[16:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> -- NEW DAY --
[16:51] <@Christefani> Chris: *outside, standing by a huge colosseum*
[16:52] <@Christefani> Chris: Well, Amber, Patrick; thanks for building this massive colosseum. :D
[16:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *panting*
[16:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Why...
[16:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Why would a thing?
[16:52] <@Christefani> Chris: It's really gonna be handy for the final challenge! :D
[16:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: -_-'
[16:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: And what, exactly, is the final challenge?
[16:52] <+Patrick|||> Yeah!
[16:53] <@Christefani> Chris: It's, erm... you'll see. ;)
[16:53] == neko-naito [4b2dec81@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I am so tired of these lame-o stunts.
[16:53] <@Christefani> Chris: I'm tired of you lame-o contestants. -.-
[16:53] <+Patrick|||> (Conf) I probably should've mentioned that I couldn't find about half the screws needed to build the stadium. :/
[16:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> (conf) I hate this show. >.>"
[16:54] <@Christefani> Chris: Aaanyways, to make you guys more embarrassed, we've brought out all the ex-contestants who you've betrayed and eliminated!
[16:54] <@Christefani> Chris: Oh, wait.... that's just Amber. ;)
[16:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :|
[16:54] <+Patrick|||> ^.^
[16:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Cue the contestants.)
[16:54] * Trixie|Rupert (Trixie) walks in and sassily waves to Amber, then slices her neck in charade-form.
[16:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O""
[16:54] <+Patrick|||> Where's Lilie? D:
[16:54] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Hey best buddie.
[16:54] <@Christefani> Stefani: *sexily enters* :|
[16:54] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Hey everyone! :D
[16:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *nervously chuckling* Hey, guys. What's going on? Great to see you all again.
[16:54] <+Alec|Daniel> STEF! :D
[16:54] <+Sierra|Lilie> Hey, hey hey
[16:54] <+Sierra|Lilie> !
[16:54] <+Sierra|Lilie> :D
[16:54] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: I can't wait for prom. :)
[16:54] <@Christefani> Stefani: ALEC!! :D
[16:54] * Terry|Alexis walks in.
[16:55] * TheTrueSamantha slowly enters.
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> OMG CHRIS IT'S BEEN SO LONG!
[16:55] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *blows a kiss to Amber and walks to a bench*
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> :-O
[16:55] * Alec|Daniel hugs Stef
[16:55] <+Terry|Alexis> WHERES MY JIM JR. YOU MONSTERS! :@
[16:55] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Ooh. :$
[16:55] <+Trixie|Rupert> R: Hi Amber! Hi Patrick.
[16:55] <@TheTrueSamantha> ........... *glares at Amber*
[16:55] <@Christefani> Chris: Yeah. Not long enough. -.-
[16:55] <+Juli|Mody> *Julianna is wheeled in by Mody*
[16:55] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :|
[16:55] * Sierra|Lilie jumps on Chris's shoulders.
[16:55] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Hey Amber...
[16:55] <@TheTrueSamantha> *glares at Terry*
[16:55] <@Christefani> Chris: O.O O_O"""
[16:55] <+Juli|Mody> Juli: Amber.........
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> Patriiiiiiick!
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> :D
[16:55] <+Terry|Alexis> *enters*
[16:55] <+Patrick|||> Rupert! Hey... have you seen Lilie? D:
[16:55] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *glares at Samantha*
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> Patriiiiiiick!*
[16:55] <@Christefani> Chris: UGH. *gets up, pats himself down* Okay, everyone, QUIET DOWN. :@
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> Right here!
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> D:
[16:55] <+Erik|> Hey Guys long time no see
[16:55] <+Patrick|||> Lil! ^.^
[16:55] <+Terry|Alexis> Ugh, I should be in the final 2! :@
[16:55] <+Sierra|Lilie> Love you honey bunny. :3 @Chris
[16:55] <+Terry|Alexis> Where is Jim Jr! :@
[16:55] <@TheTrueSamantha> *glares at Terry*
[16:56] * Patrick||| shush-ahs.
[16:56] <@Christefani> Chris: *uses one of those bullhorn things*
[16:56] <@TheTrueSamantha> (CHANGE YOUR FONT, DUDE. >-> @TDF)
[16:56] <+Terry|Alexis> (Ment this sorry. >.>)
[16:56] <@Christefani> Chris: Alright. It's time to decide which finalist you're rooting for.
[16:56] <@Christefani> (PM Ryan. >.>)
[16:56] <@Christefani> (Tell him who you support.)
[16:56] <+Sierra|Lilie> OMG PATRICK I MISSED YOU!!!! :d
[16:56] <+Sierra|Lilie> *:D
[16:56] == Zobe [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:56] <+Sergio||> (For those using more than one contestant, make sure you say who's speaking. The transcipt gets confusing that way. :|)
[16:56] <@Christefani> (AMBER. or PATRICK. THOSE ARE YOUR ONLY CHOCIES. -.-)
[16:56] == Sp3c [~Sp3c@wikia/Sp3ctr3-130-Ki11er] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:56] == Juli|Mody has changed nick to Julianna|
[16:56] == Zobe has changed nick to Mody
[16:56] == Sp3c [~Sp3c@wikia/Sp3ctr3-130-Ki11er] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[16:57] <+Julianna|> Can someone put my wheelchair in Patrick's cheering section?
[16:57] <@Christefani> Chris: Nah.
[16:57] <+Patrick|||> (Conf) I guess that treating people with actual respect actually pays off. :)
[16:58] <+Julianna|> anyone?
[16:58] * Patrick||| walks over to help Julianna.
[16:58] * Terry|Alexis sees Jim Jr. hop over to him and quicly but buts him in his pocket!
[16:58] <+Terry|Alexis> Welcome home pal. :3
[16:58] <+Julianna|> oh thanks Patrick! :)
[16:58] <+Sierra|Lilie> *sits on Amber's side*
[16:58] * Patrick||| pushes Julianna to the right spot.
[16:58] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK: Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Patrick, Samantha // AMBER:
[16:58] * Alec|Daniel starts to help but sees that Patrick has already helped
[16:58] <+Sierra|Lilie> *sits on Amber's side**
[16:58] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (6): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Patrick, Samantha // AMBER:
[16:58] <@TheTrueSamantha> (CONF) Chris wouldn't let me pick anyone... so I had to end up choosing Patrick. :s He's the lesser of the two idiots. -.-
[16:58] <+Sierra|Lilie> *sits on Patrick's side*
[16:58] * TheTrueSamantha sits on Patrick's side. >->
[16:58] <+Sierra|Lilie> Terry?
[16:58] <+Sierra|Lilie> D:
[16:58] * Alec|Daniel sits on Patrick's side next to Samantha
[16:58] <+Patrick|||> (I'm my own supporter? :p)
[16:58] <+Terry|Alexis> Sorry Amber, you betrayed me and this is your punishment, sorry bud! D:
[16:58] <@TheTrueSamantha> Hi Alec. :)
[16:58] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (7): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Patrick, Samantha, Mody, Erik // AMBER (3): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro
[16:58] <@TheTrueSamantha> HI TERRY. >.>
[16:59] <+Alec|Daniel> I almost picked you Amber since you played a great game, but I was hurt by that last vote off :/
[16:59] <+Alec|Daniel> Hey Sam :D
[16:59] <+Alec|Daniel> It's been a while
[16:59] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (7): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Samantha, Mody, Erik, Stefani // AMBER (3): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro
[16:59] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Of course I weouldn't support you.
[16:59] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (8): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Samantha, Mody, Erik, Stefani // AMBER (3): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro
[16:59] <@TheTrueSamantha> Indeed.
[16:59] <@TheTrueSamantha> It has.
[16:59] <@Christefani> Stefani: *adjusts her butt, then sits on Patrick's side*
[16:59] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS.
[16:59] <@Amber|Alejandro> (8+3=11.)
[16:59] <+Julianna|> (Julianna is on Patricks's side)
[16:59] <@Amber|Alejandro> (I should have 15 votes.)
[16:59] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (9): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Samantha, Mody, Erik, Stefani, Julianna // AMBER (3): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro
[16:59] <@Amber|Alejandro> (3 more.)
[16:59] <+Sierra|Lilie> (I'm on Amber's side you twit)
[16:59] <@Christefani> (Lilie?)
[16:59] <+Alec|Daniel> A: So how's everything going?
[16:59] <@TheTrueSamantha> I'm sure all of you have heard that I am now famous. ^^
[16:59] <+Erik|> *sits on Patricks side*
[16:59] <@Christefani> (And Sierra.)
[16:59] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Famously ugly.
[17:00] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (10): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Samantha, Mody, Erik, Stefani, Julianna, Lilie // AMBER (4): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro, Sierra
[17:00] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Wow really? :o
[17:00] <@Amber|Alejandro> (I should have one more.)
[17:00] <@TheTrueSamantha> You're famously skanky. -.- @Trixie
[17:00] <+Alec|Daniel> A: You mean like, famous from the show?
[17:00] <+Terry|Alexis> (LILIE)
[17:00] <+Terry|Alexis> (-_-)
[17:00] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Wanna bet?
[17:00] <@Amber|Alejandro> (I PUT LILIE DOWN.)
[17:00] <@TheTrueSamantha> Yes, Alec. That's right. :)
[17:00] <@Christefani> (And Alec.)
[17:00] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Or for something else?
[17:00] <@Amber|Alejandro> (STOP TRYING TO BE SMART.)
[17:00] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Do I have to say? -_-)
[17:00] == Amber|Alejandro changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: PATRICK (11): Alexis, Terry, Trixie, Sergio, Samantha, Mody, Erik, Stefani, Julianna, Lilie, Alec // AMBER (4): Rupert, Daniel, Alejandro, Sierra
[17:00] <@Amber|Alejandro> (kk.)
[17:00] <@TheTrueSamantha> Bet what? >.>
[17:00] <+Sierra|Lilie> Terry!
[17:00] <+Sierra|Lilie> DDD:
[17:00] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Ya know guys, it wouldn't kill you to be nice to Samantha
[17:00] <+Sierra|Lilie> Come sit over here!
[17:00] <@Christefani> Chris: ALRIGHTY!
[17:00] <+Terry|Alexis> Sorry babe, I'm with Patrick, we can make up for lost time laater. :)
[17:00] <+Terry|Alexis> *;)
[17:00] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: I wish everyone understood how easy it is to be nice
[17:00] <+Sierra|Lilie> GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PATRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:00] <@Amber|Alejandro> (You're not allowed to mention real places. @Trixie)
[17:01] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Only parodies.)
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> Ooooh lala.
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> :3
[17:01] * TheTrueSamantha glares at Sierra. -.-
[17:01] <+Terry|Alexis> AMBER IS A DEAD WOMEN! :@
[17:01] <@Christefani> Chris: Now, sit down on the side of the finalist that you support!
[17:01] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: (CONF) Ahh. The confessional. How I hate thee.
[17:01] * Terry|Alexis sits on Patricks side.
[17:01] <+Julianna|> Im already sitting
[17:01] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *sits on Pat's side*
[17:01] <+Julianna|> thanks to her!
[17:01] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *sits on Amber's side*
[17:01] <@Christefani> Chris: Good for you. >->
[17:01] <+Julianna|> *glares at Amber*
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> Huh?
[17:01] <+Trixie|Rupert> R: *sits on Amber's side*
[17:01] <+Alec|Daniel> Psst. Mody, Serg, how goes it?
[17:01] <+Terry|Alexis> (Conf): I see Samantha is glaring at Sierra....haha juicy. ;)
[17:01] <@TheTrueSamantha> Hi Sierra. :)
[17:01] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *bites lip*
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> Samantha?
