[16:27] == Transcripter [ae07b9e2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> DRAMA!!
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> SCHOOL!!!!
[16:27] <@TDIFan13> (Lilie, please don't talk during the intro.)
[16:27] <+Lilie> (sorry. X3)
[16:27] <@TDIFan13> (no problem.)
[16:27] == TDIFan13 has changed nick to Sierra
[16:27] <@ChrisMcLean> -- BOYS' DORM (7 minutes to talk.) --
[16:28] <+Alec|> Morning guys :D
[16:28] * Terry| wakes up.
[16:28] <+Alec|> Hey Terry. Have a good night sleep?
[16:28] <+Terry|> Morning to you too.
[16:28] * Patrick| wakes up, takes Lilie's hat out from his pillowcase.
[16:28] <+Alec|> So Patrick, are you and Lilie official now? ;)
[16:28] <+Terry|> Pretty good. >.>
[16:28] <+Patrick|> (Conf:) After someone destroyed my hat, there's no way I'm letting anyone lay a finger on this one!
[16:28] <+Patrick|> Yeah, I'm pretty sure that we are.
[16:29] <+Alec|> That's awesome dude. Congrats :D
[16:29] <+Terry|> Congrats dude. ;)
[16:29] <+Patrick|> I couldn't be happier. ^.^
[16:29] <+Patrick|> How are you, Mody?
[16:29] <+Alec|> Hm, Mody's still asleep. Should we pull a prank on him?
[16:29] <+Alec|> A harmless one of course
[16:29] <+Patrick|> I wouldn't.
[16:30] == Sierra725 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:30] <Sierra725> (REALLY sorry guys. :s)
[16:30] <+Patrick|> I don't need to be on anyone's bad side.
[16:30] <+Terry|> The glass of water joke seems good. ;)
[16:30] <+Alec|> Eh, he might not take it well...
[16:30] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Mody] by ChrisMcLean
[16:30] <+Lilie> (Yay! Bigez is here!)
[16:30] <+Mody> No..I wouldnt.
[16:30] <+Patrick|> Although, Terry, you could do it. ^.^
[16:30] <+Mody> These beds ruin my do enough as it is.
[16:30] <+Terry|> Oh dear. :|
[16:30] <+Alec|> Mody, you're awake! :D
[16:30] <Sierra725> (... Who is playing Sierra? o.o)
[16:30] <+Mody> *grabs hair gel*
[16:30] <+Terry|> (Ryan)
[16:30] <Sierra725> (Ooooh.)
[16:30] <+Mody> Time to work my magic...not as if Chris wont ruin it in todays challenge.
[16:31] <+Mody> So, I did overhear, Patrick. Lilies really the one is she?
[16:31] <Sierra725> (Mody is using Sierra's color. >:()
[16:31] * Alec| puts on Sergio's scarf, and takes out a picture of Stefani
[16:31] <+Alec|> Good to go today
[16:31] <+Patrick|> She's awesome. Even when she's jacked up on coffee. ^.^
[16:31] <@Bbhinton15> (Guys, try keeping the out-of-context chat to a minimum. :|)
[16:31] == Mygeto [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:31] <+Lilie> (Quick! Bigez, Go back to Sierra! you're the best Sierra out there!)
[16:31] == Sierra725 has changed nick to Sierra|
[16:31] <+Mody> By looks of it all the time, though she is nice.
[16:31] <Sierra|> (Kg, Op please.)
[16:32] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Sierra|] by Bbhinton15
[16:32] <+Mody> and she looked MUCH better with the outfit I gave her last time, I designed them for each of you.
[16:32] <+Mody> See?
[16:32] <@Sierra|> (Thanks.)
[16:32] <+Terry|> How much coffee do you say she drinks a day? o.o
[16:32] <+Mody> *presents outfits to Alec, Terry and Patrick*
[16:32] <+Patrick|> She's the nicest person left. I mean, I'm baised in saying that, but...
[16:32] <+Mody> I wonder how many coffee stains she got on it...
[16:32] <+Patrick|> It's not like I keep count, Terry.
[16:32] <+Alec|> A new outfit?
[16:32] <+Patrick|> (Conf) 32 cups.
[16:32] <+Alec|> Hmm, I kinda like my hippie shirt
[16:32] <+Alec|> @Mody
[16:32] <+Lilie> (XD)
[16:32] <+Terry|> Outfits.....I'll try it on now. :)
[16:33] <+Mody> Well, their always here incase we have a special challenge. You never know.
[16:33] <+Terry|> (Conf) I'd wear it but I'm not a circus clown. >.>
[16:33] <+Mody> (CONF) I dress accordingly for EVERY occasion, sure it looks like I always wear the same outfit, but the last shirt was bright purple, THIS is dim violet...DUH.
[16:33] <+Alec|> Eh, I'll consider wearing it at some point :)
[16:33] <+Mody> Awesome =D
[16:33] <Mygeto> (Somebody op mah.)
[16:33] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Mygeto] by Sierra|
[16:33] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Mygeto] by WebkinzMania
[16:33] <+Mody> What do you think the next challenge will be? *brushing hair in place*
[16:34] <+Alec|> (Conf) Mody seems pretty fashionable. I like the design, but I'm comfortable in my own clothes for now
[16:34] <@Mygeto> (T'anks.)
[16:34] <+Alec|> Hopefully something creative
[16:34] <+Patrick|> Well, Chris seems like he's running out of themes.
[16:34] <+Terry|> *whispers to Alec* You get the sticks and try to make a fire so we can burn them. :s
[16:34] <+Patrick|> He'll find something, though.
[16:34] <+Terry|> He always does. >.>
[16:34] <+Alec|> *To Terry* Aw come on, they aren't that bad. He knows what he's doing right?
[16:34] == Sierra has changed nick to TDIFan13
[16:34] == Sierra| has changed nick to Sierra
[16:34] <+Mody> He's never shy of ways to torture us, THAT'S for sure. I've been here TWO episodes and I already feel like I've been through enough hard labour..
[16:35] <+Terry|> *whispers* Fine. >.>
[16:35] <+Terry|> (Conf) Mody's been through enough? HE HASN'T DONE ANYTHING! :@
[16:35] <+Alec|> Mody, you don't know the half of it. I sat naked in a pot of disgusting food, and had everyone scream at the very sight of me
[16:35] <+Lilie> (It's been 7 minutes...)
[16:36] <+Alec|> You'll have a moment like that at some point ;)
[16:36] <@Sierra> (*8)
[16:36] <+Terry|> I still havn't gotten my shirt back, I had to use my spair. :'(
[16:36] <+Mody> Well, that's a matter of opinion on whether or not thats a bad thing....but I hope to avoid THAT kind of moment.
[16:36] <+Terry|> (Swtitch to the girls then.)
[16:36] <@TDIFan13> -- GIRLS DORM (7 minutes) --
[16:36] <+Mody> I wonder how the girls are doing? *switch to girls NOW*
[16:36] <@TDIFan13> -- GIRLS DORM (7 minutes) --
[16:36] <+Lilie> ----- GIRL'S DORM (8 Minutes) -----
[16:36] <@Sierra> *wakes up*
[16:36] <+Amber|> *wakes up*
[16:36] <+Terry|> (.....)
[16:36] <+Julianna|> *wakes up*
[16:36] <@TDIFan13> (ugh, fine, make it 8>)
[16:36] <@Sierra> Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
[16:36] <+Amber|> *sighs*
[16:36] == CD-TDinnerAFK has changed nick to CD-TDA
[16:36] <+Amber|> It's so nice that Alexis is gone.
[16:37] <@Sierra> What a beatiful day to see Mody-Cody.
[16:37] <@Sierra> :D
[16:37] <+Julianna|> I agree with Amber, for once.
[16:37] <+Amber|> No more of her complaints. :3
[16:37] <@Sierra> That's what I wanted to talk to you guys about.
[16:37] <+Lilie> *snoring, mumbling something about Coffee and Patrick*
[16:37] <+Amber|> *looks over at Lilie*
[16:37] <+Amber|> Someone's coffee crashed. :s
[16:37] <+Julianna|> Yeah.
[16:38] <@Sierra> I think I might break up with Chris.
[16:38] <+Lilie> *wakes up finally*
[16:38] <@Sierra> :s
[16:38] <+Lilie> Hi guys...
[16:38] <+Lilie> :D
[16:38] <+Amber|> It's about time. @Sierra
[16:38] <@Sierra> I think I'm in love with Mody now.
[16:38] <+Amber|> :|
[16:38] <@Sierra> I just don't know how to tell my snugglekinz.
[16:38] <+Amber|> For real?
[16:38] <@WebkinzMania> (:|)
[16:38] <@Sierra> Of course.
[16:38] <+Lilie> (conf) Alexis, Look, I still would have gotten rid of you later *sips coffee* It was for the sake... OF THE COFFEE! Oh... and my 7 deadly bosses.
[16:38] <@Sierra> :3
[16:38] <+Lilie> So wait.
[16:38] <@Bbhinton15> (You jerk. -.-)
[16:39] <+Lilie> (X3)
[16:39] <+Amber|> Doesn't he like... nevermind.
[16:39] <@Sierra> Herm?
[16:39] <@Sierra> o_o
[16:39] <+Amber|> (CONF) Yeeeah, I don't know if the relationship will work out...
[16:39] <+Lilie> (conf) But I wouldn't have gotten rid of you till the final 4. Why? Cause you're not the biggest threat till then. :D
[16:40] <@Sierra> I'm just glad I have you guys left... except for Bella over there. -.-
[16:40] <+Lilie> Alright.
[16:40] <@Sierra> *points to Julianna*
[16:40] <+Lilie> So
[16:40] <+Lilie> COffee?
[16:40] <+Lilie> :D
[16:40] <+Amber|> Sierra, can I talk to you?
[16:40] <@Sierra> Of course Amber.
[16:40] <@Sierra> :D
[16:40] <@Sierra> What do you want to talk about?
[16:40] <@Sierra> :p
[16:40] <+Amber|> Come over here.
