[16:35] <@DirkHoffman> -- START --
[16:36] <@DirkHoffman> *walks into cafeteria*
[16:36] <@|Scythe> (What about Chris's intro?)
[16:36] <+Candy|> (^)
[16:36] <@ChrisMcLean> (Er.)
[16:36] <TDAwesome15> (Ryan never does those anymore. Awk.)
[16:36] <+Candy|> (LAZY. NOT WRITING OUT AN INTRO.)
[16:37] <Totoro|> (lol)
[16:37] <@ChrisMcLean> (IDK WHAT TO SAY.)
[16:37] <RoseGui> (Can I participate? D=)
[16:37] <@ChrisMcLean> (:C)
[16:37] <@|Scythe> *Walks into cafeteria*
[16:37] <Totoro|> (I could write them. :3)
[16:37] <TDAwesome15> (Nope @Rose)
[16:37] <+Elliot|> *follows Scythe*
[16:38] <+Candy|> (Suddenly an awkward silence.)
[16:39] <+Elliot|> (Conf): With Jackson gone, my only friend left is Scythe!
[16:39] <@|Scythe> (Conf) 4 people left. It looks like my wish for isolation is coming true. It would be better if Elliot would stop creeping on me.
[16:39] <@|Scythe> (Yo, other people, talk. >~>)
[16:39] <+Candy|> (CONF) Everything named Gini dies.
[16:39] <+Elliot|> (Conf): Lucky for me, she is the only one I wanna be with!
[16:40] <+Candy|> (CONF) ;___;
[16:40] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) Final four. Am I surprised? Nope. I knew I'd make it this far from the start.
[16:40] <+Candy|> (CONF)There's Dirk, too, but nobody likes Dirk >->
[16:41] <+Candy|> (CONF) I'M SO ALONE. ;____:
[16:41] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) And the best part? People like me. :D Right?
[16:41] <+Candy|> (CONF) *pets cat*
[16:41] <+Candy|> (CONF) *sniff* :c
[16:42] <@|Scythe> (Conf) I swear, the worst part is having these guys like me. -_-
[16:42] <+Elliot|> (Conf): I dont really like Dirk anymore, and I'm pretty sure Candy hates me for the whole Gini thing,
[16:42] <+Candy|> (lol everything is a conf.)
[16:43] <+Candy|> (OMFGSOMEONETALK)
[16:43] <@|Scythe> (BRB, just coughed up some blood.)
[16:43] <@DirkHoffman> *eats fruit in cafeteria*
[16:43] <+Candy|> (..ew.)
[16:44] <@|Scythe> (Back.)
[16:44] <@ChrisMcLean> (I'm lagging.)
[16:44] <@|Scythe> *Eats an apple...*
[16:44] <@DirkHoffman> (Don't worry; if you disconnect, I'll take your spot.)
[16:44] <@DirkHoffman> (Just make sure to come back.)
[16:44] <@ChrisMcLean> (BRB for just a sec)
[16:44] == ChrisMcLean [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:44] == iZach [4bb6309b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:44] == DirkHoffman has changed nick to Dirk|Chris
[16:45] <@Dirk|Chris> Chris: *walks into cafeteria* Good morning, final four!
[16:45] == neko-naito [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:45] == Dirk|Chris has changed nick to DirkHoffman
[16:45] <neko-naito> (Sorry.)
[16:45] <neko-naito> (My connection's been horrible.)
[16:45] == neko-naito has changed nick to ChrisMcLean
[16:46] <ChrisMcLean> Welcome to the semi-finals!
[16:47] <+Elliot|> *squeals a bit*
[16:47] <ChrisMcLean> In the past, we've celebrated the semi-finals with some quirky, out-of-the-norm challenges!
[16:47] * DirkHoffman winces.
[16:47] <ChrisMcLean> During our first season, someone's head was shaved off.
[16:47] <ChrisMcLean> In our second, someone was kidnapped by Santa Claus
[16:47] <ChrisMcLean> ^.
[16:48] <ChrisMcLean> During the third, someone was attacked by a wild kangaroo.
[16:48] <ChrisMcLean> And last season, the semi-finals was a heartbreaking day for Terry, when he was betrayed by his ally, Amber.
[16:48] <ChrisMcLean> I'm counting on the fact that this season's semi-finals will be as memorable as the others!! ;)
[16:48] <@|Scythe> Wait, semi-finals? There's still four of us.
