[21:19] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Last time, a hurricane hit the island and now everyone is on boney island. I think Zoey got voted out. Dakota and Lard-face Staci switched teams.
[21:19] <+Scott|> ^@Neko :C
[21:19] <@SilentB> (... wtf, guys. >->)
[21:19] == mode/#dramatizing [+v AnneMaria|] by SilentB
[21:19] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> -- starts --
[21:19] <+Staci> Yah, hey, new team. What's up?
[21:19] <+Scott|> Great to see ya here Staci!
[21:19] <@SilentB> *wearing a straw hat*
[21:19] <@Sam|Chef> (Where are we all now?)
[21:20] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *on boney island beach* I never thought I'd say this but I... I miss camp wawana- nope, still can't say it. :|
[21:20] <CDCED-TDA> (Boney Island.)
[21:20] * DawnStarr is meditating on a rock
[21:20] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Boney island @ Sr. Fat Face)
[21:20] <+Scott|> (I think on Boney Island still.)
[21:20] <+Lightning-> And that's how Lightnin' won his 10th state championship! :D @Dakota
[21:20] <@Sam|Chef> (3:)
[21:20] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Maggots, I'd like to call a team meeting.
[21:20] <+Lightning-> (^not state, province. Stupid Canada)
[21:20] <+Jo|> The sky. Can't you see? @Staci.
[21:20] <+DakotaMilton> Ugggh.
[21:20] <@Sam|Chef> This island sucks, no video consoles no nothing. D:
[21:20] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: I'm all about a strong team unit. If we can stay strong, the Rats won't stand a chancw!
[21:20] <+DakotaMilton> Great, Lightning.
[21:20] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Now, I think we should take this moment to welcome Daisy to our team. *pats Dakota on back*
[21:20] <+DakotaMilton> I didn't get any sleep last night. D:
[21:21] <+AnneMaria|> So whadda we do now?
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> I'm sorry I can't pay more attention, but I'm just so...
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> Moopy today. D:
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> Also.
[21:21] <+DawnStarr> (conf) Staci is... nice... She would not stop talking her sleep, interrupting my meditative state.
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> I'm Dakota.
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> DAKOTA.
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> >.>
[21:21] <+DakotaMilton> Don't you KNOW who I am?
[21:21] <@SilentB> (No.)
[21:21] <+Staci> (conf) My new team is super-phat. I love them all. Hehe.
[21:21] <+Jo|> (conf) We all hate her. o_o.
[21:21] <+Staci> So, uh, Dawn, how was your sleep last night? Yah.
[21:21] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Oh, yes, Dakota, my apologies, ma'am. :|
[21:22] <+Scott|> (CONF) She wouldn't shut up in her sleep, it was like annoying little crickets chirping. Just.. ugh.
[21:22] <+DawnStarr> It was... peaceful...
[21:22] <@Sam|Chef> Somebody is whipped. Huh Huh.
[21:22] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Now, Dakota, I know on the Rats you guys had your hippie-dippie every man for themselves approach
[21:22] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: but the Maggots, we're all about team work and unity and togetherness
[21:22] <+Jo|> Team.
[21:22] <+DawnStarr> (conf) Her aura is horrible. She's a compulsive liar. I don't like her.
[21:22] <+Jo|> -w-
[21:22] <+Scott|> Yeah Jo?
[21:23] <+DakotaMilton> (conf) Dakota here! Okay, so, thoughts on my new team. Everyone except Anne Whatever is SUPER-nice. Brick thinks he's the leader, but I think we've all established that I am. I mean, I am the star of this show and all. I can't wait until I get my spin-off series. But first, my main goal is to find myself a love interest. Every good guy must have one, and since I'm the main one, let's start the boy-search .^^
[21:23] <+Jo|> If we don't win today, none of you are sleeping tonight.
[21:23] <+AnneMaria|> (conf) Ugh,l I csn't beleive Dakota's on my twam now.
[21:23] == Jaxswim has changed nick to Intern|
[21:23] <Intern|> (for later :3)
[21:23] <+Scott|> Well, we didn't really sleep much last night either. *shrugs*
[21:23] <+Staci> Hehe. Fine, Jo.
[21:23] <+DakotaMilton> Oh. @Brick
[21:23] <@SilentB> ...
[21:23] <+DakotaMilton> I can do that.
[21:23] <+DakotaMilton> I mean...
[21:23] <+DakotaMilton> *flirty* I can do that. ;)
[21:23] <@Sam|Chef> O.o
[21:23] <@Sam|Chef> Oh my.
[21:23] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Um, uh, great. ._. *blushes slightly* Excuse me, I have some push ups to do. :| *walks away*
[21:23] <+Jo|> Let's think of it like this.
[21:23] <+Jo|> People eat up Maggots.
[21:23] <+Scott|> And Scott Nathan Carmichael's pappy told him to be aware of everything, I've gone days without sleeping, and this is a true story. (CONF) Unlike Staci's.
[21:24] <+Lightning-> (Conf) On a scale of 1 to Lightnin', Lightnin' being the hottest, Dakota is a Lightnin' for SHO'!
[21:24] <+Jo|> people hit Rats with brooms, and yet they still move.
[21:24] <@Sam|Chef> This place is getting hotter then the 9th sun in the Orian galaxy. :$
[21:24] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *shows up* Good morning, campers. :D
[21:24] <+Jo|> Rats will eat them up.
[21:24] <+Staci> Yah, hai.
[21:24] <+DawnStarr> Chris, good morning.
[21:24] <+DakotaMilton> (conf) I'll start with Brick. He's totally not my type, but maybe we could establish some sort of 'opposites attract' thing, and honestly, I'd LOVE to give him a makeover. Socks? Ewww. Socks are gross!
[21:24] <+Scott|> Ugh, it's him again.
[21:24] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *punches Sam* Sorry, I had to.
[21:25] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: It's time for today's immunity challenge! :D
[21:25] <+Scott|> *snickers* Haw
[21:25] <@SilentB> *still wearing straw hat*
[21:25] <@Sam|Chef> WHY!? *cries*
[21:25] <+AnneMaria|> great. :s
[21:25] <+Scott|> Nice straw hat there, B.
[21:25] <+Jo|> Chris.
[21:25] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *takes B's hat* Cut it out >.>
[21:25] <@SilentB> :(
[21:25] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, as you all remember, a hurricane destroyed Camp Wawanakwa
[21:25] <+Jo|> I'm still waiting for the.... "Best to shine Chris's shoes wins."
[21:25] <+Staci> (CONF) Shady Scott is the only guy on my team? Things got crappy. He's not even, like, hot. Especially compared to my other BFs.
[21:25] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But we fixed it! :D Sort of...
[21:26] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Like, it still sucks
[21:26] <+Jo|> It always sucked.
