[17:43] <@Alexis|Sierra> -- NEW DAY --
[17:44] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Everyone's in Room 301.)
[17:44] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Chat.)
[17:44] == Lee44 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[17:44] <+Julianna|> *glares at Alexis*
[17:44] <+Amber|> I'm glad we won immunity.
[17:44] <+Amber|> :p
[17:44] <+Lilie> *singing* Today is a good day. I got my cup of coffee, I am immune... Other stuff has happened!
[17:44] <+Amber|> Although, I hate non-elimination episodes. :s
[17:44] <+Mody> Yeah, me too. I don't feel safe at the moment anyway D=
[17:44] <+Julianna|> I knew we were gonna lose because of somebody.
[17:44] <+Amber|> But someone will leave today though.
[17:44] <+Mody> I just wish we could have gotten rid of Alexis.
[17:44] <+Terry> Doesn't really matter Amber, even if yesterday was a non-elimination Alexis is going. >.>
[17:45] <+Amber|> I'm sure that is true.
[17:45] <+Alec|> We don't for sure. Anything could happen :/
[17:45] <+Patrick|> *is happily relaxing*
[17:45] <+Lilie> OR Julianna... :s
[17:45] <+Lilie> She scares me.
[17:45] <+Julianna|> I'm pretty sure it'll be Alexis
[17:45] <+Lilie> :(
[17:45] <@Alexis|Sierra> *walks in*
[17:45] <+Amber|> True, Trixie got eliminated.
[17:45] == Copper5 [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:45] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Hello, losers! ;)
[17:45] <+Amber|> Nobody expected tha-
[17:45] <+Amber|> >_>
[17:45] <+Julianna|> (Yo' KG needs to host >.>)
[17:45] <+Amber|> What now?
[17:45] <+Amber|> -_-
[17:45] <+Julianna|> Challenge? -_-
[17:45] <@ChrisMcLean> (I won't.)
[17:45] <+Mody> (CONF) So, second day here, I'm working on helping everyone with their clothes....I mean come on. TV! MAKE AN EFFORT!...Alexis can have the scraps..
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Or, winners, in Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra, and Mody's case.
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: I LOVE Mody. ^^
[17:46] <DwightEisenhower> (BRB.)
[17:46] == DwightEisenhower [4b2de6ca@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[17:46] <+Julianna|> Hey Chris, she's finally leaving you alone.
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: You five...
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Can sit this challenge out.
[17:46] <+Lilie> Wait.
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Alec, Alexis, Julianna, Terry...
[17:46] <+Lilie> What's the subject?
[17:46] <+Mody> Great, we get the day off! =D
[17:46] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Today's challenge is art!
[17:46] <+Terry> Yes? ;)
[17:46] <+Alec|> ART? :D
[17:46] <+Terry> Oh boy!
[17:46] <+Lilie> .omgiloveart.
[17:46] <+Alec|> I LOVE ART! :D
[17:47] <+Amber|> Yes!!
[17:47] <+Amber|> I LOVE ART!
[17:47] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Art class is also an optional elective in most high schools....
[17:47] <+Terry> I am awesome at art. I make a mean flower. ;)
[17:47] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: But, like Terry said, this show has NO options.
[17:47] <+Lilie> I'm on SketchyArt too! My name is Coffeecanid44 :D
[17:47] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: One of you four competitors will be winning immunity and joining the safe five for a reward.
[17:47] <+Terry> Indeed I did say that. ;)
[17:47] <+Amber|> Wait, are you on WatchTube, Lilie?
[17:47] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: And the other three will be big-time losers, and will head on over to the elimination ceremony and be prepared to be voted off.
[17:47] <+Amber|> I remember seeing that name.
[17:47] <+Alec|> @Lilie? You too? :o
[17:48] <+Lilie> I am!
[17:48] <+Lilie> :o
[17:48] <+Patrick|> (Conf)Thank goodness that I'm not competing... I have a tough enough time drawing stick figures. -.-
[17:48] <+Julianna|> Well, it wont be Alexis winning.
[17:48] <+Terry> Yeah.
[17:48] <+Terry> Let us three work together to make sure Alexis doesn't win. ;)
[17:48] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: For your challenge today, you will NOT be drawing.
[17:48] <+Julianna|> Really?