[16:48] <@DirkHoffman> Obviously, he's planning to have three contestants in the finals.
[16:48] <@DirkHoffman> So cheesy.
[16:48] <+Elliot|> Three contestants?
[16:49] <@|Scythe> Cheesy and unpractical.
[16:49] <+Candy|> I say we take Dirk off.
[16:49] <+Candy|> >->
[16:49] <@DirkHoffman> Shut it. :@
[16:49] <+Elliot|> I agree with Candy!
[16:49] <@DirkHoffman> I'm the best player here.
[16:49] <@DirkHoffman> I don't deserve to be taken off.
[16:49] <+Candy|> YOU'RE JUST DIRK
[16:49] <ChrisMcLean> As Dirk said, this season, we're having our first final three ever.
[16:49] <+Candy|> It's like kittys being kittens.
[16:49] <+Candy|> No one loves them. >->
[16:50] <+Elliot|> How will the winner be determined then?
[16:50] <ChrisMcLean> Shuuuuuushhhhhhh. :@
[16:50] <ChrisMcLean> By jury vote.
[16:51] <ChrisMcLean> Like I said at the beginning of the season.
[16:51] <+Elliot|> Ha! looks like you wont win Dirk!
[16:51] <ChrisMcLean> If you had bothered to pay attention. >.>
[16:51] <@DirkHoffman> D:
[16:51] <@DirkHoffman> I...
[16:51] <@DirkHoffman> I could still... :s
[16:51] <+Candy|> What happened to the bobble-heads?
[16:51] <ChrisMcLean> Anyways.
[16:51] <@|Scythe> Jury-vote? This show's just made of cheese, isn't it?
[16:52] <ChrisMcLean> This season's semi-finals will definetely be memorable.
[16:52] <ChrisMcLean> Why? Because it's sure to be-
[16:52] <@DirkHoffman> *an explosion occurs*
[16:52] <@DirkHoffman> Richard: *hops onto the ship and shouts* You thought you could win our pirate-style showdown? No way!! :@
[16:53] <ChrisMcLean> *pushes Richard off the boat; he falls to his demise*
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> Richard: Nooo! *dies*
[16:53] <+Elliot|> :O
[16:53] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[16:53] <@|Scythe> :|
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[16:53] <@|Scythe> Cool...
[16:53] <ChrisMcLean> Well.
[16:53] <@DirkHoffman> ._.
[16:53] <+Elliot|> Was that-
[16:53] <+Elliot|> Nevermind.
[16:53] <ChrisMcLean> Hmmm.
[16:53] <ChrisMcLean> It seems as though we now have a giant gaping hole in the cruise. We may all die.
[16:54] <@|Scythe> Even cooler...
[16:54] <ChrisMcLean> But, as of right now, it doesn't matter, because we've just arrived to our next pit stop; "Dudahula Island"!
[16:54] <+Elliot|> Sounds tropical!
[16:54] <ChrisMcLean> And, for today's challenge, as the island name states...
[16:54] <ChrisMcLean> You'll be doing the hula. ^_^"
[16:54] <ChrisMcLean> More specifically, you'll be choreographing your own hula dance.
[16:54] <@|Scythe> ...
[16:54] <+Elliot|> Awsome! I cant wait to see Scythe in her hula skirt! :D
[16:55] <@DirkHoffman> *twitches*
[16:55] <@|Scythe> Forget what I said about this being cool. -_-
[16:55] <ChrisMcLean> And the judges will consist of myself, and our lovely female Hawaiian intern, Akahi Serfsup!
[16:55] == iZach has changed nick to Akahi
[16:55] <ChrisMcLean> *hops off the boat*
[16:56] <Akahi> *hawaiian accent* Hello!
[16:56] <ChrisMcLean> Alright. Start conducting your dance. By the end of this episode, two contestants will win immunity, and two will be up for elimination. ;)
[16:56] <ChrisMcLean> *walks off*
[16:56] <@DirkHoffman> (What is a Hawaiian accent? >.>)
[16:56] <ChrisMcLean> (Kinda Asian, but kinda not.)
[16:57] <+Elliot|> But, I dont know how to dance!
[16:58] <ChrisMcLean> (make your dances now. :@)
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> D:
[16:59] * DirkHoffman starts awkwardly moving.