[21:26] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But we finished a cabin
[21:26] <+Scott|> It smells like fart, and it's DISGUSTING.
[21:26] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: We figure the winning team from today's challenge can use it until we finish the second one :)
[21:26] <+Staci> Eh.
[21:26] <+DawnStarr> (conf) As much as I hate to say this... I'd rather have Staci gone than Scott. I'm not the once to judge but she's very annoying.
[21:26] <+Scott|> What about the losing team?
[21:27] <Intern|> (CD, PM. I just need your okay. >->)
[21:27] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: I dont really care about them.
[21:27] <+Scott|> Wow, you not caring? Shocker.
[21:27] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, the challenge is a race back to camp wawanakwa!
[21:27] <+Jo|> LETS GO.
[21:27] <@Sam|Chef> So if I win you will care about me? :3
[21:27] <+Scott|> Hey, Staci. *winks*
[21:27] <+Jo|> Round 2? ;D
[21:27] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The journey back to camp wawanakwa can be dangerous...
[21:27] <Intern|> *is shown drowning*
[21:27] <Intern|> *dies*
[21:27] <+Scott|> *gasps*
[21:27] <@Sam|Chef> O.o
[21:27] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: *sighs* If you manage to win without your fatness making you lose, I will adopt you -_- @ Sam
[21:27] <+Lightning-> Sha-what?!
[21:27] <+Lightning-> Lightnin' is too awesome to die!
[21:27] <+DakotaMilton> Hey!! :@ @Chris
[21:28] <+Scott|> Not really. Sha-Scott!
[21:28] <+DawnStarr> There is a deadly mutated shark out there too, isn't there?
[21:28] <+DakotaMilton> He's a formidable competitor. >.>
[21:28] <+Staci> Hai, Scott...
[21:28] <+AnneMaria|> I'm too hot to die!!
[21:28] <+Jo|> Lightnin'. It don't matter. Your going to either lose, or die TRYING to beat me.
[21:28] <+Lightning-> Lightnin's never won the Super Bowl! D:
[21:28] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Now, there's a few ways back to camp
[21:28] <+Staci> Back to camp? You mean... swimming?
[21:28] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Across the lake... actually, that's pretty much it :)
[21:28] <+Staci> Calm down, I can fly...
[21:28] <+DawnStarr> [Lightning, take the super spoon to the super bowl, k?]
[21:28] <+AnneMaria|> So what? We gonna swim?
[21:28] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: But to make things interesting, Chef is going to bring in some materials for you guys to build contraptions to get back!
[21:28] == TDAwesome15 [~TDAwesome@] has joined #dramatizing
[21:29] <+Staci> :D
[21:29] <@Sam|Chef> *wheels in materials*
[21:29] <+AnneMaria|> Great!
[21:29] <@SilentB> *inspects materials and makes the "NOT BAD" meme face*
[21:29] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> ([19:29] <@Sam|Chef> *wheels in materials* - I wanna insult Sam's fatness :()
[21:30] <@SilentB> ...
[21:30] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, I'll see you guys on the other side. :) GO.
[21:30] <+Scott|> *picks up materials*
[21:30] <@SilentB> *picks up some materials for his team*
[21:30] <+Scott|> *begins running*
[21:30] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Alright team, what should we build?
[21:30] <+Jo|> Mmmm...
[21:30] * DakotaMilton picks up some materials and starts walking with B.
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> Hey, B. ;)
[21:30] <+Scott|> *walks back*
[21:30] <@Sam|Chef> We got to win! I wanna a new Dad! :(
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> What's going on? ^^
[21:30] <+Jo|> Scott.
[21:30] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: We could construct a battle submarine that fires torpedoes! :D
[21:30] <+AnneMaria|> How bout a rockin' Yacht?
[21:30] <@SilentB> ...
[21:30] * Staci starts to build.
[21:30] <@SilentB> :|
[21:30] <+Scott|> Yah Jo?
[21:30] * DawnStarr begins building
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> Uhhh.
[21:30] <@SilentB> *begins walking faster* :s
[21:30] <+Jo|> Make a boat.
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> Sooo.
[21:30] <+Staci> (#radioactiverats ?)
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> Like my outfit? :3
[21:30] <+DakotaMilton> ... D:
[21:30] * Scott| begins building a boat
[21:30] <@SilentB> ...
[21:31] <@SilentB> ._.
[21:31] * DakotaMilton catches up to B.
[21:31] <+DakotaMilton> Hey!!
[21:31] <@Sam|Chef> We could construct a battle crusier 9000 from the Sea Wars video game series! :D
[21:31] <Intern|> (*NO meme face* @Staci)
[21:31] <+DakotaMilton> I love your...
[21:31] <+DawnStarr> Jo, it'd be much eaiser if we make a raft with a sail.
[21:31] <+DakotaMilton> Uhhh...
[21:31] == Anne_Maria [] has joined #dramatizing
[21:31] <+Staci> Hehe. Let's build a gigantic robotic dragon, guyz.
[21:31] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: YES. @ Sam
[21:31] == mode/#dramatizing [+o Anne_Maria] by ChanServ
[21:31] <+DakotaMilton> Ew. Are you wearing a hat?
[21:31] <+DakotaMilton> Gross.
[21:31] <+AnneMaria|> (O_O)
[21:31] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *epic high five* Let's do it, bro!
[21:31] <@SilentB> (K, Bigez is here. TDN, sorry.)
[21:31] <+AnneMaria|> (EVERYTIME!)
[21:31] <+Lightning-> Sea Wars?
[21:31] == mode/#dramatizing [-v AnneMaria|] by SilentB
[21:31] <+DawnStarr> Saying the wind will pick up soon from the weather
[21:31] <@SilentB> ...
[21:31] <@Sam|Chef> Really? :D
[21:31] <@SilentB> -_-
[21:31] <@Anne_Maria> (I'm so annoyed. -_-)
[21:31] <@SilentB> *gives Dakota some materials* >.>
[21:31] <+Jo|> Mmm.. *looks at pile and "gets" food stuck* Oh, my isn't there a CADET to help a CIVILIANN.
[21:31] <+Lightning-> Ain't that that nerdy movie from the 80s?
[21:31] <+Staci> Hehe. Dawn, what do you got?
[21:31] == AnneMaria| has changed nick to TotalDramaNaruto
[21:31] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *tarts picking out materials* Alright, now I don't really know what that thing looks like.
[21:31] <@Sam|Chef> (Conf): I knew referencing video games all the time would pay off some day. :D
[21:31] <+Scott|> *begins building raft, gathering sticks to make the raft*
[21:31] <+Lightning-> Not that... Lightnin' would know...
[21:31] <+Lightning-> :|
[21:31] <@Anne_Maria> The only tool here is Chris.