[17:48] <+Alec|> :-O
[17:48] <+Terry> Oh sculputure perhaps?
[17:48] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Instead, you will have to create a sculpture of anything you want, but it MUST be Total Drama-related!
[17:48] <+Mody> (CONF) So..if Alexis wins. We put up with her and lose someone more TOLERABLE. If she loses. I won't wake up with bricks in my pillow again. Happy days!
[17:48] <+Alec|> Oh ok...
[17:48] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: I will judge you on your creativity [and acting].
[17:48] <+Terry> Really?
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: GO!!
[17:49] <+Julianna|> That leaves out vampire. -_-
[17:49] <+Alec|> Acting?
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: *hops up*
[17:49] <+Terry> WAIT
[17:49] <+Lilie> Alec, need help?
[17:49] <+Lilie> :o
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: (conf) I know that I didn't have to sculpt...
[17:49] <+Lilie> I can help you.
[17:49] <+Terry> WHAT ARE SCULPTING OUT OF? :\
[17:49] <+Lilie> :D
[17:49] <+Alec|> That'd be great Lilie, if it's allowed :)
[17:49] <+Terry> *:\
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: (conf) But I wanted to make something nice for my hubby, Mody. :3
[17:49] <+Amber|> So, we just watch? @Chris
[17:49] <+Alec|> Chris, can Lilie help?
[17:49] <+Terry> Marble? wood?
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Oh, and...
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: You fivre.
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: You five.*
[17:49] <+Lilie> ?
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: You can help someone.
[17:49] <+Amber|> I'll help Alec.
[17:49] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: If you do
[17:49] <+Alec|> Awesome
[17:50] <+Lilie> Let's go ALec
[17:50] <+Lilie> :D
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: It is more likely that they will win immunity
[17:50] <+Julianna|> Nobody should help Alexis.
[17:50] <+Terry> (WTF ARE WE USING!)
[17:50] <+Alec|> Thanks. I really appreciate it :)
[17:50] <+Terry> I prefer to work alone.
[17:50] <+Lilie> (MARBLE.)
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *angrily* Is NOBODY helping me?!
[17:50] <+Patrick|> Terry! Need help, Bro?
[17:50] * Alec| runs over to marble and starts chiseling
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> You're using paper-mache
[17:50] <+Mody> (CONF) I clearly have a couple people who dont like me..maybe I should work Terry...Hmmmmmm..
[17:50] <+Alec|> Wait, paper mache?
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> Yes
[17:50] <+Mody> *walks over to Terry* Hey, need a hand?
[17:50] <+Alec|> So much for marble then
[17:50] <+Amber|> Chris, can two people help one person?
[17:50] <+Terry> No thanks Patrick, I prefer to work along. But you can help me by not helping Alexis. ;)
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> Sure @Amber
[17:50] <@Alexis|Sierra> No rules against it
[17:50] <+Terry> No thanks Mody.
[17:51] <+Mody> (CONF) ...damn.
[17:51] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *angrily* Terry! I thought we were friends!! :@
[17:51] * Julianna| starts working on a sculpture
[17:51] <+Terry> Not since that song! :@
[17:51] <+Alec|> Ok, so I want to try to sculpt something unique
[17:51] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: You little PERV.
[17:51] <+Lilie> We should make an repleca of the Island or Plane.
[17:51] <+Lilie> :)P
[17:51] <+Terry> Gee thanks. >.>
[17:51] == izzyfan [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:51] <+Alec|> Not a contestant. But Sasquatchanakwa
[17:51] <+Amber|> Okay, I'll help Alec too.
[17:51] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *starts building statue*
[17:51] <+Lilie> Oh.
[17:51] == izzyfan has changed nick to izzyfan|Watcher
[17:51] <+Mody> *walks over to Alec*
[17:51] * Alec| starts working with the paper-mache
[17:51] == izzyfan|Watcher has changed nick to izzyfan|Watching
[17:51] <+Lilie> That's cool.
[17:51] <+Lilie> :D
[17:51] <+Terry> I will now sculpt whats in my heart. *beings to sculpt.*
[17:51] <+Alec|> Hey Mody :D
[17:51] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: Ugh. Black nothingness? @Terry
[17:51] <+Mody> Maybe you could try making a particular scene?
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: Or Samantha? >.>
[17:52] <+Amber|> What did you have in mind, Alec?
