[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -- START --
[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *car drives by and the logo "CM" shows up on the screen*
[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Welcome back to Celebrity Manhunt!
[16:31] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: We thought we'd pay tribute to this year's most brave and likable reality show cast.
[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: That's right, Blaineley! The Total Drama teens are HUGE with the fans.
[16:31] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: And you're now watching the Total Drama Celebrity Manhunt reunion special, where the twenty-two teens from Total Drama will meet face-to-face once again!
[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -- Screen Switches to Image of Outside the Gemmie Awards, and the Teens Show Up In Small Boxes --
[16:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: We'll catch you up on Beth, Owen, Heather, Trent, Duncan, Gwen, Lindsay, Katie, Sadie, Cody, Noah, Justin, DJ, Courtney, Harold, Tyler, Eva, Izzy, LeShawna, Geoff, Bridgette, and Ezekiel!
[16:31] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Tonight are the Gemmie Awards, and all twenty-two have been nominated in the category of "Best Reality Show Ensemble"! :D
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Before we see them live at our coverage of the Gemmies, let's see what they've been up to since last year, the last time they saw each other at the alleged last Total Drama episode!
[16:32] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Alleged? That show is SO done for! They haven't aired an episode in over two months!
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: That doesn't mean Chris isn't ready to torture ANOTHER group of teens for three seasons. XD
[16:32] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Very true. Let's take a look at what our gossip-mongrels have been gathering up on our twenty-two teens.
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Aside from all the contestants celebrating their 17th birthdays in a rather...unusual way... *screen shows Harold with a beehive on his head, blowing out candles*...nothing much was reported on the teens. Until now! Roll it!
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *a video clip, muted, of Beth is shown; she cooks while speaking to her viewers*
[16:32] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: What's this? Our dear Beth, cooking on television?!
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Beth got her OWN TV show this year..."Bars N' Love!"
[16:32] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: A cooking show mixed with dating advice and guest stars?! *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Surprisingly, Beth's show is actually doing quite well...aside from the fact that these so-called viewers are getting reality show advice...from BETH!
[16:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:33] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *Bridgette is seen cleaning a surfboard* After the third season ended, Bridgette went back to surfing! She had a job cleaning up the beach!
[16:33] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* BORING! Get a tan, whydon'tcha, Bridgette? That pale skin and those soul-less blue eyes may work for Geoff, but Celebrity Manhunt has officially deemed you as the most Snooze-y contestant.
[16:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J&B: Yawn!
[16:33] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> J&B: Yawn!
[16:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: At least Cody did something exciting over the year! Not getting a TV or cleaning up bird vomit.
[16:33] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *Cody is seen typing wildly, his eyes tired out* He created his own website! 'LovetoLove.Cody'!
[16:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: An entire website devoted to getting girls?! Come on, Cody! *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* What's wrong with you?
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: I'll tell you what's not wrong! *Courtney is seen pushing an eighth grader away from her* Courtney's attempts to fix her school up by forcing the freshmen to clean up the toilets!
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Well, at least it was for a good cause, huh, Blaineley? *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley*
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: As if! Courtney really puts the 'Hard' in 'Hard-Working'!
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Speaking of 'hard-working', has anyone checked up on DJ during the year?
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Well, duh! He's one of the most famous Total Drama teens! And who cares if he burned down a building?
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *screen shows a surprised DJ standing in front of a burning building as firefighters hose it down*
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* I guess he shouldn't have taken that cooking class, hosted by world-famous Chef, Rakkyl Rah.
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Poor DJ!
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: But the only one who was literally poor over the year was Duncan, *screen shifts to Duncan sitting on top of a cardboard box* after his folks kicked him out of the house after he vandalized his principal's car!
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Although Duncan didn't end up getting a job, he DID end up getting reunited with his parents again after he broke a window, and was forced to spend twenty days in community service!
[16:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: His parents were so proud that he could be a nice guy that they just had to take him back! ^^
[16:34] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Speaking of backs, who remembers the legendary ad, "IS YOUR BACK BROKEN?!"
[16:35] == Lee44 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Remember?! It comes up all the time on TV! Tyler and Eva really seem to make a living off that gym that they opened up.
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts to Tyler and Eva kissing as Eva lifts a weight and Tyler holds a soccer-ball* The two sport-sters managed to open up "T&E's Terrific Training Facility", *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* where both ex-contestants helped the strong-ly challenged...
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: And the only bigger challenge was making sure Ezekiel didn't get any more famous! *screen shifts to Ezekiel signing autographs* Although his two newest movies were a box-office bomb -
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: - i.e: not-so-good...
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: He did manage to get a ton of cash off those films!
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Nevertheless, Ezekiel is still chillin' like a villain back at his farm.
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Movies, television,, these ex-contestants are practically celebrities now!
[16:35] == Lee44 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Geoff, who created his own reality television show on "NTV", can describe what it's like being famous.
[16:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts to Geoff being put in handcuffs by two police officers* You mean, he COULD describe what it's like to be famous. Did we neglect to mention that Geoff got put in jail over the year, after one of his wild parties ended up in literal flames?
[16:35] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* And after Geoff was put in the can, it was up to stalker-knocker Izzy to bail Geoff out.
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Gwen and LeShawna sure had fun over the summer, isn't that right, Blaineley?
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: The two girls faced each other in a competition the fans like to call "Total Drama 2!"
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts to LeShawna panting, walking across a gorge as Gwen follows hesitantly*
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: LeShawna?! Are you okay?
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> L: Yeah, girl! Remember, it's for charity!
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: *keeps walking* And, the plan B is...?
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> L: What plan B?
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: Like, if we die!
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> L: Oh! :|
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G&L: *both about to scream*
[16:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> G&L: *both about to scream*
[16:36] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Haha! As you can see, participating in horrifying challenges just to earn money for charity isn't exactly a good plan.
[16:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: You've got to give the girls props, though. At least THEY didn't create their own song.
[16:37] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Mind playing it for us, Josh?
[16:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: YES, I DO MIND!!
[16:37] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Great. I'll do it, then! *presses button on remote control and a radio pops up near Josh and Blaineley, then turns on*
[16:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Radio, muffled: *to the tune of "Never Gonna Give You Up"* Can I borrow a feeling? Can you send me a jar of love? Hurtin' hearts need some healin'! Take my hand with your glove of love!
[16:37] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Agh! :-@ *grabs radio and throws it offstage* Harold is even more cringe-worthy when he's singing!
[16:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: The newest pop-sensation, Harold, got his fifteen minutes of fame-
[16:37] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: You mean, fifteen DAYS of fame. -_-
[16:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: ...when he created an iconic pop song called "Can I Borrow a Feeling"? Critics were ready to slam it down onto the table before they got a whiff of the catchy tune! Uber-annoying.
[16:37] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Let's skip the part about how it became a popular internet meme called "HarRoll'd", and skip right to the deets about Heather!
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: If you think getting shaved bald and almost eaten by a shark is karma, wait until you hear this!
[16:38] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts to Heather eating ice cream on a kitchen table, in tears* After Heather was rejected by every single guy at prom, she went into a state of depression, causing her to become the most unpopular girl in her school!
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *image of Heather bloats up* And let's just say that she had to take a LOT of visits to "Johnny Craig"'s weight loss program center!
[16:38] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Getting fat isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. After Justin became a model over the year, he was quickly caught cheating on his girlfriend, and then beaten harshly with a golf club!
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Did we mention who he was cheating with? Himself!
[16:38] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J&B: Love it! ^^
[16:38] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: After that, Justin tried to sabotage Richard Daniels' talk show! How low!
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: The only person that was LOW was Katie in the third season. What was wrong with the girl?
[16:38] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Screws were loose, Josh, but not after she enrolled in counsel therapy and became a Teacher's Aid shortly after.
[16:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Eugh. Remind me never to get in the way of Katie and a competition! -_-
[16:39] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: At least she wasn't as bad as *screen shifts to Lindsay in a karate uniform, about to kick someone* Lindsay, who seemed to have the weirdest year ever. :s
[16:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: First she joined karate, *screen shifts to Lindsay in a pink dress* then she QUIT after deciding that black belts were SOOO unfashionable.
[16:39] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: After that, Lindsay created her own clothing line called "Lindsabulous". Critics are calling it a "not-so-beautiful disaster", and a "hot mess" - with more emphasis on the "mess" than the "hot".
[16:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Noah the know-it-all also had a scandalous year!
[16:39] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: A nobel prize after his IQ went up by 125? Come on, Noah! Be exciting, like our good friend Owen!
[16:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *screen shifts to Owen*
[16:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O: *to a female customer* Hi, welcome to Dunk and Donuts! How can I help you?
[16:39] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> O: *to a female customer* Hi, welcome to Dunk and Donuts! How can I help you?
[16:39] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> C: Jelly donut, please.
[16:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O: Oh, we seemed to have run out of those... *man off-screen shouts "OWEN!" angrily*
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts back to Josh and Blaineley* Poor Owen! Who knew that eating donuts would get you fired from a donut-shop?
[16:40] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Uhm...EVERYONE. >.>
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Whatevs.
[16:40] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: "We're Totally Helpers!", Sadie's new talk show, managed to get over one-thousand viewers on its first episode! And it only aired in Iceland!
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *disgusted* Where's that?
[16:40] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *rolls eyes* Like Harold, Trent also decided to pursue his dream of being a singer. He created his own solo album, and still managed to keep in touch with his girlfriend Lindsay.
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *screen shifts to Trent throwing a pink jacket in the dumpster* But even though the two lovebirds are clearly meant for each other, Trent didn't EXACTLY appreciate Lindsay's neon pink jacket that she mailed him. He'd only been seen in public with the jacket once...heading towards a dumpster.
[16:40] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: But he assures the press that there is no correlation between that event, and the mysterious disappearence of the jacket, which is said to have been stolen by a Lindsay fan.
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *scoffs* Can we talk about something else now? >.>
[16:40] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: What's there to talk about? In just a few moments, we'll see the twenty-two teens meet face-to-face once again, at the Gemmie Awards! :D
[16:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *screen fades out, then fades back in after the "break"*
[16:41] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: *standing outside of the Gemmie Awards* We're back, and here with our live coverage of the Gemmies!
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *speaks into microphone* Hello?! HELLO? O.O'
[16:41] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Josh, we can...we can, um, hear you. :s
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Oh! Well, like Blaineley was saying, we're here outside of the Gemmies! Since Chris could only afford eleven limos...
[16:41] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: ...each teenager is grouped up with someone! *white limo pulls up near the red carpet* Here comes our first pair, Beth and Har-Oops. I meant, Heather.
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: *snickers*
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *gets out of limo*
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[16:41] <@Beth> *gets out of limo* (This is my cue, correct?)
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Yes.)
[16:41] <@Beth> (KK.)
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[16:41] <@Beth> :s
[16:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That was the longest ride of my whole life.
[16:42] <@Beth> o.o' It wasn't that bad.
[16:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Yes, it was!
[16:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You smell like guy-cologne!
[16:42] <@Beth> ...
[16:42] <@Beth> >.>
[16:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[16:42] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Next up, Bridgette and Geoff, our star couple! ^^
[16:42] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> *another white limo arrives*
[16:42] <+Geoff|> *Hops out of limo's sunfoof*
[16:42] <+Geoff|> Woot!
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Geoff! Nice to see you!
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J*
[16:43] <+Geoff|> Nice to see you too, dude I have never met.
[16:43] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Zeke|Bridgette] by Heath|Josh|Court
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Did Bridgette say anything?)
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[16:43] <+Geoff|> (Nope.)
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (I meant, during the time she was-ah, forget it.)
[16:43] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (I thought I posted hello)
[16:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Next, we have Cody and Harold.
[16:44] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (o.o)
[16:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (You didn't.)
[16:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Next, we have Cody and Harold.
[16:44] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *gets out of limo wearing sunglasses, a Red Sox baseball hat, and a gold necklace with a pi symbol on it* What up, Celeb Manhunt?
[16:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[16:44] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: ... Riiiight.
[16:44] <+Cody|> *gets out of limo* HI guys
[16:44] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: What... Is there something in my teeth? :|
[16:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Yeah. A tongue. Which you clearly used to swap spit with Beth.
[16:44] <@Beth> ....
[16:44] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Ew.
[16:44] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Yeah, so?
[16:45] <@Beth> Don't be jealous. >.> *gives Heather the hand*
[16:45] <+Geoff|> Tongue in your teeth? :|
[16:45] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Duncney! It's your time to come out of that limo! *another white limousine parks behind Geoff & Bridgette's*
[16:45] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Harold doesn't have that bad of a gap.
[16:45] * Beth walks away from Heather and over to Harold.
[16:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *gets out angrily*
[16:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I can't believe you, Duncan!
[16:45] <+Duncan|> What did I do!
[16:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> How could you totally forget to send me roses on my birthday? :@
[16:45] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Ugh, it's Ronnie and Sammi. >.>
[16:46] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: I'm sure that DJ and Gwen have been having a great time discussing their love for one and other in that new limo that just pulled up! <3
[16:46] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (Yes, I made a jersey shore reference, don't hate.)
[16:46] <+Duncan|> Not my fault! How am I suppose to remember when it's your birthday?
[16:46] <+DJ|> *gets out and looks around carefully* Any lawyer from that cooking show :) Everything clear. *helps Gwen out of the limo*
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh, great.
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It's Gwen.
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[16:46] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: :$
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Miss Boyfriend Stealer.
[16:46] <+DJ|> Hey everyone! *waves*
[16:46] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: Hey, guys.
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Eva and Tyler, comin' up!
[16:46] <+Duncan|> And here we go. >.<
[16:46] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> G: *holds DJ's hand*
[16:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *new limo pulls up*
[16:47] <+DJ|> *holds Gwen hand*
[16:47] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Hey DJ! :)
[16:47] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Bl;aineley and Josh!
[16:47] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Of Celebrity Manhunt!
[16:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ha! I told you the kids watched C-M.
[16:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *elbows Blaineley*
[16:47] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: You did? :|
[16:47] <+DJ|> Hey Bridgette.
[16:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Ezekiel and LeShawna, don't think we've forgotten about you two lovebirds! *makes kissing noises*
[16:47] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: Whatever, I hate that show
[16:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *stumbles out of the limo*
[16:47] <@Beth> They're still courtin'? O.o
[16:47] * Zeke|Bridgette opens the limo door.
[16:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Smooth.
[16:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[16:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Like your head in Season 2?
[16:48] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wizzy wag, in the shag! Wizzy wizzy wiggy wag!
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[16:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Sweetie.
[16:48] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Hey Heather. :)
[16:48] <+Geoff|> (Buuuuuurn! XD)
[16:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Don't ever say that again. :)
[16:48] <@Beth> (I JUST LAUGHED SO HARD! XD)
[16:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *hugs Ezekiel*
[16:48] <+Geoff|> (That was so pre-planned.)
[16:48] <+Geoff|> (XD)
[16:48] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Okay. :)
[16:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (It wasn't, I swear. xD)
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Nope.)
[16:48] <@Chef|Gwen|Blaine> B: Up next, Katie AND Sadie...aww, how cute. :3 *another limo arrives*
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (KG made it up.)
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (That's why I laughed so hard, too.)
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Izzy! Justin! Come on out!
[16:48] <+Geoff|> (That was just too good to be true. XD)
[16:48] <+Sadie> *gets out of limo*
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Oops.)
[16:48] <+Sadie> Hi everyone!
[16:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Who's line was it?)
[16:49] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linday: Look Trent! it's Britanny and John of Celebrity fanhunt!
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Wasn't it mine? o.o)
[16:49] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *runs his fingers down Heather's arm*
[16:49] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (sorry)
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Izzy! Justin! Come on out!
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *springs out of the liomo*
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *blows kisses to imaginary people*
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Thank you, thank you!
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Izzy! How's the money been doin' ya?
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: What money!? :-@
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Don't make a sex joke. >.>)
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Leave me alone!
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The money you won -
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :'(
[16:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh, right.
[16:49] <+Cody|> :-|
[16:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Lindsay and Trent, you two are next!
[16:50] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *gets out of limo, his arm around Lindsay*
[16:50] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Look Trent! it's Britanny and John of Celebrity Fanhunt!
[16:50] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Hey guys! :)
[16:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That's BLAINELEY and JOSH.
[16:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[16:50] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: EEEEEEEE!
[16:50] <+Cody|> And, Celebrity MANhunt
[16:50] == Chef|Blaineley [~Chef|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Aren't we missing two people?
