[16:35] <@Chrelliot> ----START----
[16:35] <@Chrelliot> Chris: *enters the dining hall, smirking* I assume we're all pumped for today's challenge?
[16:35] <@Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Not really. >.>"
[16:35] <+Bernie|> Not really. :|
[16:35] <+Gini|> YES!
[16:35] <+Nina|WM> No way. >.>
[16:35] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:35] <+Sydney|Ross> Sydney: Meh
[16:35] <@Chrelliot> E: Not really. :$
[16:35] <+Grove|> Your'e kidding right?
[16:35] <+Sydney|Ross> Ross: *eating chips* sure.
[16:35] <+Dianne||> What does our wonderful host have for us today?
[16:35] <+Bernie|> Sydney, why are you so down? :D
[16:35] <@Chrelliot> Chris: First and foremost, I'd like to point out that, every five episodes, the cruise ship will land on the dock of an unknown, never-been-on-the-map island. You will have a special challenge based on the island.
[16:35] == WatcherFionna [4239ae79@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:35] <@Chrelliot> Chris: The first island that we're landing on is called "Koopamanawaki Island". It's only inhabitants are dangerous, ruthless, and most likely poisonous animals.
[16:36] <+Nina|WM> What happens if we get lost? >.>
[16:36] <+Gini|> Yay Death!
[16:36] <+Nina|WM> Like koopas?
[16:36] <+Sydney|Ross> sydney: tired @bernie
[16:36] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:36] <@Chrelliot> Chris: You will have to bring three different animals back to the boat without getting bruised, injured, or killed.
[16:36] <+Bernie|> Animals... O.o
[16:36] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: *singing* This challenge will be tough! Without my Lainey, here to stuff! Her apple pie with apples. Oh, that apple pie....would've won us...the challenge!
[16:36] <+Nina|WM> CONF: Mario reference, much?
[16:36] <+Grove|> Yay an island! I'll get to be near Mother Nature again!
[16:36] <@Dirk|Lance> (Jario, WM.)
[16:36] <@Chrelliot> Chris: It's just like Noah's ark. ^^;
[16:36] <WatcherFionna> ((Anyone need a replacement?))
[16:36] <@Dirk|Lance> (No.)
[16:37] <@Chrelliot> Chris: And, no; I'm not talking about the historical event. I'm talking about Noah, from our first three seasons, who actually decided to kidnap many different animals and put them on a boat.
[16:37] <+Dianne||> My team will do good no-matter what! :)
[16:37] == CandyD-TDA has changed nick to Candy|-
[16:37] <@Chrelliot> (Quiet your mouth Landry. :@)
[16:37] <+Nina|WM> (noah would do that?)
[16:37] <+Grove|> *gasp*
[16:37] <@Jackson||> He did? o.o
[16:37] <+Nina|WM> Noah: >: )
[16:37] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: Noah was a strong contest! Ant! But he'll never live up to my best! Friend!
[16:37] <@Candy|-> :c @Chris
[16:37] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: Ohhhh, Lainey!! :'(
[16:37] <@Chrelliot> (Everyone STFU. D:<)
[16:37] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: *hums to self*
[16:37] <+Gini|> *sits in Ross's lap*
[16:37] <@Dirk|Lance> (Sorry. :c)
[16:37] <+Gini|> Your fat
[16:37] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:37] <@Chrelliot> Chris: Who knows why? *boat parks itself near the island*
[16:37] <+Bernie|> (Guys shush)
[16:38] <@Jackson||> (Sorry, I just felt like I needed to say something. :@)
[16:38] <@Chrelliot> Chris: Anyhoo, welcome to "Koopamanawaki"! Both teams will have to bring back an angry gorilla, a leopard, and a panda bear.
[16:38] <+Nina|WM> An angry gorilla?
[16:38] <@Chrelliot> Chris: It's not a race, and it doesn't matter who brings what first; we just need all those animals here.
[16:38] <+Nina|WM> Probably not as bad as Victoria.
[16:38] <@Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *stifles a laugh*
[16:38] <+Sydney|Ross> Sydney: Sewriously? How are we still alive?! -_-
[16:39] <+Bernie|> ...
[16:39] <@Candy|-> There are panda bears here? O.o"
[16:39] <+Bernie|> So...
