[16:29] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> -- START --
[16:29] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> Chris: *to camera* Pssst! Over here! Currently, our fourteen classmates are eating their, uh, "food" inside the cafeteria.
[16:30] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> Chris: But, what they don't know is that we've set up a little surprise for them. Because today's subject is science, Craig volunteered to freak out all the contestants by blowing up part of the cafeteria.
[16:30] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> Chris: *still whispering* And, shut up about the budget! We can afford this! Let's see what's going on in the cafeteria.
[16:30] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> *screen pans over to cafeteria*
[16:30] * Sergio| glares at food
[16:30] <+Sergio|> :|
[16:30] <+|Rupert|> *sits down next to alec*Hey Alec
[16:30] <+Amber|> *eats*
[16:30] <@Sierra> *is absent from the cafeteria*
[16:30] <+Amber|> Blech!
[16:30] <+Sergio|> why is it blue?
[16:30] <+Sergio|> o.o
[16:30] <+Alec|> Hey there Rupert
[16:30] <+Amber|> I hate this stupid food!
[16:30] <+Alexis||> *pokes at the glob sitting on er tray* Um...what is thys? :|
[16:30] * Lilie|Erik is talking with Alexis
[16:30] <+Alexis||> *this
[16:30] <+Sergio|> meh
[16:30] <+Alec|> How goes it?
[16:30] * Sergio| eats
[16:30] * Patrick| tries to eat a pancake while looking at Stefani.
[16:30] * Samantha| sits down on a table, tray-less.
[16:30] <@Sierra> Guys!
[16:30] <@Sierra> Guys!
[16:30] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Alexis... want my bread?
[16:30] <@Sierra> Look what I found!
[16:30] <+Alexis||> Sure
[16:30] <@Sierra> D:
[16:30] <+Amber|> I would actually prefer garbage. >.>
[16:30] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Yes mah Bestie?!
[16:30] <+Lilie|Erik> :D
[16:31] <+Alexis||> *takes bread*
[16:31] <@Sierra> *shows contestants an injured squirrel*
[16:31] <+Daniel|> *stares at Amber, ignoring his food*
[16:31] <@Sierra> He's hurt. :(
[16:31] <+Alexis||> Ew, why is it all wet?
[16:31] <+Sergio|> (-.-)
[16:31] <+|Rupert|> *bites down on what appears to be eggs*How did you sleep?
[16:31] <+Amber|> What did you do to it? :|
[16:31] <+Amber|> @Sierra
[16:31] <+Terry|> Guys I have an announcment.
[16:31] * Patrick| drops pancake, doesn't notice.
[16:31] <@Sierra> Nothing Amber.
[16:31] <@Sierra> It's... hurt.
[16:31] <@Sierra> D:
[16:31] <+Lilie|Erik> E: poor squirrel. I think we should use him as food.
[16:31] <+Lilie|Erik> L: O.o
[16:31] <+Terry|> I have decided to release Jim Jr. back into the wild. 3:
[16:31] * Sergio| looks up at Terry
[16:31] <@Sierra> Ooooh.
[16:31] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> *watches the contestants eat and takes out a large soup boul and a vial of acid*
[16:31] <+Amber|> Why don't you fix it up then?
[16:31] <+Samantha|> ... :|
[16:31] <@Sierra> I'll name him Ricky!
[16:31] <+Terry|> Where he belongs.
[16:31] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Uh...
[16:31] <+Daniel|> :|
[16:31] <+Alec|> Why Ricky?
[16:31] <@Sierra> Like Ezekiel's squirrel Rocky.
[16:31] <@Sierra> :p
[16:31] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Is that safe Stef?
[16:31] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> *drops acid into soup boul*
[16:32] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> *kitchen part of cafeteria explodes; Craig dies*
[16:32] <+Alec|> Ah, clever
[16:32] <@Chris|Craig|Stef> Craig: *eye twitches, falls to the ground, dead*
[16:32] <+Sergio|> (o.o)
[16:32] <+Amber|> No offence, Sierra, but should you really keep that?
[16:32] <+Samantha|> O_O
[16:32] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:32] <+Alec|> O_O
[16:32] <+Daniel|> O.O
[16:32] <+Lilie|Erik> O.O'
[16:32] <+Patrick|> Wha-
[16:32] <+Amber|> :|
[16:32] <+Terry|> O.O
[16:32] <+Sergio|> Did anyone hear that?
[16:32] == Chris|Craig|Stef has changed nick to Chris|Stefani
[16:32] <+Sergio|> o.o
[16:32] <+Lilie|Erik> E: Meh. I seen bigger.
[16:32] <+Samantha|> What the heck?! O.O
[16:32] <+Amber|> What the?!
[16:32] <@Sierra> WHAT THE?!
[16:32] <+|Rupert|> *GASPS*
[16:32] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:32] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Whoah. That ain't good. *chuckles*
[16:32] <+Amber|> O_O
[16:32] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: Ah! *jumps into Sierra's arms*
[16:32] <+Patrick|> Is everyone okay?!
[16:32] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: But no worries. He was a terrible nephew, anyways. So, where were we? Oh, yeah; the explosions!
[16:32] <+Amber|> Do you hate him that much? @Chris
[16:32] <+|Rupert|> Oh My....