[16:40] <+Lilie> Hello?
[16:40] <@Sierra> *comes over there*
[16:40] <+Amber|> *whispers to Sierra*
[16:40] <+Lilie> Anyone want coffee?
[16:40] <+Lilie> D:
[16:41] <+Julianna|> No.
[16:41] <+Lilie> You suck. Blood.
[16:41] <+Lilie> >~>
[16:41] <+Lilie> *drinks a cup of coffee*
[16:41] <+Julianna|> Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before.
[16:41] <@Sierra> Uh guys...
[16:41] <@Sierra> I think I need to ask Mody something today... o_o
[16:41] <+Amber|> *pats Sierra's shoulder*
[16:42] <+Amber|> :(
[16:42] <@Sierra> ...
[16:42] <@Sierra> :'(
[16:42] <+Lilie> Well...
[16:42] <+Lilie> Anyone want coffee?
[16:42] <@Sierra> I... I....
[16:42] <@Sierra> :'(
[16:42] <+Lilie> Or wanna here the good news?
[16:42] * Sierra hugs Amber.
[16:42] <+Lilie> Hear*
[16:42] <+Lilie> Or...
[16:42] <+Amber|> Aww, it's okay.
[16:42] <+Lilie> What's wrong Sierra?
[16:42] <@Sierra> Well... I... still have Chris. :) :'(
[16:42] * Lilie gives Sierra a cup of coffee.
[16:42] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Transcripter] by TDIFan13
[16:42] <+Lilie> Drown your sorrows in coffee.
[16:42] <+Lilie> :D
[16:43] <+Julianna|> Chris isn't into you, Sierra. >.>
[16:43] * Sierra drinks a whole cup of coffee.
[16:43] <@Sierra> That's good stuff.
[16:43] <@Sierra> :|
[16:43] <+Lilie> Oh yeah... Patrick has my hate.
[16:43] <@Sierra> Can...
[16:43] <+Lilie> My only hat.
[16:43] <@Sierra> Can I have another?
[16:43] <+Lilie> hate*
[16:43] <+Amber|> *drinks coffee*
[16:43] <@Sierra> :)
[16:43] <+Lilie> hat*
[16:43] <+Lilie> sure
[16:43] <+Lilie> :D
[16:43] <+Amber|> Well, I needed a little something.
[16:43] * Lilie gives Sierra another.
[16:43] * Sierra drinks another whole cup of coffee.
[16:43] <+Lilie> Yay!
[16:43] <@Sierra> Wooooooooooooooooooooaaaaah. :|
[16:43] <+Lilie> Coffee for everyone but the coffee hater!
[16:43] <+Julianna|> :|
[16:43] <@Sierra> What was I upset about?
[16:44] <@Sierra> Oh nevermind.
[16:44] <@TDIFan13> (lol. That was kind of a funny typo. I'm feeling sick-ly horrible today, so, thanks for giving me a chuckle, Zach. XD)
[16:44] <@Sierra> Hit me up with another cup.
[16:44] <@Sierra> :3
[16:44] * Lilie gives Sierra another.
[16:44] <+Lilie> Woo!
[16:44] <+Lilie> (No prob. X3)
[16:44] <+Amber|> I think I'll take another.
[16:44] <+Terry|> (been 8 mins)
[16:44] * Lilie gives Amber another.
[16:44] * Sierra drinks more coffee.
[16:44] <+Mody> (Yeah! D:)
[16:44] <+Mody> (*Yeah! D: )
[16:44] <Sam450|TDXD> (yeahh....switch scenes....o.o)
[16:44] <+Lilie> (Cafe?)
[16:44] <+Lilie> -------------- Cafeteria ----------------
[16:45] <@Bbhinton15> (Since when is Lilie the host?)
[16:45] <+Mody> *is sat inbetween Alec and Lilie who is next to Patrick*
[16:45] <+Lilie> (Trying to help out here.
[16:45] <+Julianna|> (Since never, our host is AFK >.>)
[16:45] <+Terry|> (Since the day this got lame. >.<)
[16:45] <+Lilie> (Work with me.)
[16:45] <+Julianna|> *sits on her own*
[16:45] <@Sierra> Hey, guys, what's up? Nother great day. What fun. Hahahaha. Had coffee. Great day. Totally a lot of fun. Hahahaha!
[16:45] <+Patrick|> *sits next to Lilie and places her hat on her head.*
[16:45] <+Alec|> Lilie, did you happen to give Sierra some coffee today?
[16:45] <+Mody> I could do with some coffee....Lil, could you hit me up? *holds cup out*
[16:45] <+Patrick|> How was your morning? ^.^
[16:45] <+Terry|> Sierra you seem exicted.
[16:45] <+Terry|> Patrick you dog you. ;)
[16:45] <+Amber|> She drank too much coffee.
[16:46] <@Sierra> Hahahah only a little. Hahahaha. Nine cups.
[16:46] <+Patrick|> What? @ Terry?
[16:46] <+Lilie> *sitting with Patrick* Yes I did, Alec, Sure Mody, And I'm wonderful hun*
[16:46] <+Alec|> Nine? O.O
[16:46] <+Terry|> Oh nothing. ;)
[16:46] <+Lilie> *gives Mody a cup*
[16:46] <+Amber|> Uhh... c'mon Sierra, let's sit down for a second. :|
[16:46] <@Sierra> Where's Chris? I want Chris. I want hi-
[16:46] <+Mody> *drinks coffee* AND FINALLY I FEEL AWAKE.
[16:46] <+Alec|> (Conf) Isn't she crazy enough without coffee?
[16:46] <@Sierra> Oh. Okay Amber.
[16:46] <+Terry|> (Conf) Oh he knows what I'm talking about. ;)
[16:46] <@Sierra> Sounds good.
[16:46] <@Sierra> Hahahhahaha.
[16:46] <@Sierra> *see's Mody*
[16:46] <@Sierra> :(
[16:46] <@Sierra> :'(
[16:46] * Terry| sits besides Amber and Sierra.
[16:46] <@Sierra> Moooooody.
[16:46] <@Sierra> D:
[16:46] <+Terry|> Why so glum chum? 3:
[16:46] <+Amber|> *glares at Mody*
[16:46] <+Mody> What's up with Sierra? (whisper @Alec and Lilie)
[16:46] * Lilie cuddles up to Patrick. "So how was your morning?
[16:47] <+Amber|> It's okay, Sierra.
[16:47] <+Julianna|> *tries to ignore Sierra*
[16:47] <+Patrick|> *whispers to Mody* You may want to talk to Sierra. For everyone's good.*
[16:47] <+Terry|> Why does no one keep Terry in the loop anymore. D:
[16:47] <+Patrick|> Good, Lilie. ^.^ *hugs*
[16:47] <+Mody> @Patrick Tell her what?
[16:47] <+Alec|> *To Mody* You could probably ask that question any day...
[16:47] <+Mody> Thats true!
[16:47] <+Lilie> Thanks wonderful. :) And KEep my hat, It's a gift from me to you.
[16:47] == Mikeyy [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:47] <+Lilie> Need a cup of joe?
[16:47] <+Patrick|> Well, she's calling on you, and I'm not quite sure that's the coffee talking.
[16:48] <+Patrick|> You bet. @ Lilie
[16:48] <+Terry|> Wow, Lilie and Patirck are exchanges hats.....there moving so fast! :o
[16:48] <@Sierra> Bad mood, Terry. Mody isn't into me.
[16:48] <@Sierra> D:
[16:48] <+Alec|> Mody, she has a total crush on you. It's obvious. Don't you see the way that she looks at you. Just like when she liked Chris
[16:48] <+Mody> (Conf) Ok, So I didnt trust Amber at first, but to be fair, she seems to want me in the game for now. I'll be fine with her, but what was That glare about?! and why is Sierra crying, What did I do? Did I like..sleepwalk and rip her teddybears head off or something?!
[16:48] * Lilie gets Patrick a cup of Coffee.
[16:48] <+Lilie> :)
[16:48] <+Patrick|> :)
[16:48] <@Sierra> Mody-Cody?
[16:48] * Alec| goes and sits next to Julianna
[16:49] <+Alec|> So Julianna, ready to talk to me today? :D
[16:49] <+Terry|> You don't need Mody. He's just some Calvin Klien copy. >.>
[16:49] <@Sierra> I need more coffay.
[16:49] <+Julianna|> No. >.>
[16:49] <@Sierra> o_o
[16:49] <+Amber|> *writes a letter*
[16:49] * Sierra drinks another cup of coffee.
[16:49] <+Alec|> Aw come on. You know that you want to tell me why you're always so upset
[16:49] <+Patrick|> Be right back, Lil. ^.^
[16:49] * Patrick| walks off.
[16:49] <+Amber|> Hmm...
[16:49] <+Amber|> Ah!
[16:49] <+Lilie> Alright Pat. I'll be here.
[16:49] <+Mody> Hey! I dont know WHAT I've done, but I dress WAY better than Calvin Klien, like if I had my name on wouldnt be on pants!
[16:49] <+Lilie> :)
[16:49] <+Julianna|> No, I don
[16:49] <+Julianna|> *don't.
[16:49] <@Sierra> Mmmm. Coffee. I love coffee. It's a great drink. Oh hey Mody.
[16:49] * Sierra clings to Mody.
[16:49] <+Alec|> *Sigh* Don't you have any desire to be friends with me?
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> ...
[16:50] <+Mody> Hey, Sierra...what's the URK!! *is clung too tightly*
[16:50] <+Terry|> Whatever. >.>
[16:50] <+Amber|> *finishes writing*
[16:50] <+Patrick|> (Conf) I can keep things buddy-buddy with everyone, but I read a whole book on reality show strategy. Well, more like skimmed it. Or looked at the pictures. Or just opened it without looking. :$
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> *walks in* (I'm Chris until Kg gets back.)
[16:50] <+Julianna|> Not really.
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> Chris: Well...
[16:50] <+Terry|> OMG IT'S CHRIS MCLEAN!
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> Chris: I see Sierra is being...