[16:39] == TDAwesome15 [~TDAwesome@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:39] <@Candy|-> They're so cute. :D ^^
[16:39] <@Chrelliot> E: GORILLA?! O_O
[16:39] <@Dirk|Lance> (Yay. :D)
[16:39] <+Nina|WM> Yes, that's what she just said.
[16:39] <+Nina|WM> he*
[16:39] == Sydney|Ross has changed nick to Sydney|
[16:39] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:39] <@Jackson||> (TDA15, take over Ross.)
[16:39] <TDAwesome15> (I know)
[16:39] == TDAwesome15 has changed nick to Ross|
[16:39] <+Grove|> Pandas? But there in China.
[16:39] <@Chrelliot> Chris: So, move, move, move!
[16:39] <+Nina|WM> I don't understand this. -.-'
[16:39] <+Bernie|> *Quickly runs*
[16:40] <@Chrelliot> E: Let's go team!
[16:40] <+Gini|> Cmon, Candy!
[16:40] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[16:40] <+Bernie|> Let's do this, guys. :p
[16:40] <@Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *runs off the boat*
[16:40] <+Nina|WM> I passed animal studies and all, but pandas aren't in random islands
[16:40] <@Jackson||> *runs off the boat*
[16:40] <+Nina|WM> >.>
[16:40] <Ross|> *runs*
[16:40] <+Grove|> *runs*
[16:40] <+Nina|WM> *runs*
[16:40] <@Candy|-> *leaves boat and begins running*
[16:40] <@Chrelliot> #ScreamingCaptains #KillerSailors
[16:40] <+Sydney|> Sydney: *runs*
[16:40] <@Chrelliot> C: Don't die!
[16:40] <+Dianne||> *jumped off boat and starts running*
[16:43] <Ross|> (conf) Finding a panda shouldn't be too hard. In Zoo Tycoon they're always in the bamboo field just sitting there. I think. :|
[16:43] == VikotaBWatching [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:44] <@Dirk|Lance> *runs to the forest*
[16:44] == Chrelliot [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:45] <@Candy|-> (TC's here.)
[16:45] <+Dianne||> (Conf) You have to think like a panda, to find one.
[16:45] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: *singing* Oh, my! That's quite an eye! SORE. What a large, very large gorilla!
[16:45] == TheCartoon [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:45] <@Dirk|Lance> Lance: *singing* Let's just hope he doesn't...KILL US. :'(
[16:45] == TheCartoon has changed nick to Grove||
[16:46] <Ross|> I don't think singing is gonna make an ape wanna follow us. -_-
[16:46] <Ross|> Kill us maybe...
[16:46] <Ross|> But not follow.
[16:47] <+Dianne||> The singing, might attract the ape. Well, it attract it to chase you down. But nonetheless!
[16:47] <@Candy|-> (There's no Chris now.)
[16:47] <+Sydney|> (....)
[16:47] <Ross|> (So? >.>)
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> *starts running*
[16:48] <+Sydney|> (how's anyone going to win?)
[16:48] <+Bernie|> *Keeps running and spots the gorilla* o_o *sways his bananas in the air while Jackson preapres to cath him*
[16:48] == Dirk|Lance has changed nick to Chris|Dirk|Lance
[16:48] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (Just go.)
[16:48] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (You'll find out later.)
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> O.O
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> Guys
[16:48] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (Gini, take over for Elliot.)
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> quiet
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> >.>
[16:48] <@Candy|-> (CONF) Dirk is such a good leader. :3 Our team would be a lost case without him. c:
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> we need to calm the gorilla down.
[16:48] <+Nina|WM> and walk slowly.
[16:49] <+Nina|WM> and trap him.
[16:49] <+Nina|WM> k?
[16:49] == Gini| has changed nick to Gini|Elliot
[16:49] <@Jackson||> Okay.
[16:49] <+Bernie|> Good Nina.
[16:49] <+Nina|WM> trust me, i know. :)
[16:49] <+Bernie|> I'll use this net to catch him.
[16:49] <+Nina|WM> CONF: Good for joining animal studies. :D
[16:49] <+Bernie|> :D
[16:49] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Lets find that Pandabear!
[16:49] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Tee-Hee!
[16:49] <@Candy|-> *attempts to walk quietly, but is stepping on every branch in the way* :)
[16:49] <@Jackson||> Uh... Bernie, you sure you don't want me handling the net?