[16:32] <+Amber|> Seriously!
[16:32] <+Samantha|> :|
[16:32] <+Sergio|> Chris....your nephew just died....o.o
[16:32] <@Sierra> So... I found a squirrel. :|
[16:32] <+Samantha|> That's... good. :| @Sierra
[16:32] <+Terry|> *Jim Jr. leaves the building.* :(
[16:32] <@Chris|Stefani> Dude, it's cool.
[16:32] <+Daniel|> Wow.
[16:32] <@Chris|Stefani> Like I said
[16:32] <+Lilie|Erik> E: Chris, yo uhave a heart?
[16:32] <@Chris|Stefani> He was a terrible nephew.
[16:32] <+Sergio|> ...
[16:32] <+Amber|> I mean sure he IS hotter than you, but c'mon! @Chris
[16:33] * Sierra clings to Lilie.
[16:33] <+Terry|> So......Jim Jr. is gone now. :(
[16:33] <+Sergio|> :s
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Let's just not get into this.
[16:33] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I'm scared! D:
[16:33] <+Alec|> I'm sorry Terry
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> -.-
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> SHUSH.
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> <.<
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Back when I was in school, we created massive explosions in science. Our teacher was totally cool. Granted, she was my mom, but we're skipping past that.
[16:33] <+Sergio|> (conf) Being around death....reminds me of mom....:s
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: So, as previously implied, today's challenge is science. And we'll be doing it, guess where?
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> *the classmates are now all at the science laboratory in the school, wearing goggles and a white scientist outfit*
[16:33] <+Lilie|Erik> L: In here?
[16:33] <+Patrick|> A science lab?
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Room 319; the science lab! Here's how today's challenge works. One member of your team will go up for this challenge. Your fate is entirely dependent on them.
[16:33] <+Alexis||> (conf) He was totally homeschooled.
[16:33] <+Daniel|> This was obvious -_-
[16:33] <+Amber|> Seriously?
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> (Okay, everyone stop talking now. :p)
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Room 319; the science lab! Here's how today's challenge works. One member of your team will go up for this challenge. Your fate is entirely dependent on them.
[16:33] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: They will both be given seven vials of liquid. Each liquid is a different color. The colors are as followed.
[16:33] <@Sierra> o_o
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Now, the assigned teammate will also be given a larger vial, with nothing in it. In order to create the chemical explosion that I want, you're going to have to put the colors in a certain order.
[16:34] <+Daniel|> :|
[16:34] <+Lilie|Erik> L: COlors of the rainbow?
[16:34] <+|Rupert|> (Craig just F'n died!)
[16:34] <+Amber|> :s
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: You can each go to separate team-chatrooms, such as #roleplay-teachers, and #roleplay-students, where you can help your teammate out.
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: However, you are not allowed to call out orders in here. It's too distracting. I'll call on one contestant, and ask them for an order. If it's correct, they win the challenge. If it isn't, the other team gets a turn, and it keeps going until one of you bozos gets it right.
[16:34] <+Samantha|> *raises hand*
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Yes, Samantha?
[16:34] <+Samantha|> What if none of the teams get it right?
[16:34] <+Lilie|Erik> L: What if WE die?
[16:34] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: However, you are not allowed to call out orders in here. It's too distracting. I'll call on one contestant, and ask them for an order. If it's correct, they win the challenge. If it isn't, the other team gets a turn, and it keeps going until one of you bozos gets it right.
[16:34] <+Lilie|Erik> D:
[16:35] <@Sierra> o.o
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Get it
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> ?
[16:35] <+Amber|> *raises hand*
[16:35] <@Sierra> I guess. o_o
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Yes, Amber? <.<
[16:35] <+Amber|> You can't kill us, right?
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> ...
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Uhhhhhh...
[16:35] <+Amber|> ...
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Let's just...
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Um...
[16:35] <+Sergio|> ...
[16:35] <@Sierra> Chris would never kill us silly. :p
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Uh-huh.
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Now, Screaming Students, because you did a really good job of winning the last challenge, you guys can enter your chatroom, pick someone on your team to represent you, and then go up first.
[16:35] <+Sergio|> He just let his own nephew die...
[16:35] <+Amber|> (conf) That's reassuring...
[16:35] * Sierra pets Ricky.
[16:35] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Killer Teachers, you guys are losers, but you're still somewhat respected, so you get the liberty of going second. Woo-hoo!
[16:35] <@Sierra> You'll be okay. :(
[16:36] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: Uh...
[16:36] <+Samantha|> Uhm.
[16:36] <+Alexis||> :|
[16:36] <+Patrick|> (conf) Yeah... this would be a good time to admit that I'm kinda colorblind.... :s
[16:36] <@Chris|Stefani> So.
[16:36] <@Chris|Stefani> SS.
[16:36] <@Chris|Stefani> KT.
[16:36] <@Chris|Stefani> Go pick representatives.
[16:36] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: (Conf) I was never good in science. I kind of mixed coffee with everything.
[16:36] <@Chris|Stefani> Meet me back here in four minutes.
[16:36] <@Sierra> Uh...
[16:36] <+Amber|> (conf) Chris really needs to get a job in a haunted house, that way he could get payed to scare the crap out of children.