[21:31] <@Anne_Maria> >.>
[21:32] * DawnStarr gets the rope out and a tarp.
[21:32] <+DakotaMilton> :@
[21:32] <+DakotaMilton> B, pay ATTENTION to me. >.>
[21:32] <@SilentB> ...
[21:32] <+Jo|> (>->. i dont have anything to say)
[21:32] * DawnStarr helps out Jo
[21:32] <+DawnStarr> Here Jo.
[21:32] <+DakotaMilton> (conf) Okay, so we've ruled out B as my new BF. All that's left are Brick, Lightning, and... *scoffs* SAM. -_-
[21:32] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *notices B and Dakota ran off somewhere* :|
[21:32] <@Sam|Chef> Come on guys lets getting building our Battle Crusier!
[21:32] <@SilentB> *begins thinking about what to do with the materials*
[21:33] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Alright!
[21:33] <+Jo|> Thanks.
[21:33] <+Scott|> *continues building raft, putting wood into place.*
[21:33] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: I'm not exactly sure how to build it, but a good leader always sounds confident.
[21:33] <@Anne_Maria> *files nails*
[21:33] <+DawnStarr> Be careful, these logs weigh a lot...
[21:33] <@SilentB> *motions for Brick*
[21:33] * DakotaMilton runs back to her team.
[21:33] <+DakotaMilton> Hey! I found this!
[21:33] <+Jo|> Why don't we like..
[21:33] * DakotaMilton holds up a plank.
[21:33] <+DakotaMilton> It's really...
[21:33] <+DakotaMilton> Uhh...
[21:33] <@SilentB> *takes the plank*
[21:33] <+DakotaMilton> Wooden.
[21:33] <+Jo|> ride staci? I bet she floats. -w-
[21:33] <+DakotaMilton> :|
[21:33] <+Staci> I do.
[21:33] <+Staci> Totally.
[21:33] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (lol TWSS @ Dakota)
[21:33] <@SilentB> *MOTIONS FOR BRICK TO COME OVER* :-@
[21:33] <@Sam|Chef> Dakotas got wood on Boney Island!
[21:33] <+Staci> I can float, and I can swim at 50000 mph.
[21:33] <@Sam|Chef> Huh huh!
[21:33] <+Staci> Yah.
[21:34] * DawnStarr keeps up the raft
[21:34] <+DawnStarr> You... Don't say...
[21:34] * Scott| helps Dawn with the raft
[21:34] <+Jo|> Prove it. @Staci.
[21:34] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *isn't looking at B, is instead looking at the pile of junk* Hm...
[21:34] <+Staci> I do say, actually.
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> Seriously, guys. It's REALLY strong.
[21:34] <@SilentB> ...
[21:34] <@SilentB> >.>
[21:34] <+Staci> But let's help Dawn.
[21:34] <+Staci> Come on.
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> I wonder what ELSE is strong. ;)
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> @Brick
[21:34] <+Jo|> Fine.
[21:34] * Staci decides to help Dawn.
[21:34] <@SilentB> *puts some wooden planks together and gives Dakota a rope*
[21:34] <+Jo|> *goes to help dawn*
[21:34] <@Anne_Maria> Don't we need one of them flags to push us forward?
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> Maybe a certain army guy could answer that question for me? :3
[21:34] <@Anne_Maria> O.o
[21:34] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Metal is probably strong. :)
[21:34] <+Scott|> *continues helping dawn*
[21:34] * Sam|Chef begins putting planks together
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> Uhhh...
[21:34] * DawnStarr ties the ropes all together, then makes a sail in the middle.
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> Something else.
[21:34] <+DakotaMilton> :@
[21:34] <+Scott|> I'll start making the sail.
[21:35] <+DawnStarr> Use the tarp Scott
[21:35] <+Scott|> Alright.
[21:35] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Um... Nokia cell phones are indestructible! :D
[21:35] <+Jo|> Wait.
[21:35] <@Anne_Maria> Hmmm.
[21:35] <+Jo|> Scott.
[21:35] <+Scott|> Yeah Jo?
[21:35] <+Jo|> I'll just take my hoodie off, and you can use it as a sail.
[21:35] <+DakotaMilton> -_-
[21:35] <+Jo|> -w-.
[21:35] <+DakotaMilton> Forget it.
[21:35] <+Staci> Yah, all right, Jo.
[21:35] <+Scott|> Uhh, I think I'm better with the tarp.
[21:35] <@Sam|Chef> I miss my video game system. :(
[21:35] <+Jo|> >->. DO YOU WANT TO WIN?
[21:35] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Um... Uh... My faith in my team mates can't be broken! D:
[21:35] <+DakotaMilton> (conf) Brick doesn't have a clue. I'll get back to him later. Right now, I have to move onto... *gags* Sam.
[21:35] <@Sam|Chef> My life is empty without it.
[21:35] <+Scott|> It'll sail faster, though.
[21:35] <+Lightning-> Lightnin' is strong! @Dakota
[21:36] <@SilentB> *hands Sam a rope for him to tie some wooden planks together*
[21:36] <+Jo|> Scott.
[21:36] <@Sam|Chef> Okay B
[21:36] <@Sam|Chef> :3
[21:36] <+DawnStarr> (Conf) I think Jo is trying to knock off Staci tonight by losing, I don't blame her.
[21:36] <+Jo|> Steady pase something win or something.
[21:36] * Sam|Chef ties ropes together.
[21:36] <+DawnStarr> (conf) But we need to win.
[21:36] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: I DON'T KNOW. *derp face* @ Dakota
[21:36] <+DakotaMilton> :|
[21:36] * DawnStarr makes a few oars.
[21:36] <@Sam|Chef> O.o
[21:36] <+Jo|> Your either with us, or you ain't. *takes off hoodie*
[21:36] <@Anne_Maria> *uses hair clips to help the wood stay together*
[21:36] * Lightning- looks over at Jo.
[21:37] <@Anne_Maria> Bettah.
[21:37] <@Anne_Maria> ;)
[21:37] <Intern|> (I love you. XD @Nalyd)
[21:37] <@SilentB> ([21:36] * DawnStarr makes a few oars. -- Zach...)
[21:37] <+Lightning-> LIGHTNIN'S EYES D:
[21:37] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *walks over to B* Wow! You started building.. something. Whatcha doing?
[21:37] <+DawnStarr> (USING WHAT SHE HAS)
[21:37] <+Jo|> (>-> . SilentB is OP.)
[21:37] <@SilentB> *shrugs and hands Sam some wooden planks*
[21:37] <@Sam|Chef> Yeah B, what are we building? :|
[21:37] * Lightning- runs away screaming.
[21:37] <+Scott|> *builds raft*
[21:37] <@Sam|Chef> I am just putting pieces of wood together. :/
[21:37] <@Anne_Maria> Maybe if you SPOKE, we could get through this fastah.