[16:50] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Chef|Blaineley] by Heath|Josh|Court
[16:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> 4*
[16:50] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Hi evrey one!
[16:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *cough* 2.
[16:50] <+Chef|Blaineley> (UGH. -_-)
[16:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[16:51] == Chef|Blaineley has changed nick to Gwen|Chef|Blaine
[16:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (o.o you didn't introduce katie and saide :|)
[16:51] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (They did. :|)
[16:51] <+Cody|> (They did)
[16:51] <@Beth> (Blaineley did.)
[16:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (:|)
[16:51] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (We did.)
[16:51] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (owen and noah)
[16:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (must have not seen... :|)
[16:51] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: And, finally, the domination-duo, Owen and Noah! *another limo arrives*
[16:51] <+Noah||> *gets out of limo* Umm.. am I supposed to be here? *trips on rock* Ow! Owen is trying to fit through the hole of the door. BTW, if you notice I'm wearing a sasuage on my head :s
[16:51] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Noah! :D
[16:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Owen walks out) Maybe
[16:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[16:51] * Zeke|Bridgette runs his fingers down Noah's arm.
[16:52] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (Izzy too)
[16:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Noah, don't me such a.... *chuckle* MEATHEAD!
[16:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *laughs hysterically*
[16:52] <+Geoff|> Nice. *Chukles*
[16:52] <+Noah||> Izzy, that's so nice of you! :) <sarcasm>
[16:52] <+Geoff|> *Chuckles
[16:52] <@Beth> *throws in a pity laugh*
[16:52] <+DJ|> *chuckles*
[16:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Looks like the gang's all here, so...we may as well get inside the Gemmi-
[16:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *chuckles*
[16:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Looks like the gang's all here, so...we may as well get inside the Gemmi-
[16:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: What's up, folks? :)
[16:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: ;)
[16:52] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Ew.
[16:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: Oh, NO! *sees Chris exit from limo* What is HE doing here?
[16:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O: I got f... CHRIS!
[16:52] <+Noah||> You tr y fitting the sauage in Owen's mouth!
[16:52] == Chef|Gwen|Blaine [~Chef|] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[16:53] <+Geoff|> Awwww, crap. o_o
[16:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (hugs Chris)
[16:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :)
[16:53] <+Noah||> >.>
[16:53] <+Duncan|> Oh no. What is he doing here? >.>
[16:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I'm everywhere, you should know that by now.
[16:53] <+Geoff|> He's back!
[16:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: AND, I'm the host.
[16:53] <@Beth> .....
[16:53] <+DJ|> o.o Oh no... this isn't good...
[16:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That's EX-contestants, Chris. I am sooo glad to be away from these freaks! I just want to get in there and receive my Gemmie. ^^
[16:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> K: Oh, it's you. :|
[16:53] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Trent who is that?
[16:53] <+Zeke|Bridgette> CHRIS!
[16:53] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I thought you died!
[16:53] <@Beth> What's he doing her? >.>
[16:53] <+Noah||> Chris?!
[16:53] <@Beth> here*
[16:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O: Heather, you don't deserve one.
[16:53] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *to Beth* The fans dont wanna see Chris, yo. The fans really wanna see me laying down some mad sick beats. *starts to beatbox, until a fan in the background hits him with a CD*
[16:53] <+Duncan|> We wish he died you mean. >.>
[16:53] <@Beth> ..... o_o
[16:53] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva *growls*
[16:53] <+Noah||> Great another host to ruin my life TWICE.
[16:53] <@Beth> *shakes her head in shame to Harold*
[16:53] <+Noah||> I deserved that money in Season 3.
[16:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Natch. Due to a miscalculation, you guys actually HAVEN'T been nominated for Best Reality Show Ensemble. In fact, the producers actually asked me NOT to ask you guys to come to the Gemmies...but, I forgot.
[16:53] <+Noah||> :s
[16:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[16:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What?!
[16:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> No Gemmie?!
[16:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[16:54] <+Cody|> WHAT
[16:54] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Ooh, this is bad. :s
[16:54] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Huh?!
[16:54] <+Geoff|> o_o
[16:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Why? :(
[16:54] <@Beth> .........
[16:54] <+Zeke|Bridgette> But..
[16:54] <+Duncan|> What?
[16:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> J: No worries, Blaineley! Our Total Drama viewers have voted on our website earlier and we have received numerous awards to give out to almost every contestant!
[16:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: Thats whack!
[16:54] <@Beth> You're freakin' kidding me?
[16:54] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Ty: No Gemmie!
[16:54] <+DJ|> What? :o
[16:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> OH EM GEE! NOOOOOO! :'(
[16:54] <@Beth> Aren't you? >.>
[16:54] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I worked so hard.
[16:54] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: That's not a bad idea! Why don't we all go to the Celebrity Manhunt studio and have the Awards there? We'll hand out our mini-Gilded Chris' that you guys can receive.
[16:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Trent: Are you gonna talk like that all night?
[16:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Or we could just go HOME. >.>
[16:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: They actually liked these rejects? :|
[16:54] <+Duncan|> I drove all that time in a car listening to Courtney's nagging for nothing?
[16:54] <@Beth> Or, you could shut your mouth.. But, we all know that's not going to happen, either. :)
[16:54] <+Noah||> *paparazzi* Umm.. hello. Do you want my sasuage or wait you all have no weenies. :s
[16:54] <@Beth> @Heather
[16:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: The H-bomb is no reject, yo.
[16:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (TDAROCKS, explain to me what you're doing in PM.)
[16:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[16:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Shut up, harold. -_-
[16:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[16:55] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: yeah, you tell him Trent!
[16:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: For reals, calm down. >.>
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Or we could just go HOME. >.>
[16:55] <+Zeke|Bridgette> You mean i'm not nominated for best Zombie Movie entitled: Zombie Raisins?!
[16:55] <@Beth> Or, you could shut your mouth.. But, we all know that's not going to happen, either. :)
[16:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I want to stay with you guys. :(
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[16:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *
[16:55] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: The next flight is in five hours. So, unless you want to stay out here all night... ;)
[16:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Even Ezekiel has more swag than you, homes.
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Shut up, Beth!
[16:55] <+Cody|> Guys, calm down
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ugh! FINE! -_-'
[16:55] * DJ| gets closer to Heather
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We'll go to the stupid studio!
[16:55] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: ooh! burn! *attempts to fist bump Beth*
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Get away!
[16:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: FIVE HOURS!?
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[16:55] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Eva and Tyler kiss*
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -- AT THE CELEBRITY MANHUNT STUDIO --
[16:55] <@Beth> *fist bumps Harold*
[16:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> DJ! I DIDN'T NOTICE YOU! :) I missed you.
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Welcome, guys!
[16:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: 'Sup.
[16:55] <@Beth> Uhhh... Hai.
[16:55] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I spent 3 months filming "Me and my pringles" for this?!
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You can each have a seat on the stage.
[16:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Who are you?
[16:55] <+DJ|> May I show you this restrain order from my lawyers? You can't get closer to any of my pets... Sorry.
[16:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (sits)
[16:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We'll be handing out awards in a minute. ^^
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> DJ, drop it.
[16:56] <@Beth> *has a seat on the stage*
[16:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs to front seats and squeals)
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *walks to the stage angrily*
[16:56] <+Noah||> *back* I just ran away from the paparazi..
[16:56] <+Duncan|> Oh goodie. >.>
[16:56] <+Sadie> *sits*
[16:56] <@Beth> *next to Harold, that is*
[16:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *sits down, whips her hair back and forth, accidentally slapping Duncan with it*
[16:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oops! Hehe, sorry!
[16:56] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler and Eva sit together*
[16:56] <+DJ|> *sits while staring awkwardly at Heather* C'mon Gwen :)
[16:56] <+Geoff|> I think I've had enough of those Gilded Chris' back in Season Two.
[16:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *sits with beth*
[16:56] <+Duncan|> Watch it. >.>
[16:56] * Zeke|Bridgette sits next to Sadie feeling ever so awkward.
[16:56] <+Noah||> *sits*
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright, Total Drama cast!
[16:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *sits with Lindsay*
[16:56] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> Gwen: Fine. :s *sits next to DJ*
[16:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I didn't get one. :(
[16:56] <+Geoff|> *Sits down*
[16:56] <+Cody|> *sits by Harold
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We've given you categories...
[16:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I barely even remember Season 2. >.>
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And one of you is going to win in them...
[16:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> let's tally the votes! ^^
[16:57] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Don't tell me it's Heather. >.>
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The first award is for...
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Chris.
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :s
[16:57] == Dayyan [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> "Best Episode"!
[16:57] <+Cody|> I wasn't in sesason 2:-S
[16:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I knew it, DUH. >.>
[16:57] <+Noah||> I hope it's best IQ! :s
[16:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yay! :)
[16:57] <+Geoff|> Rigged, called it.
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Blaineley
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Would you like to say the winner of the Best episode?
[16:57] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> Sure, Josh.
[16:57] <+DJ|> ... So "surprising"
[16:57] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> The second award of the night for best episode goes to...
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> FIRST*
[16:57] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> "Indiana Geoff"!
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Goof)
[16:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (I guess)
[16:58] <+Noah||> "Dumbest Blonde" goes to Blaineley..
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *claps*
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I loved that episode! :)
[16:58] <@Beth> *claps*
[16:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I remember that episode!
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YAY! :D
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *claps*
[16:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Chris shot my weave!
[16:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :-@
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What?! That was the episode after my elimination!! :@
[16:58] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Is there a movie award?
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Coincidence.
[16:58] <+Geoff|> I so agree, bra.
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I think not.
[16:58] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I bet I'mma win best rapper, yo.
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> That was an epic episode, LeShawna
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *high-fives LeShawna*
[16:58] <@Beth> I remember that! That was so fun for us! ^_^
[16:58] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: darn, I was a shoe in for dumbest blode :(
[16:58] <+DJ|> *claps* Conquered my fear of snakes :)
[16:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *high-fives Owen*
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The next award is for...
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yeah1 :D
[16:58] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *blonde
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> WORST EPISODE!!
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> It was AWESOME! :D
[16:58] <@Beth> D:
[16:58] <@Beth> Worst?
[16:58] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: You'll do better next year, babe. Just stop reading, okay? :)
[16:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Season 1 episode, called it xD)
[16:58] <+Zeke|Bridgette> The episode that I got eliminated? :o
[16:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay...
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Here we go...
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Tallying the votes.......
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'M WALKING ON SUNSHINE!
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AND VERY HOT!
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[16:59] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Figues. >.>
[16:59] <@Beth> Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. >.>
[16:59] <+Geoff|> Huh?
[16:59] <+Geoff|> :|
[16:59] <+Noah||> I forgot was I the 1st eliminated in Season 1.
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What's that?
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> o.o
[16:59] <+DJ|> Uh... when that happened, again?
[16:59] <@Beth> I remember that, unforutnately. -.-
[16:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: Shocker.
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Was that an episode
[16:59] <+Cody|> That WAS bad
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ?
[16:59] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Well, I met Rocky.
[16:59] <+Duncan|> Was I even in that episode? >.>
[16:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Dang. They hated Rocky THAT MUCH?
[16:59] <@Beth> It was, like, SO unorganized, guys.
[16:59] <+Geoff|> I think I seriously repressed that day out of my memory.
[16:59] <@Beth> I hated that episode.
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Blaineley, why don't you read out...
[16:59] <@Beth> Remember?
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> BEST IMAGE?
[16:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (LMAO, Geoff. :p)
[16:59] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Im glad I wasent there for that
[16:59] <+Duncan|> Rocky, that thing that died in season 1. >.>
[16:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: I throw up in my mouth everytime I think about that episode. *Throws up in mouth* uh oh. :|
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> For an episode?
[16:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[16:59] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> Will do, Josh. :D
[16:59] <+Geoff|> Or was it due to that concusion from that barrel?
[16:59] <+Zeke|Bridgette> And then Heather stabbed three marks in my heart and stepped on him, eh. :@
[17:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *twiddles thumbs*
[17:00] <@Beth> Probably the Concussion.
[17:00] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> And the best image award goes to.... "Season One Recap"!
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[17:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> What's that? o.o
[17:00] <+Geoff|> Image? :|
[17:00] <+Zeke|Bridgette> o.o
[17:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I wasn't in that episode. >.>
[17:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I was! :D
[17:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *slowly claps*/
[17:00] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Image?
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Now, instead of these awards going to Chris...
[17:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (LMAO LESHAWNA!)
[17:00] <@Beth> Season One..... Recap? O.o
[17:00] <+Duncan|> Yawn. >.>
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We're going to start handing out the awards to contestants...
[17:00] <@Beth> Was that an episode? O.o
[17:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> We had a recap?
[17:00] <+DJ|> Uh... sure...
[17:00] <@Beth> O.o
[17:00] <+Geoff|> What's that
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The "Character Category"!
[17:00] <+Geoff|> *?
[17:00] <@Beth> We get awards!? :D
[17:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Goodness, you teenagers are clueless.
[17:00] <@Beth> We get awards!? :D
[17:00] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Oooh.
[17:00] <+Cody|> Cool
[17:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Can we eat them?
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Best Protagonist!!
[17:00] <+Zeke|Bridgette> What kind of awards? :D
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The winner
[17:00] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Oooh.
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Of the Best Protagonist
[17:00] <+DJ|> I hope they are not chocolate covered awards, again
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Is.........
[17:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:01] <+DJ|> :o
[17:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> PJ!
[17:01] <@Beth> :o
[17:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> DJ*
[17:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :D
[17:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Good job, homie!
[17:01] <+Cody|> Obvious
[17:01] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Yay DJ!
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What? It should go to me!
[17:01] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Nice1
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I was the nicest player!!
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:01] <+DJ|> *goes up and grabs award*
[17:01] <+Geoff|> What's a protagonist? :|
[17:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Oh em gee
[17:01] <@Beth> Congratulations, DJ! ^_^
[17:01] <+Cody|> *claps*
[17:01] <+DJ|> It's real!
[17:01] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Heather.
[17:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *blankly stares at Heather*
[17:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> we are totally winning this award
[17:01] <+Sadie> *claps happily*
[17:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :|
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Well, it's three syllables, Geoff, so...
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You wouldn't know, clearly.
[17:01] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> Congrats, Deej.
[17:01] <@Beth> Geoff, a protagonist is basically like... "a good guy".
[17:01] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Way to go, Deej
[17:01] <+Geoff|> Oh.
[17:01] <+DJ|> Thanks everyone :)
[17:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Four syllables, honey.
[17:01] <+Noah||> *shocked* Season One Recap! Aww, that Richy Guy was a total Justin clone. Bad acting, Bad Hair, Bad Hygience all the characteristics of Heather.
[17:01] <+Geoff|> Congrats, Deej!
[17:01] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: Like, think of the opposite of Heather.
[17:01] <+Sadie> Yay for DJ!
[17:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:01] <+DJ|> *sits again, while giving a High five to everyone*
[17:01] <+Geoff|> Awww, I see.
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *sits down angrily*
[17:02] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (I think I'm lagging. :s)
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I have had to stand for you for three seasons, Heather, and you are for sure the biggest B***H I HAVE EVER MET AND HAVE THE UNFORTUNANACE TO KNOW. YOU DON'T EVEN SDESERVE TO BE ALIVE YYOU SNIVELING CREEP.
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :)
[17:02] <@Beth> Heather, you need to stop lying to yourself. -.- You know that award wasn't for you. >.>
[17:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YOU GO ANIMAL! :)
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Continue.
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I...
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *You
[17:02] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> go Zeke!
[17:02] <+Geoff|> Nice, dude!
[17:02] <@Beth> Go, Ezekiel!! :D
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Shut up!
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I've never used a swear before. :o
[17:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Whatever!
[17:02] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Besides period.
[17:02] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Tallying up the votes for best antagonist....
[17:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: HOney, that's not a bad word.
[17:03] <+DJ|> The only award Heather would get is "Most wanted from Animal's Right Society"
[17:03] <@Beth> :o
[17:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *Honey
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *stands up proudly*
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[17:03] <+Noah||> When will I ever win? :s
[17:03] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *puts his arm around Beth* Dont worry babe, you'll win an award :D
[17:03] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: And it goes to... HEATHER!! ^^
[17:03] <@Beth> Blaineley, can't you just give it to Heather? ^_^
[17:03] <@Beth> O.O
[17:03] <+Geoff|> (XD DJ.)
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O What?! I should be known for something!! D:
[17:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> How?!
