[20:31] <@Chris|Heather> ------------- NEW DAY ----------------
[20:31] * LeShawna is lookin' fly today.
[20:31] * LeShawna wakes up.
[20:31] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: (Episode Starts -- Contestants are all in a Chocolate Factory, not waking up)
[20:31] <@LeShawna> (Wow. xD)
[20:31] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *sleeps*
[20:31] * LeShawna looks around.
[20:31] <@LeShawna> :D
[20:32] * Duncan|Zach is licking on a lollipop thinking about Courtney
[20:32] == Traveler1 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[20:32] * LeShawna goes back to sleep.
[20:32] <+Geoff|> (Were they like, drugged or something? :|)
[20:32] <Dakotacoons> (I WILL
[20:32] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Well, here we are, adventurers! My chocolate factory in the Great Belgium!
[20:32] <@WM|Noah> (Nalyd, can you be Noah)
[20:32] <@LeShawna> Errr...
[20:32] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Well, here we are, adventurers! My chocolate factory in the Great Belgium!
[20:32] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *is sleeping right next to Geoff* ^_^
[20:32] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Belgium is known for its chocolate, that's why my uncle decided to build his chocolate factory here.
[20:32] <Traveler1> (Me, Owen)
[20:32] == Izzy|Nalyd has changed nick to Izzy|Noah
[20:32] <@Izzy|Noah> (its the role I was born to play :D)
[20:32] * Duncan|Zach kissed the lollipop
[20:32] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Fortunately, he died. :)
[20:33] <@LeShawna> Dang, Chris.
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> O.O
[20:33] <@LeShawna> Now I know why you ain't loved.
[20:33] <@LeShawna> -.-'
[20:33] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: *wakes up* I had a dream I woke up in a factory like this :D
[20:33] <+Duncan|Zach> *wakes up*
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> The chocolate factory died?
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Now, not only do I not have to talk to him anymore, I've also inherited this sweet factory! Check it! :d
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> :(
[20:33] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o *holding lollipop in hand*
[20:33] * LeShawna licks the wall.
[20:33] <@Izzy|Noah> Noah: *wakes up* Yes, Lindsay, the chocolate factory died -.-
[20:33] <@LeShawna> Mmmm.
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> Hmmm...
[20:33] <@LeShawna> It is sweet.
[20:33] == Traveler1 [] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> You're right.
[20:33] <+Duncan|Zach> *throws it at LeShawna's weave by accident
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> Aww, Heather
[20:33] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:33] <@LeShawna> -.-
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> I'm surprised this place isn't a total dump.
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> I feel bad for the chocolate factory
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> It's dead
[20:33] <@Lindsay|FH> :(
[20:33] <@Chris|Heather> Chris: Because I'm in SUCH a great mood, I've decided to spare you from elimination today!
[20:34] <@LeShawna> *rips lollipop out, some hairs come out as well*
[20:34] <@LeShawna> O.O
[20:34] <@LeShawna> :D
[20:34] <@Chris|Heather> YES!!!!!
[20:34] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: *to Lindsay* I went to a funeral for a factory that went out of business once! :D
[20:34] <+Duncan|Zach> Lindsay, Chocolate factories can't die
[20:34] == Chris|Heather has changed nick to Heather|Chris
[20:34] <+Duncan|Zach> >_<
[20:34] <@Heather|Chris> Oh, yeah!
[20:34] <@Heather|Chris> This is awesome!
[20:34] == Heather|Chris []
[20:34] == realname : Java user from
[20:34] == channels : @#TDWIKI-RP
[20:34] == server : [Corvallis, OR, USA]
[20:34] == account : TDIFan13
[20:34] == End of WHOIS
[20:34] <@LeShawna> (conf) It's about time, I was ready to vote myself off. -.-
[20:34] <@Izzy|Noah> Noah: No its not -.-
[20:34] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: However, there WILL still be a challenge!