[16:50] == WatcherFionna [4239ae79@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[16:50] <+Bernie|> *steps forward slowly from behind the gorilla* I'm good Jackson. :p
[16:50] <+Nina|WM> I think we should let Jackson handle the net.
[16:50] <+Gini|Elliot> *spots Pandabear*
[16:50] * Sydney| runs after a leopard
[16:50] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Elliot do distract him!
[16:50] <+Nina|WM> You better trap it.
[16:50] <@Jackson||> O... kay.
[16:50] == Fionna [4239ae79@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:50] <+Gini|Elliot> G:Tee-Hee!
[16:50] <@Jackson||> I think a trap would work better.
[16:50] <+Nina|WM> conf: if he fails, he's getting eliminated if we lose.
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: ROSS, ROSS, ROSS, ROSS! He may be quite BOSS-ee, but it would be a loss! If, we lost him...
[16:50] * Sydney| jumps onto the leopard's back, and the leopards runs around out of control
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: TOOOOOOO this...
[16:50] <+Nina|WM> conf: the huge gorilla won't fit in there
[16:50] * Grove|| walks through an open field
[16:50] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: ANGRY GORILLA. :'(
[16:50] <@Candy|-> *spots a bear, and taps Dirk's shoulder* LOOK, IT'S A LEOPARD. :o
[16:50] <Grove||> Here panda panda panda!
[16:50] <+Dianne||> Thinking like a panda.. Here's what we know.. Bamboo, and Asia.
[16:51] <+Bernie|> Uhhh...
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> conf: plus, how will we get it in the net?
[16:51] <+Bernie|> Let's trap with these leaves.
[16:51] <+Gini|Elliot> Elliot *runs past Panda*
[16:51] <+Sydney|> Sydney: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
[16:51] <+Bernie|> underground.
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> conf: and carry it?
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> it's not stupid, bernie
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> unlike others.
[16:51] <Ross|> Eh, if I give him these bananas he might follow us.
[16:51] <Grove||> Yeah Dianne. Umm. They must like forests then, right?
[16:51] <Ross|> Hm...wouldn't hurt if I just took one...
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> guys
[16:51] <+Dianne||> Of course. Now let's go!
[16:51] <Grove||> That seems... logical. Forests with bamboo?
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> it's not gonna work
[16:51] <+Gini|Elliot> *Gini tackles Panda*
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> we need to sooth him
[16:51] <+Dianne||> W-w-wait.
[16:51] * Grove|| runs toward a forest
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> maybe sing a song
[16:51] <+Dianne||> Have you ever seen.. Bamboo Forests?
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> maybe relax
[16:51] * Grove|| waits
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> maybe make him fall asleep
[16:51] <@Candy|-> Dirk?
[16:51] <Grove||> Uh... no
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> maybe make him eat
[16:51] <@Candy|-> Diiiiiiiirrrrrkkkkkkk?
[16:51] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (Alright, guys, wrap it up. We need to get this episode done in nine minutes if we're going to have another episode.)
[16:51] <+Nina|WM> don't trap him right away
[16:51] <+Gini|Elliot> *fights with Panda*
[16:52] * Sydney| rides the leopard, though it is still oout of control and about to slam into a tree
[16:52] <@Jackson||> Uh... Can we just hurry up?
[16:52] <Ross|> *hears rustling in the bushes*
[16:52] * Grove|| sees Gini
[16:52] <Grove||> She found one D:
[16:52] <Ross|> What's that? :|
[16:52] <@Candy|-> *turns around a corner and sees a real leopard* :-O
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Candy!!
[16:52] <+Gini|Elliot> *beats Panda*
[16:52] <+Dianne||> wait. What?! Nooo. Steal it frmo her!
[16:52] <+Bernie|> *Sets up a trap with the leaves*
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> ...
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *tosses her a net*
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> Gah!
[16:52] <+Sydney|> -leopard slams into a tree, knocking itself out
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> bernie
[16:52] <Grove||> Oh Gini!
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> do you listen?
[16:52] <+Bernie|> *Throws a banna on it*
[16:52] <Ross|> *takes a look, and is attacked by a monkey*
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Grab the leopard by the leg! THE LEG!
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> we need to sooth him!
[16:52] <Ross|> O_O
[16:52] <@Candy|-> What do I do? :'(
[16:52] <+Dianne||> *walked over to Gini*
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> O.O
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> OH CRAP
[16:52] <+Bernie|> Go Gorilla! :p
[16:52] <Grove||> How did you find that panda? :D
[16:52] <@Candy|-> OH.