[17:52] * Lilie gets wires and begins to make the shape of him screaming and running*
[17:52] <+Alec|> Ooh, that's a good idea. How about when he was in the cage?
[17:52] <+Patrick|> Uh.... Julianna? Need help?
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: Which is BASICALLY "black nothingness", anyway.
[17:52] <+Lilie> Ohkay.
[17:52] <+Julianna|> Yeah.
[17:52] <+Patrick|> Great.
[17:52] * Lilie readjusting wried to look like he's holding bars
[17:52] <+Mody> That works!
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: I'll hlep...
[17:52] <+Amber|> Sounds fine.
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: I'll help...*
[17:52] <+Lilie> :D
[17:52] <+Patrick|> What are your ideas?
[17:52] <+Alec|> Alrighty. So if you guys could just grab me some supplies...
[17:52] <+Lilie> This looking good?
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: Hmmmmmm...Alec.
[17:52] <+Julianna|> None. :|
[17:52] <+Alec|> We can get this done quickly
[17:52] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: *grabs Alec supplies*
[17:53] <+Mody> It's hard to come up with something original when it has to be from something made before..
[17:53] <+Alec|> (Conf) It was so nice of everyone to help me out today :D
[17:53] <+Patrick|> How about a statue if the invincibility items?
[17:53] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Just to get this cleared up...Amber, Lilie, Patrick, Sierra...who are you guys each helping?
[17:53] <Copper5> (O.O)
[17:53] <+Lilie> *giving Alec already shaped wires to help him work with it*
[17:53] <+Lilie> Alec.
[17:53] <+Julianna|> All four?
[17:53] <+Amber|> Alec.
[17:53] <+Alec|> Thanks Lilie
[17:53] <+Mody> Alec
[17:53] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: Alec.
[17:53] <+Patrick|> I'm helping Julianna, Chris.
[17:53] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: ...
[17:53] <+Patrick|> Mhm.
[17:53] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Really, Patrick?
[17:53] * Alec| sculpts some more
[17:53] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: -_-'
[17:53] <+Terry> Yes the nose will be perfect! :@
[17:53] <+Patrick|> Hey, I felt bad. No one should be alone.
[17:53] <+Julianna|> Hey, I'm somewhat likeable. >.>
[17:53] <+Alec|> I need to make the texture more visible...
[17:54] <+Terry> Such realistic features.
[17:54] <+Lilie> (I love how everyone is helping Alec besides Patrick)
[17:54] <+Julianna|> Let's do that, Patrick.
[17:54] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *starts building sculpture of Total Drama logo*
[17:54] * Julianna| starts working
[17:54] <+Mody> have a few helpers..mind if I help Julianna, she might need it.
[17:54] * Alec| scrapes in some detail
[17:54] <+Alec|> Go ahead Mody. It's fine with me :)
[17:54] <+Patrick|> Great. I'll try to find some examples.
[17:54] <+Terry> I don't need help! Mine will be stunning. And it will be a suprise. ;)
[17:54] == izzyfan|Watching [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:54] <+Mody> *walks over to Julianna*
[17:54] <+Lilie> Alright
[17:54] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Can we just speed this along and move over an hour later, where you guys are all done? :p)
[17:55] * Terry begins to go crazy witht he chizzle.
[17:55] <+Amber|> *gives Alec some supplies*
[17:55] <+Amber|> Try these.
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> chisel*
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Can we just speed this along and move over an hour later, where you guys are all done? :p)
[17:55] <+Alec|> (Yeah I'm good with that)
[17:55] <+Alec|> Thanks Amber
[17:55] <+Terry> (Whatever.)
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> (kk.)
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> -- ONE HOUR LATER --
[17:55] <+Terry> Okay now for a little paint. ;)
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Alright, let's see what you guys have made!
[17:55] <+Mody> Hey Julez..can I do your hair (before the hour)
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Terry...
[17:55] <+Mody> (NOW has a black eye)
[17:55] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: What is your sculpture?
[17:55] <+Patrick|> ("chizzle" sounds like something you'd find on urban dictionary. :p)
[17:55] <+Terry> Okay behold!
[17:55] <+Lilie> Add paint there and there....
[17:55] <+Terry> The most stunning thing you have ever seen!