[21:37] <+Scott|> *takes hoodie.
[21:37] <+DawnStarr> (The oars are like... Wooden and barely usable)
[21:37] <@Anne_Maria> >.>
[21:37] <@SilentB> *motions for Sam to wait*
[21:37] <@Anne_Maria> @B
[21:37] * Staci continues to do stuff.
[21:37] <+DawnStarr> (And plus she is taking forever)
[21:38] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Yeah, B, your communication skills, or lack there of, are a serious handicap to our team. :/
[21:38] <+Lightning-> (Conf) Jo had some SERIOUS man boobs. It's like a football player's nightmare!
[21:38] <@Sam|Chef> Battle Crusier? ^___^
[21:38] <@SilentB> :(
[21:38] * DawnStarr works on making the oars, working hard.
[21:38] <@Sam|Chef> Lets make a Battle Crusier! :D
[21:38] <+Jo|> LETS GO GUYS.
[21:38] <+DakotaMilton> Speaking of communication...
[21:38] <+Jo|> We have a raft and a sail thingy.
[21:38] <+DakotaMilton> You look really cute in those boots. ;)
[21:38] <+DakotaMilton> @Brick
[21:38] <+Jo|> Kind of.
[21:38] <+Scott|> Done.
[21:38] <+Staci> Yah, it'll totally float.
[21:38] <@Anne_Maria> (xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @Lightning)
[21:38] <+Staci> We're done.
[21:38] <+Staci> :D
[21:38] <@Anne_Maria> With you on it?
[21:38] <+Staci> (greatest quote in DZ history. @Lightnin')
[21:38] <@Anne_Maria> >.>
[21:38] <@Anne_Maria> @Staci
[21:38] <+Scott|> GREAT JOB TEAM! :D *high fives everyone.
[21:39] <+Staci> You're just jealous of my sexy bod ;)
[21:39] <+Staci> @AM
[21:39] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *looks over at other team* Guys, there's so far ahe- Gee, thanks Dakota. There's really good at walking through mud and horse manure during thunderstorms, like during my training. :D
[21:39] <@Anne_Maria> ... ._.
[21:39] <+DakotaMilton> EW.
[21:39] * DawnStarr finishes up two oars
[21:39] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> They're*
[21:39] <+DakotaMilton> Okay, gross!!
[21:39] <+DakotaMilton> You are SO not going to my new boyfriend NOW.
[21:39] <@Sam|Chef> (Conf): Wow, Dakota and Brick are going at it like me and mom on meatloaf Mondays. O.o
[21:39] <+DawnStarr> I think we'll need these!
[21:39] * DakotaMilton gags.
[21:39] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: What'd I say? ._.
[21:39] <@SilentB> *gets a stick from the pile and puts it in the middle of the raft-thing they've got going on*
[21:39] <+Jo|> Okay. Let's go.
[21:39] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Chris: *bursts in on Sam* LOSER.
[21:39] <+DawnStarr> (Chris is so abusive)
[21:39] * Scott| helps everyone on the raft, and grabs the oars
[21:39] <+Lightning-> (Only towards Sam)
[21:40] <@Sam|Chef> (Conf): WHY!?
[21:40] * DawnStarr gets on the raft
[21:40] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Whoa, guys, they're already in the water! o_o
[21:40] <+Jo|> Everyone..
[21:40] <+Jo|> ROW.
[21:40] <+Scott|> To Camp Wawanakwa!
[21:40] <@Anne_Maria> (CONF) Why didn't I vote out Staci when I had the chance? >.>
[21:40] * Lightning- ties the wood together with seaweed.
[21:40] <+Jo|> *begins to row*
[21:40] <+DawnStarr> i think Jo and Scott should row first since you two are the strongest!
[21:40] <+Scott|> *begins rowing*
[21:40] <+Scott|> Good idea Dawn!
[21:40] <+DawnStarr> Then we switch off!
[21:40] * Staci is rowing
[21:40] <+Staci> What 'bout me?
[21:40] <+Staci> D:
[21:40] <+DawnStarr> (There's only two oars)
[21:40] <@Sam|Chef> My Battle Crusier needs to be completely! D:
[21:40] <+Jo|> You stand there and "look" pretty.
[21:40] <+Scott|> *continues rowing*
[21:40] <+Staci> Yah, okay, sounds good. ;)
[21:40] <+Lightning-> Sha-seaweed!
[21:41] <+DawnStarr> Staci... You can... yeah... what Jo said.
[21:41] <@Sam|Chef> *completed
[21:41] * SilentB ties some more wooden planks together and then begins pushing the raft-thing into the water slowly.
[21:41] <+Scott|> Jo, row!
[21:41] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (CONF) Brick: The way I see it, it was highly unlikely we'd be able to win this challenge. We have a lot of heavy people on our team, plus the girls, so we probably wouldn't be capable of getting all of us back. :|
[21:41] <+Jo|> I AM D:<
[21:41] <+Staci> (is it weird that i try to read every line in staci's voice? xD)
[21:41] <+Jo|> *rowing faster*
[21:41] <+Lightning-> You can push it faster, let Lightnin' do it.
[21:41] <+Staci> COME ON GUYZ
[21:41] <+Lightning-> @B
[21:41] <+DawnStarr> The weather is... C-Chilly.
[21:41] <+DawnStarr> Achoo!
[21:41] <+Jo|> Scott.
[21:41] <@Sam|Chef> This is not my vison of a Battle Crusier! How is this suppose to support six people!?
[21:41] * Scott| continues rowing
[21:41] * Staci takes off her sweatshirt.
[21:41] <+Staci> Dawn.
[21:41] * DawnStarr begins shaking.
[21:41] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Guys, what if we rode B? :O
[21:41] <+Staci> Want my shirt?
[21:41] * Lightning- takes the raft from B and begins running it into the water.
[21:41] <+Staci> ;)
[21:41] * Scott| gags
[21:41] <+Staci> I mean, :)
[21:41] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Guys, what if we rode B? :O
[21:41] <+Jo|> When we AREN'T rowing. We are going to kick the raft.
[21:41] <@Anne_Maria> *tries not to get wet by diving body first into the raft*
[21:41] <@Anne_Maria> Ouch,.
[21:41] <+DawnStarr> N-No thank you Staci
[21:41] <@Anne_Maria> :$
[21:41] <+Staci> Like, aight.
[21:41] <@SilentB> (WATCH OUT WE'VE GOT A BADASS OVER HERE @Lightning)
[21:41] <+Staci> I'll just put it back on.
[21:41] * DakotaMilton sits down next to Sam.
[21:42] <+DawnStarr> (conf) *gagging notations*
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> Hey, Sam. ;)
[21:42] <+Scott|> Okay, lets get out, and push it back to shore.