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: With the NET!!
[16:52] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: With the NET!!
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> *gorilla goes wild*
[16:52] <+Dianne||> Hey girl, theres a magical double rainbow over there.
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> O.O
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> RUN!
[16:52] <+Nina|WM> *runs*
[16:52] <+Gini|Elliot> G: I found it here, eating Bamboo.
[16:52] <@Candy|-> *throws net at leopard's leg* GOT HIM. ^^
[16:52] <+Sydney|> Sydney: Great *drags the unconcious leopard*
[16:52] <@Jackson||> O.O
[16:52] <Ross|> (conf) Alright....NOT the best plan ever
[16:52] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Tee-Hee!
[16:53] <Grove||> Wow... there's the bamboo. ^^;
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> GREAT JOB BERNIE
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> *runs*
[16:53] <Grove||> I guess I walked right past it... Haha.
[16:53] <+Bernie|> *runs and throws another banana on the trap*
[16:53] <+Dianne||> Gina.
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> Conf: if we lose, he's so dead
[16:53] <@Jackson||> Maybe we can just lead him to the ship?
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> Bernie, the gorilla is crazy!
[16:53] <@Candy|-> Dirk, I got him. :3
[16:53] <@Jackson||> By having him chase us?
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> what the heck is you doing, fool?
[16:53] <+Dianne||> I'll trade you the rainbow, for a panda.
[16:53] <@Jackson||> *is running*
[16:53] <+Dianne||> It's TALKING rainbow.
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> good idea jackson!
[16:53] * Sydney| is still dragging the leopard
[16:53] <+Bernie|> *Gorilla falls under the trap*
[16:53] <+Bernie|> O.O
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> *runs into the ship*
[16:53] <Grove||> Talking rainbows are even better than talking pandas ;)
[16:53] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Im crazy not stupid! :P
[16:53] <+Gini|Elliot> *:p
[16:53] * Sydney| reaches the dock with the leopard
[16:53] <+Bernie|> I think we did it! :D
[16:53] <+Gini|Elliot> G: Tee-Hee!
[16:53] <+Nina|WM> (bernie, the gorilla is in the ship! -.-)
[16:53] <Grove||> Darn. Oh well, keep looking!
[16:53] <+Dianne||> Oh well.
[16:53] <Grove||> Our panda must be-
[16:53] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: *catches the gorilla and runs*
[16:53] <Grove||> THERE'S ONE!
[16:53] <+Dianne||> Le-... What's that?
[16:54] <+Dianne||> PANDA.
[16:54] <@Candy|-> Dirk, what do I do now? :c
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> Okay.
[16:54] <+Sydney|> Sydney: *to Chris* So..... am I the first one done? :|
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> Ummm.
[16:54] <@Jackson||> (Well, technically it's just chasing us.)
[16:54] * Grove|| lunges at that the panda
[16:54] <+Bernie|> (WM, I can't keep up with this. :|)
[16:54] <+Gini|Elliot> *walks away with Panda to find Elliot*
[16:54] <Grove||> *Panda gets wide-eyed and runs away
[16:54] == Fionna has changed nick to Elliot|
[16:54] <Grove||> Wait little friend. I'm an animal lover! D:
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> (runs quicker)
[16:54] * Candy|- begins dragging the leopard slowly.
[16:54] <+Dianne||> GROVE. I thought you liked ANIMALS.
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> We are getting close Jackson.
[16:54] <+Bernie|> (Is it on the ship or not? :s)
[16:54] <Grove||> I love animals :'(
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> a few more feet.
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> (no)
[16:54] <+Bernie|> *Runs to Nina*
[16:54] <Grove||> But apparently this one doesn't like me
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> (jumps on the sheep_
[16:54] * Grove|| runs after the panda
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> (ship*)
[16:54] <+Dianne||> Watch this.
[16:54] <+Dianne||> *walked near panda*
[16:54] <+Gini|Elliot> Elliot! There you are!
[16:54] * Grove|| is carrying bamboo
[16:54] <+Dianne||> Panda, my arms, now.
[16:54] <+Nina|WM> (gorilla reaches the ship*
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> Umm
[16:55] <@Candy|-> Dirk, help? :'(
[16:55] <+Bernie|> Let's keep this up, Igotta plan.
