[18:31] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- RECAP TIME --
[18:31] *** AnneMaria| is now known as TotalDramaNaruto
[18:31] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: LAST TIME on Total Drama Reloaded...
[18:31] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> *le recap*
[18:31] <ScottCarmichael> (Voice everyone, Bigez)
[18:31] <Sam|Chef> (TRANSCRIPTER?)
[18:31] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- NEW EPISODE, everyone waking up and doing their thang --
[18:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> (Ryan was just waitin for Bigez wasnt he?)
[18:32] <Intern|> (I think so. :| @TDN)
[18:32] <DakotaMilton> (I want to point out that we no longer have a transcripter.)
[18:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> (aw, why?)
[18:32] <DakotaMilton> (Also, yes, yes I was.)
[18:32] * DawnStarr is meditating over the mess hall
[18:32] <Lightning|> Aw. What a good sleep.
[18:32] <Lightning|> Lightnin' feels all refreshed.
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Cause Sam is fat, that's why)
[18:32] <TotalDramaNaruto> (I can try if ya want)
[18:32] <Sam|Chef> (DDDD:)
[18:32] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *wakes up and goes to mess hall*
[18:33] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> ._.
[18:33] <ScottCarmichael> *wakes up and picks teeth* Aah, this luxury cabin is mighty nice. 8)
[18:33] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Sorry, thought I DC'd)
[18:33] <Sam|Chef> Sam:*did not sleep, was up all night playing video games* Ugggghhh, time for breakfast. *goes to mess hall*
[18:33] <Anne_Maria> *wakes up*
[18:33] <ScottCarmichael> *goes down into the mess hall*
[18:33] <Lightning|> Time to get some sha-food.
[18:33] <Anne_Maria> Chris bettah be gettin us actual matresses at the merge.
[18:33] <Anne_Maria> >.>
[18:34] <Lightning|> (oh, god, this is going to suck. xD)
[8:34] <DawnStarr> (Conf) I'm extremely paranoid. Last episode gave me quite the scare. I did win though, out of pure luck.
[18:34] <Sam|Chef> C: *Serves food*
[18:34] <ScottCarmichael> We have actually do have matresses, Chris just recycled them.
[18:34] *** Aimers has joined #dramatizing
[18:34] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: I think I'm doing pretty well in the game. :) I haven't made any enemies and my team is far superior to the other team.
[18:34] <ScottCarmichael> Well, more like Hurricane Wawanakwa.
[18:34] * DawnStarr breaks concentration and fall through the roof of the mess hall onto the ground.
[18:34] <DawnStarr> A-Ah!
[18:34] <Anne_Maria> *receives food*
[18:34] <Sam|Chef> C: Here is some crude I found at the back of the fridge, ENJOY! -_-
[18:34] <ScottCarmichael> *receives food*
[18:35] <Anne_Maria> I am not eatin' this.
[18:35] <Anne_Maria> >.>
[18:35] <Lightning|> (CONF) Lightnin' is supah-confident about his skills. Lightnin's totally gonna get far. And when the merge comes, he's gonna put the pedal to the... Uhh... Nevah' mind.
[18:35] * DawnStarr lands onto Chef
[18:35] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *sees Dawn* You okay, ma'am? :|
[18:35] <ScottCarmichael> Dude, this looks like it's been in that fridge for three years!
[18:35] <DawnStarr> Erm... S-Sorry Chef...
[18:35] <Sam|Chef> YOU WILL EAT WHAT YOU ARE GIVIN' :@
[18:35] <Lightning|> Dude, don't talk to her, she's on th' otha; team.
[18:35] * DawnStarr gets up
[18:35] <DawnStarr> Thanks Brick.
[18:35] <DawnStarr> I'm fine.
[18:35] * DawnStarr smiles.
[18:35] *** Jo| has quit (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
[18:35] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Alright, that's good.
[18:35] <TotalDramaNaruto> (fail!)
[18:35] <ScottCarmichael> (CONF): The food here is HORRIFIC.
[18:35] <Copper5> (Where is Dakota?!)
[18:35] <DawnStarr> [TDN, cover!]
[18:35] <DakotaMilton> (...)
[18:35] <Sam|Chef> Never touch me again. >_> @Dawn
[18:36] <DakotaMilton> (Right... here...?)
[18:36] *** TotalDramaNaruto is now known as Jo|
[18:36] <DawnStarr> It was an accident!
[18:36] <Lightning|> Sha-please.
[18:36] <ScottCarmichael> That's like saying Staci's lies were an accident, Staci. :c
[18:36] *** Jo|_ has joined #dramatizing
[18:36] <Lightning|> Calm down, girlie. @Sam
[18:36] <Jo|> (...nevermind)
[18:36] <Sam|Chef> (IT IS CHEF. -_-)
[18:36] <Anne_Maria> Well, I refuse to eat this crud. >.>
[18:36] <Jo|_> (;D change plz.)
[18:36] <Lightning|> (whoops. xD)
[18:36] * DawnStarr leaves into the dining part.
[18:36] <Lightning|> (*@chef)
[18:36] *** Jo| is now known as TotalDramaNaruto
[18:36] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: When we first started Total Drama Loading, I thought I'd hate the other team. And to some extent I do. It's just Dawn is somewhat un-hateable. It'd be like hating a bunny, it just cannot be done. Unless that bunny is holding one of your teammates captive!!
[18:37] -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.
[18:37] <DawnStarr> Whoops....
[18:37] *** Jo|_ is now known as Jo|
[18:37] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (OH, BROWN IS CHEF CAUSE HE'S BLACK, HUH?! >.>)
[18:37] <Lightning|> (CONF) Brick betta' not get into something serious wit' that Rat dude. She's not even sha-hot. Come on.
[18:37] <DawnStarr> [Nalyd. I love you.]
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> (....Pretty much yes.)
[18:37] <DawnStarr> [Marry me.]
[18:37] <Jo|> (XD What's going on?)
[18:37] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> [I will! :D]
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> C:*Wakes out of the mess hall* Stupid kids. >_>
[18:37] <DawnStarr> [YES! back to RP]
[18:37] <Sam|Chef> S: Touchy. :s
[18:38] * DawnStarr sits down at the Rat's table.
[18:38] <Lightning|> That dude needs to sha-chill.
[18:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: GOOD morning campers! :D
[18:38] <ScottCarmichael> Ugh, what could you possibly want this time? :|
[18:38] <Sam|Chef> Morning Chris! :D
[18:38] <Jo|> Good morning? What kind of torture do you have for us today?
[18:38] <Anne_Maria> *bites her lip angrily*
[18:38] <DawnStarr> Good morning Chris, your aura screams out positivity.
[18:38] <Anne_Maria> >.>
[18:38] <DawnStarr> What did you just find earlier back at your trailer?
[18:38] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Time for today's March Madness challenge ;)
[18:38] <Jo|> Dawn. I think his "aura" screams out lonelyness, and failure.
[18:38] <Lightning|> Anotha' challenge! Time for ligh'nin' to test his sha-skills
[18:38] <Sam|Chef> :D
[18:38] <TotalDramaNaruto> (OMG are you serious?)
[18:38] <DakotaMilton> (I thought this took place during the summer.)
[18:39] <Anne_Maria> (Isn't this supposed to be summer?)
[18:39] <Lightning|> Ooh, b-ball! That's Ligh'nin's fave sport!
[18:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Chris: This challenge actually has very little to do with basketball, but the writers thought it'd be cool.