[16:50] <+Terry|> Just kidding. ;)
[16:50] <+Amber|> Chris, I have a letter to mail.
[16:50] <+Alec|> Well you'll change your mind Julianna
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> Chris: Extra-clingy today.
[16:50] <@Sierra> You haven't received a vote yet on the show you know. Hahahahaha. You haven't received a cote yet on the show. Just like Katie in season one. Hey Chris hugglekinz.
[16:50] <+Terry|> Jealous Chris?
[16:50] <+Terry|> ;)
[16:50] <@Sierra> *vote
[16:50] <+Mody> I know right? I cant figure it out, Chris!
[16:50] <+Lilie> Sorry Chris, She got a hold of my coffee stash.
[16:50] <+Lilie> :p
[16:50] <@Sierra> Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris Chris.
[16:50] <@TDIFan13> Chris: She REALLY likes you, dude.
[16:50] <+Mody> Julie? How come you dont like Alec?
[16:51] <+Terry|> You wish Sierra was clinging onto you don't ya?
[16:51] <@Sierra> Chris Chris Chris.
[16:51] <+Mody> He's really trying, and if you dont make ANY friends, you'll be going soon!
[16:51] <@TDIFan13> Chris: Also, in addition to being clingy, Sierra seems happy today. As well as the rest of you.
[16:51] <@Sierra> ... *is suddenly hit with fatigue*
[16:51] <@Sierra> :'(
[16:51] <@TDIFan13> Chris: Which is great, since I can RUIN your happiness by letting you know that this episode features a SUDDEN-DEATH ELIMINATION!
[16:51] <@Sierra> Why won't-
[16:51] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:51] <+Mody> WHAT?!
[16:51] <+Lilie> O.O
[16:51] <+Terry|> O.O
[16:51] <+Amber|> :|
[16:51] <+Mody> O.O
[16:51] <@WebkinzMania> (:D)
[16:51] <+Amber|> WHat!!!
[16:51] <+Terry|> GREAT SCOTT!
[16:51] <@Sierra> Oh noess!
[16:51] <+Alec|> O.O
[16:51] <+Lilie> O.O'''''''''''
[16:51] <@Sierra> D:
[16:51] <+Terry|> :O
[16:51] <+Julianna|> Looks like friends aren't important right now.
[16:51] <+Mody> D:
[16:51] <+Amber|> I swear I hate him. -_-
[16:51] <+Alec|> (Conf) I'm not good under pressure :'(
[16:51] <@TDIFan13> Chris: Hehe. Follow me to the gymnasium for today's subject; French!
[16:51] <+Lilie> Chris, I- O.O
[16:51] <@Sierra> French?!?!
[16:51] <+Mody> (Conf) I only just got here! D:
[16:51] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:51] <@TDIFan13> Chris: *walks to the gym*
[16:51] <+Amber|> (CONF) AAAAAAAAAAAH!! Oooh, this will not be the end!
[16:51] <+Lilie> (conf) I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH
[16:51] <+Alec|> (Conf) I'm not good at learning languages :'(
[16:51] <+Terry|> I SPEAK FRENCH GREAT!
[16:52] <+Julianna|> *follows Chris into the gym*
[16:52] <+Lilie> Why can't this be German?
[16:52] * Alec| walks to the gym
[16:52] <+Lilie> I speak German!
[16:52] <+Patrick|> *returns*
[16:52] <@Sierra> (conf) My ancestors are German... Not french!!! D:
[16:52] <+Mody> *is carried by sierra*
[16:52] <+Patrick|> France? Really?
[16:52] * Sierra carries Mody to the gym.
[16:52] <+Terry|> (Conf) Finally, the French challenge! My mothers part French! But my fathers Irish so that explains why my family is so large. :3
[16:52] <@Sierra> I need more coffee.
[16:52] * Lilie walks with Patrick to the gym, holding his hand tight.
[16:52] <@Sierra> x_x
[16:52] <+Mody> The only french I know is "Je suis parle tu et francios"
[16:52] * Sierra drinks another cup.
[16:52] == TDIFan13 has changed nick to ChrisMcLean2
[16:52] <+Terry|> *follows Chris*
[16:52] <+Mody> and that means "Do you speak French?" ...I think
[16:52] <+Amber|> I'm Asian, not French. -_-
[16:52] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Alright. As you know, we performed the sports challenges in here during the third episode.
[16:52] <@Sierra> Hahahahaha. Mody. You're so cute. Hahahaha.
[16:53] <+Alec|> Yes I remember...
[16:53] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: But we've completely redesigned this large gym so it resembles Paris!
[16:53] <@Sierra> Yes we did. Correct huggle.
[16:53] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: And over there is the HUGE knock-off Eiffel Tower, made of metal.
[16:53] <@Sierra> So cool.
[16:53] <@Sierra> Soooo coool.
[16:53] <@Sierra> I love it.
[16:53] <+Terry|> Wow. Its big alright.
[16:53] <+Amber|> No jokes, Terry!
[16:53] <+Amber|> :@
[16:53] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Yep! It's almost as big as the real one!
[16:53] <+Terry|> I wasn't gonna. >.>
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: For today's challenge, you will have to climb this massive Eiffel Tower. The first one up there wins immunity; the last, is automatically eliminated.
[16:54] <+Mody> The big one is MUCH bigger.
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (lol innuendo.)
[16:54] <+Terry|> O.O
[16:54] <+Lilie> Riiiight.
[16:54] <+Terry|> AH!
[16:54] <+Patrick|> What? :|
[16:54] <+Mody> Wait, what?!
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (oh, and...)
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Guys, during the challenge, please don't powerplay.)
[16:54] <+Terry|> (Seriously, I see a lot of godplay going on. >.>)
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (You are not Zeus.)
[16:54] <+Mody> (ok!)
[16:54] <+Alec|> Oh man...
[16:54] <+Mody> Uh oh
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (You are not Oprah.)
[16:54] <@Sierra> Almost as big as Owen. He always got called tubby. Chris called him tubby, Jackie did, and Chef, and his mom, and an intern.
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Thank you.)
[16:54] <+Patrick|> (I was always more of a Posiedon. ;))
[16:54] <Ale|Lurking> ("I'm talking about you and Franciosa"...don't get the joke, but m'kay. And xDDD)
[16:54] <+Terry|> (I wish I was. 3:)
[16:54] == Lee44 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:54] <+Julianna|> :|
[16:54] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Now, because climbing our Eiffel Tower with your hands will be almost IMPOSSIBLE to accomplish, over to your left are eight boxes with items in them.
[16:55] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Three of the boxes have grappling hooks in them. Two boxes have two pairs of super-strength gloves in them. Two other boxes have pairs of super-strength boots in them. And the final box has nothing in it.
[16:55] <+Patrick|> :|
[16:55] <+Amber|> :|
[16:55] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Please stand in front of a random box and see what you get.
[16:55] <+Mody> we choose a box number or...?
[16:55] <+Terry|> Okay.
[16:55] <+Mody> *stands in front of box 5*
[16:55] * Alec| stands in front of Box 7
[16:55] * Patrick| stands in front of box 5
[16:55] * Lilie steps infront of box # 7*
[16:55] <+Terry|> *stands in front of the 3rd box
[16:55] <+Patrick|> *8
[16:55] <+Lilie> No!
[16:55] <@Sierra> *stands in front of 3*
[16:55] * Amber| stands infront of 6.
[16:55] <+Lilie> Alec
[16:55] <+Alec|> Take it Lilie :)
[16:55] * Julianna| stands in front of the first box
[16:55] <@ChrisMcLean2> You can all stand in front of just one box.
[16:55] <+Terry|> (I said it first Sierra. >.>)
[16:55] <+Lilie> Really?
[16:55] <+Patrick|> Lilie! Take 6!
[16:55] <+Lilie> Thanks.
[16:55] * Alec| stands in front of 4
[16:55] <+Patrick|> Dawww.
[16:55] <@Sierra> *stands in front of 2*
[16:55] <Sam450|TDXD> (>_< WOW)
[16:55] <+Amber|> I got six. @Patrick
[16:55] <+Lilie> Seven is my lucky number Pat.
[16:55] <+Lilie> :D
[16:56] <+Lilie> It's okay. :D
[16:56] * Sierra drinks another cup of Coffee.
[16:56] <@Sierra> Mmmm.
[16:56] <+Patrick|> (Didn't see Alec give it up. Sorry. :p)
[16:56] <@Sierra> Coffee Coffee Coffee.
[16:56] <+Amber|> Uh, Lilie.
[16:56] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie, Mody, Patrick - 5, Sierra - 3, Terry
[16:56] <+Amber|> Maybe you should stop giving her coffee. :|
[16:56] <@Sierra> Mody and Coffee rhyme. so uber cool.
[16:56] <+Lilie> Uh...
[16:56] <+Lilie> (I have box # 7)
[16:56] <+Mody> >B
[16:56] <@ChrisMcLean2> (I'm going by the original ones.)
[16:56] <+Amber|> She's looking a little hyper.
[16:57] <Ale|Lurking> (Mody has 5)
[16:57] <@ChrisMcLean2> ([16:55] * Alec| stands in front of Box 7 )
[16:57] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Too late.)
[16:57] <+Alec|> Sorry Lilie. Guess I can't give it up :(
[16:57] <+Julianna|> Mody and Coffe don't ryhme. :|
[16:57] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Patrick already took 5.)
[16:57] <+Julianna|> *coffee
[16:57] <+Mody> (Lilie and Patrick need to move)
[16:57] <@WebkinzMania> (Just pick one of the three remaining numbers.)
[16:57] <+Lilie> (he gave it up >_>)
[16:57] <+Mody> (I was first to get 5)
[16:57] <+Patrick|> I have 8. Mody got 5.
[16:57] <Ale|Lurking> (He was...)
[16:57] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Oh, wait.)
[16:57] <@ChrisMcLean2> (You were.)
[16:57] <@Sierra> You know what rhymes Julianna. Julianna and freak. True story.