[16:36] <+Samantha|> (Terry, Amber. #roleplay-teachers)
[16:37] <+Amber|> (I'm there now)
[16:37] <@Chris|Stefani> *pokes vials of liquid* These look coooool.
[16:37] <@Sierra> (CONF) Having a new pet is really hard, because you don't know what to call it when you have alternative names: Ricky and Chris Jr.
[16:37] <@Chris|Stefani> *breaks glass*
[16:37] <@Chris|Stefani> ...
[16:37] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Stefani! Don't touch those! We could blow up or crerate a new blend of coffee...
[16:37] <@Chris|Stefani> *whistles and walks away*
[16:38] <@Sierra> Oops. o_o
[16:38] <@Sierra> You sure that won't like, burn someone's corns off? O.o'
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> Alright!
[16:39] <+Amber|> (conf) I just hope we don't get blown up, that's all I need >.>.... Daniel is actually kinda cute, I mean sure the whole style he has is weird, but it's kinda... hot.......*looks at camera* Is this thing still on? OH MY*conf cuts off*
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> Have you guys chosen?"
[16:39] <@Sierra> Uh...
[16:39] <+Sergio|> Im going for the KT
[16:39] <@Sierra> I think so...
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> Okay.
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> Sergio for the KT!
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> SS?
[16:39] <@Sierra> You... Are? :|
[16:39] <+Alexis||> We chose
[16:39] <+Lilie|Erik> Erik: I'm SS!
[16:39] <+Daniel|> Erik
[16:39] <+Alexis||> Erik
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> We choose Eri-
[16:39] <+Samantha|> We didn't agree on that!!
[16:39] <+Samantha|> (Yo, Stef. :|)
[16:39] <@Chris|Stefani> *table blows up*
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> Whoops. That was my fault. :|
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> ...
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> Stefani, no touching the glass. :s
[16:40] <+Samantha|> (Yooooo, Ryan. Can you change your font? It's kinda confusing.)
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> (kk)
[16:40] <+Samantha|> (ty.)
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> (what does Stefani usually...?)
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> (what's her color?)
[16:40] <+Samantha|> (Plain black.)
[16:40] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: ... *puts coffee on the KT's table of chemicals and silently walks away*
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> (wow. :p)
[16:40] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Alright, then.
[16:40] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: I'm in a mood of java
[16:41] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Erik for the Killer Teachers and Sergio for the Screaming Students!
[16:41] <+Samantha|> ...
[16:41] <@Sierra> Uh... don't die Sergio... :|
[16:41] * Samantha| knocks down coffee into the trash.
[16:41] <+Sergio|> ...
[16:41] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Alright, you've chosen your representatives, so let's get to the challenge! Screaming Students; you're up first. Whaddya think the order is, Erik?
[16:41] <+Lilie|Erik> E: So... Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple.
[16:41] * Sierra pets Ricky casually.
[16:41] <+Lilie|Erik> E: Right? :D
[16:41] <@Chris|Stefani> Well, mix them together, Erik.
[16:41] <+Sergio|> (conf) *mumbles*samantha you*mumbles*
[16:42] <+|Rupert|> (I thought i was doing it....)
[16:42] <+Amber|> Hurry up!
[16:42] <@Sierra> Uh oh.
[16:42] <@Sierra> o_o
[16:42] <@Chris|Stefani> MIX 'EM TOGETHER.
[16:42] <@Chris|Stefani> :@
[16:42] <+Lilie|Erik> E: *pours red into yellow, into orange, into green, into blue, into pink, into purple*
[16:42] <@Chris|Stefani> *explosion* Eh, sorry. Not the chemical explosion I'm looking for. :3
[16:42] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:42] <@Chris|Stefani> KT, what do you guys think?
[16:42] <+Lilie|Erik> E: *bald*
[16:42] <+Alexis||> :-@
[16:42] <@Sierra> o.o
[16:42] <+Lilie|Erik> E: D:
[16:42] <+Terry|> (conf) *mumbles Samantha you *mumbles* Steaming hot *mumbles* pie *mumbles*.
[16:42] <+Daniel|> :|
[16:42] <+Lilie|Erik> L: (Conf) Uh...
[16:42] <@Sierra> (XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD @Terry)
[16:42] <@Chris|Stefani> KT, what do you guys think?
[16:42] <@Sierra> Sergio...?
[16:42] <@Sierra> o.o
[16:42] <+Alec|> (Conf) Who knows how long this could take. And how many people could die. Chris is crazy
[16:42] <+|Rupert|> I think i am doing it for us Chris, I don't know though
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> (We have to end this in 20 minutes.)
[16:43] <+Lilie|Erik> L: *hides behind Sierra* I'm scared D:
[16:43] <+Samantha|> That Sergio's a moron, hris. >.>
[16:43] <+Daniel|> (CONF) Why do so many people on this show end up bald? :|
[16:43] <+Sergio|> >.>
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> Ouch!
[16:43] <@Sierra> Same.
[16:43] <+Lilie|Erik> ( I liked one episode a night... :/)
[16:43] <@Sierra> D:L
[16:43] <+Amber|> (conf) Bald? Seriously?
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> Sergio, what do you think?
