
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> *:D
[18:36] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Haw, gotcha. xD It's the merge!
[18:36] <Jo|> >_>
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> Gimme my million dol-
[18:36] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> ....:(
[18:37] <Anne_MaScotta> Someday, McLean, someday.
[18:37] <Anne_MaScotta> :@
[18:37] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: O_O
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> MERGE!?
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> :D
[18:37] <Jo|> Merge..?
[18:37] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: You guys can go do a confessional, then we'll move onto the challenge ;)
[18:37] <Intern> (...just call him..Chris...:s @Anne Maria)
[18:37] <Anne_MaScotta> S: Pssh, you mean I have to be with these LOSERS? :@
[18:37] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Sweet mother of Pearl... :|
[18:37] <Jo|> Scott.
[18:38] <Jo|> You do realize... we all have the power to vote now?
[18:38] <Sam|Chef> (Conf): I've never thought I'd make it far, lets face it I'm no tv star! But now I'm in the final 6......I forget the rest. 3:
[18:38] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: (CONF) I don't need smarts to win these next few challenges. I just need my perfect hair, tan, and lady pecs. ;)
[18:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: WE MADE IT TO THE MERGE!!! YEEEEE-HAAAAWWWWW!!! All season I've been coaching my team and leading my team in order to destroy the Rats at the merge! We'll be the last men standing!
[18:38] <TotalDramaNaruto> (really? really? @Sam)
[18:38] <Anne_MaScotta> S: (CONF) Am I surprised I made it this far? Of course not, I'm the only smart contestants left. -_- (falls in the toilet hole) WAAAAAH! D:
[18:39] *** Rosamarianna has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[18:39] <Anne_MaScotta> *contestant
[18:39] *** Rosamarianna has joined #dramatizing
[18:40] <Jo|> (Conf) Uh, yeah. Yada yada yada. Insert confessional about how much I want to win. Done.
[18:40] <Lightning|> (Sorry.)
[18:40] <Sam|Chef> (Conf): What do I think about the final 6?.....I DON'T CARE. :@ (Chef gets at least one line a week, thats the rules. :@)
[18:40] <Lightning|> L: (conf) The merge? Awww, yeah! Lightning's about to get his GROOVE on. Sha-bam!
[18:40] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Chris: I'm relatively impressed with the final six. Even Sam. Any of them could win it, hopefully there's a lot of gruesome injuries along the way! McLean out!
[18:41] *** CD-TDA has joined #dramatizing
[18:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: And for today's challenge, we will be going to an ACTUAL film lot! :D (just the TDA film lot but they dont know that)
[18:41] *** ChanServ sets mode +o on CD-TDA
[18:41] *** CD-TDA has been kicked by CD-TDA (CD-TDA)
[18:41] <Jo|> Cheap, like your nose job? ;D
[18:41] *** CD-TDA has joined #dramatizing
[18:41] *** ChanServ sets mode +o on CD-TDA
[18:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Everyone hop on the Total Drama Iconic Blue Bus! :)
[18:41] <CD-TDA> (oh my god, i'm retarded)
[18:41] *** HIZZFNHOUSE has been kicked by CD-TDA (HIZZFNHOUSE)
[18:41] <Jo|> (DAMMIT CD. RUIN MY JOKE.)
[18:41] <Intern> (I' confused :|)
[18:42] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: We're gonna be... in a movie? :D
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: You'll be making movies! Now everyone get on the bus
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- everyone is on le bus --
[18:42] <Anne_MaScotta> (Why... why is nobody talking? :|)
[18:42] <Lightning|> :|
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *sitting next to Sam* Hi Sam. :)
[18:42] <Lightning|> Lightning's...
[18:42] <Lightning|> Gonna be in a movie?
[18:42] <Lightning|> Awesome! :D
[18:42] <Sam|Chef> Hey....Brick.
[18:42] <Sam|Chef> :s
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: It's good to be on a team with you again!
[18:42] <Sam|Chef> Sure....I guess. :)
[18:42] <Anne_MaScotta> S: *sits in the back, sleeping*
[18:42] <Jo|> Mmm.
[18:43] <Jo|> Intresting.
[18:43] <Sam|Chef> *FONT
[18:43] <Sam|Chef> (Conf):....Brick is....nice? :'(
[18:43] * Lightning| sighs.
[18:43] <Lightning|> You know who wouldda loved to be in this movie?
[18:43] <Lightning|> Dakota. ::(
[18:43] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Alright now, who wants to sit near thiiiiis? *presents body*
[18:43] <Lightning|> :(*
[18:43] <Anne_MaScotta> ;)
[18:43] <Lightning|> I just don't see how she got voted off.
[18:43] <Sam|Chef> O.O
[18:43] <Lightning|> I voted for myself, and if Brick and Anne Maria voted off each other...
[18:43] <Lightning|> :o
[18:43] <Lightning|> Chris rigged it.