[18:39] <ScottCarmichael> That basketball challenge? :|
[18:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: SHUT UP, THIS EPISODE IS AIRING IN MARCH.
[18:39] <Lightning|> Besides football, and soccer, and, Never mind, boi
[18:39] <DawnStarr> [FOUR WALL]
[18:39] <DawnStarr> [FOURTH WALL]
[18:39] <DawnStarr> [FOURTH WALL]
[18:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: SO PRETEND LIKE IT'S MARCH, OKAY? D:<
[18:39] <TotalDramaNaruto> (no)
[18:39] <Anne_Maria> Stupid Teletoon. >.>
[18:39] <TotalDramaNaruto> (it's a reality show)
[18:39] <DawnStarr> I don't watch TV...
[18:39] <Jo|> (Conf) It's not March.
[18:39] <ScottCarmichael> But this is in the middle of July, it seriously takes producers to edit this for seven months? ._.
[18:39] <DakotaMilton> (Do you know what the fourth wall is?)
[18:39] <TotalDramaNaruto> (yes)
[18:39] <Anne_Maria> (I love making non-canon-ness)
[18:39] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Anyway, today we're doing a sports challenge! :D
[18:39] <DakotaMilton> (Not you, TDN.)
[18:40] <Anne_Maria> Are gymnastics and option?
[18:40] <Anne_Maria> :c
[18:40] <DawnStarr> [Yes, I do. And Chris chipped it.]
[18:40] <Anne_Maria> *an
[18:40] <TotalDramaNaruto> (but it wasn't broken cause it's a reality6 show, so they know it's a show)
[18:40] <TotalDramaNaruto> (oh)
[18:40] <DawnStarr> {Lol, true.]
[18:40] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Wait so... If this is March, we went back in time? :| Or did we go forward in time?! How long have we been on this island?! I DUNNO. *derp face*
[18:40] <Lightning|> Ooh, sha-sweet! Lightnin's gon' KILL in this challenge!
[18:40] <ScottCarmichael> Yah.
[18:40] <ScottCarmichael> No, The Rats have this one, bro.
[18:40] <DawnStarr> I've... never played basketball.
[18:40] <Jo|> Dawn.
[18:40] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The first sport we will be doing is... GOLF :D
[18:41] <Lightning|> Sha-losa'.
[18:41] <ScottCarmichael> It's quite simple Dawn. You dribble, dribble, and shoot. ;D
[18:41] <Anne_Maria> ...
[18:41] <Lightning|> ...
[18:41] <DawnStarr> >..
[18:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> ...
[18:41] <DawnStarr> [WTF. XD]
[18:41] <Jo|> Imagine it as you throwing some evil spirits into the warp of cleaning, or some crud like that.
[18:41] <Lightning|> Suddenly, Ligh'nin' don't seem so happy no more.
[18:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (*just wants to fit in*)
[18:41] <DawnStarr> Oh.
[18:41] <Sam|Chef> GOLF!
[18:41] <Sam|Chef> :D
[18:41] <Sam|Chef> Nice
[18:41] <Lightning|> (so many PJs)
[18:41] <Anne_Maria> (CONF) Watching golf is as fun as watching grass grow. >.>
[18:41] <Jo|> Golf?
[18:41] <DawnStarr> I don't play any sports...
[18:41] <ScottCarmichael> Gah, I hate golf. >_>
[18:41] <Jo|> That's an old person sport, Chris, you must play it!
[18:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The contestants playing are... Jo and Anne Maria!
[18:42] <Anne_Maria> ._.
[18:42] <DawnStarr> {Cue scene of Chris playing Golf}
[18:42] <ScottCarmichael> Yes. :d
[18:42] <Copper5> (Why is Dakota not doing anything?)
[18:42] <Sam|Chef> Jo will destroy her! D:
[18:42] <ScottCarmichael> Go Jo! :D
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But we won't be playing normal golf :p
[18:42] <Lightning|> Sha-mutants?
[18:42] <Jo|> Sha-shutup.
[18:42] <Anne_Maria> We won't? ._.
[18:42] <Sam|Chef> Sha-owned
[18:42] <ScottCarmichael> Oh good mother of Staci, which I think is Lilly Doors.
[18:42] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Jo and Anne Maria will be on pedestals in the air, swinging golf clubs at each other! First one to fall loses. Any questions? ;)
[18:42] <BrunoMartinkovit> (Dakota should be hogging the spotlight right now. :p)
[18:43] <Anne_Maria> Pssssh.
[18:43] <DakotaMilton> (Why do you care? @Copper)
[18:43] <Jo|> Chris.
[18:43] <Jo|> Anything goes right?
[18:43] <Anne_Maria> Honey, you gawt nothin' on me.
[18:43] <Anne_Maria> ;)
[18:43] <Anne_Maria> @Jo
[18:43] <DakotaMilton> (Jesus Christ, okay.)
[18:43] <Copper5> (Because I love her! @ Ryan)
[18:43] * DakotaMilton poses in front of the paparazzi.
[18:43] <DakotaMilton> (There. I hope we're all satisfied._
[18:43] <DakotaMilton> (There. I hope we're all satisfied.)*
[18:43] <Copper5> (That's better. :p)
[18:43] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Anything, and it's strongly enco-OH MY GOD, HEY DAKOTA :D
[18:43] <DakotaMilton> ...
[18:43] <Lightning|> (Belinda Doors. @Scott)
[18:43] <BrunoMartinkovit> (:p)
[18:43] <TotalDramaNaruto> (why aren't you Dakotaing it up as usal Ryan?)
[18:43] <Anne_Maria> Let's get this stahted!
[18:43] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *k so Anne Maria and Jo are on the pedestals with their golf clubs* GO! (please no godplaying)
[18:43] <ScottCarmichael> *glares at Chris* Dude, do you have anything better to do than flirt with sixteen year-old girls that are way out of your league? :|
[18:44] <DakotaMilton> Awww.
[18:44] <Intern|> (:| @TDN)
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> ...
[18:44] <DakotaMilton> Thanks, Scott!!
[18:44] <DakotaMilton> :D
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Nope ;) @ Scott
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> *wacks Jo with a club*
[18:44] <BrunoMartinkovit> (Love you, Anne Maria. <3)
[18:44] <ScottCarmichael> Figured.
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> ;)
[18:44] <Jo|> Mmm.
[18:44] <Sam|Chef> I don't wanna root for Jo, she is mean to me. D:
[18:44] <Jo|> *dodges* ;D Come at me.
[18:44] <Sam|Chef> So Ill just stay quiet for this one. :@(
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> ... >.>
[18:44] <Sam|Chef> *:(
[18:44] <Jo|> *throws the golf club at Anne Maria*
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> *tries to hit Jo-
[18:44] <TotalDramaNaruto> (what? @Intern)
[18:44] <Intern|> *is silently watching the fight with contestants*
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> ...
[18:44] <ScottCarmichael> But we can easily win this challenge, and earn a point for our team.
[18:44] <Lightning|> SHA-GO, ORANGE GIRL!
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> THAT'S IT.
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:44] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: You're never quiet, I can always hear the sound of you jiggling @ Sam
[18:44] <DawnStarr> Go Jo!
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> *begins beating the living bejesus out of Jo*
[18:44] <Intern|> :D
[18:44] <Anne_Maria> D:<
[18:45] <Jo|> LET'S GO.
[18:45] <DawnStarr> Use that inner anger for everytime Lightning calls you a boy!