[20:34] <@LeShawna> Ugh. -.-
[20:34] <+Duncan|Zach> Oh wow... What's the catc-
[20:34] <@Heather|Chris> -_-
[20:34] <+Duncan|Zach> There we go.
[20:34] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: That's right, you folks get to tour this amazing chocolate factory before I sell the lot for a ton of cash!
[20:34] <@Lindsay|FH> Can Trent come?
[20:34] <@Lindsay|FH> :D
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> No. >.<
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> No. >.<
[20:35] <@Lindsay|FH> Why not?
[20:35] <+Duncan|Zach> Where is the free samples Chris?
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> *shuns Lindsay*
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> There are none!
[20:35] <@LeShawna> :|
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> :d
[20:35] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: *gets in Geoff's face* Isn't this awesome! :d
[20:35] <@LeShawna> :-O
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Your challenge is as follows; do whatever you can to avoid the temptations of this chocolate factory!
[20:35] <+Geoff|> Why would you want to eat anything here, Duncan? :|
[20:35] <@LeShawna> ....
[20:35] <@LeShawna> Temptations?
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> Mmm, I'm already tempted.
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> :d
[20:35] <@Lindsay|FH> But it's dead, right?
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Whoever makes it through the tour the longest without being taken to the viewing room wins an awesome prize!
[20:35] <+Duncan|Zach> I don't know :( I just had a "Owen" dream O.o
[20:35] == Traveler3 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> Where's the viewing room?
[20:35] * LeShawna sees the spot of the wall which she licked suck inside the facotry.
[20:35] <@LeShawna> O.O
[20:35] <@Heather|Chris> It's a room where you view the other adventurers during the challenge, and how they're doing! :d
[20:36] <@LeShawna> This place is more dangerous than my neighborhood in a blackout.
[20:36] <@LeShawna> -.-
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> ...any questions? No?! Good! :d
[20:36] <@Lindsay|FH> Will Trent be tehre?
[20:36] <@Lindsay|FH> *There
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> All ready? Good. ;)
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> *opens the doors to a magical factory* Chris McLean's Chocolate Factory!
[20:36] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:36] <@LeShawna> (conf) Imma admit, I got a sweet tooth.
[20:36] <@LeShawna> o.o
[20:36] <+Duncan|Zach> (conf) It's all so tempting... worst than my mother's snickerdoodles.
[20:36] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: I love chocolate! But gum is better than chocolate. You can eat gum forever, chocolate starts to taste funny when its in your moth too long and - Oh my gosh, look at chef. XD *points*
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: These are the Chef-Loompas. Sing us a song, Chef-Loompas!
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: These are the Chef-Loompas. Sing us a song, Chef-Loompas! *
[20:36] <+Geoff|> (Conf) Didn't Chris say this place was abandoned? :|
[20:36] <@LeShawna> O.O
[20:36] <+Duncan|Zach> Chef-Loompa?!
[20:36] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *mumbles* Do I have to? :s
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: I said...SING US A SONG. :@
[20:37] <+Duncan|Zach> *laughs at Chef*
[20:37] <@Izzy|Noah> Noah: Chef-loompas... wow -.-
[20:37] <@LeShawna> *laughs hysterically* (Font change. -.-)
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *sigh* McLean, McLean! He is not lame! Do watch out, he'll throw you off your game!
[20:37] <+Duncan|Zach> SIng Come Fly With Chocolate Next!
[20:37] <@LeShawna> o.o
[20:37] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: Oh my gosh, geoff, isnt that funny? :d
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: McLean, McLean! This is his place! If you'd like to gossip, then talk to his face!
[20:37] <@Lindsay|FH> Oooooooooh
[20:37] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *harmonizes* What do you get when you eat a live bunny? :)
[20:37] <@Lindsay|FH> Can I be a Chef-Loompa?
[20:37] <@Lindsay|FH> :D
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Nothing like Chris, who's jokes are funny!
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> whose*
[20:37] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Why would an old lady cross the street?
[20:37] <@LeShawna> That joke wasn't funny.
[20:37] <@LeShawna> -.-
[20:38] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: I wanna sing! :D
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: To gaze at Chris and his awesome feats!