[16:57] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie, Mody - 5, Patrick, Sierra - 3, Terry
[16:57] <+Terry|> (I said 3 first. o.o)
[16:57] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra - 3, Terry
[16:57] <+Lilie> I'll take 2 then...
[16:57] <+Mody> Hey, there's no need to be so mean, Julie here must just be slow to opening up
[16:57] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie - 2, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra - 3, Terry
[16:57] <+Julianna|> Sure, they rhyme, believe what you want.
[16:57] <+Mody> (CONF) REAL slow!
[16:58] * Lilie steps in front of two.
[16:58] <@ChrisMcLean2> (That means Terry has 4.)
[16:58] <@WebkinzMania> (Terry has 4)
[16:58] <Ale|Lurking> (Yeah.)
[16:58] <+Terry|> (I said 3 first. :|)
[16:58] <@WebkinzMania> (yeah xD)
[16:58] <+Amber|> (CONF) Some challenge. :s
[16:58] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Oh, wait.))
[16:58] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Terry's right. He had 3 first.)
[16:58] <+Patrick|> I had a feeling that Terry was fond of 3. :|
[16:58] <@Sierra> (Ryan, I had two first.
[16:58] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie - 2, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra - 4, Terry - 3
[16:58] <@Sierra> (Ryan, I had two first)*
[16:58] <+Terry|> Whats that suppose to mean? >.>
[16:58] <+Terry|> (That he did.)
[16:58] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna - 1, Lilie - 4, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra - 2, Terry - 3
[16:58] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Good Lord. There you go.)
[16:58] <+Lilie> Ugh!
[16:58] <@ChrisMcLean2> (>.>)
[16:58] <Ale|Lurking> (Can't we just move on? We all has numbers. ;-;)
[16:58] <+Lilie> I hate Number four!
[16:58] <+Lilie> :@
[16:58] <@Sierra> (No wait, I had 8)
[16:58] <+Terry|> Come on let us open them!
[16:58] <+Patrick|> 3's a magic number. Didn't you listen to School House Block?
[16:58] <@Sierra> (Loljk)
[16:58] <@WebkinzMania> (:|)
[16:59] <Copper5> (Just stay with your stupid box!)
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> (kk.)
[16:59] <+Amber|> His favorite letter is "D," but I'm not sure what his favorite number is.
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> HERE WE GO!
[16:59] <+Terry|> School House what? o.o
[16:59] * Lilie opens box #4.
[16:59] <@Sierra> Let's go. Lesss go. Lego.
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> Julianna...
[16:59] * Mody opens box 5
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> You win..............
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> 1 = Super-Strength Boots
[16:59] * Amber| opens box 6.
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Don't open them.)
[16:59] <+Terry|> Lucky. >.>
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> (I'll show you what you've got.)
[16:59] * Sierra drinks coffee.
[16:59] <+Julianna|> Hm, interesting.
[16:59] <+Lilie> Okay...
[16:59] <+Lilie> Sierra...
[16:59] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie - 4, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra - 2, Terry - 3
[16:59] <@ChrisMcLean2> 2...
[16:59] <+Lilie> I think you have enough.
[17:00] <+Lilie> had*
[17:00] <@Sierra> Naw Naw Naw.
[17:00] <@ChrisMcLean2> Sierra...
[17:00] <@ChrisMcLean2> You win...
[17:00] <@ChrisMcLean2> 2 = Super-Strength Gloves
[17:00] <@Sierra> Yes Yes Yes.
[17:00] <+Lilie> Even I'm not that hyper.
[17:00] <@Sierra> Awesome. So uber cool.
[17:00] <+Terry|> I wonder what I get. :3
[17:00] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie - 4, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry - 3
[17:00] * Lilie takes Sierra's coffe supply away*
[17:00] <+Lilie> :|
[17:00] <+Alec|> Sierra, too much coffee really isn't a good thing...
[17:00] <+Julianna|> Coffee chick is right, she's nowhere near that hyper.
[17:00] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie - 4, Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry - [3: Grappling Hook]
[17:00] <@ChrisMcLean2> 3 = Grappling Hook
[17:00] <+Amber|> Alec is right, it makes you too hyper. :|
[17:00] <@ChrisMcLean2> Congratulations, Terry!!
[17:01] <+Terry|> YEAH JUST LIKE RAT AN!
[17:01] <+Terry|> *MAN
[17:01] <+Lilie> I had about 17 cups today. And counting
[17:01] <+Lilie> AndI 'm not that hyper.
[17:01] <+Amber|> Ugh. >_>
[17:01] <@ChrisMcLean2> Lilie...
[17:01] <+Mody> You scare me enough anyway
[17:01] <@ChrisMcLean2> You win...
[17:01] <+Mody> but coffee is...WAy too much
[17:01] <@ChrisMcLean2> 4 = Nothing
[17:01] <@ChrisMcLean2> ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
[17:01] <@ChrisMcLean2> ^^
[17:01] <+Lilie> UGH
[17:01] <@Sierra> I've only had 12. Only 12 cups. Not to much.
[17:01] <+Terry|> (Conf) I don't even need to climb that much. ;)
[17:01] <+Patrick|> D:
[17:01] <+Mody> D:
[17:01] <+Lilie> I'm going to..
[17:01] <+Patrick|> No!
[17:01] <+Alec|> Oh man. I'm so sorry Lilie. That should be my box :(
[17:01] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie [4: Nothing], Mody - 5, Patrick - 8, Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry - [3: Grappling Hook]
[17:01] <@Sierra> Lilie. No. This sucks. I'll help you.
[17:01] <+Amber|> (CONF) I'm so sick of "Ratman." Sometimes I actually wish Samantha was back, she was able to keep him from being so annoying.
[17:01] <+Patrick|> Same here!
[17:01] <+Lilie> *sighs*
[17:01] <+Lilie> Thank you.
[17:01] <+Lilie> :)
[17:01] <@CD-TDA> (YUS. @Tulle)
[17:01] <+Mody> (CONF) I like Lilie, I really do. But in a way, IM SO GLAD that wasnt me.
[17:02] <+Julianna|> (CONF) Why wasn't Amber the one to get nothing? >.>
[17:02] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber - 6, Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie [4: Nothing], Mody [5: Super-Strength Boots], Patrick - 8, Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry - [3: Grappling Hook]
[17:02] <@ChrisMcLean2> Congrats, Mody!
[17:02] <+Mody> *crosses fingers*
[17:02] <@ChrisMcLean2> You win a pair of Super-Strength Boots!
[17:02] <+Mody> SHOOT AND SCORE!!!
[17:02] <+Lilie> (conf) *rantsing with cursing* CHRIS YOU *curse explitive moo rant rant rant* *cut off*
[17:02] <+Mody> *puts them on*...theyre a bit big!
[17:02] <@ChrisMcLean2> 6 = Grappling Hook
[17:02] <+Amber|> Yes!
[17:02] <@Sierra> Mody. You look so cute. With those boots. Awesome.
[17:02] <@ChrisMcLean2> And, Amber, you get a grappling hook!
[17:02] <+Terry|> Another one! o.o
[17:02] <+Amber|> Perfect! :p
[17:02] <+Mody> ...Uh..thanks..
[17:03] <+Julianna|> Looks like Ratman isn't so special.
[17:03] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec - 7, Amber [6: Grappling Hook], Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie [4: Nothing], Mody [5: Super-Strength Boots], Patrick - 8, Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry - [3: Grappling Hook]
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> Finally...
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> Alec and Patrick...
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> #7...
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> ALEC.
[17:03] <+Terry|> (Is it a grappling hook that pulls you up or do you have to climb up it?)
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> YOU GET......
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> (It pulls you up. it's the best. There's 3 of them.)
[17:03] <+Lilie> (Seriously. How come I called no item in my box and I get NADA... >_>)
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> 7 = Super-Strength Gloves
[17:03] <@ChrisMcLean2> So, that means that Patrick gets a grappling hook!
[17:03] <+Terry|> (KK)
[17:03] <+Patrick|> Yes!
[17:03] <+Alec|> Awesome. I could use some Super Strength :D
[17:03] * Patrick| grabs Hook.
[17:04] <@Sierra> Super strength gloves FTW.
[17:04] <@Sierra> Awesome.
[17:04] <@Sierra> Yes.
[17:04] * Alec| puts on the gloves
[17:04] <+Lilie> I guess I'll go with Patrick.
[17:04] <+Lilie> :)
[17:04] == ChrisMcLean2 changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (8): Alec [7: Super-Strength Gloves], Amber [6: Grappling Hook], Julianna [1: Super Strength Boots], Lilie [4: Nothing], Mody [5: Super-Strength Boots], Patrick [8: Grappling Hook], Sierra [2: Super-Strength Gloves], Terry [3: Grappling Hook]
[17:04] <+Terry|> Grapplers lets go! ^___^
[17:04] * Patrick| prepares by tying rope to himself.
[17:04] <+Alec|> Sierra, super high-five!
[17:04] <@ChrisMcLean2> Alright.
[17:04] <+Mody> *shoves boots on properly*
[17:04] <@ChrisMcLean2> Would anyone like to trade?
[17:04] * Lilie walks over to Patrick.
[17:04] <@ChrisMcLean2> This is your final offer.
[17:04] <@Sierra> Alec. Looks like you're with me. Let's go friend.
[17:04] <@Sierra> :D
[17:04] <+Lilie> Good luck hun.
[17:04] <+Julianna|> I'm good with what I have.
[17:04] <+Lilie> :)
[17:04] * Sierra high fives.
[17:04] <@ChrisMcLean2> (oh, no, these aren't teams.)
[17:04] <+Mody> Alec, lets work together.
[17:04] <+Lilie> I would like to trade with Terry!
[17:04] <@ChrisMcLean2> (It's free-for-all.)(
[17:04] <+Lilie> :D
[17:04] <+Patrick|> Lilie, as soon as I get a secure latch, I'll lift you up.
[17:05] <+Terry|> No deal. >.>
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> Terry...