[18:45] <ScottCarmichael> Let's go Jo! *nudges Sam*
[18:45] <Jo|> *spit at anne-maria* Losing your spray on? ;D
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> ....
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> ENOUGH.
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> Woooo!
[18:45] <Intern|> :o
[18:45] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *starts shooting golf balls at Jo and Anna Maria* I LOVE this game! :D
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> @Jo
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> *TACKLES JO OFF THE PLATFORM*
[18:45] <Jo|> *pushs Anne-Maria off*
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> COME AT ME.
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:45] <DawnStarr> Use that inner anger for every time Lightning calls you a boy, Jo!
[18:45] <Jo|> (Uh. XD)
[18:45] <Anne_Maria> ([19:45] <Jo|> *pushs Anne-Maria off* --Sir, this is god playing. >.>)
[18:45] <Lightning|> but... you are a boy. :(
[18:45] <Jo|> (push you off me XD)
[18:45] <Sam|Chef> Go Jo, you are a mean person hut at :D
[18:45] <Jo|> (not.. off the platform XD)
[18:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Both of you just godplayed, wtf)
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> (Ah.)
[18:46] <Sam|Chef> Huh Huh. Hair.
[18:46] <Intern|> (XD @Nalyd)
[18:46] <DawnStarr> [Lolol, Off-balance maybe?]
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> *begins slapping Jo with her hands*
[18:46] <DakotaMilton> Go, Jo!!
[18:46] <Jo|> LET'S GO.. TOOT FRUIT
[18:46] <DakotaMilton> Woo!!
[18:46] <ScottCarmichael> Smack her like Lightning just but you in a marathon, Jo! :D
[18:46] <DawnStarr> Go Jo!
[18:46] <Intern|> *is pumping fist* :D
[18:46] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *continues shooting golfballs at their facial areas*
[18:46] <Jo|> *jumped into the air and did a karate kick* WACHAAAA.
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> *claws Jo*
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> ...
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> YOU KNOW WHAT?
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> *jumps off her platform*
[18:46] <Anne_Maria> *tackles Chris*
[18:47] <Intern|> ._.
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: :| NO, WHY GOD WHY?!
[18:47] <Jo|> ._.
[18:47] <ScottCarmichael> YAH! Great job Jo! WOO-HOO!
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> *begins beating the living bejesus out of Chris*
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:47] <Lightning|> (yah? you're not staci. xD @scott)
[18:47] <DawnStarr> Anne Maria, are you missing Vito and all your Anger is out?
[18:47] <Jo|> I'm actually proud of anne maria for once. XD>
[18:47] <DakotaMilton> :o
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> (Vito doesn't exist.)
[18:47] <Sam|Chef> ILL SAVE YOU CHRIS! :D
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> TAKE THAT.
[18:47] <DawnStarr> [Oh. Ignore that]
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: Half of me wanted to help Chris, the other... didn't. :|
[18:47] <Anne_Maria> *punches Chris' stuble*
[18:47] * Sam|Chef runs over in slow motion to Chris.
[18:47] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: MY BEAUTIFUL STUBBLE, NOOOOO.
[18:47] <Intern|> :s
[18:47] <Intern|> *runs to try and save Chris*
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: DARN IT SAM, WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?! IS IT CAUSE YOU'RE FAT, HUH?!
[18:48] <DawnStarr> [Note, Take a hint just played on my phone. X3]
[18:48] <Lightning|> (omg i love that song @zach)
[18:48] <Sam|Chef> *stops* :'( FORGET IT. :'(
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: I think he's trying to help you :|
[18:48] *** Jam7 has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I don't want his hands on me D:<
[18:48] * Sam|Chef stops running and slow motion and stops trying to save Chris.
[18:48] <ScottCarmichael> It's Rodney, Dawn.
[18:48] <DakotaMilton> :|
[18:48] <Jo|> Uh, I don't know what to do.
[18:48] <DawnStarr> :|
[18:48] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *gets up, brushes self off* Well, Rats win round one :|
[18:48] <DawnStarr> Jo... I'd just... Stay there?
[18:48] <Anne_Maria> *gives Chris one final kick to the nuts*
[18:48] <Intern|> :|
[18:49] <Anne_Maria> AGH.
[18:49] <ScottCarmichael> YES! :D
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> Woop!
[18:49] <DawnStarr> ._.
[18:49] <Lightning|> Aw, sha-come on, team.
[18:49] <Intern|> D:
[18:49] <Anne_Maria> *throws her golf club away, killing an intern*
[18:49] <Jo|> *walked off platform and walked to Anne-Maria*
[18:49] <Lightning|> (i have put your hearts up on loop)
[18:49] <Intern|> How could you?! D: @Anne Maria
[18:49] <Intern|> O___O
[18:49] <DakotaMilton> Ugh.
[18:49] <Intern|> *dies*
[18:49] <Jo|> Thanks. *nudge*
[18:49] <DakotaMilton> Anne Maria, this is all your fault!!
[18:49] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *is wearing his patented Chris Mclean brand-cup* Now, for round two!
[18:49] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Dawn vs, brick! :D
[18:49] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick*
[18:49] <DawnStarr> ._.
[18:49] <DawnStarr> But.
[18:49] <Lightning|> Oh, sha-no.
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> :o
[18:49] <Anne_Maria> Sometimes, there are more important things than winning.
[18:49] <Anne_Maria> >.>
[18:49] <Sam|Chef> GO DAWN! :D
[18:49] <Anne_Maria> @Jo
[18:49] <Jo|> Dawn.
[18:49] <Jo|> Just think..
[18:49] <Jo|> Brick can't hit a girl.
[18:49] <Lightning|> Brick versus Creepy Girl? But, he, like, likes her, yo!
[18:49] <DawnStarr> ...
[18:50] <Anne_Maria> Ah, go soak your face.
[18:50] <Anne_Maria> :@
[18:50] <Anne_Maria> @Dakota
[18:50] <Lightning|> (CONF) Brick is such a sha-detriment to our team.
[18:50] <Jo|> You, have earned my respect. By giving me the win. ;D
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *stands and salutes* Wait, I can't hit a girl with a golf club D: Unless she was holding my commanding officer hostage... :| Are you holding my commanding officer hostage/ :|
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> ?*
[18:50] <DawnStarr> No...
[18:50] <Lightning|> (CONF) But he's sha-cool. If he gets away from creepy girl.
[18:50] * DawnStarr gets up.
[18:50] <DawnStarr> ._.
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: No, golf sucks. We're doing a NEW sport!
[18:50] <DawnStarr> Huh?
[18:50] <DawnStarr> Please let it be something easy.
[18:50] <DawnStarr> :s
[18:50] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: BASKETBALL :D
[18:50] <DawnStarr> [DAWN RAGE Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- meme]
[18:50] <Jo|> NO.
[18:51] <Jo|> Dawn.
[18:51] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Each of you will have ONE shot to make the most impressive trick shot!
[18:51] <DawnStarr> Oh crap. ._.
[18:51] <DawnStarr> Triick shot?
[18:51] <Jo|> Concentrate the evil aura into that one ball and throw it into the net of cleaning.
[18:51] <DawnStarr> What's that?
[18:51] <DawnStarr> ._.
[18:51] <Lightning|> Aw, sha-come-on. I wish I could do some b-ball.
[18:51] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Sounds easy enough, me and my cadet buddies used to play basketball :)
[18:51] <DakotaMilton> What's a trick shot?