[21:42] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets onto raft*
[21:42] <+Lightning-> (He's Lightning.)
[21:42] <@Sam|Chef> ....Hey Dakota. o.o
[21:42] <+Jo|> K.
[21:42] <+Lightning-> (Duh.)
[21:42] * Staci puts her sweatshirt on, hiding her nasty cleavage.
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> You look...nice today?
[21:42] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *notices Dakota talking to Sam* >.>
[21:42] <+Jo|> (What, Nalyd.
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> I love your...
[21:42] <+Scott|> *hands Dawn oar*
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> Glasses.
[21:42] <+Jo|> (How far are we away ? XD)
[21:42] <@Anne_Maria> *glares at Dakota*
[21:42] <Intern|> (shoulda said nostrils. @Dakota)
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> :D
[21:42] <@SilentB> [21:41] <Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: Guys, what if we rode B? :O -- O.o *thinks about it*
[21:42] <@Anne_Maria> Whatchu tryin' to pull here?
[21:42] <@Anne_Maria> >.>
[21:42] <@Sam|Chef> Gee thanks, my mom bought them for me. I thought they were a bit to much but I can't say no to Mom. :3
[21:42] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The rats have a HUGE lead right now!
[21:42] <+DakotaMilton> Shut up, Helmet Hair. >.>
[21:42] * Lightning- gets on B's back.
[21:42] <+Scott|> GO, GO, GO~
[21:42] <+Jo|> SCOTT.
[21:42] <@Anne_Maria> We need to staht, guys.
[21:42] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:42] <+Lightning-> FASTER. >->
[21:43] * Scott| jumps in water and begins kicking
[21:43] <+Jo|> (The maggots have MORE people XD)
[21:43] <+DawnStarr> Staci! Begin kicking!
[21:43] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets in between Sam and Dakota* What's up guys?
[21:43] <+DawnStarr> I'll maintain the sail!
[21:43] <@SilentB> -_-
[21:43] <@SilentB> >.>"""""
[21:43] <+Jo|> No Dawn. >->.
[21:43] <@Anne_Maria> *jumps on top of B*
[21:43] * Scott| continues kicking
[21:43] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (OKAY HOW DOES B AND SAM FIT ON A RAFT? JUST SAYIN'.)
[21:43] <+Jo|> She's drag us behind.
[21:43] <@Sam|Chef> D:
[21:43] <@SilentB> (THEY'RE ON B ATM.)
[21:43] * DakotaMilton sighs.
[21:43] <@SilentB> (@NALYD)
[21:43] <+DakotaMilton> I guess I'll never find my hottie. D:
[21:43] <+Lightning-> (Kinky)
[21:43] * Staci kicks
[21:43] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (Neko, ILU)
[21:43] * Staci kicks extremely hard
[21:43] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:43] <@Anne_Maria> (MAGGOTS, START ALREADY. :'()
[21:43] <+Staci> SO... TIRED...
[21:43] <+Staci> :'(
[21:43] <+Lightning-> Hottie?
[21:43] * DawnStarr maintains the sail, helping us go faster
[21:43] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *sits on B* Well, this is uncomfortable.
[21:43] <+Lightning-> Lightnin' is a hottie!
[21:43] <+Jo|> *pulled staci out of water and switched with her*
[21:43] <+Jo|> LETS GO.
[21:43] <@SilentB> (OMG IF DAKOTA GETS ON MY BACK. >->"""")
[21:43] <+Lightning-> :D
[21:43] <+Staci> THANK YOU JO
[21:43] <+Jo|> HUT HUT HUT.
[21:43] <TotalDramaNaruto> (are the Maggots even in the WATER?!)
[21:43] <+Staci> YAH
[21:43] == MTDM [~MTDM@wikia/Mr--Totaldramaman] has joined #dramatizing
[21:43] <+Jo|> *kick kick kick*
[21:44] <+Staci> GO TEAM!
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> Now, leggo.
[21:44] <+Jo|> GO.
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:44] <+Scott|> *kicks*
[21:44] <@SilentB> (Kind of. @TDN)
[21:44] <+Jo|> GO FASTER.
[21:44] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: The Rats VERY close to the camp! :D Maggots... not even close. xD
[21:44] <+Jo|> OR I WILL PUNCH YOU.
[21:44] <+Scott|> *kicks*
[21:44] <@Sam|Chef> (We are on B? O.o)
[21:44] * Staci pushes faster.
[21:44] <+Staci> COME ON, GUYS
[21:44] <@SilentB> (Yes.)
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> You know what?
[21:44] <+Staci> PUSH!
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:44] <+Lightning-> (Again, kinky)
[21:44] <@SilentB> (We're waiting for DAKOTA. >->)
[21:44] <+Scott|> Dawn, keep maintaining the sail, it's helping us go faster!
[21:44] <Intern|> (giving birth? @Staci)
[21:44] <+DakotaMilton> (What?)
[21:44] <+DawnStarr> Right!
[21:44] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *rides B*
[21:44] <+Jo|> Staci.
[21:44] <+DakotaMilton> (I was sitting next to Sam...)
[21:44] * Scott| continues kicking
[21:44] <+DakotaMilton> (On your back...)
[21:44] <+Staci> My great uncle George invented raaafts... but I don't wanna make you guys jealous, so push!
[21:44] <@SilentB> *begins paddling*
[21:44] <@Sam|Chef> B must stand for Battle Crusier? Huh Huh. right?
[21:44] <+Jo|> I will put duct tape on your mouth, if you don't shut up and row.
[21:44] * DawnStarr keeps on track of the stail.
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> *takes B's hat and jumps in the water*
[21:44] <+Scott|> Just push Staci!
[21:44] <+DawnStarr> sail*
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> I'm swimmin'.
[21:44] * Staci pushes
[21:44] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:44] <+Staci> push push push!
[21:44] * Scott| continues to kick
[21:44] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> (I totally read that in Sam's voice @ TDF)
[21:45] <+Lightning-> (Conf) Why didn't B just go? >->
[21:45] <@SilentB> *paddles harder*
[21:45] <@SilentB> (I was waiting for Dakota, wtf. :@ @Lightning)
[21:45] <@Sam|Chef> (Lawl, Im that good. ;))
[21:45] <+Staci> (same. xD @nalyd)
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> (...)
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> (I WAS ALREADY ON YOU.)
[21:45] <+Jo|> I think..
[21:45] <+Jo|> I see the shore.
[21:45] <+Jo|> o_o.
[21:45] <@SilentB> (YOU DIDN'T SPECIFY)
[21:45] <+Lightning-> (Dakota was already there, wtf)
[21:45] <@SilentB> (I DIDN'T SEE)
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> (I'M SORRY :@)
[21:45] <+DawnStarr> We're close!