[20:38] <+Geoff|> did Chef like, shrink down a few inches? :|
[20:38] <+Geoff|> *Did
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: McLean, McL-
[20:38] <+Duncan|Zach> BOO! *throws a chocolate bar at Chef
[20:38] <+Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Okay, Chef-Loompas, I'm really happy for ya, and I'mma let you finish, but...we REALLY need to move on with this tour.
[20:38] <@LeShawna> (conf) Chris isn't conceited at all. -.-'''''
[20:38] <+Duncan|Zach> (Kayne West XD)
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> O.O
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> Is that...
[20:38] <@Lindsay|FH> (Oh, that sure was CLEVER.)
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> A chocolate fountain?! :D
[20:38] <@Heather|Chris> (Thanks, FH. :))
[20:38] <@LeShawna> (Originality points for that one.)
[20:38] <@LeShawna> (:p)
[20:38] <@Izzy|Noah> (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[20:39] <+Duncan|Zach> Heather! no! Don't do it! You'll get Fatter than your mom!
[20:39] <@Izzy|Noah> (win :p)
[20:39] <@Lindsay|FH> If Heather goes I want to go!
[20:39] <+Duncan|Zach> (XD I'm so OoC tonight XD)
[20:39] <@Izzy|Noah> Izzy: No, Chris, let them keep singing! :D
[20:39] <@LeShawna> Ooooh.
[20:39] <@LeShawna> Mmmmm...
[20:39] <@Lindsay|FH> Right, Heather?
[20:39] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:39] <@Heather|Chris> No way.
[20:39] <+Duncan|Zach> Heather... I need to talk to you...
[20:39] <@Heather|Chris> I'm not eating that.
[20:39] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:39] <+Duncan|Zach> for a moment.
[20:39] <@Heather|Chris> I'm on a diet.
[20:39] * LeShawna peers into the chocolate fountain.
[20:39] <@LeShawna> :D
[20:39] <@LeShawna> Ooooh! I can see my reflection!
[20:39] <@Lindsay|FH> I'm glad you're on I diet Heather :)
[20:39] <@Heather|Chris> Ummm...
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> LeShawna...
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> You really need it
[20:40] <@LeShawna> Wha...?
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> Maybe that isn't totally saafe...
[20:40] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> O.O
[20:40] <@WM|Noah> (BACK)
[20:40] <@LeShawna> Course it is, gi-- O.O
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> What was that, Lindsay?!
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> Oh wait, that came out wrong
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:40] == WM|Noah has changed nick to WebkinzMania
[20:40] <@LeShawna> Ahahaha!
[20:40] <@LeShawna> HA!
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> I meant that you needed it so you can be not fat?
[20:40] <@LeShawna> *laughs uncontrollably*
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:40] == WebkinzMania has changed nick to WM|Noah
[20:40] <@LeShawna> Ha!
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:40] <@LeShawna> *stands on edge of fountai*
[20:40] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:40] == Izzy|Noah has changed nick to Izzy|Nalyd
[20:40] <@LeShawna> Ahahaha!
[20:40] <+Duncan|Zach> :|
[20:40] <@LeShawna> HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> Not that you're like fat or anything
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> *pushes LeShawna in*
[20:40] <@LeShawna> *falls in*
[20:40] <@WM|Noah> (What happened?)
[20:40] <@LeShawna> O.O
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> You little jerk!
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:40] <@Heather|Chris> I can't believe you'd --
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> DDD:
[20:40] <@LeShawna> You skinny witch!
[20:40] <@LeShawna> :@
[20:40] <+Duncan|Zach> LeShawna is sinking?!
[20:40] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Ooh! Push me next! :D
[20:40] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> You called a jerk?
[20:40] <@Lindsay|FH> :'(
[20:41] == Heather|Chris changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (7): Duncan, Geoff, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Noah / Eliminated: LeShawna
[20:41] <@LeShawna> Gurl, Shawndra got me floatin'.