[16:59] <Akahi> It's easier then you think! You just have to have rhythm! *walks off after Chris she doesn't know where else to go*
[16:59] <@|Scythe> *Crosses arms*
[16:59] <@|Scythe> I refuse to take part in this challenge.
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> Psssh.
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> Nice dance. @Scythe
[16:59] <+Candy|> NO
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> What?
[16:59] <+Candy|> (opps color)
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> You can't refuse; you'll be eliminated.
[16:59] <+Candy|> SCYTHEEEEE
[16:59] <@DirkHoffman> But, on the other hand.
[17:00] <+Elliot|> Scythe dont go!
[17:00] <@DirkHoffman> I'm sure Elliot is going to LOVE seeing you in that hula skirt.
[17:00] <@DirkHoffman> ;)
[17:00] <+Elliot|> I NEED you!
[17:00] <@DirkHoffman> :o
[17:00] <@DirkHoffman> Hey. <.<
[17:00] <@|Scythe> ...
[17:00] <+Elliot|> Dont leave me with that jerk, and the ditz!
[17:00] <@|Scythe> *Sighs*
[17:00] <+Candy|> Elliot...
[17:00] <@|Scythe> Fine, but I'm not wearing a grass skirt. >~>
[17:00] * DirkHoffman stifles a laugh.
[17:00] <+Candy|> Did I say you could talk? >->
[17:01] <+Candy|> Anyways, YAY SCYTHE! :D.
[17:01] <ChrisMcLean> *comes back*
[17:01] <+Elliot|> No, you barely say anything usefull if I remember correctly. ._.
[17:02] <ChrisMcLean> You know, in order for the dance to be authentic as possible, you have to wear a grass skirt.
[17:02] <+Candy|> :C
[17:03] <ChrisMcLean> So, you kinda need to wear one.
[17:03] <ChrisMcLean> @Scythe
[17:03] <@|Scythe> ...
[17:03] <ChrisMcLean> ;)
[17:03] <ChrisMcLean> *leaves again*
[17:03] <@|Scythe> Why am I even doing this? -_-
[17:03] * DirkHoffman walks off with Akahi.
[17:03] <@|Scythe> *Walks away to practice*
[17:04] <+Elliot|> *follows Scythe*
[17:05] <+Elliot|> I am NOT gonna miss this.
[17:06] <@|Scythe> *Looks at Elliot menacingly*
[17:06] <+Elliot|> *runs away*
[17:06] <+Candy|> (CONF.) I actually went too Hawaii once. :D. Y'know, it's so bad being homeless in the winter. :C They should go somewhere warm like Maui so they can eat fresh fish all day :D.
[17:07] <+Candy|> (*to)
[17:07] <+Candy|> (NOT ENOUGH SLEEP. ;__;)
[17:09] <+Candy|> (ew, no one's talking)
[17:09] <ChrisMcLean> (IKR)
[17:10] <@|Scythe> (Conf) Remember, it's for the million.
[17:11] <@|Scythe> (Call time or something, Chris. :|)
[17:11] <ChrisMcLean> (Sorry)
[17:13] <ChrisMcLean> Time!
[17:13] <Akahi> (conf) It's exciting to intern today as a judge and I get to meet the famous Dirk Hoffman! Eee! It's always been my dream too!
[17:14] <@DirkHoffman> (I'm not famous.)
[17:14] <@DirkHoffman> (My dad is. >.>)
[17:14] == Kgman04 [45792790@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:14] <@DirkHoffman> (:o)
[17:14] <@DirkHoffman> (My lover. <3)
[17:14] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+o Kgman04] by DirkHoffman
[17:14] <@DirkHoffman> (<3)
[17:14] <@Kgman04> (Hai.)
[17:14] == Totoro| [~Totoro|@] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:14] <Akahi> ((She doesn't know XD))
[17:15] <ChrisMcLean> Time to see your hula dances.
[17:15] <ChrisMcLean> This should be... interesting. *stiffles a laugh*
[17:15] <ChrisMcLean> So.
[17:16] <ChrisMcLean> I did mention that two cruisers would win the challenge.
[17:16] <+Candy|> (Make me go last, I need to go eat something)
[17:16] <ChrisMcLean> Which now leads us to our twist! ;)
[17:16] <+Elliot|> Twist?