[18:43] <Lightning|> Man, that Chris. >.>
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) brick: Sam was my teammate at the start of the game, I gotta make sure us Maggots stay strong. Goo Maggots!
[18:44] <Intern> (Stop talking about yourself >-> @Ryan)
[18:44] <Lightning|> (cool.)
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *sits next to Lightning* Hey push up pal!
[18:44] <Sam|Chef> *sits next to Anne Maria* Hey. :3
[18:44] <Jo|> (Conf) Statistically I'm at a disadvantage. Time to jump.
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Dakota got voted off because she's as useful as a bent fork.
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[18:44] <Lightning|> Whoah!
[18:44] <Lightning|> <.<
[18:44] <Jo|> *sits next to sam and anne maria* Hey there.. *clinch* Buddies :D
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> Oh hi... Spalding is it? :|
[18:44] <Anne_MaScotta> @Sam
[18:45] <Lightning|> That ain't cool, Anne Maria.
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> No it is Sa-- Jo! :'(
[18:45] * Lightning| does push-ups next to Brick.
[18:45] <Jo|> Did I do something.. BUDDY? :D
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> :(
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> Are you dying Jo? :'(
[18:45] <Anne_MaScotta> S: *wakes up*
[18:45] <Anne_MaScotta> S: So which one of you wusses wants to ally with me?
[18:45] <Jo|> Naw. I just have something to tell you.
[18:45] <Lightning|> Psssh.
[18:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: I'm good, but thank you for the offer.
[18:46] <Lightning|> We don't need you, Scott. >.>
[18:46] <Lightning|> Lightning is fine on his own!
[18:46] <Lightning|> (lol, I find it amusing how Scott is being self-sabotaged.)
[18:46] <Anne_MaScotta> S: (CONF) i'ms peculating Brick and Sam are in an alliance. Or at least Brick has a man crush on Sam. :|
[18:46] <Anne_MaScotta> *I'm
[18:46] <Jo|> *softly* Scott said he can take on ALL the maggots at once, all by himself. *normal voice* Me on the other hand, 'respect' the maggots.
[18:46] <Anne_MaScotta> *speculating
[18:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *bus stops* Alright everyone, get off!
[18:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Here is your challenge
[18:46] <Sam|Chef> *gets off*
[18:47] <Sam|Chef> :D
[18:47] * Lightning| gets off.
[18:47] <Lightning|> (lol that sounds wrong)
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: You will pair up, you get to choose your pairs, and make a trailer for your very own movie!
[18:47] * Lightning| gets off to Chris.
[18:47] <Jo|> Lightnin.
[18:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> (....really?)
[18:47] <Jo|> >->.
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Sounds exciting.
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Our own movie? Oooooh. :3
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But, before you start picking...
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: We have one more announcement!
[18:47] <Lightning|> (yes, TDN.)
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> What this time?
[18:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> (returner)
[18:47] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[18:47] <Lightning|> (Really.)
[18:48] <Lightning|> (No amount of periods will change that.)
[18:48] *** CD-TDA changed topic to Contestants (6) | Anne Maria, Brick, Jo, Lightning, Sam and Scott
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Mike, the most forgettable first out of all time, is back in the game! :D
[18:48] <Lightning|> (Shocker.)
[18:48] <Anne_MaScotta> :-O
[18:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> (I KNEW IT)
[18:48] *** Intern is now known as Mike|
[18:48] <Lightning|> (Called it. :3)
[18:48] <Jo|> Oh really?
[18:48] <Anne_MaScotta> (Didn't already know this.)
[18:48] *** CD-TDA changed topic to Contestants (7) | Anne Maria, Brick, Jo, Lightning, Mike, Sam and Scott
[18:48] <Mike|> *walks out*
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: but because of his MPD, he thinks he's Rodney. How interesting. :)
[18:48] <Sam|Chef> ....
[18:48] <Mike|> Hi! It's great to be back! :D
[18:48] <Sam|Chef> RODNEY!?
[18:48] <Copper5> (Watch him go right away again.)
[18:48] <Sam|Chef> NOOOOO
[18:48] <Mike|> :|
[18:48] <Mike|> *gasps*
[18:48] <Anne_MaScotta> RODNEY!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *salutes* Welcome back, Mike!
[18:48] <Anne_MaScotta> :D
[18:48] *** Mike| is now known as Rodney|
[18:48] <Anne_MaScotta> *clings to Rodney*
[18:49] <Rodney|> Uh...hey. ;)
[18:49] <Anne_MaScotta> I've missed you sugah.
[18:49] <Anne_MaScotta> :3
[18:49] <Rodney|> *holds Ane Maria*
[18:49] <Rodney|> Anne*
[18:49] <Jo|> ew.
[18:49] <Jo|> It's mike.