[20:41] <@Lindsay|FH> *me
[20:41] <@WM|Noah> Good
[20:41] * LeShawna floats into a drain.
[20:41] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Ooh, you fell into the fountain, ouch! While we'd normally pick you up, you're about to get sucked up that gigantic tube, and deported into the Viewing Room. Sorry. :p
[20:41] <@LeShawna> O.O
[20:41] <@WM|Noah> We can live without her. >.>
[20:41] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:41] * LeShawna is sucked into a gigantic tube.
[20:41] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: LeShawna, don't go! :'(
[20:41] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:41] <@Lindsay|FH> Poor LeQuisha :(
[20:41] * LeShawna is tossed into the Vieweing Room.
[20:41] <@LeShawna> X_x'
[20:41] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: McLean, McLean! How is this right?
[20:41] <@Lindsay|FH> Right, Heather?
[20:41] <@LeShawna> *Viewing
[20:41] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Poor Shawndra :(
[20:41] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: A girl her age should be flying a kite!
[20:41] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Not drinking a fountain of choc-late!
[20:41] <Hikareh> (Omigosh, I just now realized this was a Charlie adn the Chocolate Factory reference :o)
[20:41] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: That just makes her totally wet!
[20:41] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (no, really? :p)
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> This looks familir.. Agustin is his name? HE suffer the exact fate like LeShawna 10 years ago...
[20:42] <@Lindsay|FH> (...just now?)
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> Can we move on?
[20:42] <@LeShawna> *watches TV, covered in chocolate*
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> He won a golden Paper
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: -- Gum Room --
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:42] <@WM|Noah> Gum?
[20:42] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: GUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[20:42] <Hikareh> (And now Izzy is out. :P)
[20:42] <@WM|Noah> I don't eat gum. >.>
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: I think you'll all be pleased to know that, here, we make some awesome chocolate-flavored gum.
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> Is that the shape of Courtney?
[20:42] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: I'm a world champion gum chewer :D
[20:42] <@Lindsay|FH> I love gum
[20:42] <@Lindsay|FH> :D
[20:42] <@LeShawna> (conf) Yeah, I got eliminated from the challenge first, but I can lick my arm and get a sugar rush. :D
[20:42] <+Geoff|> Awesome. :D
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> *sees Courtney shaped gum*
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:42] <+Duncan|Zach> D:
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> Chocolate-flavoured gum?!
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> Ewwww!
[20:42] <@WM|Noah> Gum is for... unhealthy people
[20:42] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Chris, I want gum D:
[20:42] <@Heather|Chris> That's gross beyond reason!! -.-'
[20:43] <@LeShawna> *looking in TV* Ohhhh, that's nassssssty. -.-
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> I don't wanna eat her shape...
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> She's soo pretty.
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Izzy, I'd watch myself if I were you...some of the gum here is extremely dangerous.
[20:43] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Gimme gimme gimme :@
[20:43] <@WM|Noah> Like Chef-Lumpas and Iznut. >.>
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Izzy, I'd watch myself if I were you...some of the gum here is extremely dangerous.
[20:43] * Duncan|Zach throws gum to Izzy
[20:43] <@LeShawna> (Oh, you're going BB on us? -.-)
[20:43] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: I heard you the first time you typed it >.>
[20:43] <@Lindsay|FH> Dangerous gum?
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> (Yep. XD)
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> (:O Izzy broke the fourth wall!!)
[20:43] <@Lindsay|FH> Does it have, like, guns and stuff?
[20:43] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Ha! Nothing's too dangerous for Izzy (full name withheld)
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> :|
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Ummm...
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Yeah..
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> But -
[20:43] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *grabs blue chewing gum, blows a huge bubble*
[20:43] <@LeShawna> (The fourth wall is hard to repair. :@)
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Why don't ou...
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> O.o
[20:43] <@Lindsay|FH> Oooooooo
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> Izzy! You
[20:43] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:43] <+Duncan|Zach> are
[20:43] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Do I have gum in my hair? o>O
[20:43] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Wowie, that's big!