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> o_o
[17:01] <@TheTrueSamantha> I see that you're doing good with Terry. ^^
[17:01] <@TheTrueSamantha> YOU KNOW, THE TERRY THAT VOTED ME OFF. :@
[17:01] <+Sierra|Lilie> What's with the -_-ish glare?
[17:02] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: (conf) Really not sure why everyone hates me. I was nice.
[17:02] <@Christefani> (Guys, if you have two characters, specify who it is.)
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> Oh yeah.
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> That Terry.
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> :D
[17:02] <+Terry|Alexis> (conf) Cat fight! : D
[17:02] <@TheTrueSamantha> And I remember you SCREWED UP OUR VOTE. >:(
[17:02] <@Christefani> (The transcript doesn't have the colors, so you can't tell.)
[17:02] <@TheTrueSamantha> Causing me to get eliminated.
[17:02] <+Alec|Daniel> (Not easy to remember that I'm Daniel too)
[17:02] <@TheTrueSamantha> >->
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> Oh yeah.
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> That vote.
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> :
[17:02] <+Sierra|Lilie> *:D
[17:02] <@TheTrueSamantha> ...
[17:02] <@TheTrueSamantha> What do you mean by "that vote" and a goofy smile? -.-
[17:02] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Sam, it's in the past now. No reason to hold it against them :)
[17:02] <@Christefani> Chris: OKAY.
[17:02] <@Christefani> Chris: Quiet down. :@
[17:02] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Okay, guys, everyone please stop speaking now, or you will be kicked.)
[17:02] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Okay, guys, everyone please stop speaking now, or you will be kicked.)
[17:02] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Okay, guys, everyone please stop speaking now, or you will be kicked.)
[17:02] <@Christefani> Chris: I'm getting a migraine. >.>
[17:03] <@Christefani> Chris: So.
[17:03] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Mody] by Amber|Alejandro
[17:03] <@Christefani> Chris: It's time to meet the people that you've for whatever reason, decided to support.
[17:03] <+Mody> Yaay
[17:03] <@Amber|Alejandro> (ssssh. :@)
[17:03] <+Mody> (oop.)
[17:03] == Mody was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by TheTrueSamantha [Mody]
[17:03] <@Amber|Alejandro> (:|)
[17:03] <@Christefani> Chris: Amber, Patrick, come on in! (:|)
[17:03] == Mody [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:03] <@TheTrueSamantha> (You said to. :|)
[17:04] <@Amber|Alejandro> *walks into the colleseum*
[17:04] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Hey there Amber
[17:04] <@Amber|Alejandro> (EVERYONE STFU. :@)
[17:04] <@TheTrueSamantha> ([21:02] <Amber|Alejandro> (Okay, guys, everyone please stop speaking now, or you will be kicked.) )
[17:04] <+Patrick|||> *is shoved by intern*
[17:04] <@Christefani> (JUST. SHUT. UP. :@)
[17:04] <+Patrick|||> Woah!
[17:04] <@Christefani> (Not you guys. @Am and Pat)
[17:04] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Haven't seen you in a while. Nice job...
[17:04] <@Christefani> Chris: As I'm assuming you've heard...
[17:04] <@Christefani> Chris: Alejandro and Trixie were revealed to have secret ulterior motives in the last episode.
[17:05] <@Amber|Alejandro> (You can all reply to that. ^)
[17:05] <@Amber|Alejandro> (But please don't talk too much.)
[17:05] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: ;)
[17:05] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: :|
[17:05] <+Patrick|||> Thay were?
[17:05] <+Patrick|||> *They
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> What?
[17:05] <@Christefani> Stefani: I KNEW HE WAS TOO HOT. -.-
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> :|
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> WHY NOT ME?!?!!? :@
[17:05] <+Patrick|||> Never would've guessed.
[17:05] <+Terry|Alexis> I knew it, no one could have a hot body like that and be nice.
[17:05] <+Alec|Daniel> Alec: As if anyone didn't know
[17:05] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Thanks, Terry. ;)
[17:05] <+Terry|Alexis> (Conf): I was talking about Trixie. :s
[17:05] <@Christefani> Chris: Yeah, they're secretly evil. -_-
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> Huh, Chris? >.>
[17:05] <+Sierra|Lilie> What's up your bum?
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> Why not me? :@
[17:05] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Because you are a fake *beep*. @Samantha
[17:05] <+Sierra|Lilie> @Samantha
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O
[17:05] <@TheTrueSamantha> I WAS EVIL FROM THE START. :@
[17:05] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Okay, everyone quiet down again.)
[17:05] <+Terry|Alexis> What the dudes attractive! :@
[17:05] <+Alec|Daniel> Sam, you know you aren't evil
[17:05] <+Sierra|Lilie> I thought you were pretty nice. :p
[17:06] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Sorry)
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: *uses his bullhorn thing again*
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: So.
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: Because we have no main antagonist of the season that anyone can REALLY hate...
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: We're placing these two baddies against each other. :-O
[17:06] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Gross.)
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: To sabotage the other finalist, and maybe even each other.
[17:06] <@Christefani> Chris: The person who does the best sabotaging will win the title of 'SEASON FOUR'S MAIN BAD GUY'! ^^
[17:06] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *waves at Alejandro*
[17:07] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *grins*
[17:07] <@Christefani> Chris: And, meanwhile....
[17:07] <@Christefani> Chris: Amber and Patrick will be battling it out in the colleseum...
[17:07] <@Christefani> Chris: ............. with ANGRY BULLS. ;)
[17:07] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: WHAT?! O.O
[17:07] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Uhh Chris, what about Season 4's hero? :D
[17:07] <+Sierra|Lilie> o_o
[17:07] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: No way. You can't be serious!
[17:07] <+Terry|Alexis> That reminds me Trixie......*beep*. There I've sweared on television now I can die happy. :3
[17:07] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Not like the angry bulls aren't interesting and all...
[17:07] <+Patrick|||> So, we don't get to watch the baddy fight? D:
[17:07] <+Terry|Alexis> And..... Oh my god!
[17:07] <@Christefani> Chris: Well. :|
[17:08] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Love ya too Terry.
[17:08] <+Sierra|Lilie> Can I follow along anyway? I wanna post the pics to my website. :3
[17:08] <+Terry|Alexis> KILL HER!
[17:08] <+Patrick|||> Wait... he said bulls, right? D:
[17:08] <+Julianna|> Go Trixie!
[17:08] <+Terry|Alexis> MAKE HER SUFFER!
[17:08] <+Sierra|Lilie> A bull?!?!?!?!
[17:08] <@Christefani> Chris: Alright, people, take it easy!
[17:08] <+Terry|Alexis> :@
[17:08] <+Sierra|Lilie> Is it a caffinated bull?
[17:08] <+Sierra|Lilie> D:
[17:08] <@TheTrueSamantha> ... G
[17:08] <@TheTrueSamantha> +Gross.
[17:08] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: (conf) Trixie? Piece of cake. She spent the entire season acting like a dimwit, and I was just charming. ;)
[17:08] <@TheTrueSamantha> **Gross.
[17:08] <+Trixie|Rupert> (TDF, Bigez, you need to specify who is talking.)
[17:08] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: (conf) My only weakness? :|
[17:08] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *looks at Alexis*
[17:08] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *waves weakly* :D
[17:08] <+Terry|Alexis> (Ah. Thats.....bull!)
[17:08] <@Christefani> (Oh, you're SO punny. -.-)
[17:09] <+Sierra|Lilie> (I use two different colors. o.o)
[17:09] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: (CONF) If Alejandro didn't notice, I lasted LONGER than him. HE'S GOING DOWN.
[17:09] <+Patrick|||> (Conf) I mean, I've tried Crimson Bull before, but I've never wanted to get close to real bulls. :/
[17:09] <@Christefani> Chris: Alright!
[17:09] <+Terry|Alexis> (mhm)
[17:09] == Samtastic450 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:09] <@Christefani> Chris: SHUSH-AH.
[17:09] <+Trixie|Rupert> (It doesn't show)
[17:09] <@Christefani> Chris: *uses his bullhorn thingy again*
[17:09] == Samtastic450 has changed nick to Sergio|
[17:09] <+Terry|Alexis> (Ah, I get it.)
[17:09] <Sergio|> (go away >.>)
[17:09] <@TheTrueSamantha> *covers ears* x_x
[17:10] <+Erik|> How does this relate to school?
[17:10] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Alejandro was in the confessional, how could he look at Alexis?)
[17:10] <+Terry|Alexis> T: It speaks! :o
[17:10] <@Amber|Alejandro> (I got out of the confessional.)
[17:10] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Moron.)
[17:10] == Christefani_ [4a586c2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:10] <Christefani_> (Disconnected. :|)
[17:10] <+Terry|Alexis> A: :$ @Alejandro
[17:10] <Christefani_> Chris: Okay!
[17:11] == Information [4b6cd941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[17:11] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: It's kinda weird. Sam seems to hate everyone but me. I wonder if... nah.
[17:11] <+Sierra|Lilie> Looooove!
[17:11] <+Sierra|Lilie> :D
[17:11] <+Julianna|> somebodys in love! @ Alexis
[17:11] <+Sierra|Lilie> Looooove!*
[17:11] <+Sierra|Lilie> :D*
[17:11] == Sergio|| has changed nick to TDAwesome15
[17:11] <Christefani_> Chris: Amber, Patrick, Alejandro, Trixie, get your overexposed selves down here, to the center of the colloseum!
[17:11] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *slices neck at Alejandro*
[17:11] <+Trixie|Rupert> *walks down to center*
[17:11] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Emo.)
[17:11] <Christefani_> (XD)
[17:11] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *walks to the center of the colleeum* *holds Amber's hand* Mi amor, no worries. I'll be winning this one for you. ;)
[17:12] * Patrick||| goes to the center, and pulls down his shirt.
[17:12] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Alexis! Look!
[17:12] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Mmhm. That's great. *waves to Daniel* :D
[17:12] <Christefani_> Chris: Uh-huh. :|
[17:12] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *points to Alejandro holding Amber's hand*
[17:12] <+Terry|Alexis> A: DUMB *BLEEEEEP* :@
[17:12] <Christefani_> Chris: Moving on. :|
[17:12] <@Amber|Alejandro> Amber: O.O"
[17:12] <+Sierra|Lilie> You can't say that on the radio!
[17:12] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *snatches hand away from Alejandro*
[17:12] <Christefani_> Chris: *uses his bullhorn thingy again*
[17:12] <+Sierra|Lilie> D:
[17:12] <+Terry|Alexis> A: YOU DIE NOW! :@
[17:12] <Christefani_> Chris: *uses his bullhorn thingy again*
[17:12] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: (conf) *smugly* Alejandro can't keep the ladies off him.
[17:13] <+Sierra|Lilie> (TDF has already failed at playing Alexis I see.)
[17:13] <Christefani_> Chris: CALM DOWN. Ugh, how did I get through 4 seasons of this? >->
[17:13] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: (CONF) Alejandro can't get the ladies ON him.
[17:13] <Christefani_> (OMG. SHUT YOUR TITS.)
[17:13] <@Amber|Alejandro> (:-O)
[17:13] <@Amber|Alejandro> (:|)
[17:13] <Christefani_> Chris: Okay.
[17:13] == Christefani [4a586c2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[17:13] <@TheTrueSamantha> (:|)
[17:13] <+Alec|Daniel> (:|)
[17:13] <+Sierra|Lilie> (:|)
[17:13] <Sergio|> (:|)
[17:13] <Christefani_> Chris: Alejandro!