[18:51] <ScottCarmichael> Wow, that's... so... exciting Brick!
[18:51] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Essentially, you wanna get it in but make it look cool.
[18:51] <DawnStarr> Oh.
[18:52] <DawnStarr> The basket, right?
[18:52] <ScottCarmichael> It means that the paparazzi is taking pictures on top the cabins, go ahead and look
[18:52] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Yep :)
[18:52] <DawnStarr> Oh.
[18:52] *** BrunoMartinkovit has quit (Quit: Public PJIRC @
[18:52] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, since the Rats won last round, Dawn will go first!
[18:52] <ScottCarmichael> Let's go Dawn, WOO-HOO! :D
[18:52] <DawnStarr> (conf) *rage face*
[18:52] <DawnStarr> Erm...
[18:52] <Jo|> Dawn. imagine.. Me stomping bambi's face.
[18:52] <Jo|> Perfect.
[18:52] * DawnStarr holds the basketball in the hand.
[18:53] <DawnStarr> W-What?
[18:53] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO BAMBI?! D: He doesn't even have a mother!!
[18:53] <DawnStarr> You would hurt an innocent creature like that?!
[18:53] <Jo|> (Conf) Countless child's childhood ruined for one round? Yes.
[18:53] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Jo, you evil heartless she-devil!
[18:53] <ScottCarmichael> It's Jo Dawn, of course she would do something like that.
[18:53] <Jo|> The backboard is my face. D:< PROVE IT.
[18:53] <Jo|> Prove that your a true animal lover, or are you a sham?
[18:54] <Sam|Chef> :'(
[18:54] <Copper5> (JoxDawn conflict ftw)
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: She's bluffing. :| She's gotta be bluffing!...
[18:54] *** WebkinzMania has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Wait... Wasn't Bambi a cartoon? :|
[18:54] * DawnStarr rages and throws the basketball at full power at the basket, it rebouncing back hitting Chris in the face, then flying back in the basket.
[18:54] <Jo|> *grabbed Sam* Am I really bluffing?
[18:54] <ScottCarmichael> No, Bambi is real.
[18:54] <DakotaMilton> Stop talking about Bombai and throw the basketball into the hoop, Brick!!
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm the hardest! :D
[18:54] <ScottCarmichael> Great job Dawn! *high-fives*
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: O.O
[18:54] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: OW. :'(
[18:55] <Intern|> (TWHS. :| @Brick)
[18:55] <Sam|Chef> (Lol Brick is hard. D:)
[18:55] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: WHAT THE F***. THAT WAS MY NOSE.
[18:55] <DawnStarr> [Conf] Whoops... I think I went overboard...
[18:55] <Jo|> >-> . Uh, sure. *let go of Sam*
[18:55] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: OUCH. OH MY GOD. Is it bleeding? D:
[18:55] * Sam|Chef runs away from Jo.
[18:55] <DawnStarr> C-Chris!
[18:55] <Intern|> *runs up*
[18:55] <ScottCarmichael> Nope.
[18:55] * DawnStarr runs over!
[18:55] <DawnStarr> I'm sorry
[18:55] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: It huuuuuurrrts. :'(
[18:55] <Intern|> *takes care of Chris*
[18:55] <DawnStarr> S-Sorry.
[18:55] <DawnStarr> :s
[18:55] <Jo|> *mimicks a commanding officer* ATENHUT. ._.
[18:55] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: GET AWAY FROM ME. :'( Brick.. just... shoot it... :'(
[18:55] <Intern|> Do you need tylenol, sir? ._. @Chris
[18:56] * DawnStarr goes and sits down and cries.
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: :| *standing several feet from basket*
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *does standard, simple shot*
[18:56] <ScottCarmichael> *puts on straw hat, putting it on Dakota*
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets it in* :|
[18:56] <ScottCarmichael> *takes picture*
[18:56] <DawnStarr> :|
[18:56] <DawnStarr> T_T
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Point to the maggots for not injuring me :'(
[18:56] <TotalDramaNaruto> (...WTF?)
[18:56] <ScottCarmichael> O_o
[18:56] <TotalDramaNaruto> (@Scott)
[18:56] <ScottCarmichael> What?!
[18:56] <DakotaMilton> ... ._.
[18:56] <DawnStarr> T_T
[18:56] <DawnStarr> I'm sorry team.
[18:56] <Sam|Chef> It is okay. D:
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> [19:56] <+ScottCarmichael> *puts on straw hat, putting it on Dakota* [19:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets it in* :| [19:56] <+ScottCarmichael> *takes picture* [19:56] <DawnStarr> :|
[18:56] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (WTF)
[18:57] <ScottCarmichael> Dakota, here's a pic for the paparazzi? Hmm?
[18:57] <DakotaMilton> Ew.
[18:57] <Intern|> *brings out stretcher*
[18:57] <DakotaMilton> I would never be seen in a STRAW HAT.
[18:57] <Intern|> *motions for Chris to lie down on it*
[18:57] <DakotaMilton> Seriously, 21st century much?
[18:57] <ScottCarmichael> But you just were, see? *hands picture to Dakota*
[18:57] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *lies down on stretcher* Wait.. before you take me away...
[18:57] <Intern|> ?
[18:57] <Lightning|> ?
[18:57] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> chris: I must explain the final part of the challenge. It is my duty as a host- NO. As a man. :'(
[18:57] <Sam|Chef> :(
[18:57] <DakotaMilton> Hurrry. D:
[18:57] <Intern|> *nods....WITH FEELING*
[18:57] <DakotaMilton> I'm tired.
[18:58] <Sam|Chef> Take is easy will ya. :(
[18:58] <DawnStarr> :s
[18:58] <TotalDramaNaruto> (well?)
[18:58] <Sam|Chef> *it
[18:58] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The final round is going to be... football. Dakota and Lightning vs. Sam and Scott.
[18:58] <DakotaMilton> Football?!?!!?
[18:58] <DakotaMilton> Ewwww!
[18:58] <Sam|Chef> :o
[18:58] <Lightning|> Aw, sha-yeah!
[18:58] <DawnStarr> [HA.]
[18:58] <ScottCarmichael> Awesome!
[18:59] <Lightning|> Dakota, c'mon, you know you like foo'ball.
[18:59] <Sam|Chef> ILL DO IT! FOR CHRIS!
[18:59] <Jo|> Mmm... Sam, just block.
[18:59] <DawnStarr> What's football?
[18:59] <DawnStarr> ._.
[18:59] <DakotaMilton> Whatever.
[18:59] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, you have played football right? Do it for Chris!
[18:59] <Jo|> Scott, just do your dirty trick or whatever.
[18:59] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: but the delivery guy didn't understand which football we meant... So we got a football football and soccer goals. :| Our bad.
[18:59] <Lightning|> All right, I officially pity the fool. By the fool, I mean creepy girl.
[18:59] <Intern|> *takes Chris away*
[18:59] <Lightning|> FOOTBALL AND SOCCER?
[18:59] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I'M NOT DONE.
[18:59] <Intern|> O_O
[18:59] <Lightning|> My two favorite sha-sports!
[18:59] <DawnStarr> Someone explain what football is?
[18:59] <Intern|> *takes Chris back*
[19:00] <Jo|> Sweaty men have fun on the ground. @Dawn.
[19:00] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Both pairs must get the football into the other team's goal. You can carry it, kick it, make out with it, whatever you've gotta do.