[17:05] <@Sierra> (We can't stick with each other? :p)
[17:05] <+Alec|> Sounds good Mody
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> Do you want to tr--
[17:05] <+Mody> You do the hands, I do the feet!
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> (You can.)
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> (But you don't have to.)
[17:05] <+Mody> *grabs on to Alec's feet*
[17:05] <+Alec|> Sierra too though
[17:05] <@WebkinzMania> (Damn xD)
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> Guess not.
[17:05] <+Lilie> Screw you then. >_>
[17:05] == Dakotacoons [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> ouch. :|
[17:05] <+Lilie> Thank Pat.
[17:05] <+Lilie> :)
[17:05] <+Mody> *begins climbing with Alec and Sierra*
[17:05] <+Patrick|> No problem.
[17:05] <+Terry|> What happen to us Lilie? :'(
[17:05] <@Sierra> (Wait, it started?)
[17:05] <+Amber|> Did Chris even say go?
[17:05] <+Julianna|> Did Chris ever say go? :|
[17:05] <+Patrick|> When do we start?
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> Nope.
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> i didn't.
[17:05] <@ChrisMcLean2> :|
[17:05] <+Julianna|> (Woah O.o)
[17:06] <+Mody> (OOPS NEVERMIND)
[17:06] <+Lilie> You didn't trade with me.
[17:06] <@ChrisMcLean2> Alright.
[17:06] <+Amber|> -_-
[17:06] <@ChrisMcLean2> Chris: Alright! Now that we've got that out of the way, everyone take your positions.
[17:06] * Julianna| gets ready
[17:06] <+Mody> *grabs Alec* Ready?
[17:06] * Alec| stands next to Sierra and Mody
[17:06] <+Amber|> Let's go, Sierra!
[17:06] * Sierra takes position and drinks coffee.
[17:06] <+Alec|> Pretty much ready
[17:06] * Amber| gets in position.
[17:06] <+Alec|> Sierra, enough coffee!
[17:06] <@Sierra> I've added a little five hour energy to this coffee.............. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
[17:06] <+Amber|> ...
[17:06] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Remember, guys. No powerplaying. Feel free to knock people off and stuff, but please don't reach the top until I tell you that you're allowed to.)
[17:06] <+Mody> O__o
[17:06] * Lilie gets with Patrick.
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> (We don't want people just reaching the top in two minutes.)
[17:07] <@Sierra> It keeps me stronger. Faster. Mellow-er.
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Interact while you're climbing.)
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> Alright!
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> Ready!
[17:07] <+Lilie> (conf) I'm in worst condition here...
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> SET!!
[17:07] <+Amber|> (Are we aloud to hold on?)
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> Climb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:07] <+Amber|> (If we get hit)
[17:07] * Alec| starts climbing
[17:07] <+Patrick|> Lets go! *fires grappling hook, forgeting that it's tied to his pants*
[17:07] <+Terry|> *shoots grapple and gets pulled up automactially. ;)*
[17:07] <+Patrick|> O.O
[17:07] * Sierra starts off.
[17:07] * Amber| starts climbing.
[17:07] * Julianna| starts climbing
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> (sure @Amber)
[17:07] <+Alec|> Let's go guys!
[17:07] <+Mody> *climbs holding onto Alec's feet*
[17:07] <+Julianna|> I gotta win.
[17:07] <+Lilie> (Can we steal other's tools?)
[17:07] <@Sierra> Heeyah!
[17:07] <+Patrick|> My pants!
[17:07] <+Amber|> *shoots hook up and climbs*
[17:07] <+Terry|> Grapple hooks rule! ^____^
[17:07] * Alec| uses gloves to climb fast, next to Sierra
[17:07] * Sierra grabs onto a ledge a propels herself up.
[17:07] <@ChrisMcLean2> (No @Lilie)
[17:07] <+Mody> Ok, as long as we're connected, we make ONE mega powerful, creepy coffee hyper uber fan!
[17:07] <@Sierra> This is fun. Loads of fun.
[17:07] <+Lilie> Oh no!
[17:07] <+Alec|> Sounds awesome Mody! :D
[17:08] <@Sierra> Amber, grab my hand. Please.
[17:08] * Sierra reaches out.
[17:08] <+Mody> *is the legs of the snake with sierra in the middle and alec being the climbing hands*
[17:08] <+Patrick|> Well, on the plus side, the hook landed about a quarter of the way up!
[17:08] <+Terry|> *climbs ext to Amber*
[17:08] <+Mody> My boots and Alec's gloves will work wonders, right?
[17:08] <+Patrick|> Let's climb the rope, Lil.
[17:08] * Alec| climbs a little bit higher
[17:08] <+Terry|> I think I'll grapple up a bit. ;)
[17:08] * Sierra pushes herself upward.
[17:08] <+Lilie> *hangs on to Patrick* It's pulling up up!
[17:08] <@Sierra> Yes. Yes. Yes.
[17:08] * Mody climbs with
[17:08] <+Terry|> *uses grappler*
[17:08] <+Lilie> us up*
[17:08] <@Sierra> Let's go Mody-Cody, yes.
[17:08] <+Patrick|> *holds onto rope*
[17:08] <+Amber|> *continues to climb*
[17:08] <+Terry|> Yeah!
[17:08] <+Alec|> As long as we stick together, we'll be great
[17:08] <@Sierra> *jumps up onto a ledge.
[17:08] <+Mody> So..ugn..Sierra? You said you needed to talk to me?
[17:08] <+Terry|> *climbs more.*
[17:08] <+Patrick|> (Totally spoofed Kim Possible there. :p)
[17:09] <@Sierra> Later. Need to climb. Fun, fun,fun.
[17:09] <+Terry|> (xD)
[17:09] <+Alec|> Now's not really the time to resolve the issue Mody...
[17:09] <@ChrisMcLean2> (I love Kim Possible.)
[17:09] <+Lilie> (Totally)
[17:09] <+Terry|> (Knew Ryan would speak.)
[17:09] * Alec| climbs
[17:09] <+Mody> I dont know what the issue IS, Alec!
[17:09] <+Amber|> Ugh, this is hard. x_x
[17:09] * Mody climbs higher
[17:09] <+Amber|> *continues to climb*
[17:09] <+Alec|> I feel amazing. I'm never strong,
[17:09] <+Terry|> Not for me. ;)
[17:09] * Sierra jumps higher.
[17:09] <+Patrick|> We're abck to the hook! ^.^
[17:09] <@Sierra> I've never felt so alive.
[17:09] <+Mody> ...IS...IS....ARE THESE POLES GREASED CHRIS?!
[17:09] <+Patrick|> *back
[17:09] * Julianna| keeps climbing.
[17:09] <+Terry|> *Grapples a little further.*
[17:09] <+Alec|> GREASED? O.O
[17:09] <+Amber|> You've probably motivated yourself with Samantha kissing you or something. >_>
[17:09] <@ChrisMcLean2> ...
[17:09] <+Julianna|> (CONF) These people are so annoying. -_-
[17:09] <@ChrisMcLean2> Yeah. :3
[17:09] <+Patrick|> Lilie, take the next shot while I get my pants!
[17:09] * Alec| starts to slip a little bit, but grabs onto a ledge
[17:09] <+Lilie> Sure!
[17:09] <+Amber|> *uses the grappling hook to get higher*
[17:10] <+Alec|> That was way too close O.O
[17:10] * Sierra pushes herself upward towards Terry.
[17:10] <+Terry|> No, thats my motivation for mental stuff. ;)
[17:10] <@Sierra> Yo, yo, yo.
[17:10] <+Mody> GAUGH! *gets self securely in place* Phew
[17:10] <@Sierra> Hey Ter.
[17:10] <+Mody> lets pick up the pace guys
[17:10] <@Sierra> What's up.
[17:10] * Alec| climbs further up
[17:10] <+Terry|> Yo Sier... ;)
[17:10] <@Sierra> Hahaha.
[17:10] <+Amber|> Why are you winking at me. -_-
[17:10] <+Mody> Sierras jacked up on Coffee, she should give us a lead!
[17:10] <+Amber|> @Terry
[17:10] <+Lilie> *shoots up to a ledge and hook hooks on about 15 ft up*
[17:10] <+Alec|> We're good. Let's keep it up
[17:10] <@Sierra> Hey guys.
[17:10] <+Julianna|> *holds on to the tower tighter*
[17:10] <@Sierra> Wanna see something fun?
[17:10] <+Lilie> Alright. Pat, I'm hooked!
[17:10] <+Terry|> I link winking. Don't be so mean. 3:
[17:10] * Mody , Alec and Sierra get higher
[17:10] <+Mody> What?
[17:10] <+Patrick|> Oh.... about a third the way up if we reach the hook. :/
[17:10] * Amber| climbs.
[17:10] <+Terry|> *grapples up a litte higher.*
[17:10] <+Alec|> Fun?
[17:10] <+Patrick|> It looks slippery up there.
[17:11] <+Lilie> We can run up the rails.
[17:11] <+Amber|> *climbs higher*
[17:11] <@WebkinzMania> ([20:10] * Mody , Alec and Sierra get higher -- :|)
[17:11] * Mody gives a worried look to Alec.
[17:11] <+Patrick|> But let's get going.
[17:11] <@Sierra> *does a backflip onto the next ledge*
[17:11] <+Alec|> That doesn't sound good from a girl who just drank like 5 gallons of coffee
[17:11] <+Alec|> O.O
[17:11] <+Mody> (webby, us 3 are together)
[17:11] <+Alec|> ARE YOU CRAZY?!
[17:11] <@Sierra> Fun right. So fun.
[17:11] <+Terry|> Grapples, mans new best friend.
[17:11] <+Alec|> Wait, I know that answer...
[17:11] <+Amber|> Sierra, don't kill yourself! O_O
[17:11] <@ChrisMcLean2> (Zobe.)
[17:11] * Julianna| starts to climb a little faster
[17:11] <+Alec|> DON'T DO THAT THOUGH!
[17:11] * Patrick| holds onto rope and rises up.
[17:11] <+Lilie> *climbing up with Patrick* Let's be careful.