[17:55] <+Lilie> *adding missing paint*
[17:55] <+Lilie> Done~
[17:55] <+Amber|> You missed a spot.
[17:56] <+Amber|> There.
[17:56] == izzyfan [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:56] <Ale|Drawing> (Lag?)
[17:56] <+Amber|> (Nope)
[17:56] <+Lilie> Oh
[17:56] <Ale|Drawing> (No...this is abnormaly quite...)
[17:56] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: ...
[17:56] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Terry?
[17:57] <+Lilie> *paints that spot*
[17:57] <+Lilie> There.
[17:57] <+Amber|> Looks good.
[17:57] <+Lilie> (he's editing his page)
[17:57] <+Mody> haha..Lilie...YOU'RE covered in more paint than the sculpture
[17:57] <+Julianna|> (YO' TDF! :@)
[17:57] == Terry| [~Terry|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[17:57] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Terry|] by Alexis|Sierra
[17:57] <+Lilie> I know. X3
[17:57] == Terry was kicked from #TDWIKI-RP by Alexis|Sierra [Terry]
[17:57] <+Lilie> I love art.
[17:57] <+Julianna|> (You're sculpture is being presented)
[17:57] <+Terry|> (Sorry you get any of what i said?)
[17:57] <+Julianna|> (Now, present it)
[17:57] <+Lilie> (No)
[17:58] <+Mody> *gives Lilie new clothes*
[17:58] == izzyfan [] has quit [Client Quit]
[17:58] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Terry, hurry up. >.>
[17:58] <+Lilie> *is in a new outfit* Uh... Thanks. :D
[17:58] <+Mody> (CONF) 1 down...Julianna..wouldnt let left. Im not touching Sierra..
[17:58] <+Patrick|> *gulps, but shakes it off*
[17:59] <+Lilie> *tussles around with jacket* Lil' tight...
[17:59] <+Lilie> *waves to Patrick*
[17:59] <+Terry|> Okay I give you my master piece! (Pulls the curten of the statue of Samantha naked standing in a giant clam with (her hair is covering her breast BTW.) I call it "Sam". ;)
[17:59] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: O_O""
[17:59] <+Lilie> O.O
[17:59] <+Amber|> :|
[17:59] <+Alec|> o.O
[17:59] == Terry| [~Terry|] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:59] <+Mody> :O
[17:59] <+Lilie> *barfs*
[17:59] <+Amber|> I'm gonna be sick...
[17:59] <+Julianna|> :|
[17:59] <+Amber|> *vomits*
[17:59] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: *BARFS*
[17:59] * Julianna| barfs
[17:59] <+Alec|> (He was so embarassed that he left xD)
[17:59] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: 0/10!!
[17:59] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: 0/10!! :'(
[17:59] <+Mody> AUGH! NAKED WOMAN! D:
[17:59] <Ale|Drawing> (=|)
[17:59] <+Mody> I dont like that!
[17:59] <+Mody> *faints*
[17:59] <+Amber|> *passes out*
[17:59] <+Lilie> O.O
[17:59] <+Patrick|> I don't think that this show'll be able to keep it's PG rating anymore. O.O
[17:59] <+Amber|> X_X
[17:59] <misstditylerfan> (That's a rip off of the famous Venus painting)
[17:59] <+Alec|> Well he captured the... lust?
[17:59] <+Lilie> AMBER?
[17:59] <+Lilie> MODY?!
[17:59] <@WebkinzMania> (PORN!)
[18:00] <@WebkinzMania> (Nvm)
[18:00] <@WebkinzMania> (I misread that xD)
[18:00] <misstditylerfan> (:|)
[18:00] == Terry| [~Terry|] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[18:00] == Julianna| [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[18:00] <+Lilie> THIS IS SOMETHING LIKE LIST 34!
[18:00] <+Lilie> X.X
[18:00] <@WebkinzMania> (Should I be sub just for now?)
[18:00] <+Lilie> MY EYES.
[18:00] <+Alec|> Sooo, who's next? o.o
[18:00] <Terry|> (Sorry conncection is sh**.)
[18:00] == mode/#TDWIKI-RP [+v Terry|] by Alexis|Sierra
[18:00] <+Terry|> What you think? ;)
[18:00] == TDAddict [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[18:00] == TDAddict has changed nick to Julianna|
[18:00] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: 0/10.
[18:00] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Alec...