[19:00] <Jo|> Tackling for the ball.
[19:00] <Lightning|> Sha-totally! You got it, dude! @Jo
[19:00] <DakotaMilton> I'm not a man! D:
[19:00] <DawnStarr> ._.
[19:00] <DawnStarr> Why?
[19:00] <Sam|Chef> *puts on a sweat band* Lets do this. :@
[19:00] <DawnStarr> That seems pointless?
[19:00] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Tackling is encouraged.
[19:00] <DawnStarr> That seems pointless.*
[19:00] <ScottCarmichael> *puts in mouthpiece*
[19:00] <Lightning|> Tacklin' is th' best part!
[19:00] <Intern|> Ready, sir? @Chris
[19:00] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: First pair to two points wins the challenge and will guarantee their team safety tonight. Any questions?
[19:00] <Jo|> Sam,
[19:00] * DakotaMilton fixes hair.
[19:00] <Lightning|> And I already got a cool uniform, yo.
[19:00] <Jo|> Use your tubbiness for use.
[19:01] * Lightning| puts helmet on
[19:01] <ScottCarmichael> I played football on my varsity team last year.
[19:01] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *weakly*... Go...
[19:01] <Sam|Chef> Someone play some dramatic music! :@
[19:01] <Lightning|> SHA-YEAH!
[19:01] <Intern|> *takes Chris away*
[19:01] <ScottCarmichael> *picks up football*
[19:01] * Lightning| sprints.
[19:01] <Intern|> *throws a stereo at Sam*
[19:01] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, tackle Lightning!
[19:01] <Lightning|> Come on, ginga'! Gimme th' ball!
[19:01] <Sam|Chef> YES
[19:01] * Lightning| runs fast.
[19:01] * Sam|Chef plays "I need a hero" on the stereo
[19:01] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, let's go! D:<
[19:01] <Sam|Chef> Lets do thia! :@
[19:01] <Lightning|> Bet'cha can't catch th' ligh'nin!
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> *this
[19:02] * DakotaMilton poses in front of the paparazzi.
[19:02] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, tackle Lightning! *resumes running*
[19:02] * Lightning| tackles Scott.
[19:02] <Lightning|> Gotcha!
[19:02] <DawnStarr> Go Scott! Go get the ball!
[19:02] * ScottCarmichael throws ball to Sam
[19:02] * Lightning| charges towards Sam.
[19:02] <DawnStarr> Sam! Catch it!
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> O.O
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> AHHH
[19:02] <Lightning|> DAKOTA! C'MON :@
[19:02] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, throw it back here!
[19:02] <Jo|> SAM. '
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> What?!
[19:02] <Jo|> TUBBINESS.
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> What are we doing?
[19:02] * Sam|Chef kicks it!
[19:02] <Lightning|> Get'cha head in th' game!
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> GO GET IT!
[19:02] <Lightning|> We're playing football!
[19:02] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> Oh!
[19:02] <ScottCarmichael> *runs towards the football*
[19:02] <DakotaMilton> I can do that!
[19:02] <Jo|> Dakota.
[19:02] <Jo|> You will break your nails.
[19:02] * Lightning| runs towards the football.
[19:02] <Lightning|> DAKOTA, GET IT
[19:02] <Lightning|> Sha-c'mon!
[19:02] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Could people not participating in the challenge please be a little bit more on the not talking side? Thankya :3)
[19:02] <ScottCarmichael> Dakota, the paparzzi's here! *continues running*
[19:03] <Sam|Chef> GET IT SCOTT! D:
[19:03] <Jo|> (>-> fine.)
[19:03] <Lightning|> Dakota, ignore them!
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> They are?!?!
[19:03] <ScottCarmichael> HELP! D:>
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> Where?!!
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> I'm sooo confused.
[19:03] <Lightning|> No!
[19:03] <Lightning|> They're not, sha-hottie!
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> :o
[19:03] <ScottCarmichael> YUP. *points over to her goal*
[19:03] <Lightning|> Come on, play th' game!
[19:03] * Sam|Chef runs towards the ball
[19:03] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> Did you just call me... hot?! :D
[19:03] * Lightning| sprints.
[19:03] <Lightning|> I'll sha-talk to ya later
[19:03] * DakotaMilton picks up the football.
[19:03] <Lightning|> PASS IT!
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> I'll win this for Lightning!
[19:03] <ScottCarmichael> No, he called you ugly! *tackles Dakota*
[19:03] <Lightning|> :D
[19:03] <Sam|Chef> Looks like Lightning is the only one scoring. ;)
[19:03] * DakotaMilton passes it to Lightning before she is tackled.
[19:03] * Lightning| sprints.
[19:03] * Sam|Chef runs behind Lightning
[19:03] <Lightning|> Sha-please! This's so easy!
[19:03] <DakotaMilton> You smell, like, really bad. D: @Scott
[19:03] <ScottCarmichael> UGH! *gets up and runs towards Lightning*
[19:04] * Lightning| kicks it into the goal, finally.
[19:04] <Sam|Chef> *BREATHS HEAVILY*
[19:04] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: One point for the Maggots!!
[19:04] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, you couldn't catch him?
[19:04] <Lightning|> Sha-bam!
[19:04] <Intern|> (Is Chris out of the infirmary? XD)
[19:04] <DakotaMilton> (Laggerz.)
[19:04] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Chris just knows everything)
[19:04] <Sam|Chef> I'm sorry. :'(
[19:04] <DawnStarr> [CHRIS IS GOD.]
[19:04] <Intern|> (Makes sense.)
[19:04] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Round two... *throws ball onto field* GO.
[19:04] *** Lightning| has quit (*.net *.split)
[19:04] <ScottCarmichael> It's fine, just tackle Lightning this time.
[19:04] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> :|
[19:04] <Anne_Maria> (...)
[19:04] <Intern|> (Oh god. :|)
[19:04] <DawnStarr> [WHOOPS.]
[19:04] <TotalDramaNaruto> (..)
[19:04] * ScottCarmichael runs
[19:04] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> er... hang on.
[19:05] <TotalDramaNaruto> (FAIL!)
[19:05] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Technical goof)
[19:05] <Anne_Maria> (Just wait.)
[19:05] <Anne_Maria> (He'll be back any sec.)
[19:05] <DawnStarr> {Did Lightning just pass out on the field?! We could use that}
[19:05] <DawnStarr> [As a temporary cover]
[19:05] <ScottCarmichael> *picks ball up*
[19:05] <Intern|> (Okay. @Zach)
[19:05] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *puts on his Lightning costume* A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...(loljk)
[19:05] <DakotaMilton> Lightie!! D:
[19:05] <DawnStarr> Did Lightning just pass out?!
[19:06] <Intern|> :s
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> :o
[19:06] <ScottCarmichael> Hey, Brick can't compete!
[19:06] <DawnStarr> Is this game just that waring out...?
[19:06] <Intern|> *carries Lightning off the field*
[19:06] <DakotaMilton> Looks like it's up to me. :D
[19:06] *** Lightning| has joined #dramatizing
[19:06] <DakotaMilton> The GREAT Dakota Milton. ;)
[19:06] <DakotaMilton> Or... not...
[19:06] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Just wait a sec, guys :|
[19:06] <Intern|> *pus him back on*
[19:06] <Intern|> :|
[19:06] <Intern|> puts*
[19:06] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (See? -.-)
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> (lawl.)
[19:06] <Lightning|> ...
[19:06] <DawnStarr> Oh, he'd okay.