[17:03] <+Noah||> I lost in Season 1 and to Izzy. >.>
[17:03] <@Beth> Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
[17:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *boobs*
[17:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YAY!
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What about me?!
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *boos
[17:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> O_O
[17:03] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: *glares at Beth*
[17:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Wait, what? :|
[17:03] <+Noah||> O.O
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I thought I was the nicest player!!
[17:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs up to Heather and high-fives her)
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hello?!
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:03] * Beth cuddles Harold * Thanks. :3
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ugh. -_-
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Forget it.
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs award and sits down*
[17:03] <@Beth> Just take the award. -.-
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:03] <+DJ|> Well, congrats Heather.
[17:03] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Didn't my appearance on two seasons mean anything?
[17:03] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: And if you dont win, you can look at the award I win :3
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Best Anti-Hero!
[17:03] <+Noah||> "Best Baldy" goes to Heather.. ;)
[17:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Best Anti-Hero!
[17:03] <+Cody|> Congrats for torturing us
[17:03] <@Beth> Anti-Hero?
[17:04] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: ... *hugs Beth* Sorrysorrysrry
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Our award...
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> that's totally me. ;)
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Goes...
[17:04] <@Beth> What's that? o.o
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> that's totally me. ;)
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> To...
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> NOAH!!!!!!!!!!
[17:04] <+Duncan|> What!?
[17:04] <+Noah||> What?
[17:04] <+DJ|> :O
[17:04] <+Noah||> O.O
[17:04] * Beth ignores Harold's comment. *
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Noah won something!? :-O
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: I'm so proud!
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The best not-a-villain-but-not-a-good-guy.
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :'(
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ...
[17:04] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: that should be me!!!!!!!!!!
[17:04] <+Duncan|> I thought I was a shoe in for that!
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YAY !:
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :D*
[17:04] <+Noah||> I feel special.
[17:04] * DJ| claps for Noah
[17:04] <+Noah||> Not really.
[17:04] <@Beth> Was that sarcasm?
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright.
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Wow. You don't deserve it. >.<
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now..
[17:04] <+Geoff|> *Claps*
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I do.
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The eliminations!
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (relaxes)
[17:04] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Does he use anything but sarcasm?
[17:04] <+Duncan|> Remember the time I said some mean things to Harold? That was pretty Anit.
[17:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :)
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Blaineley, why don't you start with the...
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> BEST
[17:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ELIMINATION?!?!?!
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Heather's.
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :|
[17:04] <@Beth> Heather's. I'm sure.
[17:04] <+Cody|> Duh
[17:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Sorry honey.
[17:05] <@Beth> I just can't decide which one. :(
[17:05] <@Beth> :'(
[17:05] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: Courtney's
[17:05] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Courtney's?
[17:05] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Sure thing, Josh. ;) The best elimination award....
[17:05] <+Noah||> Best Elimination goes to Courtney.
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> [20:04] <Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Does he use anything but sarcasm? Nope XD)
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I was a better player than all of you, so QUIT the hating!! :@
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YEAH
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ahahaha!
[17:05] <@Beth> O.O
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ahahaha!
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> That was a...
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[17:05] <+DJ|> :o
[17:05] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :o
[17:05] <+Noah||> xD
[17:05] <+Geoff|> Whooooa.
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Bahahaha!
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Harold? :o
[17:05] <@Beth> :o
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Loser!
[17:05] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> :O
[17:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oooooooooooh! I voted that fool OFF! ^_^
[17:05] <+Cody|> :-|
[17:05] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Woah.
[17:05] <+Duncan|> Seriously?
[17:05] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I'd like the thank the academy! :S
[17:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh, sorry. :|
[17:05] <+Noah||> I loved that elimination.
[17:05] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> :D*
[17:05] <@Beth> Harold! You won something! :o
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold got the award?!
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.o
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> You totally deserved that. :)
[17:05] <+DJ|> *chuckles a bit*
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I should win an award!
[17:05] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Good, he got my and my alliance members eliminated.
[17:05] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You like me! you really like me!
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Like a chocolate!
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> My favorite elimination. :)
[17:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:05] <+Duncan|> Come on my eliminations we're better then that. >.>
[17:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> After about 10 more.
[17:05] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: We liked you enough to vote you off....
[17:05] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Still :)
[17:05] <+Noah||> Remember I beat Heather in S3 and she still is such a downer. ^_^
[17:06] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Trent I want an award :'(
[17:06] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Dont worry, you'll win won
[17:06] <+Noah||> Too bad, Izzy got in the way.
[17:06] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Now it is time for the WORST elimination award...
[17:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Courtney and Heather begin to fight* It's my award! No, mine!
[17:06] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :)
[17:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ow, ow, ow!@
[17:06] <@Beth> (Lol. xD)
[17:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Mine
[17:06] <+Noah||> Hmm...
[17:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :)
[17:06] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I'd like to thank Beth
[17:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Mine is the worst. Ever.
[17:06] <+Geoff|> Catfight! :D
[17:06] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: And my mom
[17:06] <+Cody|> Mine
[17:06] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Love ya mom!
[17:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Don't fight. :(
[17:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: OBVIOUSLY mine.
[17:06] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Mine!
[17:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: >.>
[17:06] <@Beth> Awe, you're welcome, sweetie. :3
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Claps for Harold) :)
[17:07] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: And the worst elimination award goes to LeShawna's FIRST elimination in Total Drama World!!
[17:07] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Thank you... Owen! ;D
[17:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Both: LeShawna?! D:
[17:07] <@Beth> O.O
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> =D
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :o
[17:07] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> :D*
[17:07] <+Cody|> I was robbed
[17:07] <+Zeke|Bridgette> LeShawna's was definetly the most heart breaking!
[17:07] <@Beth> LeShawna!?
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Told y'all!
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> TOTALLY!
[17:07] <+Cody|> >;(
[17:07] <+Geoff|> Was she even there that episode? :|
[17:07] <+Cody|> *>:(
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (high-fives LeShawna)
[17:07] <@Beth> I don't remember her.
[17:07] * Zeke|Bridgette hugs LeShawna.
[17:07] <@Beth> Heck, I don't remember ANYTHING in Season Three.
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *gets her award, sits back do--*
[17:07] <+Noah||> Umm... Beth. Should'nt you be putting your toungue in Harold's mouth, I mean thats your hard-core love, right?
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: WHAT!?
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Blainblutty, Josh...
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :-@
[17:07] == Dakotacoons [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Is there a Best Snack Award?
[17:07] <@Beth> ...... Yes. >.>
[17:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Because it'll be the beth bars. :)
[17:07] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Geoff, don't you think I deserve something? :(
[17:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *is tempted to abuse Beth with her award*
[17:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> And fiber bars. :)
[17:08] <+Geoff|> Totally, Bridge. :)
[17:08] <@Beth> And, I can prove it. >.> *begins making out with Harold*
[17:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright, then!!
[17:08] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: I BETTER win one
[17:08] * Zeke|Bridgette cuddles Geoff.
[17:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Now
[17:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Our Best...
[17:08] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I missed you. :)
[17:08] <+DJ|> :p Did you bring any Beth ba-- oh... awkward.
[17:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> BACKSTAB award!
[17:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I hate backstabbing
[17:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The winner is
[17:08] <@Beth> :s
[17:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> But I love beth bars. ;)
[17:08] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I wonder who. >>.
[17:08] <@Beth> *tugs at her shirt*
[17:08] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: ... That was hot :D
[17:08] <+Cody|> -_-
[17:08] <@Beth> ;)
[17:08] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: yay :D
[17:08] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> YAY!
[17:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Ouch)
[17:08] <+Cody|> :-|
[17:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (XD)
[17:08] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> I won!
[17:08] <+Geoff|> (And Lindsay?)
[17:08] <+DJ|> And herself? o.o
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Oops)
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[17:09] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Lindsay backstabbed herself? :o
[17:09] <+Noah||> *finds a bra of LeShawna's hanging on the ground* OMG! LeShawna, where's an extra-extra-large Lindsay could totally wear this. O.O
[17:09] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Woah! :)
[17:09] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: EEEEEEEEE!
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Noah...
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:09] <@Beth> Err.... Congratulations, I guess. :s
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Are you alright?
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[17:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Noah, you ain't ever seen Triple E's before? :|
[17:09] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Good job Lindsay
[17:09] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay *sticks topung out at beth*
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> See? I care! I actually asked him if he was alright!
[17:09] <+DJ|> ... *whispers to Gwen* Since when Noah is such a creep?
[17:09] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *toung*
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That's a sign of being NICE.
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:09] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *hugs Lindsay*
[17:09] <+Duncan|> I did once, a girl sumo wresler was wearing one. >.>
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I even disregarded the fact that he's....
[17:09] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *hugs Trent*
[17:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *shudders* NOAH.
[17:09] <+Sadie> Congrats Lindsay
[17:09] <+Geoff|> Why is he finding bras on the floor? o_o
[17:10] <+Noah||> Yes, haven't you experienced a bra. :| @Heather
[17:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yeah Blaineley. :@
[17:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Why? :@
[17:10] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Godd job Lids!
[17:10] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Triple E's? Like Ed Edd and Eddy?
[17:10] <@Beth> How can you EXPERIENCE a Bra? :|
[17:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Noah, that's a VERY good question.
[17:10] <+Cody|> Sure Heather
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright!
[17:10] == Dakotacoons [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:10] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Triple E's? Like Ed Edd and Eddy?
[17:10] <@Beth> That's what I want to know. :s
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Who likes them conflicts?!
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :D
[17:10] <+Cody|> SO nice
[17:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: She wasn't wearing one in Ireland.
[17:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: >.>
[17:10] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: thanks everyone :D
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You might want to start explaining these words to Geoff.
[17:10] <+Duncan|> Ireland, Good times.
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The winner...
[17:10] <+Geoff|> No prob, Heather. I brought me a dictionary. ;)
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Of the Best Conflict on the show is........
[17:10] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Justin and Tyler?
[17:10] <@Beth> :o
[17:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I hate conflicts. :(
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Purrrfect.
[17:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -_-
[17:10] <@Beth> Is?
[17:11] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Justin and Tyler?
[17:11] <+Noah||> Heather-Bra Conflict
[17:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> EVERYONE!
[17:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Heather and ______
[17:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AND!
[17:11] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Cant we all just get along?
[17:11] <+Noah||> -_-
[17:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> HEATHER!
[17:11] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Ew.
[17:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:11] <+Cody|> :-O
[17:11] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Ew.
[17:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *smacks forehead*
[17:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> No duh
[17:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :)
[17:11] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I won an award! :D
[17:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *literally ROTFL's*
[17:11] <+Duncan|> Awwwwww come on!
[17:11] <@Beth> Hahahahahaahahahhahaahah!!! *laughs uncontrollably*
[17:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *takes award and sits back down* -_-
[17:11] <+DJ|> Oh wow... she's got 2 awards by being evil? *laughs*
[17:11] <+Noah||> I won two awards today, that feels good.
[17:11] <+Geoff|> Pfffft. XD
[17:11] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Does that mean everyone gets an award?
[17:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YAY
[17:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :)
[17:11] <+Noah||> I am in no relationship, how saddening?
[17:11] <+Noah||> >.>
[17:12] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Next up is the award for "Worst Conflict".
[17:12] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Why Noah buddy? :'(
[17:12] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Why? :'(
[17:12] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: I want an award!
[17:12] <@Beth> I think Heather gets that award, Zeke. :p
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.o
[17:12] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Tyler and Justin?
[17:12] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: So, Beth, wanna make out? :D
[17:12] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Not surprisingly it goes to the WORST conflict EV-ER - Tyler & Justin!! -_-
[17:12] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Gawrsh. :(
[17:12] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: I want an award
[17:12] <+DJ|> :o
[17:12] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Coolio.
[17:12] <+Cody|> When am I gonna win one
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: You got one.
[17:12] <+Geoff|> Since when did Tyler and Justin ever hate each other? :|
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: >.>
[17:12] * Beth doesn answer the question..... and just starts making out with Harold *
[17:12] <+DJ|> You got one, Tyler :p
[17:12] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (XD)
[17:12] <+Noah||> Beth and Harold just can't stop biting toungue can they?
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: BITING TONGUE?
[17:12] <+DJ|> *whispers to Geoff* Did they ever interacted?
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: That sounds nasty. >.>
[17:12] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Justin like spit on Tyler's shoes or something.
[17:12] <+Geoff|> (@DJ) Noooooo idea.
[17:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (XD)
[17:13] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> who one worst conflict?
[17:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Sounds like things people in Clone High would do
[17:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> >.<
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The Funniest Conflict!
[17:13] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *makes out with Beth* I should write a song about making out :D
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *starts laughing uncontrollably*
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AHAHAH1
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *tears roll down cheeks*
[17:13] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: yay I got one!
[17:13] <+Cody|> Funniest
[17:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> It's okay dude
[17:13] <+Cody|> I am a shoo-in
[17:13] <@Beth> Funniest?
[17:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Don't cry
[17:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *
[17:13] <+Cody|> :-D
[17:13] <+Geoff|> What's so funny? :|
[17:13] <+Geoff|> I didn't get the joke.
[17:13] <@Beth> I wonder who that could be. O.o
[17:13] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *gives Josh a tissue*
[17:13] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :|
[17:13] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Where's the pun?
[17:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> BWAHAHHAA
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:14] <@Beth> Josh, could you tell us? :s
[17:14] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: ... Right, since Josh is too busy laughing like an idiot.
[17:14] <+Duncan|> Give him the whole box, he is going to need it. :s
[17:14] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (pats Josh on the back)
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AHAHAHA
[17:14] <+Geoff|> Was there a joke? :|
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> XDDDDDDDDDD
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:14] <@Beth> I don't think so.
[17:14] <@Heath|Josh|Court> XDDDDDDD
[17:14] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: The funniest confllct goes to Chris & Harold!! :D
[17:14] <@Beth> He==
[17:14] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ...
[17:14] <@Beth> Chris and Harold?!
[17:14] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Who's Josh? o.o
[17:14] <+Cody|> -_-
[17:14] <+Geoff|> Chris and Haro-
[17:14] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: That wasn't funny!
[17:14] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: That was MEGA-ANNOYING!
[17:14] <+Geoff|> Ooooh yeah!
[17:14] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :@
[17:14] <@Beth> *hugs Harold* You won another award!! ^_^
[17:14] <+Duncan|> Oh Zeke, so much wrong with you. >.>
[17:14] <+Geoff|> Good-ol' Season Two.
[17:14] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I was ready to personally boot him off the show. >.>
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now
[17:15] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *snatches his award*
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The best coupl
[17:15] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Ty: Congrats Harold!
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The best couple
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ^^
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :)
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It won by a longshot...
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Yay :D
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Totes me and Geoff. :)
[17:15] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The Nerd and the Nerdier, Beth and Harold.
[17:15] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: I had better win >:(
[17:15] <+Cody|> :-O
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: :o
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Me and LeShawna. ;)
[17:15] <@Beth> :-O
[17:15] <+DJ|> :3 Awww
[17:15] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: GRRRRRRRRRRR
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :o
[17:15] <@Beth> Really????
[17:15] <+Noah||> Hmm...
[17:15] <@Beth> "D
[17:15] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *throws up in a bucket*
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: WICKED! :D
[17:15] <@Beth> :D*
[17:15] <+Geoff|> Ewwwwwwww. :|
[17:15] <@Beth> AWESOME!
[17:15] <@Beth> ^_^
[17:15] <+Geoff|> I mean, awwwww.
[17:15] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *empties the bucket beside Geoff*
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *makes out with beth*
[17:15] <+Geoff|> :)
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD
[17:15] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh, hey, Geoff. ;)
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> But all they do is bite tongue!
[17:15] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: get a room...
[17:15] <+Geoff|> Oh hey, Izzy. o_o
[17:15] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: You like, LEFT me in Greece. :-@
[17:15] * Beth makes out with Harold, accepting the award in the process.
[17:15] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Izzy get your hands off my man. -_-
[17:16] <+Geoff|> This is my girlfriend, Bridgette. :|
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: NOT COOL. >.>
[17:16] <+Geoff|> In case you haven't met. o_o
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh, hey, Bridgette.
[17:16] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *pushes Izzy*
[17:16] <+Noah||> Umm... is Beth and Harold supposed to win for best couple? It's not really working in my opinion.
[17:16] * Beth looks at the award. *
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Any life-threatening allergies you migt have?
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *might
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *is pushed*
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now
[17:16] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Peanuts.