[18:49] <Rodney|> How's it goin'? ;)
[18:49] <Rodney|> *flexes*
[18:49] <Anne_MaScotta> S: Why is HE back? He got eliminated FIRST!
[18:49] <Anne_MaScotta> :@
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> YEAH!
[18:49] <Jo|> *punch* Who do YOU think you are. Trying to ruin our odds of winning.
[18:49] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *pries Rodney off Anne Maria, shakes his hand* Welcome back, Mike. Sorry if my voting you out led to any emotional or mental distress.
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> Lets get him out of here. :'(
[18:49] <Jo|> You were first out. Your going to out again.
[18:49] <Rodney|> :|
[18:49] <Rodney|> Who do you think you are?!
[18:49] <Jo|> Just get that on that boat and leave again.
[18:50] <Rodney|> I'm a model!!
[18:50] <Rodney|> :@
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> .....ugh
[18:50] <Jo|> We don't want you here.
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> YOU AREN'T A MODEL
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *pauses to think* I'm Brick! :D
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> YOU ARE MIKE.
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> :@
[18:50] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Two dudes fightin' ovah me? I can live with that!
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> Not....RODNEY
[18:50] <Anne_MaScotta> :3
[18:50] <Lightning|> (lol it's funny because Jo is played by a scrawny Asian man.)
[18:50] <Sam|Chef> :@
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Haw, Sam jiggles when he rages.
[18:50] <Rodney|> ...
[18:50] <Rodney|> Who's Mike?
[18:50] <Rodney|> :|
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, choose your partners!
[18:50] <Jo|> Okay, "Rodney." When I get the chance, I'll push you down a cliff ;d
[18:50] <Lightning|> Wait a minute!
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Who wants to be with ME? :D
[18:51] <Lightning|> Lightning senses something weird.
[18:51] <Rodney|> I have a lawyer! :@ @Jo
[18:51] <Rodney|> I'm rich!!
[18:51] <Lightning|> There's an odd number of contestants
[18:51] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (brb)
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> RODNEY!
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> :D
[18:51] <Lightning|> D:
[18:51] <Sam|Chef> .....
[18:51] <Rodney|> I don't even need this game.
[18:51] <Rodney|> >->
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> *clings to Rodney*
[18:51] <Lightning|> That means that one of us is gonna get out. :(
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> Be with me, sugah.
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> :3
[18:51] <Rodney|> ;) Sure, honey.
[18:51] <Rodney|> *gasps*
[18:51] <Lightning|> left out*
[18:51] <Jo|> You wanna keep your kiwi's? Shut your mouth Rodney.
[18:51] *** Rodney| is now known as Mike|
[18:51] <Lightning|> Well, it won't be Lightning. ;)
[18:51] <Lightning|> Brick.
[18:51] <Lightning|> Bro.
[18:51] <Lightning|> We should team.
[18:51] <Sam|Chef> Now we have 5 boys and 2 girls! :@
[18:51] <Mike|> ....Why are you holding on to me? :| @Anne Maria
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> Let's go, sexy man. :3
[18:51] <Anne_MaScotta> *pulls Mike off to unknown locations*
[18:52] <Sam|Chef> ....YES HE IS GONE! :D
[18:52] <Sam|Chef> NO. D:
[18:52] <Mike|> (CONF) I've never had a girl call me sexy before. I could work with this. ;)
[18:52] <Jo|> Sam.
[18:52] <Jo|> Mike is a he-she.
[18:52] <Sam|Chef> :(
[18:52] <Anne_MaScotta> S: What about me? Jo? Be my partner. :@
[18:52] <Mike|> So what movie do you want to make?
[18:52] <Jo|> No.
[18:52] <Mike|> @Anne Maria
[18:52] <Mike|> Drama?
[18:52] <Mike|> Comedy?
[18:52] <Sam|Chef> Hmmm....
[18:52] <Mike|> ...Romance? ;)
[18:52] <Anne_MaScotta> Oooh!
[18:52] <Sam|Chef> OH JO YOU ARE SOOOO FUNNY. :3
[18:53] <Anne_MaScotta> How about.
[18:53] <Sam|Chef> @Jo
[18:53] <Jo|> Sam. Your my partner.
[18:53] <Anne_MaScotta> A modern day jerseylicious Romeo and Juliet edition. :3
[18:53] <Sam|Chef> Sure.....*cringes* hottie. :)
[18:53] <Anne_MaScotta> @Mike
[18:53] <Sam|Chef> *glares at Anne Maria and Mike* >____>
[18:53] <Mike|> Sure, I guess. :3
[18:53] <CD-TDA> (Lag?)
[18:54] <CD-TDA> (Death?(
[18:54] <Anne_MaScotta> S: Chris! SOMEONE has to be with me. -_-
[18:54] <CD-TDA> (What are the pairs right now?)