[16:55] * Sydney| waits on the other to get their animals
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> I think it'll get tired. :/
[16:55] <+Dianne||> Please?
[16:55] <+Sydney|> ........
[16:55] <Ross|> *walks back to ship* Ugh....*pants* -_-
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> because...
[16:55] <@Jackson||> Uh... Maybe we should calm it down now?
[16:55] <Grove||> Come on Dianne. That'll never-
[16:55] <@Jackson||> D:
[16:55] * Grove|| sees the panda walk toward Dianne
[16:55] <Elliot|> *Lost in the middle of nowhere* Hello? :'(
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> *gorilla falls asleep due to tiredness*
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> O.O
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *pulls gorilla back
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *pulls gorilla back**
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> YES!
[16:55] <+Bernie|> O.O
[16:55] <Grove||> What the **** :@
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> FINALLY!
[16:55] <+Bernie|> Nice job, guys.
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (OKAY, BRING IT BACK NOW.
[16:55] <+Gini|Elliot> *puts Panda on the boat*
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (OKAY, BRING IT BACK NOW.)*
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> *gorilla wakes up*
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> :|
[16:55] <+Dianne||> Oh hi panda.
[16:55] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> (DAMMIT, PEOPLE. :-@)
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> uh oh
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> *gorilla sleeps again*
[16:55] <Elliot|> Oh there you are Gini!
[16:55] <+Dianne||> Let's go. *held it's hand and walked towards the boat*
[16:55] <+Nina|WM> :D
[16:55] <Grove||> But... but... but...
[16:55] <Ross|> Hey, anybody seen Lance? :|
[16:55] <+Gini|Elliot> Now to find my Elliot!
[16:55] <+Gini|Elliot> Tee-Hee!
[16:55] <Grove||> Mr. Panda, I love you more than she does!
[16:55] <+Bernie|> *Throws his epipen onto the gorilla* O.O
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: *sits behind tree, crying*
[16:56] <Grove||> No offense Dianne :D
[16:56] <+Bernie|> I think it stopped.
[16:56] <@Jackson||> Good job, Bernie and Nina. :D
[16:56] <Ross|> Oh....yeaaaah I'm not gonna ask. -w-
[16:56] <@Candy|-> *gets to the ship with the leopard*
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Alright, bring 'em back!!
[16:56] <+Bernie|> *Drags it back while it sleeps*
[16:56] <+Gini|Elliot> *Runs wildly through the forest*
[16:56] <+Gini|Elliot> ELLIOT!
[16:56] <+Dianne||> *checked off list* Save exotic animal.
[16:56] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *walks to ship with leopard*
[16:56] <+Bernie|> Here ya go, Chris.
[16:56] <+Bernie|> :p
[16:56] <+Dianne||> *gets to ship with panda*
[16:56] * Elliot| sees Gini.
[16:56] <+Gini|Elliot> TEE-HEE!
[16:56] * Grove|| follows Dianne sadly
[16:56] <Grove||> (Conf) Where did I go wrong?!
[16:56] * Sydney| sits on her KO'd leopard
[16:56] <+Bernie|> We did great, bro. *high-fives Jackson*
[16:56] <+Sydney|> ......
[16:56] <Elliot|> Hi gini?
[16:56] <+Gini|Elliot> *Picks up Elliot*
[16:57] <+Nina|WM> ahem?
[16:57] <+Nina|WM> >.>
[16:57] <Ross|> (conf) How do you lose a GORILLA. I mean...really? :|
[16:57] <+Gini|Elliot> Oh, Elliot im so glad your safe!
[16:57] <Elliot|> o.o
[16:57] <+Gini|Elliot> Tee-Hee!
[16:57] <+Sydney|> (wait)
[16:57] <+Bernie|> Nice, Nina. :D
[16:57] <+Sydney|> (whose playing elliot?)
[16:57] * Elliot| is picked up.
[16:57] <Elliot|> ((TDADJ))
[16:57] <+Sydney|> (ah)
[16:57] <+Gini|Elliot> *carries Elliot back to the boat*
[16:57] <+Dianne||> (Conf) Pandas..? Pish.
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> *inspecting animals*
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Killer Sailors, you first.
[16:57] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> You got your gorilla?
[16:57] <+Dianne||> We did good Grove. We meaning I.