[17:17] <@|Scythe> There's always a twist...
[17:17] <ChrisMcLean> You will be performing your dance alongside another contestant!
[17:17] * ChrisMcLean snickers.
[17:17] <Akahi> Just hope the hulas are as good as Timon's hula off the Jaguar Queen!
[17:17] <+Elliot|> I call Scythe!
[17:18] <ChrisMcLean> Sorta like a group thing, but not really.
[17:18] <ChrisMcLean> Instead of being judged individually, you will be judged alongside your new partner. XD
[17:18] <ChrisMcLean> So, if you rock, and they suck, you're in big trouble.
[17:18] <+Candy|> No, *I* wanna go with Scythe. :D.
[17:18] <+Elliot|> *Grabs Scythe's arm*
[17:18] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) Please get Elliot, please get Elliot, please get Elliot. D:
[17:18] <@DirkHoffman> (conf) I know, I know, Elliot's a dork, but he's coordinated, most likely very skilled when it comes to things no one cares about, and he hates me less than anyone else.
[17:18] <+Candy|> We're like New-BFF's, right Scythesicle :3?
[17:18] <+Elliot|> She's with me! >:(
[17:18] * Candy| pushes Elliot away and huggles Scythe
[17:18] <ChrisMcLean> And the groups are...
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean> Elliot... and Scythe!
[17:19] * DirkHoffman crosses fingers.
[17:19] <@DirkHoffman> Dangit!
[17:19] <+Candy|> BOOOOOO
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean> Which leaves Dirk and Candy to a group together!
[17:19] <+Elliot|> YES! In your face! @ Candy
[17:19] <@DirkHoffman> Crap!! >.>
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean> :D
[17:19] * Candy| throws tomatoes and blueberries
[17:19] * DirkHoffman ducks.
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean> (I LOVE YOU ALE)
[17:19] <+Candy|> (:3)
[17:19] <ChrisMcLean> (-buys cats-)
[17:19] <+Candy|> (SO MANY CATS)
[17:19] <Akahi> ((CHRIS. Y U NO LET DIRK HAVE SCYTHE))
[17:20] <@|Scythe> :|
[17:20] <@|Scythe> *Facepalms*
[17:20] <+Candy|> (IKR? That would've been clever. @Zach)
[17:20] <+Elliot|> (CONF): Yes, Yes, Yes!
[17:20] <Akahi> ((And the producers call in 3. 2. 1. lol))
[17:20] <ChrisMcLean> So, first to perform are Elliot and Scythe. :D
[17:21] <@DirkHoffman> (Because that would have been too predictable. @Zach)
[17:21] <@DirkHoffman> (Seeing as Elliot wanted Scythe way more.)
[17:21] <Akahi> ((Lol.))
[17:21] <@|Scythe> (Elliot has been paired up with Scythe in every single group challenge.)
[17:22] <@|Scythe> (That's what you call predictable, sir.)
[17:22] <+Candy|> (^)
[17:22] <+Candy|> (^)
[17:22] <+Candy|> (^)
[17:23] <+Elliot|> (BRB)
[17:23] <ChrisMcLean> (Just perform please. :C)
[17:23] <+Candy|> ( they can't)
[17:23] <@DirkHoffman> (You're gross. @Mygeto)
[17:23] <ChrisMcLean> (IDK, I'm not a good Chris.)
[17:23] <@DirkHoffman> (Why can't they perform? o_o)
[17:23] <+Candy|> (@Ryan whoever is playing Elliot is on BRB)
[17:24] <+Elliot|> (Back)
[17:24] <Akahi> Chris. Is your last name Robin? I forgot it....
[17:24] <+Candy|> (NOBODY LOVES YOU. @Neko)
[17:24] <Akahi> ((and the Disney Ref Counter goes up to two.))
[17:24] <+Elliot|> (I'm ready)
[17:24] <ChrisMcLean> It's...
[17:24] <ChrisMcLean> McLean.
[17:24] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:25] <+Candy|> (McClean)
[17:25] <ChrisMcLean> (D: )
[17:25] <Akahi> OH.
[17:26] <Akahi> Silly me, Chris Robin is a boy I know who has a stuffed animal tiger! My bad!
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (It's McLean.)
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (:|)
[17:26] <+Candy|> (...we know)
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (K, Zach. :@)
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (Enough.)