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> turning
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> I want some!
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> BROWN!
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> :|*
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> Want some gum, Heather?
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *blue chewing gum explodes on her and she looks like she has turned blue*
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> :-O
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Oh my god, I'm from Avatar :D
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> No way!
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> She's blue?
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Or I'm a smurf! :d
[20:44] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *pick up Izzy* McLean, McLean, look at this girl!
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> Ummm
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> She's blue...
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Look at me! :D
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: She should not be traveling the world!
[20:44] <@WM|Noah> No, you are a big fat blue... donut thing.
[20:44] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:44] <@Lindsay|FH> do you have gum that turns you tanner?
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: I shouldnt?
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: For, my Gosh, she is covered with blue!
[20:44] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: I'm a smurf -.-
[20:44] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: She must be infected, she caught it from you! :@
[20:45] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Do you dislike people of blue color? :@
[20:45] * Duncan|Zach throws gum at a Chef-loompa
[20:45] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Ummm...guys...I don't think she's infected with anything...
[20:45] <@Lindsay|FH> 'cause I don't want to be blue like Izzy...
[20:45] <+Duncan|Zach> STOP WITH THE SINGING :@
[20:45] <@Heather|Chris> *takes Izzy to the infermery*
[20:45] <+Duncan|Zach> It's driving me crazy!
[20:45] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: NOOOO D:
[20:45] == Heather|Chris changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (7): Duncan, Geoff, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Noah / Eliminated: LeShawna, Izzy
[20:45] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (are Izzy and LeShawna in the same room? :p)
[20:45] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: -- Chocolate Invincibility Room --
[20:45] <+Duncan|Zach> Alright. Is the next room something with gold, I remember a movie like this.
[20:45] <@Heather|Chris> (Yes)
[20:45] <Hikareh> (I don't think they'd fit. :o)
[20:45] <@WM|Noah> What's this?
[20:46] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:46] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: You know LeShawna...
[20:46] <@WM|Noah> Oh
[20:46] <@WM|Noah> :|
[20:46] <@LeShawna> ?
[20:46] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: You're booty looks lovely in chocolate >:D
[20:46] <@LeShawna> :|
[20:46] <@LeShawna> For real?
[20:46] <@LeShawna> :D
[20:46] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *stares*
[20:46] <@LeShawna> :|
[20:46] <+Duncan|Zach> (XDDDD)
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> This, my friend, is the chocolate immunity pass! It grants immunity to anyone in the game! Unfortunately, you can't get one!
[20:46] <+Duncan|Zach> Sooo...
[20:46] <@LeShawna> (conf) Ain't she do this last episode too? o.o
[20:46] <+Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> O.O
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> Lindsay!!
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> I need that!
[20:46] <+Duncan|Zach> I want one! :@
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> Go get it for me!
[20:46] <@Lindsay|FH> What?
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> Right now!
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:46] <@Lindsay|FH> Need what?
[20:46] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:46] <@LeShawna> A diet? -.-
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> The chocolate immunity pass1
[20:46] <@Heather|Chris> I want it!!
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> Ohhh, you want some gum?
[20:47] <+Duncan|Zach> I'm going for it!
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> -.-'
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> I wanted some gum too
[20:47] <@WM|Noah> conf: You can't get one. They are idiots. >.>
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> but I didn't want to be blue
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> -_-
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> but if you like the color blue...
[20:47] <@LeShawna> *screaming into TV* WHAT HAPPENED TO "YOU CAN'T GET ONE"!? -.-
[20:47] <+Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:47] <+Duncan|Zach> YOu know what...
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> Lindsay, let's go.
[20:47] <+Duncan|Zach> I think Lindsay should go
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> Where?
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> *tugs on Lindsay's arm*
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> Go where?
[20:47] <@Lindsay|FH> Ow!
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:47] <@WM|Noah> Go home. >.>
[20:47] <+Geoff|> I don't think we're supposed to take it, guys. :|
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> Get that chocolate invincibility pass for me.