[17:13] <@TheTrueSamantha> (:|)
[17:14] <Christefani_> (Don't give me that face. -.-)
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *walks onto the colleseum*
[17:14] <+Trixie|Rupert> (:|)
[17:14] <Christefani_> Chris: You'll be, well, yeah, supporting Amber.
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *or whatever*
[17:14] <Christefani_> Chris: And sabotaging Patrick!
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Yes. And I will dominate while doing so.
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: By the way...
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: That's a beautiful shirt you have on.
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: ;)
[17:14] <Christefani_> Chris: :o
[17:14] <Christefani_> Chris: You really think so? :D
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *smacks Alejandro*
[17:14] <Christefani_> Chris: I picked it myself. :B
[17:14] <+Sierra|Lilie> >.>
[17:14] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Focus. >.>"
[17:15] * Sierra|Lilie throws her shoe at Alejandro.
[17:15] <+Sierra|Lilie> >.>
[17:15] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *rubs cheek*
[17:15] <neko-naito> (:|)
[17:15] <Christefani_> Chris: :|
[17:15] <Christefani_> (Which cheek? ;))
[17:15] <+Terry|Alexis> A: RAWR
[17:15] <+Sierra|Lilie> Chris is my second-to main man.
[17:15] <+Sierra|Lilie> :@
[17:15] <+Terry|Alexis> A: THOSE SHOULD BE MY CHEEKS!
[17:15] <@TheTrueSamantha> BOTH OF YOU SUCK. :@ *hides* :|
[17:15] <@Amber|Alejandro> (TDF. Please stop trying to be Alexis.)
[17:15] <Christefani_> Chris: Sierra, I have SEVERAL restraining orders against you. -.-
[17:15] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Just please be Terry.)
[17:15] <Sergio|> Hey Samantha!
[17:15] <Sergio|> Shut up!
[17:15] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Please.)
[17:15] <Sergio|> -.-
[17:15] <Christefani_> Chris: And, Trixie.
[17:16] <+Sierra|Lilie> GO PATRICK, RIP HER FACE OFF. D:< Oh... I mean... god luck Amber. :D
[17:16] <+Terry|Alexis> (WTF Ryan? Get over yourself.)
[17:16] <Sergio|> O.o
[17:16] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *eyeroll*
[17:16] <+Julianna|> (go luck?)
[17:16] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Patrick, we will CRUSH THEM.
[17:16] * TheTrueSamantha throws a twig at Amber.
[17:16] <+Julianna|> *god
[17:16] <Christefani_> Chris: *eyes drift over to Trixie's boobs, then looks up* You'll be supporting Patrick, and sabotaging Amber, and if you're evil enough, Alejandro as well!
[17:16] <+Sierra|Lilie> (S***, I jsut realized Zach won't know who is who on the transcript. :|)
[17:16] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Pedo. :|)
[17:16] <+Patrick|||> Crush? Sounds fun.
[17:16] <DiedsenBoy> (I can play a Amber crazed fan that suddenly appears?)
[17:16] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *turns Patrick's head away from Chris* FOCUS.
[17:16] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *slaps his cheek* Stop looking at Chris's shirt.
[17:16] <@Amber|Alejandro> (No.)
[17:16] <@Amber|Alejandro> (OKAY EVERYONE STOP TALKING.)
[17:16] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Please do not ask to play characters.)
[17:17] * Patrick||| takes a peek at Chris's shirt.
[17:17] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Please do not throw things at the people in the colleseum.)
[17:17] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: GRR.
[17:17] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Please do not molest Chris.)
[17:17] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Thank you.)
[17:17] <Christefani_> Chris: :(
[17:17] * Patrick||| snaps back to attention.
[17:17] <+Sierra|Lilie> (F*** YOU. :@ @KG)
[17:17] <Christefani_> Chris: Alrighty, then.
[17:17] <@TheTrueSamantha> (XDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:17] <Christefani_> (Go f**k a duck.)
[17:17] <Christefani_> Chris: As I stated before...
[17:17] <Christefani_> Chris: You two will be wrestling some angry bulls, hehe. ^^
[17:18] <+Sierra|Lilie> L: OMG GO GO GO PATRICK. :D
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: And JUST how angry are they?
[17:18] <@TheTrueSamantha> I hope both of them lose. :@
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: Well....
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: (hears clanging in the distance)
[17:18] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Angrier than Samantha without her makeup? D:
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: :| One may have broken loose.
[17:18] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O"
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: Welp, that's our cue to start the challenge!
[17:18] <Christefani_> Chris: Any minute now, two bulls will come charging through here.
[17:19] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: ;)
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chris: *feels vibrations* They're close. :|
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chris: Anyways...
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chris: You two will have to, well, obviously, wrestle one.
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chris: Pick one.
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chris: I don't care which.
[17:19] <Christefani_> Chruis: >.>
[17:19] <+Patrick|||> Wrestle?
[17:19] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Trixie will be laying on her back like usual anyways. :|)
[17:19] <+Patrick|||> As in... wrestle?
[17:19] <Ale-Alejandro> (What subject is this supposed to be? ''s still school, right? xD)
[17:19] <+Terry|Alexis> (Mhmmmmmmmm. @CDTDA :3)
[17:19] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Spanish.)
[17:20] <@TheTrueSamantha> (@Ale)
[17:20] <Ale-Alejandro> (Ah. That makes sense)
[17:20] == neko-naito has changed nick to TheVoiceIsNeko
[17:20] <Christefani_> Chris: The finalist who does the best and the saboteur who does the best will, well, I think it's obvious. :|
[17:20] <+Patrick|||> I have an idea! ^.^
[17:20] <Sergio|> (conf) Yup. Officially run out of challenges. Boy am I happy to be out of this stupid game!
[17:20] <Christefani_> Chris: *hears a crash*
[17:20] <Christefani_> Chris: THEY'RE HERE. :|
[17:20] <@Amber|Alejandro> (START THE F***ING CHALLENGE.)
[17:20] <@Amber|Alejandro> (-_-)
[17:20] <@Amber|Alejandro> (SAY GO.)
[17:20] <Christefani_> Chris: *runs to higher ground* GO, GO, GO.
[17:20] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *hops into the colleseum and pushes Patrick forward* Onguard! *is immediately hit by Trixie's lipstick and falls to the ground*
[17:20] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: PATRICK, RUN TOWARDS AMBER.
[17:20] <+Julianna|> Go Patrick!
[17:20] <+Terry|Alexis> (Mhm, this is so boring there better be a second part.)
[17:20] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *scoff* Smooth.
[17:20] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *takes off her red shirt to reveal her bra*
[17:20] * Patrick||| is pushed, but gets up.
[17:20] <+Sierra|Lilie> S: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Amber! :D
[17:20] <@TheTrueSamantha> (WTF, whore.)
[17:20] * Patrick||| runs to Amber.
[17:20] <+Sierra|Lilie> Woah.
[17:20] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HEY BULLS!
[17:20] <+Sierra|Lilie> o_o
[17:21] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Hey! No stripping publicly!
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> SKANK. :|
[17:21] <Christefani_> (You know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? Go rape a grape.)
[17:21] <Sergio|> o.o
[17:21] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *waves it*
[17:21] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: We so don't need to see that!! :@
[17:21] <Christefani_> Stefani: HOT. :|
[17:21] <+Terry|Alexis> T: COME ON BRO YOU CAN DO IT! : D
[17:21] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Must. Look. Away.
[17:21] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: COME TOWARDS THE SHIRT!
[17:21] == Christefani_ has changed nick to Christefani
[17:21] <+Terry|Alexis> T IKR!? @Stefani
[17:21] <Christefani> Stefani: It's okay, Alec. :D
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> L: Uh, guys.
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> TRIXIE IS A SKANK. *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap* :@
[17:21] <+Julianna|> *makes her chair kump up and down*
[17:21] <+Alec|Daniel> A: No it's not :'(
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> I haven't had coffe all day.
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> Sooo....
[17:21] <+Julianna|> *jump
[17:21] == Christefani has changed nick to Christefani|Bull
[17:21] * Sergio| slaps Samantha
[17:21] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Christefani|Bull] by Amber|Alejandro
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> I hate to leave Patrick and all.
[17:21] <+Alec|Daniel> A: I can't help it though :'(
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O"
[17:21] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *throws it on Amber's head so she can't see*
[17:21] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :o
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> :'(
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> :'(
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> :'(
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> But I need a rush.
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> :'(
[17:21] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Bye Amber!
[17:21] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Hey!!
[17:21] <+Sierra|Lilie> So...
[17:21] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A (Amber's): *bucks and kicks around*
[17:21] <+Terry|Alexis> A: Your both skanks now shut up. -_-
[17:21] * Patrick||| breaks away from Amber to avoid bulls.
[17:21] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *leaps towards Amber and rips the bra off*
[17:21] <@TheTrueSamantha> You're. *
[17:22] <+Sierra|Lilie> I'mma go get some coffee, and tell me if Patrick wins, KK?
[17:22] <@TheTrueSamantha> (:|)
[17:22] <+Alec|Daniel> A: :|
[17:22] <+Sierra|Lilie> KK. :D
[17:22] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HEY!
[17:22] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B (Patrick's): *charges towards Patrick* >:c
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *flings it at Trixie*
[17:22] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Oh, NVM. :|)
[17:22] <+Terry|Alexis> T: THREE IN ONE SEASON!
[17:22] <+Sierra|Lilie> *runs off the set*
[17:22] <+Patrick|||> I've got it!
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Mwahaha! ;)
[17:22] <+Terry|Alexis> T: YEAH BABY!
[17:22] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *clings onto Alejandro*
[17:22] * Patrick||| runs towards the gateway.
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Hey!! :@
[17:22] <+Terry|Alexis> T: THNAK YOU ALEJANDRO!
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Dios mio!
[17:22] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: THIS IS AMERICA.
[17:22] <+Patrick|||> Hey, bulls! :@
[17:22] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *snorts, continues running towards Patrick*
[17:22] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: WE DON'T SPEAK SPANISH/
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Trixie, it's Canada.)
[17:22] <@Amber|Alejandro> (>.>)
[17:22] <@TheTrueSamantha> (LMFAO. xD)
[17:22] <+Terry|Alexis> (LOL. XDDDDD)
[17:22] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *charges over to Amber* (XDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:22] <+Trixie|Rupert> (Canada is America.)
[17:22] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Woo. Go Amber. Hoorah.
[17:22] <@TheTrueSamantha> (No, it ain't.)
[17:22] * Patrick||| oves out of the way to leave a path straight towards the column.
[17:23] <@Christefani|Bull> (NORTH America. :p)
[17:23] <@TheTrueSamantha> (America isn't even a continent.)
[17:23] <@TheTrueSamantha> (>.>)
[17:23] <+Patrick|||> *dives
[17:23] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: IT'S CANADA, EL STUPIDO!
[17:23] <+Trixie|Rupert> (IT'S THE SAME THING.(
[17:23] <@TheTrueSamantha> (No, it ain't. >.>)
[17:23] <+Sierra|Lilie> Alejandro excels in this subject, being a load of bull. ;)
[17:23] <+Terry|Alexis> T: El Stupdio!? Whats that mean slow down! :'(
[17:23] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *jumps on the bull*
[17:23] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: O_O
[17:23] <+Patrick|||> D:
[17:23] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *bucks and kicks*
[17:23] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *begins to beat it violently*
[17:23] <+Sierra|Lilie> (I just made a pun, everyone laugh. -_-)
[17:23] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *jumps on Bull B and rides it toward Alejandro*
[17:23] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *sees Patrick* >:(
[17:23] <@TheTrueSamantha> (*rimshot+)
[17:23] <+Julianna|> Trixie stop her!