[17:11] <+Terry|> SIERRA NO!
[17:11] <@ChrisMcLean2> (I think he's making fun of the fact that it means you're getting high.)
[17:11] * Alec| climbs
[17:11] <+Terry|> DON'T!
[17:11] * Amber| keeps climbing
[17:11] <@Sierra> What. What. It's fun.
[17:11] <+Terry|> Use your grapple more. >.>
[17:11] <+Alec|> Don't even think about it. Let's just climb, and forget about every muscle in our body
[17:12] <+Lilie> Amber, Sierra, Mody, Alec, How are you guys doing?
[17:12] <+Terry|> (Who is in the lead?)
[17:12] <+Patrick|> Uh, Chris... is that a mime playing over there? O.O
[17:12] <+Terry|> (@Ryan)
[17:12] <+Julianna|> Ugh, I can't lose.
[17:12] <+Alec|> We're good Lilie! What about you?
[17:12] * Terry| keeps grappling.
[17:12] <+Lilie> We're alright!
[17:12] <+Mody> Sierra's worrying me and Alec, Lilie! Your coffees making her crazy!
[17:12] <+Mody> ...MORE CRAZY.
[17:12] <+Lilie> I'm Sorry!
[17:12] <@Sierra> Hey guys.
[17:12] <@Sierra> Wanna see more fun.
[17:12] <+Lilie> I did cut her off before the challenge!
[17:12] <@Sierra> *walks on her hands.
[17:12] * Amber| keeps on climbing
[17:12] <@Sierra> *walks on her hands**
[17:12] <+Alec|> We forgive you. But never let her have any again please!
[17:12] <+Lilie> O.O
[17:12] * Patrick| and Lilie reach the hook.
[17:12] * Alec| keeps climbing fast
[17:12] <+Lilie> I won't!
[17:12] <@Sierra> Fun right. Fun.
[17:12] <+Lilie> SIERRA!
[17:12] <+Alec|> Don't think. Don't think. Don't think.
[17:12] <+Lilie> WATCH OUT!
[17:13] <+Mody> *is lifted in the air due to sierras strength and coffee handstanding action*
[17:13] * Patrick| takes next shot.
[17:13] <+Terry|> keeps climbing
[17:13] <@Sierra> What. What.
[17:13] <+Mody> AAAHHH CRAp!!
[17:13] <+Lilie> YOU'RE GONNA FALL!
[17:13] <@Sierra> I'm good.
[17:13] <+Alec|> (Conf) Old meditation tactic. Lose your body
[17:13] <+Patrick|> Gah! It is a mime!
[17:13] <+Amber|> Oh no, climbing reminds me of that stupid Milly Ceprus song. -_-
[17:13] <@Sierra> *Get's on her feet*
[17:13] <+Mody> *grabs onto Alecs waste now being propelled higher*
[17:13] <+Lilie> Patricxk, you okat?
[17:13] <+Terry|> OMG!
[17:13] <+Patrick|> Yep.
[17:13] * Alec| shoots up
[17:13] <+Terry|> AMBER I LOVE THAT SONG!
[17:13] <+Alec|> :'(
[17:13] <@Sierra> Fun. Fun.
[17:13] <+Mody> Alec, we're disconeected!
[17:13] <@Sierra> :)
[17:13] <+Alec|> I didn't sign up for this!!!
[17:13] <+Lilie> Alright.
[17:13] <+Patrick|> I almost hit it with the hook! D:
[17:13] <+Julianna|> Ugh, that song is terrible.
[17:13] <@Sierra> Mody.
[17:13] <+Mody> *is now inbetween Alec and Sierra*
[17:13] <+Lilie> Oh no!
[17:13] <+Terry|> *Sings the SONG and climbs.*
[17:13] <+Patrick|> Mimea are almost people too!
[17:13] <+Alec|> Ok Mody, we just have to keep going
[17:13] <@Sierra> I will help you.
[17:13] <+Patrick|> *Mimes
[17:13] <+Terry|> You only like goth music. >.>
[17:13] <@Sierra> Get on my back.
[17:14] <+Mody> *jumps on Sierras back* ..I dont know about this.. D:
[17:14] * Alec| climbs with a little more effort
[17:14] <+Lilie> I'm gonna sing that Portal song "Stay Alive" :D
[17:14] <+Terry|> (Conf) Sierra and Mody remind me of Will and Kate. :3
[17:14] <+Alec|> Stay safe Mody!
[17:14] <+Lilie> Cause We're gonna stay alive.
[17:14] <+Lilie> :D
[17:14] <+Lilie> And win this.: )
[17:14] <+Mody> We're climbing the eiffel tower! Not exactly SAFE!
[17:14] <+Patrick|> Great, Lil.
[17:14] <@Sierra> It's cool, now, Alec, get on Mody's back.
[17:14] <+Julianna|> *climbs a little faster, and almost slips*
[17:14] <+Mody> O__o
[17:14] <+Terry|> Well catch you all later.
[17:14] <+Julianna|> Woah!
[17:14] <+Alec|> WHAT?!
[17:14] <+Patrick|> *reache shook again.
[17:14] <@Sierra> Actually.
[17:14] <@Sierra> Alec.
[17:14] <+Patrick|> *reaches*
[17:14] <+Terry|> *grapples up a litte further then everyone else. ;)*
[17:14] <@Sierra> Get on my back.
[17:14] * Lilie sings "Stay Alive" while helping Patrick climb up*
[17:14] <@Sierra> And I will carry Mody.
[17:14] <+Mody> AS WELL?
[17:14] <+Alec|> That's crazy!!!
[17:15] <@Sierra> And I will carry Mody.
[17:15] <+Amber|> Ugh!
[17:15] <+Patrick|> Whew... about 65% the way there.
[17:15] <@Sierra> It will work.
[17:15] <+Terry|> Go Sierra Go!
[17:15] <+Alec|> I'd be trusting you with my life...
[17:15] <+Mody> ....*is now being carried* ..WHAT!
[17:15] <+Alec|> Fine
[17:15] <+Patrick|> Lil, your shot?
[17:15] <+Lilie> Terry! Watch up! your Shoe Fell!
[17:15] <+Amber|> *climbs faster*
[17:15] * Alec| jumps on Sierra's back
[17:15] * Sierra jumps up on a ledge.
[17:15] <+Lilie> *shoots up*
[17:15] <+Lilie> *Hook lands*
[17:15] <@Sierra> C'mon guys.
[17:15] <@Sierra> Let's go.
[17:15] <+Terry|> Oldest trick in the book. >.>
[17:15] <+Lilie> Let's goo.
[17:15] <@Sierra> Jumps up two more ledges.
[17:15] <+Alec|> (Conf) I can't believe I trusted her. I love everyone, but I usually only trust myself. Big step for me. But one of the stupidest things to ever do...
[17:15] <+Lilie> Fine. Jim JR fell1
[17:15] <@Sierra> *Jumps up two more ledges.*
[17:15] <+Alec|> :'(
[17:15] <+Julianna|> *finally regains balance*
[17:15] <+Mody> (CONF) Those crazy moments of danger Alec mentioned, I THINK WE'RE HAVING IT. Im not dressed to die..I planned that out. Purple blazer with a tie..*sigh*...Open coffin..for sure..but yeah..NOT TODAY.
[17:15] <+Terry|> Jim Jr. is in Mexico by now! :@
[17:16] <+Lilie> The CAKE IS ON THE GROUND
[17:16] <+Lilie> >:@
[17:16] <+Terry|> (Conf) No one is going to stop me.
[17:16] * Patrick| climbs up, but Lilie's hat almost falls off his head.
[17:16] <+Terry|> LILIE WHY!
[17:16] <@Sierra> Hey guys.
[17:16] <+Alec|> This is ridiculous. What happens if we fall?!
[17:16] <+Terry|> Maybe if you were nicer to me. 3:
[17:16] <+Patrick|> Quickly saves the hat.
[17:16] <@Sierra> Let's go faster.
[17:16] <+Lilie> Nice save there.
[17:16] <+Lilie> :)
[17:16] * Alec| and Mody exchange terrified glances
[17:16] <+Patrick|> You bet.
[17:16] <+Patrick|> Almost at the hook?
[17:16] * Sierra skips up to the higher ledges.
[17:16] <+Terry|> Sorry to leave you guys but....*grapples up higher* I got a challenge to win! ^___^
[17:17] <@Sierra> It's getting taller. And taller.
[17:17] <+Amber|> Not so fast!
[17:17] <@Sierra> And taller.
[17:17] <+Amber|> I'm not done yet!
[17:17] <+Amber|> :@
[17:17] <+Julianna|> (Once again, Terry's challenge OoCness)
[17:17] <@Sierra> And taller, and taller.
[17:17] <+Alec|> Gotta keep moving Sierra. Let's go!
[17:17] <+Alec|> We can do this!
[17:17] <+Amber|> *climbs faster*
[17:17] <+Patrick|> *reaches hook, and takes time toaim shot*
[17:17] <@Sierra> Alright, you guys ready for some fun?
[17:17] <+Mody> If we get up, thats ALL 3 of us who win invincibility..RIGHT?
[17:17] <@Sierra> Alright, you guys ready for some fun?
[17:17] <+Alec|> Not really :'(
[17:17] <+Patrick|> *fires*
[17:17] <+Mody> ....WHAT :'(
[17:17] * Sierra jumps onto Terry's grapel and swings to a ledge upward.
[17:17] <+Julianna|> *climbs faster*
[17:17] <+Terry|> (Conf) My dad was a competitive rock climber so I'm doing this one for him! Maybe he will finally give me the pat on back I always wanted.
[17:17] * Sierra jumps onto Terry's grapel and swings to a ledge upward.
[17:17] <+Lilie> Julianna! Edward Swullen is on the ground. You should go see him.
[17:18] <+Mody> AAUUUUUGGGHH!!
[17:18] <+Terry|> SIERRA!