[18:54] <Mike|> First of all...we need props! :D
[18:54] <Mike|> @Anne Maria
[18:54] <Anne_MaScotta> (Mike and Anne Maria, Sam and Jo. @CD)
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> back
[18:54] <Jo|> You lying to me?
[18:54] *** CD-TDA changed topic to Contestants (7) | Anne Maria and Mike | Brick and Lightning | Sam and Jo | Scott and TBA
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Scott, you can.. work with.. Chef... I guess :|
[18:55] <Anne_MaScotta> How bout some sexy clothes? ;)
[18:55] *** CD-TDA changed topic to Contestants (7) | Anne Maria and Mike | Brick and Lightning | Sam and Jo | Scott and Chef Hatchet
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> Hey. ;) @Scott
[18:55] <Anne_MaScotta> S: This is RIDICULOUS. -_-
[18:55] <Anne_MaScotta> S: I refuse to work with that old fart. :@
[18:55] <Mike|> Um. I'm pretty sure it took place in winter. They need to be wearing heavy clothes.
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> Don't worry boy, we are going to make a REAL MOVIE.
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> :@
[18:55] <Mike|> @Anne Mria
[18:55] <Mike|> Anne Maria*
[18:55] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, just make a movie trailer for a movie that I would want to see! You can use anything you find on the lot! GO!
[18:55] <Jo|> Sam. As you can guess.
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> (MIKE CANNOT USE BROWN.)
[18:55] *** Lightning| is now known as Pokemonwelove
[18:55] <CD-TDA> (Yo, Mike, change your font.)
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> (CHEF USES BROWN. :@)
[18:55] *** Pokemonwelove is now known as TDIFan123
[18:55] <Mike|> (Fine >->)
[18:55] <CD-TDA> (Ryan, wtf?)
[18:55] *** TDIFan123 is now known as Lightning|
[18:55] <Lightning|> (SORRY)
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Alright, Lightning, I think we should make a movie about a dashing young hero who leads his team to victory in a world of uncertainty :)
[18:56] <Anne_MaScotta> (#mike-annemaria #lightning-brick #scott-chef #sam-jo if you wish)
[18:56] <Jo|> Sam.
[18:56] <Lightning|> Wow.
[18:56] <Lightning|> Great idea, Brick!
[18:56] <CD-TDA> (Only if you wish, though.)
[18:56] <Lightning|> I'd be happy to win!
[18:56] <Jo|> We should make a movie.. about.. 7 teens, who have to deal with a horrible monster. Chriszilla.
[18:56] <Lightning|> (Being with Brick is basically asking to lose seeing as Nalyd isn't going to give himself immunity...)
[18:56] <Lightning|> (F-M-L.)
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Maybe I will ;))
[18:57] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (I never have before... and there's a first time for everything ;))
[18:58] <CD-TDA> (We're giving you an hour RP time [15 mins in reality] for you guys to do this.)
[18:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> (um...are the other chat's private? cause Ryan just said they were)
[18:59] <Anne_MaScotta> (Not for viewers.)
[18:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> (HA!)
[18:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> (>.> @Ryan)
[18:59] <CD-TDA> (Not for viewers, yeah.)
[18:59] <CD-TDA> (You can transcript that if you want too, TDN.)
[19:00] <TotalDramaNaruto> (yeah well Ryan won't let me in >.>)
[19:00] <Lightning|> You can come in.
[19:00] <Lightning|> ()*
[19:01] <TotalDramaNaruto> (it's not working....)
[19:01] *** Toadeh has joined #dramatizing
[19:01] <CD-TDA> (Ryan, try unbanning his nickname. IDK if he's banned or not, but that might work to let him back in. We need a transcripter.)
[19:01] <Lightning|> (Yeah, your username got accidentally banned.)
[19:02] <Lightning|> (We'll unban it.)
[19:02] <Toadeh> (...Someone returned.)
[19:02] <Lightning|> (Yep, done.)
[19:02] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (brilliant deduction @ Toad)
[19:02] *** Mike| is now known as CapnMunch|
[19:04] <Lightning|> (Can we go firt?)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (flirt*)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (first**)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (lol)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (Anyways)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (I have to leave)
[19:04] <Toadeh> (lawl. @nalyd)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (in ten minutes)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (so)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (unless someone can sub)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (I guess)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (but)
[19:04] <Lightning|> (like)
[19:04] *** CapnMunch| is now known as Mike|
[19:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> (I can)
[19:05] <Toadeh> (look who came at just the right time)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (Nalyd and I)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (already have a plan)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (and stuff)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (so)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (like)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (yeah.)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (I mean)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (basically)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (I don't know)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (how long I'll be)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (I think)
[19:05] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (do you have to go NOW?)
[19:05] <Copper5> (I can play Lightning!)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (we're leaving, like)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (in ten minutes)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (so)
[19:05] <Lightning|> (yeah.)
[19:05] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (if need be, I'll do it alone ._.)