[18:00] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Yours...
[18:00] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Looks...FANTASTIC!!
[18:00] <+Terry|> WHAT!?
[18:00] * Lilie pours water on amber and Mody.* Wake up!
[18:00] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: A lot of help, too!
[18:01] <+Lilie> :)
[18:01] <Julianna|> (what was it? :|)
[18:01] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Can you describe what it does
[18:01] * Patrick| covers Terry's sculpture for everyone else.
[18:01] <+Amber|> *wakes up*
[18:01] <+Amber|> Huh? :|
[18:01] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Can you describe what it is?*
[18:01] <+Mody> AGH..MY HAIR D:
[18:01] <+Lilie> Sorry.
[18:01] <+Lilie> :(
[18:01] <+Terry|> (0/10? Seriously? :O)
[18:01] <+Alec|> My sculpture is of Sasquatchanakwa Chris. He's painted, and all of his fur is detailed. He is caged, representing his life as an unknown and lonely creature
[18:01] <+Lilie> (YES. >~>)
[18:01] <+Lilie> (I would 0/10 it too.)
[18:01] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: I can tell that you've put a lot of effort into this, and gotten a lot of help.
[18:01] <+Mody> (Yep!)
[18:01] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Julianna, you're next.
[18:02] <+Lilie> What's his score?
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: oh, btw, Alec, 9/10.
[18:02] <+Alec|> Awesome :D
[18:02] <+Mody> Yes!
[18:02] <+Lilie> Woo!
[18:02] <Julianna|> My sculpture is of all four safety symbols throughout the seasons.
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Wow. The marshmallow...
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: The Gilded Chris...
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: The passport...
[18:02] <+Amber|> Nice work, Alec.
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: And the report card.
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Hey, nice work, bra; 7/10.
[18:02] <+Alec|> Creative idea Julianna :)
[18:02] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Alexis, whatcha got?
[18:03] <+Alec|> Thanks everyone ^_^
[18:03] <Julianna|> Patrick came up with it.
[18:03] <+Patrick|> If I may, Chris, they had nothing to do with vampires. There will never be a vampire movie that earns a Gilded Chris. Ever.
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *pulls down cloth to reveal masterpiece* I give you, the Total Drama logo!
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *pulls down cloth to reveal masterpiece* With extra detail and beautiful features, unlike Mody.
[18:03] <+Mody> ..It looks like
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: *eye twitch* What did you just say?
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: O_O
[18:03] <Julianna|> (This is rigged if she wins >.>)
[18:03] <+Amber|> *holds Sierra back*
[18:03] <@WebkinzMania> (Mhm)
[18:03] <+Amber|> Don't Sierra. :|
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Wow!! Alexis, this is amazing; 10/10! YOU WIN IMM-
[18:03] <+Lilie> (conf) I am now with Patrick. :) But now the hardest part is now. Mody or Amber... Mody or Amber... Who do I side with? ._.
[18:03] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: RAAAAAAAAH
[18:04] <+Lilie> O.O
[18:04] <@WebkinzMania> (:|")
[18:04] <+Amber|> WHAT!!!!!!!
[18:04] <+Lilie> WHAT?!
[18:04] <+Amber|> WHAT!!!!!!!
[18:04] <+Alec|> WHAT?!
[18:04] <@WebkinzMania> (WHAT?)
[18:04] <+Amber|> WHAT!!!!!!! :-@
[18:04] <misstditylerfan> (He's deff jk)
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: *grabs Terry's sculpture and smashes Alexis' sculpture*
[18:04] <Julianna|> (Totally rigged >.>)
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: DON'T INSULT MY MODY, EVER.
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: ...
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Well....
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Errr...
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: ACTUALLY...
[18:04] <+Terry|> (>.>)
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Since Alexis' statue is kind of...
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Destroyed...
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: ALEC WINS IMMUNITY!!
[18:04] <+Lilie> WHAT?!/1
[18:04] <+Lilie> :o
[18:04] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: WHAT?! O_O""
[18:04] <+Lilie> WOO!
[18:04] <+Alec|> YES!!! :D
[18:04] <+Amber|> Yes!!
[18:04] <+Terry|> Says thanks guys, I broke it! x.x
[18:04] <+Mody> YEAH!!