[17:18] <+Patrick|> *hook hits a bird, reflects, and lands lower that expected*
[17:18] <+Patrick|> DDDDD:
[17:18] <+Terry|> Watch where your going. >.>
[17:18] <+Alec|> :'(
[17:18] * Amber| throws a hook beside Terry's foot.
[17:18] <+Julianna|> Not falling for it Lilie.
[17:18] <+Terry|> WHAT!? O.O
[17:18] <+Amber|> *climbs faster*
[17:18] <+Terry|> Got to strike while the iron is hot!
[17:18] <+Mody> Alec! How close are we to the top?
[17:18] * Sierra climbs towards to higher ledges.
[17:18] <+Alec|> I can't believe you made it Sierra
[17:18] <+Terry|> *uses grapple again*
[17:18] <@Sierra> Close.
[17:18] * Amber| away from Terry.
[17:18] <+Alec|> We're not all that far Mody
[17:18] <+Amber|> moves*
[17:18] <@Sierra> We are almost at the end.
[17:18] <@Sierra> :D
[17:18] <+Alec|> But we have a lot of work to do
[17:18] <+Amber|> *climbs*
[17:19] <+Lilie> (conf) Gotta make sure one of the two I want out falls out....
[17:19] <+Mody> (CONF) Challenges are so unpredictable :c
[17:19] <@Sierra> Alec.
[17:19] <+Amber|> This is the worst challenge ever.
[17:19] <+Lilie> Fine. Dracula is on the ground.
[17:19] <+Amber|> -_-
[17:19] <+Patrick|> (I'm so tempeted to say *strikes Terry's irons*, but that'd be cruel.)
[17:19] <@Sierra> Reach for my coffee.
[17:19] <@Sierra> I need power.
[17:19] <+Terry|> Nice try Amber, but no one can beat my competivie rock climbing blood. .><
[17:19] <+Julianna|> Don't care.
[17:19] * Alec| hands Sierra coffee
[17:19] <+Terry|> (XD @Crash)
[17:19] <+Lilie> *climbing up with Patrick
[17:19] <+Julianna|> *climbs faster*
[17:19] <+Mody> .....WAIT...has anyone ever wondered how Chris gets to the end of the challenge so fast? .../=1
[17:19] * Sierra drinks.
[17:19] <+Alec|> I don't agree with you drinking it
[17:19] <+Amber|> I'm right behind you! :@
[17:19] <+Lilie> Com'n...
[17:19] <+Amber|> Duh!
[17:19] <@Sierra> Let's do this...
[17:19] * Patrick| fires again.
[17:19] <+Alec|> But if you need it to keep us alive...
[17:19] <+Mody> It MIGHT help.
[17:19] <+Amber|> *climbs*
[17:19] <+Lilie> We're almost there!
[17:19] <+Patrick|> How high is this thing?
[17:19] * Sierra jumps up higher and higher.
[17:19] * Mody high fives Alec!
[17:19] <+Terry|> *climbs faster.*
[17:19] <+Mody> Coffee jacked Sierra, MIGHT WORK!!!
[17:19] <+Alec|> We're doing great Sierra. Keep it up!
[17:19] <+Lilie> I think I see the top!
[17:20] <+Lilie> Or the half way point
[17:20] * Sierra uses Patrick's ledge to swing to the top.
[17:20] <+Lilie> Either or
[17:20] <+Lilie> Maybe. :|
[17:20] <@Sierra> We're almost there guys.
[17:20] <+Terry|> (RYAN KG GET ACTIVE!)
[17:20] <@Sierra> Almost. there.
[17:20] <@ChrisMcLean2> (I'm here...)
[17:20] <+Alec|> Don't get distracted. Calm mind...
[17:20] <+Lilie> *reaches the hook with Pat* My shot?
[17:20] <@ChrisMcLean> (Back.)
[17:20] <+Terry|> Yeah but I'm almoster there! :@
[17:20] <+Patrick|> *fires hooh, wraps around flipped French flag*
[17:20] <@ChrisMcLean> (Sheesh. Sorry for having to babysit. :@)
[17:20] <+Terry|> (Who is in the lead @Ryan)
[17:20] <+Patrick|> Climb, Lilie!
[17:20] * Sierra climbs faster and faster and faster.
[17:20] <+Patrick|> Climb!
[17:20] <+Julianna|> *keeps climbing*
[17:20] * Patrick| frantically climbs.
[17:20] <+Alec|> Lilie, Patrick. Are you guys ok?
[17:20] * Terry| uses grappler again.
[17:20] <@Sierra> Yes. Yes. Yes.
[17:20] <+Lilie> *climbs fast*
[17:21] <+Lilie> We're fine!
[17:21] <+Terry|> This grappler is my key! Key to rock climbing victory!
[17:21] <+Patrick|> We hit the flagpole, but we've got a long way to climb.
[17:21] * Mody almost falls off and kicks a rock off the wall
[17:21] <+Lilie> Just get to the top fast*
[17:21] == Poli [6c1c99b0@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:21] <+Mody> *Which falls onto Patrick*
[17:21] <+Alec|> Mody, are you alright?!
[17:21] <+Mody> YEAH!
[17:21] <+Patrick|> Gah!
[17:21] <+Mody> LOOK OUT BELOW! ....FORE?
[17:21] <+Patrick|> x.O
[17:21] * Sierra uses Patrick hook to climb higher and jumps to a ledge.
[17:21] <@Sierra> Holy crap.
[17:21] <+Alec|> Aw man, this is freaking me out. I hate heights!!!!
[17:21] <+Lilie> PATRICK!
[17:21] * Amber| kicks Julianna off and climbs to the top/
[17:21] <+Mody> *we reach the top*
[17:21] <+Amber|> .*
[17:21] <+Terry|> *is near the top*
[17:21] * Patrick| struggles, but climbs.
[17:21] <+Julianna|> *falls off*
[17:21] <@ChrisMcLean2> O.O
[17:21] * Alec| reaches the top with Mody and Sierra
[17:21] <+Julianna|> Ah!
[17:21] <+Patrick|> 10 more feet!
[17:21] <@ChrisMcLean2> AMBER WINS IMMUNITY!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:21] * Sierra climbs Patrick grapel to the top.
[17:21] * Sierra climbs Patrick grapel to the top.
[17:22] <+Amber|> O_O
[17:22] * Lilie climbs up*
[17:22] <+Patrick|> 8!
[17:22] <+Amber|> YES!!! :D
[17:22] <+Amber|> YES!!! :D
[17:22] <@Sierra> *Patrick's
[17:22] <+Terry|> *reachs the top*
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> Alec, Mody, and Sierra have reached the top!
[17:22] <+Amber|> YES!!!!
[17:22] <+Patrick|> 5!
[17:22] <+Patrick|> 4!
[17:22] <+Amber|> AAHAHAHAH!!
[17:22] <+Alec|> WOO! :D
[17:22] <+Patrick|> Top!
[17:22] <@Sierra> Yes. Yes. Yes!
[17:22] <+Terry|> (I WAS AHEAD OF AMBER!
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> So have Patrick and Sierra!
[17:22] <+Amber|> :@
[17:22] <+Julianna|> *hits the ground* Ooooooh.
[17:22] <+Terry|> (SO HAVE I RYAN. >.<)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> Lilie!
[17:22] <@Sierra> Chris.
[17:22] <+Mody> WOOOOOO!!!! *high fives Alec* whos awesome! WE'RE AWESOME! WE'RE AMA-you arent wearing our outfit! D:
[17:22] <+Lilie> *reachs the top as Patrick does*
[17:22] <@Sierra> Can we get down now?
[17:22] <+Amber|> (We were beside each other, Terry. >_>)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> And so has Terry and Patrick!
[17:22] <+Lilie> (:|)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> ...
[17:22] <+Alec|> Sorry Mody. I'll wear it eventually!
[17:22] <+Terry|> (Then how did Lilie and Mody pass me out? >.>)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> and...
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> That means...
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> That...
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> :|
[17:22] <Sam450|TDXD> (o.o Julianna is out?)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean> (lol, you said Patrick and Sierra like, 20 times.)
[17:22] <@ChrisMcLean2> *looks over at Julianna*
[17:23] <+Lilie> (It was Patrick and Lilie*
[17:23] <+Terry|> DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! : D
[17:23] <@Sierra> Julianna is out. Woah.
[17:23] <+Patrick|> Not. Good.
[17:23] <+Lilie> (Lolstilly Ryan)
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean2> Julianna is eliminated.
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean2> :|
[17:23] <+Amber|> Ha!
[17:23] <+Alec|> Julianna? :(
[17:23] <+Mody> *looks down*...O_O IM AFRAID OF HEIGHTS..
[17:23] <+Amber|> Yes!
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean2> (KK, you take over, kg.)
[17:23] <@Sierra> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:23] == ChrisMcLean2 has changed nick to TDIFan13
[17:23] <@Sierra> Awesome!!!
[17:23] <+Alec|> @Mody. Me too. O.O
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:23] <@TDIFan13> :|
[17:23] <+Patrick|> Seriously, though, Chris.... It's not like you were kidding about the sudden death part?
[17:23] <+Terry|> EVERYONE TOGETHER!
[17:23] <+Terry|> DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD!
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean> Well, Julianna. *looks at er body on the floor* o.O
[17:23] <@Sierra> Chris, can we get down from here, I want to say goodbye to the witch.
[17:23] <+Alec|> Is Julianna ok?
[17:23] <+Patrick|> Because that'd be the cruelest prank ever. -.-
[17:23] <+Amber|> Is she dead?
[17:23] <+Amber|> :|
[17:23] <@ChrisMcLean> It looks like it's time for you to ride the Boat of Losers.
[17:23] <+Lilie> Shes the undead.
[17:24] <+Julianna|> *moans*
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> I mean, the Lame-O-Sine.
[17:24] <+Alec|> Nah, she'll be ok
[17:24] <+Lilie> Of course she is./
[17:24] <+Mody> (Conf) I told her! Making no friends takes you out of this game....I hope she's a REAL vampire...maybe she survived? O_O
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> I mean, take the Drop of Sham-- USH, SCHOOL BUS OF LOSERS.