[17:16] <@Beth> It worked for the viewers. >.> @Noah
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The worst couple
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Mmkaaaaaaaay. :)
[17:16] <+Noah||> *pats Owen* Umm.. dude, are you gonna speak or something?
[17:16] <@Beth> *goes up to camera* THEY LOVE US! :D
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> With a unanimous vote against them... :s
[17:16] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *sits back down*
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth and Harold!
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth and Harold!
[17:16] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth and Harold!
[17:16] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:17] <+Cody|> I know who it is
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I do too apparently
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Tyler and Eva!!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:17] <@Beth> We can't win Best AND Worst, idiot. >.>
[17:17] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:17] <@Beth> O.O
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Same!
[17:17] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Suprise.
[17:17] <+Cody|> :-|
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh.
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Same.
[17:17] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: GRRRRRRRRRRRRr
[17:17] <+Cody|> That was shocking
[17:17] <+DJ|> It's not surprising at all...
[17:17] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *throws a chair*
[17:17] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I'm sorry, but y'all, that just ain't right. :|
[17:17] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wait.
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Eva, you need to take a pill.
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> That was shocking. </sarcasm>
[17:17] <+Zeke|Bridgette> They were in a relationship?!
[17:17] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :o
[17:17] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: *ducks chair* O.O
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (owned)
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And this is why I dislike Ezekiel.
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -_-
[17:17] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler *takes award while Eva throws a fit*
[17:17] <@Beth> Who DO you like? >.>
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> this is why I like him
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now...
[17:17] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Beth
[17:17] <@Heath|Josh|Court> The best kiss!
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :D
[17:18] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: yay Tyler!
[17:18] <@Beth> :-O
[17:18] <+DJ|> :o
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AWWWWWWWWW. ^^
[17:18] <@Beth> Best kiss? :D
[17:18] <@Katie|Owen|WM> She only liked her last few bits of hair in season 2
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AWWWWWWWWW. ^^
[17:18] <+DJ|> Best Kiss? :p
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AWWWWWWWWW. ^^
[17:18] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: There were only, like, 7 kisses total. O.o
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AWWWWWWWWW. ^^
[17:18] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Trent we may win this one!
[17:18] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *sticks a string up Heather's nose. >.>
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It's a TIE.
[17:18] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *sticks a string up Heather's nose. >.>*
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >:D
[17:18] <@Beth> There's still a best of the--
[17:18] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *smacks Josh with a large fish*
[17:18] <@Beth> A TIE?! :-@
[17:18] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: CALM YOURSELF. :-@
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh, wait
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It isn't
[17:18] <+DJ|> A tie? :o
[17:18] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh.
[17:18] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :o
[17:18] <@Beth> Oh.
[17:18] <+DJ|> Oh...*sigh*
[17:18] <@Heath|Josh|Court> BRIDGETTE AND GEOFF!
[17:18] <@Beth> It's not?
[17:18] <+Duncan|> >.>
[17:18] <@Beth> S--
[17:18] <+Geoff|> Woot!
[17:18] <@Beth> Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. >.>
[17:18] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Eee!
[17:18] <+Duncan|> Not them. >.<
[17:18] <@Beth> I mean, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :)
[17:18] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: No fair!
[17:19] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Cool!
[17:19] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Awwwwwwwwwwwww. :)
[17:19] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Excuse me? :|
[17:19] <+Cody|> :-|
[17:19] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Way to go, G-Dawg!
[17:19] <+Geoff|> *Devours chocolate statue*
[17:19] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Making out doesn't count as a kiss! :-@
[17:19] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Shut up harold.
[17:19] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Yay Bridgette and Geoff!
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Well, of course they'd win Best Kiss. They're ALWAYS kissing! >.>
[17:19] <@Beth> ... It's chocolate?
[17:19] <+Geoff|> Woops, Bridge, did you want some? :|
[17:19] <@Beth> O.o
[17:19] == Jaxswim [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:19] <+DJ|> *high fives Geoff* Uh... it's not chocolate, Geoff
[17:19] <+Geoff|> :|
[17:19] <@Beth> I thought it was gold. :|
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhh
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Geoff
[17:19] <+Geoff|> Crap...
[17:19] <+Sadie> *claps*
[17:19] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o'
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That isn't chocolate
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:19] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva *high fives Bridgette*
[17:19] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Uh oh...
[17:19] <+Zeke|Bridgette> That was gold... Geoff.
[17:19] <@Beth> Geoff, you may need to go get yourself checked out. O.o
[17:19] <+Geoff|> Excuse me.
[17:19] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs out to the bathroom)
[17:19] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:19] <@Beth> Geoff, you may need to go get yourself checked out. O.o
[17:19] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *gives Geoff some Pepto Bismol*
[17:19] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :|
[17:19] == Jaxswim [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:19] <+Geoff|> *Runs out screaming in pain*
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> and that's all for the awards! Now, it's time for you guys to g-*lights shut down*
[17:19] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:20] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I ate gold once, it came back 17 days later, eh.
[17:20] <+DJ|> :o
[17:20] <@Beth> O.O
[17:20] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh, no! The power's out!!
[17:20] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wait!
[17:20] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: O.O
[17:20] <@Beth> What's going on!?
[17:20] <@Beth> What's going on!?
[17:20] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Waaaaah? o_o
[17:20] <+Cody|> WHAT
[17:20] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *runs to dooe*
[17:20] <@Heath|Josh|Court> door*
[17:20] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It's locked!
[17:20] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I didn't get my award for best movie yet!
[17:20] <+Cody|> I got no awards
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> SADIE2
[17:20] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Trent im scared of the dark! :'(
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> SADIE?!
[17:20] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *is pondering whether to kill Bridgette, or steal someone's award*
[17:20] <+Sadie> Whats going on!?
[17:20] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What is going on here?! :|
[17:20] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: We're all gonna die! D:
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!
[17:20] <+Cody|> AND I am locked in
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (hugs Katie)
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> If we die
[17:20] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *clings to someone*
[17:20] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *holds Lindsay* Its alright, Linds.
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I would like to say
[17:20] <+DJ|> What? :o We're locked, and no lights?
[17:20] * Zeke|Bridgette is clinged.
[17:20] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva *is emotionless*
[17:20] <+Cody|> (Where is Justin?)
[17:20] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Who am I huggin'? -_-
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I ate the last ten pizza pockets at your house
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :o
[17:20] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Me. >.>
[17:20] <@Beth> *freaks out* What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!?
[17:20] <+Sadie> *gasps*
[17:20] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (I'm lagging. :-/)
[17:20] * DJ| starts sucking his thumb in fear
[17:20] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh. :|
[17:20] <@Beth> *freaks out* What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!? What do we do!?
[17:20] <+Cody|> (Where is Justin?)
[17:20] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Sorry.
[17:21] <+Geoff|> Kay, I'm back.
[17:21] <@Katie|Owen|WM> UH OH!
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *awkwardly walks away*
[17:21] <@Katie|Owen|WM> MY HAND IS IN THE TOLIET. :|
[17:21] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler crwals into Eva's arms in fear*
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> WAIT!
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Geoff.
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: There's a toilet here?
[17:21] <+Sadie> I was going to eat that
[17:21] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Everyone stay calm
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> The toilet is outside.
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :o
[17:21] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:21] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *gets out and walks back in*
[17:21] <+Cody|> What Harold said
[17:21] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Let the H-man handle this (h)
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: OKAY!
[17:21] <+Sadie> But I accept your apology
[17:21] <+Cody|> Not that
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Tell me you left the door open! O.O
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Let's just sort this out....
[17:21] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (That's what Harold said)
[17:21] <+Geoff|> Uhhhhh. :|
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: We can fix this!
[17:21] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: yeah, Harold will save us!
[17:21] <+Geoff|> *Door slams*
[17:21] <+Geoff|> Woops.
[17:21] <+Sadie> Still besties?
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: I'm gonna need some supplies, though./
[17:21] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You guys ready to see some nerdly skills sve everyone?
[17:21] <+Duncan|> We can? I mean We can!
[17:21] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *passes out*
[17:21] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: harold, you're going to embarrass yourself
[17:21] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef laughs evilly*
[17:21] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *through intercom*
[17:21] == Gwen|Chef|Blaine [~Chef|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:21] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Would anyone happen to have a car engine on them?
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: No?
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Chris! You think you smart by firin' me?! :D
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: No one?
[17:22] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: AAAH! Evil laughter!
[17:22] <+Duncan|> I reconise that voice...
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Um.....
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Well, I'm lockin' you in here...
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: WHAT?
[17:22] == Chef|Blaineley [~Chef|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:22] <+Geoff|> But I still had my reward. :)
[17:22] <+Geoff|> Just ignore the smell.
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Until I decide to let you out!
[17:22] <+Duncan|> It's Chef's!
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >:(
[17:22] <+DJ|> o.o
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Any estimated time there, Cheffy>?
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh, and...I may kill some of y'all, too.
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Peace.
[17:22] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :|""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
[17:22] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Guys... over the last few minutes of our lives...
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *turns intercom off*
[17:22] <+Duncan|> ....
[17:22] <@Katie|Owen|WM> let's go to cody's website
[17:22] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :D
[17:22] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Chef|Blaineley] by Heath|Josh|Court
[17:22] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Locked up room, this is no joke, Chef's in our face get us out of this place! :o
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What?!
[17:22] <+Noah||> (Back.)
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Okay.
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I can't die!
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm too popular to die!
[17:22] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Guys, chill, let the H-bomb handle this schizz.
[17:22] <+Cody|> Yeah
[17:22] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: So, I'm just gonna......
[17:22] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Shut UP, Harold!
[17:23] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (laughs)
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:23] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *gains consiousness*
[17:23] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *bangs on the door repeatedly*
[17:23] <+Duncan|> Oh how orignal we have a special and he kills off a few characters. >.>
[17:23] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I think we can defeat Chef with music. *begins singing* Can I borrow a feeling?!
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: ...
[17:23] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Take Heather first!
[17:23] <+Geoff|> We're gonna die! o_o
[17:23] * DJ| is sucking his thumb while in fear.
[17:23] <+Geoff|> *Flisp out*
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> HAROLD!
[17:23] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Okay guys.
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Shut up!
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (Copper! XDDDD)
[17:23] <@Beth> ... Uh-oh.
[17:23] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Okay guys.
[17:23] <+Geoff|> *Flips
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:23] <+DJ|> Hearing Harold makes this even more scary... o.o
[17:23] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Aaaahh!
[17:23] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Now that were gonna die.
[17:23] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (I love it how when this happens, DJ is ignored XD)
[17:23] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I have a sin to confess.
[17:23] <+Noah||> Harold, No comment.
[17:23] <+Noah||> :|
[17:23] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :io
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: oh my god, where's DJ?!
[17:23] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: YOU BEEN CHEATING ON ME!?!?!?!? :-@
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Right there :|
[17:23] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I miss DJ
[17:23] <@Beth> Oh my goodness!
[17:23] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Oh.
[17:23] <+Cody|> Why can't you just kill Chris Chef?
[17:24] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :'(
[17:24] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *begins to beat Ezekiel with her award*
[17:24] <@Beth> There really IS a first time for everything! @Noah
[17:24] <@Beth> >.>
[17:24] <+Zeke|Bridgette> The bow and arrow in the first season was magnetic so it hit most of the cans.
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay! Everyone shut UP! :@
[17:24] <+Zeke|Bridgette> :/
[17:24] <+Duncan|> If I die tell Courtney....I...I...
[17:24] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh.
[17:24] <+Geoff|> :o
[17:24] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: kk.
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Seriously guys, chill for a sec.)
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[17:24] <+Geoff|> Nice.
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright!
[17:24] <+Noah||> I'm starting to wonder why I signed up for this show....
[17:24] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (:|)
[17:24] <+Duncan|> I faked it.
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We need to have a game plan!
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> So here it is!
[17:24] <+Duncan|> She will know what that means.
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Blaineley and I are going to tape this in hopes of getting more ratings. :)
[17:24] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Sounds good
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And you guys can get killed off one-by-one.
[17:24] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: You people are SICK. >.>
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hey, how's my hair?
[17:24] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Lovely :)
[17:24] <@Beth> Well, that's totally selfish.
[17:24] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD
[17:24] <+Geoff|> You can show death on television? :| @Josh
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Sicker than Beth's gross ponytail!
[17:24] <@Katie|Owen|WM> JOSH!
[17:24] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:24] <+Zeke|Bridgette> And Rocky wasn't one Squirrel.
[17:24] <+Noah||> Ratings is the reason why my aunt hates this show.
[17:25] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I CAN'T DIE WITH NO FOOD! :'(
[17:25] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Noah has an aunt? o.o'
[17:25] <+Zeke|Bridgette> He was a different Squirrel every episode. :'(
[17:25] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: beth's ponytail is sexy :@ *pounces on Heather*
[17:25] <@Beth> More like sicker than looking at your dry, ashy scalp for more than 2 minutes, Heather. >.>
[17:25] <+Zeke|Bridgette> He was a different Squirrel every episode. :'(
[17:25] <+Noah||> You try watching it 24/7 and hearing her lip of how whack it is.
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >:(
[17:25] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (OUCH)
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Stop making fun of me bald!
[17:25] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: If i die I want to say one thing
[17:25] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *pulls Heather's hair* Take it back :@
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Oh, by the way, Heather's hair has grown back, guys.)
[17:25] <@Beth> Then, YOU stop making fun of my ponytail! >.>
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ow!!
[17:25] <+Noah||> Heather, did you get a wig?
[17:25] <+Cody|> I can't die without a girlfriend :'(
[17:25] <+Noah||> Or is that a wig or a furry animal?
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Cody.
[17:25] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You could live until 87
[17:25] <@Beth> (I'm talking about past experiences and instances.)
[17:26] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I can't die without food.
[17:26] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: I once used Leshawna's toothbrush without permission!
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And you still wouldn't have got a girlfriend!
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:26] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *to Cody* I hear Noah's single.
[17:26] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I can't die with out saying goodbye to Suagrcubes! :o
[17:26] <+Cody|> Harsh
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay, listen!
[17:26] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Can we sing the song? :)
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I say we team up!A
[17:26] <+Geoff|> So, what now? :|
[17:26] <@Katie|Owen|WM> We're singing as... :)
[17:26] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Why should we listen to you? :@
[17:26] <+Duncan|> No singing. >.>
[17:26] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wait, I have my whistle in my pocket which could contact Suagrcubes!...
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And try to find an escape route!
[17:26] <+DJ|> I can't die without seeing my momma again :'(
[17:26] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You want us all killed!
[17:26] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Oh. :(
[17:26] <+Duncan|> Yeah!
[17:26] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Hate to say it, but Heather's right.
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Which I'm hoping none of you will find until 7:45PM EST.)
[17:26] <+Geoff|> Does this studio have a fire-axe? We can break out with that?
[17:26] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wait, I have my whistle in my pocket which could contact Suagrcubes!...
[17:26] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Let's just calm down a dn split up.
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (8:45*
[17:26] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: I agree with Heather
[17:26] <+Noah||> O.O
[17:26] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Let's just calm down a dn split up.
[17:26] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *and
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Sweet.
[17:26] <@Beth> All for being in a team that DOESN'T involve Heather, say AYE!! ^_^
[17:26] <+Noah||> Song?
[17:26] <@Beth> All for being in a team that DOESN'T involve Heather, say AYE!! ^_^
[17:26] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >:(
[17:26] <@Katie|Owen|WM> AYE!
[17:26] <@ChrisLeIzzy> AYE!!
[17:27] <+DJ|> AYE!!
[17:27] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Aye.
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> YE!
[17:27] <+Duncan|> AYE!
[17:27] <+Noah||> Great, and I thought singing was overrated?
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AYE!*
[17:27] <+Noah||> :|
[17:27] <+Chef|Blaineley> Gwen: AYE!
[17:27] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: If I learned nything from 70s cartoons, its to never split up! Especially with a talking dog.
[17:27] <+Sadie> Aye
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Fine.
[17:27] <+Zeke|Bridgette> AYE!
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'll go on my OWN.
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:27] <@Beth> *chuckles evilly*
[17:27] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Eva, Lindsay, Trent, wanna go together?
[17:27] <@Beth> *weirdly
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *L: Okay, wait, WAY too many people in that group.
[17:27] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I'll go with her
[17:27] == iHateTT66 [] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Heather!! I'll go with you!
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:27] <+Geoff|> Aye!
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :)
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Really, Harold?!
[17:27] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Sure.
[17:27] <@Beth> D:
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh, forget it.
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: >.>
[17:27] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: sure
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hmmm...