[19:06] <Lightning|> (wtf just happened? XD)
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> LETS GO
[19:06] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Round two... BEGIN.
[19:06] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:06] * Lightning| charges towards the ball
[19:06] <ScottCarmichael> *runs to ball*
[19:06] <Intern|> (Just go go go, Maggot! @Lightning)
[19:06] <Lightning|> Go, sha-hottie! C'mon, get th' ball!
[19:06] * DakotaMilton runs over to Sam and taps him on the shoulder.
[19:06] <ScottCarmichael> *continues running*
[19:06] <DakotaMilton> Hey, does this look like a broken nail to you?
[19:07] <Jo|> (Let's go RATS. D:<)
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, tackle Dakota! *runs*
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> I mean, it's only partially broken, right?
[19:07] <Lightning|> Talk to sha-fattie later!
[19:07] <Sam|Chef> Do you think this the best time.
[19:07] <Lightning|> Get in th' game!
[19:07] <Sam|Chef> I can't, she is a girl. D:
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> YES. <.<
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> You can't tackle me.
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> I'm Dakota!
[19:07] * Lightning| runs towards Scott.
[19:07] <Sam|Chef> Not really. O.o
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> Sam, just run around her, you gotta help!
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> Ooh.
[19:07] * DawnStarr cheers for Scott and Sam in the field.
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> *runs past Lightning, towards the ball*
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> You have REALLY prety eyelashes.
[19:07] * Sam|Chef runs around Dakota in circles.
[19:07] * DakotaMilton takes out a curler.
[19:07] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Isn't Lightning like twice Scott's size? xD)
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> I'm going to style them for you, k? :3
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, RUN!
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:07] <Sam|Chef> I AM
[19:07] <Intern|> :o
[19:07] <Lightning|> Dakota......
[19:07] <Intern|> *confiscates Dakota's curler*
[19:07] <DakotaMilton> Wait!! You need more mascara!! D:
[19:07] * Lightning| runs.
[19:07] <ScottCarmichael> AWAY FROM DAKOTA!
[19:08] * DakotaMilton runs after Sam.
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> WAKA WAKA WAKA
[19:08] <Intern|> No electronic devices!
[19:08] <Intern|> :@
[19:08] <DawnStarr> Dakota... :|
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:08] * Lightning| grabs the ball.
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> LEAVE ME ALONE!
[19:08] <Lightning|> Lookin' for this?
[19:08] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Does anybody have the ball. :|
[19:08] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: oh, kk.
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> *tackles Lightning*
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> WAKA WAKA
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> WAKA
[19:08] * Lightning| throws the ball.
[19:08] <Lightning|> Dakota, catch!
[19:08] <Lightning|> :D
[19:08] * DakotaMilton catches it.
[19:08] <DakotaMilton> :D
[19:08] <DakotaMilton> Yay!
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, CATCH THE BALL!
[19:08] <DakotaMilton> I got it!
[19:08] * DakotaMilton pushes Sam over.
[19:08] <Lightning|> Now, run!
[19:08] <Lightning|> And kick th' ball!
[19:08] <DakotaMilton> Move it, fat stuff. :@
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, TACKLE DAKOTA, NOW! :@
[19:08] * DakotaMilton kicks the ball.
[19:08] * Sam|Chef falls
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> WE HAVE TO WIN!
[19:08] <Lightning|> Sam's sha-pushed over!
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> IM NOT DONE
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> *runs towards ball*
[19:08] * Lightning| grabs the ball
[19:08] <Lightning|> Come on!
[19:08] * Sam|Chef RUNS TOWARDS THE BALL.
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> RAWR
[19:08] * Lightning| runs towards goal.
[19:08] <ScottCarmichael> *me tackles Lightning
[19:08] <Lightning|> This ain't ovah!
[19:08] <Lightning|> Dakota! I need some sha-ssistance!
[19:08] <Sam|Chef> Get him Scott! D:
[19:08] <Anne_Maria> (lolfail. @Scott)
[19:09] <DakotaMilton> On it!
[19:09] * ScottCarmichael takes ball
[19:09] * DakotaMilton takes out her purse.
[19:09] <Lightning|> Get Sha-ginger~
[19:09] * DakotaMilton begins throwing makeup items at Sam.
[19:09] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> [20:08] * DakotaMilton pushes Sam over.
[19:09] <ScottCarmichael> *runs towards goal*
[19:09] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (That makes me happy)
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> NO!
[19:09] <Lightning|> No!
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> NOT LIPSTICK!
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:09] * Lightning| gets in front of Scott
[19:09] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Kool-Aid Man: OH YEAH1
[19:09] <ScottCarmichael> *runs around Lightning*
[19:09] * DakotaMilton throws mascara at Scott.
[19:09] <Anne_Maria> (^I lold.)
[19:09] <Lightning|> C'mon, li'l girl. Afraid of th' Ligh'nin?
[19:09] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:09] * Lightning| kicks Scott in the balls.
[19:09] <DakotaMilton> :-O
[19:09] <DakotaMilton> Eee!
[19:09] <DakotaMilton> Go, Lighty!!
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> (.........)
[19:09] <ScottCarmichael> *winces, yet continues running*
[19:09] * Lightning| grabs the ball.
[19:09] <Sam|Chef> (>_>)
[19:10] <Lightning|> DAKOTA CATCH
[19:10] <Anne_Maria> (This episode is supposed to end in 5 minutes. Just sayin'. >.>)
[19:10] * Lightning| throws.
[19:10] <ScottCarmichael> (Dude, you can't do that Toad. :| )
[19:10] <Sam|Chef> (SOMEONE SCORE)
[19:10] <Sam|Chef> (NOW.)
[19:10] <ScottCarmichael> *RUNS TOWARDS DAKOTA*
[19:10] * DakotaMilton catches the ball.
[19:10] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *Spanish announcer vote* THIS CHALLENGE IS LOCO.
[19:10] <Lightning|> (uh... that's not really godplaying, the challenge has been dragging on forever. XD)
[19:10] <Lightning|> (plus, people kick each other in the balls all the time in TD.)
[19:10] <ScottCarmichael> (Scott was already past you. ._.
[19:10] <Lightning|> (i got in front of him.)
[19:10] <ScottCarmichael> *runs towards Dakota*
[19:10] <Sam|Chef> (JUST SCORE SOMEONE)
[19:10] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (I also kick people in the balls)
[19:10] <DakotaMilton> Hey, Scott!
[19:10] <ScottCarmichael> And he ran around him. .->
[19:10] <DakotaMilton> :D
[19:10] <Copper5> (I think Dakota scored.)
[19:11] <ScottCarmichael> *runs* Hey Dakota, PAPARAZZI!
[19:11] <Anne_Maria> (If someone runs one more time, I'm going to slaughter Copper.)
[19:11] * Sam|Chef is still on the ground
[19:11] * DakotaMilton kicks the ball into Scott's face.
[19:11] <Sam|Chef> Make up. :'(
[19:11] <DakotaMilton> Where?!?!?!
[19:11] <DakotaMilton> O_O"
[19:11] <ScottCarmichael> *takes ball*
[19:11] <Copper5> (:O)
[19:11] <Sam|Chef> WHY!?
[19:11] <ScottCarmichael> *runs back towards goal, kicking it*
[19:11] <Lightning|> (DAKOTA SCORED.... I THINK)
[19:11] <DawnStarr> [And he leaves unscathed.]