[18:05] <+Alec|> Lilie, Amber, Mody, thanks so much for all the help. Couldn't have done it without you :)
[18:05] <Julianna|> Nice job, Alec. *glares at Alexis with a grin*
[18:05] <+Terry|> Along with most of my bones. x.x
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Guys.)
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> (I wasn't legit going to make me win. XD)
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> (I just wanted you to freak out. :p)
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> (Have a little faith.)
[18:05] <+Patrick|> *To Julianna* I tried.... on the plus side, I doubt you're going.
[18:05] <Julianna|> (*shoots Ryan*)
[18:05] <+Amber|> No problem.
[18:05] <Julianna|> Well, I got second.
[18:05] <+Amber|> I can't remember most of it, after seeing Samantha's statue.
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> Send your votes to me! You can only vote for Alexis, Julianna, or Terry!
[18:05] <@Alexis|Sierra> Vote someone off!
[18:06] <+Terry|> Come on! Have a heart!
[18:06] <@Alexis|Sierra> -- ELIMINATION CEREMONY --
[18:06] <misstditylerfan> (It's obvs who's going home. XD)
[18:06] <@WebkinzMania> (IKR?)
[18:06] <+Mody> (IS IT...LILIE?!)
[18:06] <+Mody> (XD)
[18:07] <+Lilie> (Totally Lilie)
[18:07] <+Mody> *sits next to Alexis* |=)
[18:07] <+Terry|> (OMFG WHO EDITED TERRY'S PAGE!?)
[18:07] <+Patrick|> (Conf) Tonight's a bit tricky... do I vote for the girl who everyone hates, or the guy who nearly blinded me?
[18:07] <Julianna|> (Copper? :|)
[18:07] <+Alec|> (Conf) This is for being rude to Stefani when I almost left. And me in these past two days
[18:07] <+Mody> (Conf) It's obvious who I'M voting...she's..going..DOWN.
[18:08] <+Terry|> (Who else! -_-)
[18:08] <misstditylerfan> (BB is gonna be so upset XD)
[18:08] <Julianna|> *sits alone*
[18:08] <Ale|Drawing> (Haha. xD)
[18:08] <@Alexis|Sierra> Alright!
[18:08] * Alec| sits next to Julianna
[18:08] <+Lilie> WAIT
[18:08] <@Alexis|Sierra> First report card goes to......
[18:08] <Copper5> (I didnt edit Terry's page since he told me not to!)
[18:09] <+Lilie> (conf) the statue... My eyes.
[18:09] <@Alexis|Sierra> ALEC!!
[18:09] <+Lilie> (Conf) *barfs at camera*
[18:09] <+Alec|> :D
[18:09] <+Lilie> :D
[18:09] <+Amber|> :
[18:09] <+Amber|> :p*
[18:09] <+Terry|> (You did it 21 minuties ago. I was editing since then! >.<)
[18:09] <+Amber|> Nice.
[18:09] * Lilie sits with Patrick.
[18:09] <+Mody> :)
[18:09] <+Terry|> (Don't touch it now KK?)
[18:09] <+Mody> *Smiles at Alexis*
[18:09] * Patrick| smiles at Lilie.
[18:09] <Copper5> (k, im really sorry,)
[18:10] <+Lilie> *whispers to Patrick*Should we say something?
[18:10] <+Patrick|> *whispers* If you want, Lil.
[18:10] <@Alexis|Sierra> Next
[18:10] <@Alexis|Sierra> Amber!!
[18:10] <+Lilie> *To Patrick* Alright...
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> .............
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> Mody!
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> ;)
[18:11] <+Amber|> *grabs report card*
[18:11] <+Alec|> Can't you speed through it with everyone that has immunity?
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> >>>
[18:11] <+Mody> *grabs report card*
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> Fine.
[18:11] <+Mody> *grins at Alexis*
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> *gives a report card to everyone but Terry, Alexis, and Julianna*
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> *sigh*
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> You three.
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> One of you is going home tonight!
[18:11] <+Lilie> I LVOE YOU PATRICK> :D
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> *hands Julianna a report card*
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> You're golden. For now.
[18:11] <+Alec|> :-O
[18:11] <+Terry|> YEAH!
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> Terry.
[18:11] <@Alexis|Sierra> Alexis.
[18:11] <+Alec|> AWWWWWWWWW :3
[18:12] <+Amber|> *waves at Alexis*
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> One of you is going to go home tonight........