[17:27] <@Beth> Harold!! D:
[17:27] <+Duncan|> Fine since Harold is I will. >.>
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And, Beth's not going to be in our group.
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Neither is Duncan.
[17:27] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Okay
[17:27] <@Beth> I'm not leaving Harold, I'm going with you. >.>
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It'll just be you and me. ;)
[17:27] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I think it would be funny if the killer shaved your head again, and I dont wanna miss that.
[17:27] <@Beth> I'm not leaving Harold, I'm going with you. >.>
[17:27] <+Zeke|Bridgette> LeShawna, Geoff, and Bridge, wanna pair? :)
[17:27] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Harold and starts walking away*
[17:27] <@Beth> Hey! :@
[17:27] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Sure.
[17:27] <+Cody|> I'll go with you
[17:27] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: come on Trent!
[17:27] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Later, home-skillets!
[17:27] <+Duncan|> Gee thanks Heather, give you and Harold more alone time. >.>
[17:28] * Beth walks after Heather and Harold.
[17:28] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Bridgette, Geoff, you guys game?
[17:28] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Sure.
[17:28] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: hold on Hether
[17:28] <@Beth> :@
[17:28] <+Noah||> Beth is attached to Harold like butter.
[17:28] * Beth walks after Heather and Harold.
[17:28] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *kisses Beth* Wait for me :(
[17:28] <+Geoff|> Two couples going together spells bad news, dude. :|
[17:28] <+Noah||> Or whatever it's called.
[17:28] <@Heath|Josh|Court> There's a confessional in the back
[17:28] <+Duncan|> Hey Courtney want to team up. >.>
[17:28] <@Beth> NO!
[17:28] <@Beth> :@
[17:28] <@Heath|Josh|Court> If you wanna use it
[17:28] <+Cody|> Wait guys
[17:28] <@Beth> I'm going with you! :'(
[17:28] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh, please.
[17:28] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: This ain't no horror movie.
[17:28] <+Zeke|Bridgette> C'mon Geoff, we need to!
[17:28] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Beth, what if you get killed? You're slow, the killer could get you!
[17:28] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler, Eva, Trent, and Lindsay form a group*
[17:28] <+Geoff|> Fine.
[17:28] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: He can't kill anyone on camera anyways,.
[17:28] * Beth tries to catch up to Harol--
[17:28] <@Beth> :-O
[17:28] <@Beth> :'(
[17:28] <@Beth> Fine.
[17:28] == Lee44 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:28] * Beth stops.
[17:28] == Intern [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:28] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (conf) All I need to do is flirt with Harold. It's totally strategic. Harold is gross and all, but doing that will drive Beth CRAZY. >: d
[17:28] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Go with somebody else. heather and I will handle this.
[17:28] <+Duncan|> Hey Courtney want to team up>
[17:28] <+Duncan|> *?
[17:28] <@Beth> I'll just... go by myself. :(
[17:28] <+DJ|> Beth, want to come with us? We will be careful.
[17:28] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hmmm
[17:28] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Fine.
[17:29] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Heather.
[17:29] <+Geoff|> (There's a confessional? :|)
[17:29] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (CONF) H: Why do we have a confessional? :o
[17:29] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (CONF) O.O WHAT'S THIS?! :o
[17:29] <@Beth> DJ, who are you going with? :(
[17:29] <+Duncan|> Lets go then.
[17:29] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (CONF) H: Best confessional ever :D
[17:29] <+Zeke|Bridgette> There's no confessional, Harold can hear everything you say.
[17:29] <+Zeke|Bridgette> There's no confessional, Harold can hear everything you say.
[17:29] * Duncan| walks off with Courtney
[17:29] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (conf) Somebody's gonna die up in here. >.>
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> [17:28] <Heath|Josh|Court> There's a confessional in the back
[17:29] <+DJ|> I don't know where Gwen is by now.
[17:29] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> KG! XDDDDD
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> [17:28] <Heath|Josh|Court> There's a confessional in the back
[17:29] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Dont worry guys I know Karate!
[17:29] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (Ooooh0
[17:29] <+Cody|> I'll go with you DJ
[17:29] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (Ooooh0)
[17:29] == TDobsessed88 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Guys.)
[17:29] <+DJ|> So... I guess I'm alone by now.
[17:29] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> who are the groups?
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Everyone ssssh.)
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Who are the pairs?)
[17:29] <+Cody|> I'll go with you DJ
[17:29] <@Beth> (Pairs??)
[17:29] == Ebony [~Ebony@] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:29] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold and heather
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (teams)
[17:29] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (whatever_
[17:29] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and Ezekiel are together.)
[17:30] <+Duncan|> (CONF) Great, more only time with Courtney. I'd break up with her except...Well she is hot. >.>
[17:30] <+Noah||> (CONF) Here's the memo. You wanna know why my aunt blocks this show..... Just watch Beth and Harold make-out.
[17:30] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Trent, lindsay, Eva, and Tyler
[17:30] <@Beth> (I think Beth is by herself, which I don't have a problem with.)
[17:30] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I'll go with DJ.
[17:30] <@Katie|Owen|WM> And Cody.
[17:30] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :p
[17:30] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Hm.
[17:30] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: I can handle this, psh.
[17:30] <+Chef|Blaineley> Gwen: I'll go with you too, DJ.
[17:30] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: >.>
[17:30] <+Duncan|> I'm with Courtney, if anyone would care to join us.
[17:30] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Ooooh! I'll go!
[17:30] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Fine.
[17:30] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:30] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *hops in between Duncan and Courtney*
[17:30] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Meeeeee! :)
[17:30] <+Noah||> I guess I'm with Owen.
[17:30] <@Beth> :'(
[17:30] <+DJ|> Big groups are better than being alone.
[17:30] <@Katie|Owen|WM> C'mon Sadie.
[17:30] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Has anyone seen Trent lately? o.o
[17:31] <+Duncan|> Okay, lets go.
[17:31] <+Sadie> Okay Katie :)
[17:31] <+Geoff|> Trent's gone!? :|
[17:31] <@Beth> I don't want to be by myself. D: I changed my mind! :'( *catches up to Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy*
[17:31] * Duncan| walks off with Izzy and Courtney.
[17:31] <+Geoff|> Chef got him!]
[17:31] <@Beth> I'm with you guys. D:
[17:31] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Where guitar boy at? O_O
[17:31] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Trent's gone!
[17:31] <@Katie|Owen|WM> He's with the rejects and circus freaks, Zeke. Or not.
[17:31] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Trent?
[17:31] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: This is gonna be sick, H.
[17:31] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *pats Beth on the back*
[17:31] <@Beth> :(
[17:31] <@Beth> Thanks.
[17:31] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Trent is with Tyler, Lindsay, and Eva*
[17:31] <+DJ|> So... where should we start looking for, guys?
[17:31] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: It's alright, the killer won't cut your limbs off and hang them over a fire.
[17:31] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Rent?!
[17:31] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Trent*
[17:31] <@Beth> O.O
[17:31] <@Katie|Owen|WM> WHERE ARE YOU DUDE?! D:
[17:31] <@Beth> :'
[17:31] <@Beth> :'(
[17:31] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (gUYS.)
[17:31] <+Zeke|Bridgette> If you can here us say "Heather's bald head is nasty and scalpy".
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Guys.)
[17:32] <@Beth> (?)
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (I'mma read out the teams)
[17:32] <+Cody|> Chef, just only kill Chris
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Everyone hush)
[17:32] <@Beth> (Okay.)
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Tell me who I'm missing)
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold and Heather
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and Ezekiel
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Trent, Lindsay, Eva, and Tyler
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth
[17:32] <+Noah||> Wait. Is Ezekiel still dating that overly-sized buttox LeShawna? xD
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Owen, DJ, Gwen, and Cody
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (kk)
[17:32] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (Beth is with Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy.)
[17:32] <@Beth> (Beth is now officially with Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy.)
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (That's it.)
[17:32] <+Zeke|Bridgette> No you didn't! :@
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Who am I missing?)
[17:32] <+Geoff|> (Noah.)
[17:32] <@Beth> (Beth is now officially with Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy.)
[17:32] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (Justin)
[17:32] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (kk)
[17:33] <+Geoff|> (Beth.)
[17:33] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Katie/Sadie are with Duncan Courtney and Izzy)
[17:33] <+Noah||> Me.
[17:33] <@ChrisLeIzzy> Noah and Justin, that's it, I think.
[17:33] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (Justin isn't even heere.)
[17:33] <@ChrisLeIzzy> And K+S.
[17:33] <+Noah||> kk.
[17:33] <+Cody|> (Justin has NOT talked this whole time)
[17:33] <+Noah||> Wait, Juatin?!
[17:33] <+Noah||> O.O
[17:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (It's fine)
[17:33] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (We don't HAVE a Justin. O.o()
[17:33] <+Noah||> The Anti-Me! >.>
[17:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (We can have Justin not talk for his final episode
[17:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (We can have Justin not talk for his final episode)
[17:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:))
[17:33] <+DJ|> (We should have small groups :3)
[17:33] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (kk, who's K+S with?)
[17:34] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (duncan, courtney and izzy)
[17:34] <@Beth> (Shouldn't they just be with each other?)
[17:34] == Musou [~Musou@] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:34] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (btw this reminds me of TDDDDI)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (sure, Beth)
[17:34] <+Geoff|> (Just have K+S go with Justin.)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (WM)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (KK)
[17:34] <+Noah||> (Where am I)
[17:34] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (four should be the max for a group)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (K+S+J)
[17:34] <@Beth> (Yeah, that works.)
[17:34] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:34] <+Noah||> (Where am I?)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Okay)
[17:34] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (The IRC)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (I've got everyone)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (The groups are
[17:34] <@Beth> (Re-read the teams.)
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Offically
[17:34] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold and Heather
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Geoff, Bridgette, LeShawna, and Ezekiel
[17:35] <+Noah||> (Duh.)
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Trent, Lindsay, Eva, and Tyler
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Owen, DJ, Noah, Gwen, and Cody
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth, Duncan, Courtney, and Izzy
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Katie, Justin, and Sadie
[17:35] <@Heath|Josh|Court> PROCEED
[17:35] == Justin| [~Justin|@] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:35] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (xDDDD)
[17:35] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (I need to BRB at around 9:15 PM EST, btw.)
[17:35] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Justin|] by Heath|Josh|Court
[17:35] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Wait....
[17:35] <+Zeke|Bridgette> C'mon guys!
[17:35] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: You guys can't just leave me!
[17:35] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: D:
[17:35] <+DJ|> Now guys, we better find a way out of here.
[17:36] <+Justin|> (Boom shaka lakka ;D)
[17:36] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Too bad, this is our payback!
[17:36] <+Geoff|> Kay guys, I still say we go look for a fire-man axe.
[17:36] <+Cody|> Right
[17:36] <+Cody|> DJ
[17:36] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :-O
[17:36] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Alright, Heather, I say we go this way. *walks this way*
[17:36] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Wait!
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> No.
[17:36] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: You wanna lead, Linds?
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We're going this way.
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Because I said so.
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And I'm the most strategic.>
[17:36] <+Noah||> DJ, it's your lucky day, you can do all the work! :p
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:36] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: yes, come on team!
[17:36] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I have a whistle that can contact Suagrcubes, she can break the wall! :D
[17:36] <+Cody|> No
[17:36] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I'll go that way, but I'm way more strategic.
[17:36] <+Cody|> Just share it
[17:36] <@Beth> (Who is Justin?)
[17:36] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *scoffs, walks over to a seat, sits down, and corsses his legs*
[17:36] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: were dead
[17:36] <@Beth> (Who is Justin?)
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> As if, Harold!
[17:36] <+Zeke|Bridgette> I have the whistle right... in the .... limo... -_-
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> COURTNEY beat you.
[17:36] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Awwwwwwwww.
[17:36] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I mean, COURTNEY.
[17:36] <@Beth> (Nevermind.)
[17:36] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Alright.
[17:36] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Let's just get moving.
[17:37] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Eva, Tyler, your strong.
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *walks*
[17:37] * Zeke|Bridgette gets moving.
[17:37] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I am NOT staying here any longer. >.<
[17:37] <+DJ|> Now guys... which way?
[17:37] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: See if you can break down the door.
[17:37] <@Beth> Izzy, Duncan, Courtney, which way are we going? :s
[17:37] <+Noah||> Let's go left, DJ!
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:37] == neko-naito [] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[17:37] <+Duncan|> So....Now where do we go?
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We're going...
[17:37] <+Chef|Blaineley> G: Let's try right, DJ.
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> This way!
[17:37] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Uhhhhhh...
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> No, this way!
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> No, wait...
[17:37] <+Geoff|> We need some kidn of weapon, guys. Like an axe!
[17:37] <+Geoff|> *kind
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We're going, umm...
[17:37] <+Noah||> Left!
[17:37] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *walks in a random direction*
[17:37] <+Chef|Blaineley> G: .... No, Noah, we're going RIGHT.
[17:37] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Whatever, Lindsay beat You.
[17:37] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: You guys coming?
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm not really sure where we're going.
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:37] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Where are we going to find an axe/
[17:37] <+Cody|> Just go right guys
[17:37] * Justin| begins walking down a random corridor, without waiting for the others *
[17:37] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *?
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Shut up, Harold.
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> She beat me ONCE.
[17:37] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (walks right)
[17:37] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Cooody
[17:37] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :(
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Lindsay beat you twice.
[17:37] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Brek down the door? o_o
[17:37] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:37] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *walks in a random direction* Anyone coming? :|
[17:37] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I am hungry. :'(
[17:37] <+Geoff|> Near those fire-doors or whatever.
[17:37] <@Beth> I say we just go left. Left's always the best way.
[17:38] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva *rams into door*
[17:38] <+Noah||> Lety's go left!
[17:38] <+Duncan|> Who said you are deciding which way we go?
[17:38] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Oh right!~
[17:38] <+Geoff|> Emergency things.
[17:38] <@Beth> Or... We could follow Izzy. :
[17:38] <+Noah||> :|
[17:38] <@Beth> :s*
[17:38] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Whatever yo. I dont need this show. I'm a celeb.
[17:38] <@Beth> *follows Izzy*
[17:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ugggggggh.
[17:38] <+Cody|> Do not eat me Owen
[17:38] <@Beth> Duncan, Courtney, you two coming? :|
[17:38] <+Zeke|Bridgette> There's on over here, except it's an extinguisher.
[17:38] <+DJ|> Right beats left *goes to the right way*
[17:38] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Noah, we are going right... unless you are working by yourself)
[17:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hmmm...
[17:38] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright.
[17:38] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *one
[17:38] <+Geoff|> Crap.
[17:38] == Chef|Blaineley has changed nick to Gwen|Chef|Blaine
[17:38] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I won't du... (walks closer)
[17:38] <+Geoff|> Wait, guys.
[17:38] <+Duncan|> I'll just follow Izzy I guess.
[17:38] <+Zeke|Bridgette> ?
[17:38] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (eyes twitch)
[17:38] <+Noah||> Ugh... fine Owen.
[17:38] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *door open leading to a hall*
[17:38] <@Beth> *follows Izzy*
[17:38] <+Geoff|> Let's try to get to teh top floor.
[17:38] <+Justin|> J: *stops in front of a mirror*
[17:38] <+Geoff|> *the
[17:38] <@Beth> Which direction is this? O.o
[17:38] <+Justin|> J: My my.
[17:38] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Uhhhh.....
[17:38] <+Geoff|> Maybe there's a sly-roof.
[17:38] <+Noah||> *follws right*
[17:38] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: That way.
[17:38] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :D
[17:38] * Cody| goes right
[17:38] <+Geoff|> That we can escape from!
[17:38] <+Zeke|Bridgette> C'mon Shawneekinz1
[17:39] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *!
[17:39] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Listen, Heather, we shouldnt be fighting
[17:39] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Good job Ava! Tyler, Trent lets go!
[17:39] * Zeke|Bridgette runs upstairs.
[17:39] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *goes with Ezekiel*
[17:39] <+Justin|> *stokes chin and admires his own hair*
[17:39] <@Beth> What direction is "that way", Izzy? O.o
[17:39] <+Noah||> Now, where are we again?
[17:39] <+Duncan|> Thats not a direction, and I don't know ehre we are.
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Ezekiel
[17:39] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: These might be our final moments
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Guess what?
[17:39] <+Geoff|> *sky-roof
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I have a pet.
[17:39] <@Beth> We don't know where we're going. D:
[17:39] <+DJ|> Hey, look guys! There's an Emergency Door sign! But we better check the zone before heading towards it.