[16:57] <Ross|> Uh....
[16:58] <Ross|> Lance....kinda lost it :|
[16:58] <Ross|> And I....
[16:58] <Ross|> Never got one
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> :|
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Errr....right.
[16:58] <Ross|> Unless the monkey that attacked me counts :|
[16:58] <+Dianne||> :|
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Lance: *walks in, crying on gorilla's back*
[16:58] <Grove||> :D
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: :D
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: One point!!
[16:58] <+Dianne||> :D
[16:58] <+Dianne||> Wait.
[16:58] <Ross|> Oh, there it is
[16:58] <+Dianne||> Whut abuot our panda? >.<
[16:58] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: What about our...panda?
[16:58] <Grove||> Dianne got it :(
[16:59] <+Dianne||> *pointed at panda holding her hand* o.o.
[16:59] <Grove||> But let me explain!
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Sweet!
[16:59] <+Dianne||> She doesn't like Grove.
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Another point!!
[16:59] <Grove||> For some reason, that panda just doesn't like nature-lovers
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: And, our third animal...
[16:59] <Grove||> It must be a communist animal :@
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: The leopard!!
[16:59] <+Dianne||> h
[16:59] <+Sydney|> Sydney: *points to her KO'd leopard*
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: O.O
[16:59] <+Dianne||> Her name is Tang Tang. :D
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Uhhh...right. ^^
[16:59] <Ross|> :|""""
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Okay, then. :|
[16:59] <Grove||> Woah, Sydney. Nice skills
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Screaming Captains?
[16:59] <+Sydney|> Sydnwey: *smirk*
[16:59] <+Bernie|> Here's our gorilla. *Pulls the curtain to show a cage locked with the gorilla asleep*
[16:59] <@Jackson||> :D
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Mhm.
[16:59] <+Nina|WM> :D
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Mhm.*
[16:59] <Elliot|> Gini has the panda!
[16:59] <+Gini|Elliot> Here it is!
[16:59] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: What about your p-
[17:00] <+Gini|Elliot> Tee-Hee!
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Great.
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: And the leopard?
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> :|
[17:00] <+Bernie|> ...
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *glares at Chris, bruised, holding leopard on a chain*
[17:00] <+Bernie|> O.o
[17:00] <@Candy|-> Here. :D
[17:00] <@Candy|-> Here. :D*
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> o.o
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> :D
[17:00] <@Candy|-> We got it. ^^
[17:00] <Elliot|> ._.
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: So, that's... 3 and 3!
[17:00] <+Bernie|> Dirk is alive! :D\
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Wait.
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Nope.
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: That would be...
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> What?
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: 2 and 3!!
[17:00] <+Dianne||> What?!
[17:00] <+Sydney|> Syd: huh?
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> who has 2?
[17:00] <Ross|> What...
[17:00] <+Bernie|> Wait, wut? o.o
[17:00] <@Jackson||> What? o.O
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> :|
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *points in the middle of the two teams* YOU GUYS LOSE.
[17:00] <@Candy|-> Huh? o.o
[17:00] <+Gini|Elliot> Tee-Hee?
[17:00] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Which team lost?
[17:00] <+Dianne||> *flipped through her notebook*
[17:00] <@Jackson||> O.o
[17:00] <Ross|> ...
[17:00] <Grove||> Uh, what?
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> -.-'
[17:00] <+Nina|WM> who?
[17:01] <Elliot|> Who lost?
[17:01] <+Sydney|> Sydney: O_O
[17:01] <+Bernie|> Who lost? :|
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> stop being so suspensful
[17:01] <Elliot|> :|
[17:01] <@Jackson||> Yeah... who?
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *eats a popsicle* Well...
[17:01] <Grove||> (Conf) We're already on a losing streak. I was thinking... please no
[17:01] <Elliot|> Chris, That's being really confusing.
[17:01] <+Sydney|> Sydney: who the heck lost? :|
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Let's go through what I asked for.
[17:01] <+Dianne||> (Conf) We can't lose AGAIN.
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: I asked for a leopard, which both teams brought.
[17:01] <Ross|> (It's gonna be some BS techincallity >.>)
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: I asked for a panda, which both teams brought.
[17:01] <+Bernie|> ....
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> mhm.
[17:01] <+Sydney|> (an angry gorilla :o)
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Then I asked for an angry gorilla.