[17:23] <@TheTrueSamantha> (*rimshot**)
[17:23] * Patrick||| runs to bull A to knock off Amber.
[17:23] == Lilie_ [4bb63733@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:23] <Lilie_> (I'm here)
[17:23] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *is beat violently* :@
[17:23] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Look at her....ride that thing! Hahaha, its good to be home.
[17:24] <@TheTrueSamantha> (TWSS? :|)
[17:24] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: GO BULL!
[17:24] * Patrick||| grabs onto Amber's leg.
[17:24] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *shakes butt wildly to try and get Amber off*
[17:24] <Lilie_> (I'm here!!!)
[17:24] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Thank God. @Zach)
[17:24] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *sees Julianna, who is in a wheelchair due to the events of "Eiffel Coward"*
[17:24] == Lilie_ has changed nick to Lilie|
[17:24] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *runs up to her*
[17:24] <+Sierra|Lilie> (Make Lilie come back from a coffee break. @Lilie)
[17:24] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *wheels her down the colleseum*
[17:24] == Sierra|Lilie has changed nick to Sierra
[17:24] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Ohhh, Patrick!! ;)
[17:24] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls A and B: *charge to their assigned finalists*
[17:24] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Don't you want to be a GOOD PERSON?
[17:24] <+Julianna|> Hey! what are you doing!?
[17:24] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: DON'T FALL FOR IT!
[17:24] <Lilie|> *returns from a Coffee break* So, guys, what did I miss?
[17:24] <+Patrick|||> Yeah.. :/
[17:24] <Lilie|> :o
[17:24] <+Julianna|> let me go!
[17:24] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *runs up to get Daniel*
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Amber! It's Daniel!
[17:25] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *jumps on Trixie*
[17:25] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *bites her*
[17:25] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *thinking* "This boy got issues. -.-"
[17:25] <+Patrick|||> Fall for what? *gets hit by Bull B*
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Don't you want to sav- OW!
[17:25] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *runs into Trixie AND Amber*
[17:25] <+Patrick|||> Gah! :O
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *lets her claws out*
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: OW!
[17:25] <+Julianna|> Al, get your hands off me!
[17:25] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *picks up a large crate of water*
[17:25] <Lilie|> YOU CAN DO IT PATRICK!
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: How dare you! @Alejandro
[17:25] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *is almost about to hurl it at Patrick, but is charged by a bull*
[17:25] <Lilie|> Make that bull pay!
[17:25] <Sergio|> *to Alec* hah! Aren't you glad to be out of this?!
[17:25] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *is on top of Patrick, snorts*
[17:25] <+Sierra> It looks like Alejandro is up to his usual antics, being a load of bull. ;)
[17:25] * Patrick||| falls down, and struggles to get up.
[17:25] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *is drenched in water*
[17:25] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *lunges at Alejandro and kisses him*
[17:26] <@TheTrueSamantha> You can say Alejandro SLIPPED up.
[17:26] * Patrick||| rolls to escape bull.
[17:26] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *to Sergio* For the first time, yes :D
[17:26] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *runs away*
[17:26] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: O.O'''
[17:26] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A and B: :|
[17:26] <+Julianna|> is anyone gonna get me out of here?!
[17:26] <Sergio|> ...
[17:26] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls A and B: *throw up a little in their mouths*
[17:26] <Lilie|> O.O
[17:26] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *spits* Don't you think I'm smart enough not to fall for that!
[17:26] <@TheTrueSamantha> (KK, I'm done with the puns. xD)
[17:26] <+Terry|Alexis> HAHAHA Oh Samantha you trickster you! XD
[17:26] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *charges at Alejandro and Trixie* :@
[17:26] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: I've kissed TONS OF GIRLS BEFORE!
[17:26] * Sergio| goes down to help Julianna back up
[17:26] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *dodges*
[17:26] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: <.<
[17:26] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *dodges while Alejandro is bragging*
[17:26] <+Julianna|> Al, take me back up to the stands!
[17:26] * Patrick||| avoids the puke and runs to a gate.
[17:26] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *is busy wrestling Bull A*
[17:26] <Sergio|> (or not...)
[17:26] <Lilie|> GO BABE!
[17:26] <Lilie|> :D
[17:27] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *strolls over to Patrick* :|
[17:27] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *is helping Patrick*
[17:27] <+Alec|Daniel> *To Samantha* I'm betting on Pat and Trixie
[17:27] <+Patrick|||> (Conf) Yeah... thank goodness I forgot about those screws! ^.^
[17:27] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Let's see...
[17:27] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls C, D, and E: *bust through* SNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORT. :@
[17:27] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: Oh heyyyyyyy! :D
[17:27] <Lilie|> *nudges Sierra* so who's winning?
[17:27] * Patrick||| struggles to pry a plank loose from the stadium.
[17:27] <+Terry|Alexis> A: YOU'VE KISS HOW MANY GIRLS!?
[17:27] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *cartwheels over to Patrick and pushes him away from Bull B in order to save him*
[17:27] <+Sierra> IDK, I'm too busy blogging. :3 @Lilie
[17:27] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *cartwheels over to Patrick and pushes him away from Bull B in order to save him* *
[17:27] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *takes off one red high heel and throws it at Alejandro, hitting him in the eye*
[17:27] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: What?!
[17:27] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: What are you doin-OW!!
[17:27] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: We've got FIVE bulls in the arena! BUt stay with your assigned two!
[17:27] * Patrick||| is saved.
[17:28] <+Sierra> That's a load of BULL.
[17:28] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: WHAT!??!?!?!?!
[17:28] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *misses Patrick*
[17:28] <+Patrick|||> *sighs in relief and runs back to wall*
[17:28] <@TheTrueSamantha> (You're not funny. -.-)
[17:28] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Patrick!!
[17:28] <Lilie|> How many blogs is there for season 4 now?
[17:28] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Save Julianna!!
[17:28] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: She's being charged!
[17:28] <+Patrick|||> Julianna?!
[17:28] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: The next person who makes a bad pun will be BANISHED. >.>
[17:28] <+Sierra> (I'll sliced you neck.)
[17:28] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: <.<"
[17:28] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: DON'T SAVE HER.
[17:28] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Hahaha......Good one Sirra. :s
[17:28] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *charges at Julianna*
[17:28] * Patrick||| stops yanking and runs to Julianna.
[17:28] <+Julianna|> AHHHHH
[17:28] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *(saves Julianna*
[17:28] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: :|
[17:28] <+Sierra> Should I make up for it with the sugar later? >.>
[17:28] <+Sierra> @Terry
[17:28] * Patrick||| pushes her away, but could get hit.
[17:28] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *thinking* "Wut? :("
[17:28] <+Terry|Alexis> Okay. ;)
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: (conf) Why did I help Patrick out? Because I'm sick of being known as the bad guy. From hereon out, I'm a good semeritan. ^^
[17:29] <+Julianna|> Thanks Patrick!
[17:29] <+Patrick|||> Gah! The challenge!
[17:29] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *Takes Julianna up to the stands*
[17:29] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *crashes into the wall* O_O
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *rips off shirt*
[17:29] <+Julianna|> thanks Trixie
[17:29] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Welcome.
[17:29] * Patrick||| runs back to the wall and pries on plank.
[17:29] <Lilie|> Alejandro! Put on your shirt!
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *leaps over to Patrick*
[17:29] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: *charges towards Amber*
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *ties shirt around his ankles*
[17:29] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Wow. o.o
[17:29] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: I don't think Patrick swings that way. :|
[17:29] <+Sierra> AMBER NO!
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: That's a hard knot to get out of. ;)
[17:29] <+Patrick|||> Ankle ties? Really?
[17:29] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: Oh, nevermind.
[17:29] <+Sierra> USE THE AQUA TOAST!
[17:29] <Sergio|> I am...impressed *at Terry*
[17:29] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: I learned it in Japan. ;)
[17:29] <+Terry|Alexis> T: That is one hot slice off beef. :|
[17:29] <Sergio|> We voted that off? o.o
[17:29] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: It's so nice of Chris to try and have and Al and Trixie make up for being the first eliminated by fighting bulls and being crowned the best villain. By the way, that's sarcasm
[17:29] <@Christefani|Bull> Stefani: AQUA-TOAST. O.O
[17:29] <+Sierra> (Purple is Sierra's. >.>)
[17:29] <@TheTrueSamantha> :| @Terry
[17:30] <@Christefani|Bull> Stefani: *throws a piece of wet toast at Bull D* :@
[17:30] <Lilie|> I know a knot that is hard to get out to.
[17:30] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: AWW HE** NAH. *jumps to Patrick's feet to begin to untie the knot*
[17:30] <+Terry|Alexis> T:IKR!? @Sergio
[17:30] <+Sierra> *throws a piece along with Stefani*
[17:30] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: *veers away and is charging towards Trixie and Patrick*
[17:30] <+Sierra> I'll keel you.
[17:30] <+Sierra> :@
[17:30] <+Patrick|||> Thanks, Trixie!
[17:30] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *pushes Trixie out of the way*
[17:30] <Lilie|> A d- Uh... Maybe I shouldn't make any dog jokes here.
[17:30] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Oh Samantha hi. :|
[17:30] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: NAW. <.<"
[17:30] <Lilie|> :|
[17:30] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: NAW. <.<"*
[17:30] <Sergio|> :) *gives Terry his current scarf*
[17:30] <@TheTrueSamantha> Hai. :|
[17:30] * Patrick||| still tries to free plank.
[17:30] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *pushes Alejandro in the way*
[17:30] <+Terry|Alexis> T: O.O
[17:30] <Sergio|> It always did look good on you *walks back to his seat*
[17:30] <+Terry|Alexis> Sergio? You forgive me. :3
[17:30] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *is nearly killed by a bull*
[17:30] * Patrick||| frees it as he narrowly escapes bull.
[17:30] <+Terry|Alexis> :'(
[17:31] <+Patrick|||> Yes! *holds up plank*
[17:31] <+Terry|Alexis> What a guy. :(
[17:31] <+Sierra> D:<
[17:31] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *takes out a spare lipstick*
[17:31] <+Terry|Alexis> T: So Samantha, how have you been?
[17:31] <+Sierra> WILL LIKE NOAH, AMBER.
[17:31] <+Sierra> D:<
[17:31] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls A, B, D, and E: *charge towards Amber, Alejandro, Patrick, and Trixie respectively*
[17:31] <+Patrick|||> I have a plank! ^.^
[17:31] <+Sierra> *WIN
[17:31] <@TheTrueSamantha> Good..... -_-
[17:31] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls A, B, D, and E: *charge towards Amber, Alejandro, Patrick, and Trixie respectively*
[17:31] <+Terry|Alexis> Sorry about the elimination and all. :s
[17:31] <@TheTrueSamantha> Really? :3
[17:31] <+Patrick|||> Woah!
[17:31] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *throws it at Bull B*
[17:31] * Patrick||| runs.
[17:31] <Lilie|> *pulls out red hankercheif*
[17:31] <+Sierra> (Respectively, really? -_-)
[17:31] <+Terry|Alexis> Yeah, friends? :)
[17:31] <Lilie|> *sneezes*
[17:31] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *runs over to Sierra and grabs a piece of aqua-toast*
[17:31] <@Christefani|Bull> (YES. :@)
[17:31] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Thank you. :)
[17:31] <Lilie|> Aah..
[17:31] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: LILIE! THROW IT HERE!