19:05] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (and have someone play you after the challenge)
[19:06] <Lightning|> (okie dokie, karaoke!)
[19:06] <Anne_MaScotta> (... Don't do that.)
[19:07] <Lightning|> (Sorry, Maury. :()
[19:07] <Sam|Chef> (I AM BORED.)
[19:08] <CD-TDA> (Who has finished?)
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> (Chef and Scott.)
[19:08] <Anne_MaScotta> (Anne Maria and Mike.)
[19:08] <Lightning|> (Cool, Sam. Cool.)
[19:08] <Jo|> (Sam and Jo :D)
[19:08] <CD-TDA> (So everyone finished?)
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> (Mhm)
[19:09] <Lightning|> (Die. @CD)
[19:09] <CD-TDA> (Okay, Brick and Lightning can go first.)
[19:10] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> kk
[19:10] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> We are ready
[19:10] <Sam|Chef> *sits down and watches* :3
[19:10] <Sam|Chef> *FONT
[19:10] <Lightning|> *trailer starts with a shot of a distant planet*
[19:10] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- Trailer for "When Lightning Strikes" --
[19:11] <Lightning|> (Oh. Cool, b**ch.)
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *shot of distant planet*
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *close in on planet*
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *shot of Brick*
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: >:(
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *behind Brick is an army of 100 Brick clones*
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *paces back and forth in front of his soldiers* >.>
[19:12] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *stops in front of one soldier, who is played by Lightning* What's your name, private? >:(
[19:12] <Lightning|> Jambalaya.
[19:12] <Lightning|> D:
[19:12] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: :@
[19:12] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: In this army, we fight with each other, for each other, AND PERPENDICULAR TO EACH OTHER! In this army, we play by MY rules!!
[19:13] <Lightning|> ...
[19:13] <Lightning|> Well, then.
[19:13] <Lightning|> It's MY TIME TO SHA-SHINE!
[19:13] <Lightning|> :3
[19:13] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Narrator: Little did Brick know...
[19:13] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *I DUNNO face*
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Narrator: That soldier... would change everything...
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *shot of soldiers in mess hall*
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Private, what's Jambayla doing? >.>
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Private: Eating soup, sir! :|
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: But what's he using?! D:<
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Private: He calls it a spoon, sir!
[19:14] * Lightning| uses a spoon.
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Why isn't he using a fork like the rest of us?!
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Private: HE SAYS IT'S MORE EFFICIENT, SIR.
19:14] <Sam|Chef> (LMAO)
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *picks up spoon* God save us all...
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *eats soup with spoon* o_o Mother of God...
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *random explosion shot*
[19:15] <Lightning|> :D
[19:15] <Anne_MaScotta> (I'm laughing so hardirl.)
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *go to Brick and Lightning talking to each other*
[19:15] <Anne_MaScotta> (I'm laughing so hard irl.*)
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: I don't like you, private.
[19:15] <Sam|Chef> (^ @CDTDA)
[19:15] <Lightning|> I DON'T LIKE YOU EITHER, SHA-SIR.
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: But damn it... You earned my respect!
[19:16] * Lightning| hugs Brick.
[19:16] <Lightning|> :'(
[19:16] <Anne_MaScotta> (They can't say that... it's a kids show. :@)
[19:16] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *they embrace*
[19:16] <CD-TDA> (This is epic.)
[19:16] <Lightning|> I...
[19:16] <Lightning|> I've always wanted a friend like you.
[19:16] <Lightning|> I've just...
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> ((KK hurry up now. >_>)
[19:16] <Lightning|> Never stepped out of my own little bubble.
[19:16] <Lightning|> :'(
[19:16] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: I guess this is what it feels like... WHEN LIGHTNING STRIKES.
[19:16] <Lightning|> :o
[19:16] <Lightning|> -- END --
[19:16] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- End of Trailer --
[19:16] <Lightning|> (k I gots to go.)
[19:16] <Mike|> (When Jumbalaya Strikes? -w-)
[19:16] <Lightning|> (love yoooou. :3)
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *stands up and applauds* :|
[19:17] <TotalDramaNaruto> (bye)
[19:17] <Lightning|> (let me know when Scott gets eliminated.)
[19:17] <Lightning|> (k bye)
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> BRAVO
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (bye)
[19:17] <Lightning|> oh wait
[19:17] <TotalDramaNaruto> (xDD)
[19:17] <Mike|> *claps*
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: brilliant. :| Next?
[19:17] <Lightning|> let me cast in my vote early
[19:17] <Mike|> *looks at Anne Maria*
[19:17] * Sam|Chef holds up a spoon
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> kk
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> I will never take you for granted again. :(
[19:17] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: *smiles passionately at Mike*
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Did you guys actually like it xD)
[19:17] <CD-TDA> (Yes.)
[19:17] <Mike|> *looks away again*
[19:17] <Anne_MaScotta> (That was the coolest thing ever.)