[16:43] <@Sierra> Just pet Ricky, you'll be okay. :)
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> (Pick up the apce. I've waited for a minute now.)
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> pace*
[16:43] <+Alexis||> (Alexis is a boring character. -w-)
[16:43] <+Lilie|Erik> L: ... Uh... You do he's dead know right?
[16:43] <+Samantha|> Uhm.
[16:43] <+|Rupert|> Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Purple!
[16:43] <+Amber|> Sierra, are you sure you should be keeping him in here? With the explosions?
[16:43] <@Chris|Stefani> (Just be Courtney.)
[16:43] <+Alexis||> (I know :p)
[16:43] <+Sergio|> ummm.....
[16:43] <+Samantha|> (Where the truck is Sergio? :|)
[16:43] <+Patrick|> (conf) I felt bad for Erik, but I'm not giving him my hat to cover his... uh... baldness. It's just not happening.
[16:44] <+Alec|> Sierra, what if that squirrel has rabies?
[16:44] <@Sierra> He's in a pizza box, he'll be okay... hopfully. o_o
[16:44] <@Sierra> *hopefully
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> (2 minutes. -__-)
[16:44] <+Samantha|> Sergio, just go. :|
[16:44] <@Sierra> Sergio, don't disrespect Chris.
[16:44] <+|Rupert|> (Ryan just let Rupert do it i am activer)
[16:44] <@Sierra> :@
[16:44] <+Amber|> ... That's... secure.
[16:44] <+Samantha|> Oh my gosh. -_-
[16:44] <+Samantha|> Chris, can't someone else do it?
[16:44] <+Sergio|> Red, Orange, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink
[16:44] <+Amber|> C'MON SERGIO!
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> :D
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> Great job, Sergio!
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> NAWT.
[16:44] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:44] <+Samantha|> ...
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> It's wrong.
[16:44] <+Samantha|> -_-
[16:44] <+Sergio|> :
[16:44] <+Amber|> ..
[16:44] <+Sergio|> :|
[16:44] <+Lilie|Erik> L: (conf) O.o *smacks face* Dude screwed up the order. Erik put red into yellow then orange! Ugh!
[16:44] <@Chris|Stefani> You get your first hint, dudes.
[16:44] <+Amber|> :-@
[16:45] <+Amber|> Sergio!!!
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> Green is the first color.
[16:45] * Sierra covers Ricky.
[16:45] <+Samantha|> (CONF) *slaps forehead*
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> That's your hitn!
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> That's your hint!*
[16:45] <+Sergio|> (conf) WELL THEY TOLD ME TO GUESS!
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> Erik, you're up first.
[16:45] <+Alexis||> one wins? You call that planned out? :@
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> What do you think?
[16:45] <+Amber|> (conf) *burns picture of Sergio*
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> Erik, you're up first.
[16:45] <@Chris|Stefani> What do you think?
[16:45] <+Lilie|Erik> E: Uh.
[16:45] <+Lilie|Erik> E: *pours Green into blue, into purple, into yellow, into pink, into red, into orange*
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> Ehhh!
[16:46] <+Lilie|Erik> E: O.o
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> Sorry.
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> Wrong.
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> KT.
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> You guys?
[16:46] <@Sierra> Crap.
[16:46] <@Sierra> -_-
[16:46] <+Sergio|> ...
[16:46] <+Lilie|Erik> L: *smacks face*
[16:46] <@Sierra> Uh..
[16:46] <+Amber|> ...
[16:46] <@Sierra> Serg?
[16:46] <+Samantha|> Sergio...
[16:46] <@Sierra> :/
[16:46] <+Amber|> Well...? -.-
[16:46] * Sierra pets Ricky.
[16:46] * Sergio| pours Green into Yellow with shaky hands
[16:46] <@Sierra> C'mon, make it snappy.
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> EHHH!
[16:46] <+Amber|> He's actually kinda cute. @Sierra
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> You're already wrong.
[16:46] <@Sierra> Eye Kay Are? :D
[16:46] <@Chris|Stefani> Your next hint
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> Blue is the last color.
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> :3
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> SS?
[16:47] <+Lilie|Erik> E: *pours Green into Red , into yellow, into pink, into orange, into purple, into blue*
[16:47] <+Lilie|Erik> E: is it correct? :o
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> EHHHHHH.
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> WRONG.
[16:47] <@Chris|Stefani> KT?
[16:47] <+Lilie|Erik> E: *cries*
[16:47] <+Sergio|> Ummm....
[16:47] <@Sierra> Ugh!
[16:47] <@Sierra> :'(
[16:47] <+Samantha|> ... *glares at Sergio*
[16:48] <+Lilie|Erik> L: This is hard.
[16:48] <@Sierra> Sergio!
[16:48] <+Amber|> ...
[16:48] <@Sierra> You HAVE to get it this time.
[16:48] <+Samantha|> Alright.
[16:48] <+|Rupert|> Sergio hurry
[16:48] <+Amber|> Chris, can't we change who we get to do this?
[16:48] <+Alexis||> How is possible to get the right order? There's SEVEN colors. There's no way you can get it. :@
[16:48] <+Samantha|> Green is first, remember that. >.>
[16:48] <+Samantha|> And blue is last.
[16:48] <+Lilie|Erik> L: By the way Samantha, I think there's a coffee grind in your hair. ._.