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> O.O
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> BERNIE
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: And, last time I checked...
[17:01] <+Dianne||> (CRUD DX)
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> GREAT
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> >.>
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Sleeping?
[17:01] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: REALLY?
[17:01] <+Bernie|> ... Nina.
[17:01] <+Bernie|> You put it asleep.
[17:01] <+Grove|> (uh-oh)
[17:01] <+Nina|WM> WHICH MADE HIM GO CRAZY! :|
[17:02] <+Sydney|> (which ine had sleeping?)
[17:02] <Elliot|> (Conf) Please... We're on a roll!.
[17:02] <+Bernie|> Which means you ruined us.
[17:02] <+Bernie|> :|
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> And then he got tired.
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> When he ran on the ship
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> So, that's your fault
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: I guess Nina, Jackson, and Bernie lost it for your team.
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> for throwing the banana at him
[17:02] <@Jackson||> D:
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> ugh, great bernie. -.-'
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: So, consider that when voting someone out. ;)
[17:02] <+Dianne||> WE WON!!
[17:02] <Ross|> Yes!
[17:02] <@Jackson||> Bernie, Nina! D:
[17:02] <Grove||> WOO!
[17:02] <+Sydney|> Sydney: Ugh, gre--- WE WON?!
[17:02] <@Candy|-> H:c
[17:02] <+Dianne||> We did great! :)
[17:02] <+Gini|Elliot> Poop
[17:02] <@Candy|-> :c*
[17:02] * Sydney| cheers
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Killer Sailors, great job tonight! You survive another day.
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> CONF: Bernie is so paying. -.-
[17:02] <+Gini|Elliot> Tee-Hee :(
[17:02] <+Bernie|> Nina, you made the gorialla go asleep.
[17:02] <+Bernie|> o.o
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> CONF: He has some problem going up to me and blaming me.
[17:02] <Ross|> (Bernie's gone :p)
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> You got him tired
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Screaming Captains!!
[17:02] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Vote in the confessional. ;)
[17:02] <+Nina|WM> and threw the epipen. -.-
[17:03] <Elliot|> (conf) I don't know who to vote?
[17:03] <+Bernie|> Nina, you made the gorilla tire out.
[17:03] <+Bernie|> xD
[17:03] <+Sydney|> Sydney: (conf) We FINALLY won again. What a relief. :)
[17:03] <+Grove|> (as in PM Confessional?)
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> After you threw a banana at him
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> if it wasn't for me
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> you would be dead
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> :|
[17:03] <+Bernie|> Nina.
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> i ran away
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> and if i didn't
[17:03] <+Bernie|> Stop denying it.
[17:03] <+Bernie|> o_o
[17:03] <Grove||> (Might wanna change back your username TDN :p)
[17:03] <+Nina|WM> you would've been dead.
[17:04] <+Nina|WM> watch
[17:04] <+Nina|WM> we'll see who's right
[17:04] <+Nina|WM> this elimination
[17:04] <@Jackson||> Woah, guys, stop fighting.
[17:04] <+Nina|WM> whoever gets the majority screwed it
[17:04] <+Bernie|> Jackson.
[17:04] <+Bernie|> Nina is conflicting with me.
[17:04] <+Bernie|> xD
[17:04] <+Grove|> (awww)
[17:04] == Grove| has changed nick to TotalDramaNaruto
[17:04] <+Gini|Elliot> Conf: Me and some of the others talked about it and were voting *is cut off*
[17:04] == Grove|| has changed nick to Grove|
[17:05] <Elliot|> (conf) I'm a bit worried, but... As long I'm still in, I'm good. Right?
[17:05] == Gini|Elliot has changed nick to Gini
[17:05] == Gini has changed nick to Gini|
[17:05] <Elliot|> (Sorry If I'm a horrible Elliot. XD)
[17:05] <+Nina|WM> CONF: Bernie has some problem fighting with me. Yo, he better watch it, since I know who's dead this week and it's *cut off*
[17:06] <+Nina|WM> (votes?)
[17:07] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> And!!
[17:07] <+Bernie|> (WM, Nina wasn't supposed to have a conlfict with Bernie. xD)
[17:07] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[17:07] <+Gini|> *is braiding Candy's hair*
[17:07] <+Bernie|> *crosses his fingers*
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *coughs*
[17:08] <Elliot|> *nervous*
[17:08] <@Candy|-> *smiles* :)
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: There are only six brochures on this plate.