[17:24] <+Alec|> Wait Chris, can I say goodbye to her?
[17:24] <+Amber|> Meh, she's fine. *walks off*
[17:24] <+Terry|> ....Its not just your day is it Chris?
[17:24] <@Sierra> Yes, c'mon guys, Let's go congratulate her.
[17:24] <@TDIFan13> (Guys, keep talking for another 7 minutes, then we might as well end the episode. We're not having two episodes this week. Next week, we will. But, we're going to have to end early today.)
[17:24] <+Mody> .......How do we get down to her!
[17:24] <+Alec|> No idea...
[17:24] <+Lilie> I don't know?
[17:24] <+Terry|> Simple!
[17:24] <+Mody> .....*finds a slide on the side*...Why not?
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> There's an elevator.
[17:24] <Copper5> (I hope Julianna has 1 friend before she leaves)
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> -_-'
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> There's an elevator. -_-'*
[17:24] <+Patrick|> What?
[17:24] * Sierra is about to walk down, but falls in fatigue, rolling down the structure, with Alec and Mody.
[17:24] <@Sierra> O.O'''''''''''
[17:24] <+Terry|> *JUMPS OFF THE TOWER!*
[17:24] * Alec| uses the elevator
[17:24] <+Lilie> O.O
[17:24] <+Mody> O_O
[17:24] <@ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:24] <+Lilie> SIERRa?!
[17:25] <@Sierra> AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:25] <+Mody> AUGH!!!
[17:25] <+Lilie> I'M COMNING BESTIE
[17:25] <+Amber|> I'll use the elevator.
[17:25] <+Terry|> *grabs Siera*
[17:25] <+Julianna|> *is laying on the ground*
[17:25] * Sierra falls down to tower.
[17:25] <+Lilie> Patrick, I'll be right back.
[17:25] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Forget Julianna.... Sierra's pretty much dead-er.
[17:25] <+Alec|> (Scratch the elevator thing)
[17:25] <+Terry|> *uses grapple*
[17:25] <+Alec|> AHHHHHHHHHH
[17:25] <+Patrick|> Got you.
[17:25] <@Sierra> *without Alec and Mody*
[17:25] <+Terry|> (I SAVED YOU! :@)
[17:25] <+Mody> (me and alec fell without sierra)
[17:25] <+Amber|> (CONF) Okay, so Sierra and coffee... yeah, bad mixture.
[17:25] <+Alec|> We're still falling!!!
[17:25] * Mody and Alec land on Julianna
[17:25] <@Sierra> Terry.... Terry......... *falls asleep*
[17:25] <+Mody> ....OW....
[17:26] <+Julianna|> Oof! x_x
[17:26] <+Mody> my back..
[17:26] <+Alec|> *Twitches*
[17:26] <@Sierra> Wait...
[17:26] <+Lilie> Uh.
[17:26] <@Sierra> *wakes up*
[17:26] * Patrick| is still at the top.
[17:26] <@Sierra> Mody...
[17:26] <+Lilie> I think...
[17:26] <@Sierra> I need to talk to you....
[17:26] <+Lilie> *still on top*
[17:26] <+Mody> (CONF) *is now in casts and bandages* ...OWWWW... DX
[17:26] <@Sierra> Mody...
[17:26] <@Sierra> I need to talk to you....
[17:26] <+Terry|> Just sleep. And its not Terry its Ratma-- Dammit I'm not wearing the costume. -_-
[17:26] <@ChrisMcLean> *paramedics arrive*
[17:26] <+Mody> What? >__o
[17:26] <+Mody> Now?
[17:26] <+Lilie> Amber... Remind me never to supply Sierra with Coffe like that again.
[17:26] <+Alec|> Julianna, before you go, I just want to let you know that I never hated you
[17:26] <+Lilie> :
[17:26] <@Sierra> I was upset earlier because... we need to talk more.
[17:26] <@Sierra> D:
[17:26] == CD-TDA has changed nick to CD-TDAFK
[17:26] <+Lilie> :|
[17:26] <+Mody> Julianna...will you at least accept Alec's friendship before you go...
[17:26] <+Patrick|> *to Lilie* What a view.
[17:26] <+Amber|> Done deal. :| @Lilie
[17:26] <+Mody> He tried his best. dont let it go to waste.
[17:26] <+Alec|> You might have hated me, but I think that you're actually a good person
[17:27] * Lilie goes over to Patrick. It is a wonderful view.
[17:27] <+Terry|> Well I guess Juilanna gets to go home in the Ambulance of Failure! HHAHAHA
[17:27] <@Sierra> If we want a relationship, we need to maintain active communication :@
[17:27] <+Julianna|> Sure.
[17:27] <+Lilie> *kisses Patrick on the cheek*
[17:27] <+Alec|> Deep down there. And you don't have to admit it, but I think that you actually want to be friends
[17:27] <+Amber|> She'll just wait for her master to arrive and take her back to the underworld.
[17:27] <+Patrick|> Woah. :|
[17:27] <+Julianna|> *is still kinda... hurt :p*
[17:27] <+Mody> Ok..wait..relationship...communication..about what?!
[17:27] <+Amber|> No need for a bus.
[17:27] <+Patrick|> Should we sse Julianna off?
[17:27] <+Terry|> Juilanna I know we havn't gotten on in the last few weeks but.......
[17:27] <+Patrick|> *see
[17:27] <@Sierra> Well... we're dating. o_o
[17:27] <+Terry|> Thats it. See ya later.
[17:27] <+Lilie> I rather not... She scares me.
[17:27] <+Mody> WE ARE?
[17:27] <+Lilie> But We should.
[17:27] <@CD-TDAFK> ([21:27] <Terry|> Well I guess Juilanna gets to go home in the Ambulance of Failure! HHAHAHA -- XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:27] <+Patrick|> Mhm.
[17:28] <@Sierra> You didn't know?!?! o_o
[17:28] * Alec| helps up Julianna
[17:28] <+Terry|> Will and Kate! ^________--^
[17:28] <@Sierra> Bu-But.
[17:28] <@Sierra> Wait.
[17:28] <+Mody> Well, you never asked?
[17:28] <+Mody> And besides...
[17:28] <+Julianna|> Ugh, thanks.
[17:28] <@Sierra> Well...
[17:28] <+Mody> <_<
[17:28] <@Sierra> Mody...
[17:28] <+Patrick|> *reaches the groung*
[17:28] <+Patrick|> *ground
[17:28] * Lilie takes Elevator down with Patrick.
[17:28] <+Amber|> (CONF) If Mody breaks Sierra's heart... I. Will. Break. Him. :-@
[17:28] <@Sierra> Do you, Mody, want to go out with me? :) *leans on one knee*
[17:28] <+Alec|> Julianna, just do one thing for me before you leave. Smile.
[17:28] <+Lilie> Well...
[17:28] <+Mody> D:
[17:28] <+Mody> ....I..
[17:28] <+Terry|> Say yes!
[17:28] <+Mody> Sierra...I..
[17:28] <+Mody> I...
[17:28] <@Sierra> You? :D
[17:28] <+Terry|> ^____^
[17:28] <+Patrick|> Bye, Julianna... You'll be missed.
[17:28] <Dakotacoons> (:))
[17:28] <+Lilie> Bye Julianna...
[17:28] <+Mody> D:
[17:28] <+Julianna|> Hard to smile in pain, Alec.
[17:28] * Lilie waves...
[17:29] <+Amber|> *cracks knuckles* Well?
[17:29] <@Sierra> What?!
[17:29] <+Mody> .....I like.....I like..
[17:29] <@Sierra> :(
[17:29] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: Well.....
[17:29] <+Alec|> Give it your best effort
[17:29] <+Alec|> And hurry
[17:29] <+Mody> Another.....<_<..>_>...girl...
[17:29] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:29] <@ChrisMcLean> *paramedics shove Julianna in the School Bus*
[17:29] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:29] <+Amber|> ...
[17:29] <@Sierra> O.O''
[17:29] <@ChrisMcLean> paramdes: She's fine. -.-
[17:29] <+Amber|> O_O
[17:29] <@Sierra> ......
[17:29] <+Amber|> O_O'''''''''
[17:29] <+Terry|> SHES GOING TO BLOW!
[17:29] <+Terry|> RUN!
[17:29] <@Sierra> AWWWWWWWWWWHA. :'(
[17:29] <+Mody> Im into......*looks around*...Am...ber? o__o
[17:29] <+Lilie> (conf) Mody... seems... to not like any girl... on this show anyway... Uh... *awkward*
[17:29] <+Lilie> O.o
[17:29] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:29] <+Patrick|> (Way to begin to wipe out all of the Screaming Students, guys. :p)
[17:29] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: :|
[17:29] <Sam450|TDXD> (o.o)
[17:29] <@Sierra> AMBER?!
[17:29] <@Sierra> O.O
[17:29] <+Amber|> :|
[17:29] <+Mody> (CONF) Probably NOT the best answer...D=
[17:29] <@Sierra> BUT...
[17:29] <+Lilie> Uh... oh...
[17:29] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: AND THAT'S ALL FOR THIS EPISODE.
[17:29] <+Amber|> Excuse me? :|
[17:29] <@Sierra> HER AND DANIEL ARE....
[17:30] <@Sierra> :'(
[17:30] <+Julianna|> (That elimination was planned, Crash :p)
[17:30] <+Lilie> Chris...
[17:30] <@Sierra> CHRIS!
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: SEE YOU NEXT TIME.
[17:30] <+Lilie> Five more minutes?
[17:30] <+Amber|> I like Daniel, not y-
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: ON TOAL.
[17:30] <+Amber|> :|
[17:30] <@Sierra> *HUG CHRIS HER HARDEST*
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> *TOTAL
[17:30] <+Amber|> I mean...
[17:30] <+Terry|> O.O
[17:30] <@Sierra> *HUG CHRIS HER HARDEST*
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: DRAMA.
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> Chris: SCHOOL!
[17:30] <@ChrisMcLean> -- END --

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