[16:48] * Sergio| pours Green into Orange into Pink into Purple into red into Yellow into Blue
[16:48] <+Amber|> This is just pathetic.
[16:48] <+Samantha|> It's not that hard.
[16:48] <+Samantha|> :@
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> (You guys don't have to do that *pours into* stuff, you can just state the order.)
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> WRONG.
[16:48] <+Terry|> Jim Jr. would have love this challenge.
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> Alright
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> Third hint
[16:48] <+Sergio|> CRAP
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> The second color is Pink
[16:48] <+Samantha|> -___________-
[16:48] * Samantha| glares at Sergio.
[16:48] <+Amber|> (conf) So much for winning this week.
[16:48] <@Sierra> OMG.
[16:48] <@Sierra> :@
[16:48] <@Chris|Stefani> If you want
[16:48] <+Amber|> Just pick!!!! :@
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> You can pick new representatives
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> But make it QUICK.
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> -.-
[16:49] * Sierra strokes Ricky a little too hard.
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> SS
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> do you guys have a new representative, and what is your color choice?
[16:49] <+Samantha|> Alright, I'll go.
[16:49] <+Alexis||> (BRB...can someone take Alexis? :|)
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> Samantha and...
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> ?
[16:49] <+Daniel|> Lilie
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> Perfect!
[16:49] <+Lilie|Erik> L: What?!
[16:49] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I didn't agree!
[16:49] <@Chris|Stefani> Lilie, what's your guess?
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> Too bad.
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> What's your guess?
[16:50] <+Terry|> Samantha and Terry forever. :3
[16:50] * Sergio| pats Terry'sback
[16:50] == Alexis|| has changed nick to TDA15|AFK
[16:50] <+Lilie|Erik> L: (conf) Daniel... I... will... *mumbles*
[16:50] <@Sierra> D:
[16:50] <+Sergio|> Your girl will be ok man :)
[16:50] <+TDA15|AFK> (Someone take Alexis for a bit :p)
[16:50] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Fine. Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Blue
[16:50] <+Amber|> (conf) Terry is sooo lovestruck, it's kinda cute. But it also makes me nauseous.
[16:50] <+Sergio|> A long as she doesnt die
[16:50] <+|Rupert|> (conf)V_V
[16:50] <+Alec|> Terry, she'll be fine. Good luck Sam!
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> EHHHHH
[16:50] <@Sierra> Terry, I feel the pain you feel about your pet.
[16:50] <@Sierra> D:
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> Sorry, Lilie
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> Wrong
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> KT?
[16:50] <+Samantha|> *snickers*
[16:50] <+Samantha|> Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue! That's our order. :)
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> EHHHHHH
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> WRONG
[16:50] <+Samantha|> ... -_-
[16:50] <@Sierra> -_-
[16:50] <+Terry|> I know Sierra. It hurts. :(
[16:50] <+Amber|> Sam!
[16:50] <@Chris|Stefani> Fourth hint.
[16:50] <+Amber|> -.-
[16:51] <+Samantha|> Your hints are horrible.
[16:51] <+Samantha|> :@
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> The second-last color...
[16:51] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Uh... Samantha. You... didn't need to...
[16:51] <+Terry|> WRONG!?
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> Is yellow.
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> ^^
[16:51] <+Terry|> YOUR WRONG!?
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> Here are your hints so far
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> Green is the first
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> Blue is the last
[16:51] * Sergio| walks by terry, trying to calm him down
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> Pink is the second
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> And yellow is the second-last.
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> SS?
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> What's your guys' thoughts?
[16:51] <@Sierra> Lol. :p
[16:51] * Sergio| flies back and falls on Ricky
[16:51] <+Sergio|> O.O
[16:51] <@Sierra> (Sergio.)
[16:51] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Fine. Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Blue.
[16:51] <+Amber|> Terry, get your head in the game.
[16:51] <@Sierra> (That's not the death PUN. :@)
[16:51] <+Amber|> Seriously!
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> .........
[16:51] <@Chris|Stefani> mix it together, Lilie.
[16:52] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Do I have too? D:
[16:52] <+Terry|> But.....Jim Jr.! :'(
[16:52] <@Chris|Stefani> Yes. -.-
[16:52] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Fine. *mixes chemicals for...*
[16:52] <+Amber|> You okay? @Sierra
[16:52] <@Sierra> (Guys, that Sergio part didn't actually happen, it was cut. D:<)
[16:52] <+Alec|> Jim Jr. is fine Terry. You need to get your head in the game like always!
[16:52] <@Sierra> (Guys, that Sergio part didn't actually happen, it was cut. D:<)
[16:52] <+Terry|> But.......
[16:52] <+Terry|> :'(
[16:52] <+Sergio|> (Deleted scene ;D)
[16:52] <+Alec|> You have Samantha right?
[16:52] <@Sierra> Yeah. :)
[16:52] <@Chris|Stefani> Well
[16:52] <@Chris|Stefani> Lilie?
[16:52] <+Lilie|Erik> *FOR....*
[16:53] <@Sierra> You two are so cute. :D
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> Mix the colors. :@
[16:53] <+Alec|> And Jim Jr. will go find a girlfriend and live happily ever after in a cricket village
[16:53] <+Daniel|> (She already did)
[16:53] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Fine. *mixes chemicals for something to happen*
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> *explosion* SCREAMING STUDENTS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[16:53] <+Terry|> Really?