[17:26] <Akahi> ((Stalling time.))
[17:26] <+Elliot|> (lets go.........)
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (Um.)
[17:26] <Akahi> ((For Elliot to get back.))
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (Elliot is ready.)
[17:26] <@DirkHoffman> (Scythe, you there?)
[17:27] <+Candy|> (GOD, JUST GET IT OVER WITH, YOU WH***S)
[17:27] <@DirkHoffman> (Akahi, sing your song while they dance.)
[17:27] <@|Scythe> (I'm ready.)
[17:27] <+Elliot|> (Yes)
[17:27] <@DirkHoffman> (K. Start.)
[17:27] <@DirkHoffman> -- START --
[17:27] <ChrisMcLean> (Lag?)
[17:28] <@|Scythe> *Sigh*
[17:28] <ChrisMcLean> (Yeah, lagged.)
[17:28] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:28] <+Elliot|> *hulas casually about the stage*
[17:28] <@|Scythe> All right, instead of doing a frilly hula dance, I decided to go beyond the call of duty and do an awesome fire dance.
[17:28] == RoseGui [4fa86d4d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit []
[17:28] <@DirkHoffman> I-
[17:28] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:29] <+Elliot|> Wa-?
[17:29] <@|Scythe> *Pulls out two torches*
[17:29] <Akahi> They- ._.
[17:29] <+Elliot|> *continues to dance around Scythe*
[17:29] <Akahi> *stopped and is shocked for a moment.
[17:29] <ChrisMcLean> ._.
[17:29] <Akahi> They sway my heart,
[17:29] <@|Scythe> Seeing as I have no experience fire dancing, I suspect this island's forests burning down and for there to be atleast two casualties.
[17:30] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:30] * ChrisMcLean walks as far away from Scythe as possible.
[17:30] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:30] * Candy| hides.
[17:30] <+Elliot|> *continues dancing worriedly*
[17:30] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:30] <@DirkHoffman> D:
[17:30] <Akahi> *slowly backs away*
[17:30] <@|Scythe> So, I guess I'll begin.
[17:30] <@|Scythe> *Lights torches*
[17:30] <Akahi> Oh, wait, there's a shark. :D
[17:30] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:31] <Akahi> They sway my heart,
[17:31] <@|Scythe> *Sways torches around*
[17:31] <+Elliot|> *dances close to Scythe*
[17:31] * Candy| shoves Dirky forward. Casually.
[17:31] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:31] <@DirkHoffman> :o
[17:31] <Akahi> Oh, wait, there's a shark. :D
[17:31] * DirkHoffman falls into a ring of fire.
[17:31] * DirkHoffman shudders.
[17:31] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:31] <@|Scythe> *Tries to trow and catch a torch*
[17:31] <Akahi> They sway my heart,
[17:31] <@|Scythe> *Torch hits Elliot*
[17:31] <@DirkHoffman> :-O
[17:31] <Akahi> The waves of the ocean,
[17:31] <Akahi> Oh, wait, there's a shark. :D
[17:31] <Akahi> ._.'
[17:32] <Akahi> F-F-Fire?!
[17:32] <+Elliot|> *stops drops, and rolls*
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean> As much as I enjoy Elliot's misery.
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean> I have to end this before someone died and we get sued.
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean> ._.
[17:32] <+Candy|> (*dies)
[17:32] <ChrisMcLean> (Yeah.)
[17:32] <+Elliot|> (CONF): That was hot.
[17:32] <Akahi> (-dies like the other interns-)
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> (KK.)
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> (Sounds cool.)
[17:33] <@|Scythe> Hm.
[17:33] <Akahi> ((Not cool! >:U))
[17:33] <+Candy|> (LET'S JUST GO ON WITH THIS SH**, PEOPLE.)
[17:33] <ChrisMcLean> *drags Akahi's dead body away*
[17:33] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:33] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:34] <Akahi> *puts out fire before it starts*
[17:34] <ChrisMcLean> Next is...
[17:34] <+Candy|> (*get)
[17:34] <+Candy|> (So tiredddd)
[17:34] <ChrisMcLean> Dirk and Candy.
[17:34] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> :s
[17:34] <Akahi> (I'm not dead. lol.)
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> Alright.
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> (Just be dead.)
[17:34] <+Candy|> :3
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> (@Zach)
[17:34] <Akahi> ((What about the song?))