[17:39] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Uhhhh, South-ish.
[17:39] * Zeke|Bridgette shouts down "What?"
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> A donut. :)
[17:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (conf) I'm so mad at Duncan. How can any boyfriend be so inconsiderate? Look around! There's DJ, who's really sweet...Geoff, who's not THAT bad, and...ugh, there's a whole bunch of boyfriends! And look at Duncan. He's too busy flirting with Gruesome Gwen.
[17:39] <+Geoff|> *Runs upstairs*
[17:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> So?
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (throws it to the ground) Sit, stay... roll over.
[17:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:39] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (Shouts* That's uber radical!
[17:39] <+Cody|> Good job DJ
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:39] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Who cares about "final moments"?
[17:39] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *Shouts* That's uber radical!*
[17:39] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Thanks dude. :p
[17:39] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Linds I think everyone else went upstairs
[17:40] <+Geoff|> Okay, so. Now that sky-roof.
[17:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *sigh*
[17:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :-/
[17:40] <+Geoff|> Look for one.
[17:40] <+Noah||> Umm... Owen, what are you doing.
[17:40] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: We might die :/
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oooooh! There's a staircase going down!
[17:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> There's no way we're getting out, is there?
[17:40] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: *runs into the Drama Machine* What the? :| DJ, what's this? o.o
[17:40] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: So, Im confident werw going the right way!
[17:40] <+Justin|> I must say, I am a VERY attractive man, if I do say so myself TuT *keeps admiring himself in mirror, oblivious to the corridor behind him*
[17:40] <@Beth> *continues to follow Izzy* Go, go, go!
[17:40] <+Zeke|Bridgette> We could rip the fan out of the ceiling.
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: That looks EXCITING!!! ^_^
[17:40] <@Beth> *goes down the steps*
[17:40] <+DJ|> Oh... *pokes and it makes a metal sound*
[17:40] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Do you really wanna die fighting? We used to be friends, remember?
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *goes downstairs*
[17:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Katie and Sadie*
[17:40] <+Cody|> Looks like a robot
[17:40] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Katie and Sadie*
[17:40] <+Noah||> *screams* AHHHH!
[17:40] <+Duncan|> Em....
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (O.O)
[17:40] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Who is strong enough for that, eh/
[17:40] <+DJ|> Seems like a robot, Gwen :o
[17:40] <+Zeke|Bridgette> *?
[17:40] <+Noah||> Oh, wait. That's Owen's but. >.>
[17:40] <+Sadie> *screams*
[17:40] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *follows Linds* You're doing great
[17:40] <+Cody|> I said that DJ
[17:40] <@Beth> Duncan, Courtney, c'mon!
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Did you hear that>
[17:40] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Did you hear that? O.O
[17:40] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+i] by Heath|Josh|Court
[17:40] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: Mhm, DJ.
[17:40] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *?
[17:40] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: thanks Trent!
[17:40] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Dont you wanna be friends again, Heather? :(
[17:40] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[17:41] <+Duncan|> *goes after Izzy.*
[17:41] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [-ti] by Heath|Josh|Court
[17:41] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+t] by ChanServ
[17:41] <+Zeke|Bridgette> Something's a miss.
[17:41] <+Duncan|> Hear what?
[17:41] <@Beth> What was that noisy? O.o
[17:41] <+DJ|> We could try to use it as our way to an exit, don't you think?
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AGAIN?
[17:41] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: Trent what do you think we should do?
[17:41] <@Beth> noise*
[17:41] <+Geoff|> No sky-roof. -_-
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We were never friends, Harold!
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I hate you!
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:41] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *keeps going downstairs*
[17:41] <@Beth> I swear, I heard a scream. :s
[17:41] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: Uh... I dont know :|
[17:41] <+Zeke|Bridgette> (BRB, really quick.)
[17:41] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Where are we? O.o
[17:41] == Zeke|Bridgette [~Zeke|] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:41] <@Beth> *continues to go downstairs*
[17:41] <+Geoff|> Okay guys, it's official. We're done-for. o_o
[17:41] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: What about season one? Before I tried to vote you off.
[17:41] <+DJ|> Did you just hear someone screaming? o.o
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Trent*
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhhh...
[17:41] <@Beth> I don't know, YOU'RE the leader, Izzy. :s
[17:41] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: :o
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Nope.
[17:41] <+Justin|> (Where are Katie and Sadie? O.o)
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I never really liked you.
[17:41] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: AAAAAAAAAAH!
[17:41] <+Cody|> I think I did
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:41] == Zeke|Bridgette [~Zeke|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Did you hear that?
[17:41] <@Beth> O.O
[17:41] <+Geoff|> *Runs frantically screaming*
[17:41] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Trent!
[17:41] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (follows)
[17:41] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: So, DJ, what do we do with this machine-thing? :|
[17:41] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *walks into something metal*
[17:41] <+Geoff|> *falls through floor*
[17:41] <@Beth> WHAT WAS THAT!?
[17:41] <@Beth> WHAT WAS THAT!?
[17:41] <@Katie|Owen|WM> TRENT!
[17:41] <@Katie|Owen|WM> BUDDY!
[17:41] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O_O
[17:41] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Was that Trent? Oh my Gosh, either he's having problems in the bathroom...
[17:41] <@Beth> I heard another scream. D:
[17:41] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs down the stairs)
[17:41] <@Beth> :(
[17:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Or he's been kidnappeD!
[17:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Or he's been kidnapped!*
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I'm scared. :'(
[17:42] <+Geoff|> Crap. :|
[17:42] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H:AAAH! *jumps into Heather's arms*
[17:42] <+Noah||> Gwen, obviously think we go around it.
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Who you gonna call?!
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *clings to Ezekiel*
[17:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:42] <+DJ|> Noah! You're smart... try to turn it on.
[17:42] <+Noah||> >.>
[17:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *drops Harold*
[17:42] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> T: *was kidnapped*
[17:42] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oops. >.>
[17:42] <+Duncan|> Chef is near, I feel it. We better get moving.
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Kindnappingbusters!
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :D
[17:42] * Justin| continues looking at mirrr, Geoff runs past, screaming *
[17:42] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Ow!
[17:42] <+Noah||> Fine.. :s
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *runs into something metal*
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Ah!
[17:42] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Trent is dead :'(
[17:42] <+DJ|> Can you?
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: What's this?
[17:42] <@Beth> *catches Izzy*
[17:42] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: - "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent
[17:42] <@Beth> What did you run into? O.o
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (o.o KK)
[17:42] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (XD)
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Um.....
[17:42] <+Duncan|> Let's check it out...
[17:42] <+Noah||> *turns on the machine* Uh-oh.
[17:42] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *feels around the object*
[17:42] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Heather... I'm scared :(
[17:42] <+Geoff|> Okay, the only way out of this is if we murder Chef first. >:(
[17:42] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Come on Lindsay we got to keep moving
[17:42] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": (3) - Katie and Sadie, Trent
[17:42] <+Noah||> I think its moving. O.O
[17:42] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yeah1
[17:43] <@Beth> What is it, Izzy?
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *finds the "on" swithc*
[17:43] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: What do we do now, Noah?
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *switch
[17:43] <+Noah||> We RUN!
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *hears grinding*
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O_O
[17:43] <+Duncan|> What is it Izzy?
[17:43] <@Beth> O.O
[17:43] <+Duncan|> o.o
[17:43] <+DJ|> Oh... where is it going? *looks as the machine is moving somewhere*
[17:43] <+Noah||> :-O
[17:43] <+Justin|> *looks up* Wait, what's that rumbling sound?
[17:43] <+Cody|> Let's just find a way out of this place
[17:43] <+Geoff|> :|
[17:43] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (begins to run)
[17:43] <@Beth> O.O
[17:43] <+Duncan|> RUN!
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Bridgette*
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Bridgette* *
[17:43] <@Beth> What the heck!?
[17:43] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler, Eva, and Lindsy go up a staircase*
[17:43] <+Duncan|> *Runs*
[17:43] <+Noah||> *runs around Machine*
[17:43] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: heather... Look behind you... :|
[17:43] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *runs up stairs frantically*
[17:43] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette
[17:43] <@Katie|Owen|WM> That might be my stomach. :|
[17:43] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: *begins to run away* O.O
[17:43] <+Geoff|> Bridge!?
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:43] <+Justin|> *blinks in confusion as Duncan runs past him*
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> aaargh!
[17:43] <@Beth> *runs back up the stairs*
[17:43] <@Beth> O.O
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *falls into Harold*
[17:43] <+Justin|> Wait, wha-
[17:43] <+Geoff|> Oooooo, crap! :|
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: We're short one group member!
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ewww!
[17:43] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (continues to run, beginning to fart)
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: D:
[17:43] <@Beth> Duncan, Courtney, run!!
[17:43] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *collapses to ground* O.O
[17:43] <@Beth> Get up here!
[17:43] <+Cody|> *runs with Gwen and Noah*
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> As if@
[17:43] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Where'd Bridgette go!?!? D:
[17:43] <@Heath|Josh|Court> As if!
[17:44] <+Duncan|> *Runs*
[17:44] * DJ| follows Gwen
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I can handle Chef. ^^
[17:44] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Heather, I have a girlfriend >.>
[17:44] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Lindsay I here screaming!*
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Duncan.
[17:44] <+Duncan|> Courtney come on!
[17:44] <+Geoff|> Bridge!
[17:44] <+Noah||> Oh, no. Hey, I found Courtney and Duncan
[17:44] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *hugs Ezekiel again*
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You're coming with me.
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:44] <+Duncan|> ...
[17:44] <@Beth> Duncan!
[17:44] <+Geoff|> Where are ya, babe!?
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We're going to handle Chef
[17:44] <+Duncan|> Why should I?
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Once and for -
[17:44] <@Beth> If you want to live, come with us!
[17:44] <@Beth> If you want to live, come with us!
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *is kidnapped*
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ahhh!
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:44] <+Justin|> *gasp* I just realized I didn't apply my daily 6 pm muscle relaxant cream D8
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I-is that a knife?!
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> NOOOO!
[17:44] <@Beth> DUNCAN!!!!
[17:44] <+Geoff|> LeShawna, we gotta move! Fast! o_o
[17:44] <+Justin|> I'LL GET WRINKLES D8
[17:44] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (Everyone, please remember, the lights are out, so it's SUPER DARK. :p)
[17:44] <+Duncan|> Courtney?
[17:44] <@Beth> Get up here!!
[17:44] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: Hang on guys
[17:44] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *gets moving*
[17:44] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I HEARD SCREAMING! :o
[17:44] <+Duncan|> Courtney!?
[17:44] <+Noah||> *sings* Come fly with us, Come die with us! :'(
[17:44] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney
[17:44] <+DJ|> We better keep moving... people is screaming around us and we can't see anything
[17:44] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *breaks down a wall*
[17:44] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs into a knight)
[17:44] <+Duncan|> I got to leave her!
[17:44] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ow
[17:44] <@Beth> O.O
[17:44] <+Cody|> Guys
[17:44] <@Beth> Where's Courtney!? I don't hear her voice!! D:
[17:44] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: DJ, where do we go now? We NEED to find an exit.
[17:44] <@Beth> Where's Courtney!? I don't hear her voice!! D:
[17:44] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Falls down the stairs in the knight costume)
[17:44] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hmmm..
[17:45] <+Duncan|> *runs after Izzy and Beth*
[17:45] <+Geoff|> *Screams frantically*
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold.
[17:45] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: She's usually whining by now. :-/
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay, we need a sacrifice.
[17:45] <+Cody|> I know Gwen
[17:45] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ow
[17:45] <+Noah||> Owen barge through the walls!
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: okay
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What about...
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Noah?
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> He's skinny.
[17:45] <+Noah||> :-@
[17:45] <+Duncan|> Courtney is.....Chef got her.
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And weak.
[17:45] <@Beth> *grabs Izzy*
[17:45] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (gets up and continues to fall)
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Mp
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Go find him.
[17:45] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O.o
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> No*
[17:45] <@Beth> What do we do now? :(
[17:45] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Runs into Beth and Izz*
[17:45] <+DJ|> Where that robot went?
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ummm, yeah!
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: We gotta stick together :@
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Fine.
[17:45] <+Cody|> I don't know
[17:45] <+Duncan|> I just left her there!
[17:45] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *is still in the CM studio, sitting down*
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *walks with HaROLD*
[17:45] <+DJ|> We should grab our hands so we don't lose anyone, team.
[17:45] <+Geoff|> Where's Zeke. o_o
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold**
[17:45] <+Geoff|> *?
[17:45] <+Duncan|> What have I done!
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Dont bother pretending Heather, i think its obvious whats going on.
[17:45] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:45] <+Cody|> Ok
[17:45] <@Beth> *tries to comfort Duncan* She would want you to keep going! :(
[17:45] <+Geoff|> Crap, we left him behind. :/
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> WHAT is going on?
[17:45] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:45] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: How DO we follow him, DJ? :| He's probably at the other side of the studio by now.
[17:45] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: MY ZEKE-POO IS NOT DYIN'. :-@
[17:45] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You like me, its so obvious
[17:45] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: okay team!
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *pops in, captures Eva*
[17:46] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You tried to split me and beth up
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *stomps back down the corridor*
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> So?
[17:46] <+Noah||> *stops to a door*
[17:46] <+DJ|> Then our other option... running the opposite way of people screaming.
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Ezekiel!
[17:46] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: And you want me for yourself
[17:46] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: GET OFF ME!
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yeah
[17:46] <+Duncan|> You are right...
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Ezeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekiel? :|
[17:46] <+Geoff|> LeShawna, no! o_o
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What?!
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> No!
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: You there?
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Let's do the other one
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold!
[17:46] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: EVA!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I don'
[17:46] <+Cody|> Do that
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: What?
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I don't...
[17:46] <+Noah||> Is this a door or am I imagining hweaven?
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> t want to die tonight
[17:46] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Sorry to disappoint you, but Beth's the only girl for me.
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Like y-
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I'm lookin' for my boo. :-@
[17:46] <+Duncan|> Come on girls, we got to get out of here, for Courtney.
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> It's my mom's birthday. :')
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *sigh*
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That's...
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :'(*
[17:46] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> That's kind of sweet, Harold. >.>
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> But, I don't really care.
[17:46] <+Cody|> Run the opposite of the screaming
[17:46] <+DJ|> This way, guys.
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We need to find a sacrifice so we can survive.
[17:46] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (begins to run with the suit)
[17:46] <@Beth> Izzy, Duncan! We have to get going!
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Noah's scrawny and weak.
[17:46] <+Cody|> *follows DJ
[17:46] <@Heath|Josh|Court> We can kill him off.
[17:46] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:46] <@Beth> Can you hear me!?
[17:46] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Um.. Heather...
[17:46] * DJ| starts walking opposite of the way Eva screamed.
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *foloows Beth*
[17:46] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: cmon Tyler!
[17:46] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Let's go!
[17:46] <+Cody|> **follows DJ*
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> WHAT?
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: So... If we sacrifice somebody...
[17:47] <+Duncan|> *follows Beth also*
[17:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: I don't wanna die yet. >.>
[17:47] <+Geoff|> *Frantically follows LeShawna* :|
[17:47] <+DJ|> Why does it have to be so dark...
[17:47] <+Noah||> Is anyone here
[17:47] <@Beth> *goes in one direction, as the leader, apparently*
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Will the killer leave?
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...?
[17:47] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *follows Lindsy*
[17:47] <@Beth> *goes in one direction, as the leader, apparently*
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -_-
[17:47] <+Duncan|> When she take over?
[17:47] <+Noah||> I'm kinda lost!
[17:47] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I hate the dark
[17:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: I still have $67,000 left. >:O
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *starts walking away*
[17:47] == Justin| has changed nick to Musou
[17:47] <+Noah||> O.O
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Wait
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: If it will save Beth
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I will sacrifice myself
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hey, Noah.
[17:47] <+Noah||> Hey, Baldy.
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:47] <+Duncan|> Beth where are we going anyway?
[17:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (She has hair. :|)
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Argh!
[17:47] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler and Lindsay run past Harold screaming*
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs onto Noah*
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm grabbing!
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm grabbing!
[17:47] == Jaxswim [] has left #TDWIKI-RP []
[17:47] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I will sacrifice myself
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold!
[17:47] <+DJ|> Did we leave Noah behind?
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> NO!
[17:47] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Don't...
[17:47] <+Geoff|> :|
[17:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *wanders around a hallway, bumps into Noah*
[17:47] <+Cody|> I think so DJ
[17:47] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh.