[19:17] <Mike|> (yes)
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> (The spoon bit, yes. xDD)
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Thank you xD)
[19:18] *** Lightning| has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[19:18] *** TDAwesome15 is now known as Guest78654
[19:18] <Anne_MaScotta> Who's next?
[19:18] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: NEXT? :|
[19:18] <Sam|Chef> ....
[19:18] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: AM, Rodney, go.
[19:18] <Anne_MaScotta> Sounds good to me. ;)
[19:18] <Mike|> D: I'm not Rodney!!
[19:19] <Sam|Chef> GRRRRR......
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> ---START OF "The Tragedy of Anne Maria and Rodney"---
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: ...
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: Once upon a time...
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: In Hazlet, New Jersey...
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: Something big went down...
[19:19] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: *le cutaway to balcony*
[19:20] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Hark! Hark!
[19:20] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Harkety, hark!
[19:20] <Mike|> Mike: *walks out*
[19:20] <Mike|> Mike: My love! I have found you once more!
[19:20] *** AleiPod is now known as Guest17658
[19:21] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Rodney, thoust shall come up her and thou will give thy some sugar!
[19:21] <Anne_MaScotta> (... Jax. :@)
[19:21] <Mike|> Mike: Yeseth!
[19:21] <Anne_MaScotta> *begins giving Mike sugar*
[19:21] <Mike|> Mike: *runs up balcony*
[19:22] <Mike|> Mike: *eyes widen*
[19:22] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: Her only love... sprung by her only...
[19:22] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: *random shot of opera singing*
[19:22] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: This shall be a movie filled with...
[19:23] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: ACTION.
[19:23] <Mike|> Mike: *sword-fighting a mannequin*
[19:23] <Anne_MaScotta> *runs through shot*
[19:23] <Mike|> Mike: Anne Maria is MINE! D:<
[19:23] <Anne_MaScotta> I gawtta pee real quick.
[19:23] <Anne_MaScotta> D:
[19:23] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: ROMANCE.
[19:24] <Mike|> (is that in the trailer or outside? @Bigez)
[19:24] <Anne_MaScotta> (Trailer)
[19:24] <Mike|> (kk)
[19:24] <Anne_MaScotta> Ooooh, Rodney.
[19:24] <Anne_MaScotta> Where for ought thou, Rodney?!
[19:24] <Anne_MaScotta> Or is that art?
[19:24] <Mike|> Mike: Here, my love!
[19:24] <Mike|> Mike: Though my name is not...eth Rodney!
[19:25] <Anne_MaScotta> Whatever floats your pecs.
[19:25] <Anne_MaScotta> :|
[19:25] <Mike|> Mike: *raises eyebrow*
[19:25] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: AND FINALLY...
[19:25] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: DRA- *random shot of Chef bathing*
[19:25] <Anne_MaScotta> ............... :|
[19:25] <Mike|> Mike: (outside trailer) :| How'd that get there?
[19:25] <Sam|Chef> (CONF): **** THIS **** I SWEAR THAT ******* **** LOSER IS NOT GETTING AWAY WITH MY GIRL. ******* ****. -______________-
[19:26] <Anne_MaScotta> S: (CONF) I threw that in there, that's whats Chef gets for messing with me.
[19:26] <Sam|Chef> Dang, that was a good 4th of July. (H)
[19:26] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[19:26] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: O_O
[19:26] <Anne_MaScotta> Announcer: Be sure to come this fall, to see whoever harkens the last hark.
[19:26] <Anne_MaScotta> ---END---
[19:26] <Mike|> Mike: *cheers*
[19:26] <Sam|Chef> THAT SUCKED
[19:26] <Mike|> *smiles at AM*
[19:26] <Mike|> :D
[19:26] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: Pehhhfect. :3
[19:26] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Sam... please. go.
[19:27] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[19:27] <Mike|> *shrugs*
[19:27] <Sam|Chef> Okay. :(
[19:27] <Sam|Chef> My movie is titled........"The Story of a Man and Love"
[19:27] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:27] <Jo|> I am no way affliated in this.
[19:27] <Sam|Chef> --Start--
[19:27] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: So its about Jo and love? -w-
[19:27] <Sam|Chef> *Looks out a window* I had that dream again last night.....
[19:28] <Sam|Chef> The one with me running around in the little wheel wearing noting but Lederhosens....
[19:28] <Sam|Chef> I never knew what that dream meant..........until now.
[19:28] <Mike|> (read that in Sam's voice. You'll lol. ._.)
[19:29] <TotalDramaNaruto> (xDD I did.)
[19:29] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (youre right)
[19:30] <CD-TDA> (Death?)
[19:30] <Sam|Chef> The wheel represents my life, it won't let me move forward.....But in last nights dream I got out of the wheel and I moved forward......Oh and the lederhosens probably has something to do with what Mr.Peterson next door use to do with me, but I'm not getting into that right now.....