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> (Chris.)
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> (Sing the song.)
[17:34] <@DirkHoffman> (:|)
[17:35] <ChrisMcLean> *in an off-key voice*
[17:35] <ChrisMcLean> The waves of the ocean,
[17:35] <ChrisMcLean> They sway my heart,
[17:35] * DirkHoffman side-steps left three times.
[17:35] * Candy| pulls at Hula hoop.
[17:35] <+Candy|> :D
[17:35] <ChrisMcLean> The waves of the ocean,
[17:35] * Candy| Hula-hoops or whatever the verb is for that.
[17:36] <+Candy|> :3
[17:36] <ChrisMcLean> Oh, wait, there's a shark. :D
[17:36] * DirkHoffman side-steps right three times.
[17:36] <ChrisMcLean> The waves of the ocean,
[17:36] * Candy| takes hula-hoop off.
[17:36] <ChrisMcLean> They sway my heart,
[17:36] <+Candy|> :o
[17:36] * DirkHoffman spins twice.
[17:36] * DirkHoffman steps back in a flashy way, then swings hips.
[17:36] * Candy| swings Hula hoop on arm
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:36] <ChrisMcLean> The waves of the ocean,
[17:36] <+Candy|> :D.
[17:36] * DirkHoffman side-steps left five times.
[17:36] * DirkHoffman side-steps right ten times, then steps forward thrice, swaying hips the entire time.
[17:36] <ChrisMcLean> Oh, wait, there's a shark. :D
[17:36] * DirkHoffman jumps in air and throws confetti everywhere.
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> :3
[17:36] <@DirkHoffman> Done.
[17:36] * Candy| throws glitter.
[17:37] <+Candy|> Done-r :D.
[17:37] <ChrisMcLean> Okay.
[17:37] <+Candy|> Glitter>Confetti.
[17:38] <+Candy|> (AWK)
[17:38] <ChrisMcLean> So, Akahi and I will judge.
[17:38] <Akahi> (AWK)
[17:38] <@|Scythe> You mean the dead guy?
[17:38] <+Candy|> Didn't they die?
[17:38] <ChrisMcLean> (ugh.)
[17:38] <ChrisMcLean> (sorry)
[17:38] <Akahi> ((Ghost Trick))
[17:38] <ChrisMcLean> I mean, Akahi would judge...
[17:39] <ChrisMcLean> If she was still alive.
[17:39] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:39] <+Candy|> ...:C
[17:39] <@DirkHoffman> :s
[17:39] <ChrisMcLean> I'll just judge with her dead body. :3
[17:39] <Akahi> ((Quickly, someone go back to the past and change my past!))
[17:39] <@|Scythe> (Akahi's a chick? :|)
[17:39] <Akahi> ((Lol))
[17:39] <Akahi> (Yeah...)
[17:39] <@DirkHoffman> (Are you stupid? >.>)
[17:39] <@DirkHoffman> (@Mygeto)
[17:39] <+Candy|> (*time travels*)
[17:40] <@|Scythe> (It was never established that she was a female before. >~>)
[17:40] <+Candy|> (Let's hope the next the leap home  ;-;)
[17:40] <+Candy|> (Yeah it was @Mygeto)
[17:40] <ChrisMcLean> Alright.
[17:40] <+Elliot|> (Who one?)
[17:40] <@|Scythe> (No it wasn't. >~>)
[17:40] <ChrisMcLean> Akahi's spirit, er, called out to me.
[17:41] <ChrisMcLean> Actually, it was a dead raccoon eating her flesh. :|
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> :|
[17:41] <@|Scythe> Cool...
[17:41] * DirkHoffman twitches.
[17:41] <ChrisMcLean> But in any case, I've decided upon granting the win to the LEAST dangerous hula dance...
[17:41] <@DirkHoffman> :D
[17:41] <ChrisMcLean> Performed by the lovely Candy and the, uh, Dirk.
[17:42] <@DirkHoffman> >.>
[17:42] <ChrisMcLean> :3
[17:42] <ChrisMcLean> And, now!
[17:42] <+Elliot|> Darn!
[17:42] <+Candy|> EEEEEEEEEEE! Except for the Dirk part, boo him, but YAYYYY.
[17:42] <+Candy|> (damn it)
[17:42] <@|Scythe> Hm.