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Wazzup?
[17:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and captures Noah*
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :|
[17:48] <@Beth> Duncan, do you REALLY think I know?
[17:48] <+Noah||> *grabs onto Heathers hair*
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:48] <@Beth> It's dark!
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: WHERE DID YOU GO!?!?!?
[17:48] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *runs into Noah and Leshawna*
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O_O
[17:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AHHH!
[17:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *a strand rips off*
[17:48] <@Beth> I'm trying to find hallways and junk.
[17:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> NOOO!
[17:48] <+DJ|> Well... guys. We better stick together.
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *turns around*
[17:48] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:48] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :'(
[17:48] <@Beth> IDK WHERE I'm going. :s
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Why does this remind me of the MP game Ghost in the House or something? :|
[17:48] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: Wheredo we go now, team? :|
[17:48] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: You okay, heather?
[17:48] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Leshawna!
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *runs down the hallway frantically* :'(
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Let's go down the stairs and charge out!
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> FIRST!
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> We need a huge stick!
[17:48] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: NOAH DISAPPEARED. :'(
[17:48] <@Beth> *feels for Izzy behind her* Do you have an idea?
[17:48] <+Geoff|> *Runs with LeShawna, screaming*
[17:48] == iHateTT66 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Uhhhh.....
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Oh!
[17:48] <+Duncan|> Okay, there has to be a easier way of finding away out of here.
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (grabs a stick)
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> alright guys
[17:48] <+Noah||> Where is my team?
[17:48] <+Noah||> -_-
[17:48] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: There should be like, a phone around here.
[17:48] <@Katie|Owen|WM> we need to charge at the door
[17:49] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Tyler quick in the clooset!
[17:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Cody*
[17:49] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *takes heather by her arm, leads her down a corridor* Come on.
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> alright?
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> you ready DJ, Gwen?
[17:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Huh?
[17:49] <@Heath|Josh|Court> o.o
[17:49] <+DJ|> We have the stick... but which door are we---- Cody?
[17:49] <+DJ|> :o
[17:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Anyone's cellphone got a signal?
[17:49] <+Cody|> (Noah was "killed")
[17:49] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody
[17:49] <+DJ|> Cody vanished! :o
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> CODY! : o
[17:49] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Lindsay and Tyler run into a closet*
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> No! D:
[17:49] <+Duncan|> A phone that's.....Not a bad idea.
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Alright
[17:49] == TDobsessed88 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> It's down to us 3
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> time to charge at the door
[17:49] <+Duncan|> We could ring for help!
[17:49] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: We gotta hurry. The killer is killer skinny nerds. We're next I bet.
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> just like in season 2, good ol' times
[17:49] <+DJ|> We gotta move out of here, Owen! Chef's right here!!
[17:49] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> killing*
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs quick)
[17:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Ooooh! I've watched a TON of scary movies!
[17:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: The funny guy usally goes early!
[17:49] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (begins to fart again) :/
[17:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O.O
[17:49] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: OWEN!!!!!!!!!!!
[17:49] * DJ| goes away from the place where Cody was kindapped.
[17:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Izzy!
[17:50] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: We should be safe in here
[17:50] <@Beth> Uh-oh. D:
[17:50] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: You should be careful!
[17:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs past her)
[17:50] <@Beth> Wait!
[17:50] <@Beth> Geoff's funny!
[17:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I am sorry if you got ticked off. :/
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O.O
[17:50] <@Beth> What about him? D:
[17:50] <+DJ|> (Did we just bump with Beth and Izzy?)
[17:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> about my rant.
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: You might-------
[17:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops and and grabs Izzy*
[17:50] <+DJ|> :o
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O.O
[17:50] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (continues to run)
[17:50] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:50] <+Duncan|> Courtney isn't funny and look what happened to her.
[17:50] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: *"dies"*
[17:50] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Heather... RUN! *runs in a random direction*
[17:50] <+Duncan|> Izzy!?
[17:50] <+Geoff|> Okay, LeShawna. Zeke is not here. :|
[17:50] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *is still running through corridors*
[17:50] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops and and grabs Justin*
[17:50] <+DJ|> Now team! We gotta move!! *grabs Gwen hand and continues to run, while seeing Owen following.
[17:51] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin
[17:51] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: DDDDDDDDDDDDD:
[17:51] <+Geoff|> *Is running*
[17:51] <+Duncan|> Beth we got to get out of here!
[17:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> let's go1
[17:51] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Alright.
[17:51] <+DJ|> It's so dark on here...
[17:51] <@Beth> Where do we go!? D:
[17:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs quicker)
[17:51] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: What are we gonna do, then? :(
[17:51] <+Duncan|> I don't know!
[17:51] <@Beth> And....
[17:51] <@Beth> Wait...
[17:51] <@Beth> O.O
[17:51] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Lindsay I here Harold!
[17:51] <@Beth> WHERE'S IZZY!?!?!?
[17:51] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: Deej, we need to stick together here. I've seen a ton of horror movies. The couples usually go first. :-/
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs................>>*
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> GWEN
[17:51] <+Geoff|> I don't know, try to find another group? :|
[17:51] <@Beth> *feels around, can't feel Izzy anywhere*
[17:51] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (xD0
[17:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Uh oh
[17:51] <@Beth> D:
[17:51] <@Beth> :'(
[17:51] <+Geoff|> Team up with them?
[17:51] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Come on Heather! Theres not a lot of us left! D:
[17:51] <@Beth> Izzy's gone!! :'(
[17:51] <+Duncan|> She is gone. :(
[17:51] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: O.O
[17:51] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen
[17:51] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (continues to charge down the stairs)
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> There isn't?!
[17:51] <@Beth> Duncan, we gotta move!
[17:51] * DJ| feels as Gwen let's his hand go.
[17:51] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (Some one come find us)
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:51] <+Duncan|> She is with Courtney now.
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Where's Gwen?
[17:51] <@Beth> D:
[17:51] <+DJ|> Gwen? :o
[17:51] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I think I heard her scream...
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Its gottan quieter D:
[17:52] <@Beth> We gotta move!
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[17:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (LAG. >.<)
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhhh...
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold...
[17:52] <+Duncan|> *runs*
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Should we go towards the scream?
[17:52] <+DJ|> *calls for Gwen*
[17:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> DJ!
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Yeah?
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *points to Gwen's dead body on the ground*
[17:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> COME ON!
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> She's...
[17:52] <@Beth> *runs near Duncan*
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> DEAD?!
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[17:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Let's find the other groups......
[17:52] <+DJ|> o.o
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: OH MY GAWD :D
[17:52] <+Duncan|> Come on Beth lets just get out of here!
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Chef is actually killing us?!
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> D:*
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Wrong emote
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD
[17:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Heather, you outlived Gwen1 :o
[17:52] <@Beth> I'm trying! D:
[17:52] * DJ| is grabbed by Owen as he continues to run.
[17:52] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> (Tyler and Lindsay still in the closet)
[17:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Bigger groups means more security. D:
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Heather... This could really be it :(
[17:52] <+Geoff|> Yeah. :|
[17:52] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: ANYBODY AROUND HERE? :|
[17:52] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (runs down the stairs)
[17:52] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Ezekiel*
[17:52] <+Duncan|> Just keep running till you find some kind of door or something!
[17:52] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel
[17:52] <+DJ|> What are we doing down here, Owen?
[17:52] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: :o I think I hear LeShawna's booty shaking!
[17:52] == Lizcat68 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:53] <+Geoff|> *Hears Zeke scream*
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I dunno
[17:53] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *hears Ezeiel's yodel-ish voice screaming*
[17:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> let's go run upstairs
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> again
[17:53] <+Geoff|> Ooooooh, crap.
[17:53] <+DJ|> Again?
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> and find another exit
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> fine
[17:53] <+Duncan|> If we stay in one place it makes us easier to find....Right?
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> let's go charge at walls
[17:53] <+Geoff|> *Runs frantically*
[17:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Everyone report to the stage IMMEDIATELY!
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> maybe there's a hidden door
[17:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> IMMEDIATELY!
[17:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *bumps into Harold*
[17:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> IMMEDIATELY!
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[17:53] <+DJ|> o.o
[17:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *runs to stage*&
[17:53] <@Beth> Yeah.
[17:53] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *runs to stage*
[17:53] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: from closet, Katie, Owen is that you?
[17:53] <@Beth> That's why we have to run!
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> where is it? o.o
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Runs to the stage)
[17:53] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Beth! *hugs Beth, kisses her* You're alive!
[17:53] * DJ| runs to the stage
[17:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *is apparently at the stage*
[17:53] <@Beth> (conf) I can't believe it either. Me and Duncan.... are ACTUALLY GETTING along! :|
[17:53] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (confused and finds it)
[17:53] <@Beth> (conf) I can't believe it either. Me and Duncan.... are ACTUALLY GETTING along! :|
[17:53] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...We're missing 12 contestants?!
[17:53] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:53] <+DJ|> :'( Gwen... :'(
[17:54] <+Geoff|> *Is at the stage too, I guess*
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[17:54] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler and Lindsay run out of closet*
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: O.O"""""""""""""
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Noah! :i
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Gwen! :o
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: No, no.
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Where did they go? :|
[17:54] * Beth runs to stage with Duncan, apparently, to be hugged by Harold.
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Alright
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Our groups are
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Half the cast can't just DIE.
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :-@
[17:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Chef killed them :'(
[17:54] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> arrive on stage
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Harold and Heather*
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Lindsay and Tyler
[17:54] <+Duncan|> Wait Harold is here?
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Geoff and LeShawna
[17:54] <@Beth> Yeah. :s
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Owen and DJ
[17:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: He killed all my friends like... I didnt like any of them actually :/
[17:54] <+Duncan|> And Chef killed them? o.o
[17:54] <@Beth> That's a good thing for me, though. ^_^
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And Beth and Duncan
[17:54] <@Beth> :D
[17:54] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: He killed all my friends like... I didnt like any of them actually :/
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (XD)
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.>
[17:54] <@Beth> You have me. ^_^
[17:54] <@Beth> :)
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> is this a challenge?
[17:54] <+Duncan|> And me. >.>
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay, guys
[17:54] <@Heath|Josh|Court> This may be the part
[17:54] <@Katie|Owen|WM> it's reminding me like it is
[17:54] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Yeah, CHRIS. >.>
[17:55] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> and me Harold!
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Where we tell you that it's a challenge, but...
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It isn't. :'(
[17:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Don't look at me!
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ...
[17:55] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: WHAT?! O.O
[17:55] <+DJ|> Well Owen, we have to survive for them.
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I doubt it
[17:55] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> So, Chef is...really killing us?!
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> There's no real killer here.
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Is it? o.o
[17:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Your friends are GONE! Well, "friends".
[17:55] <@Beth> Guys....
[17:55] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I cant die! I havent had a public breakdown yet D:
[17:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Did Ezekiel really have any friends? O.o
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Do it now dude
[17:55] <@Beth> Where did Josh and Blaineley go? O.o
[17:55] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ..
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm right here.
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[17:55] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:55] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Harold shhhhhh!
[17:55] <@Beth> Aren't THEY supposed to b-
[17:55] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Nowhere. :|
[17:55] <@Beth> Oh.
[17:55] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Oh.
[17:55] <@Beth> HI JOSH!
[17:55] <@Beth> ^_^
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Hi, Beet.
[17:55] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[17:55] <@Beth> HI BLAINELEY!
[17:55] <@Beth> ^_^
[17:56] <@Beth> :@
[17:56] <+Duncan|> Okay.
[17:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:56] <@Beth> It's Beth! :@
[17:56] * DJ| screams as Blaineley appears out of nowhere
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> BLAINBUTTLY.
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Blaineley*
[17:56] <+Duncan|> We aren't getting out of here soon.
[17:56] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: :|
[17:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Lindsay*
[17:56] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: your awful voice will attract the killer!
[17:56] <+Geoff|> Wait, who's Josh and Blaineley agaIN? :|
[17:56] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Lindsay*
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> we were wondering where you were
[17:56] <+Geoff|> *again
[17:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Cool! Lindsay died! :D
[17:56] <@Beth> *walks over to were Josh was talking and pokes what Beth thinks to be is Josh's chest*
[17:56] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Celebrity Manhunt hosts!! Ring a bell? <.< @Geoff
[17:56] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay
[17:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:56] <+Duncan|> Lindsay!?
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[17:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: WHAT!?!?
[17:56] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: NOOOOOOOOO
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Who yelled? :|
[17:56] <@Beth> It's Betttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. >.> *spits in the process*
[17:56] <+Geoff|> Oh. :|
[17:56] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: im all alone!
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> CONF, This is reminding me of scooby doo.
[17:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Theres only 9 left...
[17:56] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Oh! I just saw a movie like this! The hot girl dies somewhere near the middle.
[17:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Group hug, guys? :(
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Alright
[17:56] <+Duncan|> No.
[17:56] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD
[17:56] <+Noah||> *Noah's scream is heard through the halls*
[17:56] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Not yet dude
[17:56] <@Beth> O.O
[17:56] <+Geoff|> Well, Josh, Blaine-chick. Do something!
[17:57] <@Beth> What was that!?
[17:57] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *Tyler rus down the hall screaming*
[17:57] <+DJ|> Not yet... o.o
[17:57] <+Duncan|> Maybe we should catch Chef before he catches us!
[17:57] <@Beth> I heard a scream!!
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> It sounds like a rat
[17:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Great idea, Duncan. <><
[17:57] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I like Duncan's idea.
[17:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<*
[17:57] <+DJ|> Tyler! Don't go! *watches as Tyler goes alone into the halls*
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Did Ezekiel bring his pet rat with us?
[17:57] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *crashes into Beth*
[17:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I don't.
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Is Owen dead yet!?!?!?
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Is Owen dead yet!?!?!?
[17:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It's stupid.
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> No.
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:57] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Who asked you?
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Okay!
[17:57] <+DJ|> No, LeShawna
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I have an idea!
[17:57] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Owen*
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I am going to crash int...
[17:57] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Yeah?
[17:57] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: We can use him as a battery ram to open the door!
[17:57] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Owen
[17:57] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Tyler: Beth it's you!
[17:57] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I believe you mean battering
[17:57] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: -_-
[17:57] <+Noah||> *Noah's ghost appears behind the cast*
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: STOP DYING ON ME.
[17:57] <+Duncan|> Come on. He is going to hunt us down and kill us al-- Owen just disappeared didn't he? -.-'
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :-@
[17:57] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Let's use LeShwna's booty! :o
[17:57] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[17:58] <@Beth> Everyone's just disappearing!! :'(
[17:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *puts Owen back*
[17:58] <+Geoff|> *Hears Owen's burp/yell*
[17:58] <+Geoff|> :|
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Owen! :3
[17:58] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> :|
[17:58] <+DJ|> o.o
[17:58] <@Beth> Where is everyone?! D:
[17:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *takes Tyler*
[17:58] <+DJ|> Owen!
[17:58] == TDobsessed88 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:58] <+DJ|> You're all right!
[17:58] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> *hold Beth in fear*
[17:58] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (XDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[17:58] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
[17:58] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Owen for Tyler? What an awful trade D:
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[17:58] == TheCartoon [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :'(
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Okay!
[17:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Duncan*
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Guys
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Everyone pick up Owen!
[17:58] <+DJ|> We need Owen! He has our key to our exit!
[17:58] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan
[17:58] <+Geoff|> o_o
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Let's run
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> before we all g...
[17:58] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *holds beth* We're gonna die :'(
[17:58] <+DJ|> Ok LeShawna!
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Hurry, we're all dying here! :-@
[17:58] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Can we sing songs as you lift me?
[17:58] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: -_-
[17:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (We're gonna have to end the episode a little bit later, guys.)
[17:58] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Maybe 15 minutes)
[17:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *tries to pick up Owen's arm*
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (kk)
[17:59] * DJ| grabs Owen as he picks him up.
[17:59] <+Geoff|> We gotta get out of here! o_o
[17:59] <+Noah||> Come die with us! :( @Beth
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Guys.
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I am not doing this. >.>
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *kisses LeShawna* I love you :'(
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Farts on whoever's holding his legs)
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhhh
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Beth*
[17:59] <+Noah||> *ghost disapperars*
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XDDDDDDDDDDD
[17:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Do you WANT to di--
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> FAIL
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Bye Heather
[17:59] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :(
[17:59] <+Geoff|> (XD)
[17:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Do you WANT to die?