[20:47] <@Heather|Chris> It'll help me in the game.
[20:48] <@WM|Noah> No, duh. Those idiots don't know what they are doing.
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> Can't you get it
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> you're not, like fat or anything
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> <.<
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> Well
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> Look.
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> I want it.
[20:48] <+Duncan|Zach> (conf): This is soo like Dickie and the Donut Factory
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> you are on a diet
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> :d
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> Hmm....
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> I guess we can go get it
[20:48] <@Lindsay|FH> Let's go together, bestie :)
[20:48] <@Heather|Chris> Fine.
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> *walks up to golden plate*
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> Can we skip there?
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> I've walked.
[20:49] <@WM|Noah> :|
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> *skips behind Heather*
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> *grabs invincibility pass*
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> Oh, oh let me see it!
[20:49] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> No!
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> *takes it from Heather*
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> You'll rip it!
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> O.O
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> oooooh, it's pretty
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:49] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (CAT FIGHT!)
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> Oh, sorry :(
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> *snatches it back, but tears it in half*
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> (STUF.)
[20:49] <@Heather|Chris> :o
[20:49] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:50] <@LeShawna> :o
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> Oh no!
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> It broke
[20:50] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[20:50] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Oh yeah! :D
[20:50] <@WM|Noah> Excellent. :D
[20:50] <@LeShawna> (conf) Dumb witch. -.-
[20:50] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> *waddles over to Heather and Lindsay* :-@
[20:50] <Duncan|Zach> (conf) I warned her)
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> Awww
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: McLean, McLean! Look at these thieves!
[20:50] <+Geoff|> How do you break chocolate? :|
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> you're so cute
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:50] <@LeShawna> (conf) *in extreme disbelief* Did she just seriously do that?
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: They think that their lives are just a breeze!
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> *huges the Chef-Loompa*
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> LD
[20:50] <Duncan|Zach> SHUT. UP.
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> *hugs
[20:50] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> *:D
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Stealing things, that's a thief's job!
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> It's so cute, Heather
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Do try to think, before you rob!
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> >.>
[20:50] <@Lindsay|FH> Can I keep one, Chris?
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> I don't think they're that cute.
[20:50] <@Heather|Chris> Naw. :@
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> D:
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> :(
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *inspects Lindsay* This pretty girl's never ever done squat!
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> Awww
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *inspects Lindsay* This pretty girl's never ever done squat! *
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> it called me pretty
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *inspects Heather* This pretty girl has no heart, it rot!
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *inspects Lindsay again* This pretty girl needs to lay off tanners!
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> It called me pretty agian!
[20:51] <Traveler3> (Start)
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> *again
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *inspects Heather again* And this pretty girl needs to learn some manners!
[20:51] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (XDDDDDDDDDDD)
[20:51] * Duncan|Zach throws chocolate at the chef-loompas
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: *sigh* Take them BOTH away. To the Viewing Room.
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> Seriously!
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> Is Trent there?
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:51] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *pick up Lindsay and Heather and escort them away*
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> I hate songs!
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:51] <@WM|Noah> No
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> Bye everybody!
[20:51] <@Lindsay|FH> :D
[20:51] <Duncan|Zach> except rocks
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Little criminals. Anyways, Geoff, Noah, and Duncan. Let's move onto the chocolate commercial room.
[20:52] <@WM|Noah> Your mom is there
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> Aaaargh!
[20:52] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *eyes shift evilly and... when nobody is looking... pokes Shawndra* :|
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> You can't do this to me!!
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> :@
[20:52] <@WM|Noah> Okay.
[20:52] <Duncan|Zach> I love Rock. :)
[20:52] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *eyes shift evilly and... when nobody is looking... pokes Shawndra* :|
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> I'm Team Captain!!
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> Well, I was!
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> Put me down right now!
[20:52] <@Lindsay|FH> Where's Trent?!