[17:31] <+Sierra> That is mine.
[17:31] <+Sierra> :@
[17:31] <+Patrick|||> Wait... Bull B was the one with genger insecurity, right?
[17:31] * Sierra karate chops Alejandro.
[17:31] <Lilie|> *throws the hankercheif on Alejandro*
[17:31] <+Patrick|||> *gender
[17:31] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: Eh, Terry's probably not actually sorry. Hm, was that mean to say?
[17:31] <+Sierra> HIYA!
[17:31] <+Sierra> D:<
[17:32] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *is hit by the lipstick, is distracted, and runs into the wall*
[17:32] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *throws it near Patrick's feet, in order to make him slip*
[17:32] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Or not.
[17:32] <Lilie|> GO GET HIM BOYS
[17:32] <Lilie|> >:D
[17:32] == WebkinzMania [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:32] * Patrick||| slips, but gets back up.
[17:32] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *sees the toast*
[17:32] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: *is still charging towards Trixie*
[17:32] <+Sierra> NO MORE TOAST FOR YOU.
[17:32] <+Sierra> D:
[17:32] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *leaps over to Patrick, grabs aqua-toast, and throws it back*
[17:32] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *is still charging towards Amber*
[17:32] * TheTrueSamantha chucks a twig at Trixie.
[17:32] * Patrick||| spots bull B.
[17:32] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *panting* You know, I'm not usually this nice. :|
[17:32] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *takes off the other high heel and throws it at Bull D*
[17:32] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Ow...
[17:32] <Lilie|> (I'm really confused on the challenge lolol)
[17:32] <@TheTrueSamantha> Yeah, friends... Just friends. @Terry
[17:32] <+Terry|Alexis> A: DESTROY HER PATRICK! :@
[17:32] <@Christefani|Bull> (Okay. Wait.)
[17:33] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Yeah, friends. :)
[17:33] <@Christefani|Bull> (Is anyone other than Amber, Alejandro, Patrick, or Trixie in the arena? :|)
[17:33] <+Julianna|> Hey Alec
[17:33] <+Terry|Alexis> (Conf): Was it me or did she seem sad? :s
[17:33] <+Sierra> (Naw)
[17:33] <Sergio|> (Julianna no? O.o)
[17:33] <+Alec|Daniel> Hey Julianna. Recovering from the fall?
[17:33] <Lilie|> (we're all in the stands I thought.)
[17:33] <+Patrick|||> Gah!
[17:33] <@Christefani|Bull> (I know, I'm just making sure no one put themselves in for some reason. :|)
[17:33] <+Julianna|> Yeah but I sill dont have my chair.......
[17:33] * Patrick||| spots Bull B and yells at it.
[17:33] <@TheTrueSamantha> (I thought the stands were in the arena. :|)
[17:33] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Gah!! :@
[17:34] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: We need a major distraction...
[17:34] <+Sierra> HEY TERRY!
[17:34] <+Patrick|||> Hello. My name is Patrick. You killed my step-father. Prepare to die. Not really.
[17:34] <+Sierra> :D
[17:34] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *runs to a bull, and picks him up since ALEJANDRO IS A NATURAL POWERPLAYER* :)
[17:34] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *is STILL charging towards Amber*
[17:34] <Lilie|> (I threw in my red hankercheif in the arena area, but that's it.)
[17:34] <@TheTrueSamantha> (wtf :|)
[17:34] * Patrick||| motions to bull.
[17:34] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *flings the bull at Patrick*
[17:34] <@Amber|Alejandro> (I has an advantage. :3)
[17:34] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: PATRICK!
[17:34] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: *is flung towards Patrick* :|
[17:34] * Patrick||| hits it with the plank.
[17:34] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUU-- *is hit with a plank* O_O
[17:34] <+Julianna|> (Julianna was pushed in but she's out now, her chair is still there though)
[17:34] <Sergio|> (xD)
[17:34] <+Terry|Alexis> Hi Sierra!
[17:34] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: WHAT!
[17:34] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: :|
[17:34] <@TheTrueSamantha> I swear, that bull just said something. :|
[17:34] <+Patrick|||> Did I just... hit a bull? :'(
[17:34] <TheVoiceIsNeko> ([20:33] <+Patrick|||> Hello. My name is Patrick. You killed my step-father. Prepare to die. Not really. --- Crash, I adore you. xD)
[17:35] <+Sierra> You know what they say?
[17:35] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: (conf) I was just so glad during the challenge that Trixie didn't try anything with Daniel. See, that would make me angry.
[17:35] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull D: *crashes on its back*
[17:35] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Yeah, speaking bulls. :|
[17:35] <Lilie|> Patrick my love, Use my super coffee! It'll boost your power up!
[17:35] * Sierra see's Samantha and Terry speaking. :s
[17:35] <Lilie|> *throws the coffee to Patrick*
[17:35] <+Patrick|||> Coffee? I'll take it!
[17:35] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: You guys SUCK at bull-wrestling. -.- *slurps soda*
[17:35] * Patrick||| catches it.
[17:35] <+Terry|Alexis> (OH I KNOW THAT BOOK! @NEKO)
[17:35] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Lilie, got another cup?
[17:35] <+Sierra> I gotta take webcam photos of this.
[17:35] <+Erik|> Since when did bulls talk, and curse?
[17:35] <+Sierra> :D
[17:35] * Patrick||| drinks some of it and looks for bull B.
[17:35] <Lilie|> No, sorry Trix!
[17:35] <Sergio|> ([19:34] <Amber|Alejandro> A: (conf) I was just so glad during the challenge that Trixie didn't try anything with Daniel. See, that would make me angry. --Hint Hint)
[17:35] <+Terry|Alexis> (WHATS IT CALLED AGAIN? @NEKO)
[17:35] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *has lipstick on him* :o
[17:35] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *walks up to Daniel*
[17:36] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HEY AMBER!
[17:36] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Hi...
[17:36] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull E: *has been neglected during the entire fight, and charges towards Trixie*
[17:36] <@TheTrueSamantha> @Terry: That Trixiesure is a skank.
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *looks over*
[17:36] <+Terry|Alexis> T: The bull looks good with a bit of make up on. :|
[17:36] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *kisses Daniel*
[17:36] <+Patrick|||> (Conf) My bull was either the one with gender issues, or the one that had a million-dollar case tied to it. :/
[17:36] <+Sierra> Chris, would you be mad if I told you that I illegally videotaped episodes 2, 4, 7, and 13 on my flip video cmaera? :|
[17:36] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Good one.
[17:36] <Lilie|> (HA. BULL E. GET IT?!)
[17:36] <+Alec|Daniel> D: :o
[17:36] <+Sierra> *camera
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *looks over*
[17:36] <@TheTrueSamantha> :-O
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O'''''
[17:36] <+Terry|Alexis> T: O.O
[17:36] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull E: *crashes into Trixie and Daniel*
[17:36] <+Sierra> And then put them on my blog.
[17:36] <+Sierra> :|
[17:36] <+Alec|Daniel> *Daniel shoves Trixie away*
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: OH, **** NO!!
[17:36] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: OW.
[17:36] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull E: *crashes into Trixie and Daniel* :@
[17:36] <+Patrick|||> Trixie?
[17:36] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: OW.
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *runs up to the bleachers*
[17:36] <+Patrick|||> Are you okay?
[17:36] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull E: ^^
[17:36] <Lilie|> Bullies are so neglegted.
[17:36] <Lilie|> O.O
[17:36] <Lilie|> AMBER>
[17:36] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *runs away from Amber*
[17:36] <Lilie|> WHY U UP HERE?
[17:36] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *punches Trixie in the face*
[17:36] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Wait Amber, it's not what it looks like...
[17:36] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull E: *is satisfied, and strolls off*
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: YOU ARE GOING DOWN.
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *is stuck in the wall*
[17:37] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Alright. Nice punch
[17:37] * Patrick||| spots bull, C, throws the leftovercoffee at it.
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *hands her hoops to lilie*
[17:37] <Lilie|> Cat fight!
[17:37] <Lilie|> Cat fight!
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *charges towards Alejandro*
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: :(
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HOLD MAH RINGS.
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: :'(
[17:37] * Lilie| hold hoops.
[17:37] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *cartwheels over to Chris*
[17:37] <+Terry|Alexis> T: (Conf): Worth a try. I may be with Sierra but I still am the shows number one flirt. ;)
[17:37] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *grabs his pen* Excuse me, if I may. :)
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: O hai. :|
[17:37] <@TheTrueSamantha> Al, this isn't a circus. -_-
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *lunges at Amber and begins to claw at her*
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: Sure, whatev.
[17:37] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Ladies, violence is not the answer! :'(
[17:37] <+Patrick|||> *to bull* Wait... you're the castrated one... not the million-dollar case one. :/
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: NOBODY PUNCHS TRIXIE'S NOSEJOB.
[17:37] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *flings it to one of the bulls near Patrick, hitting it in the you-know-where*
[17:37] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Yeah, if it was a circus Trixie would be in the clown outfit! xD
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: :'(
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> *punches
[17:37] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: O.O
[17:37] <@TheTrueSamantha> xD
[17:37] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: That oughtta get him angry.
[17:37] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *punches Terry too*
[17:38] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *snorts angrily*
[17:38] <Lilie|> (Sooner or later, Heat- I mean Amber shirt will rip*
[17:38] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: :-@
[17:38] * TheTrueSamantha punches Trixie's eye.
[17:38] <@TheTrueSamantha> :@
[17:38] == Information [4b6cd941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:38] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *claws at Trixie's hair*
[17:38] <+Patrick|||> Nice... bull.
[17:38] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *rips Amber's shirt off*
[17:38] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull C: *destroys the wall, charges towards Patrick*
[17:38] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O
[17:38] <+Alec|Daniel> A: NO VIOLENCE! :'(
[17:38] <Sergio|> o.o
[17:38] * Patrick||| runs.
[17:38] <+Sierra> This ends nao! D:<
[17:38] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Oops!
[17:38] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Why is there so much nudity on this show?! -.-'
[17:38] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Nice left hook. @Sam
[17:38] <+Trixie|Rupert> *runs back to Patrick*
[17:38] <Sergio|> (thanks ;))
[17:38] <+Sierra> *throws aqua toast onto the arena*
[17:38] <@TheTrueSamantha> Indeed. @Terry
[17:38] <+Patrick|||> Trixie! Where's my bull?
[17:38] <@Christefani|Bull> Stefani: This is soooooo fetch.
[17:38] <@TheTrueSamantha> What IS fetch? -.-
[17:38] == Information [4b6cd941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[17:38] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *also charges towards Patrick*
[17:38] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Bull B?
[17:38] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *rips off Daniel's shirt and puts it on herself* ^^
[17:38] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: IDK.
[17:39] <+Terry|Alexis> T: *takes off clothes* Not enough in my opinion. ;)
[17:39] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls B and C: *are BOTH charging towards Patrick*
[17:39] <+Patrick|||> I have a conveniently placed what now? D:
[17:39] <+Julianna|> Amber thats really wiered
[17:39] <+Alec|Daniel> D: *Shows abs*
[17:39] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: THANKS A LOT.
[17:39] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *charges towards Amber* :|
[17:39] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Go away, Julianna.
[17:39] <Lilie|> Red. Hankercheif!
[17:39] <+Patrick|||> Gah! *ducks to avoid both.
[17:39] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: You smell like soot and poo.
[17:39] <+Sierra> Daniel has abs?
[17:39] <+Sierra> o_o
[17:39] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :-@
[17:39] <+Terry|Alexis> T: *feels the winds between his knees* Oh dear. *buts clothes back on*.