[19:11] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I grow weary of this challenge. hurry it up. >.>
[19:11] <DawnStarr> [And he leaves unscathed in the face.]
[19:11] <Anne_Maria> (It's 1-1 now. >.>)
[19:11] <Sam|Chef> Gooooo! D:
[19:11] <ScottCarmichael> *kicks it in* YES! :D
[19:11] <Sam|Chef> (We never scored. :|)
[19:12] <Sam|Chef> (Now it is 1-1)
[19:12] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: K ITS ALL TIED UP, SAM CRAPPED HIS PANTS, GO GO GO. round three... BEGIN.
[19:12] <Lightning|> A'ight.
[19:12] <Lightning|> Time to get it down!
[19:12] * Lightning| grabs the ball and throws it at Dakota.
[19:12] * Sam|Chef gets back up.
[19:12] <Lightning|> Catch it, sha-wty!
[19:12] <Sam|Chef> I HATE SPORTS
[19:12] <ScottCarmichael> *me tackles Dakota*
[19:12] <Sam|Chef> :'(
[19:12] * Sam|Chef ones around in more circles
[19:12] <DakotaMilton> Hey!
[19:12] <DakotaMilton> I'm a girl, you redheaded icecube. :@
[19:12] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Scott just hit a girl. :o
[19:12] <Sam|Chef> WAKA WAKA WAKA
[19:13] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: come on, Sam! Do it!... I'M PROUD OF YOU, SON! D:
[19:13] <Lightning|> Scott, that ain't cool, brother.
[19:13] <ScottCarmichael> Icecube?!?
[19:13] <DawnStarr> Why is... SAm making those noises.
[19:13] <DawnStarr> :s
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> SON!?
[19:13] * Lightning| runs towards Sam.
[19:13] <ScottCarmichael> *continues running*
[19:13] * Sam|Chef dodges Lightning
[19:13] * DakotaMilton snaps fingers, causing the paparazzi to start taking pictures of Sam with the flash on.
[19:13] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: loljk. Just felt like distracting you.
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> I am not letting my papa dow--
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:13] <Lightning|> Haw, looks like Sam got hit by ligh'nin!
[19:13] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, YOU CAN DO IT!
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> Oooooh.
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> Never mind. :'(
[19:13] <Lightning|> Ligh'nin' flash... photography?
[19:13] <ScottCarmichael> *runs, and picks up the ball, kicking it*
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> I thought after all these years I had a father again.
[19:13] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:13] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Nope.
[19:13] * Lightning| runs towards Scott.
[19:13] * DakotaMilton jumps in front of the ball and is hit in the chest.
[19:13] <DakotaMilton> Ow!!
[19:13] <DawnStarr> Sam! Use that inner anger torwards chris to your victory!
[19:13] <Intern|> (I read that as pornography. @Toad)
[19:13] <Lightning|> Aww, Dakota!
[19:13] * DakotaMilton picks up the ball.
[19:14] * DakotaMilton kicks it.
[19:14] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, GRAB THE BAL!
[19:14] <Lightning|> (xDDD @Jax)
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Dakota takes a ball in the boobs.
[19:14] <Lightning|> Whoo, go, Dako!
[19:14] <Sam|Chef> I can't stay anger at Chris, he is the closet thing to a father I ever had. :'(
[19:14] <Lightning|> Win it fo' th' sha-team!
[19:14] <Anne_Maria> (... until I took a football to the boobs. :|)
[19:14] <ScottCarmichael> *catches ball in the kiwis* OWWW! D:
[19:14] <DakotaMilton> Hey! You don't know what it's like to be chesty. Nobody ELSE on this show has boobs.
[19:14] <DakotaMilton> Except Sam, of course.
[19:14] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:14] <Lightning|> Except my sha-pectorals.
[19:14] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Except Sa- YES.
[19:14] <Intern|> (But what do I know? I wasted an immunity idol. @Bigez)
[19:14] * Sam|Chef lays down. D:
[19:14] <Jo|> (>->. Thanks.)
[19:14] <ScottCarmichael> *picks up ball*
[19:14] <Sam|Chef> I am dead inside. D:
[19:14] * DakotaMilton runs towards Scott, flailing her arms.
[19:14] <Lightning|> Dakota, let's get 'em!
[19:14] <Lightning|> (IKR?)
[19:15] * Lightning| grabs the ball.
[19:15] <ScottCarmichael> *kicks ball*
[19:15] * DakotaMilton catches it.
[19:15] * Lightning| runs towards the goal.
[19:15] <Anne_Maria> (... -_-')
[19:15] * DakotaMilton kicks the ball.
[19:15] <ScottCarmichael> *runs*
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (wtf just happened...)
[19:15] <Intern|> (15 more minutes. :p @Bigez)
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: TIME OUT.
[19:15] <Jo|> (lol. im confused.)
[19:15] <ScottCarmichael> (How do they magically get the ball? :| )
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: TIME OUT TIME OUT TIME OUT.
[19:15] <DawnStarr> [What]
[19:15] <Sam|Chef> (WHO HAS THE F**KING BALL?)
[19:15] <DakotaMilton> (YOU KICKED IT AND I CAUGHT IT.)
[19:15] <DakotaMilton> (OH MY GOD.)
[19:15] <DawnStarr> [I DON'T KNOW]
[19:15] <DawnStarr> [Derp]
[19:15] <ScottCarmichael> (I had it first, Lightning wasn't near me. xD )
[19:15] * DakotaMilton continues throwing random makeup items at Sam.
[19:15] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: okay. Lightning, Scott, you're done. The final point must be scored by either Dakota or Sam, it's only those two playing. BEGIN.
[19:15] <Sam|Chef> LEAVE ME ALONE.
[19:15] <DakotaMilton> :o
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> Yay!!
[19:16] <Jo|> (Oh god.)
[19:16] <Lightning|> All right.
[19:16] * DakotaMilton picks up the ball.
[19:16] <Lightning|> Win it, 'kota!
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> :D
[19:16] <ScottCarmichael> SAM, GO, HELP CHRIS, HE'S YOUR DADDY! GO!
[19:16] <Lightning|> For th' sha-team1
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:16] <Jo|> Tubby. You better win.
[19:16] <ScottCarmichael> *sits next to Dawn* That hurt. o_o
[19:16] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: He's not my daughter. >.>
[19:16] <TotalDramaNaruto> (xDDDD)
[19:16] * DakotaMilton starts running with it.
[19:16] * Sam|Chef runs towards Dakota.
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> RAWR
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> :@
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> :o
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> D:
[19:16] <DawnStarr> Sorry... -pats scott on the back-
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> I'm sorry.
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> No, it's okay.
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> I understand.
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> I can't, she is a girl :'(
[19:16] <ScottCarmichael> Thanks Dawn. :( *winks at camera*
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> You need to win and all.
[19:16] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (I wanna see Dakota pull out pepper spray on Sam)
[19:16] <DakotaMilton> But you have REALLY chapped lips.
[19:16] <Sam|Chef> Really?
[19:17] * DakotaMilton takes out chapstick.
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> O.O
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> AHHHH
[19:17] * DakotaMilton starts applying it on Sam.
[19:17] <DakotaMilton> There. :3
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> NO
[19:17] <Jo|> Sam. I will punch you. >->.
[19:17] <DakotaMilton> Wow, you look better already. ;)
[19:17] <Lightning|> DAKOTA, KICK TH' SHA-BALL!
[19:17] <DawnStarr> [What.]