[16:53] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:53] <+Samantha|> NO!!!
[16:53] <+Sergio|> o.o
[16:53] <@Sierra> CRAP!
[16:53] <+Alec|> What?!
[16:53] <+Amber|> NOOOOO!!!!
[16:53] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Yay! :D
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> YAAAAAAAY!
[16:53] * Daniel| nods in approval
[16:53] <@Sierra> -_-
[16:53] <+|Rupert|> Wow
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> THE CORRECT ORDER WAS:
[16:53] <+Alec|> Oh no...
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> Green, Pink, Red, Orange, Purple, Yellow, Blue.
[16:53] <+|Rupert|> (This challenge was.... lame)
[16:53] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Sierra, have a coffee. :)
[16:53] <@Sierra> Well, Chris, atleast we have Ricky, our pet squirrel. :)
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
[16:53] <+Sergio|> (agreed and rushed)
[16:53] <+Samantha|> :@
[16:53] <+Terry|> Yeah.
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> O.O
[16:53] <@Chris|Stefani> WHAT?!YOU
[16:53] <+Amber|> (conf) *curses*
[16:53] <+Terry|> Jim Jr. will become famous! :3
[16:54] == Sadie15 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[16:54] <@Sierra> Yes... ;|
[16:54] <+Patrick|> Alright, Lilie! *offers a high five*
[16:54] <@Sierra> *:|
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> *grabs squirrel and stomps on it repeatedly*
[16:54] <@Sierra> He's fine...-
[16:54] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:54] <+Terry|> O.O
[16:54] <@Sierra> WHAT?!
[16:54] <+Samantha|> O_O
[16:54] <+Lilie|Erik> L: *high fives Patrick*
[16:54] <+Sergio|> O.O
[16:54] <+Terry|> OH DEAR GOD
[16:54] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:54] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:54] <+Alec|> Wow Chris
[16:54] <+Daniel|> :|
[16:54] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:54] <+Terry|> ITS EVERYWHERE
[16:54] <+Samantha|> OH MY. :|
[16:54] <+Alec|> That was so nice of you
[16:54] <@Sierra> CHRIS?!
[16:54] <+Terry|> :'(
[16:54] <@Sierra> WHAT THE....
[16:54] <@Sierra> O.O
[16:54] <+Sergio|> DDDDDDDDD:
[16:54] <+Amber|> O.O
[16:54] <+Amber|> O.O
[16:54] <@Sierra> NO!
[16:54] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I think Chris is overreacting
[16:54] <+Terry|> Ew.....Its on my shoe.
[16:54] <@Sierra> RICKY!
[16:54] * Sergio| conforts Sierra
[16:54] <+Amber|> HOLY CRAP!
[16:54] <@Sierra> DDDDDDDDD:
[16:54] <+Daniel|> Wow Chris, really?
[16:54] <+Lilie|Erik> L: ._.
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Wow! Nice job, (team name)! Guess I won't have to see you at the elimination ceremony tonight.
[16:54] <+Patrick|> *takes hat off and vomits*
[16:54] <+Sergio|> there there....o.o
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> ...
[16:54] <+Samantha|> -_-
[16:54] <@Sierra> NOOOOOO! :'(
[16:54] <+Samantha|> (Team name? WTF?)
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Wow! Nice job, Screaming Students! Guess I won't have to see you at the elimination ceremony tonight. *
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> Chris: Unfortunately, the other team will have to submit their votes pronto. Otherwise, you may not get the chance to see your long-time enemy get driven home.
[16:54] <@Sierra> ...........
[16:54] <@Chris|Stefani> Submit your votes to me, KT.
[16:54] <+Samantha|> .....
[16:54] <@Sierra> Don't you even know how I feel about you?
[16:55] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: So Chris, Do I test today?
[16:55] <@Sierra> :|
[16:55] <+Terry|> Dude.
[16:55] <+Samantha|> Fine.
[16:55] <@Chris|Stefani> (I'm following a script, dammit.)
[16:55] <@Chris|Stefani> (-.-)
[16:55] <+Sergio|> Yo Amber...can we talk real quick?
[16:55] <+Samantha|> -_-
[16:55] <+Terry|> A animal just died.
[16:55] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: :D
[16:55] <+Samantha|> (ALRIGHT, THEN. :@)
[16:55] <+Alec|> (Conf) This has to be the hardest voting decision I've ever had to make in my life
[16:55] <@Chris|Stefani> I've recieved votes from
[16:56] <+Sergio|> (conf) *packs bags* It was a good run....:s.....
[16:56] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: *sits at Detention, scribbling on paper*
[16:56] <@Chris|Stefani> Amber, Sierra, Samantha, Rupert, and Terry
[16:56] <@Sierra> (CONF) I am DONE with Chris. He obviously doesn't know how I feel about him. -_- He's going to be so jealous after he knows about my NEW boyfriend. -_-
[16:56] <@Chris|Stefani> We're missing Alec and Sergio!
[16:56] <+Amber|> (conf) Easy on who is going. Pfft, you'd have to be brain dead to guess wrong!