[17:39] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *takes out the handkerchief and ties it around Al's neck*
[17:39] <@Christefani|Bull> Bulls B and C: *crash into each other* X_X
[17:39] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Yeah...
[17:39] <+Terry|Alexis> Who knew. @Sierra
[17:39] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *charges towards Amber* :@
[17:39] <+Sierra> lawl.
[17:39] * Patrick||| pulls out handkerchief.
[17:39] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :o
[17:39] <+Sierra> :B
[17:39] <@TheTrueSamantha> :|" @Terry
[17:39] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *jumps on the bull*
[17:39] <Sergio|> Wow need a tan....o.o
[17:39] <+Patrick|||> Wait... my bull! :D
[17:39] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: O.O D:
[17:39] * Patrick||| tries to climb on Bull B.
[17:39] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Hey Sam, everything okay? :s
[17:39] <+Alec|Daniel> D: You need a haircut
[17:39] <@TheTrueSamantha> If Amber won, this would be a load of bull. -_-
[17:39] <Lilie|> This is a load of bull. >~>
[17:40] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *is dazed from crashing into Bull C*
[17:40] <@Christefani|Bull> Chris: ENOUGH WITH THE BULL PUNS.
[17:40] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *picks up a barrel of water in the colluseum and heaves it towards Patrick*
[17:40] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *pushes Patrick onto Bull B*
[17:40] * Patrick||| climbs on bull and ties the neckerchief around it.
[17:40] <+Sierra> Lilie, you're a little late.
[17:40] <+Sierra> :p
[17:40] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: GO!
[17:40] <+Terry|Alexis> T: XDDDDDDDDDDD GOOD ONE SAM!
[17:40] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *it begins to roll over to him*
[17:40] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Come on Chris. No need to be a bully
[17:40] <+Sierra> Samantha.
[17:40] <Sergio|> ...*looks in a miror* My hair isn't that it? :s
[17:40] <+Sierra> I made that joke!
[17:40] <+Patrick|||> Good, Bull.
[17:40] <+Sierra> D:
[17:40] <+Terry|Alexis> A: Come on Alejandro! :@
[17:40] <+Patrick|||> I'll call ouLilie 3. ^.^
[17:40] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *has a handkerchief around his neck* o.O
[17:40] <+Patrick|||> *you Lilie 3
[17:40] <+Terry|Alexis> A: Show them what your made of. :3
[17:40] <Lilie|> Red... Bull.
[17:40] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *bucks and kicks*
[17:40] <Lilie|> GET IT?
[17:41] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Patrick, there is a barrel rolling toward you. :@)
[17:41] <+Alec|Daniel> A: I GET IT!
[17:41] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *kicks Bull A in the Kiwis, causing it to buck stronger*
[17:41] <@TheTrueSamantha> (*read that as 'f**ks and kicks'* :|)
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> (NO BRAND NAME REFERENCES. :@)
[17:41] <+Patrick|||> Gah!
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: O.O
[17:41] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Oh you did Sierra? It was pretty funny. xD
[17:41] <Lilie|> (it was a Bull pun. :'( )
[17:41] * Patrick||| jumps in front of barrel to save Bull B.
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull A: *squeals, bucks and kicks harder*
[17:41] * Patrick||| is hit.
[17:41] <+Patrick|||> X.x
[17:41] <+Sierra> Truss.
[17:41] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: I love bad puns. They're the origin of comedy
[17:41] <+Sierra> :B
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: :o
[17:41] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *sigh*
[17:41] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: See, this is why I'd never want to be a nice guy. ^^
[17:41] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *jumps on Bull B in Pat's place*\
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *charges towards Patrick, but trips over the barrel* o_o
[17:41] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *hops in front of barrel*
[17:41] <@TheTrueSamantha> Looks like Alejandro has Patrick winning in his SIGHts. xDDDDDDDDDDDD
[17:41] <+Terry|Alexis> A: I like a bad boy. ;)
[17:41] <@Christefani|Bull> Bull B: *also trips over Amber*
[17:41] <+Patrick|||> I'll take a patrami.... on pickle...! D:
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *chucks it towards Alejandro, hitting him in the face*
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: O.O
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: OW!! :@
[17:42] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *ties Bull B's legs together with the handkerchief*
[17:42] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Mody] by Christefani|Bull
[17:42] * Patrick||| collapses.
[17:42] <Lilie|> Patrick! YOU CAN DO IT!
[17:42] <+Sierra> You need bread? @Patrick
[17:42] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Lilie|] by Christefani|Bull
[17:42] <+Terry|Alexis> T: You always had such a great sense of humour Sam! XDDD
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: What was that for?! :@
[17:42] <@Mygeto> (What's going on!?)
[17:42] <+Lilie|> *blows Patrick a kiss*
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Because YOU'RE a jerk. :@
[17:42] <+Sierra> (I'm an admin slore.)
[17:42] <+Mody> (....faaaiiill...)
[17:42] <+Terry|Alexis> A: ALE BEAR! NO! D:
[17:42] <+Mody> I'M HERE NOW.
[17:42] * Patrick||| snaps back and gets up.
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Ugh!!
[17:42] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Mody! :D
[17:42] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: If you're so ungrateful, then fine
[17:42] <+Mody> I made everyone Finale formal wear. It's a finale. We should dress appropriately.
[17:43] <+Mody> *gives to everyone*
[17:43] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Where'd you run off to?
[17:43] <Sergio|> (Im not voiced either o.o)
[17:43] == Christefani [4a586c2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:43] <+Mody> *hugs Alec* IT TOOK SO LONG :(
[17:43] * TheTrueSamantha chucks it back at Mody. -_-
[17:43] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Patrick and Trixie aren't the ONLY people I have the power to sabotage. :@
[17:43] <+Terry|Alexis> T: No thanks. :s
[17:43] == Reddy [~Reddy@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:43] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Loving the new clothes buddy ;)
[17:43] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *walks off to the side of the colloseum*
[17:43] <+Lilie|> Bromance much?
[17:43] <Christefani> Bulls A and B: *charge at Amber and Patrick at full speed* :@
[17:43] <+Mody> *lunges to attack Sam but is held back by Alec*
[17:43] * TheTrueSamantha steps on his outfit. >.>
[17:43] <+Terry|Alexis> T: *Whispers to Samantha* Perfect clown outfit for Trixie. xD
[17:43] <+Alec|Daniel> A: She doesn't mean to make people mad...
[17:43] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Mody's outfit, that is. -.-)
[17:43] <+Sierra> Lol.
[17:43] <+Sierra> xD
[17:43] <+Alec|Daniel> A: She really is a nice person
[17:43] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *enters a crack in the colloseum, which is made of wood, btw*
[17:43] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *walks over to Alejandro* Mind saying I forced you to do this?
[17:43] * Patrick||| runs to bull.
[17:43] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *starts rearranging planks and stuff*
[17:43] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Don't let her know that I told you that though. She'll try to kill me
[17:44] <+Mody> *is wearing tux* Well, at least I look good.
[17:44] <+Patrick|||> *To Al* You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means. I think.
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: *squint over to Alejandro* What the heck is he doing? >->
[17:44] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *watches as colloseum begins to shake*
[17:44] <+Lilie|> This isn't prom Mody. o,o
[17:44] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Amber, where is your helper?
[17:44] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Sergio|] by Amber|Alejandro
[17:44] <+Terry|Alexis> T: Just because your mother says it doesn't mean its true. :s
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: O.O
[17:44] <@TheTrueSamantha> *chuckle*
[17:44] <+Lilie|> EARTHQUAKE?!
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: THE COLLOSEUM IS SHAKING.
[17:44] * Lilie| falls onto the ground.
[17:44] <+Terry|Alexis> T: O.O
[17:44] <+Patrick|||> Gah!
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: OH MY GOD.
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: OH MY GOD.
[17:44] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:44] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: PATRICK! GET ON THE BULL!
[17:44] <+Mody> This also isnt a coffee shop, Lilie, but we're all fine with the coffee...hit me. *holds out mug covered in glitter*
[17:44] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Whoopsie. ^^
[17:44] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HURRY.
[17:44] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: Was that me? :3
[17:44] <+Terry|Alexis> A: WHATS GOING ON!?
[17:44] <Christefani> Chris: *has a fangirl moment*
[17:44] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: ALEJANDRO!!
[17:44] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: YOU CONNIVING JERK!
[17:45] * Patrick||| runs to bull to shield it from the debris.
[17:45] <Christefani> Stefani: EVERYBODY OUT!!! :o
[17:45] <+Sierra> WTF IS GOING ON?!
[17:45] <+Sierra> D:
[17:45] <+Terry|Alexis> T: RUN!
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Runs out with Stefani*
[17:45] <Christefani> Chris: PATRICK. FORGET THE BULLS.
[17:45] <+Sierra> (Oops, sorry.)
[17:45] <@TheTrueSamantha> WHAT'S HAPPENING!?
[17:45] <@Amber|Alejandro> You shall all face the wrath of Alejandro Burromuerto, the true winner o-
[17:45] * Lilie| gets up and pours Mody a cup, then falls into the stadium
[17:45] <+Lilie|> AAAAAAH!
[17:45] <@Amber|Alejandro> *colosseum begins to collapse on Alejandro* No! Nooo! Help!!!
[17:45] <+Lilie|> D:
[17:45] <Christefani> Stefani: *runs out with Alec*
[17:45] <+Sierra> WAIT!
[17:45] <@Amber|Alejandro> *is stuck under the colosseum*
[17:45] <+Patrick|||> I'll keep him safe! ^.^
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Samantha, come on!!!
[17:45] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *Runs out*
[17:45] <@TheTrueSamantha> o.o
[17:45] <+Julianna|> I cant move
[17:45] <@TheTrueSamantha> *O.O
[17:45] * TheTrueSamantha runs out.
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> Mody, Serg?
[17:45] <Christefani> Bulls A, B, C, D and E: *run away*
[17:45] <+Trixie|Rupert> *T: *trips Amber*
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> Let's go!!!
[17:45] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:45] * Patrick||| hops on Bull.
[17:45] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:45] <+Julianna|> Someone help me!
[17:45] <+Lilie|> HELP ME!
[17:45] * TheTrueSamantha drags Terry along.
[17:45] <+Patrick|||> Run, Benny! Run!
[17:45] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: See you Amber!
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> D: *Runs out with Amber*
[17:45] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Ow. x_X"
[17:45] <+Lilie|> I fallen and I can't get up!
[17:45] <+Lilie|> D:
[17:45] <Christefani> (NO ONE IS DYING.)
[17:45] <+Terry|Alexis> T: WAIT SIERRA!
[17:45] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Runs back inside and wheels out Julianna*
[17:45] <Christefani> (SO DON'T EVEN TRY IT.)
[17:45] <@TheTrueSamantha> (*dies*
[17:45] <+Julianna|> Im the cripple!
[17:45] <+Sierra> *continues videotaping*
[17:45] <+Lilie|> (*died*)
[17:46] <+Julianna|> Thanks Alec!
[17:46] <+Sierra> OMG EPIC!
[17:46] <+Alec|Daniel> A: You'll be alright!
[17:46] <+Sierra> :-O
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *runs toward Julianna*
[17:46] <+Terry|Alexis> A: I AM NOT LEAVING WITHOUT ALE! :@
[17:46] <+Sierra> Wait.
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *wheels her out of the colloseum*
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I don't like you.
[17:46] <+Sierra> Where'd everyone go?
[17:46] <+Lilie|> Sierra!
[17:46] <+Lilie|> Help!