[21:45] <@SilentB> (SORRY)
[21:45] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: hello ladies. Look at your man now back to me. I'm on a B. *old spice whistle*
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> (OKAY LEGGO)
[21:45] <@SilentB> (:@)
[21:45] <@SilentB> *begins paddling faster*
[21:45] <@Anne_Maria> We gotta blindsind them somehow!
[21:45] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:45] <+Lightning-> Sha-huh?
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> ... *musical bell dings*
[21:45] <+Jo|> THE...
[21:45] <+Lightning-> @Brick
[21:45] <+Jo|> SHOREEE..
[21:45] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:45] <@SilentB> (DAKOTA WAS JUST LIKE, *GETS ON*)
[21:45] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Rats, almost here! :D
[21:45] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:45] <+DakotaMilton> (THAT ROCKY EASTERN SHOOOORE)
[21:45] <+Staci> WE'RE ALMOST THERE
[21:45] <@SilentB> (I THOUGHT SHE MEANT THE RAFT. :@)
[21:45] <+Staci> COME ON, GUYS
[21:45] <+Jo|> FIRE KICK D:< *super kicks*
[21:46] <@Anne_Maria> *takes off shoe and throws it at Jo*
[21:46] <+Scott|> *kicks*
[21:46] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:46] <+Scott|> SHUT UP STACI!
[21:46] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:46] <@SilentB> *paddles evenf aster* :-@
[21:46] <+Staci> Sorry, scotty
[21:46] <@SilentB> *paddles*
[21:46] <+Jo|> (can't. @anne XD)
[21:46] <@SilentB> *paddles*
[21:46] <@SilentB> *paddles*
[21:46] * DawnStarr loosens the sail a bit more, wind picking it up
[21:46] <+Jo|> (your SO far away from us XD)
[21:46] <@Sam|Chef> FASTER B! FASTER!
[21:46] <+DawnStarr> Full speed ahead!
[21:46] <@Anne_Maria> (I can do ANYTHING. :@)
[21:46] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:46] <+Lightning-> SHA-B!
[21:46] <@SilentB> *PADDLES. F**KING. FASTER.* :-@
[21:46] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Brick: *sneezes*
[21:46] <+DawnStarr> Achoo!
[21:46] <+Scott|> *continues kicking* Soo tired *kicks*
[21:46] <+DawnStarr> u-Ugh...
[21:46] <+Staci> Guys
[21:46] <+Staci> come on
[21:46] <+Staci> we're almost there
[21:46] <@SilentB> *continues paddling furiously*
[21:46] <Copper5> (End the challenge!)
[21:46] <+Staci> don't give up, guyz!
[21:46] <@Anne_Maria> Alright, new plan.
[21:46] <@Nalyd-ChrisBrick> Chris: Maggots starting to catch up, but the Rats are a few feet from shore!
[21:47] <@Anne_Maria> *picks up Sam and uses him as an oar*
[21:47] <@Anne_Maria> :@
[21:47] <+DawnStarr> We're not too far!
[21:47] <@Sam|Chef> O.o
[21:47] <+Scott|> *continues kicking*
[21:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> (Xdd)
[21:47] * Staci paddles
[21:47] * Staci paddles really fast
[21:47] <+Scott|> WE'RE DOING THIS! *kicks*
[21:47] <@SilentB> *coninues paddling as fast as a B can*
[21:47] <+DawnStarr> A-Almost!
[21:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> (You can't do that!)
[21:47] <+Staci> Urgh....
[21:47] <+Staci> Almost...
[21:47] <+Staci> thereee...
[21:47] <@Sam|Chef> I am a human being! Not an oar!
[21:47] <@Sam|Chef> D:
[21:47] * Staci finally slumps onto the shore.
[21:47] == Jo|_ [18b5ebb2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dramatizing
[21:47] <+Scott|> (TDN, hush, you're not even in the game)
[21:47] <+Staci> (that's not godplaying, few feet away, right? xD)
[21:47] * Scott| continues kicking
[21:47] * DawnStarr makes sure the wind hits the tarp and we hit the shore.
[21:47] <Jo|_> (DID WE WIN? >_>)
[21:47] <TotalDramaNaruto> (>.> coulda been)
[21:47] <+Lightning-> (He's allowed to make comments.)
[21:47] == NalydChrisBrick [4a4c1053@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dramatizing
[21:47] <NalydChrisBrick> I D/CED, WHO WON?!
[21:47] * Staci lies there on the shore.
[21:47] <+Staci> Ehhhhh.
[21:47] * Scott| kicks farther
[21:48] <+Staci> (us)
[21:48] <@SilentB> (The rats.)
[21:48] <Jo|_> We WON?
[21:48] <+Staci> (we're on the shore.)
[21:48] <@SilentB> *arrives on shore shortly after* :(
[21:48] * DawnStarr falls off the raft and hit the beach
[21:48] <Jo|_> I don' have to kill you guys later.
[21:48] <NalydChrisBrick> Chris: The Rats win immunity! :D About time :p
[21:48] <+Scott|> YES! WE WON! :D
[21:48] <+Staci> Yah, guyz, we won. Super job, guyz.
[21:48] <@Sam|Chef> Damn we lost!
[21:48] <@Anne_Maria> (NALYD, USE PARENTHESIS. :@)
[21:48] <TotalDramaNaruto> (._.)
[21:48] <+Lightning-> (As long as it's in parenthesis)
[21:48] <+DakotaMilton> Crap. :@
[21:48] <@SilentB> *is extremely tired* :(
[21:48] <+DawnStarr> Good job everyone!
[21:48] <NalydChrisBrick> Brick: *jumps off B* It's alright, we'll get them next time :/
[21:48] <@Anne_Maria> (You... can't say damn. >.>)
[21:48] <@Sam|Chef> Now Chris will never be my Dad. :(
[21:48] <+DawnStarr> We did great today.
[21:48] <+Scott|> Great job team! One.. two.. three.. RATS!
[21:48] <Jo|_> No.
[21:48] <+Lightning-> (CENSOR BLEEPS)
[21:48] <Jo|_> I'm not a cheerleader.
[21:48] <+DakotaMilton> ([16:48] <Sam|Chef> Damn we lost! ... I-...are you stupid...É)
[21:48] <Jo|_> and I don't wear mascara.
[21:49] <@Anne_Maria> Ugh.
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (?*)
[21:49] <@Anne_Maria> >.>
[21:49] <+Scott|> Yeah neither am I, but still.
[21:49] <+Staci> Whoo.