[20:52] <@Lindsay|FH> Heather, he's not here
[20:52] <@Lindsay|FH> :(
[20:52] <Duncan|Zach> (BRB real quic)
[20:52] == Heather|Chris changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: Contestants (7): Duncan, Geoff, Heather, Izzy, LeShawna, Lindsay, and Noah / Eliminated: LeShawna, Izzy, Heather, Lindsay
[20:52] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *eyes shift evilly and... when nobody is looking... pokes Shawndra* :| (KG... your line.. XD)
[20:52] <@LeShawna> (I just noticed that all the girls are eliminated. xDDDDD)
[20:52] <@LeShawna> (O.O
[20:52] <@LeShawna> OMG
[20:52] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *eyes shift evilly and... when nobody is looking... pokes Shawndra* :|
[20:52] <@LeShawna> SHE TOUCHED THE BUTT.
[20:52] <@LeShawna> :@
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> :|
[20:52] <@LeShawna> GURL, WTF IS WRONG WI'CHU!?
[20:52] <@LeShawna> :@
[20:52] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: -- Chocolate Commercial Room --
[20:52] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: :d *runs away*
[20:53] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: This, my friends, is where we film our commercials. Well, where we USED to film our commercials.
[20:53] <Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:53] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (XDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[20:53] <@WM|Noah> What's this?
[20:53] <Duncan|Zach> Seriously?
[20:53] <+Geoff|> :|
[20:53] <Duncan|Zach> O.o
[20:53] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: I told you, I'm selling this place, and I'm probably going to get about three, maybe four million dollars off of it.
[20:53] <Duncan|Zach> It's huge.
[20:53] <@WM|Noah> Wow, no wonder how this is broke.
[20:53] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Yes, it's a big factory, but quite run-down.
[20:53] <@WM|Noah> brb
[20:53] <@Lindsay|FH> (conf) Why isn't Trent here anymore? I can't find him anywhere...
[20:53] == Traveler3 [] has quit [Quit: Java user signed off]
[20:53] <Copper5> (where's Geoff?)
[20:53] <@LeShawna> (He's here.)
[20:53] <Duncan|Zach> Is that a TV?
[20:53] <@LeShawna> (He's just a silent little devil. >.>)
[20:53] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Duncan, Geoff. Since you're obviously the best-looking guys we've got, I've told the commercial-makers that you can star in our commercials.
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: All you have to do is act like a chicken. :) Both of you.
[20:54] <+Geoff|> Uhhhhhhhh, no thanks. :| I'm good.
[20:54] <Duncan|Zach> Oh Geez no.
[20:54] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: And it'll be on national television.
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: <.<
[20:54] * Duncan|Zach slaps chris
[20:54] <Duncan|Zach> I REFUSE TO
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: owww..
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: You can't do that!
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: :@
[20:54] <Hikareh> (XD, Duncan chicken. :d)
[20:54] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:54] <@LeShawna> (:|)
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> *waddles up to Duncan and Geoff*
[20:54] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Stubborn children, stupid yet buff!
[20:54] * Izzy|Nalyd pokes Heather's head O.O
[20:54] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: You may get the girls, because you are tough!
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> -_-
[20:55] * Duncan|Zach kicks the Chef-loompa
[20:55] <@WM|Noah> back
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: But you're still no-good lying jerks!
[20:55] <+Geoff|> These guys are totally creeping me out. :|
[20:55] <Duncan|Zach> Get off me you freak!
[20:55] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: You're the evil that always lurks!
[20:55] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Heather, I don't want to alarm you... but you've got a funky shaped head :|
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *singing* When I was young, I was bullied a lot!
[20:55] * Duncan|Zach kicks the Chef-Loompas and runs
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *singing* When I was young, I was bullied a lot!
[20:55] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: By kids like you, they were also quite hot!
[20:55] <@Lindsay|FH> Izzy, have you seen Trent?
[20:55] <Hikareh> (And they carried them all into the dungeon I mean, the viewing room.)
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Nevertheless, they got expelled!