[19:30] <Sam|Chef> Any who.
[19:30] <TotalDramaNaruto> ( apparent-- :| nvm)
[19:30] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (wtf xD)
[19:31] <Sam|Chef> I will move forward and win what is rightful mine.
[19:31] <Sam|Chef> *turns and looks directly at the camera* Waka.....Waka......Fin.
[19:31] <Sam|Chef> --End--
[19:31] <Sam|Chef> :'(
[19:31] <Sam|Chef> BRAVO
[19:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> (:|)
[19:32] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:32] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:32] <Mike|> Where was Jo? :|"
[19:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *throws things at Sam* BOO YOU SUCK.
[19:32] <Sam|Chef> Deleted scene bro.
[19:32] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:32] <Jo|> Yep.
[19:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, Scott, you're up.
[19:32] <Sam|Chef> Jo was gonna be wearing lederhosens to, but it didn't test well with the male audiences and children cried. D:
[19:32] <CD-TDA> (what was that. xD)
[19:32] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: *sobs*
[19:32] <Mike|> *awkwardly puts arm around Anne Maria*
[19:32] <Mike|> There, there.
19:32] <Mike|> :|
[19:32] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> S: *sigh*
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> Alright. -_-
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> TELL THEM THE TITLE
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> It's called...
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> "Chef: The Ugly-Dog Story."
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> UNDERDOG PUNK
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> NOW.
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> Whatever.
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> L@
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> TELL THEM THE PLOT
[19:33] <Anne_MaScotta> *:@
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> OF THIS PICTURE
[19:33] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> It's about Chef's time of the month...
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> Or something.
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> :|
[19:34] <Sam|Chef> .......Ugh....-_-
[19:34] <Sam|Chef> Just play the dang thing
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> Let's just get this over with.
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> ---START---
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:34] <Sam|Chef> *Chef is shown playing with toys on the ground*
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> *looks up from his newspaper*
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> Son...
[19:34] <Anne_MaScotta> Did you finish your homework?
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> Yes Daddy. 3:
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> Daddy.....
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> YOU DON'T TALK TO ME THAT WAY.
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> :@
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> :'(
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> DADDY I WANT TO BE A LAWYER
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> :'(
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> *begins beating his son with a baseball bat*
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> NO PLEASE. :'(
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> NOW YOU'LL MAKE ME A SANDWICH.
[19:35] <Anne_MaScotta> AND IF YOU DON'T PUT MUSTARD ON IT.
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> .......NO
[19:35] <Sam|Chef> NOT THIS TIME DADDY
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> I WILL THROW "Huggle Buddy" in the fire.
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> :@
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> *throws Huggle Buddy in the fire*
[19:36] * Sam|Chef GRABS THE BAT OFF SCOTT.
[19:36] <Sam|Chef> ...................
[19:36] <Sam|Chef> HUGGLE BUDDY
[19:36] <Sam|Chef> YOU MONSTER
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> O_O
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> OW, DUDE.
[19:36] <Sam|Chef> YOU DIDN'T CARE. :'(
[19:36] <Anne_MaScotta> D:
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> DIE DADDY DIE. :'(
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> *Drops bat*
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> OH GOD
[19:37] <TotalDramaNaruto> (someone has Daddy issues. :|)
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> HE IS BLEEDING EVERYWHERE. :'(
[19:37] <Anne_MaScotta> *begins twitching*
[19:37] * Sam|Chef picks up Scott
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> I love you Daddy. D:
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> Please come home. :'(
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> Please
[19:37] <Anne_MaScotta> *coughs*
[19:37] <Anne_MaScotta> Chef...
[19:37] <Sam|Chef> *Pushes camera* TURN THAT THING OFF I WANNA BE ALONE WITH MY DADDY. :'(
[19:37] <TotalDramaNaruto> (:|)
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> Yes Daddy? D:
[19:38] <Anne_MaScotta> Somebody call an ambulence... x_x
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> DADDY!?
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> DADDY!?!?
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> --END--
[19:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: ...
[19:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: WHAT WAS WHAT?! D:
[19:38] <CD-TDA> (W... T... F... xD)
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> ..........That whole last part wasn't in the script.
[19:38] <Anne_MaScotta> *sits in a body cast*
[19:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I AM GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES FOR WEEKS.
[19:38] <Anne_MaScotta> -_-
[19:38] <Sam|Chef> We really had to take him off the island. :s
[19:38] <Mike|> That seemed like a movie, not a trailer.
[19:38] <Mike|> ._.
[19:39] <Sam|Chef> SHUTTAP
[19:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Brick and Lightning win immunity. Never do anything in film again.
[19:39] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: YAY :D
[19:39] <Anne_MaScotta> Chef wasn't supposed to actually beat me up.