[16:56] <+Samantha|> (CONF) ............................................... I hate the weak links on our team. I really do. -_-
[16:56] <+Alec|> I can't decide...
[16:56] <+Lilie|Erik> *gives Chris my vote* :D
[16:56] <@Chris|Stefani> Alec. -.-
[16:56] <@Chris|Stefani> Just vote, I want this episode to end.
[16:56] <@Chris|Stefani> Lilie, YOUR VOTE DOES NOT COUNT. :@
[16:56] <+Daniel|> :|
[16:57] <+Lilie|Erik> Yes it does.
[16:57] * Samantha| taps foot impatiently.
[16:57] <+Lilie|Erik> L: :c
[16:57] <+Samantha|> (WE... don't have a Julianna. xD)*
[16:57] <+Samantha|> (WE... don't have a Julianna. xD)
[16:57] <+Samantha|> We*
[16:57] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I mean, I did VOTE for someone
[16:57] <+Lilie|Erik> L: :D
[16:57] <@Chris|Stefani> (We'll just say Liz played her.)
[16:57] <+Alec|> *Sigh*
[16:57] <@Chris|Stefani> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[16:57] * Terry| sits beside Sierra.
[16:57] <+Lilie|Erik> (Neko, can you be Julianna
[16:58] * Samantha| sits down. :)
[16:58] <+Lilie|Erik> L: *sits next to Sierra*
[16:58] * Amber| sits in between Samantha and Sergio.
[16:58] <+Lilie|Erik> L: :D
[16:58] <@Sierra> :D
[16:58] <+Amber|> *sighs*
[16:58] * Sergio| stares at Samantha
[16:58] <+Sergio|> <.<
[16:58] <+Daniel|> *watches*
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> Alright!!
[16:58] * Samantha| scoffs.
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> Here we go.
[16:58] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I think I passed the test :D
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> I've tallied up the votes, and, MAN.
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> You guys are SERIOUSLY hatin' on each other.
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> *brings out piece of paper*
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> report cards*
[16:58] <@Chris|Stefani> Whatever.
[16:59] <+Samantha|> ... Get on with it, Chris.
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> -.-
[16:59] <+Lilie|Erik> L: So did I get a A + Chris :D
[16:59] <+Amber|> We've heard it before.
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> I should just boot you off right now.
[16:59] <+Samantha|> Seriously, just... go. :|
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> But I won't!
[16:59] <+Samantha|> WHAT?!
[16:59] <+Samantha|> :@
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> A's go to...........
[16:59] <+Samantha|> Oh.
[16:59] <+Samantha|> Good.
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> ALEC!
[16:59] <+Samantha|> :)
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> AMBER!! ^^
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> SERGIO!
[16:59] <+Amber|> Yes!
[16:59] <+Sergio|> o.o
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> SIERRA!
[16:59] <+Daniel|> *smiles*
[16:59] <+Terry|> Oh dear. :|
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> AND, TERRY!
[16:59] <@Sierra> :D
[16:59] <+Samantha|> :|
[16:59] <@Sierra> Yay!
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> Rupert, Samantha.
[16:59] <+Terry|> : D
[16:59] <@Sierra> :D
[16:59] <+Samantha|> O.O
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> One of you gets a C.
[16:59] <+Alec|> *Sigh* I don't care
[16:59] <+Lilie|Erik> L: D: I didn't get an A?! D:
[16:59] <@Chris|Stefani> And one of you gets an F.
[16:59] <+|Rupert|> Yes
[16:59] <+Alec|> I'm sorry. So so so so so sorry
[16:59] <+Samantha|> *shakes in chair* :s
[17:00] <+|Rupert|> No
[17:00] <+|Rupert|> O_O
[17:00] <@Sierra> Uh oh. o_o
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Do you two have any reasons to why you should stay?
[17:00] <+Terry|> Samantha no! I thought you were the brest! I mean best! Oh no sorry I mean "best breasts", me and my tongue.
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Rupert?
[17:00] <+|Rupert|> I love this game i would love to stay.
[17:00] <+Amber|> Pervert, much? @Terry
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Cool
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Samantha?
[17:00] <+Samantha|> Uhm.
[17:00] <+Samantha|> Well.
[17:00] <+Samantha|> I'm clearly the best player on here.
[17:00] <+Samantha|> :)
[17:00] <+Terry|> You love me? ;3
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Wpw/
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> Wow.*
[17:00] <+TDA15|AFK> (Back)
[17:00] <+Lilie|Erik> Lilie: I think Rupert should stay, I mean he is at least not bossy. D:
[17:00] <+Amber|> *scoffs*
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> That wasn't concieted.
[17:00] <@Chris|Stefani> AT ALL.
[17:00] <+Samantha|> ...
[17:00] <+Amber|> Wow. >.>
[17:00] <+Samantha|> -_-
[17:00] <+Terry|> And she loves me.
[17:00] <+Samantha|> >.>
[17:00] <+|Rupert|> *Sighs*
[17:00] <+Sergio|> WHy is lilie here?
[17:00] <+Sergio|> -.-
[17:00] * Chris|Stefani takes out report card.
[17:00] <+Terry|> You can add that Chris.