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You do nkow that those doors are made of metal
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Right? :|
[17:59] <+DJ|> (XDDDDDD)
[17:59] <@Heath|Josh|Court> know*
[17:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: METAL!?
[17:59] <@Beth> I don't like this!! D:
[17:59] <@Beth> O.O
[17:59] <@Beth> Where's Duncan!? D:
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> This is getting worse by the second
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :/
[17:59] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: What are we supposed to do, Josh? :|
[17:59] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Boy, I'm about to ram YOU into the door!!!!! :-@
[17:59] <+DJ|> We better go downstairs...
[17:59] <@Katie|Owen|WM> soon, we are going to run out of jam
[17:59] <+Geoff|> :|
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Guys! Lets resort to cannibalism!
[18:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :|
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (XD)
[18:00] <+Geoff|> The basement! Maybe there
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Geoff
[18:00] <+Geoff|> The basement! Maybe there's a weapon there!
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Harold*
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> never go to the basement dude
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: Sorry, just throwing sutff out there
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> D:
[18:00] <+DJ|> Yes, I agree with Geoff!
[18:00] <+Geoff|> o_o
[18:00] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan, Harold
[18:00] <+DJ|> And we better move!
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: my last words are Heather suck! D:
[18:00] <+Geoff|> Harold?!
[18:00] <@Beth> O.O
[18:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Where did scrawny boy go!?
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> sucks*
[18:00] <@Beth> HAROLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> ZS
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Guys...
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhhh
[18:00] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> XD*
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> He's gone LeShawna
[18:00] <@Beth> :'( :'( :'( :'(
[18:00] <+DJ|> Guys, we gotta move!
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :(
[18:00] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :-O
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[18:00] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (quickly scampers down the stairs)
[18:00] <@Beth> I'm too young and rich to be a widow!!! :'(
[18:00] <+Geoff|> Guys, to the basement!
[18:00] <@Beth> I'm too young and rich to be a widow!!! :'(
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> is anyone sensing a bit of familiarity here?
[18:00] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: There's only -- *counts* 6 people left! :'(
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And..
[18:01] <@Beth> Wait.
[18:01] <+Geoff|> :|
[18:01] <@Beth> YOU CAN SEE!?
[18:01] <@Beth> O.O
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> They were both in the final four
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> In both seasons?!
[18:01] <+DJ|> o.o
[18:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> !*
[18:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> woah!
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> at least one*
[18:01] <+Geoff|> Hmmm? :|
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: We ALL went pretty far iun a season.
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *in
[18:01] <+Geoff|> (Wait, who's left? XD)
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth, Geoff, Owen...
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Me, DJ, LeShawna...
[18:01] <@Katie|Owen|WM> You Heather
[18:01] <+Geoff|> (Ah.)
[18:01] <+Geoff|> :|
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: DJ and Beth WON.
[18:01] <@Beth> So?
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Heather got third....
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I got second....
[18:01] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Does that mean they're going to win this?!
[18:01] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Owen too....
[18:02] <@Beth> What are you trying to sa--
[18:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> everyone but Heather and Geoff made it to the final 2
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Geoff got fourth....
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What is going ON here?!
[18:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[18:02] <+DJ|> o.o what's that supposed to mean?
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: He got the lowest rank!
[18:02] <+Geoff|> o_o
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: GEOFF IS NEXT!
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O_O
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[18:02] <+DJ|> :o
[18:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> And then HEATHER
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ahhhhhhhh!
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: And then me and Owen! :'(
[18:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> And then ME AND LESHAWNA!
[18:02] <@Katie|Owen|WM> D:
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *starts running around in circles*
[18:02] <+Geoff|> If we all huddle together, we should be cool, right!?
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Uhhh...
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> L|
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|*
[18:02] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *huddles*
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Well...
[18:02] <+DJ|> Geoff
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Truth be told...
[18:02] <+DJ|> When someone says that....
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I don't really want to huddle with you, Geoff.
[18:02] <+DJ|> They usually disappear.
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You're next.
[18:02] <+DJ|> :'(
[18:02] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'm staying as far away from you as possible.
[18:03] <+Geoff|> I said huddle! :@
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (backs away)
[18:03] <+Geoff|> *Grabs Heather's wrist*
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *backs away* :|
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Ahhh!
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *awkwardly walks away from Geoff*
[18:03] <+DJ|> :o
[18:03] <@Beth> :(
[18:03] <+Geoff|> LeShawna? :|
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in*
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >:(
[18:03] <@Beth> O.O
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Um.
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[18:03] <+DJ|> o.o
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> I smell CHEF. :o
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Geoff and Heather*
[18:03] <+Geoff|> Ooooooooooh, f- o_o
[18:03] <+DJ|> *gulps*
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.O
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O"""""""""""
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *pulls them away*
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> OMG!
[18:03] <@Beth> *hides behind LeShawna*
[18:03] <+DJ|> O.O
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: WE WERE RIGHT!
[18:03] <@Beth> :'(
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> WE ARE GOING TO BE NEXT!
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *stabs them with a knife in the dark*
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: So, then.....
[18:03] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *disappears*
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> O.o
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :'(
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :'(
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: :'(
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> YES!@
[18:03] <+Geoff|> *Is dead*
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> HEATHER IS FINALLY DEAD
[18:03] <+DJ|> :'(
[18:03] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *hugs Owen*
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> But Geoff. D:
[18:03] <@Beth> :'(
[18:03] <@Katie|Owen|WM> LeShawna
[18:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: I don't wanna die!!!!!!!!!! :'(
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> *hugs*
[18:04] <+DJ|> Owen... that means...
[18:04] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan, Harold, Geoff, Heather
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Do you still have fiber bars? :)
[18:04] <+Cody|> (wait)
[18:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: No. >.>
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Sorry
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (continues the moment) D:
[18:04] <@Beth> (conf) And, so it hit me! This is how I'm gonna die! My brain was going to explode from Chef stabbing it! :'(
[18:04] <+DJ|> We better have a last group hug?
[18:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Yep. :(
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> For our season 2 alliance
[18:04] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (hug)
[18:04] <@Beth> D:
[18:04] <+Cody|> (Ryan told us to not kill our characters, so he can kill them :-|)
[18:04] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *Chef pops in and grabs Owen*
[18:04] <+Noah||> *appears* Umm.. am I supposed to be here? *disappears*
[18:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[18:04] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan, Harold, Geoff, Heather, Owen
[18:04] <+DJ|> O.O
[18:04] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *spazzes*
[18:04] <+DJ|> Owen! :'(
[18:04] <@Beth> (Who's left? :|)
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> Beth, DJ, LeShawna.
[18:05] <@Beth> (KK.)
[18:05] <+DJ|> And Chris >.>
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :)
[18:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs LeShawna*
[18:05] <@Beth> O.O
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: X_______________x
[18:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *slits her throat in the dark*
[18:05] <+DJ|> LeShawna! :o
[18:05] <@Katie|Owen|WM> ([21:04] <Katie|Owen|WM> (hug) my final TDR words... odd. o.o)
[18:05] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *runs away*
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (WTF?)
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (>:O)
[18:05] <@Beth> LeShawna!!!!! Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(
[18:05] <+DJ|> Beth... :'(
[18:05] == Heath|Josh|Court changed the topic of #TDWIKI-RP to: "Died": Katie and Sadie, Trent, Bridgette, Courtney, Eva, Noah, Cody, Izzy, Justin, Gwen, Ezekiel, Lindsay, Tyler, Duncan, Harold, Geoff, Heather, Owen, LeShawna
[18:05] <+DJ|> *hugs her* One of us is next :'(
[18:05] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I'm just wondering, which one of you is going first.
[18:05] * Beth thrusts herself onto DJ. *
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *?
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Blaineley*
[18:06] <@Beth> It... It..--
[18:06] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (Are Blaineley & Josh still alive---)
[18:06] <@Beth> O.O
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *strangles her to death in the dark*
[18:06] <+DJ|> o.o
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: O.O
[18:06] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (Never mind. :|)
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> *C
[18:06] <@Beth> BLAINELEY!!! :'(
[18:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[18:06] <@Beth> Wait.
[18:06] <@Beth> I didn't know her.
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Um, Josh, you should run, dude. :|
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ... o.o;
[18:06] <@Beth> So, I don't care!! :'(
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> But, what about the gossi-
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> AHHHHHHH
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *starts bleeding from heart
[18:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (Ryan is killing us of just like in FG :p)
[18:06] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *coughs up blood*
[18:06] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (o.o HE IS!)
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: ._________________________________________________>
[18:06] <+DJ|> Oh... why doesn't he just do something about Chris? :'(
[18:06] <@Beth> (Mhm. Last minute idea. xD)
[18:06] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: He's saving me for last.
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *dies*
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: He's probably gonna like, put me in a shredder.
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: >.<
[18:07] <+DJ|> (XD)
[18:07] * Beth clings onto DJ.
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *walks in*
[18:07] <@Beth> :(
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> >.<
[18:07] <@Beth> O.O
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> DJ.
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Oh, hi.
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth.
[18:07] <+DJ|> o.o
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> CHRIS.
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :)
[18:07] <@Beth> WHAT!? :'(
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You three have stole my spotlight with all your winning!@
[18:07] <+DJ|> Wha-at? :'(
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And your hosting!
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Well, SORRY. >.>
[18:07] <@Beth> D:
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> How do you think that makes me FEEL? <.<
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> But Chris...
[18:07] <@Beth> (Shouldn't IZZY be in this? xDDDDDDDDDDDDD)
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You...
[18:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Noah: Happy.
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Fired me. :@
[18:07] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (IKR? XD)
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (Oops.)
[18:07] <@ChrisLeIzzy> (For realz. >.>)
[18:07] <@Heath|Josh|Court> (:|)
[18:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (owned.)
[18:08] <+DJ|> (lol XDD)
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And Izzy's here, too!
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Well, yeah.
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *grabs Izzy*
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :|
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[18:08] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (XD)
[18:08] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Hi!!!!!!!! :D
[18:08] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> (Win XD)
[18:08] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> (:|)
[18:08] <@Beth> (Nice Improv. xD)
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> So..
[18:08] <+Noah||> (I thought I was Noah?)
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: There's a LOT of dead people in a small closet.
[18:08] <@Beth> Where did you go? D:
[18:08] <+DJ|> o.o
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I've killed all the contestants.
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> One-by-one.
[18:08] <@Beth> ......... :-O
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> And now it's your turn.
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Izzy...
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> DJ...
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: O.O
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Beth...
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :@
[18:08] <@Beth> D:
[18:08] <+DJ|> ... :'(
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Will you help me torture Chris? :)
[18:08] <@Beth> I don't wanna di--
[18:08] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Pretty please? ^^
[18:08] <@Beth> O.O
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Ooooooooh!
[18:08] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Sure!
[18:09] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (:|)
[18:09] <@Beth> :(
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Beth, traumatize him with your body.
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :)
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Or else I'll kill you, too.
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> <.<
[18:09] <@Beth> O.O
[18:09] <+DJ|> :'(
[18:09] <@Beth> :'(
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Do I have a say in this?
[18:09] <+DJ|> I-I will help :'(
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> ...
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :-/
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Okay, fine.
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *turns lights back on*
[18:09] <@Beth> Fin--
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I don't really wanna fire Chris.
[18:09] <@Beth> O.O
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :(
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Like, can you jus--
[18:09] <+DJ|> (conf) I just want to see my momma again.
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> torture*
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> It's just...
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: :o
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> He fired me and all, and...
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I dunno...
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I was feelin'...
[18:09] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Not right, you know? :(
[18:09] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: Psycho killing spree?
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Oh, they ain't really dead.
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: It's okay, happens to me ALL the time.
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> I: :o
[18:10] <@Beth> ..A--
[18:10] <@Beth> They're not? O.o
[18:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :|
[18:10] <+DJ|> :o
[18:10] <+Noah||> *appears*
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I tranqualized them with darts then put ketchup on their body.
[18:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> o.o'
[18:10] <+Noah||> Hey!
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: ._.
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> What is going on?
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> o.o
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Where am I?
[18:10] <+DJ|> Gwen's alive? *puppy eyes*
[18:10] <+Geoff|> o_o
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: *wakes up*
[18:10] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: ... What? Huh? o.o
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I just wanna say that...
[18:10] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: I'm alive! :D
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Chris.
[18:10] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> G: *wakes up* Where are we? :s
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Ew, there's ketchup in my bra.
[18:10] <@Beth> Where are they??
[18:10] <+Sadie> *wakes up*
[18:10] <+Geoff|> *Licks ketchup off arm*
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Ew, there's ketchup in my bra.
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You made a mistake, firin' me.
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :(
[18:10] <+Noah||> Wow, I actually thoufght I was dead.
[18:10] <@Beth> Oh.
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I.....
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I'mma see you.
[18:10] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I'm sorry. :(
[18:10] <+Noah||> *thought
[18:10] <+Duncan|> *Comes* That was "fun". >.>
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)
[18:10] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Really?!
[18:10] <+Cody|> Whatg happened
[18:10] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (begins to lick ketchup) <3
[18:10] <+Cody|> *What
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Well, a little.
[18:11] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> Harold: Wit, we're not dead?
[18:11] <+Duncan|> *Relises Courtney is alive* O.O
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Will you re-hire me?!
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :D
[18:11] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: What kind of reunion was this?! :@
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
[18:11] * DJ| hugs Gwen as she appears.
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> After I made so much drama?!
[18:11] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Linds: oooooooooooo Ketchup :P
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :)_
[18:11] <+Noah||> (Is this a Halloween special? Seriously? xD)
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *awkward silence*
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> guys!
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: *awkward silence*
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :(
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> HUGGIE TIME!
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> GROUP HUG!
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> :D
[18:11] <+Duncan|> Courtney! *runs and hugs Courtney*
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (hugs)
[18:11] <+Noah||> I don't do hugs.
[18:11] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> tyler: hugs Eva
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Alright.
[18:11] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (pushes Noah in it)
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Fine.
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> :D
[18:11] <@Beth> Where... Where's my Harold? :(
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Good.
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You know...
[18:11] <+Sadie> *hugs Katie*
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: You're back!
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: ?
[18:11] <+Noah||> *disgusted*
[18:11] <+Cody|> Ummm, Chef
[18:11] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I actually had this place booby-trapped. XD
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: ._.
[18:11] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: Really? xD
[18:11] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Lindsay: Trent Im not dead!
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> *sits on a chair, causing a chandelier to fall on Chef, killing him*
[18:12] <+Noah||> Ew.. I think I felt Owen's side breasts. O.O
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> O.O
[18:12] <@Katie|Owen|WM> booby?
[18:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: O.O"""""""""""""""""""""""""
[18:12] <+Geoff|> o_o
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> x
[18:12] <@Beth> O.O"""""""""""
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> x
[18:12] <+Cody|> You made me pee my pants
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> x_X*
[18:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: HEATHER!
[18:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: THANK YOU!
[18:12] <@Beth> HEATHER!??!?!?!
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I can't help it!
[18:12] <+Duncan|> Chef. Dead?
[18:12] <@Beth> WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> I just like sitting on things!
[18:12] <+DJ|> O.O
[18:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> C: I don't have to pay him now. -_-
[18:12] <@Beth> ............ >.>
[18:12] <+Cody|> I said that:-|
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Well...
[18:12] <@Beth> You just killed someone!! :@
[18:12] <@Katie|Owen|WM> Yay!
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> that was an odd reunion special..
[18:12] <+Duncan|> Oh well. Exleast he will get a montage at the end of the episode. Right?
[18:12] <+DJ|> (conf) See? That's why I got a restraining order against her.
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> You guys can say your goodbyes off-screen, 'cause we're ending this now!
[18:12] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Right, Blaineley?
[18:12] <+Geoff|> I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. :|
[18:12] <@Beth> This is, by far, the weirdes--
[18:12] <@Beth> WHAT!?!
[18:12] <@ChrisLeIzzy> L: Heather, you've killed like, four different things in three seasons and a day.
[18:12] <+Ty|Ev|Linds> Eva: Can we leave?
[18:13] <+Noah||> What?
[18:13] <+Gwen|Chef|Blaine> B: Sure Josh. :D
[18:13] <@Harold|Trent|Nal> H: *typing on blog* Worst. Reunion. Ever.
[18:13] <@Katie|Owen|WM> (buys a tank and wins the game) JK
[18:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Any last words?
[18:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Heather: Well, I -
[18:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> Josh: Awww, too bad! Catcha next season on Total Drama! ;)
[18:13] <@Heath|Josh|Court> -- THE END --

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