[17:42] <+Candy|> (I type the wrong color too much ;-;)
[17:42] <ChrisMcLean> It's time to decide who leaves the competition.
[17:43] <ChrisMcLean> To the campfire ceremony!
[17:43] * DirkHoffman walks off with Chris.
[17:43] * DirkHoffman walks off with Chris.
[17:43] <ChrisMcLean> *walks off as Akahi's dead body rolls into the ocean and is eaten by a shark*
[17:43] <Akahi> (ship*)
[17:43] <+Elliot|> (CONF): I feel I may go home tonight. :(
[17:43] <ChrisMcLean> --- ELIMINATION CEREMONY ---
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> Alright.
[17:44] <+Elliot|> (CONF): Or my lovely Scythe will leave. I just cant win! :(
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> As you can see, we've paid homage to the first season by introducing you to the season's very first, and very ONLY, campfire ceremony!
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> Candy and Dirk.
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> You have both recieved a marshmellow.
[17:44] <@|Scythe> (*marshmallow)
[17:44] <+Candy|> (Um, like, Elliot isn't in love with Scythe, right?)
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> Congratulations. *throws them each a marshmellow*
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> (oh.(
[17:44] <ChrisMcLean> Elliot, Scythe.
[17:45] <ChrisMcLean> You have both proven to the spirit Gods that you are unworthy of winning.
[17:45] <ChrisMcLean> However, one of you will be given a second chance.
[17:45] == Akahi has changed nick to TheWindSpirits
[17:46] <ChrisMcLean> Scythe, your performance was dangerous and scary. While it was awesome, it didn't really match the criteria.
[17:46] <ChrisMcLean> And Elliot? I didn't see a proper routine from you whatsoever, and getting knocked out by a torch is pretty lame, dude. Toughen up.
[17:46] <+Elliot|> I was on fire!
[17:46] * DirkHoffman snickers.
[17:47] <ChrisMcLean> So.
[17:47] <ChrisMcLean> Since both of you sucked, you're here, in the bottom two.
[17:47] <ChrisMcLean> But only one of you will recieve the treasured marshmallow.
[17:47] <TheWindSpirits> *a heavy gust of wind blows out the fires on the torches*
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> And the final marshmallow of the evening goes to...
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .....
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ..........
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ....................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .............................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ......................................................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ................................................................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ...................................................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .......................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ..............
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ...................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .......
[17:48] <@|Scythe> Get on with it. -_-
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ..........
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ....
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ........
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> .......
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ...
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ...
[17:48] <+Candy|> JUST SAY IT. D:
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ........
[17:48] <+Candy|> (Color. Dammit)
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> ..............................
[17:48] <ChrisMcLean> Elliot.
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> :o
[17:49] <+Elliot|> *sighs in relief*
[17:49] <+Candy|> NOOOO. SCYTHE.
[17:49] <+Elliot|> *claims marshmellow*
[17:49] * DirkHoffman snickers.
[17:49] <+Candy|> (CONF) EVERYTHING I LOVE DIES.
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Eliminated again, I see.
[17:49] <+Elliot|> *mallow
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Well, you know what they say.
[17:49] * Candy| huggles Scythesicle ;___;;
[17:49] <+Elliot|> Wait, that means......
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Third time's the charm.
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Unfortunately.
[17:49] <+Elliot|> Scythe no!
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> You're not going to GET a third time.
[17:49] <@DirkHoffman> Seeya. :)
[17:49] <@|Scythe> *Sigh*
[17:49] <@|Scythe> Well.
[17:49] <@|Scythe> I know I've been cold to a lot of you guys, but the truth is...
[17:49] <@|Scythe> I still hate every single one of you.
[17:49] <@|Scythe> Except Candy. She's tolerable.
[17:50] <+Candy|> *sniffles* Thanks. Don't go. :C
[17:50] <TheWindSpirits> *a heavy gust of wind blows Scythe off the island before anyone says anything else to her*
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> :|
[17:50] <+Elliot|> Dont leave me with these two! :'(
[17:50] <+Candy|> NO! TAKE DIRK INSTEAD!
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> Alright!
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> That wraps up this episode.
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> Who will win the million dollars in TD's final season?
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> Find out next episode, right here.
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> On TOTAL.
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> DRAMA.
[17:50] <ChrisMcLean> CRUISE!
[17:51] <ChrisMcLean> --- END ---

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