[17:46] <+Lilie|> D:
[17:46] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: But I'm trying to be an honest player here.
[17:46] <+Lilie|> I fallen and I can't get up!
[17:46] <+Mody> Yeah, Alec?
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: <.<"
[17:46] <+Julianna|> Amber...........
[17:46] <+Sierra> Uh oh!~
[17:46] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Looks like Alexis has you. I'm gonna help Lilie
[17:46] * Patrick||| drops plank,after bull bucks.
[17:46] <+Alec|Daniel> *Amber
[17:46] == Christefani|Bull [4a586c2d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]
[17:46] <+Mody> *crawls out*
[17:46] <+Julianna|> Thank tou..........
[17:46] <+Mody> AAAAUAUUUGH
[17:46] <+Julianna|> *you
[17:46] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Aww. Amber's so cute. *pushes Julianna away* Go get her, HONEST PLAYER.
[17:46] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Heads toward Lilie*
[17:46] <@TheTrueSamantha> WHAT IS PATRICK DOING?! O.O
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: ALRIGHT!!
[17:46] <+Sierra> *runs to help Lilie as a statue falls towards her seat*
[17:46] <+Mody> MY TUX...IS...RUINED!!!
[17:46] <Christefani> Chris: Okay!!
[17:46] <+Sierra> MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:46] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: EVERYBODY OUT OF THE COLLOSEUM!
[17:46] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:46] <+Mody> *sobs on floor*
[17:47] == Erik| [~Erik|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: ALEJANDRO, TRIXIE!!
[17:47] <Christefani> (WOW.)
[17:47] <+Sierra> *watches her laptop get crushed*
[17:47] <Christefani> (THANKS FOR UPSTAGING ME.)
[17:47] <Christefani> (WHORE.)
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: QUIT THE SABOTAGING!
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Helps Lilie out and gets Mody along his way*
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: AMBER, PATRICK!!
[17:47] <+Sergio|> *walks by Mody*
[17:47] * Patrick||| gets off Bull B to get out.
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> A: So many people to save :'(
[17:47] <+Sergio|> O.o
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: THERE'S A FINISH LINE AT THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL!
[17:47] <+Lilie|> Thanks alec...
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> Chris: RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!
[17:47] <+Terry|Alexis> T: WAIT THEN WHO WINS! :@
[17:47] <+Sierra> *runs out*
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Okay. *puts on another shirt and new shoes* RUN!
[17:47] <+Patrick|||> Seriously?
[17:47] <+Terry|Alexis> T: COME ON PATRICK!
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Patrick go!!!!
[17:47] <+Sierra> Good thing I carry a spare.
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *starts running*
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> *runs towards finish line*
[17:47] <+Sierra> :|
[17:47] * Patrick||| runs.
[17:47] <+Terry|Alexis> T: RUN!
[17:47] <+Sergio|> *follows the finalists*
[17:47] <@TheTrueSamantha> OH MY GOD, PATRICK.
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Lilie's alright
[17:47] <@TheTrueSamantha> GO.
[17:47] <+Sierra> RUN AMBER!!!
[17:47] <+Sierra> :-O
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> D: AMBER!
[17:47] <@TheTrueSamantha> *GOSH.
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Only AMBER)
[17:47] <+Mody> Oh hey...winning part of the season!
[17:47] <+Terry|Alexis> A: DESTROY HER!
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *is running fast8
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> (and PATRICK)
[17:47] <+Alec|Daniel> D: You have to go!!!
[17:47] <@Amber|Alejandro> (will be running)
[17:47] <+Patrick|||> *To self* Just like the English challenge!
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> (Oh)
[17:47] <+Mody> Run Patrick!!!
[17:47] <Christefani> Stefani: OH MY JELLY. :-O
[17:47] <Christefani> Stefani: *follows Patrick*
[17:47] <+Patrick|||> I can catch up! ^.^
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> RUN PATRICK!
[17:47] <+Trixie|Rupert> RUN!
[17:47] <Christefani> Stefani: OH.
[17:48] <Christefani> Stefani: Well.
[17:48] <+Lilie|> PATRICK! WIN!
[17:48] * Patrick||| runs faster.
[17:48] <+Julianna|> Go Patrick!
[17:48] <+Sergio|> *runs with Amber* Hey..Girl..*pants* WHats up!?
[17:48] <Christefani> Stefani: >.>
[17:48] <+Lilie|> You can do it!
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *runs and gets ahead of Patrick*
[17:48] <+Terry|Alexis> T: RUN FAT BOY RUN!
[17:48] <+Sierra> I have to capture this.
[17:48] <+Lilie|> *blows a kiss*
[17:48] <+Sierra> D:
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Patrick!!
[17:48] <Christefani> Stefani: RUN, FORREST, RUN.*
[17:48] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: IF YOU LOSE THIS FOR M- You.
[17:48] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Runs with Patrick*
[17:48] <Christefani> Stefani: RUN, FORREST, RU.
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: No matter what happens!!
[17:48] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Come on man!
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I just want to let you know...
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> GO PATRICK.
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> <->"
[17:48] <+Mody> *crosses fingers*
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> *>->
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: You've been an honest player!
[17:48] * TheTrueSamantha runs alongside Amber.
[17:48] <+Lilie|> *blows a kiss to patrick*
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> YOU SUCK. :@
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: And a fair teammate!
[17:48] * Patrick||| trips over the bag of screws that was left from the building.
[17:48] <+Sierra> *runs alongside videotaping*
[17:48] <Christefani> ([20:49] <@TheTrueSamantha> <->" -- I just laughed SO HARD. xD)
[17:48] <+Patrick|||> There they were! D:
[17:48] <+Sierra> Aww, that's kinda sweet.
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> (WHY? :'()
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Patrick, no!
[17:48] <Christefani> (ASIAN FACE.)
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *stops*
[17:48] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *helps Patrick up*
[17:48] <@TheTrueSamantha> (I KNOW, BUT STILL. >->)
[17:49] * Patrick||| gets back up.
[17:49] == Erik| [~Erik|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:49] * Sergio| runs behind Sierra
[17:49] * Patrick||| runs again.
[17:49] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *starts to run*
[17:49] <+Sergio|> This is gonna be good!
[17:49] <+Terry|Alexis> A: SEDUCER! :@
[17:49] <+Sergio|> :o
[17:49] <+Sierra> Sergio.
[17:49] <+Sierra> Just warning you.
[17:49] <+Julianna|> Can someone push me to the finish line?
[17:49] <+Patrick|||> *To Amber*...Thanks. *pants for breath*
[17:49] <@TheTrueSamantha> GO PATRICK, GO.
[17:49] <+Terry|Alexis> T: So heart warming. :(
[17:49] <Christefani> Bulls A, B, C, D, and E: *intently watch the race* :o
[17:49] <+Mody> *IS PUSHING jULIANNA*
[17:49] <+Sierra> When I get excited, I have realy, really, REALLY, bad gas. :|
[17:49] <Erik|> (Computer froze)
[17:49] <Christefani> (Patrick and Amber are the only ones running. :|)
[17:49] <+Mody> Fine...
[17:49] <Christefani> (Patrick and Amber are the only ones running. :|)
[17:49] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *is waiting at the finish line*
[17:49] <Christefani> (We're just watching.)
[17:49] <+Mody> *is running with Julianna in the chair*
[17:49] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *stops in front of finish line* But, Patrick.
[17:49] <+Sierra> (We can follow on the sidelines? >_>)
[17:49] <+Sergio|> o.o
[17:49] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: While you've been a decent player.
[17:49] <+Sierra> *can't
[17:49] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I haven't.
[17:49] * Sergio| moves away
[17:50] <+Patrick|||> Haven't...?
[17:50] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: I think that Amber was motivated to help Patrick because of when I helped her earlier in the season. She did vote me off... but she learned a lesson from it!
[17:50] <Christefani> (No, you and your boobs can't.)
[17:50] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I've lied, manipulated...
[17:50] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: And I betrayed my friends.
[17:50] <+Terry|Alexis> (PRE-PLANNED BUT WHO CARES!)
[17:50] <Christefani> (^)
[17:50] == Terry|Alexis was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by Amber|Alejandro [Terry|Alexis]
[17:50] * Patrick||| slows down to where Amber is.
[17:50] <@TheTrueSamantha> (:|)
[17:50] == Terry|Alexis [~TDF|@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:50] <@TheTrueSamantha> (WTF)
[17:50] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: You win, Patrick.
[17:50] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: You win.
[17:50] <+Lilie|> :|
[17:50] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Why was he kicked? :|)
[17:50] <+Sierra> :
[17:50] <+Alec|Daniel> A: :o
[17:50] <+Patrick|||> Well, there's not always strategy.
[17:50] <+Sierra> *:|
[17:50] <Christefani> Chris: :o
[17:50] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Because he's fat. @CD)
[17:50] <+Sierra> Huh?
[17:50] <+Patrick|||> Wait... what?
[17:50] <+Lilie|> Tue!
[17:50] <+Lilie|> Tue!
[17:50] <@TheTrueSamantha> (A collective gasp fills the room.)
[17:50] <+Mody> Well...
[17:50] <+Lilie|> Tie!*
[17:50] <+Lilie|> Tie!*
[17:50] <+Lilie|> Tie!*
[17:50] == Information [4b6cd941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:50] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: JUST GO!
[17:50] <+Sergio|> :|
[17:50] <Christefani> Chris: LILIE, SHUT IT.
[17:50] <+Mody> for an entire season THATS anti-climactic. T_T
[17:50] <Christefani> Chris: *watches* :o
[17:51] <Terry|Alexis> T: win it already!
[17:51] <+Patrick|||> Are you telling me that the person who won too many challenges to count is... giving up?
[17:51] <+Sierra> (CONF): Eh, I don't give a crap, I'm illegally sownloading this online. >~>
[17:51] <+Sierra> *downloading
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Yes, Patrick
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I deserve second place.
[17:51] <+Sierra> Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.
[17:51] <+Mody> Dude, she backstabbed EVERYONE. Just run!
[17:51] * Lilie| throws a jug of coffee at Trixie's head.
[17:51] <+Sierra> That's kinda sweet.
[17:51] <+Lilie|> >~>
[17:51] <+Sierra> :3
[17:51] <+Sierra> Chris!
[17:51] <+Patrick|||> Call me crazy... but I find that a bhit tough to believe. :/
[17:51] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: HEY. :@
[17:51] <+Mody> accept her AFTER you wiiiin~
[17:51] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Come on, Amber's trying to redeem herself. No reason to insult her... Run though Patrick
[17:51] <+Sierra> Can I compete now?
[17:51] <Christefani> Chris: I'm not sure if they're going to keep talking or make out. o.o
[17:51] <+Sierra> :
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Patrick.
[17:51] <@TheTrueSamantha> Oh my Gosh, Patrick. GO. -_-'
[17:51] <+Sierra> *:D
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I'm sorry.
[17:51] == jaxswim [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: But since you're not listening to me.
[17:51] <+Trixie|Rupert> P: JUST RUN.\
[17:51] <+Lilie|> If they make out, Amber's dead. >~>
[17:51] <Christefani> Stefani: JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY. :@
[17:51] <+Trixie|Rupert> *T:
[17:51] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: I'm going to have to do this. -.-'
[17:51] <+Sergio|> 5 dollars. THey will end up making out
[17:51] <Christefani> Stefani: I MEAN, CROSS THE LINE. :@
[17:51] * Patrick||| runs before Amber can finish.
[17:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *pushes Patrick over the finish line*
[17:52] <+Lilie|> O.O
[17:52] <Christefani> (lolowned)
[17:52] <+Mody> FOR THE LOVE OF VOGUE! RUN!