[19:17] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris:... SOMEBODY WIN IT ALREADY.
[19:17] * DakotaMilton kicks the ball.
[19:17] * Sam|Chef runs around in circles
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> WAKA WAKA WAKA WAKA
[19:17] <Sam|Chef> D:
[19:17] <Anne_Maria> (DAFUQ DOES THAT MEAN. >.>)
[19:17] * DakotaMilton kicks the ball into the net because Sam is not doing anything to defend it and I feel like this needs to end. Sorry.
[19:17] * DawnStarr is hit by the ball in the face and it lands back at Dakota's feet.
[19:17] <ScottCarmichael> JUST KICK THE BALL :|
[19:17] <DakotaMilton> ... y... w...
[19:17] <TotalDramaNaruto> (WTF Sam?)
[19:17] <DawnStarr> [Ignore that.]
[19:17] <DakotaMilton> I don't even...
[19:17] <DakotaMilton> Okay.
[19:17] <Lightning|> (WE WON.)
[19:18] * Lightning| runs up to Dakota.
[19:18] <DawnStarr> [OKAY.]
[19:18] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: ... *sigh* Maggots win.
[19:18] <Lightning|> You don't know how sha-proud I am of you, girl.
[19:18] <DawnStarr> [THIS EPISODE WAS INSANE]
[19:18] <Sam|Chef> :(
[19:18] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Rats, it's time to VOTE.
[19:18] <Lightning|> You won the sha-challenge.
[19:18] <Jo|> ..
[19:18] <Jo|> Sam.
[19:18] <DawnStarr> :(
[19:18] <Anne_Maria> Bout time.
[19:18] <Anne_Maria> >.>
[19:18] * DawnStarr looks sad.
[19:18] <Jo|> I'm going to punch you >_>
[19:18] <Sam|Chef> I AM SORRY
[19:18] <TotalDramaNaruto> (That...was the MOST disorganized challenge EVER!)
[19:18] <Copper5> (Episode name: Ball-Hogs)
[19:18] <Sam|Chef> Huh huh. :s
[19:18] <DakotaMilton> (I didn't actually mind that challenge.)
[19:18] <Sam|Chef> Come on guys.
[19:18] <Anne_Maria> (It's called Friday Night Fights. @Copper)
[19:18] <DakotaMilton> (Honestly.)
[19:19] <Sam|Chef> It is all in the spirit of fun. ;s
[19:19] <Sam|Chef> *:s
[19:19] <Jo|> (it sucks when your first and have nothing to do. XD)
[19:19] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Jo, Scott, Dawn, I need your votes. :)
[19:19] <DakotaMilton> (And honestly, you guys can't get mad at Sam for not winning; he's not very athletic and neither is Dakota. XD)
[19:19] <Intern|> (No Sam? :| @Nalyd)
[19:19] <TotalDramaNaruto> (Why was Sam not doing anything and just Pacm-maning all over the place?)
[19:19] <Sam|Chef> (already voted.)
[19:19] <TotalDramaNaruto> (*Pac-maning)
[19:20] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (I was laughing so hard IRL at the "WAKA WAKA WAKA" cause I read it in Sam's voice)
[19:20] <Anne_Maria> (Just cause the challenge went on for long doesn't make it bad. xD)
[19:20] <Copper5> (I'd be shocked if Sam goes. TBH)
[19:20] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (SCOTT NEEDS TO VOTE)
[19:20] <Lightning|> (half the IRL challenges are like that.)
[19:20] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, the votes have been tallied.
[19:21] <Intern|> (This was like Million Dollar Babies. ._. xD)
[19:21] <DawnStarr> [I wouldn't be shocked at Sam or Scott or I going home.]
[19:21] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But before I hand out marshmallows... I HAVE AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!
[19:21] <DawnStarr> ._.
[19:21] <ScottCarmichael> What now!? :|
[19:21] <Jo|> Mmm?
[19:21] <Copper5> (Watch it be Jo)
[19:21] <DawnStarr> What Chris?
[19:21] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The immunity idol... has been played!
[19:21] <Sam|Chef> :D
[19:21] <DawnStarr> O.O
[19:21] <Sam|Chef> :o
[19:21] <Jo|> ....
[19:21] <ScottCarmichael> _o
[19:21] <Sam|Chef> :$
[19:21] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Sam had it all along! :D That lovable scamp.
[19:21] <DawnStarr> O_O
[19:21] <Anne_Maria> (I was beginning to think Nalyd had it. >~>)
[19:21] <Copper5> (I KNEW I!!!!!!)
[19:21] <Jo|> That's still in play? I thought some idiot threw it away.
[19:21] <TotalDramaNaruto> (O_O)
[19:21] <Sam|Chef> :3
[19:21] <Lightning|> Sha-please.
[19:21] <TotalDramaNaruto> (WHAT?!)
[19:21] <ScottCarmichael> Ooh. >_>
[19:21] <Lightning|> (obvious. xD)
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (trolololololololol)
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (trololoooooooo)
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (trolololololololol)
[19:22] <DawnStarr> [Trololololol]
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (hahahaha)
[19:22] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Here's your marshmallow, you epic failure of a human.
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (hahahaha)
[19:22] <DawnStarr> :s
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (hahahaha, ha ha)
[19:22] <ScottCarmichael> :s
[19:22] * DawnStarr sighs
[19:22] * DawnStarr gets up.
[19:22] <DawnStarr> It's me, isn't it?
[19:22] <Anne_Maria> (DAWN, SIT DOWN. >.>)
[19:22] <Intern|> (no..he failed because he was in character. :| @TDN)
[19:22] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I also have a marshmallow for Scott!
[19:22] <TotalDramaNaruto> 9xDDD)
[19:22] <DakotaMilton> (BITCH, SIT YOUR ASS DOWN. -_-)
[19:22] <ScottCarmichael> AWESOME! :D
[19:22] <Jo|> ...
[19:22] <Jo|> What?
[19:23] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Jo, Dawn, one of you is going home tonight.
[19:23] *** WebkinzMania has joined #dramatizing
[19:23] <Jo|> I won.
[19:23] <Jo|> Wtf.
[19:23] <DawnStarr> :s
[19:23] <Jo|> I won for the team.
[19:23] <Jo|> This is ..
[19:23] <Jo|> BLASPHEMY.
[19:23] <Lightning|> Sparta?
[19:23] * DawnStarr sits down.
[19:23] <Jo|> YOU ALL LOST.
[19:23] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The toxic marshmallow of loserdom goes to..........
[19:23] <Jo|> >->.
[19:23] <DawnStarr> :s
[19:23] <ScottCarmichael> I scored a point in the third challenge. >_>
[19:23] * DawnStarr sighs
[19:23] <Sam|Chef> DDD:
[19:23] <Jo|> But this dodo lost for you.
[19:23] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Dawn.
[19:23] <DawnStarr> I'm sorry...
[19:23] <Anne_Maria> (WE'RE ON A SHORT SCHEDULE, HURRY THIS UP. :'()
[19:23] * DawnStarr ducks
[19:23] <TotalDramaNaruto> (O_O aw)
[19:23] * DawnStarr cries a little
[19:23] <Jo|> (Ah. So we unrevel the votes.)
[19:24] <Jo|> It's okay Dawn.
[19:24] <Jo|> You'll be with my spirit.
[19:24] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: K, Dawn, time to go, bye bye.
[19:24] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- END OF EPISODE 8 --