[17:08] * Jackson|| is slightly nervous.
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: But seven contestants sitting in front of me.
[17:08] <+Bernie|> .... *sigh*
[17:08] <+Gini|> *looks at Elliot and smiles*
[17:08] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: I-*helicopter flies near Chris and blows all the brochures out of his hand*
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Gah!! *helicopter flies away*
[17:09] <@Jackson||> o.o
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Hold on a moment. ^^;
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *runs off&
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *runs back*
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *pants* Alright. I have five brochures and a mint. :|
[17:09] * Elliot| looks and see Gini and is confused.
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Errr...first brochure goes to...
[17:09] <+Nina|WM> (xDDDD)
[17:09] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Candy! *tosses Candy a brochure*
[17:10] <Elliot|> (Conf) Why is she smiling at me? :|
[17:10] <+Gini|> Yay! Candy!
[17:10] <+Nina|WM> Nice. :D
[17:10] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:10] <Elliot|> Yay Candy!
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Dirk! *tosses Dirk a brochure*
[17:10] <+Sydney|> (candy shouklda gotten the mint... :p)
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *smirks*
[17:10] <+Bernie|> Good job, guys.
[17:10] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Elliot!!
[17:10] <Elliot|> Yes!
[17:10] <+Gini|> Yay!
[17:10] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:10] <Elliot|> *catches it*
[17:10] <+Nina|WM> (gini)
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: ...Gini!! *tosses Gini a brochure*
[17:11] <+Gini|> Yay!
[17:11] <+Nina|WM> (called it xD)
[17:11] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:11] <@Jackson||> Good job, Gini.
[17:11] <+Gini|> Thanks!
[17:11] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:11] <+Bernie|> Nice Gini.
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Jackson. :(
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: I'm sorry, dude...
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: But...
[17:11] <@Jackson||> D:
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: You're staying!
[17:11] <@Jackson||> :o
[17:11] <@Jackson||> Yes! :D
[17:11] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *tosses Jackson a brochure*
[17:11] <@Jackson||> *catches it*
[17:12] <+Bernie|> Good job, Jackson.
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Bernie, Nina.
[17:12] <+Bernie|> *high-fives him*
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: One of you gets this mint. :(
[17:12] <Elliot|> (Lol mint.)
[17:12] <+Bernie|> My time is up but it's good just say it.
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Actually, Bernie.
[17:12] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *tosses Nina a mint* You're right. <.<"
[17:12] <@Jackson||> DD:
[17:12] <VikotaBWatching> (xDD)
[17:12] <+Bernie|> Well, this was a fun thing but I'm gonna miss you all. :( *Group hugs Elliot, Gini, Jackson, Candy and Dirk*
[17:12] <+Sydney|> (XD)
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: *backs away*
[17:13] <+Bernie|> Especially you. *Points to Candy*
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Yeah, funny thing about that, Bernie.
[17:13] <+Gini|> By Bernie!
[17:13] <+Gini|> Tee-Hee!
[17:13] <Elliot|> Bye Bernie. :(
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: I won't be missing you a whole lot.
[17:13] <@Jackson||> Sorry, man.
[17:13] <+Nina|WM> Bye.
[17:13] <+Bernie|> ... Dirk, that's sweet. :|
[17:13] <@Jackson||> I'll miss you.
[17:13] <+Nina|WM> Conf: THAT'S WHAT HE GETS FOR SCREWING UP! >.>
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: Sorry, it's basic strategy. I just don't think that you're qualified to be on this team.
[17:13] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: I mean, physically, you're okay.
[17:14] <+Sydney|> (i bet it's just cuz you didn't want another girl off @ryan :p)
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Dirk: But I personally don't think you're in the best...MENTAL condition. :|
[17:14] <+Bernie|> .... *chuckles*
[17:14] <+Bernie|> AHAHAHA!!! xD
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: *pushes Bernie off the ship*
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: HE SCARED ME, TOO. :D
[17:14] <+Bernie|> Ooo. O.O
[17:14] <@Jackson||> O.O
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Who will lose? Who will win?
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: Find out in our next episode of...
[17:14] == Bernie| has changed nick to Rocks-
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> Chris: TOTAL! DRAMA! CRUISE!
[17:14] <@Chris|Dirk|Lance> -- END --

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