[19:39] <Anne_MaScotta> :@
[19:39] <Mike|> Aw. We did great anyway. c: @Anne Maria
[19:40] <Anne_MaScotta> AM: We sure did. c:
[19:40] <Sam|Chef> Soooo....
[19:40] <Anne_MaScotta> (CONF) Someday, me and Rodney are going to go back to Jersey and have the tannest babies on the block. :3
[19:40] <Jo|> I told you it would suck. @Sam.
[19:40] <Sam|Chef> Can we vote off Mike now? :3
[19:40] <Jo|> But, it's what we had. So it was good.
[19:40] <Mike|> What? Why? @Sam
[19:40] <Mike|> I just got back!
[19:40] <Mike|> :c
[19:40] <Anne_MaScotta> Who's Mike?
[19:40] <Anne_MaScotta> :|
[19:41] <Mike|> Me. :| @AM
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> ...
[19:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, time to vote! You can vote for anybody but Lightning or Brick!
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> Ooooh.
[19:41] <Sam|Chef> HE ISN'T RODNEY
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> You're being one of your characters right?
[19:41] <Sam|Chef> Ugh. -_-
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> That's hot, I guess.
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> :|
[19:41] *** Rosamarianna has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[19:41] <Mike|> No, RODNEY is one of my characters, AM.
[19:41] <Mike|> ._.
[19:41] <Mike|> This is really me.
[19:41] <Sam|Chef> (Does Mike like AM or is just Rodney? >_>)
[19:41] <Anne_MaScotta> I'm guessing that's one of the characters talking... right?
[19:41] <Mike|> *gasps*
[19:41] *** Mike| is now known as Rodney|
[19:42] <Rodney|> Hey, baby.
[19:42] <Sam|Chef> UGH
[19:42] <Rodney|> ;)
[19:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> AM, Sam, Jo, Scott, Mike need to vote
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> There we go.
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> :#
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> *:3
[19:42] <Rodney|> Who do we vote for, baby? ;)
[19:42] <Rodney|> *flexes*
[19:42] <Guest78654> (I love how Jax only give Mike ONE alternate personality >..)
[19:42] <Guest78654> (*>.>)
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> Well...
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> There is SOMEONE I want gone.
[19:42] <Anne_MaScotta> >.>
[19:42] <Sam|Chef> (Conf): I can't vote Mike, poor guy doesn't know how to control.....RODNEY. :@
[19:42] <Rodney|> (I had another one in #mike-annemaria @TDA15)
[19:42] <Rodney|> (So shut the f**king hell up)
[19:43] <Rodney|> (I'm not even kidding)
[19:43] <Sam|Chef> (DOES MIKE LIKE AM!?)
[19:43] <Rodney|> (He's starting to. @Sam)
[19:43] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> MIKE NEEDS TO VOTE.
[19:44] <Rodney|> (CONF) I'm just voting for who Anne Maria said to. I don't really know anybody yet.
[19:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, time to pass out the marshmallows ;)
[19:44] <Sam|Chef> :s
[19:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: First, Brick and Lightning! (BRICK GOT THE FIRST MARSHMALLOW PRE-MERGE AND POST-MERGE.)
[19:44] *** Rodney| is now known as Mike|
[19:44] <Mike|> (he changed between scenes. No gasp. >->)
[19:44] <Jo|> (That's not coquincidental at all >_>)
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Mike, Anne Maria, and Sam also get marshmallows! :)
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris*
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> lolwoops
[19:45] <Mike|> :3
[19:45] <Anne_MaScotta> :3
[19:45] <Mike|> *hugs AM*
[19:45] <Anne_MaScotta> *:3
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Jo... Scott.. one of you is about to receive the toxic marsh... Its Scott -.-
[19:45] <Anne_MaScotta> S: O_O
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Scott, leave. Never come back. *personally puts Scott in hurl of shame*
[19:45] <TotalDramaNaruto> (:|)
[19:45] <Anne_MaScotta> S: What?!
[19:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *launches Scott*
[19:46] <Jo|> YES.
[19:46] <TotalDramaNaruto> (well that was blunt)
[19:46] <Anne_MaScotta> S:No!
[19:46] <Jo|> (WTF GAIS.)
[19:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Yes it is.
[19:46] <Jo|> (THREE LOWS IN A ROW? XD)
[19:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Well that was... interesting.
[19:46] <Sam|Chef> Creepy guy is gone! :D
[19:46] <Jo|> Yay.
[19:46] <CD-TDA> (Bigez, PM, damnit.)
[19:46] <Sam|Chef> *whsipers*....Daddy no. :'(
[19:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *holds up a spoon* Join us again next week for another exciting episode... of Total! Drama! RELOADED!
[19:46] <Jo|> Well, everyone else is a member of the Ex-Maggots. Intresting.
[19:46] <Mike|> (CONF) Well, this has been a--*gasps* THESE FREAKS ARE GOING DOWN. ONE BY ONE. >_>
[19:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- end --