[18:12] <+Amber|> :@
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> One vote for...
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> Alexis.
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> One vote for Alexis.
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> One vote for Terry.
[18:12] <Julianna|> Bye-bye Alexis.
[18:12] <+Terry|> d:
[18:12] <+Terry|> *D:
[18:12] <+Mody> *evil grin at Alexis*
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> Another vote for Alexis...
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> Another vote for Terry!
[18:12] <@Alexis|Sierra> One more vote for Alexis, and one more vote for Terry!
[18:12] <+Lilie> >_>
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> Another vote for Terry, another vote for Alexis!
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> And!
[18:13] == Mikeyy [] has joined #TDWIKI-RP
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> The final report card of the evening goes to.......................................
[18:13] <+Terry|> :o
[18:13] <+Amber|> :|
[18:13] <Julianna|> (This is the third time in a row where Terry has gotten the second most votes...)
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *bites lip in fear*
[18:13] <@WebkinzMania> (Terry?)
[18:13] <+Lilie> ( Srsly?)
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> ALEXIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:13] <+Lilie> o>o
[18:13] <+Amber|> :-O
[18:13] <+Alec|> :-O
[18:13] <@WebkinzMania> (WTF? :|)
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> LOLJK Terry you're totally safe.
[18:13] <+Lilie> WHAT?
[18:13] <+Amber|> WHAT!!!!!
[18:13] <Julianna|> WHAT!?@?@
[18:13] <+Terry|> You like me you really like m-- Say what? O.o
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: WHAT?!
[18:13] <+Amber|> Yes!! :D
[18:13] <@WebkinzMania> (Knew it))
[18:13] <+Alec|> Woah
[18:13] <+Amber|> Yes!! :D
[18:13] <+Amber|> Yes!! :D
[18:13] <+Amber|> Yes!! :D
[18:13] <+Terry|> WAIT YEAH!
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: You VOTED me OFF?! :@
[18:13] <+Mody> HA!! TAKE THAT YOU GUTTER BUG!
[18:13] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: You jerkS!!
[18:14] <+Terry|> T BOMB IN THE HOUSE! :@
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: You jerks!!*
[18:14] <+Mody> NOW WHO'S DRESSED TACKY!
[18:14] <+Amber|> HA!! THAT'S WHAT YOU GET!! :@ @Alexis
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: I was the BEST player!!
[18:14] <+Terry|> Alexis I didn't vote you. D:
[18:14] <Julianna|> Alexis, you should've seen it coming. >.>
[18:14] <+Lilie> I did not> :)
[18:14] <Julianna|> You were the worst of us all.
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: Well, Terry!
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: I voted for you, you idiot!
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: Alexis sucks! *throws report card at Alexis*
[18:14] <+Amber|> Bye, Alexis. I will definitely not miss you.
[18:14] <+Mody> Buhbye |=3
[18:14] <+Terry|> Whatever, if I ever get sick of Sam you will be the first one I call anyway. :3
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> S: Never insult my Mody-kins!
[18:14] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: That's disgusting. -w-
[18:14] <+Alec|> Bye Alexis. I hope that you live a full and happy life :)
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: I'm out of here. -_-'
[18:15] <+Lilie> :|
[18:15] <+Patrick|> Alexis, at least you didn't blind us with Samantha... for that, I thank you.
[18:15] <+Terry|> Thats the way I like it baby. ;)
[18:15] <Julianna|> Bye-bye Alexis. :)
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: None of you should win. You're all undeserving. Except Lilie.
[18:15] <+Amber|> Bye, loser. :3
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: Bye, guys!
[18:15] <+Lilie> well thanks Alexis!
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> A: *walks off*
[18:15] <+Terry|> See ya.
[18:15] <@WebkinzMania> (Terry is DEAD next week.)
[18:15] <+Alec|> Alexis, I'm sorry we couldn't have been friends
[18:15] <+Alec|> Bye
[18:15] <+Lilie> bye alexis!
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: And that concludes our eleventh episode of TD!
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Who will be eliminated next time?
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: Find out in our twelfth episode of...
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: TOTAL!
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: DRAMA!!
[18:15] <@Alexis|Sierra> Chris: SCHOOL!!
[18:16] <@Alexis|Sierra> -- END --

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