[20:55] <@LeShawna> Dang, these munchkins know how to improvise. O.o
[20:55] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Yeah, we voted him off last night
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: Now, it is your time to
[20:55] <+Geoff|> Did Chef just call me "hot"? :|
[20:55] <@Heather|Chris> *cough*
[20:55] == Duncan|Zach [~duncan|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[20:55] <@WM|Noah> :|
[20:56] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: I called you hot geoff... >:D
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> Chef-Loompas: *run off, and come back with LeShawna, Izzy, Heather, and Lindsay* Here.
[20:56] <@Lindsay|FH> Voted him off
[20:56] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:56] <@LeShawna> :|
[20:56] <@Lindsay|FH> So...he's, like, gone?
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> Well, well, well...
[20:56] <@LeShawna> *is licking her arm*
[20:56] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:56] * Duncan|Zach comes back
[20:56] <@LeShawna> :D
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> It looks like we've got a winner of the challenge!
[20:56] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Yup :)
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> :D
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> Noah!!!!!! :D
[20:56] <@LeShawna> -.-
[20:56] <Duncan|Zach> Are those freaks gone?
[20:56] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: Like Beth and Harold :)
[20:56] <@WM|Noah> What?
[20:56] <@Lindsay|FH> Noah...
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> Chris: Ladies and...Geoff.
[20:56] <@WM|Noah> Oh, I won. >.>
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> Please give him a round of applause!
[20:56] <@Lindsay|FH> Ohhh, that one
[20:56] <@WM|Noah> Yay me!
[20:56] * Duncan|Zach returns
[20:56] <+Geoff|> *Awkwardly claps*
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> >.>
[20:56] <Duncan|Zach> Are those freaks gone?
[20:56] <Duncan|Zach> :@
[20:56] <@Heather|Chris> I don't get paid enough for this. *waddles off*
[20:57] <@LeShawna> *doesn't clap*
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> Awww
[20:57] <@LeShawna> >.>
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> I want a Chef-Loompa
[20:57] * LeShawna continues to lick her arm
[20:57] <@LeShawna> :)
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> Noah, now...your prize! A lifetime supply of...................................................................................
[20:57] <Duncan|Zach> Thank god.
[20:57] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *hugs Geoff* I've never felt closer to you now than I ever have before... :)
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> Chocolate jellybeans! :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[20:57] <@LeShawna> Ew.
[20:57] <+Geoff|> O~O
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> Ew.
[20:57] <@WM|Noah> :|
[20:57] <@WM|Noah> I hate that. >.>
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> Do you want them?!
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> :D
[20:57] <@WM|Noah> (throws it to indsay)
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> :o
[20:57] <@WM|Noah> Take it. >.>
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> Me?
[20:57] <@Heather|Chris> Well, that's too darn bad! Because you're keeping them, Noah!
[20:57] <@Izzy|Nalyd> (XD)
[20:57] <@WM|Noah> :|
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> But I'm too pretty to eat this food
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> here, give it to Heather
[20:57] <@Lindsay|FH> :)
[20:58] <@WM|Noah> (goes to the garbge can and throws it out)
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> Every day for the rest of your life, these chocolate jellybeans will be delivered directly to your home!
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> Every day for the rest of your life, these chocolate jellybeans will be delivered directly to your home!
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> :D
[20:58] <@Izzy|Nalyd> Izzy: *mouthful of Jelly beans* how can you be too pretty for jelly beans? o.O
[20:58] <@WM|Noah> (BRB all)
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> So...
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> Have fun. :d
[20:58] <@LeShawna> (Ew, the elimination table looks fugly with a dark blue square at the bottom and six IN's in a row. :@)
[20:58] <@WM|Noah> O.O :|
[20:58] <Duncan|Zach> *laughing*
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> That sounds like more of a punishment.
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> It is! :D
[20:58] <@LeShawna> I got a better reward than that fool.
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> And that wraps up our thirteenth episode!! :d
[20:58] * LeShawna continues to lick her arm.
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> Join us next time for Total Drama World!
[20:58] <@Heather|Chris> ;)

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