[17:01] == TDA15|AFK has changed nick to Alexis||
[17:01] == GGD|AFK has changed nick to GarytheGagetDude
[17:01] <+Lilie|Erik> L: I thought I was taking a test. D:
[17:01] * Chris|Stefani puts a report card on Sam's desk, and one on Rupert's.
[17:01] <+Samantha|> :|
[17:01] * Samantha| glares at report card.
[17:01] * Chris|Stefani flips over report cards to reveal that...................................
[17:01] <@Sierra> ... o.o
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> ................................................................
[17:01] <+Sergio|> ...
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> ...........................................................................................
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> ..................................................................................................................
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> ...........................................................................................................................................
[17:01] <@Sierra> Get on with it. -.-
[17:01] <+|Rupert|> :(
[17:01] * Sergio| crosses fingers
[17:01] <+Alec|> *Sigh*
[17:01] <+Terry|> 3:
[17:01] <+Amber|> C'mon!
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> Samantha gets a C. Rupert gets an F.
[17:01] <+Amber|> I got a show to watch!
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> I'm sorry, Rupert.
[17:01] <+Samantha|> *smug grin*
[17:01] <+Sergio|> :O
[17:01] <+Terry|> :O
[17:01] <@Sierra> Woah!
[17:01] <+Amber|> :|
[17:01] <@Chris|Stefani> You're going home.
[17:01] <+Terry|> I LOVE YOU SAMANTHA! : D
[17:02] <+Samantha|> :D
[17:02] <@Sierra> Bhye Rupe.
[17:02] <@Sierra> D:
[17:02] <@Sierra> *Bye
[17:02] <+|Rupert|> No....
[17:02] <+Amber|> Bye, Rupert. :(
[17:02] <+Sergio|> wait...what? o.O
[17:02] <+Alec|> (Conf) I'M A TERRIBLE PERSON
[17:02] <+Lilie|Erik> L: That's stupid. Samantha should be going. I should have voted for Samantha instead. >_>
[17:02] <+|Rupert|> *lets a single tear drop from his face*
[17:02] * Sergio| hugs Rupert
[17:02] <+Terry|> Rupert heres 5 bucks get a hair cut please!
[17:02] <@Sierra> Bye Rupe. D:
[17:02] <+Sergio|> :s
[17:02] <+Samantha|> Bye, Rupert.
[17:02] <+Samantha|> ^_^
[17:02] <+Lilie|Erik> L: Bye Rupert D:
[17:02] * Chris|Stefani elbows Samantha repeatedly.
[17:02] <+|Rupert|> *leaves without a word*
[17:02] <@Chris|Stefani> Close one, eh? ;)
[17:02] <+Sergio|> BYe Rupe.....:s
[17:02] <+Samantha|> ... :|
[17:02] <+Samantha|> Yeah.
[17:02] <@Chris|Stefani> Eh? ;)
[17:02] <@Chris|Stefani> Eh? ;)
[17:02] <+Samantha|> -.-
[17:02] <@Chris|Stefani> Eh? ;)
[17:02] * Chris|Stefani elbows Samantha repeatedly.
[17:02] <@Chris|Stefani> Eh? ;)
[17:02] <+Samantha|> For the second time n a row.
[17:02] <+Samantha|> :@
[17:02] <+Amber|> I guess.
[17:02] * Sergio| turns around out Samantha
[17:02] <+Terry|> Chris. Stay away from my women.
[17:03] <+Terry|> :@
[17:03] <@Sierra> Shut up already. >.>
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> Well, you kind of suck. :|
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> ANYWAYS.
[17:03] <+|Rupert|> (You guys suck....)
[17:03] <+Samantha|> ...
[17:03] <+Samantha|> I do NOT.
[17:03] <+Sergio|> dont sleep with your eyes closed tonight
[17:03] <+Lilie|Erik> *takes out gum and throws it at Samantha
[17:03] * Sergio| runs out of the room
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> Now that Rupert's trudged down the, uh...
[17:03] <+Lilie|Erik> BOO!
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> Shame-thing...
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> We're looking forward to the next episode!
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> Join us next time!
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> Right here!
[17:03] <@Sierra> No.
[17:03] <@Sierra> >.>
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> ON TOTAL.
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> DRAMA.
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> SCHOOL.
[17:03] <+Samantha|> We know.
[17:03] <+Lilie|Erik> Naaah.
[17:03] <@Chris|Stefani> -- END --

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Pre-merge Off the Deep End | All or NUT-thing | Forbidden Talent | Hide and Shriek | Silent Night, Lunar Fright | She, Robot? | Chickens or the Egg | Whatever Floats Your Boat | Swallow Your Pride
Post-merge Despicable He | Pedal to the Metal | Fashionleasta | Fight Liar with Fire | This Ain't The End
Aftermaths and specials Season Six Recap
Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains transcripts
Pre-merge Welcome to Camp Suckiness... Again! | Here Today, Gun Tomorrow | Pukelear Warfare | Hole in Two | Shark Fail | Alexis & Alex's Eggcellent Adventure | TARget Outta Here!
Post-merge Trustin' You Ain't Easy | Ice-Capades | Beauties and the Bear | Live and Let Dare | The Very Last Episode, Really This Time!
Aftermaths and specials Season Seven Recap