[21:49] <+DawnStarr> [CN censored that to Darn]
[21:49] <+DawnStarr> [CN censored that to Darn]
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (TELETOON WOULD CENSOR IT, TOO)
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (YOU CAN'T JUST SAY DAMN, DAMMIT)
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (UNLESS IT WAS LIKE)
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (THE BIG SLEEP
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (THE BIG SLEEP)*
[21:49] == Nalyd|ChrisBrick [4a4c1053@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #dramatizing
[21:49] <@Sam|Chef> (I FORGOT. SORRY. :'()
[21:49] <Copper5> (Who the f**k cares)
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (OKAY :@)
[21:49] <+DawnStarr> [Pun it]
[21:49] <+DakotaMilton> (I CARE, WOMAN)
[21:49] <Nalyd|ChrisBrick> (D/ced, AGAIN)
[21:49] <+Scott|> WOO-HOO! :D *dances*
[21:49] <+Lightning-> (Beaver's dam, we lost!)
[21:49] <Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright Maggots, we'll give you some time to talk before the vote
[21:49] <Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Rats, you guys can go move into your new cabin :)
[21:50] <@Sam|Chef> :(
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> Ugggh.
[21:50] <Jo|_> YES.
[21:50] <Intern|> *walks out*
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> I was in the luxury cabin.
[21:50] <Intern|> (wait)
[21:50] <Intern|> (no)
[21:50] <@Anne_Maria> *presses her lucious lips with lip gloss*
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> ME. :@
[21:50] <Intern|> (._.)
[21:50] <Intern|> *walks away*
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> Before I got switched onto THIS team. D:
[21:50] * DawnStarr goes into the new cabin, happy. "We did it guys!"
[21:50] <+Scott|> WOO-HOO!:D
[21:50] == Jo| [47586bc6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:50] <@SilentB> *is upset with himself*
[21:50] <Jo|_> (intern.)
[21:50] <Jo|_> (your dead. XD)
[21:50] <+Scott|> *walks into new cabin* Dang, this place is awesome! :D
[21:50] <Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Brick: *puts hand on Dakota's shoulder* Don't be down, we'll get 'em next time. :)
[21:50] <+Lightning-> But Lightnin' needs his 10 hours!
[21:50] <@SilentB> (^ @OAT)
[21:50] <+Lightning-> D:
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> Awww.
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> Thanks, Rick.
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> :#
[21:50] <+DakotaMilton> You're so sweet. :D
[21:51] <Jo|_> (Can you voice me? XD)
[21:51] == Jo|_ has changed nick to Jo|
[21:51] == mode/#dramatizing [+v Jo|] by SilentB
[21:51] == mode/#dramatizing [+o NalydChrisBrick] by SilentB
[21:51] == Nalyd-ChrisBrick [4a4c1053@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:51] == mode/#dramatizing [+o Nalyd|ChrisBrick] by SilentB
[21:51] <+Staci> Yah, cool cabin, guys.
[21:51] <+Staci> -w-
[21:51] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Brick: Tanks.
[21:51] <+Scott|> (to team) Great job guys! So who's the new team captain?
[21:51] <+DakotaMilton> (lag?)
[21:51] <+Jo|> Me.
[21:52] <@Anne_Maria> ([19:50] <Scott|> *walks into new cabin* Dang, this place is awesome! :D Wha?)
[21:52] <@SilentB> (NO. -_-)
[21:52] <+Jo|> I've been self proclaimed and have been nominated.
[21:52] <+DakotaMilton> (Are we having two episodes?)
[21:52] <Intern|> (Bigez, you missed something. You don't get a cabin, but the winning team does xD)
[21:52] <+Lightning-> (Conf) So today was a bust, Lightnin's team lost cause of B, and the new hottie never noticed Lightnin'! How could anyone not miss Lightnin'?!?
[21:52] <@SilentB> (WTF. HOW DID THEY LOSE BECAUSE OF B. :'()
[21:52] <+Scott|> (The winning team got a new cabin, while the losers got nothing.)
[21:52] * DakotaMilton notices Lightning walking out of the confessional.
[21:52] <+DakotaMilton> Oh.
[21:52] <+DakotaMilton> Hey.
[21:52] <+DakotaMilton> Lightning, was it?
[21:52] == NalydChrisBrick [4a4c1053@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[21:53] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Alrighty Maggots... time to vote ;)
[21:53] <+Scott|> (CONF) This time, I think it's Lightning getting the boot.
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> Do you know where I can find eyeliner? I'm totally running out.
[21:53] <+DawnStarr> We all have our own rooms too.
[21:53] <@Anne_Maria> *runs between Dakota and Lightning*
[21:53] <+DawnStarr> Whoa.
[21:53] <+Scott|> (Are we allowed to spectate?
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> Does this place have a beauty parlour?
[21:53] <+Lightning-> Sha-yes?!
[21:53] <@Anne_Maria> I gawta pee!
[21:53] <@Anne_Maria> D:
[21:53] <+Lightning-> Uhh, no. :|
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> Oh.
[21:53] <@Anne_Maria> (Lulz, I'm a relationship breaker. -w-)
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> Well, thanks, anyway...
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> Lightning. :#
[21:53] <+DakotaMilton> :3*
[21:53] <+Lightning-> Lightnin' doesn't use eyeliner.
[21:53] <+Jo|> (Nalyd.)
[21:53] <+Jo|> (You should make them show conf. >_>)
[21:53] <@Sam|Chef> (Conf): Gosh I hate voting people out. B screwed up the channelge but he is my buddy, so are Brick and Lightning. So I guess I will vote for the person I know the least....
[21:53] <+Scott|> (Are we allowed to spectate the elimination cerekony)
[21:53] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> (Nah, maybe next time)
[21:54] <@Sam|Chef> *challenge
[21:54] <@Anne_Maria> (You should've worn that straw hat.)
[21:54] <+Staci> (STFU, CD. xD)
[21:54] <@SilentB> (I DID.)
[21:54] <@SilentB> (CHRIS THREW IT AWAY.)
[21:54] <@SilentB> (>->)
[21:54] <Intern|> (this is kinda intense :|)
[21:54] <+DakotaMilton> (...ummm, sir, no.)
[21:54] <+Jo|> (Me = agaisnt CD's elim.)
[21:54] <Intern|> (Either B or Dakota)
[21:54] <@SilentB> (It's obviously B. >->)
[21:54] <Intern|> (yeah, you're right. :3)
[21:54] <@SilentB> (IKR.)
[21:54] <Copper5> (If Dakota leaves she will come back.)
[21:54] <+Scott|> (Me = Wants B to stay)
[21:54] <Intern|> (..I meant B was going home. @CD)
[21:54] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> (I know who's going ;))
[21:55] <+Scott|> (Can we spectate the vote?)
[21:55] <@Anne_Maria> (CONF) I'm going to just go ahead and vote for the obvious choice...
[21:55] <Copper5> (Dakota is kinda annoying in DR)
[21:55] <+Jo|> Hey B, don' forget wha happens at MERGE? ;D *wink wink nudge nudge*
[21:55] <@Sam|Chef> (IKR? @Ryan I was just thinkg that.)