[17:52] <+Sergio|> o.o
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: :-O
[17:52] <Erik|> (Can someone voice me)
[17:52] <+Lilie|> (LOLOLOLOL)
[17:52] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: YES.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> (@TERRY)
[17:52] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: YES.
[17:52] <+Alec|Daniel> A: WOO PATRICK!!! :D
[17:52] <+Sierra> Wut.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> (XDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:52] <+Alec|Daniel> D: Amber...
[17:52] <+Sierra> o_o
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> YES!!!!!!!!
[17:52] <+Mody> 0____0
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> T: WE DID IT!
[17:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :3
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> FINALLY, AMBER LOSES.
[17:52] * Sergio| bites nails
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> AMBER LOSES.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> AMBER LOSES.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> AMBER LOSES.
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> PATRICK WON!
[17:52] <+Julianna|> AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> PATRICK WINS.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> PATRICK WINS.
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> PATRICK WINS.
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> YEAH
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> :@
[17:52] <+Alec|Daniel> D: *Walks over to Amber*
[17:52] <+Lilie|> Samantha.
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: AND PATRICK WINS!
[17:52] <+Sierra> That was an epic finale.
[17:52] <+Lilie|> Shut up.
[17:52] <+Sierra> :P
[17:52] <+Sergio|> :D
[17:52] * TheTrueSamantha kisses Terry out of excitement.
[17:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *smirks*
[17:52] <+Mody> *walks with Alex to Amber*
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: Congratulations, Patrick!
[17:52] <+Alec|Daniel> D: You played a good game. I'm not good with emotions and stuff...
[17:52] <+Sergio|> YEAH MAN!
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> O.O
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: O.O'
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Patrick|||> Wait... Amber had more to say? O.o
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <+Sierra> O_o
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> SAM O.O
[17:52] * Sergio| high fives Patrick
[17:52] <Terry|Alexis> WHAT!?
[17:52] <@TheTrueSamantha> *pushes Terry away* :|
[17:52] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Eat it backstabbing, two-faced, manshirt-wearing, prom queen wannabe!
[17:52] * Lilie| gets out of Alec's hands.
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: Of Total!
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: YOU are the winner!
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: Drama!
[17:52] <+Sierra> WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[17:52] * Patrick||| high-fives.
[17:52] <Christefani> Chris: School! :o
[17:52] <+Lilie|> I can walk now.
[17:52] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Sees Samantha kiss Terry* :o
[17:52] <+Julianna|> *hugs Patrick from her chair*
[17:52] <+Sierra> WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[17:52] <+Sierra> WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[17:53] <+Sierra> WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[17:53] <+Sierra> WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
[17:53] <Erik|> Alright Patrick congrats!
[17:53] <+Sierra> O_O
[17:53] <@TheTrueSamantha> (YOUR MOM. -_-)
[17:53] * Lilie| hugs Patrick and kisses him.
[17:53] <+Sergio|> Patrick won!
[17:53] <+Mody> *helps lift Patrick with the guys*
[17:53] <Terry|Alexis> T: SIERRA I! BUT SHE! OH GOD NOT AGAIN! :'(
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Terry has to pick one.)
[17:53] <Christefani> (Sierra, calm your vagina.)
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Terry has to pick one.)
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Terry has to pick one.)
[17:53] <+Sergio|> ...
[17:53] <+Lilie|> you won!
[17:53] <+Lilie|> :D
[17:53] <+Sierra> .....
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> :|
[17:53] <+Julianna|> *smiles*
[17:53] <+Sierra> Alright.
[17:53] <+Julianna|> I did it!
[17:53] <+Sierra> Someone hold my earings.
[17:53] <+Sierra> -_-
[17:53] <+Julianna|> Alec! I smiled!
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: Gladly. ;)
[17:53] * Patrick||| picks up Lillie and hugs.
[17:53] <@TheTrueSamantha> (The tater tots comment made my day. xD)
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: *holds Sierra's earrings*
[17:53] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O
[17:53] <+Sierra> No more cry and run away Sierra.
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: You're gonna get it. >: D
[17:53] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O"""""""""""""""
[17:53] <Terry|Alexis> T: Sierra its you I want! Not Samantha! D:
[17:53] <Christefani> Chris: :o
[17:53] == Information [4b6cd941@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[17:53] <@Amber|Alejandro> A: :o
[17:53] <+Lilie|> I still have Trixie's hoops...
[17:53] <Christefani> Stefani: *leans forward* :D
[17:53] <+Sierra> I'm going to finish off the *beep* right now.
[17:53] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: I wonder if it's arrogant of me to think that Sam had a crush on me. I guess she really was after Terry the whole time.
[17:53] <+Sierra> -_-'
[17:53] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: :o
[17:54] <+Mody> *holds arm* Yeah cry and run away....You beat me up after stalking me! :U
[17:54] <Terry|Alexis> T: I......LOVE YOU SIERRA! :@
[17:54] * TheTrueSamantha hides beind Terry.
[17:54] <Christefani> Chris: Saw that coming. -.-
[17:54] <+Alec|Daniel> (Conf) A: Now I love Stefani even more ^_^
[17:54] <+Sierra> Ready for the asset whooping?
[17:54] <+Sierra> >.>
[17:54] <+Julianna|> *wheels over to Amber*
[17:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> (SIERRA AND TERRY, JUST MAKE OUT ALREADY.)
[17:54] * Sergio| walks to Amber.
[17:54] <@TheTrueSamantha> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :'(
[17:54] <Christefani> S: (conf, walks in) I love you too, Alec. :D
[17:54] * Sierra runs towards Samantha.
[17:54] <+Julianna|> hey.......
[17:54] <+Sergio|> So. Looks like You lost.
[17:54] <+Julianna|> um
[17:54] <+Lilie|> GUYS
[17:54] * TheTrueSamantha shoves Alec in the way.
[17:54] <Christefani> S: (conf) *leans in to kiss*
[17:54] <+Sierra> D:<
[17:54] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: *vomits* Relationships are for ugly people. *looks at Alejandro* Right?
[17:54] <Terry|Alexis> T: Sierra please, do you feel the same way? :'(
[17:54] <Christefani> S: (conf) Where'd he go? D:
[17:54] * Patrick||| gets down and motions for Daniel to talk with Amber.
[17:54] <+Sierra> Terry...
[17:54] <+Julianna|> sorry about you losing and all
[17:54] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Where'd I go? :'(
[17:54] <Christefani> S: (conf) HI, MOM. :D
[17:54] <@Amber|Alejandro> Amber: *grabs Daniel and kisses him*
[17:55] <+Sergio|> :)
[17:55] <+Mody> *sits down* Everyones making out...this is...awkward... <.<
[17:55] <+Alec|Daniel> D: *Kisses her back*
[17:55] <+Sergio|> WOw..
[17:55] <Terry|Alexis> OKAY TO MUCH DRAMA IN ONE PLACE!"
[17:55] * Lilie| is holding Patrick and slow dances to a slow dance song on the radio..
[17:55] <+Sergio|> I feel left out..
[17:55] <+Sierra> I love you... but if you don't push her off again, I'll rip your eyebrows off, kk? :)
[17:55] <Terry|Alexis> Who is next Erik and Trixie? -_-
[17:55] <+Lilie|> :)
[17:55] <DiedsenBoy> (Wow, I lost everything but at least I'm seeing the celebration!)
[17:55] <@TheTrueSamantha> (Terry, PM. -_-)
[17:55] * Sergio| sits with Mody
[17:55] <Christefani> Chris: :|
[17:55] <+Sergio|> o.o
[17:55] <Christefani> Chris: Ew.
[17:55] <+Sierra> Now come here Samantha!
[17:55] <+Alec|Daniel> A: :o
[17:55] <Christefani> Chris: Just....
[17:55] <@Amber|Alejandro> Alejandro: *is in a wheelchair and body cast, being wheeled out of the school by two interns*
[17:55] <Christefani> Chris: Ew.
[17:55] == TheVoiceIsNeko [4b2dec81@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[17:55] <+Mody> Love fests..creeeeeep mee ouuut here.
[17:55] * Sierra chases after Samantha.
[17:55] <+Mody> Stop kissing everyone
[17:55] <@TheTrueSamantha> O.O
[17:55] <+Mody> I would never do this
[17:55] <+Sergio|> Hahaha you're telling me?
[17:55] <+Mody> this is wroooonng
[17:55] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Stef, where'd you go?
[17:55] * TheTrueSamantha runs around. :'(
[17:55] * Patrick||| gives Lilie the charred remains of his first hat.
[17:55] <Christefani> Chris: SWINE FLU IS STILL ALIVE. :@
[17:55] <+Mody> I'd never do it, right?
[17:55] <Terry|Alexis> T: (CONF) I DON'T KNOW WHO TO CHOOSE! :'(
[17:55] <+Patrick|||> I love you, Lil. ^.^
[17:55] <Christefani> Stefani: (conf) I'm over here! :D
[17:55] <+Trixie|Rupert> (SERGIO AND MODY BETTER KISS.)
[17:56] <+Sergio|> I wouldnt know.
[17:56] <+Mody> ....Why?
[17:56] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Runs back toward confessional*
[17:56] <+Lilie|> I love you too Pat.
[17:56] * Patrick||| puts her hat back on her head.
[17:56] <+Alec|Daniel> A: *Kisses Stefani*
[17:56] <Christefani> Chris: OKAY.
[17:56] <+Sierra> D:<
[17:56] <Christefani> ChrisL ENOUGH.
[17:56] <Terry|Alexis> T: WHY DID I HAVE TO BE SO ATTRACTIVE!
[17:56] <@Amber|Alejandro> (KK.)
[17:56] <+Lilie|> Keep it.
[17:56] <Terry|Alexis> :'(
[17:56] <+Sierra> Eh.
[17:56] <+Sergio|> I'm just happy....its finally over
[17:56] <+Alec|Daniel> A: Everyone else got to. I can't pass it up
[17:56] <@Amber|Alejandro> (Everyone stop talking.)
[17:56] <Christefani> Chris: ENOUGH WITH THE LOVE.
[17:57] <Christefani> Chris: ALRIGHTY, THEN.
[17:57] <Christefani> Chris: Patrick!
[17:57] <Christefani> Chris: Congrats!
[17:57] <Christefani> Chris: You win.....
[17:57] <Christefani> Chris: ONE MILLION BIG ONES!! :D
[17:57] <+Patrick|||> Yeah! ... the big ones are dollars, right?
[17:58] <+Patrick|||> Just making sure.
[17:58] <Christefani> Chris: No, they're clams.
[17:58] <+Patrick|||> ...Really?
[17:58] <+Patrick|||> Seafood bake at my place, then! ^.^
[17:58] <Christefani> Chris: Dude, you fall for everything. :p
[17:58] <Christefani> Chris: IT'S MONEY.
[17:58] <Christefani> Chris: :|
[17:59] <+Patrick|||> Oh.
[17:59] <+Patrick|||> Even better!
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: So, thus ends a fourth season.
[17:59] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: Who wins best antagonist?
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: Oh, right....
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: ....... I do.
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: THAT ENDS SEASON FOUR!
[17:59] <+Trixie|Rupert> T: ARE YOU F***ING KIDDING ME?
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: THIS IS ME SIGNING OFF!
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: SEEYA NEXT TIME!
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: RIGHT HERE!
[17:59] <Christefani> Chris: ON...
[18:00] <Christefani> Chris: TOTAL!
[18:00] <Christefani> Chris: DRAMA!!
[18:00] <Christefani> Chris: SCHOOL!!!

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