[21:55] <+DakotaMilton> ( @Copper)
[21:55] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Alright, the votes have been tallied :D
[21:55] <+DakotaMilton> (That's, like, kind of offensive. :
[21:55] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Marshmallows go to...
[21:55] <+DakotaMilton> (That's, like, kind of offensive. :|)*
[21:55] <Copper5> (IDK, just is)
[21:55] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Anne Maria!
[21:55] <Copper5> (No offense)
[21:55] <@Anne_Maria> Yay!
[21:55] <+DakotaMilton> (I don't want to be annoying, though. If I'm annoying, that means I'm the...)
[21:55] <@Sam|Chef> :s
[21:55] <+DakotaMilton> (NEW TYLER?!?!?! :()
[21:55] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Lightning!
[21:55] <@Anne_Maria> *catches marshmallow and gets spray paint on it*
[21:55] <@Anne_Maria> ._.
[21:55] <+Lightning-> (Tyler was awesome.)
[21:56] <+Staci> (^)
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Brick!
[21:56] * Lightning- catches marshmellow and looks at Dakota.
[21:56] <@Sam|Chef> :s
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Brick: *gets marshmallow* :)
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: ... Sam, unfortunately -_-
[21:56] <@Sam|Chef> :D
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> D:
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> What?
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> :(
[21:56] <+Staci> (YES WE CAN USE THE PIC.)
[21:56] * Sam|Chef catches Marshmallow and eats it.
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> Why am I in the bottom two?
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: B and Dakota, one of you will be receiving the toxic marshmallow of loserdom
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> I'm the star of this show!
[21:56] <+DakotaMilton> Oh, if I go home, I am SO telling Daddy. <.<
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Interesting question, Dakota ;)
[21:56] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: Dakota, you're a spoiled brat and the new girl on the team. B, you're a fat mime.
[21:57] <@SilentB> :(
[21:57] <+DakotaMilton> You're voting off the star?!?!
[21:57] <+DakotaMilton> D:
[21:57] <Intern|> (This IS intense. c:)
[21:57] <@Sam|Chef> Finally someone else gets the abuse!
[21:57] <@Sam|Chef> :D
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: I hate you, Sam.
[21:57] <+Lightning-> (Tell us how you really feel)
[21:57] <+Jo|> (Most intense elim so far?)
[21:57] <@Sam|Chef> :'(
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: The toxic marshmallow of loserdom goes to...
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> .............
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> ......
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> .....
[21:57] <@Anne_Maria> *crosses fingers* ;)
[21:57] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: B.
[21:57] <@SilentB> :-O
[21:57] <+Scott|> O_o
[21:57] <+DakotaMilton> Yayy!!!
[21:57] <@SilentB> :'(
[21:57] <@Sam|Chef> DDD: WHAT?!
[21:57] <+DakotaMilton> Eeeeeeeeeee!
[21:57] <+Lightning-> Sha-bye bye.
[21:57] <+Lightning-> >->
[21:57] <@SilentB> (WTF THIS IS SO UNFAIR >->)
[21:57] <TotalDramaNaruto> (yep)
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> Lattah big guy.
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> :c
[21:58] <+Lightning-> (Not really.)
[21:58] <+Staci> Ahh, sorry, silent dude. Wish I was on your team still. Wait, no I don't. Baiii. :)
[21:58] <Intern|> (eliminations aren't fair. Part of life. @CD)
[21:58] <Copper5> (No shock there.........)
[21:58] <+DakotaMilton> I knew the star could never have been eliminated. ^^
[21:58] <@SilentB> *accidentally swallows Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom* :|
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> B! To bad buddy! It has BEEN a BLAST
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> Huh Huh.
[21:58] <+DakotaMilton> :|
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> ....
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> O.O
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> O.O
[21:58] <+Lightning-> :|
[21:58] <+Scott|> Bye B. *waves*
[21:58] <+Lightning-> RUNNNNNN
[21:58] <+Jo|> (B should explode)
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> B NO!
[21:58] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: B, it's time to take the hurl of shame. any... final words? :)
[21:58] <@SilentB> ...
[21:58] <@SilentB> *clears throat*
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> HE WAS SO YOUNG!
[21:58] <+DakotaMilton> :o
[21:58] <@Sam|Chef> O.O
[21:58] <+Staci> O.o
[21:58] <+Jo|> (B shall explode.)
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> (...)
[21:58] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Brick: :|
[21:58] <Intern|> *comes out from behind tree*
[21:58] <Intern|> o
[21:58] <Intern|> :o*
[21:58] <@Anne_Maria> (ANY SECOND NOW.)
[21:58] <+Lightning-> (I'm so scared)
[21:58] <@SilentB> Hai, everyone. :|
[21:58] <+DakotaMilton> Hurry it up. I need to get my beauty sleep.
[21:59] <+DakotaMilton> :@
[21:59] <+DakotaMilton> :o
[21:59] <+Jo|> (JAX.)
[21:59] <@Sam|Chef> O.O
[21:59] <+Staci> :-O
[21:59] <@Sam|Chef> B!
[21:59] <TotalDramaNaruto> (O_O)
[21:59] <+DawnStarr> ._.
[21:59] <@Anne_Maria> ...
[21:59] <+Jo|> (YOUR DEAD XD)
[21:59] <+Staci> (40 year old pedo voice?)
[21:59] <+Lightning-> O_O
[21:59] <@Anne_Maria> Woah. ._.
[21:59] <@SilentB> (yes.)
[21:59] <@Sam|Chef> :D
[21:59] <Intern|> (different intern. XD @Jo)
[21:59] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris; *launches B*
[21:59] <+Staci> Yah, he's my great uncle. :D @Sam
[21:59] <+Lightning-> (B should be a firework)
[21:59] <@Anne_Maria> (Right on time. :B)
[21:59] <+Staci> I come from a mixed family.
[21:59] <Copper5> (XD)
[21:59] <+Lightning-> (Cause he ate the marshmellow)
[21:59] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> (B should implode into a black hole.)
[21:59] <+Staci> (Yes.)
[21:59] <@Anne_Maria> (Nalyd, sign off. :@)
[21:59] <@SilentB> *disappears into the sky ala Team Rocket*
[22:00] <+Jo|> (B should do what nalyd says... then kill everynoe but jo making her defaul winner.)
[22:00] <@Anne_Maria> (Epicness right there.)
[22:00] <+Staci> (OMG YES)
[22:00] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: And so ends another exciting episode! :D And by exciting I mean mildly entertaining.
[22:00] <+Lightning-> (Lagggg)
[22:00] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> Chris: join us next time on.. DRAMATIZING! :D
[22:00] <@Nalyd|ChrisBrick> -- end --